he's the black sheep no one wants to invite over for thanks giving dinner

Anonymous requested: “Pleease write a story where Amys sister comes and she is even more sassy than Amy, and Amy invites her to the gang-dinner. Sister starts attacking Sheldon, remembering how often Amy was crying because of him before, Sheldon is shocked, Amy defends him and eventually it’s happy end.”

“When Abby gets here I really want to bring her here to meet all of you guys. Would that be okay?” Amy asked her friends.

”Yeah. We can’t wait to meet her,” Penny said.

“Who is Abby again?” Howard asked.

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I loved how Deadpool always made you look at Logan in a different light. Logan always gets the benefit of the doubt, that in the end he’s a hero, whereas Deadpool is considered heartless. But Remender’s Uncanny X-Force did an amazing job of showing that Deadpool is really just more open and accepting of who he really is, whereas Logan is in denial.

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Sherlock stealing Mycroft's umbrella and giving it to Molly when she forgot to bring hers and it started raining.

the door to his office swings open and then closes almost immediately, the sound of shuffling feet; only one person would dare enter without knocking for permission. Mycroft sighs, “what do you want?”

to his well-hidden surprise, his little brother just shrugs as he idly makes his way over to the British Government’s desk. “Catching up. Isn’t that what family is supposed to do?”

if Mycroft didn’t trust the consulting detective, it was because experience was a brilliant tutor. nevertheless, he rolls his eyes and approaches his drinks cabinets on the other side of the room…effectively turning his back on the nuisance.

“fine. what have you been-?” he barely gets the top of his whiskey bottle open before Sherlock has left the room. Mycroft shakes his head, making a mental note to have his people search 221B Baker Street for whatever he’d just had robbed.


Molly isn’t surprised to find it pouring with rain outside after her long shift - she also wasn’t surprised to discover she’d left her favourite neon orange umbrella back home. she heaves a sigh, preparing herself for the short, albeit very wet, journey to her flat. without a coat (damn the unpredictable English summers). she stepped outside, almost jumping out of her skin when someone’s arm extended in front of her, holding out a large black umbrella. her eyes crept up the jacket covered arm until they found a smirking face and gorgeous blue eyes.

“you really didn’t think I’d let you walk all the way home in this weather, did you? on your own, without suitable equipment?”

“I don’t mind.”

Sherlock just gave a chuckle, holding the umbrella over them both, “oh, but you see…I do.”

they started on the way to her flat, Molly just hovering awkwardly next to her taller friend, fearing bumping into and annoying him. well, that was until he wound his free arm around her waist, dragging her further under the umbrella and into his body. she hated herself for allowing that stupid smitten giggle out of her mouth.

the walk back to her flat took far too long and was over all too quickly at the same time. they linger outside her building in the rain, several people entering and leaving as they just stood staring.

“thank you. you’re like my knight in a shining Belstaff wielding his trusty umbrella…” she smiled, not even caring how stupid she sounded.

“an apt metaphor, Miss Hooper,” he agrees, the rain now hammering down fast - since he refuses to talk over the noise, Molly takes it upon herself to step closer, “but I don’t parade around rescuing damsels in distress. seems like a waste of my valuable time.”

“what do you call this then?” she challenges with a slight smirk, tilting her head. he’s also smirking but, before he can answer her, his phone buzzes in his pocket.

I think this is the type of situation that demands a kiss, brother mine. M

Sherlock didn’t need to look around to see where the street camera on the corner was currently aiming. he didn’t bother replying - Molly’s eyes were bright and brown…and oh, so pretty.

“now about this coffee…”

Molly folded her arms, “I didn’t invite you in for coffee.” they shared smiles again, subconsciously moving closer…


in his office, Mycroft watches on his monitor as his little brother follows the pathologist inside her building like some over eager sheep. it wouldn’t be until the morning that he’d check his phone, finding an unread message from the man he grew up with:

it certainly was. SH

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