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dating harrison osterfield part 2

a few people requested a part 2 too dating harrison osterfield so i’d thought i’d write another one :)

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  • this bitch, LOVES to take pictures of you! are you eating breakfast with milk dribbling down your chin? well haz doesn’t care, he loves you and everything you do
  • he loves to blast music when he gets ready in the morning so you get to wake up to him shaking his booty when he’s brushing his teeth
  • he probably doesn’t like to stay in bed all day so eventually after enough whining from him he carries you down stairs to the living room couch
  • blanket hog and probably makes noises when he sleeps :’’)))
  • hand holding 24/7 even if they’re sweaty 
  • he needs a kiss if you try to leave him to go to the bathroom just so he has something to linger onto
  • “guess who?” with hands over your eyes cause he’s a loser
  • nibbling on your shirt if you aren’t pay attention to him and needs you to look at him
  • he looks at you and makes you blush all the time
  • just staring at any and every part of you just analyzing every little detail about you
  • you mesmerism him to the point where tom and harry take photos of him staring at you and post it on social media
  • him doing the hand holding thing and swinging your hands back and forth
  • little pecks on the shoulder, neck and behind the ear when you’re waiting around somewhere
  • people making you their ultimate OTP and just loving your relationship together
  • taking pictures when the other one isn’t looking and posting it twitter or instagram and making a game out of it
  •  even after dating for like 2 years he still uses cheesy pick up lines on you to make you blush
  • “i just keep on falling for you i don’t know how this keeps happening” “harrison we’ve been together for 2 years and you still make this joke, get up off the floor”
  • slapping your butt everytime you walk past each other and giggling like school girls 
  • helping harrison roast harry and harry always texting you; “i’ll pay you not to help haz, please”
  • putting his hand in your back pocket to in his words “keep them warm” and squeezing your butt
  • puppy dog eyes and pecks on the lips until he gets what he wants 
  • his dumpling, sunshine ass face-timing you day in day oUT
  • “you know what would make this better, tom” “ugh, what harrison?” “(y/n) would make this better” “harrison i’m trying to sleep”
  • flat fluffy hair and soft whimpers when hes sleeping
  • him not being able to sleep on a plane unless you sleep with him but getting told off by the flight attendants
  • singing around the house
  • always wanting to match somehow “can we get matching pyj-” “no harrison” “but, babyyyy” 
  • but him buying matching pyjamas for your birthdays, holidays like christmas and halloween and you secretly loving it
  • running your hands through his hair whilst he’s falling asleep on your lap
  • cuddling on the couch and running your hands up and down each others back and slowly falling off to sleep
  • cooking different meals together and filming it sometimes for instagram and twitter
  • always liking and saving your posts on instagram so he can look at them later even though his phone is filled with photos of you already
  • laying on your chest and you rubbing your hands up and down his back after a long day
  • him watching you put your make up on each day
  • wanting to learn how to braid your hair and being pretty good at it because he’s done it with his little sister before

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that’s not a proper confession, Baku


Let’s start off easy * rolls up sleeves*

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The picture might be blurry but the first thing that caught your attentiont is probably that veiny forearm

When he flexes while cooking asfdghjk 

His veins are just effortlessly showing as if it was normal shit to look that sexy

His manly forearms *nosebleed*

That manliness showcased through them , like : “ Baby girl * grabs your waist*” # you all thought of this # don’t deny me ppl

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NHL!Bitty, Part XII -  ‘A Stanley Cup Wedding’

The Schooners win game seven and dethrone the defending champion Falconers to claim Seattle’s first national title. 

Eric was definitely not expecting Jack to propose immediately after losing.

(A rework of the ‘Game 7 PVD vs SEA’ prompt that totally retcons some NHL!Bitty stuff, so timeline-wise: the Falconers took the cup Eric’s second year with the Schooners. The Schooners win the following season.)

NHL!Bitty Masterpost

Game Seven. Third period. Eric’s running on adrenaline, blue Gatorade, and rage.

Jack and the rest of the Falconers first line are racing to catch up, but Eric is ‘criminally fast’ (thank you ESPN for the lovely descriptor), and it’s almost too easy to whip the puck to Carter and wait for the siren.

Snowy can’t stop it. The Schooners will win in regulation. 

For a brief, terrifying moment, Eric sees Morin’s breakaway as the death knell of his relationship. He has flashes of Freshman year and he thinks ‘Jack is going to hate me’.

Eric closes his eyes and waits.

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RFA + When They Realize They’re In Love

ohhh, look a headcanon/scenario post! :D this was a whole lot longer than i originally planned, but oh well!! i played around with each of their stories, so i hope you don’t mind <3 <b>you can find JAEHEE, JUMIN and 707′s under the cut! if you have any requests, feel free to shoot them my way. anyway, i hope you enjoy!



Yoosung thinks he’s sick.

His heart starts palpitating, his palms grow sweaty and he’s so out-of-focus that he’s losing his streak on the LOLOL leadership boards. He downs a cup of coffee, glaring at his bedroom clock, which stared back with a 22:12pm in bright blue lights. It’s way too early to be feeling tired, he thinks.

He sighs, exiting the server and letting the game’s background music blast through his computer’s speakers. He places a hand to his neck, feeling for a warm temperature, only to end up confused as he realizes he’s not even remotely feverish. Worriedly, he calls her up, sure that she would know what’s up with him.

“Hey [Name],” he says, going back to his desk to take another swig of coffee. He joins another server, hoping LOLOL would help calm his nerves. Why was he always so nervous when he was talking with her? He prattles on about his supposed “symptoms” as he patiently waits to be connected to the server.

“Sounds like you’re in love,” she suddenly blurts out. He almost sprays his coffee all over his computer at those words. He can tell she’s joking. She was joking, right? Right? He tries to come up with a reply, but all that comes out of him is a strangled sound. He hears her laughing from the other end. “Ohhh, bulls-eye! Who’s the lucky person? Is it me you’ve fallen for?”

Yoosung’s eyes widen at this, and his heart feels like it’s about to burst out of his chest and start tap-dancing on his desk. He’s stunned to a silence; his mind is racing, wondering whether or not to confirm her statement. Well, that would certainly explain why he always felt so worked up around her. Before he could even answer her question, he hears her awkward laughter on the other end of the phone.

“Hey, I was kidding! Playing some LOLOL might calm your nerves, but I suggest not staying up too late. It might actually be a fever, after all.” Yoosung manages to quickly blurt out an apology as well as a thank you, before wishing her a good night and ending the call without waiting for her reply. He leans back on his chair, staring at the cream-colored ceiling above him.

It’s when he places both of his hands on his chest and feels the rhythmic thumping of his heart. It’s when he tries to steady his breathing, and when he finally does, he remembers what she said and wheezes. It’s when he realizes that he knows the answer to her earlier question, but he was too shy, too scared to actually answer her. It’s when he makes a promise to tell her, face-to-face and unabashedly, one day. Yoosung’s eyes linger to his desk clock.

It’s at 22:17pm on a LOLOL-filled Tuesday night that he realizes that he’s completely, head-over-heels in love with her.


Zen can’t sleep.

He’s lying in bed, positively tired after a day’s work. He knew he did well earlier, yes, but his own self-reassuring thoughts did very little for his nerves. Ever since the whole hacking situation, he’s been on edge during his performances; he can’t help but be upset at himself for not giving his all for his audiences.

Despite being an “egotistical prick”, as Jumin calls it, he was often hit by waves of doubt during these late sleepless nights. His self-reassuring thoughts began to shift into ones of doubt, pushing him to twist and turn in his suddenly uncomfortable bed.

Was he a genuinely good actor? Did people watch his musicals for his talents or for his looks? Would he ever be more than just a handsome face up on the stage? He was jolted back to reality by the sudden ringing of his cellphone. He begrudgingly reached out to view the caller ID: [Name].

Without a second thought, he immediately answers the call. Her cheerful voice was tinged with a hint of her own weariness. He feels his heart begin to swell, savoring the way her voice says his name. “Can’t sleep either?” he says, genuinely happy to find her calling him out of all the other RFA members.

“Yeah,” he hears her say. “I was hoping you were awake. I’m glad I was actually right.” His chest tightens at this, and he can’t help but smile at the thought of her thinking about him at such an hour. He finds a sort of solace in her, thankful for her constant presence amidst all the happenings in his life.

The two converse, and he finds the weight on his shoulders gradually become lighter. His heart is both calm and erratic, and he finds himself laughing together with her, despite being miles apart. When he hears her congratulate him for the show he put on, for being such an amazing actor on-stage, for doing so well, even if he may not believe so, he almost starts crying.

“You’re doing so well, Zen. I’m sure all your fans can agree that you’re doing so much more. I mean that, truly. If you ever need anyone to talk to, I’m here. So is Jaehee and the rest of the RFA,” she says from the other end of the line, and he allows himself to think that she means it. No, he knows she means it; it’s in the way that she speaks to him that he knows she’s saying nothing but the truth.

It’s when she says her good night that he catches himself almost saying it. He purses his lips, blundering out a good night of his own before slamming the END CALL button. It’s when his eyes shoot wide open, and he feels a ditzy smile gracing his lips. It’s when his self-doubting thoughts are replaced by thoughts of her. He brings his pale hands to his hair, and he can’t help but marvel at how much she affects him.

It’s when he catches himself thinking about her in wonder does he realize that he’s crazy about her.

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