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Worth Keeping

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Tags: Fluff, smut, smut with feelings, biting kink (idk how that got in there)

Words: 3,326

A/N: It’s been too long and I apologize profusely, please take this as a peace offering :)) I reallly like this one :)

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  • Me: "think I'll play a bit of Pokémon before I go to sleep, y'know, just to unwind and relax a bit."

okay i’m rewatching yuri on ice and i’m at this scene

you know when victor decided to take a dip in the hot springs?



“Know this before you give any weight to their suspicions, Natalie Renee Shields Walker: I don’t fuck women.”
“And I don’t kiss heathens,” she said, in as cheeky a tone as she could manage, and Andrew wheeled back to look at her. She smiled and said, “So it’s not going to be a problem for either of us, right? We’ll have to settle for being friends.”

Boyfriend Johnny.
  • fancy meeting you here y’all 
  • it’s been so long lmao i’m really sorry
  • but anyways, i love this dork a lot
  • he used to be one of my favs did you know that
  • like my second fav
  • but that’s not important lol anyways let’s just begin thisss
  • it’s so hard to imagine different scenarios for each member jfc
  • you guys were introduced by other member
  • probably doyoung or taeil idk
  • and you felt closer w johnny since day one tbh
  • like you guys started a conversation really easily
  • and when he knew that you could talk in english he got so excited
  • you guys spended like a good hour talking shit about the other members lmao
  • y’all exchanged phone number and since that day you were insparable
  • you would always be invited to eat or watch movies at the dorms and stuff
  • and he was super obvious with his crush, he’s not afraid of you know it
  • actually, he would flirt with you 24/7
  • “did it hurt? when you fell from heaven?”
  • “did you just call me satan, johnny??”
  • “ok thAt’s iT bYE Y/N gtG”
  • lmao
  • you guys went to a lots of dates together, and he was a sweetheart in all of them let me tell you
  • he could take you from crazy places like an amusement park to really quiet ones like a library, there is no between
  • but you always had fun, he would never fail to make you laugh
  • and he always would act like a gentleman
  • like he would give you his jacket if you were cold and open doors for you
  • and you guys don’t even know when you started to date btw
  • it’s a funny story
  • once you were on the dorms chilling and listening to some music u know
  • and taeyong suddenly asks
  • “when did you guys started to date? like, exactly”
  • and you look at each other like ¿?
  • ¿when ?? did ¿¿ we ¿? started ?? dating??
  • any of you asked the other one properly so yeah lmao what a a mess
  • y'all decided to choose the day when you had ur first kiss together like your anniversary date though
  • he was walking you home after one of his dates and you guys were talking about random stuff until you arrived home
  • “thanks for this johnny, i had lots of fun today”
  • he smiled @ you and gave you a hug
  • and while you were hugging him you were internally thinking
  • shOULD i dO iT IDK vrO i’M so nErvOus I’m gOnna dIE
  • but the next second you were like
  • you know what¿¿? fuck it
  • and accidentally gave him a small peck on his lips when you tried to kiss in his cheek
  • ;))))) accidentally yeah
  • he never believed that though lol
  • but the kiss was sooooooo cute
  • even if it was just a couple of seconds, you could feel the butterflies in your stomach and your cheeks getting super red
  • but this loser was super chill about it like
  • “uh? no, I wasn’t prepared y/n! let’s do it again should we? ;)”
  • and you rejected him lmao
  • also, can we talk about his lips for a bit?¿ like they’re are so beautiful
  • talking about your relationship now, almost nothing changed
  • maybe he’s just a bit more clingy and romantic towards you but that’s it
  • he treats you like a best friend, joking and playing around with you
  • but he’s also always really sincere and honest with you
  • and, yes, he’s e x t r e m e l y clingy
  • since he’s a gigant he’s always the big spoon
  • except when he’s feeling tired or sleepy if so, then forget about anything else, he would only want you to be hugging him and giving him kisses until he falls asleep or smth
  • and if for some reason you don’t feel like cuddling he would follow you around the whole time not matter who tired he is
  • he’s just like a gigant puppy who need attention and love
  • and forget about those amusement park dates you used to go
  • since you guys started to date you only have lazy dates
  • oR dates when god knows why he invites ten or hansol
  • so you always end up thirwheling
  • and taking photos of them bc you low-key ship them lmao
  • and when u ask him about the meaning of the private jokes he’s like
  • “babe, i cAnT’ tEll yoU Hansol wOuld haTE me iF I doOoo”
  • bros before hoes i guess
  • you get him to tell you anyways, lol
  • basically, he’s your bff and you’re his
  • he’s so attentive and sweet to you, he’s the boyfie everyone wants
  • but only ten has
  • please never stop loving him, he’s just a baby who loves to make people happy with his dorkiness
  • and he deserves the whole world for being so caring and attentive with everyone no matter what

These two are making me have emotions bc Nagihiko is a little shy bug and Rima thinks he still likes Amu ahh but nO HE OBVIOUSLY HAS GOT THE HOTS FOR RIRI BC SHE IS A BLOSSOM THAT LASTS THROUGH THE WINter don’t touch me

THE guy: *appears in my sight*

a friend: DAAAAAAAAAAAAW :’’’)

me: shut up anya 

a friend: tell him you like him ;)))))))))))))


Some fella saying that Sam Wilson is hot as hell. See no lies here, pal

Captain America & the Mighty Avengers #1 (2015)

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Them having Reader as their adopted little sister.

Well, it really depends on what your personality is, however in general…

Shu: He tolerates you more than his brothers, and sometimes if you’re REALLY lucky and VERY nice, maybe you can get him to actually do something. You may not know it, but he’s always keeping an eye out for you to make sure you don’t get into too much trouble.

Reiji: He’s very insistent about you being a proper lady, and can sometimes be a stick in the mud, though he wants the best for you. (No worries your brothers do their best to keep you from going to too many formal events (unless you want to, I mean…))

Ayato: You mean one on one basketball matches that he may sometimes (most of the time) let you win? Pranks(that may or may not fail/backfire)? Not to mention he talks shit and threatens guys who even dream of getting near you since you’re the best little sister ever.

Kanato: He enjoys making adorable dresses for you and having tea parties. When you’re sad, you’re possibly the only person alive on the planet who has gotten to hold Teddy.

Laito: Uh you mean his partner in crime? His wing(woman)? You’re his sassy little sister and despite his flirty nature, he’s protective of his only sister. You guys get into so much trouble, but fear not, because Laito (unlike Ayato) has a way out of almost everything.  

Subaru: He just can’t say no to you. You give him puppy eyes and he just melts. Best believe if anyone even THINKS of hurting you they’re getting a beatdown. You help to calm his temper, and the thought of scaring you terrifies him. He wants you to be happy.

Ruki: He’s always watching your back, and is a bit more lenient with you. He may not be outright doing pranks like Kou or Yuma, he might bend/break a couple of rules and so you can have fun from time to time.

Kou: He brings you all kinds of presents and will show you off from time to time. Of course, let someone get too handsy and Kou will make it a point that not just anyone can mess with an idol’s sister and get away with it.

Yuma: A lot like Subaru, if anyone so much as THINKS they can hurt you they’re gonna have six foot Yuma getting ready to beat the shit outta someone. He’ll often enlist your help in the garden and again, he can’t say no to those puppy eyes.

Azusa: I mean, this little cinnamon bun just wants his sister to be happy. He will not hesitate to cut a bitch who is dumb enough to mess with you, and he always trying to make you smile.

In general: All of them want you to be happy in some way shape or form and are all protective of you in different ways.

Okay The High Noon meme is funny and all that, but can we just take a moment to talk about


Preference #11: Not Just Friends.

Harry: “Please, I’m on my knees and literally begging you.” You stifled laughter as Harry pleaded with you dramatically. For the past hour he had been trying to convince you to attend Liam’s ‘party of the year’ with him. You had to admit, he had gone to great lengths to persuade you, including buying your favourite ice-cream and promising to be your slave for a month. But, alas, you were being your usual stubborn self. 

“Dude, will you ever give up?” You laugh, tossing your hair over your shoulder and walking away from the kneeling Harry. The sound of footsteps followed behind you rapidly before you were roughly tossed over his shoulder. “Harry!” You let out a surprised squeal as you realised you were eye level with his butt, not that you were really complaining. The boy had a nice ass. 

“Sorry Y/N, you left me no choice.” He continued walking down the street leading to his house, with you squirming in his arms at an attempt to not flash random people. 

“Damnit Styles, you know I don’t do parties.” 

“I’m offended that you don’t want to be my date.” 

“Stop being so dram- wait…. did you say date?” Your jaw dropped open at Harry’s choice of words. You felt his shoulders stiffen before he gently lowered you to the ground. He scratched the back of his head with a small, nervous smile on his face. 

“Um.. yeah, I said date. I know it’s pretty random, but I’ve been wanting to ask you for a while… although not in this way…” He trailed off, looking at you sheepishly. You realised your jaw was still wide open and hurriedly closed it, a million thoughts rushing through your head. 

“I’d love to be your date Harry, although I’ll still hate you for dragging me to a party.”

Liam: “Karen, that meal was delicious! Thank you so much for having me.” You smiled up sweetly at Liam’s mother as she beamed down at you. Your best friend Liam had dragged you to another one of his family barbecues, it had been a tradition since you were both twelve years old. You had always felt perfectly comfortable with the Payne’s, it was as if they had become your second family. 

“No problem at all, sweetie. Would you mind going to get Liam and Grandma Payne?” You nod politely and stand up, heading down to the garden. Liam and his Grandmother had disappeared half an hour ago, most likely in the middle of a deep conversation. Grandma Payne had a habit of rambling and Liam was always too polite to try and end the conversation. 

“…. Y/N….” You stopped in your tracks as you heard your name being brought up. You peeked through a gap in the bushes and saw Liam and his Grandma talking seriously. As bad as it was to eavesdrop, you couldn’t help the feeling of curiosity that was taking over you. 

“I know Grandma, I know. I just can’t do it.” You leaned closer, brushing the leaves out of your way, edging as close to them as you could get without being seen.

“Liam, darling, you’ve liked the girl for years. It’s about time you tell Y/N how you feel.” With those words you felt the wind knocked out of your stomach. Liam… liked.. you? What the actual hell. 

Zayn: Butterflies flooded your stomach as you ran down the school hallways, searching for any sign of your best friend Zayn. Eyes followed you as you ran like a madman, looking at any place that Zayn might be. Of course, as per usual he was to be found in the quiet solitude of the library. 

“You will never believe what I just got.” You slammed the crumpled piece of paper you had found in your notebook, in front of your best friend. “A love letter, I have a secret admirer.” You slouched in the chair as Zayn curiously picked up the note and studied it slowly.

“Wow, this guy has a way with words.” He let out a deep chuckle, sliding the paper back to you and leaning back in his chair. You grabbed it and nodded enthusiastically. 

“I know, he sounds perfect. I just wish I knew who he was.” You sighed and looked wistfully around the near-empty library, as if your secret admirer was hiding behind the shelves. The serenity of the library was interrupted as Zayn’s phone vibrated against the desk. He looked at you apologetically. 

“Sorry Y/N, hold that thought.” He answered the phone call and walked outside. You sighed and studied the note, looking for any clue as to who wrote it. It was hopeless. 

“Fuck my life.” You grumbled, glancing over the table to see what Zayn was studying. His neatly written biology notes were everywhere, of course the boy was ahead of the class. You felt your heart flutter as you looked closer at his notes. The handwriting was identical to the love letter… completely the same…

Niall: “Okay, honest opinion. How does this look?” You twirled around the dressing room in your favourite store, feeling the black dress fan out around you. You had dragged your best friend Niall around to about twenty stores, in search of the perfect outfit for your date tonight. 

“For the tenth time Y/N, you’ll look good in whatever you wear.” He chuckled, clearly bored with the activity. You rolled your eyes and stuck your tongue out at him.

“I need to impress, this is the first date I’ve been on in a while and I think Hunter could be boyfriend material.” Niall’s jaw locked and you noticed his fists clench slightly, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. This had become a constant reaction every time you mentioned Hunters name. “Niall, what’s up with you? Every time I mention Hunter, you go weird..” You trailed off, glancing down at him uncertainly. 

“It’s nothing Y/N, drop it.” He stood up abruptly and began to pace the room. This was a classic Niall move and it happened whenever he ached to tell you something, but couldn’t bring himself to do it. You shrugged, knowing he would come around when he’s ready, and attempted to unzip the dress. Warm hands sent shivers down your spine as he suddenly brushed your bare back gently, slowly unzipping your dress.

“Niall…” You felt a blush spread to your cheeks. Although you and Niall always considered yourself best friends and no more, situations like this has been occurring lately and you couldn’t deny the tension between you two.

“Honestly Y/N, I’m jealous. Hunter isn’t good enough for you… he’s not me.” 

Louis: The anger was rumbling inside of you, look a gigantic thundercloud ready to explode at any moment. Your footsteps echoed around the corridor as you stormed down it, in search of your idiotic best friend. The news had spread quickly. Louis had supposedly punched Ryder, the school’s ‘bad boy’, which was known to be an instant death wish. Your fists clenched at your side and you took a deep breath as you reached the nurses office. Louis knew how much you were against violence but he was your best friend, so of course you would be by his side. You pushed open the door and saw him slumped in a chair, smiling sheepishly at you. 

“Outside now.” You folded your arms as Louis trailed outside, going to all measures to avoid eye contact. As soon as the door shut, you glared at him waiting for him to explain himself.

“It’s not my fault.” He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Not your fault? From what I’ve heard, you punched him not the other way around!” You waved your arms in frustration, trying to keep your voice from becoming a scream. 

“Y/N the guy was talking shit, okay? He was disrespecting you, you know I couldn’t just let him do that.” Louis yelled, running a hand through his dishevelled hair. Your fists automatically unclenched and you let out a deep sigh.

“Louis, sure the guy is a tool, but you can’t always protect me. I am a big girl. Why do you even care so much? You know Ryder does this about every girl.” You rolled your eyes, Ryder was known to be a jerk to girls so this came as no surprise to you. 

“Why do I care? Y/N, you’re my girl, okay? I like you, so much, I couldn’t listen to his bullshit for a second longer.” 

A/N: Message me if you want a part 2 xx

Being Chanyeol’s girlfriend means
  • the most ridiculous dates ever like he’ll take you go get a free makeover in a sephora or something and walk around trying on lipsticks and come over to show you
  • or he’ll take you to a restaurant and order half the menu and you’re like “dude there’s no way we can eat all this”
  • but he just gives you this super serious look like “we’re gonna try”
  • always laughing through kisses like people think you two can’t take each other seriously
  • but it’s just because you make each other so giddy
  • like he is always excited to see you
  • and because he is a GIANT he always picks you up to hug you when he meets you
  • super silly sex where neither of you can stop laughing until it gets really heated and then all either of you hear is moans
  • and honestly your moans is what puts him over the edge
  • sends you snapchats all the fucking time and it’s always him doing the v thing
  • and you start making fun of him and doing it back
  • and he’s like “well damn it looks so much cuter when you do it”
  • him doing cute stuff and you looking at him like the sun shines out of his ass and he catches you doing it and he’s like “you looooove me YOU LOOOOOVEEE MEEEE” 
  • hanging out on date night in his bed and baekhyun just casually walking in like “hey guys so what are we doing”
  • and he just joins you while you guys are talking shit, telling stories from your childhoods
  • saving his name on your phone as “ferret king”
  • and he sees it one day and he’s like “ok but i have you saved as baby girl so this is just mean”
  • him loving you so much and so fully that whenever he sees you he can’t stop smiling
  • and you see his adorable deep-as-hell dimples and you can’t stop smiling so he knows you love him too

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Can I request for a scenario where Murasakibara's, Iwaizumi's, Asahi's, Kageyama's, Hinata's, Kuroo's, Yaku's, Lev's, Bokuto's, Akaashi's, Matsukawa's and Aone's girlfriend (reader) goes to school in America and everyone at her school thinks she will never have a boyfriend, but she has a boyfriend from Japan. S/o is on the chubby side and she plays varsity softball please. So the guy visits her school surprisingly and watches one of her games and surprises her and a lot of people. Thank you! -K


Just watching your games and hearing people talk bad about you wasn’t letting him enjoy eating his snacks while watching you play. It was really going to be a surprise. He hasn’t seen you play in a long time and he had never been to America. It was supposed to be a nice visit. Obviously it wasn’t when Murasakibara towers over the group of people talking smack about you, scarying the living lights out of them. In the end, the surprise was ruined because he made them cheer loudly for you. It was strange to you hearing the ass holes cheering so when you looked to them, you were most surprised to see your boyfriend eating snacks behind them as they stood nervously cheering for you.


Iwaizumi’s not up for big cheers or anything. He’s more of a silent supporter. He did fly from Japan to America for your game, and he was admittedly excited. Iwaizumi hadn’t seen you in forever and lately he knew something was wrong. You had been acting differently. After hearing a few people in front of him talk smack about you, he gets angry. “She’s so big, how can she even run after hitting the ball?” “Is she rly a regular on the team?” Iwaizumi had enough. So when the people felt his weight shift on the bench, they looked to see an attractive man standing on the benches. Its your turn to bat and they see him hold his hands out. “Cmon, babe! I believe in you!” You were just as surprised to see your boyfriend just as the people find him smiling at you with a thumbs up. After you hit the ball, getting the team the winning point, he looks to the group of people. “I trust you won’t talk about my girlfriend like that again.”


Asahi’s not one for talking back. He’s good support. But hearing everyone talking about you made him annoyed. He couldn’t help but look at them with furrowed eyebrows. But nonetheless he watched your game and clapped for you when your team was in the lead. Of course, your team won the game and Asahi surprised you at the outside of the field. Just as you began boasting about your surprise that he flew all the way over, Asahi could over hear the people talking about you. “Wow, you think he really feels bad about how she looks?” “Maybe he’s giving her encouraging words.” Angered, Asahi leaned down and kissed you. It lingered long enough for people to see, become shocked, and stay shocked when he was done kissing you. He even said it loud enough that he was in love with his girlfriend. After you and Asahi walked away from the field, he begins to freak out over the fact what a showy thing he just did.


Kageyama definitely doesn’t like what he’s hearing. He didn’t come all the way to America to hear people say these things about you. He knew you had been dealing with annoying people, but not this often. Kageyama really believed that some of these people came here to just make fun of you. So it didnt bother him that he stomped up to them and shot them menacing looks. “You better shut up or stop talking when my girlfriend shows you how good of a player she is”. Some of them dont even know what to say. They still find it hard to believe that Kageyama is your boyfriend. But when they hear him cheering for you and then they see you guys together, they didnt question it. Especially when you start crying a bit about his surprise.


Hinata’s obviously annoyed, but can he be a big hot shot like Kageyama? No. He’s more of an action doey guy than words. He’s a nervous wreck talking smack back to the people, but when they laugh. Hinata gets that super serious face on and tells them the real deal. “You guys are laughing at how good someone on your own softball team is? She’s the reason you guys are even going to win this game.” And sure enough, you are. Hinata surprised them even more jumping off the benches and onto the field to give you kisses. “Forget what they said, I’m here and you did great during the game!”


Kuroo’s extra. SO EXTRA. He hears them making fun of you and eyeing him. It all just pisses him off. There wont be much words left after he goes up to those people talking shit. “You guys are hilarious making fun of the ace of the team just because of how she looks. Maybe thats why you’re stuck complaining about why this hot guy wont look at you, because you all have such crappy personalities.” And after he’ll even cheer extra loud for you to hear. It wont even ruin the surprise. It’ll make it better for you to know he’s here. And after the game, after you’ve won the game for them, Kuroo will put an arm around you congratulate you with kisses. Making sure those insignificant people will eat their words and leave you be.


Yaku will handle it the most mature. He’ll just kindly ask the bullies to stop. And then finishing off with something super threatening. “It’s not kind to bully people for their looks. I’d appreciate it if you’d stop talking about my girlfriend like that.” After that the people are quiet. But when I said the most mature, I didn’t say he wouldn’t talk to them again if they were still talking smack about you. No, Yaku doesnt do the whole kiss thing to show you off. He goes around boasting with his nose high up and semi loudly express his love for you and how proud he is for your game and this game was better than you surprising you.


He’s the most oblivious one to the whole situation. He knows they’re all bullying, but he tries to make it positive. In a way. He’ll sit next to the group, and cheer LOUDLY beside them. When he notices them getting annoyed, he’ll turn to them a bit confused. “I don’t know why you guys are bullying my girlfriend when she’s the main reason your school is even worth talking about. Well, besides you rude people. Back where I’m from, we believe in respect. You all should learn some so you can get some. I think thats a saying here in America, right? ____-san told me about it.” Next thing you knew he’s sweeping you in his arms and proudly holding every curve to you because you’re his fucking adorable girlfriend.


His face says it all. He’s super annoyed. But he doesn’t want to ruin the surprise of him showing up to your game. So, he decided to be more positive. When its your turn to bat, you don’t even know what to say when you hear Bokuto cheering loudly, whistling, and showing his posters with your name in the air. Yes, posters. He asked his whole volleyball team to help with each poster. He had a different one for each time you did something good or bad. No one could believe he was serious, but as you won the game, Bokuto cheers the loudest and yells at the top of his lungs about how much he loves you. He flashes a smile to the people that bully you. “You guys should be nice to my girlfriend, she’s good at softball!” Bokuto may have ended up on the internet in videos of his antics at your game.


Akaashi is calm and collected. He doesn’t believe in being immature. So when he sits next to the people talking smack, he just waits and waits. You win the game, and they still have shit to say. He just wants them to know what a good player you are. So when he calls you out and has a ball in his hands, you hold the bat up. The bullies watch Akaashi throw the ball a little low, but you still manage to hit it almost yards away from the field. They watch the ball in the sky even as Akaashi takes a few steps they slowly look to him. “My girlfriend is a good athlete. You guys should remember that.”


You wouldn’t believe how hard it was for him to not say something. He really thought he should, but rationally, he believed in your skills to prove yourself. And even then when he knows they’ll still talk shit about you, Matsukawa will shut them up with his own actions. So at the end of your game, he wont even let you have time to process his surprise. He’ll just go up to you hold your face and start kissing you. If you get in trouble with coach, Matsukawa will just blame his culture understanding is different. Hahaha. But he’ll keep kissing you and then look at the people who bullied you. Matsukawa will kiss you again then the trophy you just earned and wink to the people talking smack.


Who expected Aone to be the quietest of them all? I did. Because he would be. He will also have little words to say to those jerks. He just stares at them with his no eyebrow face and just stare. Stare until they are uncomfortable to even talk after Aone just sits within ear range. No one knows who Aone is, and no one needs to know. When they see you run up to him and hug him after the win, they’ll be even more confused. And then seeing Aone kiss you on the lips for so long, they’ll just squeal with disgust. That’s when Aone says something. “You guys underestimate ___-san. That’s why she doesn’t waste her time with your words.”

Around the Campfire (Patrick Stump)

Based Off of the Request: There needs to be more dad!fob and high school!fob imagines

I knock lightly on Joe’s front door, tapping my foot as I wait for someone to open it. A few seconds later, the door is pulled open and Joe looks out at me with a grin.

“Hey (Y/N)! We thought you were never gonna get here”

“Sorry” I say with a small smile, “ family stuff”

“Eh no problem, come on in” he replies, stepping back to let me in.

I slip past him quietly, heading for the back room. I walk into music and arguing coming from the rest of the guys. As I step through the door, they turn towards me, all saying various types of hellos. I wave back, and take a seat on the couch. I pull my legs up under, tucking myself into a ball.

“Hey (Y/N), what took you so long?” Patrick asks, plopping down on the couch next to me.

“Oh, um, my parents were fighting again” I say quietly, looking away in embarrassment.

“Are you okay?” Patrick asks, placing his hand on my shoulder.

I can’t hide the blush that creeps up on my face as soon as he touches me, so instead I just stare down at my hands, nervously picking at my cuticles. “Yeah, I’m f-fine” I say, praying he doesn’t question anymore.

“Okay, but just know I’m here if you wanna talk” Patrick says, catching my eyes with a smile. I smile in response and nod, that stupid blush heating my cheeks again.

I flick my eyes back over to the rest of the guys. Andy sits on the floor, back resting against the wall as he flips through a comic book, and Joe and Pete sit across from each other, talking about this weekend.

“I have the perfect idea!” Pete suddenly announces, jumping up from his chair, “We should go camping!”

“No” Patrick says immediately, the same time as Andy goes “Why?”

Pete throws an injured look at them, “Come on it would be tons of fun, two days up in the mountains, no parents, and we can do whatever the hell we want”

“Sounds like a horrible idea” Patrick states, unconvinced.

“I agree” Joe throws out.

“I’m in, sounds like a good plan” Andy comments.

“Okay so it’s two to two,” Pete declares, turning to me expectantly, “What do you think (Y/N)?”

I look back at him in surprise, “You guys want me to come?”

Pete looks at the other guys, confused. “Of course we do. Why wouldn’t we?”

“I, uh, I don’t know” I mumble, “I just figured you guys would want a boys weekend or something”

“No, no, if we have to go we definitely want you to come” Joe says decidedly.

“Oh, okay” I say with a small smile, happy to be included in this, “Then yea it sounds good to me”

“Whoo hoo!” Pete leaps up from his chair again, high fiving Joe, and then me. “We can leave Friday after school then?”

“You can all drop your stuff at my house before school, and we can leave from there after, I only live like five minutes away from school,” I suggest, “I mean only if you want to”

“Perfect!” Pete says excitedly. “Now we just need a list of stuff to bring” He bounds across the room and runs into the kitchen, presumably searching for paper.

“I swear Pete is actually five years old” Patrick says with a laugh.

“Yeah, but I doubt five year olds wear as much eyeliner as he does” I say in response. Patrick laughs loudly as Pete comes back in the room, causing Pete to glare at us.

“Are you guys talking shit about me?” He asks, suspicious.

“Everyone talks shit about you, get over it” Joe says from the couch,

Pete lets out a sarcastic laugh and flips him off, sitting back down and starting on his list.

Two hours later, I leave Joe’s house with the job of bringing one of the tents, and extreme excitement about this weekend.


Friday afternoon, we all head back to my house. I ride with Patrick, since I usually walk, while the other guys drive themselves.

“Are your parents still fighting?” Patrick asks gently, turning to look at me as we stop at a light.

I let out a humorless laugh, “ They haven’t stopped fighting in months”

“I’m so sorry, that must suck”  He says apologetically.

“Nah it’s fine” i say with a shrug, picking at the hem of my shirt.

“Why do you always do that?” Patrick asks suddenly.

“Do what?” I ask in surprise.

“You just, you never act like anything bothers you. You write everything off like it’s no big deal, even though I can tell it’s hurting you” He says, clearly bothered.

For a second I don’t even know how to reply. I didn’t think anyone noticed that I did that, so now I don’t know how to explain it.

“I’m sorry, I just-”  stammer out, “ I guess it’s just easier” I finally say lamely, right as Patrick pulls to a stop in my driveway.

“Okay, just remember what I said the other day, if you need anyone to talk to, or anything at all, I’ll always be here for you (Y/N). I care about you” he says seriously, looking into my eyes.

My eyes widen at the words, and I can’t help the way my lips turn up into a small smile.

Suddenly, Patrick leans a little closer to me, and once I realize he’s going to kiss me, my anxiety kicks up in the pit of my stomach.

“We should, uh, go inside,” I say, clearing my throat, instantly ruining the moment.

“Oh, uh, yea right let’s do that” Patrick says, adjusting his hat and running his fingers through his hair quickly. I mentally kick myself as we get out of the car and head towards the house, unable to deny the now awkward feeling. Luckily, the other guys show up a few minutes later, and the tension fades as we’re distracted and getting ready to go.

A half hour later, we stand at the front door, getting  a last minute safety lecture from my mom as she fusses over me. “Remember, if you guys need anything at all, don’t hesitate to call. And if anyone gets hurt, in anyway, call for help first, and then call your parents, okay? Oh, and don’t drive to quickly up or down the mountain, those curves can get tricky-”

“Mom, we get it okay? We’ll be fine!” I finally says, exasperated.

“Okay, okay, you can go just be safe!” She finally releases us,saying goodbye with a kiss on the cheek and a hug for each of the boys.

We pile into Andy’s car, and begin the drive. Andy drives, Pete calls shotgun, and Patrick and Joe slide in the middle row, leaving the only seat open in between the two.

I throw an awkward look at Patrick, opting to spend the drive in the very back, rather than live through the awkwardness that I created. Patrick gives me a strange look as I get in the back, but lets me pass anyway.

I settle into the back, stretching my legs out on the seat, sliding my headphones into my ears. I slid into sleep quickly, and in no time at all, Joe shakes me awake, announcing that we found the “best possible spot” to camp.

When I get out of the car, squinting against the bright sun, I have to agree. The ground is relatively flat, with trees scattered, and we’re pretty close to the lake too. We begin unloading the car, and move on to start setting up the three tents.

I start one by myself, but soon become tangled in all the poles and tent, so Patrick comes over to help. An hour later, we finally have our camp site set up, and we decide to celebrate by going for a swim. I stand on the edge of the lake, arms wrapped around myself, attempting to cover as much skin as possible, when I suddenly feel arms wrap around me. I let out a scream as Joe slides his arms under mine,and Pete bends down, grabbing my legs from beneath me at the same time. They walk into the water, holding on to me despite my struggles, and once they make it deep enough, swing be back and forth, letting me go and flinging me into the water.

I let out a scream as I hit the water and slide beneath. I push up from the bottom, and pop back up, immediately finding them cracking up.

“You dicks!” I yell, sending a splash of water towards them, only causing them to laugh harder.

I look up to the shore to see Patrick and Andy walking quickly down to the water’s edge in concern.

“What happened? We heard yelling” Andy calls out, scanning the water.

“That was me, but I’m fine, Pete and Joe are just being assholes” I call back

“Oh okay, so nothing new” Patrick calls back with a laugh, walking  into the water.

We spend the next few hours hanging out in the water, cracking jokes and playing games.

That night I collapse in my tent exhausted, but happy for the first time in a long time.


The next morning, I wake up earlier than everyone else, as usual, so I make us some breakfast. Eventually, lured by the smell of food, the guys get up and wander out.

The whole day we spend essentially just hanging out. We go for a hike through the words, which consisted of a lot of pinecone wars between Joe and Pete, swim in the lake for a while longer, and hang out, listening to music, By the time we sit around the campfire that night, I’m exhausted, but the guys are just getting started. Pete pulls out a couple of six packs, passing us all a beer. I decline, along with Andy, but I feel the party vibe anyway. We turn on some fun, fast music, sitting around singing along and watching Joe dance like crazy.

Eventually, as the guys get drunker, they also get  little calmer, so we switch from dancing and singing to the classic game of truth or dare, I watch as the guys perform stupid stunts and weird sexual acts, thanking god that I haven’t gotten chosen. I almost escape without ever going, but then Pete spots me in my chair and grins.

“So (Y/N),” he says still grinning a little evilly, “truth or dare?”

I take a nervous breath, “Um, t-truth I guess”

“Perfect” Pete says with a grin “So, you have to date one of us. Who would you choose?”

“W-what?” I respond nervously, eyes darting around the group. My eyes falter  on Patrick who’s now glaring at Pete. “ I’m not answering that!”

“Come on, you know the rules. If you don’t answer you have to jump in the lake. Naked”

“Seriously?” I complain.

“Pete, come on, leave her alone” Patrick says quietly.

“No, she’s fine Patrick it’s just a question,and she agreed to play, so (Y/N), who is it?”

I look back and forth between all four of them. All of them, even Patrick, look extremely interested in what I’m about to say.

“I would choose Patrick” I finally say. As soon as the words are out of my mouth, Patricks eyes widen in shock, and Joe explodes from my chair.

A furious blush fills my face as Patrick looks at me, but I avoid his eyes, confused by Joe.

“Suck it! You owe me ten bucks!” He yells at Pete, jumping and cheering.

“You guys bet on this!?” I demand angrily, standing up from  my chair.

“Unfortunately, we did” Pete says, shoving money into Joe’s hand, who continues cheering.

Tears threaten to fall as the embarrassment finally lands on me, all four guys staring.

“Well I’m so glad my humiliation is so entertaining to you” I finally, say, voice audibly shaking. Pete and Joe immediately sober up, looking like they got slapped in the face.

“We didn’t-” Pete begins, but I don’t listen. Instead I turn around and walk away, leaving the light of the fire for the lake shore. As soon as I’m out of sight the tears fall, the humiliation and embarrassment washing over me in crushing waves. There was almost no chance Patrick would ever like me before, and now, now there wasn’t even a chance.

I hear my name being called but I ignore it as I finally reach the shore. I sit down on a rock and pull my knees up, attempting to stop crying. I hear the yelling come closer, and then it stops, and is replaced by the sound of footsteps. Without even looking back, I know that it’s Patrick.

“You don’t need to do this Patrick” I say, angrily wiping away the tears on my face.

“Do what (Y/N)?” He asks, surprise in his voice.

“Come over here and lie or try and spare my feelings, I don’t want your pity” I say bitterly.

“(Y/N), why would you even think that?” He comes up besides me quietly, leaning against the rock and staring at me, but I refuse to look at him.

“Because I like you Trick, I like you so much, but now you know. And I know you don’t like me back, but you’re such a  good guy you’re gonna come over here and do everything you can to make me feel less mortified, but I don’t need it”

“Bullshit” Patrick says suddenly. I look at him with wide eyes.

“Excuse me?”

“I said bullshit. You don’t get to tell me how I feel or why I do what I do. Did you even consider the fact that I came out here because I like you too? Because for years I’ve been dying to tell you but i’ve been too afraid?”

“But, I-” I respond, speechless

“Oh my god (Y/N),don’t you see? You’re just as much a part of this family as any of us, yet you always act like you’re not wanted. Can’t you tell that we want you? Can’t you tell that I want you,more than anything? That I’ve always wanted you!” He finishes his speech blushing, but still looking aggravated.

“You like me?” I ask in total disbelief.

“Yes, (Y/N), I like you, a lot” he says with a laugh.

“Well, um” I say nervously, sliding down from the rock “ you may have figured this out, but I might possibly like you back” I say blushing, and looking away from him, biting my lip.

Patrick laughs, “You are so weird” he says, slowly moving towards me, placing his hands on my hips, “ and I love it”

Moving slowly, he bends down to kiss me. Just like last time, my heart races and anxiety flares, but this time I don’t run away. No, this time I take the plunge and kiss him back.

We only break apart when I accidentally knock his hat off, and we pull away as he bends down to pick it up out of the sand, shaking it off.

I take it from his hands and pull it back on his head, smiling shyly up at him. He grins at me, stroking his thumb across my bottom lip, and softly kissing me again. I shiver at his touch and kiss him back.

In the background, Pete, Andy, and Joe starts cheering.


You and Luke have been best friends since almost forever. But, since you started growing up, so did your feelings for each other. When you were sixteen Luke finally admitted to himself that he really liked you. When he saw you wearing that pretty pink lipstick and just being so much more confident, his feelings for you literally exploded. At seventeen he felt like the only girl on this earth that was right for him was you. He liked how your dark lashes framed your eyes and how the new short summer dresses you wore exposed your beautiful legs. He was head over heels for you. Even though he wasn’t really sure about what was going on in his heart. But when you guys were eighteen he finally realized it. He was in love with you. He couldn’t deny it anymore. And he was actually happy that he admitted it to himself. It was time that maybe he would admit it to you as well. Only if he had the courage. Until one day when you would bring something up about this boy that asked you out he would absolutely lose his shit. He couldn’t bear even just hearing you talk about another guy. So when you would ask him what’s wrong he would just say that everything is wrong.

“Can’t you see it, Y/N? I can’t handle this anymore! I am the one who has always been there for you, I am the one who has always listened to you, I am the one who’s in love with you!”

And you were in shock because you have always liked Luke and were too afraid to confess your feelings so when you would tell him that you loved him too, you would both feel so happy and relieved. And Luke is just so shy and fluffy so he would get closer and try to kiss you, but his nose would probably bump against yours and you would both be giggling.

Then finally your lips would touch and it felt like magic. His hands would be all over your body, not in a dirty way, but just trying to caress every inch of your skin and hugging you really tight.


a sinister signing with Daniel Handler, after his talk “Writing as Burglary” at Hugo House in Seattle. i also took this opportunity to give him a CD copy of my song Briny Beach, which he received with such kindness. all in all it was a fantastic night, my head is still spinning!