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dan and phil on the 'creating a community' panel at playlist live 2017: a summary



could they literally be sitting any closer together i think not

dan asks the crowd how they are

dan and phil are the only ones that have spoken so far why is everyone else rude

phil again shifts closer to dan

julien and phil bonded over hamsters backstage

dan and phil are by far the most charismatic why is everyone else so sad

– the lag is fucking ridiculous i’m so sorry if i miss anything –

– the stream has broken –

– the stream is EVENTUALLY back –

dan says the cat whiskers are really bad for pores

phil is speaking about people making friends because of his and dan’s videos and fandoms are a reason for people being artistic

“i was a sad lonely teenager” - dan

dan calls phil out on being in the buffy fandom when he was younger

dans crossy legs i love it

i can’t get over his shirt it’s beautiful

and phil’s bomber jacket suits him so well i’m gonna cry

dan is so engaged in this panel he’s so intently listening to everyone else

“shoutout to the mums” dan says with a wink, “… and the dads”

“that is a good cube” - dan

dan snorts at the host calling creators ‘talent’

“you have responsibility now” dan says as a fan catches the microphone

“wow cool!” dan says as a fan reveals they’re from new zealand

phil says julien and jenna’s hamster looks like an anime hamster (“we all wish we were as beautiful as that hamster, it’s so perfect” - dan)

wow tom roasts phil for being on youtube for so long

when tom passed phil in subscribers in like 2008 he posted on phil’s channel saying 'suck it phil’ (“that’s why i avoided you for three years… kidding” - phil)

phil speaking about people being inspired by his videos is so cute i love him

dan and phil do sound effects as the cube microphone is thrown

– more lag ugh playlist please sort out your shitty wifi i have people depending on me to summarise

dan and phil lean in close to one another to talk as the microphone is thrown

fan: well for dan we all know what inspired him (dan doesn’t argue but does 'that’ face) but phil is there a moment or something that inspired you??

– i’ve switched to a periscope because the main stream kept freezing i’m sorry i’ve missed phil’s answer :( –

dan is doing a lil foot wiggle

this periscope isn’t lagging half as bad tho thanks to the streamer

dan takes the piss out of the sponsor

dan is speaking about the bristol book signing and an emotional mum and the impact his and phil’s videos had on her kids after a shitty year and it’s really stuck with him when he doubts the quality of his content i’m nearly crying he’s so humble

phil fixes his fringe


dan’s reaction to the bird is priceless

the host says sad mum is back in bird form…..

dan is embarrassed i think lmao

a bird has met my faves before me like the bird doesn’t even want to fucking be there

dan waved to the bird he’s so cute

dan keeps looking into the audience as people laugh

this panel is so nice and wholesome i love it

the host asked dan if he wanted to throw the microphone and he said “haha no”

dan waves to the fan with the microphone

dan says kanye would be a terrible present (“he’d be terrible and i’m a kanye fan”)

dan is sad that the sad mum was the best part of his career and it’s now a meme

phil calls himself a nerd

dan and tom discuss oldschool tumblr

dan’s favourite colour is black - “is that a colour or just the absence of colour?”

the cube mic has gone

phil likes “a greeny blue” or green and blue i can’t tell which he said

phil is still just smiling

dan is laughing at something

phil prefers twitter for communicating over all other social media

it’s gradually ending

“believe in yourselves, stay hydrated” - dan

they thank everyone for coming out

dan waves goodbye

the lights are out

it’s over :(

look at me

ao3 | ffn

summary “What do you do if you’ve discovered your best friend’s biggest secret but kept the fact that you knew from them?”

He keeps giving her this look, one that told Marinette that he knew something, that she was out of the loop on something. One that she could never decipher, no matter how hard she tried.

a/n because i wrote this so long ago, and never posted on tumblr. so here you go, one and half a year over due

this is part of a companion piece (both are one-shots)

enjoy some fluff

She didn’t know what to think about this friendship with Adrien.

Marinette was pretty sure it began when they were 16 and had coincidentally met at one of the cafes outside of school. She had just finished defeating an akuma and ducked into one of the alleys squished between shops to transform back. When Marinette walked out, she met head-to-toe with Adrien Agreste.

Obviously, Marinette blushed massively and managed to stammer out a “A-A-Adrien!” before he smiled and began conversing with her. Apparently he had just been at a photoshoot and was planning on going home before the akuma fight had broken out. He had hidden in the cafe for shelter. Marinette nodded, saying she did similar but didn’t elaborate. Smaller lies were simpler, after all.

Then from there on, they kept on meeting. Coincidentally.

He was planning on buying a book from the local bookstore. He was thinking of trying organic pineapples sold at a farmer’s market. He was checking out the flowers sold at the front of a magazine stand. “For a friend” he had said and she never really thought twice about why he was shopping for bouquets at a magazine stand.

She never really questioned it, because it was none of her business. To say she wasn’t curious was a lie but Marinette respected Adrien enough not to intrude on his privacy.

But it kept coming.

They started to talk to each other and hang out after akuma attacks. It didn’t happen all the time, but often enough for Marinette to wonder if it was really just coincidences.

“It’s not like he’s stalking me,” Marinette told Tikki one day, laughing. Her kwami replied with a sliver of a smile. 

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Coming Home

A/N: classic gif is classic. Wrote this months ago. Enjoy!

“So I’ve just left the airport and I’m now driving back to the old flat and it’s weird as much as I loved being back in warm America I missed chilly London. Anyway this probably won’t be the best piece of the vlog diary, since I’m already jetlagged and no one’s even home.” I stopped talking but let the video record until I reached a red light and stopped the capture. Sighing, I turned down familiar roads as I made my way from Heathrow. Luckily traffic wasn’t as bad today, so I wouldn’t have to spend an hour sitting even more. In fact, I was already pulling off the freeway and heading east. My phone buzzed, and I saw Dan had texted.

You almost here? Phil’s out and I’m bored.

His message was signed with the little green frog emoji. I shook my head in annoyance but felt surprisingly giddy. I hadn’t seen my boyfriend in almost two weeks. I saw our flat, and finally pulling into a space around the block, I parked my car and started recording again.

“So, Dan just texted me and said he’s home and bored, of course, so maybe we’ll go out later when Phil gets back. For now..” I pulled the camera from it’s little hands free holder, “let’s finally go home.”

I kept it recording though I placed my camera down to open the trunk and grab my suitcase. Locking my car and pulling out my keys, I opened the door to our space. Mindful of neighbors, I crept quietly upstairs. I couldn’t hear anything on the television and the entire floor seemed empty. I placed my suitcase in the living room to deal with later. I also shed my jacket and headed for Dan’s room.

Walking in, I saw him. He was lounging in bed with his computer right to his chest, absorbed in something. He looked up when I opened his door though, and put his computer to the side to stand up. I set the camera down on his dresser and walked toward him. He reached me before I reached him, and suddenly one arm was around my waist and the other held my face and he was kissing me. And I mean kissing me. Whenever I pulled back he pushed forward, keeping us locked together. My arms came up and around his neck, fingers running through his wavy hair. His hand trailed up my back, pulling at the hem of my shirt. I pulled my face away. “Dan,” he kissed me again. “Dan! Let me-let me-” I stepped back from him and turned, racing toward his dresser.

“Let me stop the capture!”

Later we were curled on the couch. I had on one of his shirts and we were underneath a blanket browsing the internet on our respective devices. “I’ve got to finish the vlog,” I said tiredly. My voice had a distinct scratch to it, evident of the wild ‘I missed you’ sex we’d finished just an hour before. “No you don’t,” Dan murmured into my hair, something I loved. “Just say you forgot an outro and leave a slide of text or something.” His voice sounded a little rough too, not that I had a problem with it. “No I wouldn’t do that to the fans. It’ll be a quick little thing, plus I’m sure they want to see you.” I was already turning the camera on.

“Hey guys!”

“Hello!!” Dan said while plopping his chin on my shoulder. I felt his hands wind around my waist.

“So I’m officially home! Yaaay! And I’m wide awake because I’m 5 whole hours behind yay. Anyway, we’re currently waiting on Phil to come home from shopping and errands, then we’re off to eat something later.”

“Which is special because Phil and I only leave the house about once a year.”

I giggled and smacked Dan’s cheek softly. His phone buzzed and he checked it.

“Speaking of everyone’s favorite clumsy youtuber, Phil’s just messaged me. He said-oh my god I cannot read that for your video!” Dan laughed and nearly fell over. I picked up his phone and read the text, laughing as well and knowing I couldn’t read it either. “Oh my fucking god, Phil!” I was dying.

His text had read: You two done with the welcome home sex yet?

I responded with a yes and then finished up the vlog.

“Well that’s the end of my travel/America vlog diary! I hope you enjoyed it! Like and subscribe and share this video, it really helps me out! I love you guys, and I’ll see you all next time!”

“Bye!” Dan cut in and then started kissing my cheek obnoxiously, making me squeal. “Stop!!” I laughed and ended the capture. Quickly, I slid my SD card in and imported the footage. I simply leafed through the material I’d captured coming home from the airport and from what we just shot. Dan looked over my shoulder, just watching me work.

“You keeping that in?” He pointed to the video of us kissing. Though our faces were pretty obscured, you could definitely hear us, including lip smacking and a little whine that came from one of us. Not to mention you could see Dan lift my shirt. “As avid readers and lovers of fanfiction I think we should keep it in. But…” I scrolled over to effects and blurred the footage, then I added a giant text box and typed in CENSORED. “…we’ll tease the viewers.” Dan chuckled in some form of agreement behind me. “Sure.” I kept everything else in, including the kiss attack at the end, knowing the fans would love it.

Dan and I got ready to go out while the video rendered and uploaded, only getting distracted once. The soapy, slippery wetness of the shower was something we couldn’t resist. By the time we dressed, I tweeted out about my upload, and Phil walked in the door.

Hours later, following a great dinner with my best friends, I was sitting next to Dan, wide awake at an ungodly hour. I knew he was aimlessly scrolling through tumblr, and I started checking the comments. What I saw made me smile.

They’re so fucking adorable

Omg that censored part? You know they did…something.

Phil knows what’s up.


Literally they’re goals.

“What are you grinning at, dork?” I leaned over, held his face and pecked him softly. “Nothing. I’m just happy I’m home.” Dan smiled and bumped his forehead against mine. “Yeah, we needed someone to cook around here.” I smacked his chest, and we both laughed.

Sherlock: “Eurus got a bad burn on her hands today and in the midst of her crying in pain she placed them over my heart and went ‘ahh so nice and cold’.“

John: *laughing his ass off*

Sherlock: “The best part of it though, is when Mycroft walked in the room a minute later she did the same thing to him, immediately jumped back in shock, and told him he was so cold he made her burns worse.”

John: “So, what you’re telling me is that your sister tried to burn Mycroft, only he was so cold it back-fired?”

Sherlock: *chuckles* “This is why I’m friends with you.”

At the party
  • V: Luciel, are you here?
  • Seven: *raises hand*
  • V: Didn't recognize you with your hair styled. Yoosung, are you here?
  • Yoosung: *raises hand*
  • V: Ah. I didn't recognize you with your mouth shut.
“Do you think people can change?” he asks me, breaking the silence.
What the hell kind of a question is that? I think to myself, how the hell am I supposed to know? But still, I take a breath and tell him the best I can come up with.
“Yes, but not all the way. Parts of someone can change, but not who they are as a whole. It’s kind of like a house, I guess. We are all our own homes, and we can paint the walls and refurnish. We can use tacky throw pillows to cover the stains and we can replace what we damage. If you don’t want anyone to see inside, hang some curtains; if there’s a storm and you get hurt, you rebuild what was broken. But, even though we can replace things and cover them and throw them out, it’s still the house we started with. Sure, maybe the walls were a different color and the mattress was on the floor, and the dishes were from the dollar store, but it was the same foundation. The house we stand in is the house we were born in, the house we will die in. And so, yes, people can change parts of themselves, inside and outside, but they can’t change who they are, who they started out as, who they will die as.”
He doesn’t speak for a few seconds, and I almost think he wasn’t even listening.
But then he lets out a little laugh, but it wasn’t the kind of laugh that made butterflies appear in your stomach and turned your cheeks pink. It was a mocking laugh, the kind that could make your eyes water.
“I was just looking for a yes or no answer, but I guess that works too,” he lets out.
I don’t know if any of it is true, what I said to him. But I hoped it was. Because I’ve been staying in his home for a while now, and it’s starting to get cold.
—  to build a home // An Excerpt From A Book I’ll Never Write #21

title: my sins i’ll claim, i’m not immune to shame

author: jaerie

rating: mature

word count: 5646


It’s been two years since their break up and Harry still hasn’t been able to completely move past the day that things ended between them. When he gets a chance at a big fat “I told you so”, his reaction isn’t exactly what he expects. He finds himself hard from some inappropriate thoughts and, well, sometimes even the best of us succumb to the darkest emotions.

This fic was written as part of an ongoing challenge. We each select random numbers and are given a specific emotion from the book 1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names. To read the other fics written in this challenge, click here, or you can find the masterpost on tumblr here.

photo set thanks to @hazzabooween ! <3

You & Me

by @allwaswell16  | 3k  | read it here on ao3

Louis Tomlinson doesn’t have much faith in fate. Unfortunately, his mother does. She thinks he’s destined to be with her best friend’s son. Louis hasn’t had much luck in love, so he decides to finally meet this boy his mother thinks is his match. As fate would have it, he encounters an intriguing stranger to confide in before he meets with destiny.

Or a modern adaptation of “An Unconventional Confidence.”

This fic was written as part of an ongoing challenge. We each select random numbers and are given a specific emotion from the book 1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names. To read the other fics written in this challenge, click here, or you can find the masterpost on tumblr here.

Prompt: #777 The hope that fate will lend a helping hand.


I might keep you


Memeber:Namjoon, Ravi


A/n: Daddy Namjoon is a religion. Don’t get me started on this one.


Breath. Three deep breaths. Y/N you can do it. It is only a work placement. You look like a child. You are a child. You became legal two freakin weeks ago. Fuck it. Honestly. I’m nervous. Okay. This elevator is going fast. Too fast. I have to go through my notes once again. What can they ask me? What is my degree? If I had been on other placements? What languages do I know?  God…they can even ask me which number are the correct ones for the lottery and I should know.

Who are you? You are Y/N. You are a candidate for work placement in one of the biggest corporations in the world. The CEO is a man called Kim Namjoon. The third heir of the company. Not many people have seen him,but those who have say he is beyond handsome and beyond scary. They tell stories on the newspaper how he doesn’t speak much but when he does he has the voice of the devil,with hints of desire and sparkles of want. All female full time employees are always wearing short pencil skirts and heels in order to try to attract the young heir. But he doesn’t buy it. God, is he a virgin? One of those romantic guys that keeps himself for the girl of his dreams? Or maybe he is one of the Dom’s? One of those that will secretly touch his girl under the table during a conference. Or maybe he likes being submissive,but can’t let it show because he is an important figure? You decide.

Okay enough Y/N. Too much thinking. Back to the important questions. Take a sip from the Green Tea your mother made you this morning in order to feel fresh and ready to be the best part-time employee.

You can’t say that I feel very fresh. Last night I had to sleep and be a blooming flower in the morning,but no! I decided to read smut fictions about my hoped future boss on Tumblr. This is exactly what you shouldn’t do the night before an intreview. It’s a stupid decision.

But I found out interesting things. He has fan clubs. You can say he is as popular as any other star. Every item he has touched and left behind goes on for sale and the prices people pay are ridicules. Each and every fan club speculates how Namjoon really looks. When you read that some fanclubs even think he is the Lord Commander of the Vampires you should know it’s time to sleep.

“Floor 114" This is it. Keep yourself collected. You can do this Y/N. You only have to survive through an interview. Nothing special.

The moment I stepped out of the elevator my eyes were greeted by many women in guess what…pencil skirts and heels. All of them had long straighten hair as if they were freakin clones. Almost all of them. One girl,not much older than me, looked not in her place. Like me. But she was stunning. A beautiful girl of color. If I was a man you can bet she was everything I look for in a woman. Unlike the blond clones with straighten hair,she had a flawless afro. It made her stand out in a good way. She had no heels ,just like me, she was with white Vans. They probably were really white once,but like all shoes they weren’t so white anymore. But so were mine red Converse. And just like me she was looking around as if she was in the wrong place. I knew I had to have her in my life. This was destiny. Walking towards her and I sat nervously next to her. When she noticed me a look of relief spread across her features. “We don’t look like we belong here.” she amiled at me “I was about to say it. I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you.” I said bringing out my most cheerful voice. “I’m Corin. It’s also really nice to meet you.” her natural plump lips became one even warmer smile.“You have an amazing hair. I have always wanted to do an afro,but it’s not appropriate. I don’t want to anger anyone or someone to think that I’m disrespectful towards their tradions.” “This is really nice of yours. I really like your hair too. Its so straight and it’s obvious unlike theirs that is natural.” we both blushed and giggled because compliments and talking about the other candidates isn’t something you do on a work placement interview. I think. “Can I see your resume?” we both said at the same time. And that evolved in more giggles. “Of course. Here.” we said together again this time laughing loud. Some clones turned to look at us but found out we had absolute no interest in them whatsoever and continued doing whatever they were doing.

Let me tell you,she had an amaizng resume. So good that I almost felt miserable about mine. We talked more and I really liked her and I think she liked me. We changed numbers and even made plans for a nice brunch next week where we can talk more. Suddenly we started talking about Kim Namjoon. She told me that he has a brother. An older brother. “If I ever want to meet someone is probably him. They say he is just as badass as his younger brother. The Kim brothers are partners in crime. The black sheeps of the Kim family. But for whatever reason their grandfather left everything, the whole empire to them. No one,even their own parents weren’t happy with that decision. But no one could do anything about it because the will stated that the heirs of Kim corp. are the Kim brothers. They are both cold and scary,because of their past and the people they lost.” All night I read about the Kims but I haven’t read this. It was in no tabloid or forum. Nowhere. “Corin,how do you know that?” she only smiled sad “My mother. She had been working for the Kims for a long time. Truth is I’m here because my mother asked Mrs.Kim  to let me on the final list. Mrs.Kim and my mother have a very good relationship and Mrs.Kim had always taken care of me.” “So that means you have seen the brothers.” “No. I haven’t. They don’t live with their parents and everytime they did come to the house Mrs. Kim has told me to go in my room because things down there may get ugly. And most of the time they did. Every time one of the brothers was in the house a fight was inevitable. So I never saw them. But I know their voices like I know this” and she showed me her right hand" is my right hand. From all the shouting in the house I know whose voice is who’s. The raspy low one is Wonsik,the older brother. The low rich load one is Namjoon,the younger one.“

The doors of the elevator opened and a handsome man not older than twenty six stepped into the room. "He is…unusual.” I said looking at my new friend. “Maybe he is a designer or something.” I would’ve guessed so too. The man had a strong red bleached hair with small golden rings attached to it. He was wearing a light blue suit with absolutely nothing underneath. On his chest,fingers and ankles tattoos were coloring his skin. The whole situation was finished with floral Gucci sneakers and that was it. He had only a unreadable look in his eyes and nothing else was there on his handsome features. “Bad weather. Bad morning.” “Was this supposed tob be Good morning because in human language we say…” I whispered in Corins ear “Kim Wonsik."she said scared"Kim Wonsik…wait,what?” my head snapped. “Y/N. This is Kim Wonsik. The older Kim.”

If a minute ago I looked him like he was some psycho,now he looked scary. He was indeed scary now. A hand grabbed mine and I saw Corin shaking trying to hold onto something. I squeezed her hand trying to smile. “Corin,it’s okay. He…”“You don’t know him. I have heard him. Although Wonsik is less scarier than Namjoon,he isn’t weaker than him. Between the two Wonsik is the body and action. Namjoon is the brain. Wonsik is more reckless.”“I have the names of 50 girls in this list. You are fighting as you know for 5 work placements in total. The 5 choosen will be assigned in different departments by us the CEOs ourself. Since I want to finish faster…” and he stopped dead in his sentence. Following where he was looking I ended up looking where I hoped he wasn’t looking - at Corin. He was looking at her like she was some ghost,like a child that after years of searching found his toy. She stopped shaking and was just looking scared. Wonsik smirked and looked away. “Corin what happend?” “I don’t know and I don’t want to. Y/N I’m afraid.” “So am I. Don’t worry. I won’t leave you. I’m here.”

“Line in five rows of ten. I have no time for joking around.“ Wonsik voice spread across the almost quite room. This was a command,no a "if you may do it”. With Corin’s hand in mine I stood us both up and holding her tightly we stood next to each other.“Someone from my team will start calling you in…Namjoon,what a pleasant surprise,little brother.” Everyone looked at the elevator where a breathtaking man was standing. Tall and scary. Dirty blond hair was slicked back so that black mesmerizing eyes could kill. A beautiful red choker decorated his neck. The muscular body was attempted to be hidden behind a black suit matched with fitted suit pants that outlined his perfect thighs. Under the suit jacket there was a black shirt with exactly three unbuttoned buttons. People are probably afraid to walk when he walks because dust may fall on his…five thousand three hundred and sixty four dollar Alexander McQueen shoes,don’t ask how I know this. Without saying anything he stepped in the room and like robots the rows split in the middle making an aisle for the intimidating man to walk on with his minions. He gave off the vibe of fear and sexual tension,while women made the air thick with arousal. He stood next to his brother and and know the picture was just plain the death of me. Two pairs of unreadable eyes. Everyones eyes in the room were glued to the ground from fear. Where ever the brothers looked the tension hanging on each of our shoulders became even heavier. 

“Tell me you are kidding.” everyone were right. If the devil had a voice this was going to be it. It was a low yet loud voice just as Corin said. If he wanted me to sin only a sentence should roll on his sinful lips and it was going to be enough to make me do whatever he wanted.“I tought we agreed that for the work placement we want good looking women not…people like her."his head only nodded in the direction of Corin or at that time I thought so. The blond clones giggled all together trying to appeal to Kim Namjoon. Corin was looking at the ground refusing to look up. She was holding my hand tightly and tears started to roll from her eyes. This was a grave mistake Kim Namjoon. I’m killing you and your freakin placement because you hurt a girl that was so nice and the only thing she wants is to call her mother and to tell her efforts finally gave fruit. I was someone who hated to see others hurt and she was visibly hurt. Oh I don’t care who you are Kim Namjoon. You just angered the goddess of Human rights. Angry,my head snapped up full of confidence. My eyes could kill if they could.

"And what exactly is wrong with her Mr. Mighty CEO?!” I snapped and the giggles abruptly stopped. As if no one was there. Mr. Kims head slowly turned in my direction looking me straight in the eyes. In any other moment I would’ve peed myself from fear but not now. Not right now. Right now I was stronger than him.“You will excuse me,but she is stunning. Unlike the bleached blonde clones at least she is different. So am I as I see. Should we all wear pencil skirts and heels to please you your mighty Highnesses? My hair is also brown. Oh no. Should I bleach it blonde? If you can’t see the potential of people with amazing resumes like hers you are not worth my or even less hers time,brain or effort. So excuse me while I turn my red Converse and get out of here. With "Her”. An actual intelligent human being. Goodbye.“ Without saying anything and still holding our hands we walked through the blond tall clones.</p> <p>When I turned my head around just before we leave so I could see his reaction before I leave this freakin place forever.A smirk is everything I saw. A freakin smirk. He was looking at me like I am an interesting species that he haven’t seen or heard about. His thumb slowly rubbed his plump lips as if he was thinking what to say. I was holding Corin and was ready to storm out,but this look. This look was lurking me back. It was telling me to stay still and to wait. Like a good girl."What’s your name?” is what he asked me. From everything you could’ve said. You say…What’s your name. "Y/N. My name is Y/N. Does it matter?“I said not looking away from his eyes. I just couldn’t."Yes it does. Wonsik,there are four places open from this moment on. She comes with me. Ms. Y/N lead the way. And bu the way I wasn’t talking about Corin. Corin,say hi to mother.” What? “No Namjoon. You do it yourself.” After all they know each other. Turning my back to Kim Namjoon I looked at Corin. “You told me you haven’t seen them. Why did you lie?” “There are things family can’t share Y/N so lie is the answer then. I’m sorry. But things are too complicated for someone who I met today.” Warm breath warmed my neck. Namjoon was so close to me the heat coming from him was warming my back. A low “You can let go of her now.” is what I heard and soon a big hand catched mine swiftly and I let go of Corin’s hand. “Let’s go. Big brother,I believe you will take care of things here.” A loud “You bet I will.” was heard before Namjoon dragged me in the elevator and pulled out a golden card ehich he swipped on the logo of the company and the elevator started moving.

No talking. Just breathing and the sound of my fast beating heart. I was scared. Where ever we were going I couldn’t escape. Whatever he wanted to say I should listen. “Now you are quiet.” the statement died in the silence. “Why are you not saying anything?” you shouldn’t answer Y/N. Don’t lurk yourself in this trap. He wants you to speak. The hell,I came here to become part-time employee. What did I get myself into? “Mr.Kim you arrived your destination. Destination-your main office.” The fuck were you?! Where did this voice came from. The robo voice from the elevator doesn’t sound like this. “An unauthorized face in the office sir.” he lowly chuckled. “She is with me Gidian. Thank you for the warning. Come on little one. My office is better than the elevator.” Ah right. Y/N get out of the elevator. Slowly,don’t look too rushed. Don’t be intimidated by him although he walks so confident and he is so tall and his back look like a work of God even behind the suit. You horny bitch. Stay in the line of being scared,not horny. Scared. Remember,afraid. Not horny.

His office did really look nice. He had a fireplace with a big couch with few big old books wrapped in leather lying next to the sofa on a small black wooden table on the left. On the right he had a big monitor on a pitch black wall. And in the front he had a really big black mahogany desk with a leather I will say throne more than a chair. Maybe the Vampire theory isn’t so crazy now that I see his office. “Come. Where do you want to talk? On the couch or the desk? Gidian,clean my schedule for the next hour.” he was a prince. A dark prince. “Desk. Couch is too…intimate.” I answered,trying to put the fear down my throat,to sound proud and confident.“He laughed. A real laugh. Not faked smile or a smirk. And all of a sudden the laugh died and a smirk took its place. "What are you? You throw a fit in the middle of an employee recruitment. Then you confront me. You don’t flinch unlike others. And red Converse,seriously?” his tone was a satin drenched with sex. Why? Why the stupid smuts damn it? My head is full with all the things he could do to me right now and no one will know about it. All the places he can take me on and no one will find about it. Damn you hormones. I have had sex once in my life and strangely it didn’t hurt as much as I was worried. But with all the smuts I have read, I am a sex encyclopedia.

I found my voice after looking at him for what felt like an eternity. “I really like my Converse. They’re a present from my mother. Do they bother you,sir?” Something in him snapped for a second. He looked like a bewildered animal. For the first time he looked away from me. Lowly,almost deadly I heard his voice. “Work for me. Not as a part-timer. As a full time employee. Work for me. Only for me.”

He wanted me to work? After all I did? After I confront him infront of his minions and everyone else. After acting like a fool? “Why?” “I do things differently. You are different and I like that.” Namjoon circled his desk and walked to me. Although I wanted to run away,somewhere far away, I didn’t. Soon he was too close.“You are not scared. But I have the desire to make you.” one of his hands chained itself behind my back pulling me even closer. To wear a tennis skirt wasn’t the best decision now. So was coming here too. But Kim Namjoon smelled of a nice full of flavors parfume. Up close his smirk wasn’t scary. It was sexy. “You see little one,I love being the winner,the master. And you try to confront me. It’s fun. I want to have fun. I will keep you. Close to me.” his lips were moving and on my mind was just how they stop talking and put themselves to use to heal mine.“So that when I finally break you I will claim you as mine. But for now…” “Kim Namjoon,kiss me."dead in his sentence I watched as the scariest and mysterious man on Earth snapped and his eyes became grave black and his voice was the sin of every man. "Earn it. Work for me. Step by step I will satisfy whatever need you have for me. This is a one time deal,little one. Take it or leave from where you came."My mind. It stopped working rationally at the age of five. Why think wisely now? "I’ll do it. I’ll work for you. Now kiss me.” if it was possible his grip became even tighter. Our breaths were meddling in one. I looked away from Namjoon and stared at his chest waiting for him to say whatever. “Patience little one. I’ll give you everything you want and need. But patience.” my voice was a low whisper against his strong body.“Patience is also earned Kim Namjoon. Right now,I have none. I don’t know why am I so brave today,bu appreciate it and kiss me.” There he was,the bewildered animal,the final straw of self-control he had. His other hand roughly pulled my face towards his making our lips one whole. We were Legos. Perfect pieces put together. His lips moved slowly but surely. Aware that no matter how much I talked,he was the commander of my turned legal two weeks ago self. The moment finished fast and soon there wasn’t fluffy lips on mine anymore.

“I have three rules that I expect you to follow. Three. No more than three. One, no heels,pencil skirts or bright lipstick. I hate those things” this was easy. I never liked them anyway.“Two,never call me sir.”“Why?”“Just because. And three and the most important one of them. For you to be always be free for me. Whenever I call or send you a message. I’ll expect you to answer in that exact moment. Whenever I want to see you for you to be able to see me.

 "Welcome in my wolrd,little one”

He was the boy with brown eyes
That always had a piece of me
We would fight
And not speak for months
But he was still on my mind
I missed him
More than I should
Then one of us would crack
And we would make up
Beginning the cycle once again
I would hate myself
For getting that flutter
When I saw his name pop up
He had this control over me
The crazy thing was
We had never even kissed
But years of secrets
And knowing each other
Like the back of our hands
Had us so close
It was that line
We were both afraid to cross
But at the same time
We wanted nothing more
He was the one person that brought me to my highest
Made me feel things
I never have felt before
But at the same time a part of me hated him for it
Because we could never be together
Something always got in the way
Maybe it’s for the best
But a part of me always wondered
What could have been
With the boy with brown eyes
—  Chapters from my life

During Phil’s latest live show on the 16th of March 2017, he spent a few minutes (30.30-35.20) just ranting about his degrees and his university experience. I loved that bit so much that I wrote down the first part of the “quote” and posted it here on Tumblr and the last couple of days, I’ve just been smiling so wide at all the tags people have added when reblogging. I think it’s safe to say we all loved that bit and it brought inspiration and smiles to so many.

I’ve compiled a list of all the tags on the quote post so far. It’s quite long so you can read them all below the cut. It took ages but it was so calming to read through all the love and appreciation written in the tags. If you don’t feel comfortable being part of this list, message me and I’ll remove you immediately! I don’t mean to make anyone uncomfortable.

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The Desk Job - messedup4good - Sense8 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sense8 (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Wolfgang Bogdanow/Kala Dandekar
Characters: Wolfgang Bogdanow, Kala Dandekar
Additional Tags: Established Relationship, Fluff and Smut, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Rajan who?, Shameless Smut, Kala has come a long way, Wolfgang knows what he’s doing, Office Sex

“When Wolfgang visited that day, she wasn’t surprised. She started to look up from where she sat at her desk, with a smile already on her face before she even saw him, but one look at him had her pushing away from her desk and leaving her chair as a barrier between them. He was standing in the middle of her office, naked, looking her up and down as if he were deciding which part of her he’d eat first.”

This is a fic based on a tumblr post where Wolfgang visits Kala at work and they end up having sex. The OP had very specific requests though which I tried my best to stick to.

I wrote this fic based on this post by @galifianafeck. I hope you don’t mind me using your post as a fic prompt.

This should help you get an idea of what’s happening here :)

as a thank you to @drcloyd here is part one of your present (your commissioned sapphic short story is coming soon) but since you donated more than was asked, as a thank you here is a one shot about your fave boys daryl and paul

           Paul Jesus Rovia considered himself a man of many talents.

           He could pick any lock, get himself out of any kind of knot, sweet talk his way through most, if not all, situations, and was a master at nearly every kind of martial arts. He was also an artist, musician, and photographer—those last three did him very little in the apocalypse.  Still, he knew he was good at all these things. It didn’t make him arrogant, it just made him smart.

           Once upon a time, Paul was also good at flirting, and getting what he wanted from men, but that skill was slowly diminishing with every passing moment. As it turned out, it was very hard to read Daryl Dixon. Paul had no idea what they were to each other. They had shared one very chaste kiss, so soft that it was barely there altogether, so short that Paul was starting to wonder whether or not he had imagined it altogether.

           It had happened on a run, two weeks ago. They had a close call, and Daryl had done what he always did—get mad. He had pushed Paul up against a tree and yelled at him for what he had done, for taking such a stupid risk, and tension filled the air between them as it had been doing for months. Daryl’s fists in Paul’s jacket, Paul not touching Daryl, since he knew Daryl did not always like to be touched. Then, somehow, they had kissed. It had started with Daryl looking at Paul’s lips, and Paul leaning in slowly, and Daryl’s breathing suddenly the nosiest and most adoring sound in the world. Interestingly Daryl’s nervousness kept Paul steady, it’s what made their kiss so soft. Their lips barely brushed, and yet it sent such a magnificent thrill through Paul, it was more them breathing against each other than anything. Daryl pulled away, and the moment was over, their hands falling to their sides, Paul’s body on fire. They continued on their run as normal, like nothing had happened, and every single day that followed it was still like nothing had happened.

           Except it wasn’t either.

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Signs of that you've become Hamiltrash

- You know the lyrics to Alexander Hamilton

-You do the ‘work’ gesture when listening to The Schuyler Sisters

-You have attempted to rap Lafayette’s part in Guns and Ships

-You sob uncontrollably whenever you listen to Stay Alive Reprise.

-You’ve went to Genius Lyrics to decipher every line of the song.

-You have praised Lin for everything.

-The first thing you can remember about King George III if anyone asked you : “He was played by Groffsauce - I mean, Jonathan Groff!”

-You want a ticket so badly, you want to be In The Room Where It Happens.

-You’ve seen or said that previous statement above.

-You’re probably on Tumblr to find more Hamilton goodness.

-Because Google and Ham4ham wasn’t enough for you.

-You can’t say Angelica, Eliza and Peggy’s names without singing them.

-You’ve tried to sing Maria’s part in Say No To This

-You scream the lyrics with the ensemble in Say No To This.

-You chant Lafayette and Hamilton’s name in Guns and Ships.




-You love Oak’s Mickey Mouse impression.

-You have fawned over Jasthony.

-But you secretly ship Lin and Groff.

-You have repeated one of the songs in Hamilton or the entire play list a thousand times.

-When you’re listening to one of the songs, and someone calls you - YOU DON’T PAUSE THAT SONG, YOU WAIT UNTIL IT FINISHES OR YOU SING IT TO FINISH IT.

-You love to watch vids of the songs animated on YouTube.

-You never forget Peggy.


-When you force someone to listen to one of the songs.

-When they say they don’t like it, you kill them.

-Haha, I’m just kidding.

-*creepily smirks*

-Your friend/sibling/parents have told you to stop singing Hamilton.

-You have been rapping often, even though that never used to happen before.

-You sang that last sentence.

-You’ll never get tired of singing Hamilton songs.

-You’ve shipped Laurens and Hamilton before.

-When someone mentions homework, schoolwork, hand in your work, go to work -


-You’ve creeped out at least one person while rapping or singing Hamilton.

-You have wished that Hamilton would come to your area/ country - I’m Singaporean.

-If you draw well, you’ve tried to at least draw one character in Hamilton.

-You love Aaron Burr.

-And Wait For It.

-You have said: Aaron Burr, Sir many, many, many times.

-You loved Angelica’s roast in The Reynolds Pamphlet.

-You wished she sang Congratulations instead.

-You have at least yelled this: HERCULES MULLIGAN!



-You love Daveed Diggs.


-No matter what, when a stranger tells you that he or she is Hamiltrash,

-You feel like you’ve just met your new best friend.

societyslostone  asked:

Please make a part two! *biggest puppy/kitten eyes a person can muster*

*Giggles* okay okay, I did say id make one, didn’t I? :3
Part one- https://tokyoteddywolf.tumblr.com/post/159939583273/i-ship-both-lancelot-and-shance-soo-hows-about
Shiro left Keith in the dining hall after that, deciding to head to his room to try and figure out if he could do pushups or something. During his walk though, his vision blurred, and his movements were sluggish at best. Wheezing lightly, he leaned against the wall with one hand, trying to focus on walking down the really…long…hallway…
He was just so tired, all he wanted was sleep, but he was afraid of seeing that terrible image of the Not-Him hurting Lance. He shook his head and continued on. He didn’t really register collapsing until his head hit the ground. He thought he heard someone call out in alarm, but his brain decided that lying down meant mandatory sleep, so he blacked out.
When he woke up, from a dreamless sleep thank goodness, he was surprised to feel a light weight pressing into his side. Soft snoring had him looking over to see-
He flinched away, looking around. How did he get to his room? Why was Lance here? Sure enough, the Blue Paladin was sitting next to the bed, head resting on folded arms on top of the mattress next to Shiro’s ribs, sleeping.
Lance yawned, and began to stir. Shiro froze, heart echoing loudly in his chest. Was he going to freak out again? Was he still afraid of him? Shiro didn’t know, and it scared him. Lance blinked awake and stared at the wide eyed Shiro, sitting up and stretching with a yawn. “Hey, you’re up!” The Blue Paladin said cheerfully, and Shiro relaxed a little more.
“Lance? Are- Are you okay?” Shiro prodded gently, still worried, still scared, sitting up on the bed cross legged, leaning back slightly.
Lance frowned. “I should be asking you that question. You scared the quiznak out of me when I saw you collapse in the hallway like that! And then you weren’t responding, so I dragged you all the way to your room. I mean, when Keith said you hadn’t been sleeping well lately, he wasn’t kidding. You’ve been out for two days straight!” He explained with a short huff at the end, hands flailing with exasperation.
Shiro tilted his head to the side lightly. “Did you… Watch over me for those two days?” He asked gently, confused. Lance blushed lightly and scratched the back of his neck sheepishly.
“Well, yeah, I mean, I was worried. I hadn’t seen you all week and I felt bad because Pidge told me what happened when you guys busted me out, so I figured that was why you were avoiding me. So I went looking for you and saw you fall over in the hallway. I’m not scared of you, Shiro. Yes, I freaked out a little when you guys came to rescue me but I was half convinced at the time that it was all one big trick that Lotor set up. Then I wake up and fall out of a pod and realize it’s not a dream, it’s real and I’m home, but you’re not there.” He finished with a sad little smile, Shiro blinking in shock.
“Oh.” He murmured, feeling a little ashamed. “I’m sorry for avoiding you, I just thought you were better off not being around me and getting reminded all the time… I know what that’s like, and I don’t want to be the cause of you going through that.”
Lance tentatively reached out and placed a hand on Shiro’s knee. “It’s okay. I still have the occasional nightmare, but I know the real you would never hurt me, or any other teammate. So, no more of this avoiding me stuff, ‘kay?” Shiro smiled back.
“Sounds good to me.”
Holy wow and a mozzarella stick this was long, but I finished it! :D

I keep having to pause and tear up every time I think about bish. He never got to play a game with stammer this year. He won’t be able to hug his giant bud heddy anymore. He can’t have Vasy squish his head in delight when they win. He can’t pick up tyjo in his cellies. Besides all the sadness of the boys losing him, I keep getting sad over the tbl fandom in Tampa. Outside of tumblr bish was a HUGE part of the bolts. He’s plastered on every inch of the malls and hospitals and downtown buildings. Trades happen so fast like I know we were expecting it but actually seeing him in a lak jersey is gonna be painful. I hope they treat him well. He’s the purest softest boy I know. I’m gonna miss seeing his smile after practice. Wish you the best bish, all the love 💙

Leaving the Yuri!!! On Stage afternoon live viewing!

Well I’ll be. They did NOT announce season 2 during the afternoon event. I am so glad I ended up being able to go to the evening one also after all. (It starts in about an hour and a half.)

So. There was no big news. But certainly a lot happened. I need time to calm down and piece it together.

But the world needs to know right now that the original scenerio (a skit the voice actors read outloud) began with Yuri naked and throwing up with Victor’s underwear on his head and mysterious Russian in permanent marker on his back.

The night before he got into a drunk argument with Victor over a miscommunication BUT I actually didn’t get the joke!!! I am really hoping someone else who was at the event can explain it to me. (Hopefully I am not the only English speaker on Tumblr who was there uuu.)

The second best part other than that was when the voice actors had to decode a scene from the anime spoken in Thai. Mamoru Miyano (pre-recorded as he wasn’t there) gave them one clue (the Thai word for “onsen”) then showed a several minute long JJ video and thanked everyone for coming to see JJ On Stage. (The next hint was “hold back”, and then next was “internet.” I guessed it correctly then and so did Yuri’s voice actor. Can you?)

Oh!! Geez and they actually had a tiny rink on stage where a woman skated Agape (or at least as much of Agape as she could) while they read lines from the show.

Okay, I’ll write more after the evening show.


WINGS Masterlist


Moving in

Miss Right series:

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7


Everyday texts

When he’s planning a party for your birthday

When he’s needy

Nevermind series:

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Epilogue

You got a hickey from him

Awake lyrics prank

You are his sister


When they ask for a favor

Random texts with Hoseok

Random texts with Hoseok 2.0

Selca time


When your sister comes home from college

When you ask him something about English


Random snaps with Jimin

Random texts with Jimin

When you’re hungry and ask him to bring you food

Dark (scenario)


Random snaps with Taehyung

Random texts with Taehyung

When he tells you his thoughts… through your dog

Secretly dating him



When he dabbed

Funny texts with Jungkook

Birthday crush (Jimin)

When you don’t go to school beacuse you are sick

When you think he looks like a bunny

You’re insecure about youre relationship

You sound like Tracer (Overwatch)

When you’re Arabian

All the members:

When you can’t reach something: Hyung Line | Maknae Line

When they find out you can sing

When you get in the hospital, and your brother texts them:

Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook

When you’re French: Hyung Line | Maknae Line

Morning texts

When you drop an MV

When your parents are divorced

Your twin

When you’re Polish  | Pt. 2

When you’re a youtuber

When they meet your brother

When you’re tired of school

When your laptop broke

He wants to hangout but you have homework

Trainee Love:

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When he’s not your ultimate bias

When they have a comeback: Hyung Line | Maknae Line

WINGS comeback

When they find your tumblr blog

When your best friend is in town

You’re dressing up as the Joker for Halloween

Your little brother randomly texts them

When you’re Brazilian

Daesang win (2016 MAMA)

When you’re German

When they don’t know you’re British (Hyung Line | Maknae Line)

When you’re Mexican

When you think he won’t like you after a long time

When you’re sick and ask him to help you

Reacting to your debut stage

Him getting sad because of your long-distance relationship

Being a Carat and singing ‘Lean on me’

Dancing with BTS

When you ask them what they want for Christmas

Drunk confession from him

Rush date:

Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook

When you pass out on stage: Hyung Line | Maknae Line

Calling them oppa

Being an adopted sister/girlfriend: Hyung Line | Maknae Line + Namjoon

Being Norwegian: Hyung Line | Maknae Line

Indonesian: Hyung Line | Maknae Line

Group chat:

When you invite them over

When you’re busy with school: Hyung Line | Maknae Line

When you friend calls one of them ugly

When you think Jungkook hates you

Cypher pt. 5 ft. Taehyung

They tease you for being short

You come out as asexual

You send them your new concept

You think you failed an exam

When you’re sad

Beating Jungkook in arm wrestle

Staying there for Christmas (forever?)

When they think you like someone in BTS

Poly relationship with Tae and Jungkook

Tipsy group text (New Years)

Poly relationship with Yoongi and Hoseok