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things I appreciate in Zelda: BotW

(minor spoilers)

- The Arrow Lady in Kakariko Village just wants to bang Link. She doesn’t want to date him: she just wants to bang him. Her thirst is real and superficial and honestly I just appreciate her.

- that said, if marrying her got me an unlimited supply of arrows, I would marry the Arrow Lady in a heartbeat because wow am I bad at aiming at things

- the sweet girl in Hateno has a crush on Link after I rescued her sheep awww what a cutie

- there is a gentleman at one of the stables who just rambled on about how beautiful Link is for about ten minutes what a gem

- Paya is also a cutie who I would marry if the game would let me

- one time I was in Hyrule Field and it started downpouring, so Link and an NPC who was also on the road, ran for cover. We got to the cover and there was a little fire there. I talked to the NPC, and he said “We should stay here and share the fire until the rain stops!” So I did, and I sat by the fire until morning. At morning time, the NPC was still there, and he stretched out and yawned, implying that Link slept next to the guy all night.

- Several people have confused Link for a girl, and his reaction has been  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ not  (ง'̀-‘́)ง which I appreciate

- The Head Researcher who is renown throughout Hyrule for their brilliance? A woman.

- There is a Goron who is heavily queer-coded and honestly I am here for Gay Gorons please and thank you Nintendo. IT WOULD BE NICE TO HAVE A LADY GORON THOUGH JUST SAYING.

- The implied reason for Link being a Silent Protagonist is A N X I E T Y like wow talk about #relatable

- The Gerudo Champion Urbosa is a Giant Lady with Amazing Abs who could Crush Link With Her Amazing Thighs and honestly we are so #blessed

- Sidon is a gift and I would gladly die for that handsome fish man

- I have two horses, their names are Daisy and Zero, they are terrible and I love them

- I am forty hours into this game. I have 9 hearts and 2/3s of an upgraded stamina wheel. I’ve completed two dungeons, ¾ths of the map is still a #mystery, I have no idea where to go from here and there does not seem to be an end in sight. Big Good Nintendo continues to be the Big Good of the gaming world.

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So I don't know if you've done anything like this but could you do MC playing a dating sim and RFA gets jealous of her gushing over her favorite boy?

Haha, this one was so fun to write! Hope you like them~


  • He noticed you’ve been on your phone a lot lately
  • But then he passed behind you one day and saw a lot of drawings
  • He asked if you were reading something, but you just calmly reply you’re playing a game
  • When he sees a picture of a pretty boy come on the screen, he gets ruffled
  • “What kind of game is that?” 
  • “Ninja Ninja! It’s a dating sim where you can find out their backstories and stuff.”
  • He couldn’t believe it….the guy had red eyes too!
  • Throughout the week, every time you were on your phone, he’d always ask if you were playing “that game” again
  • When you finally thought he was going to stop, he joins you at the breakfast table
  • Wearing a full ninja costume
  • You start laughing and asked where he got it from
  • “Oh, it’s from an old play of mine. They let me keep the costume. I figured I’d bring it out since you’ve been into ninjas lately.”
  • He won’t take it off until you stop playing the game


  • There had been an LOLOL event that week, so he’d been gaming a lot
  • He was still trying to be mindful when you were there, but you seemed pretty relaxed about it
  • He knew something was up when he asked for one more round and you said you didn’t mind
  • When he stops, he crawls next to you and asks what you’re doing on your phone
  • He sees it’s a game and asks what it’s about
  • “Kissed by the Baddest Baker! It’s a dating sim. I’m on the cookie route. Isn’t this guy cute?” 
  • Oh no…Yoosung’s feeling prickly again
  • “Is this to get back at me? I promise I won’t play LOLOL for a week!”
  • You assure him it’s just a fun game
  • He thought you were done after the route, but wait…there’s other routes?!
  • He gets so jealous, so he throws on an apron that says “Kiss the Cook” and just stands in front of you
  • You oblige and kiss him…but he still finds you playing later
  • “It’s the last route, Yoosung. I promise!”


  • Let’s be honest, she plays those too
  • But you didn’t know
  • One day she catches you playing “Midnight Mulan” and you just nervously chuckle
  • “I can explain–”
  • “I’m on Shang’s route.” 
  • She gives you walkthroughs or hints when you need it
  • Sometimes, to destress, you two will play together and read all the characters in funny voices
  • It really just ends up in giggle fits because you two are ridiculous


  • You were busy playing with Elizabeth when your phone dinged
  • You asked Jumin to check it, thinking it was just a text
  • “What is Queen’s Wardrobe?” 
  • “Oh! That’s just a dating sim I play.”
  • You can basically feel the tension reverberating off of him
  • You have to explain it’s just a game and show him how it works
  • He doesn’t understand why, but he’s okay with it
  • You notice he asks a lot of questions about it…but you can hear the jealous undertones
  • The questions grow more specific when you start smiling
  • “Oh, the guy whose route I’m on just bought the MC a cafe.”
  • He’s silent for a moment and then takes a deep breath
  • You intervene right away, “No, Jumin! Please don’t get a cafe!”


  • He noticed a new notification sound on your phone that would go off around every two hours
  • You would disappear a few minutes and then come back
  • He thinks nothing of it until you’re in the store and another girl had the same sound go off
  • You and the girl exchange glances and laugh is this a girl code?
  • He prepares himself, and when the notification goes off, he grabs the phone before you can
  • “What is Eerie Emails?”
  • You have to explain that it’s a dating sim set up like a messenger app with chats every two hours
  • You start showing him the character
  • He points to the one with the glasses (which you say is your favorite)
  • “This looks like me!”
  • “Really? I don’t think so.” 
  • When he finds out that your favorite character has a conflict with his twin sister, he’s so done
  • He keeps making the server crash
  • You get disappointed every time the app crashes and ask if he can fix it
  • He just shrugs, “Why don’t you ask your mysterious IT guy?”

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The Whole Gang Likes You

Request: Headcanons about the whole gang liking you

- The Curtis brothers at dinner one night all confessed they liked you. “I have to tell you guys something that I need to get off my chest.” Sodapop blurted out. Darry nodded motioning for Soda to continue. “Well I uh really like y/n!” Pony’s eyes widened, “No you can’t! I like her too and you’re not going to ruin this for me!” Darry began blushing scarlett at the mention of your name. Pony glared, “Wait you too?! The first girl I actually like, and you guys like her too?!” Soda smiled sheepishly, “I guess it’s just a Curtis thing?”

- Two-Bit doesn’t hold back and flirts with you every chance he gets.

- Johnny just keeps to himself, except for Dallas who admits he likes you too. They decide that both of them can’t date you, because of bro code but they always talk about you together.

- Steve is an attention whore when you’re around, and does everything to keep you focused on him.

- Pony always gives you stuff like drawings or poems or invites you to hang out, and is a huge suck up/kiss ass.

- Steve and Sodapop arm wrestle or have little competitions over who gets to ask you out. They always end up being tied and are always competing.

- Darry’s the only one actually old enough to ask you out, and he does.

- Everyone’s pissed that your Darry’s girlfriend and not their own. So they always prank him to make up for it.

3 Years (John x Reader)

Word Count: 3,977

Warnings: Swears, Alcohol, Smut (It’s hella fluffy smut)

Authors Note: So we hit 800? I’m dying I love you guys so much I don’t deserve any of you. Anyways, I wanted to celebrate this milestone with some smut yeah? lol. Get ready, it’s so sweet you could get a cavity. Big thanks to @adolescenthowell for dealing with my smut writing process shit. Go follow her! I LIVE TO HEAR FEEDBACK FROM YOU GUYS AND I LOVE TO JUST HEAR FROM YOU IN GENERAL. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Requests:  Reader x Laurens where they go out with the squad and reader looks really hot and Laurens whose like in love with reader can’t control himself and maybe leads to smut if you’re ok with that

John Laurens + reader teasing him while they’re at a bar?


Friday night meant going out with your friends for drinks, especially after you had met Alexander. You and Alex had met in college and after that you two hit it off instantly, doing everything together. You would be lying if you said you two hadn’t hooked up once or twice but you both mutually agreed that you two were better off as friends, you even helped snag Eliza for him. Being friends with Alex meant being friends with his friends, and thankfully they all liked you. All but one. John Laurens. For some reason, you two had created a friendship of your own filled with nothing but dry, sarcastic humor that nobody seemed to understand. You greeted him with insults and he would happily take them and throw one back at you.

You stepped into the taxi and gave the driver the name of the bar as you smoothed out your barely there dress. The forest green silky fabric felt like air to your skin, and you had to make sure you had actually worn clothes out. If the short length wasn’t enough, the dress also was backless as the fabric in the back started below your ribcage. You didn’t know why you had chosen to wear that dress. On Friday nights you had usually opted for a pair of jeans and a nice top but today you felt like dressing up a bit more, and you were definitely feeling yourself. The taxi came to a screeching halt in front of the bar, and you thanked the driver as you handed him a ten dollar bill. You swung your legs out of the cab and gracefully stood up as the New York City breeze hit your body. You smoothed out your hair before walking into the bar.

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Not All Wounds Heal (Part 6/?) (Avengers x reader)

Part 5

“You can’t heal everything, (Y/N),” Steve eventually spoke again, “not all wounds heal.  I’m sure that Tony would agree if he knew you were offering this.”

“Dammit, Steve, why can’t you just say what you want to say? What’s holding you back?  Tell Sam to mind his own business and grow a pair, already.”

“Wow, I’ve forgotten how blunt you can be.  But, okay, fine,” he finally relented quietly, “will you help Buck, (Y/N)?  It would mean…it would mean everything to me if you would try.”

“Yes, Steve, I’ll try. Thank you for deciding that you can trust me.”

“Okay…great,” he sighed, and the relief in his voice didn’t escape you at all; you had been right and he wanted to ask, but now that the words were out and you had agreed, he had no idea why he thought it would be so difficult.  “I’ll make arrangements to bring you here-“

But I have one condition.”


“When I’m done, and when I’ve healed his mind, you all come home.”

“(Y/N), it’s not that simple-“

“But it can be,” you argued.  “You’re all just making it too difficult.  You’re all letting your pride and hurt feelings get in the way.  It’s time to grow up and fix this.  Agree, Steve, or I stay here, and your best friend gets frostbite.”

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Dress code

I got dress coded because my bra strap was showing and too much of my shoulders were showing, So while teacher was talking to me my BFF looked around and saw a our friend Brandon (he’s the hot guy in our class)who has muscular arms and shoulders so she tipped on that teachers shoulders and shouted “OMG!! BRANDON’S SHOULDERS ARE TOO SEXY FOR MY BRAIN TO WORK!!!! HE HAS TO COVER UP AND PUT A PAPER BAG ON HIS HEAD OR ELSE I GET DISTRACTED!” Brandon saw her staring and shouted"I DIDN’T MEANT TO BE DISTRACTING FOR GIRLS IN PUBERTY" the teacher just was really angry and was about to shout when my French teacher (his wife) came and whispered him “If you don’t shut up about the whole bra strap, Shoulder and collarbone dress code for girls then I will make you pay. A lot.” He calmed down looked terrified and left. Was a good day.

The Serpent and the Bulldog - Reggie x Reader

Reggie x Reader


@idle-lanes @sgarrett49

Word Count: 3780

Warnings: Slight language

I decided to do a small Reggie Mantle series. It will probably only be 3 parts. Hopefully you guys like it. FYI - I will be doing another part to both Battles and Hidden Rooms - some of you were asking. Thanks for reading!

You bit your lip while thinking about it. You were getting somewhere with him. He was more emotional than you had originally thought, but still scared that he wouldn’t understand - that instead he would just think you were crazy.

“Y/N…hello?”, Reggie waved his hand in front of you.

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The British Invasion/Good Grief

So, what’s comforting is that even Buckleming, who apparently don’t understand these characters at all and only have a limited grasp of how pacing and plotting work, can do only so much to keep Dean and Cas away from each other. Because here we have it again - it’s Dean calling Cas, it’s Dean worrying about Cas, it’s Dean who keeps leaving voicemails even when Cas’ ignoring him, and it’s Dean who gets paired off with Cas as soon as there’s some pairing off going on - look at that final scene - Sam clearly spent some of the night, or the morning, talking with Eileen (and, subtextually, maybe something more, since he’s clearly been learning some sign language and Dean apparently did his best to leave them alone - so much so Eileen left without saying goodbye), and when Dean asks about her, Sam’s immediate reaction is, And what about Cas? and that’s simply the done thing and neither time nor tide nor bad writing can do anything against it.

As for the rest of it - Jesus. My watching notes are mostly exclamation points, angry emojis, a string of what? and one come on.

Because, really. I don’t even know where to start. Just off the top of my head: Crowley can be overconfident, yes, but he’s not an idiot; the UK doesn’t work like that at all; women are generally not happy when carrying a demon baby and generally know birthing said demon baby will have dire consequences (I mean, it’s 2017 - who hasn’t seen Rosemary’s Baby?); Sam and Dean confiding in ‘every hunter they know’ and asking for help when confronted with yet another shitstorm of epic proportions is not normal - it’s freaking new and very significant, so what the fuck are you doing just mentioning in in casual conversation? And even Mick, for all his faults, deserved better. Honestly, I’m just this close to start a crowdfunding to get both those idiots a severance package - it’s not like you have to be a screenwriter, for fuck’s sake - just - I don’t know - keep bees - learn yoga - travel to New Zealand - I don’t even - ugh. 


I’m not sure what else there is to say about this episode. The Code is a bullshit idea and it doesn’t hold up, because, like, Nazi Extra n. 27 just ordered Ketch to kill both Sam and Dean, and they’re technically Men of Letters, so what is poor old Arthur supposed to do? Execute them, and then turn the gun on himself? And what was Toni’s punishment for burning half of Sam’s skin off, then? Also, you don’t really find orphans off the streets in England anymore, and it’s slightly difficult to turn them into super ninja assassins without anyone noticing (what about Timothy’s family?). And no, it doesn’t make any logical sense to exterminate every single hunter in America, and neither it makes sense to expect they’d obey every single order you give them. That’s not how you build your make-believe Nazi state - if you want to see how it’s actually done, just have a look around, for God’s sake - every other show is writing and tinkering with its own ‘the end is nigh’ plot simply by reading the bloody papers, why can’t you? And finally, yeah, upper class English people are generally annoying and they do dress in tweed from time to time, but not all of them - *channels Saint John Oliver’s spirit* -

The thing is, the difficult bit about storytelling (or, one of them) is that stories don’t work without problems or obstacles of some kind, but you also want your characters to be believable and behave like real people do, so you’ve got to find this fine balance between creating drama and not being transparent about it. Like, how many people realized Mick was going to die just from the damn promo? And, as a result, how many actually cared? His backstory was absurd, illogical, and a bad choice all around. Sam said Mick felt bad for killing that werewolf girl - good - show me. There’s your conflict, and there’s your canon-compliant and believable reason to make me care about Mick. No need to invent any of this Lord of the Flies nonsense.

(I did like the fact Ketch used the same lines on Mary as he used on Dean, though, even if that brings the total of queer-coded villains up to - all of them? - including stammering and blushing demon guy and, of course, Lucifer himself.)



Famous For: His unique, distinctive tone. His unique, distinctive Red Special guitar. Brian’s one of those guys who sounds like no one else, and no one else sounds like him. Extremely memorable riffs and solos that have become part of a generation’s collective consciousness. Being universally liked by all guitarists. Is that a fair statement? In a world where we all like some players and dislike others, I’ve never encountered a guitar player who didn’t like Brian May. Have you?

Infamous For: A distinct lack of infamy. In a world where Jimi choked to death on vomit, Jeff is a recluse, Eric’s life is a virtual Greek tragedy, Pagey indulged in excess and debauchery like a Roman Emperor — on both the Rise and the Fall of his empire — where Ritchie’s moody, sullen, difficult to work with, Bolin dies with a needle in his arm, Eddie acts like a eight-year-old girl whenever he fires a singer, Michael sabotages his career at every turn, and Yngwie’s ego has its own zip code, Brian May is a notorious good guy. Everyone genuinely likes him. There’s not a lot to pick on. About the worst thing you can say about Brian is that he wore clogs and frilly blouses in the 70s!

Ok, so, a friend of a friend was at some fancy schmancy party in NY, and she was getting majorly creeped on by two older guys- they had her basically cornered and she was getting really uncomfortable. So, she scans the room, and who does she see but motherfucking Aziz Ansari. She makes a solid moment of ‘Dude help me’ eye contact, and Aziz comes over to her - this person he has never met in his life - and he’s like 'Hey girl! Been so long, what’s up!’ and gets her away from them. He then proceeds to check on her a few times for the rest of the party to make sure the creepers don’t come back.

Tldr, Aziz knows girl code and is an A+ person.

EXO Reaction of how they'd be a wingmen for each other at a bar/club

That would be fun tho. Xo, Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


“You know this boy… he’s special… Look how small he is, makes him adorable. You should try it out… I know what I’m telling you…”


*Is the barista guy who’s kinda like your best friend and lowkey helps his friend to get you* “I’m so cool.. you owe me man!”


“Let’s do it bro! Stick to the bro code! We got this!” *Probably gonna get the girl XD*


*Forgets why he came to you in the first place*


*The shy type* “I’m not going to do it hyung… if you want her you go… you got this, no worries” *Whispering things every now and then*


*Dynamic duo* “We are the daddys of the house babe.. and this guy next to me is the daddy boss… don’t miss this opportunity..”


“Go go go go go! Forget about it Chan! I don’t think she’ll like a drink anytime soon!”


“Don’t look…. but my friend over there… he really likes you. What do you say?” *Definitely the direct type*


“So. you are attracted to Baekhyun huh? Yeah me too, he’s the best, I’m not giving him to you that easily” *Is he even trying…?*


“Don’t worry bro… I got you! Imma tell her everything about you…. everything” *You know… he has a SatanSoo reputation, Baek…*


“Hey Baek… what are you doing there? Flirting? Ohh this boy! Do you need some help?” *Awkward Baek*


*Panics the second he says hi* “Well ahh.. I… friend… there.. you.. likes… I better go…” 

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spring awakening written by lin manuel miranda

melchior is the main focus. he is played by lin and the Problems Of A Misunderstood Sapiosexual are the main focus of the show. he gets 24 songs.

wendla seduces melchior and he falls victim to her attempt.

moritz gets like one song and even then the complexities of his character are misunderstood (see: wendla)

isle/moritz is 100% a thing despite moritz being gay coded and that one line where moritz says frau gabor is amazing is taken out of context

hanschen/ernst ends in Tragedy ™/ ersnt pines after the cold-hearted hanschen rilow or Ernst Is Just Straight

if he keeps in the hernst storyline he will feel like hes the first person ever to do something so Revolutionary basically any guy with any interaction with a girl is straight. its lins city now
Clint gets way too much hate IMO

Feel free to disagree with me. This is just my opinion on the matter. I would’ve submitted this defense to fyeahcontroversialcharacters, but for some reason the blog is password protected now. I’m actually the one who submitted Clint to that blog. Anyways…

Why do people hate Clint? From what I can gather, it mostly seems to come from his crush on fan favorite Emily, the fact that his heart scenes and quests became awkward since Emily became an eligible bachelorette, and that he refers to himself as a “nice guy” in one of his heart scenes. I’ve also seen people complain about how he’ll give you geodes at the Festival of the Winter Star which you have to pay him to open and that he’s self-pitying and complains a lot.

Okay, first off, Emily was not originally meant to be a bachelorette, and Clint’s heart scenes clearly reflect this. The reason she became a bachelorette was because she won in a poll for the next female bachelorette. That’s not really Clint’s fault. And you may ask, “why not code certain heart scenes and quests to not trigger if you’re romancing Emily?” I may not have experience with coding, but I can tell you right now that’s probably much easier said than done.

And what about that whole “nice guy” line? Personally, I feel like people are reading too deeply into it (says the person who is analyzing Clint). Let’s see, what does tumblr mean when they say someone is a Nice Guy™? Do correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I can gather, it’s when a guy calls himself nice, complains that all girls want bad boys, and blames girls for rejecting him. I don’t see that with Clint. Never once does he blame Emily if she ends up with the Farmer. He’s never rude to her at all.

About the Winter Star Festival: People love to give Clint flak, but other townspeople can give the Farmer crummy gifts, too, and they don’t get nearly as much grief for it. Robin can outright give the Farmer a bunch of rocks. Vincent in Jas can give the Farmer one, count it, one piece of clay! They can also give the Farmer one geode, while Clint gives them five. Granted, they are children, but still.

And lastly, Clint’s attitude. This is just personal opinion, but to me, he reads as both depressed and anxious. How did I come to this conclusion? I also have both depression and anxiety. I actually take medication for it. He probably likes to vent to the Farmer because it helps him cope somewhat. Emily is his only friend, so he clearly doesn’t socialize much. In his heart scene at the Saloon, he’s sitting by himself. On other nights, he sits with Willy, but they don’t seem to interact much, and Willy isn’t listed as one of Clint’s friends. I’m pretty sure he’s only able to get out at night because of his job as the town blacksmith, which he clearly didn’t really want to begin with. He just became one because he felt obligated to, because every man in his family from his great-grandfather was a blacksmith. I’d probably be depressed too in his situation.

So yeah, I think Clint gets way too much hate, and this is why. Again, feel free to disagree, but I just had to pitch in my two cents.

Believe It or Not. Part 12.

Summary: after being injured by the alpha, y/n can’t help her friends. So follow their wild ride to save her.

///I guess y/n isn’t really in this herself a lot but she’s talked about a lot///

(Based off 1x12 “Code-Breaker”)

“Perfect,” Peter said. Then continuing to throw y/n’s body on the ground, still unconscious.

“You’re coming with me.” Peter took a few steps forward but Stiles hadn’t moved at all.

“No,” the boy groaned, causing an annoyed Peter to turn around and look at him, “i’m not just letting you leave her here.”

“You don’t have a choice. Stiles, you’re coming with me.” Peter made his way back until he was standing right over y/n, claws extended.

Stiles squirmed, he moved so he was on his hands and knees, hovering over her body, “Just kill me. Look, I don’t care, anymore.” Stiles’ tears fell freely from his eyes, he knew time was ticking. He needed to get her and Lydia out of here quickly.

“Call your friend,” Peter offered, “Tell Jackson where they are. That’s all you get.”

Stiles immediately started to fumble his hand around in his pocket for his phone. He realized this was the only way he would be able to get y/n the help she needs.


Once Stiles told Jackson that Lydia was in trouble he hung up and full on sprinted to the lacrosse field.

As he got closer and closer, he was able to see the two girls lying on the ground side by side. The first person he made contact with was Lydia. He held her head in one hand, as his other reached for his phone.

“Come on Lydia, stay with me.” He whispered as he held her head in his hands.

As gently as he could, Jackson placed both of his arms underneath Lydia’s body. One underneath her knees, and the other right near her shoulder blades. He easily lifted her into his arms and ran her all the way to his car placing her in the backseat and then heading back her y/n.

He shifted to his other knee on the ground, reaching his hand down to check y/n’s pulse. A sigh of relief when he realized she was breathing. He then repeated his actions with her, y/n slightly groaned as he lifted her up.

“Wha- Jackson?” Her eyes started to flutter open.

“You’re going to be fine y/n, just shut up okay.”

Confused but tired, y/n let her eyes shut again already being consumed with more pain.


Stiles nervously drove his jeep, speeding as necessary with Peter in the seat right next to him.

“Don’t feel bad,” Peter broke the silence, “she’ll probably live.”

A sudden feeling of anger flooded Stiles’ mind and body, “she better live.” He whispered more to himself than to Peter, not wanting to talk to him at all.

“But the redhead, Lydia is it? If she lives, she might become a werewolf. She’ll be incredibly powerful.”

Stiles’ face twisted in confusion, “did you bite her?” He turned to look at the alpha.

“Scratched.” He clarified.

“That’s just great,” Stiles sighed, “once a month Lydia will go out of her mind and try to tear everyone apart.” He shook his head, things were already difficult with Scott being a werewolf.

Although he did worry about Lydia a lot. He had known her forever, of course he cared about her, she’s his friend. At least he was able to clarify his feelings for her now, and his feelings for y/n… Which were incredibly strong.

“Well actually, considering she’s a woman- twice a month.” Peter’s twisted humor just made Stiles angier, causing him to press on the accelerator a little harder.


“I’m not sure how long you’ll be. You want me to pick out anything specific, sweetheart?”
Allison’s mother Victoria asked her daughter, helping her prepare for leaving town with Kate.

“I just saw my boyfriend turn into a werewolf.” Was all Allison could say, ignoring her mother and replaying the images of the last thing she saw on a loop in her head.

“All right,” her mother sighed, “I’ll pick out some things myself.”

“Who was that? Was that Scott?” Allison asked.

“No. Somebody named Jackson.” Victoria answered.

“What are you gonna do to him?” The girl asked, concerned for her friend.

“That depends. We have a sort of moral code we follow. Especially when they’re that young.” Her mother said, not once turning around from her position in front of the closet.

“Scott didn’t kill anybody, he couldn’t-” Allison rushed to the defense of Scott, until her mother calmly cut her off.

“This is all part of a longer conversation.”


Stiles and Peter ended up on a random level of a parking garage. Peter pulling out a laptop.

“Good luck getting a signal down here. Oh MiFi. And you’re a Mac guy. Does that go for all werewolves or just a personal preference?” Stiles sarcastic demeanor beginning to return.

“Turn it on. Get connected.” Peter ignored the boy.

“You know, you’re killing the whole werewolf mystique thing here. Look, you still need Scott’s username and password, and I’m sorry, but I don’t know them.”

Peter glared at him, “you know both of them.”

“No I don’t.” Stiles stayed persistent, but Peter’s abilities were too strong.

“Even if I couldn’t hear your heartbeat, I would still be able to tell that you’re lying.”

“Dude, I swear to god-”

“I can be very persuasive, Stiles. Don’t make me persuade you… Especially when it comes to that pretty little girl in the white and gold dress. Where is she again? Let’s hope the hospital, for her sake.”


Jackson was running through the hospital, turning corners and running past rooms until he ran into the sheriff.

“Where is she?” He shouted, desperately looking for Lydia.

“Hey. Hey! What the hell happened to those girls?” The sheriff asked when he was finally able to calm the boy down.

“I-I don’t know,” the boy answered nervously, “I went out looking for her.” He pointed at Lydia.

“What, you just happened to wander into the middle of that field and you just found her there like that? Don’t lie to me, son.” The sheriff begged. He needed to know what happened to both Lydia and Y/n. He was extremely worried about y/n. He’d known this girl for so long, she was family, just like Scott.

Jackson didn’t answer so the sheriff rushed forwards and grabbed the sides of his shirt.

“What happened to her?” He yelled, forceful.

“This isn’t my fault!” The boy defended himself.

“She’s your girlfriend! And y/n your classmate they’re your responsibility!”

“She didn’t go to the formal with me.” Jackson corrected, taking the sheriff by surprise.

“Stiles took her.”

“Somebody better find my son.” The sheriff whispered, turning around and leaving the teenage boy in the hospital hallway.


“You’re going to kill people, aren’t you?” Stiles asked, his nervous fingers typing on the computer.

“Only the responsible ones.”
He answered. Which immediately turned Stiles’ mind to Scott, “Look, if I do this, you have to promise to leave Scott out of this.” He tried to bargain the safety of his friend.

“Do you want to know why wolves hunt in packs,” Peter started, “it’s because their favorite prey are too large to be brought down by one wolf alone. I need Derek and Scott. I need both of them.”

Stiles had stopped typing and was now facing Peter. He really wasn’t scared of him anymore, if he was going to kill him he would’ve already been dead. So Stiles used the brave part of him to speak.

“He’s not going to help you.” He said with a straight face, looking Peter dead in the eye.

But Peter just laughed, “oh, he will. Because it’ll save Allison, and his sister. And you will because it’ll save her too, and Scott. Your best friend whom you know so well, even his username and password.”

With a sigh, Stiles turned back around to type in the needed information. Peter watched intently as Stiles placed both the username and password into place.

“His username is Allison, and his password, is Allison?” He stated unimpressed.

“Still want him in your pack?”


After Peter had taken his keys and drove off to the hale house, since that’s where Derek was being kept (well underneath it), Stiles ran to the only place he thought he could find her.

He ran down the halls until he turned a corner and saw his dad, slowing down. The sheriff immediately noticed his son’s presence.

“You know it’s a good thing we’re in a hospital because I’m going to kill you.” He said while angrily striding towards his son.

“I’m- I’m sorry,” the boy struggled to explain himself, “I lost the keys to my jeep, I had to run all the way here.”

“I don’t care!” His dad was now yelling.

Stiles ran his hands over his head in frustration. He turned around and saw into one of the hospitals rooms through the window. It was Y/n’s room.

He watched with wide eyes as she lied there on her back in the hospital bed. Her chest shallowly rising and falling. He could hear the faint noise of beeping from the multiple machines she’s hooked up to.

So much guilt flooded his body all at once. This was his fault, he and Scott should’ve told her sooner. Maybe if they had, she wouldn’t be here right now. The image of her body falling to the ground made him shiver. Her head in his lap, wanting more than anything for her to open her eyes, eyes that he loved so much. A tear involuntarily slid down his face.

“Is she gonna be okay?” He whispered loud enough for his father to here.

“They don’t know, partially because they don’t know what happened. She lost a lot of blood.”

Stiles stood, his hand against the window. He wanted to go inside, to see her but they weren’t letting anyone in. So he turned around to face his dad, the sight of y/n making his heart ache.

“What about Lydia?” Concern laced his voice for his friend, who he also got stuck in this mess.

“I don’t know, but there’s something else going on with her.”

Stiles furrowed his eyebrows, “What do you mean?”

“The doctors say it’s like Lydia’s having an allergic reaction. Her body keeps going into shock,” the sheriff elaborated, “Did you see anything? I mean, do you have any idea who or what attacked her?”

Stiles shook his head, now fully aware of how easy it’s become for him to lie to the people he cares about.

“No. No, I have no idea.”

“What about Scott?” His dad asked.

“What do you mean? What about him?”

“Did he see anything?”

Stiles started racing with anxiety, “What do you- is he not here?”

“What are you talking about?” His dad asked now on the verge of yelling,
“I’ve been calling him on his cell phone. I’ve gotten no response.”

Stiles sighed, “yeah and you’re not going to get one.”


As Scott and Derek approached the entrance of the Hale house when Derek sensed something, something wrong. He stopped in his tracks.

“Hey, hold on,” he called out to Scott, “Hold on. Something doesn’t feel right.”

He said finally catching the beta’s attention. “What do you mean?”

“I don’t know,” Derek shifted uncomfortably, “It’s- it’s kind of like it’s-”

He would’ve finished but Scott cut him off,
“No, don’t say ‘too easy.’ People say ‘too easy.’ And bad things happen. What, do you think finding you was easy? Getting away from Allison’s dad? None of this has been easy.”

At the boy’s childish outburst, he gave in.

“Fine. You’re right.” They continued inside the house. After only a few steps they heard the voice of a woman, more importantly, the voice of Kate.

“Now the leg. Flash bolt!”

Derek recognizing the terminology called out to Scott, “Scott, your eyes!”

Except it wasn’t Kate that attacked Scott. Kate was guiding Allison on how to take him down.

“Get up!” Derek shouted, but Scott was too weak.

“Allison, I can explain.” Scott pleaded to the girl he claimed love for not more than a few hours ago.

“Stop lying.” She snapped, “For once, stop lying.” Scott could practically feel her anger.

“I Was going to tell you the truth at the formal. I was gonna tell you everything. Because everything that I said, everything that I did-”

“Was to protect me.” She finished mockingly.

“Yes.” Scott sighed in defeat.

“I don’t believe you.” Allison whispered to suppress her tears.

“Thank god,” Kate interrupted, “now shoot him before I have to shoot myself.”

Allison turned to face her, caught off guard. “You- you said we were just gonna catch them?” She questioned her aunt’s motives.

And just when Allison, Scott, Derek and everyone thought nothing could get worse. That’s exactly what happened.


It all happened so quick in front of Scott. Allison being threatened, Kate’s throat being slashed, and derek killing Peter and becoming the alpha. Taking away any chance Scott had at curing himself.

After the longest night of his life, he finally found himself wandering through the halls of the hospital, looking for his sister’s room.

He turned a few more corners before he reached his destination. Once Scott approached the window, he hesitantly looked inside. His heart dropped seeing her there, eyes shut. He couldn’t help but blame himself. Stiles was right, he should’ve told her everything from the beginning- when he needed her the most. But at least she wasn’t alone, he glanced down to see that Stiles had moved a chair to the edge of her bed so he could hold her hand while she slept. Stiles’ head laying down next to their intertwined hands as he slept as well.

Scott smiled to himself, entering the room finally. He walked up to his best friend and let his hand fall lightly on his shoulder. Stiles softly opened his eyes and looked up at him.

“Morning sunshine,” Scott chuckled, “can I have a second?” He motioned to y/n with his eyes and Stiles understood what he meant.

“Yeah, yeah of course.” He got up and grabbed his jacket, walking towards the door. But before he left, he looked back at y/n one more time and smiled. He could feel it, she was going to be fine.

Scott took the chair that Stiles had recently occupied, and placed his hand in hers. Almost instantly y/n’s eyes fluttered open.

“Hi.” He breathed, relief flooding through him.

She smiled widely, “Hey.”

“How are you feeling?” He asked.

“Well you know,” she gently positioned herself so she was sitting up against the bed, “it’s not everyday you get clawed by an alpha werewolf just because he’s trying to kill your beta werewolf twin brother for some sort of twisted second family fettish.”

Well at least she didn’t lose her humor. Scott thought to himself.

“Yeah about all that-” he began to apologize.

“Don’t. You don’t have to. It’s all over, and im not mad.” She squeezed his hand for comfort, “just, just tell me now.”

He looked up at her with big brown eyes, “but I thought Derek-”

“He did,” she cut me off, “But I want to hear the story from you.”

So taking a deep breathe, he told her everything.

How all this, destruction, started just because he and his best friend snuck out to go find a dead body. They laughed together about all the mistakes Stiles made along the way, they both smiled when Scott told the story of how he and Allison fell in love and finally admitted it, they cried together when Scott told her that any chance of him being cured was taken away from him. Scott and y/n talked for hours, reaching a new level of closeness than they already had. By the end of the story, Scott ended up on the hospital bed right by his sister’s side, where he vowed her would never leave her side again.

Even with as much as an emotional roller-coaster as that story is. The twins both felt oddly at peace. Finally, they were back to how things used to be. And there were no more secrets between them.

But, believe it or not, their story had just begun.

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Inhumans Part Five

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Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine,

Genre: A/U, Angst, Violence, Fluff, Romance, more in the future.

Pairing: Yixing x Reader

Word Count: 5.4K

Summary: Inhumans are people born with powers, feared by most all over the world. Inhumans are often killed before the age of three or kept locked up and tested on. EXO is a rogue group of Inhumans who broke free and are now looking to free fellow Inhumans as well as get justice for their kind. However, with their powers come limitations. With these limitations, they sometimes need a helping hand.

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anonymous asked:

The whole 'Jughead is coded gay because he doesn't like women' just keeps bringing back awful school memories for me where straight girls were genuinely gross towards me because they thought I was a lesbian simply because I wasn't interested in guys (OR girls but they never thought of THAT). Turns out I'm aroace but I couldn't report anyone for lesbophobia because I'm not a lesbian and never found out about asexual/aromanticism until I left school.

During one year at my school, people were getting up in arms over some of the dress code rules. Nothing huge, just the usual complaints from girls who weren’t allowed to dress like dime store hookers or look like they were trying to start a slumber party in class and were being forced to change. Well one guy went over the dress code and decided it would be best if he came in to school for a whole week wearing a plush hamster mascot costume. He would wear the head in the hallways and take it off for class but the body part he had on all week. He was the star of the halls, with all the girls trying to get a cuddle from the adorable soft monster moving between classes. Technically there was nothing in the rules that forbade the costume so long as he took the head off in class so the teachers decided to pick their battles and let him have his way. 

Men always say that as the defining compliment, don’t they? She’s a cool girl. Being the Cool Girl means I am a hot, brilliant, funny woman who adores football, poker, dirty jokes, and burping, who plays video games, drinks cheap beer, loves threesomes and anal sex, and jams hot dogs and hamburgers into her mouth like she’s hosting the world’s biggest culinary gang bang while somehow maintaining a size 2, because Cool Girls are above all hot. Hot and understanding. Cool Girls never get angry; they only smile in a chagrined, loving manner and let their men do whatever they want. Go ahead, shit on me, I don’t mind, I’m the Cool Girl.

Men actually think this girl exists. Maybe they’re fooled because so many women are willing to pretend to be this girl. For a long time Cool Girl offended me. I used to see men – friends, coworkers, strangers – giddy over these awful pretender women, and I’d want to sit these men down and calmly say: You are not dating a woman, you are dating a woman who has watched too many movies written by socially awkward men who’d like to believe that this kind of woman exists and might kiss them. I’d want to grab the poor guy by his lapels or messenger bag and say: The bitch doesn’t really love chili dogs that much – no one loves chili dogs that much! And the Cool Girls are even more pathetic: They’re not even pretending to be the woman they want to be, they’re pretending to be the woman a man wants them to be. Oh, and if you’re not a Cool Girl, I beg you not to believe that your man doesn’t want the Cool Girl. It may be a slightly different version – maybe he’s a vegetarian, so Cool Girl loves seitan and is great with dogs; or maybe he’s a hipster artist, so Cool Girl is a tattooed, bespectacled nerd who loves comics. There are variations to the window dressing, but believe me, he wants Cool Girl, who is basically the girl who likes every fucking thing he likes and doesn’t ever complain. (How do you know you’re not Cool Girl? Because he says things like: “I like strong women.” If he says that to you, he will at some point fuck someone else. Because “I like strong women” is code for “I hate strong women.”)

—  Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl
This happened to me earlier, I shared it with my Facebook friends and some have shared it to raise awareness. Hopefully this can be helpful the next time someone is in trouble.

So I’m at the Walmart returning something when this girl comes up to me and gives me a hi and a smile and we start making small talk, how’ve you been, that sort of thing. I couldn’t tell if I knew her or not because I’ve met a lot of people here and there, I felt bad because I couldn’t place her for the life of me.

Then she said she wants to show me her new dog, and I see she pulled up a text message and wrote, “Help me the man in a brown is bothering me I’m scared” and I’m thinking oh shit, nope, this is not happening, it stops now.

So I grabbed her by the shoulders and said, “It’s so great that we can be friends after the breakup, I still care about you very much!” She looks bewildered (she didn’t expect another girl to say this to her), and the guy looked shocked, shook his head, and walked away. I told her I’d walk her to her car and put my arm around her. The guy was in the parking lot walking away so he didn’t follow us.

I made sure she was in her car and told her sorry if I made her uncomfortable but she was more shaken by the guy, she said he’d been following her around the store, asking her if she wants to go back to his house, if she’s wearing panties, and other, sicker things. She’s 19 and lives nearby, going to school, and I told her she’s very smart for what she did. She says she saw a tip to avoid creeps like that online and it worked, I’m glad it did.

Creeps are everywhere.