he's testing how to do the brake :)))))

we are fast-car-fast-crash: squealing tires, burning metal, the stench of gasoline, and through it all a vague thread of tragedy. when his lips meet my skin they leave skid marks and peels of rubber. i always swore i wouldn’t be a wreck – i always swore i would drive safe. but if there’s one thing this boy has taught me, it’s how quickly you lose control of the wheel.

i stop his mouth with my fingers – his eyes, twin headlights, say that my hand is not what he wants to taste.  he has no reverence, no cruise control, only drive down backroads doing ninety. when i wonder why i am here all i remember is the leather of a steering wheel against my palm and the feeling that i was guiding my own course. that feeling has evaporated like fumes of gasoline.

i force breath into my lungs – it has to be said, someone has to test whether or not the brakes still work. you know how everyone’s always saying to seize the moment? he nods once; with my palms on his back, i can almost feel his engine idling, power lying dormant in a pause like he’s at a stop sign. essentially, he is.

someone has to say it, someone has to tip the scales, someone has to play traffic cop, and if it’s not him it’s me. i think it’s the other way around. the moment has seized us. does that make it real?

i’m staring into those headlights and i’m hypnotized – he could always make me blind to the consequences of where i choose to place my focus. it depends. what is real to you? his fingers trace patterns on my skin like wheels on pavement – i am his joyride tonight and every night. am i real?

his eyes like light, light, light: as real as any glowing thing. glowing like fire, like combustion. destruction, a carbomb.

then it is real.

quickly, before his lips lull me into silence: and does that make it right?

he looks at me a split second longer, eyes blinking like headlights flashing (and flashers mean take caution). what is right? he waits for an answer; when i don’t give him one, he shifts back into gear and drives.

as the needle on the speedometer rises, it occurs to me that this will only end in crash and burn and an ambulance that is too late. and that is the answer to his question.

that is right.

- 10:13 joyrides // abby, day 244 // prompt for anon

Too Sweet -Jungkook- Blueberries | #18 #27

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Anon: 27 + 18 with Jungkook from too sweet?

#18 “Uh, no.”
#27 “You’re such a sweetheart.”

author’s note: hii this apart of part 8. I will probably delete this after I release part 8. And I will be making a mlist for my drabbles soon ❁

In the cafeteria, where all of the students would come to hangout and play around, you sat with Namjoon. He was drilling you on your upcoming test but you didn’t know how much more you could do.

“Are we done? My brain hurts…” 

“We’ve been here for less than an hour, but if you want to take a brake go ahead.” He finally let you go. You went to the chef who always took requests for snacks and tasty treats.

“Hi, can I have a bowl of blueberries?” The chef took your requests and went to the back of the kitchen. You stood there, waiting for the bowl of blueberries and low and behold Jungkook was walking over to you.

“Y/N.” He said your voice with a singsong tone, a lollipop between his lips and a grin. 

“What do you want?” He retorted, glancing at him briefly before taking the fruit back to your table.

“Oh, you know what I want.” He chuckled, his hand coming to brush your hair from your shoulder. “I see you’ve been pretty busy. Damn, is there any place they haven’t bitten you?” He was referring to the multiple night wounds, littlering your skin beautifully. You rolled your eyes, trying to get away from him by taking your books and going to the study area. Namjoon had left and you were cursing yourself for leaving him for a stupid bowl of blueberries.

“I’ll be there in a minute Y/N.” Namjoon spoke walking past the hall and you hoped he’d come soon. Jungkook prowled around, there weren’t many students and the area you were sitting was somewhat secluded. He kept staring at you.

“Can you stop staring at me?” 

“Uh, no.” He laughed, closing your book and getting in your face. “I can stare at you as long as I’d like. If it wasn’t for Jin Hyung I’d be doing far more than staring, trust me.” You glared at him, getting up and attempting to leave but  he pinned you to the wall by your shoulders, a cocky grin plastered on his face. 

“You’re such a-” He silenced you with taking the lollipop and pressing it to your lips before tossing it somewhere.

“You’re such a sweetheart.” He quipped. “You know,” he leaned in, twiddling with your hair, “there’s no reason for me not to feed from you. They just don’t want me to have a good thing, there’s nothing wrong with us…Us doing this together. I personally think you were meant for me, a gift from above per se.” If there was one thing they all had in common it was their eyes, all of them had such mesmerizing eyes. “Your blood smells so good…” He brushed his nose against your neck, making you wince at the feeling.

“That’s nice isn’t it?” He blew air on your skin, sending shivers up your spine. 

“Jungkook, we’re not supposed to be doing this.” You mumbled, praying that your voice sounded convincing enough—his teeth were touching your skin.

“Why does it feel so right then?-”

“Jungkook. Get off of her.” Jin spoke, all 5 of the boys staring at you and Jungkook. Jungkook glared at them, then looked back to you.

“Ah, they found us…” He sighed. “Do you not want this? You want it from Yoongi hyung…” He asked, grinning.

“I- Jin said you weren’t allowed to-” He cut you off.

“Do you or do you not, that’s the question. Simple question really. You don’t seem to-” 

“Get away from her right now Jungkook! I won’t say it again. Jimin take him to his room and make sure he stays there.” That’s the first time you’ve seen Jin show any type of anger. Jungkook was dragged away from you, all of the boys following him except Jin and Yoongi.

“Are you okay?” Jin walked closer to you, inspecting you for any physical harm.

“Jin…why is it so bad for Jungkook to feed from me? It seems harmless to me. He says there’s nothing wrong with us-” 

“Don’t ask me about that Y/N. It’s nothing you need to worry about.” Jin ran his fingers through his hair.


“Don’t ask me again. Sleep in one of our rooms tonight, or just until I can talk to Jungkook.” With that he was gone, Yoongi was silent, not saying anything with his lips but his eyes told all. It was a look of condemnation, frustration, selfishness, you weren’t sure why he would feel that way. They all wanted one thing from you, how was Jungkook any different? How could he hurt you?


Dutch AU: Les amis and bikes

I can get so specific on this it is so weird but I have opinionsTM so here we go.

I realise not everyone may be as familiar with bikes so quickly :

Everyone has an Oma fiets which looks like this:

Exept Marius. Marius has a Heren fiets which looks like this:

That is just soo everything you need to know about Marius. He has to wear one leg of his trousers tucked into this sock so it doesn’t get caught in the chain. Courf bought him the trouser clips but he always forgets them. He never forgets his socks.

Ok I already discussed that ECCR can absolutely fit on a single bike. one saddle. 4 people. you think it isn’t possible. it is.

Enjolras: Has a racing bike but never uses it. Tends to steal his partners’ bikes. Passed his cycling proficiency by the skin of his teeth. Has INSANE road rage.

Combeferre: Actually has a sensible functioning bike. His is the bike that they use for wild 4 person bike rides. It just works. no catch. It even has a little “OK” sticker from his cycling proficiency. No one else has that sticker (he nailed his cycling prof. test).

Grantaire: hahahahahaha Grantaire’s bike is a death trap. Only one of their brakes works, the chain cover is more duct tape than chain cover, and there’s a very odd rattling sound coming from somewhere that they’ve never bothered to check out. “What do you mean there aren’t enough spokes in my wheel? how many are there supposed to be?”. They know every journey could be their last. Hadn’t even heard of the cycling prof. test until they met Combeferre.

Courfeyrac: the frame is covered in free-bee stickers from arbitrary companies. Has massive panniers (bags that attach to the back of your bike) because he has a paper round. Bike didn’t pass the test but he did pass his cycling prof. test.

Joly: Has a bike with a little motor so if their leg hurts too much they can give it a break and just chug on. Also has a clip on their wheel so they can put their cane there (commonly seen used for hockey sticks). Never took a cycling prof. test because of their leg.

Bossuet: The bike is actually in relatively decent condition bc Joly will NOT let him on the road with a broken bike however the front handlebars and the back of the baggage carrier have like, 15 different attachable lights on them. One of them probably works but poor Bossuet has to click them all to find out. Also every single part of the bike has been broken and replaced so… is it really still the same bike? the answer is yes because his name is Herbert and Boss is attached to him. (Bossuet has also definitely absolutely fallen into a canal on his bike). Failed the cycling prof. test. just… failed it.

Jehan: Ever section of Jehan’s bike is painted a different colour, including the basket on the front. It is also covered in flowers and fairy lights. There are little lights in the wheels. Basically everyone sees Jehan coming. Never took the cycling prof. test. Was busy on the day buying more flowers for their handlebars.

Feuilly: Owns a bike shop and put together his own bike from parts! It is awesome and actually objectively the best working bike of the group. Takes bikes from the dumpster and fixes them up (did this for all the Thenardier’s. No charge). Feuilly is very skilled at doing everything by bike. He can cycle somewhere holding 4 other bikes. He can carry a canoe under his arm while cycling. Or a photocopier. Basically he doesn’t need hands to cycle. (Also hes definitely a deliveroo guy). Didn’t take the cycling prof. test. until recently because 1. he never had a bike and 2. He never had the time. Took it recently and passed easily.

Bahorel: Bahorel used to have a bike with backpedal breaks but he accidentally put too much force on them and it broke it and he went careering into the rest of the gang at a traffic light. Does stupid dangerous tricks to show off like putting his feet over the handlebars and stuff. (these are very fun, trust me but god… don’t). Also his bike is red. very red but also has multlicoloured streamers attached to the handlebars and a bell shaped like a flower. Tanked the cycling prof. test but really REALLY doesn’t care. 

Eponine: Eponine has a normal bike but also consider: Eponine has a bakfiets

She uses it when she has to drop Azelma and Gav off at school and also means that she carries all Les Amis’ shit when they are going places.

Gavroche: has a bmx bike. He’ll grow out of it.

Cosette: Cosette has never got a puncture in her life. It’s a miracle. But she does always carry around a bike repair kit. Loves getting backies from Marius and Eponine. Also always has spare scarves and hats and gloves in her panniers.

Musichetta: Musichetta owns a moped. She does own a bike but she knows she looks sick af on a moped. 

Bonus Montparnasse: Ok. Everyone knows PNasse’s bike is stolen. But like. not the whole bike at once. No. He just turned up at Feuilly’s shop one day with every single part for a bike and called in a favour from when they were kids. He then spray painted the whole think black. All of it. You can’t actually read the gears on it because they’re black. everything is black.

This has been your wildly specific bike HC post. If you think any of these are unlikely please know that I have seen/ridden/experienced everything mentioned on this list. The Netherlands are a wild place.

You Piss Me Off (part two) MATURE

The ride home was more like a drag race to see who could get home faster. The highways and streets were vacant due to it being almost three in the morning. Jason would speed up, taunt me by honking the horn and revving his engine. Silly Jason, I don’t think he realizes who he’s testing his luck with.

I twist the handle speeding me up to be right beside his car. “Don’t be difficult, Y/n. Pullover.” He yells. I shake my head, “nah, I think I’ll be fine.” I reply. Jason slows down and gets behind me. Me being the paranoid woman I am, I speed up but only for him to sped up more. He knows I hate it when drivers are on my ass. So I speed up again, probably going to break the speedometer, definitely not thinking clearly as I brake immediately. The wheels squeal against the black road as Jason’s stop completely.

Angry. An angry, pissed off Jason exits the vehicle, “I could’ve fucking killed you! Why the fuck did you stop?!” He was fuming. I took off the helmet and threw it to the ground. I glared, “honestly, I don’t know why I stopped. Maybe because, I don’t know, I was testing my boyfriend-” “testing me? Why the fuck would you risk your life just to test me? I could have killed you, Y/n. You would have died if I didn’t slam on the fucking brakes! Do you have any idea how fucking destroyed I would be if you died? Let alone if I killed you?” He was mad, but hurt the most. I can feel it in my bones how hurt he is just thinking about me dying. I felt guilt course through my body, ashamed of myself. “I would never forgive myself, Y/n.” He muttered.

“Jason, I’m not dead. You didn’t”

“But it’s the fact that you could be.”

“But I’m not, Jason.” I argued.

“Are you not getting it?! You’d be dead if I didn’t react quick enough. It’s dark as fuck outside, and it doesn’t help that you’re wearing dark clothes. I had to rely on the shine off the bike and helmet to realize you stopped so suddenly. God damn it, Y/n!”

“Could you stop making me feel worse?! I already feel bad-”

“Good. I hope it fucking sinks deep. I care too fucking much about you and for you to act so stupidly… I expected more from you. You’re the smart one. You’re not supposed to be the stupid one, getting into trouble.” His words cut deep. God damn you, Jason. You stupid fucking perfect human being.

“Jason I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” My voice was so low, I barely heard myself.

“Oh, I’ll show you how sorry you should be.” He grabs me by the arm and rips me off the bike. I squealed; his tone was demanding, dark and raspy. My body didn’t react quickly as he pinned me to the hood of the car.

His body laid between my legs I could feel his dick pressing into met inner thigh. His lips attacked my neck kissing, sucking and nibbling at the sensitive flesh. A moan slips passed my lips as my hips bucked eagerly into his. The vibrations of his groans coursed through my veins causing chills to wash over my body. His teeth grazed against my skin causing me the shudder.

I heard a belt being unbuckled and a zipper flying down before a soft thud and a jingle of his belt hitting the ground. Next thing I knew, my leggings were being ripped from the center. I squealed, “Jason what the fuck?!” Ignoring me, “look at how wet my princess is. I hadn’t even touched you yet and your pretty little pussy is soaked.”

I whimpered at how sultry smooth his voice is. I looked around frantically hoping to God no one is driving by or is around. My train of thought stopped as soon as I felt Jason’s head between my thighs. He kissed my inner thighs, rubbing his hands up underneath lifting me up for a better support. I shuddered feeling my back arch up off the lid of the car. I didn’t have anything grab, but his head. More whimpers of pleads came from me, he was teasing me. “Jason, ah God,” I mumbled through clenched teeth.

His lips came into contact with my pussy, making me quiver. “I love the affect I have on you, so vulnerable to me.” He growls. His warm tongue goes up the slit before parting the folds. I moan, pressing myself upwards into his face. He growls and pushes me back down, holding my thighs in place. “You can whimper all you want, this is your punishment.” His voice vibrated against me making an inhumane sound come from me.
His jaw moved up and down as he switched between sucking and licking my sensitive nub. “J-Jase, fuck I’m gonna cum, baby.” I warn him, immediately regretting it as he pulled away.

I glare at him, “what the hell?” You don’t ever leave a girl when she’s about to climax. What the hell is the matter with him?!

“Keep glaring, princess, don’t get you anywhere.” He says as he pumps himself. Oh lord. His impressive dick hard and proud, Jason has a firm smirk plastered against his lips. I almost drooled to how mouthwatering his cock truly is.

He smacks between my knees, “spread ‘em,” he directs. Slowly, I did so. “Mmm, glistening. Just how I like it.”

He then pressed his glory against my throbbing, needy clit, running it up and down, lubricating his shaft with my arousal. My head fell back as my eyes rolled to the back of my head. I don’t think he understands how badly I need him.

My body reacted to his movements then did the same; grinding against his lengthy cock. “Jason please,” I murmured, “I beg you, please.” I whimpered. He hissed, “fuck Y/n,” no warning, he slammed himself into me making me yelp.

His thrusts were relentless, merciless, but no less than satisfying. He had a firm grip of my hips slamming me onto him. My body jolts at high points as he hits the right spot over and over again. I felt my orgasm coming, but I don’t tell him. I’m pretty positive he can figure it out. I just hope he lets me cum. I kept moaning his name, eventually started screaming it for my allowance to climax.

“Jason please! Please!” I beg as I screamed. My body was now clad to his, my legs wrapped around him as he continued to thrust. I held onto him for dear life. His head was buried in the nook of my neck as was his glorious cock was buried deep inside me, stretching me in ways only he would know.

I nip his shoulder to stop🛫myself from screaming any louder. He hisses and pounds himself into making me yelp. It hurt, but it was a good hurt. Jason makes me hurt so good. “You wanna cum? Then say the words, Y/n.”

“Please let me cum, Jason. Please,” I whimpered feeling the knot in my stomach clench more. My legs quivered violently as my body convulsed. My limbs literally feel like jell-o. “Nuh-uh. Tell me you love me.” He grunts, getting sloppy, “and mean it,” he looks me dead in the eye. His hazel ones full of lust and desperation. He should know that I love him to death.

“I love you. God I fucking love you, it’s unreal. I love you so much,” my words broke as I came closer to my climax.

“Cum, my angel, cum with me.” He finally kisses me, hard.

I felt his warm seed shoot into me seconds after I came. His breath shudders as he moans. My body shivered and jolted due to the intensity of my orgasm. “Fuck, I love you.” He mutters against my neck before framing my face in his palms, looking me in the eye, “I love you, Y/n.” The look in his eyes is sincere and genuine. I smiled, “I love you more.” His lips met mine for a quick second, “not possible.” He kisses me again.

It was about thirty seconds to a minute when I realized we were still on the hood of his car butt ass naked on the highway at four in the morning. I blushed, “Jase, babe. We’re still on the freeway.” I giggled. “And? My dick is still inside you. What’s your point?” He answers with a smug look painting his features.

“You’re unbelievable.” I smiled.

“You too, sweetcheeks.” He pecks my lips and pulls out. I almost frown realizing that I liked the warmth of him against me. “Sorry about ripping your pants…” He says eyeing my ripped leggings. I sigh, “how am I supposed to go home like this?”

A minute passed before he spoke. “I’ll take the bike back. You take the car.” He offers.

I nodded. “Be careful with my baby. Don’t crash it.” I point at him referring to my bike.

“Don’t crash my car.” He replies in the same tone. I smiled before awkwardly getting off the hood. Jason pulled his pants back up his legs, buckling it into place.

A couple of kisses later, we promised each other to cuddle when we get home. His idea, not mine.

AU: Lily and James live! Yay amazeballs!

For @jilytober. I almost wrote something tragic and terrible, but then I decided not to. Title to be decided. Sister piece thingy to ‘Copilot’. :D


It’s a beautiful day, and Lily Potter is teaching Harry how to drive. Everything about this is thoroughly illegal, of course, because Harry has only just turned fourteen. Indeed, he’s barely tall enough to reach the pedals of Lily’s now-antique 1969 Ford Cortina, which James and Sirius have been maintaining with various enchantments since roughly 1980 - and Lily is pretty sure that most of those enchantments would make the car itself illegal if anyone were to inspect it…well, closely, anyway.

Lily smirks to herself. There’s no way in hell anyone at the Ministry of Magic is clever enough to work out what James and Sirius have done with this car over the years. And, truly, they’ve done a marvelous job, having used Sirius’s motorbike as a testing ground for all the enchantments they’ve put on the Cortina - because now, with over two hundred thousand miles on it, this car can not only fly; it can also fly invisibly. Not only that, but it can also drive like a completely normal car, except James and Sirius have charmed it to oil and fuel itself in a pinch. But as far as anyone else is concerned, the Cortina is just a vintage car that’s been restored.

Lily loves this car. This was the car she’d learned to drive in, also at the very illegal age of fourteen, with her father in the passenger seat. This was the car she and James had taken into the Scottish Highlands during the summer of ’78, right before all hell had broken loose during the war, and this was the car they’d lived out of for a week after Voldemort had blasted their house to a crater in Godric’s Hollow that fateful Halloween night. And even though they’d never had a second child, Lily still keeps Harry’s baby seat tucked away in the boot.

Except, now, he’s in the driver’s seat. And Lily is as happy as a pig in shit.

RRRRRRR-rrrrrr-rrrrrrRRRRRRRrrrrr-ptt ptt ptt.

The engine sputters and stalls as Harry tries and fails to shift gears. He sets his jaw in frustration, the muscle in his cheek twitching exactly the way James’ does when James grits his teeth. Harry pushes the brakes and brings the car to a stop; then, in a very un-James-like manner, he glances about the parking lot, straightens up in the car seat, and puts his hand back on the gear shifter. His arm wobbles a bit as he pushes the shifter forward.

“Not yet,” Lily says patiently, putting her hand over Harry’s to stop him. “Remember, put the clutch in first and give her a little rev. There you go. Now let the clutch out - there you go - not too fast now, gently does it.”

Something deep inside the transmission lurches as Harry locks the car into first gear. After a moment, the car bounds forward; startled, Harry moves to hit the brake, but accidentally pushes the clutch pedal instead. With a yelp, Harry shoves them into second gear, and - much to his apparent horror - they speed up, hurtling towards a tree at what feels like eighty kilometers per hour. Eyes wide, Harry swerves hard to the right, and they miss the tree by about a meter.

Lily lets loose a quick cheer, but then catches herself. She swallows her laughter and puts a hand on Harry’s shoulder, steadying him.“It’s okay,” she says calmly, although she can’t stop grinning.”That shift into second was a bit unexpected, but you handled it all right. Nice job avoiding that tree. Try to relax.”

“You don’t even seem worried,” Harry grits out. “You’re worse than Dad.”

Lily laughs. “Oh? Well, that’s high praise.”

“Mum,” Harry groans.

“Don’t worry, I’ve still got my foot on the emergency brake over on this side. I’ll stop us if anything dangerous happens.”

“Yeah, well, you drive like Dad flies,” Harry says, and Lily struggles not to cackle with glee. She clears her throat.

“Guilty as charged,” she admits. “Easy now around that corner, though.”

The car swerves again, and Harry swears as their tires scrape the curb of the parking lot.

“That wasn’t too bad, actually,” Lily says cheerfully. “Just look at the point on the road where you want the car to go. The car will follow your eyes. And we’re still in second gear, but you’re doing fine. Downshift when you’re ready.”

Harry swallows and clutches the wheel, refusing to take his eyes off the pavement. Trees and parked cars roll smoothly past the window.

“There,” Lily says. “I think you’re getting the hang of it.”

There’s a short pause. Then: “Can I take us on the road?”

“Absolutely not. You’re still stalling on the startup, and I won’t have you doing that at a traffic light where you could get rear-ended. We’re not going on the road until you can handle this car in fourth gear, in this lot, without crashing or stalling.”

“Mum, this lot is tiny.”

“That’s what I mean. If you can control the car at high speed in this lot without crashing or stalling, it’ll mean you’ve got the timing and reflexes to handle anything that comes up on the road.”

Harry looks skeptical, but doesn’t take his eyes off the pavement. He steers the car around another turn, a bit less jerkily this time. “Oh, so that’s what you did, then. Obviously.”

Lily leans back in her seat, stretching like a cat. “Oh, yes. This car is nimble enough, trust me.”

Excitement flickers across Harry’s face, and Lily notices him forcing back a grin. So that’ll be something he and James play with when I’m not home, then, she thinks. Well, that’s all fine. James handles the car well enough, and if anything he’s a bit more cautious behind the wheel than she is; the car isn’t a broomstick, so James doesn’t push his luck quite as much when he’s driving it. But he’ll know how to let Harry test himself without getting into a wreck.

“Hey,” Harry says, snapping Lily out of her reverie. “I’m, er, going to try shifting a few more times. How do I - what’s the timing again?”

“Clutch pedal in,” Lily coos. The car screeches. “Oops, not the brake. Ah, there we go. All right, push the clutch in. There you go - wait for it - okay, now move the shifter…good…all right…now let it back out…”

They continued for another two hours. Harry learned quickly, managing to start the car without stalling several times by the end of it. Lily was enthralled. By the time they drove back home, the sun was setting. All the sky was alight with color.


“Hey,” James says, sauntering onto the drive as Lily parks the car in front of their house. “How’d it go?”

“Pretty well,“ Lily replies. She flashes Harry a grin, but Harry shrugs modestly and pulls the latch to open the car door. Hiding what looks like a grin, he gives both his parents a quick glance and then turns to go inside. James sees Harry’s expression and raises an eyebrow.

“I’m going to take that to mean he drives like you,” James says.

“Nah.” Lily watches her son’s retreating back. “He drives like you.”

“I think he’s leaving us alone.”

Lily blinks. “You didn’t tell him about that road trip we took when we were eighteen, did you?”

“Well, I told him how you got a pile of parking tickets, how you steered with your knees, and how you tried and failed to teach me how to drive in that field next to the A82.” James rests his elbows on the sill of the passenger’s window and leans forward to whisper in Lily’s ear. “But I didn’t tell him anything else.” He kisses her jaw, and she shivers.

“So,” he says after a moment. “Want to go for a spin?”

Lily blushes, but then she catches herself and smirks. She sweeps her hair out of her face and steps out of the passenger seat, holding the door open for James. “Sure. Where to?”

James grins and gets in the car. “Anywhere you want to go.”