he's surrounded by


okay okay i’m finally charging my phone and i think i’ve calmed down a bit


and I swear to god that man must be one of THE most beautiful humans to ever walk this earth, when he walked out of the restaurant my jaw dropped to the floor, my heart first stopped and then started beating SO FUCKING FAST, it was racing so bad and i was just shaking A LOT

he is so pretty tho, it’s legit like a golden glow was surrounding him; he’s also SO SO SO SWEET, like legit a sunshine and you know how they always say “don’t meet your faves, you’ll be disappointed”?

That doesn’t apply to him AT ALL, he is everything i thought he would be and more and, even tho i thought that wouldn’t even be possible, i love him now even more than i did before

as to “how” i met him, obviously i saw his instagram story and there is only one restaurant with THAT view so i immediately knew WHERE he was, but 17 minutes had already passed since he posted the pics so i was so scared i’ll just miss him bc it takes me 20-25 minutes to get there, my dad luckily said he’d drive me tho bc with the subway at rush hour i just would not have made it in time

So i was standing before the building for like not even 5 minutes and i thought he might’ve already left but then i saw two men walking out, one with a really fancy dslr camera lmao and the other one just LOOKED like he might have smth to do with schlieri so they caught my eye right away and not even two seconds after HE WALKS OUT AND I IMMEDIATELY JUST STARTED SHAKING SO BAD

I’m a REALLY shy and anxious person so it took EVERYTHING in me to go up and say hi but i did and i am so fucking happy, the conversation wasn’t that long and honestly it’s such a blurr, i was like on more adrenaline than i ever thought was possible, that’s probably how our babies feel when they fly in vikersund or planica LMAO

The guy with the dslr was taking some pics while we were talking but like idk what they’re for so i’ll probably never see them anyway hahaha

I’ll post the selfie in a bit, i just have to find a filter bc i honestly look like SUCH A MESS, i didn’t expect to meet him today, like i was so sure there was no way, BUT I DID

anyway, yes, i fucking met my idol, my boy, my everything, I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER


I often wonder how many other Dragonball fans realize just how much royalty there is among the main cast of the series. I mean, everyone makes a big deal about Vegeta being the prince of all Saiyans or whatever, but he’s surrounded by so much nobility that, were everyone else to make as big a deal about it as he does, no one would really pay much attention to his bragging (not that they do anymore anyway) I mean, if you think about it, every remaining Saiyan that we know about is tied to royalty in one way or another! Here, let me break it down.

Princes by Blood: Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan, Goten, Tarble, Frieza, Cooler, Piccolo*

Princesses by Blood: Chi Chi, Pan, Bra

Princes by Marriage: Goku

Princesses by Marriage: Bulma, Videl, Gure

Kings: King Piccolo, Piccolo*, Ox King, King Vegeta, King Cold, King Kai

Emperors: Chiaotzu, Pilaf

Seriously, the show’s got more royalty than your average Disney cruise, and each has just as much right to their respective titles as Vegeta. Use this information how you will. I’d love to see more fan stuff come of this fact.

*Technically, Piccolo can be included in both the King and Prince by Blood categories, depending on your interpretation of whether he’s King Piccolo’s son or reincarnation. Both are equally valid, given this ambiguity.

U ever feel sorry for Vax bein stuck with a squad of str8 people coz i do. I think about this all the time. “Why is Vax so emo and grumpy all the time” he is tired and surrounded. He’s hetlagged

Got this silly ideas

I was thinking what happened if the Chocobro were consumed by their overwhelming despair that they turned into twisted daemons of their former side?

Noctis - Becomes a red glowing eyed Bahamut type with one bat wing and one black angel wing on his back. His Armiger becomes twisted resulting all 13 royal arms to appear in form of blood and rust.

Ignis - Becomes a flame daemon dragon armed with a burning lance and duel daggers. Noctis will ride on him.

Gladio: A Centurion Knight wearing blood stained armor with a long torn tattered red cape. His belt buckle has a chain with his victims’ teeth attached to it. Carries a board sword while his helmet is consumed by purple flames. Made his presence known through the sound of his haunting galloping and growl.

Prompto: Still maintained his human self except skin peeled and rotten. Walks in a robotic manner with disturbing creaking sound.  He can summoned heavy or light weaponry and controlled puppets at will. He is always surrounded by gears and gives out a creepy laughter.


To Trump voters

Clears throat…

  1. He called Hillary Clinton a crook. You bought it. Then he paid $25 million to settle a fraud lawsuit.
  2. He said he’d release his tax returns, eventually. You bought it. He hasn’t, and says he never will. 
  3. He said he’d divest himself from his financial empire, to avoid any conflicts of interest. You bought it. He is still heavily involved in his businesses, manipulates the stock market on a daily basis, and has more conflicts of interest than can even be counted. 
  4. He said Clinton was in the pockets of Goldman Sachs, and would do whatever they said. You bought it. He then proceeded to put half a dozen Goldman Sachs executives in positions of power in his administration. 
  5. He said he’d surround himself with all the best and smartest people. You bought it. He nominated theocratic loon Mike Pence for Vice President. A white supremacist named Steve Bannon is his most trusted confidant. Dr. Ben Carson, the world’s greatest idiot savant brain surgeon, is in charge of HUD. Russian quisling Rex Tillerson is Secretary of State. 
  6. He said he’d be his own man, beholden to no one. You bought it. He then appointed Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, whose only “qualifications” were the massive amounts of cash she donated to his campaign. 
  7. He said he would “drain the swamp” of Washington insiders. You bought it. He then admitted that was just a corny slogan he said to fire up the rubes during the rallies, and that he didn’t mean it. 
  8. He said he knew more about strategy and terrorism than the Generals did. You bought it. He promptly gave the green light to a disastrous raid in Yemen- even though all his Generals said it would be a terrible idea. This raid resulted in the deaths of a Navy SEAL, an 8-year old American girl, and numerous civilians. The actual target of the raid escaped, and no useful intel was gained. 
  9. He said Hillary Clinton couldn’t be counted on in times of crisis. You bought it. He didn’t even bother overseeing that raid in Yemen; and instead spent the time hate-tweeting the New York Times, and sleeping.
  10. He called CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times “fake news” and said they were his enemy. You bought it. He now gets all his information from Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, and InfoWars.
  11. He promised to never be the kind of president who took cushy vacations on the taxpayer’s dime, not when there was so much important work to be done. You bought it. He took his first vacation after 11 days in office. On the taxpayer’s dime. And went golfing. 

and that’s just the first month.

by Robert Reich

this is kind of late, but for PAX East, i couldn’t go sadly since that’s across the country, i decided to watch @therealjacksepticeye ‘s panel. i love every second of it. Jack was as sweet and kind as he is when he does the “one on one” videos when he talks about stuff to us. anyways, this doesn’t exactly show how much love Jack has created in his community and how much he’s given to us without knowing. he’s just surrounded by it. i’m glad to be apart of this community even though i don’t participate in it much. it’s still beautiful.

thank you Jack for being a wonderful human being and creating such a beautiful community. keep up the great work!

In case you missed issues B.A.P WAKE ME UP MV has touched on pt 2 cuz im trash and have been wheezing/crying the whole day fight me

Insecurities + Low Self Esteem/self-worth: shown through the girl with makeup around her and she soon tries to apply lipstick, only ending up smashing the mirror.
Murder/Shootings: The man waving his arms around as if conducting a musical piece until lights spark at his fingertips (like gunshots being fired) and then people dead surround him.
Anxiety/Depression/Mental Illness: The man in the bathroom, coiled up by the bathtub as he looks at his surroundings afraid of something, only to submerge himself into the water in his bathtub.
Illness in General/Suicidal thoughts or attempts: The girl who drinks down those pills as well as some other type of liquid can represent either illness in a physical aspect or portrays the attempt to suicide.
Eating Disorders/Hallucinations: The scene with the woman chopping veggies can allude to two different interpretations. Hallucinations as she almost eats a worm or it is the symbolic representation to express eating disorder.
Societal/Political Issues: The probably most iconic scene where the man is holding up a sign “Emotion Revolution”. This is representative of public demonstrations we see on the news today to fight for equal rights and social justice. The people passing by as if its nothing represent those who are unaware of the issues that surround them.
Revolution is starting to be achieved when these people who went through their own respective life problems come together to help ‘spread the awareness’. I guess you can say they, “wake up” into new ‘selves’, represented through celebration towards the end of the MV.

This isn’t even it. The MV is very diverse in nationality and they haven’t placed labels/stereotypical roles on these people according to the colour of their skin or where they came from. Each and every person was given a role that any human being would go through in their life because every human being is a human being despite race, colour, place of birth, gender, etc.

Not only did B.A.P create a song concerning social justice but they went even deeper this time. They went into mental illness, problems that we have as individuals at a personal level rather than just ‘society’ as a group. They looked into people in their variety and represented it through WAKE ME UP MV.

B.A.P aren’t just ‘kpop idols’. You probably thought I’d say “they don’t fit in the kpop category anymore.” No. This is something far bigger than just the music industry.


Prompto and Ignis join back up with the others after a day of adventuring.

“But what about the warning signs? You have to ignore all the blatant racism, misogyny, bigotry and the people he was surrounding himself with. He told these people he was going to take away the ACA. He encouraged violence against protestors during the campaign. He bragged he'd ban Muslims. He bragged about the wall. He bragged about assaulting women. He mocked the disabled. It's not like there was just one incident. It was a daily deluge of hatred. But they voted for that hatred. They voted to destroy what this country stands for. They voted for a guy who has a VP who believes in conversion therapy. The VP believes that religion should trump law when it comes to anything. Steve Bannon is a self described Leninist. He believes in destroying the state. And, guess what, he's now in a position to do it. All the warning signs were there and they chose to ignore them. Like the people who voted for Hitler in '32.”

-Dude I know had an epic rant on why he ultimately couldn’t sympathise with Trump supporters.


Everywhere Styles goes, a screaming pack of One Direction fans follows. But, now that the shaggy-haired singer is set to make his feature debut in Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated World War II film “Dunkirk,” his fans may well start screaming for a different reason. With no screen track record save for music videos, TV series like the U.K.’s “X Factor,” and a cameo in “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie,” the question remains: Can Harry Styles act? Certainly that looks like a good bet, and he’ll be surrounded with a host of A-plus British talent including Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy, and Kenneth Branagh. Styles might well surprise fans and critics in “Dunkirk,” and, perhaps, launch a burgeoning film career.Will Thorne (x)

Learning ASL, and Gaster’s helping. He’s still a bit too fast and delicately signed for me to keep up though, hehe

Signing a simple ‘Hello, my name is Gaster.’ 

Or at least I hope so ahahaha 


The most painful second of television.


more HPCC WIP sketches I did recently!

I want to finish these in time for all the ‘Thank you Cursed Child’ compilation projects going round for the cast change this May, but who knows whether I’ll be able to… *lies down*

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Arrested at LAX After Fight with Photographer
Louis Tomlinson was arrested on Friday night, after getting into a physical altercation with a photographer at Los Angeles International Airport

Louis Tomlinson was arrested on Friday night after getting into a physical altercation with a photographer at Los Angeles International Airport.

The 25-year-old former One Direction singer was arriving at LAX with his girlfriend Eleanor Calder when he allegedly pushed a male paparazzo, who fell and and claimed he had injured himself.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, Tomlinson was in the baggage claim area where he was “surrounded by paparazzi.” After “one of the paparazzi fell and he claimed he hurt himself,” Tomlinson was placed under citizen arrest.

The incident happened at 11:45 p.m. PT, according to a booking record obtained by PEOPLE. Tomlinson was arrested on misdemeanor battery charges and booked at a nearby LAPD station at 12:38 a.m. PT on Saturday and released nearly an hour later at 1:32 a.m. PT. He is due in court on March 29, according to the booking info.