he's the best character in the outsiders and i love him so much

Right I’m going to talk at length about Yurio in Episode 9 because he is my salty sweet son and I love him.

Okay Yurio gives us two treasures this episode. 

1. the BEST expressions.

2. Character development.

We already knew that Yurio wasn’t as much of an asshole as he pretended to be.  He did accept Yuri’s request to teach him how to land a Quad Salchow after all.

But let’s look at him in this episode.

First off his Granddad made him Pork Cutlet pirozhki which is adorable

he’s so happy here both because his grandad made this for him and also because his grandad was clearly saying “I’m going to be cheering you on today” 

After that he seems to have mellowed towards Yuri a bit.

calling him Pork Cutlet Bowl instead of Pig is an improvement in their relationship.

This line from Lilia I think proves she’s a good teacher for him.  This was something he couldn’t really grasp I think at hot springs on ice but it is true in something like figure skating. Jumping isn’t enough you need artistry and now Yurio has it and has improved hugely.

He is very determined in his routine even though it’s pushing him past what his body lets him do really. Which is dangerous.  Don’t hurt yourself my angry Russian son!

He is so happy here when he knows he’s going to the final and he immediately looks for Yuri’s reaction but not in a nasty way. I know this because of the reaction

when he looks at Yuri he immediately notices something’s wrong. Yurio has proven since Episode 3 that he is very observant of other people. He doesn’t want to win against a distracted/upset Yuri. He wants to beat a Yuri who is at his best. Because he is very competitive but not actually an asshole.

“Get it together Dad.”

“Dad no!”


He clearly gets more and more concerned.  He wants Yuri to do well and it comes out here clearly.

I love this because Yuri is being weird and Yurio is having none of it both because Prickly Ball of Anger persona but also I think because Yurio better than anyone else there knows Yuri really is looking for comfort only Victor can supply.

It legit makes me laugh every time though.

Then we get the peace offering exchange..it’s just great that Yurio is the one reaching out.

I love this because he’s reaching out to commiserate with Yuri. Like “I know you’re all broken up cause your boyfriend wasn’t around but also I’m really disappointed too.”

Then this:

Look at that face.  He’s so happy Yuri is trying his granddad’s Pork Cutlet piroshki

He’s happy because he was trying to cheer up Yuri and it fucking worked

We already knew Yurio wasn’t as mean as he likes to pretend to be but this going out of his way to cheer up his rival who he knows is hurting less because he did badly in the free skate and more because Victor couldn’t be there shows how our salty smol Russian child is really the sweetest thing alive.

He’s still going to be rude and abrasive I’m sure come the Final but this episode we got to see that he’s actually a good sport. 

I love him as a character so much because he’s not one dimensional and while he is arrogant and extremely competitive he’s not an asshole about it. Not really. When push comes to shove he wants to beat Yuri when they are both on top form, not because Yuri is having an anxiety attack.

This show is great because all the characters feel real and are interesting as hell.

I can’t wait for next week!

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HOLY SHIT Chapter 1 of Inferno almost brought me to tears with how badass everyone was. I hate seeing Georgi as the antagonist but at the same time I love it??? I'm so excited for future updates ahhh I still can't believe how amazingly creative and well thought out this is and is it bad how hot and bothered I am because when Yuuri stepped in I was ready for the lord to take me away

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LIKING IT! ;A; I did my best, this is supposed to be the Badass AU ^ ^;;

SHOULD NOTE since apparently there’s been some confusion, but while Georgi starts out as antagonist (note that this casting decision is a direct reference to Guang-Hong’s FS story) and an outsider to the Blades, he will definitely not remain one, and I’m absolutely serious about the “every character gets love/no one is bashed in this AU” thing I’ve mentioned before. I thought him becoming an ally was pretty heavily implied/hinted at in the synopsis, but thought I should clarify ^ ^; He’s definitely not a bad guy, and is also probably one of most key characters to the plot.

and of course I had to give bae the Dramatic Entrance he deserves ^v^)b


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• You best believe you’ll be cuddling every chance you two get, but well mostly likely when you two are all alone
• Because lets face it, his hyungs (and Vernon) will most likely tease the poor boy
• Him always watching you as you cook, clean or study
• Because he loves your serious face
• He thinks it makes you look sexy af
• Keeps the skinship to a minimum when outside but cuddles and kisses you every time you’re alone
• He will hold your hand every chance he gets
• Couse your small hand fits just perfectly with his much larger one
• You two always commenting on the movies that your watching and making fun of the characters
• But when you’re watching horror movies that you so very much love, he’ll be hiding behind you the entire time
• But he’ll still try ( key word here is try) to look tough
• “H-hah! T-that girl is S-SO S-STUPID-D i-isn’t she, jagi?!”“…..Kwanie, do you want to watch another movie?”“Pft!  Me? Pft, no. I’m not scared! W-what are you talking about?!”‘I didn’t even mention you being scared though…’
• That night he couldn’t sleep
• And neither could you, cause he woke you up every time you fell asleep cause he would whisper shout
• “ Jagi, I saw a shadow out side of our window!”
• The first time you two met was when your brother Joshua introduced you to the members a year ago when you had come to visit
• “Guys this is my little sister/brother (y/n) she’s/ he’s the same age as Seungkwan.”
• And from first glance Seungkwan didn’t really like you
• Couse you looked stuck up
• But that was only because you had just dressed up a bit
• You usually just wore really comfy clothes
• But he still gave you the stink eye every now and then
• But he slowly yet steadily started to like you more and more every day
• He started to notice the little things you did
• Like you biting your lower lip whenever you were in deep though
• Or when you smile your cheeks always were a nice rosy colour
• He just started to like every flaw and perfection about you
• When he confessed to you it was as awkward as it gets
• He was fiddling with his thumbs and his face was bright red
• But before he could even complete a sentence you had said
• “Seungkwan I like you, would you just come out and say you like me too already? ” while giggling at his shyness.
• He burst out laughing at that
• Like it was so cute how blunt you were!
• “I like you too (y/n)!”
• You first kiss was like maybe 2 weeks after you FINALLY became an idem
• It was sweet and short
• But it was full of feeling and that one little peck led to a full blown make out session let me tell ya
• Speaking of make out sessions
• Those usually led to sex
• So sex with  Seungkwan could go two ways
• Sweet and slow or passionate and rough
• I can imagine Seungkwan not being the dominant one
• Like he likes being ridden? (look I have no experience okay? I’m only 16)
• Your first time will be slow and sweet but passionate at the same time
• He will be awkward and shy
• But he’ll admire your beautiful body in awe
• I believe for your first time he’ll be the dominate one but that’ll probably be the only time he’ll be the dominate one
• I can imagine Seungkwan touching your body with his delicate fingers
• He’d want to make you feel good but you’d like yo make him feel good as well
• You would drag your fingers softly down his chest
• Making him lean into your touch
• Couse he’s in desperate need of it
• Speaking of fingers
• Seungkwan loves your hands and your soft delicate fingers
• Cause they have a very soft yet teasing feel to them when you touch him
• And it drives him crazy
• Your first date with him would be a stay at home date
• Couse that way you can cook him dinner and you could be alone
• Just the two of you
• Because Kwanie drove the others out of the dorm
• You two would lazily lay on the sofa as you watched a movie
• While his head rested on your lap
• You two would laugh at each of your sassy and sarcastic comments on the movie
• I bet you two aren’t even paying the movie any attention
• Fights with Seungkwan would be full of sassy and sarcastic comments from both sides
• Ya’ll most likely would say a lot of things ya’ll didn’t mean
• So it’ll end with both of you being hurt and depressed
• You two would ignore one another and act like you didn’t know each other
• But that made you hurt even more
• That would continue until one of you would apologize
• Which most likely be you
• Cause Booyonce is freaking stubborn as hell
• But he’ll brake down when you do and he’ll cry while hugging you close to his chest while repeatingly saying “I’m sorry” and “I love you so much”

  • To summarize it up he’ll love and cherish you like there’s no tomorrow! Just love and cherish him back with all your heart ~

Soo this was my first Boyfriend! thingy and it may not be the best but I hope it’s presentable !

~ Admin Kai-Riin


Just watched all 3 episodes of ITV’s LOVE LIFE with Rob James-Collier and really loved it. I know it has received pretty terrible reviews but to me it’s a very sweet everyday drama and I enjoyed watching it so much.

Joe and Lucy make a lovely couple; their story drew me in and I just needed to know how their journey progressed. Absolutely loved Rob’s character and the way he portrayed him as a sweet, sexy, funny and truly decent bloke.

It’s the best thing so far I’ve seen Rob in outside of Downton and I highly recommend watching Love Life to every Rob James-Collier fan out there :o)