he's the black sheep no one wants to invite over for thanks giving dinner


I loved how Deadpool always made you look at Logan in a different light. Logan always gets the benefit of the doubt, that in the end he’s a hero, whereas Deadpool is considered heartless. But Remender’s Uncanny X-Force did an amazing job of showing that Deadpool is really just more open and accepting of who he really is, whereas Logan is in denial.

Anonymous requested: “Pleease write a story where Amys sister comes and she is even more sassy than Amy, and Amy invites her to the gang-dinner. Sister starts attacking Sheldon, remembering how often Amy was crying because of him before, Sheldon is shocked, Amy defends him and eventually it’s happy end.”

“When Abby gets here I really want to bring her here to meet all of you guys. Would that be okay?” Amy asked her friends.

”Yeah. We can’t wait to meet her,” Penny said.

“Who is Abby again?” Howard asked.

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