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Paladins when s/o is feeling like "why are you even with me? I mean you are so amazing and you like me??? You're so amazing and I'm just..a piece of shit" (really having a kick to the face with self confidence and just feeling like they don't deserve their amazing paladin love)


Also I recognize myself in this situation so this might or might not be a little self-inserted but I’ll try to stay close to the actual Paladins lmao. Also, y’all can fight me but I HC Hunk as someone who doubts himself a lot as well. Hope you like it!

Shiro - 

  • Is really heartbroken by your statements
  • He just loves you so much and it hurts like hell to hear you talking yourself down like that
  • Might or might not give you a small but sweet speach about how much he loves you even if you see yourself as a piece of shit
  • “Love, it hurts me to see you talking yourself down like that. If I have to remind you how amazing you are every single second, I will. Just let me know whenever you feel like this, I promise I’ll be right here to assure you I still love you with all I have.”

Keith - 

  • Might get a little angry?
  • But just because he loves you SO much
  • He’s just not gonna sit there and listen to you talking his favorite person in the universe down.
  • “What the FUCK do you mean you’re a piece of shit?! Hey, I fucking love you! Can’t you see I just want you, even if you think of yourself like that?”
  • ((don’t worry, he’ll apologize when you’re feeling better))

Lance - 

  • Confused as fuck
  • What do you mean you’re a piece of shit? 
  • Is the one to start blaming himself
  • “Babe, listen, I love you. Just tell me what I have to do to make sure you know it. What is it that I have to do to make you see how amazing you actually are?”

Hunk - 

  • This results in you two crying your hearts out against each other
  • It’s sweet but really sad to watch?
  • “I always thought I was the only one feeling this. But hey, maybe this is a chance. Maybe we can help each other feel better about ourselves. Let me know when you’re feeling like this again, okay? I swear I’ll do anything I can to make you feel better.”

Pidge - 

  • She’s SO sweet
  • Most likely cuddles you and let’s you spill everything out agains her hair
  • Heartbroken but really soft and understanding
  • “Hey, don’t think like that. Don’t you know how much you’ve helped me? You’re not a piece of shit, you’re everything I ever wished for. Please, I can’t bear you talking like this… I know it’s hard, but I know you, no, we can pull through. Just hold on, okay? I’ll be right here.”
Road to the Winter Classic Episode 1 Highlights

i just finished the first episode of the 2015 road to the winter classic and it was such a throwback and i think you all need to hear the highlights

  • there was a lars eller in montreal sighting in the hawks segment
  • they sung happy birthday to nisky
  • trotz had to tell a 19-year-old burky that he wasnt gonna be in the lineup that night and it was the most heartbreaking thing in the world
  • the narrator said that chimmer and wardo were best friends; damn i miss them

omg wtf is this is this an abe lincoln beard and hat this is amazing

karl alzner was spotted resting his head on a softball. karl that does not look comfortable

chimmer fought a pre-caps brett connolly in tampa

“you cant quantify what nicklas backstrom brings to a team on a scoresheet.” no you damn well cant (well maybe this year you can a little). hes amazing and i love him and #NickBackstromfortheHart

holy shit is it here? am i finally going to see the bachelor pad?

the infamous 3 for 1 ketchup!!!!!!!!!!

BONUS: evidently this was during the Terrible Mustache Era so the beginning had a lot of shots of this beauty

So I’ve seen fics where Sportacus goes into heat but what if…

What if elves had mating dances.

Hear me out on this. In spring male elves collect flowers and feathers and ribbons and anything colorful and pretty and they weave it into a shawl and wear it around the one they’re courting and just dance around. But its not just normal human dancing. It’s acrobatic and flashy like birds to show off all the pretty stuff they found and what they can do with their bodies like how high they can jump and how flexible they are and how strong they are.

Just imagine Sportacus bird-flirting at Robbie.


To be honest, I was not expecting much from Mystic Messenger. Yet, here I AM absolutely blown away. The plot was amazing, the characters were amazing, and the best part, ^this absolutely tragic character. (seriously, he needs all the hugs.) Mc’s constant support and patience for Seven really tugged at the heartstrings, and the lessons learned within his story are extremely important. SO, here it is, sad af seven fan art by muah, because shit this little guy just needs all the love.

ok but au where shiro and allura are both students at the garrison
  • allura is an exchange student who’s been accepted at the garrison, and immediately singles shiro out as the top of their class
  • shiro being like “who is this amazing beautiful girl - wAIT DID SHE JUST BEAT MY PILOTING SCORE”
  • just imagine them being highkey rivals trying to act lowkey
  • “you’re staring again shiro-” “i am not!” matt rolls his eyes
  • allura having a totally amazing squad tho, and her bestie is some guy name markus
  • (matt and markus have crushes on each other & share commiserating looks over their ridiculous friends)
  • shiro is officially Starstruck when he sees her benchpressing in the training room
  • a group project where they’re the only two who actually do shit brings them together as friends
  • long nights with lots of coffee cups and sharing study notes
  • allura falls for him slowly over little gestures (him memorizing her coffee order)
  • one day she doodles his name in the margins of her tablet notes and then remembers they always compare notes, freaks out and erases it
  • when shiro gets sick and has to miss class allura is the only one he trusts to take his notes (they just think on the same level), and vice versa
  • still having a healthy competition with lots of friendly flirting teasing
  • always giving each other compliments
  • they graduate top of their classes, tied neck and neck
  • they kiss for the first time when shiro is going to leave to go to Kerberos and they’re all stumbling over each other and he’s super flustered when trying to confess when allura just kisses him
  • “come back to me in one piece, takashi”
  • he doesn’t
The Hamilsquad and spiders

Alex: can’t even be bothered. doesn’t mind killing them if asked to though

Laf: does not approve of them in his flat at all & once found one in his hair. 0/10, wouldn’t recommend to a friend

Herc: scared of spiders yet respects their existence bc he loves and protects all animals. leaves the room when encountering one though.

John: country boy, not afraid of the spids. takes them out so alex doesn’t kill them. agreed to watch a friend’s pet tarantula only to freak herc out

Clones with De-Aged Jedi

So sauntering-down​ has been giving me de-aged clone feels, but what would happen if the JEDI were the ones to be De-aged?  Imagine the poor clones trying to cope.

Cody can’t get over how TINY General Kenobi is(He was a little guy before, but this is stupid cute) and won’t stop floofing his padawan-hair.  Obi-wan is still a snarky little shit, but his wit stings a lot less when one of his comebacks is interrupted by his voice cracking

The clones in Quinlan Vos’ unit are amazed how little he changes.  Quinlan didn’t really grow up, he just got taller.  Similarly, Gree has to deal with Yoda as an infant, and is amazed how little this changes things.  Yoda is still bald, , getting into trouble and largely unintelligible.  The only difference now is that Yoda is SO tiny that he now fits comfortably inside a helmet, which makes for adorable pictures that are immediately uploaded to the holonet.

Fives and other clones on Kamino almost don’t recognize Shaak Ti, her facial marking change so much.  The finally believe it’s he after she addresses the kaminoans attempts to experiment on her with her usual “Do-I-Have-To-Cut-A-Bitch?” tone.  Shaak seems to have forgotten much of what she has learned about patience and Fives ends up following her around trying to dissuade her from disemboweling people for being obstructive.

post-puberty Aalya’s Clothes do not fit Pre-puberty Aalya, even though they are nearly the same height, and Bly and the rest of the troops panic and scramble to cover her with whatever fabric they can find, which turns out to be their sleepwear and a tarp.  She looks fabulous anyway.

Ponds is amazed to discover that Mace needed eye surgery in his teens, and now that he’s a kid again, is so near-sighted he’s legally blind.  He and Trap take turns leading him around like guide-dogs until they can find a set of glasses for him.  His hair is back as well, and the texture fascinates them, though they try to be polite about it.  Mace knows it is only well-meaning curiousity and eventually lets one of them braid it while he squints at the reports.

There is panic among the Wolf Pack.  Droids? No problem!  Giant monsters? Got this!  Tiny Plo? WHAT THE FUCK DO WE DO!? The first issue is that Plo’s mask nearly falls off during the change, and only stays on because Wolffe Tackles him and pins it in place.  There is a scramble to find another mask, then the trials of trying to keep a telekinetic and perhaps too trusting six-year-old out of trouble on the outer rim.  The Pack forms a peramenent guard around the tiny Kel-dor, and wolffe spends most of his time carrying him becuase it’s the only reliable way to know where he is at all times.

The winner though, is Rex, who arrives at the temple days later looking a mess and like he hasn’t slept in a month with Baby Ahsoka in a harness on his chest and Anakin on one of those little kid leashes. The restraints do little to keep the out of trouble-  Ahsoka can still levitate things off his belt (Like blasters) and the leash is still long enough for anakin to run into traffic, off ledges, and into all manner of danger.“I am not prepared for this level of responsibility.”  Rex mutters before collapsing.

BTS Reacts To: Their S/O Being Insecure Over Korean Beauty Standards!

oh~ are requests open? if not please ignore this. i’d like to request bts reacting to their gf being insecure bc she’s a lil bit chubbier and doesn’t fit to asian beauty standards/thinks they’d be better with someone else? thank you for running this blog!!

Awe, girl I’m sure you’re amazing! Hope you like this request!


  • Wouldn’t give two shits if you didn’t fit their beauty standards.
  • He truly loves you for you and wouldn’t ask you to change.
  •  Would find ways to constantly remind you that he only loves you. 

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  • Would be the type to point out every little thing that he loves about you every morning. 
  • The type to get a lil upset if you think you aren’t good enough for him.
  •  You best believe he’d start showering you with compliments if you even whisper a negative comment. 

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Hoseok / J-Hope:

  • Would get a little pouty that you don’t see how pretty you are. 
  • The type to also shower you with compliments to help boost your morale. 
  • Would remind you everyday that you’re all he needs. 

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  • Be prepared for him to drop quotes from all types of literature. 
  • From Shakespeare’s sonnets to Catullus, he would recite every single line until you realized how special you were to him.
  •  Would do anything to make you feel beautiful.

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  • He’d get all mushy on you in seconds.
  •  The amount of compliments he’d give you would be endless.
  •  Oh, and those beauty standards you’re worried about? Thrown out the fucking window.

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V / Taehyung:

  • He’d be so goofy about it, and would find it strange that you don’t see your worth.
  •  So be prepared for him to be over the top with his compliments!!
  •  Would be so damn extra until you understand that he loves every fiber in your being. 

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  • Would use any means necessary to make you understand why you mean so much to him.
  •  From a simple compliment to a special day of just taking care of yourself.
  •  He wouldn’t care about beauty standards. 
  • He only wants you and those standards don’t mean anything!

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~ Admin Ryn

Experiment #2 - Request

Originally requested by @newts-fan-caseSo could you do a Sherlock x Reader were she is riding his face? (Lol I’m a sinner but I ain’t sorry) like for an experiment ‘cause Sherlock thinks a person can’t get aroused just by giving pleasure to someone else, but he is wrong and yeah ;)
& Anon:  Hi! Can I request a smut one shot with Sherlock where he wants to try have the reader sit on his face and eat her out and she’s shy & a bit self conscious with her body and he makes sure he makes her see Stars (with a little fkuff)? Thank you!
Requested by anon:  The “Experiment” was awesome! Can we have a part 2? Pleeeeeaaaaseeee
& a shit load of other people.

This is Sequel Friday first winner.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 2,886

Warnings: Smut (unprotected), un-edited, secuel (yup, it’s a warning)

A/N: Amazing way to wrap an amazing week. Thank you to everyone who voted!


|PART 1|

After Sherlock’s little “experiment”, his relationship with (Y/N) turned somewhat odd. They would continue to work together and act professional during the cases, but the tension between them was too much.

He had showed her a side that not a single human thought existed, or at least didn’t want to see. He had been patient with her, loving even, making sure to make her feel comfortable at all costs, complimenting her, being gentle and respecting her limits… Definitely thing a real gentleman does, but not the kind of traits one would expect from Sherlock Holmes.

Then there was also the fact that John was sensing some change of vibes in 221B. Of course, he figured it had something to do with Sherlock’s usual arse behaviour, but it was weird to see (Y/N) affected by it.

Sherlock was sitting on his seat, Watson was on his and (Y/N) was between them on the “victim’s chair”. Watson had a stern, determined look on his eyes and Sherlock was calm as usual, thinking that John was too dumb to have figured anything about him and (Y/N).

“What is going on?” John asked carefully.

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I feel like we aren’t talking about this moment enough. Look at the look on Yurio’s face. He knows he’s lost the dance-off. In every picture it looks like he is struggling to keep up while Yuuri is killing it. Poor Yurio knows that Yuuri has beat him and that Viktor is going to follow him to Japan. And Yurio was witness to Viktor and Yuuri’s amazing dance and Viktor’s heart eyes. No wonder he is such a grumpy little shit in Japan. He knew Viktor’s heart belonged to Yuuri a year before either of them stepped foot on the ice at the skate off. Poor kid’s been waiting for his moment with his Russian hero, Viktor and after one dance, another skater with his same name has unwittingly taken that chance from him. I hope Yurio gets some happiness too.

Pearl absolutely destroying Holly Blue with her words was amazing but can we appreciate Steven for a second here?

Like the whole time he’s seen Pearl get pushed around and clapped at and humiliated, and he’s so pumped to return the favor? Like the moment Pearl started snarking he immediately got psyched because yesssss I can clap at her like she did one of my mothers and add to her wreckage. 

Steven you little shit you’re so beautiful.

“Watership Down” is so fucking good

I know what you’re thinking. “A book about fucking bunnies? Not just a book, but a novel? 476 goddamn pages? No fucking way can that be anything but torture. That’s, like, what Luna Lovegood reads on the shitter.” Okay, but no. Here’s the thing. This book is actually fucking amazing. Seriously, this is some next-level shit. Hear me out.

First of all, this dude Richard Adams knew his shit. He didn’t just pull some stories out of his ass and figure that would be good enough: before he wrote about rabbits, he studied those little fuckers. He didn’t just read the best reference book about them, he, like, called its author up and made him into a best bro. They’d, like, go walking over the downs talking about bunnies and shit for hours and hours and hours.

Point is, when these bunnies start doing some un-bunny-like shit, dude knows it and just puts it out there. He’s like, yo, these special bunnies I’m telling you about who, like, made special plans and fucked with humans and made friends with birds? Yeah, that ain’t natural. It happened to these bunnies, because they were in some exceptional circumstances, and that’s why they got a fat novel written about them.

So you’re like, “Okay, cool, consider my disbelief 100% suspended. You know your shit and I don’t, so I’m gonna just take it from you when it comes to saying what the hell rabbits do and what they don’t do. You tell me bunnies fuck in the winter and chill in the summer? Alright, I’m down. But these bunnies were fucking in the summer? Goddamn, that is some perverse shit going on right there. Tell me more!” See, this book works like that.

See, the reason this book works is that this guy gets in in the heads of those little British bunnies. Rabbits look cute and shit when you’re in a zoo, but this guy gets you to think about just how fucking bleak it is to be a bunny. First thing, you just live, like, what? Three, four years? No wonder you want to fuck all the time—but you only can in the winter! Ouch.

Then, you always have to be afraid of, like, basically everything. You can maybe dominate, like, a mouse—but that’s it. It’s not just the foxes and the humans you have to be afraid of, it’s shit like weasels and stoats. You know what a stoat is? Well, you would if you were a rabbit, because those nasty little fuckers can take you straight down—even if you’re ten times their size! I shit you not—you can see it on YouTube.

Okay, so you’re starting to get the idea about why this book is actually baller. It’s this hard-ass story about these desperate little mofos who need to vacate their warren because a bunch of humans are about to come fuck it up with poison gas or something. That is some real shit right there.

So these rabbits go on this epic journey across England to find a new place to just live their fucking lives without being gassed or stoated, and on the way they run into other warrens that are just into some twisted shit. Some of them are all fascist and shit—like, they can only use certain holes at certain times, otherwise they get their ears chewed off by the rabbit police or whatever—and some of them are seemingly peaceful, because they’re in a larger fucked-up situation.

I don’t want to spoil this for you or whatever, but I’m just gonna say that it’s an indication of how good this fucker is at telling this goddamn rabbit story that when you get to that part and these other rabbits are all advanced with, like, cave paintings and shit, you’re like, “Daaaaaaaamn! What the fuck is up with that?! That is some fucked-up shit that rabbits would never do, and something is really wrong with these little bunny bastards, so these other rabbits had better get the fuck out of there and listen to the little clairvoyant fucker they brought along with them.” (I told you, this book gets you to totally suspend your disbelief.)

Dude even makes up, like, this whole other language for these rabbits, and that sounds dumb as shit, I know, but it totally works. Read a few hundred pages of this, and when your roommate comes home and asks you how many brews are left in the fridge, you’re like, “Yo, get off my back, bro! There are, like, hrair Bud Lights in there. You want more, get in your goddamn hrududu and buy some. Jesus, it’s not even ni-frith, you fucking alcoholic.”

Seriously, start reading this shit and you won’t be able to put it down. It’s totally suspenseful, because you genuinely don’t know what’s going to happen to these little fuckers. You know this guy is down on some National Geographic shit, and you know he’s not going to blink at having some random elil take your favorite little rabbit out because that shit happens out there on the down. This is real, and life is fucking cold for a bunny rabbit.

Four words, then I’m through: Read this goddamn book. It’s so fucking good, when you finish, the next time you see a rabbit in a cage you’re going to give that fat fucker a fist-bump and be all, “Yo. I got you.”

- Jay Gabler

happy tfc hcs to get u thru the day;

  • neil looking up at random moments during the day like when the foxes go out for dinner together or the light from the sun rising  filters through the stadium just as they’re doing their morning stretches or when someone makes an amazing goal, or when wymack ruffles kevin’s hair with a scowl on his face and just being… so filled with warmth and love and practically feeling it leak out of him because he is alive and he is alive to see this and he has the privilege to see the sun rise every morning for the rest of his life and feeling so damn grateful and lucky that it evens feels a little sad, like that ache in your chest when you think about how much you love someone
  • dan and allison and renee having girls nights together where they talk shit about the guys and cuddle and do each others makeup and at 2 am when they should be asleep but are eating popcorn and watching silly romcoms, dan just says, “i love you guys so much” . allison teases her for being sappy and renee says i love you guys too right back and they’re all at peace and happy together for a night.
  • nicky is completely happy and comfortable with his sexuality and misses his boyfriend like hell so when they finally visit each other its like an explosion in his heart and he never wants it to end
    • nicky seeing his cousins repair some of the damage done between them and being so fucking proud becuase they’re growing up and they’re healing in their own way and they’re not the tortured, abused kids he first met
    • nicky having the realization that he doesn’t need to take care of them 24/7, and he can take care of himself sometimes.
  • kevin finding other interests other than exy. kevin learning how to be slightly less obsessed; watching the History channel instead of just exy games on tv, reading books, trying new things and new habits and seeing who he is outside of exy. kevin being happy. kevin recovering. kevin accepting the fact that he’s not the best at everything and he doesn’t have to be. that he can make mistakes and be awful at something and it can be fun and silly and have no real weight in his life.
  • i made a seperate post about this but andrew learning to trust other people in his life enough to let them touch him – that not everything has to be sexual or violent, he can be touched casually, and nicky can pat his arm, and renee can throw an arm around him, and neil can spend hours tracing his back or playing with his hair without the pressure of it ever becoming something else. andrew letting himself be vulnerable to the people he cares about because its an important part of his recovery.

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So John being abusive. It’s easy to miss, like his drinking problem, but he treats Sherlock like shit quite often, and has for a very, very long time. Have you paid attention to how he talks to Sherlock after the “amazing"s and "brilliant"s wear off, especially in TRF? Nobody could be such an annoying dick all the time, the little "jokes” with Lestrade about how he’s a demanding childish asshole, the “try not to be yourself” comments, I always hear “punch me in the face” when you’re talking, etc.

And given that Sherlock can’t actually see inside John’s head, the impression Sherlock gets from how John treats him is pretty clear, at least up to the point where John starts opening up to Sherlock a little bit. See also the John voice Sherlock’s his head in TEH, how surprised he is that he’s John’s best friend in TSOT, etc. I’ve said before, I can see why Sherlock would think John wouldn’t miss him if he died, and might even be better off without him (thus leading to the fall, magnussen, several drug ODs, etc).

And then you throw in all the torture. And now the gross beating scene. I really think they’re not just casually or accidentally making John into an abuser, guys. I don’t think they would go that far for any reason except to deliberately make a point. I think abuse/torture/sadism is as much a major theme of the show as suicide, and I think they’re going to resolve John’s abusiveness as much as they resolve Sherlock’s suicidal nature. Nobody’s going to justify John being that way, or let him off the hook, they’re going to hold him to account for it.

TL;DR - I totally understand if anyone thinks it’s just too dark a theme for them, or personally disagrees with how it was resolved in the end (once we get there), but I don’t think TPTB are just somehow not aware of what they’re doing and how gross it is.

whenever it’s cold outside sherlock steals one of john’s jumpers and takes the duvet off of their bed and curls up in front of the fireplace waiting for john to come home, sometimes he brings his laptop or one of john’s books that he pretends to scoff at and then john comes home from work and he just sees this amazing perfect beautiful man and he goes to curl up with him, greeting him with a little “hey you” and a soft kiss


Downfall - Hitler’s Outrage (Original Subtitles, Extended Length)

This has been parodied so many times, but it is still an amazing scene.  And the best acting ever. 

They are so shit scared to tell him.

And then when he eventually finds out the truth…

All those little glances. The sweating. Blank stares. They know he has gone absolutely mad. He was mad all along  

Turning this clip into a funny viral video made you miss the point of it. 

anonymous asked:

Yaay a new MM imagine blog! >u< Good luck about your blog (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و RFA+V+Saeran how would react MC is one who very talented in the kitchen? *u* Imagine, she is very professional and fast in the kitchen, always cook too delicious and healthy foods for them. Very loves when they fondly eat their meals prepared by her. Thank you! ^^ (And sorry about my poor English, hope you can understand me 😅)

You listen here, you adorable little shit, n e v e r (never ever) apologize for your English. I understand perfectly what you are saying, and I’m really glad that you were the first to request! English is my native, but I can speak several others, and English compared to those is so hard to understand. You’re doing amazing with it, and I’m happy to clarify anything that’s confusing! Much love!


  • Okay, you’re gonna let him feel like he’s able to cook
  • I mean, it tastes pretty okay but his presentATION
  • help this poor kiddo
  • Anyways, you went back to his dorm after you both had went out for the evening
  • You just wanted to cook but you look in the drawers and cupboards and he’s got like three plates and a pan
  • Ending up getting him to go back to where you stay, you had him sit at the counter while you made dinner
  • It wasn’t anything much but hE SURE THOUGHT IT WAS
  • Yoosung was just sitting there wide-eyed while you were trying to have a conversation while flipping things in the air over a flame
  • He couldn’t get that it was just over a f l a m e
  • When you finished cooking everything, he was so damn excited and had to remind himself to not eat too quickly
  • You were just watching him amusedly
  • And he was thinking “There’s vegetables? And its not out of a freezer bag? And it’s properly seasoned?”
  • Every time you two had gotten back from anything and it was around a meal time, it was always to your home if you two weren’t already living together
  • He just wanted to watch you cook and maybe eat a l l of it
  • You were blessed by this boy
  • Even though he never realized you had lived on his campus for culinary arts


  • woah woah woah woah woah, what did you say?
  • You noticed that the food on set wasn’t all that healthy even though he protested
  • “C’mon, Zen, you cant just eat samgyupsal at work then down bottles of beer once you get home” “Watch me, MC” “Fine, but I’m cooking tonight”
  • Zen had cooked maybe, maybe once a week and everything else was restaurants or take-out or the fuckign goldfish bread (Hey, if you were lazy, you just had to walk outside)
  • But the fact that you could and just never did amazed him for some reason
  • Once you had both gotten home, he was nearly bouncing he was so excited
  • Even though he thought it’d just be some sweet potato stir fry or something, he just wanted to taste what you made
  • Oh damn
  • What is that? (It was a stand mixer)
  • He kept trying to “distract” you by hugs but the food was too important
  • Zen was still bouncing off the walls when you had both sat down to eat
  • Then this mother f u c k e r
  • This m o t h e r f u c k e r
  • He took a bite, a single bite, and then fuckign moaned because “It was so good, MC!”
  • You were done with his ass but all of his compliments were so sWEET
  • Zen probably had you cook any time you were able too and you couldn’t not cook for him when he was so cUTE ABOUT IT daMMIT, ZEN


  • You told her when Jaehee asked about if you should make the pastries yourselves or buy them from somewhere else
  • You practically shouted in happiness when she mentioned baking
  • How had this never come up? Oh shit, now I have to bake cookies for my girlfriend. They’re gonna be the b e s t
  • Jaehee was taken aback slightly when you nodded wildly and grabbed her hand to take her into the kitchen
  • You were practically running around to get every ingredient and device required to make exactly what you wanted to impress her with
  • She was watching you were decorating the hwagwaja to look like flowers
  • Jaehee’s Cute Thought About MC started because yoU LOOKED SO CONCENTRATED AND YOUR TONGUE WAS STICKING OUT A LITTLE ANd ugh she just really loved you
  • Putting them all on a plate to present them, you used some of the chocolate you had for a drizzle and made a lil heart with it
  • Error: Jaehee Deaded
  • She was so happy! You got to do something you got excited about! Plus she got to watch you be cute!


  • He noticed your name was mentioned in a lot of food magazines and winners of competitions when he background checked you the first time around
  • Seven randomly brought it up once you two were living together
  • “Hey, MC, can you make ssol ro ppung?” “You’re just gonna dip them in soda and I don’t wanna watch that” “C’mooooon, it’ll be fun!”
  • He then proceeded to drag you to the barely used kitchen
  • You were at least 80% sure he was more excited than you
  • Wait
  • He’s begging?
  • Oh hell yes
  • This only happened so often so it was on
  • It was honestly probably the quickest you had made something with such high quality
  • Plus there was a really adorable Seven sitting on the counter swinging his legs 
  • You made him promise not to dunk them in soda and he looked so happy at the small snack
  • Wait no
  • “Saeyoung, no” “Saeyoung, yes
  • he was mixing them into his bag of honey buddha chips dAMMIT, SAEYOUNG
  • He promised the next time he wouldn’t “taint the precious meal” but you knew his bitch ass was lying


  • Why did you know his personal chef? MC, what’s going on?
  • Turns out his chef was a former collegue of yours and Juumin was feeling really ???
  • On one hand, you shouldn’t have to cook for yourself
  • On the other, do whatever you enjoy? If you worked with his personnel, you were surely well-educated in the matter
  • If anything, he was glad that you wouldn’t skip meals if you exceeded in the culinary arts and could easily make something healthy
  • So then the next week he asked if you could make you both lunch for the day you were coming to the office
  • And he was most definitely not disappointed
  • Lowkey wanted to lay off his chef because hEC K
  • Everything was so neatly made? And as cute as you?
  • Well, now, its as hot as you, too
  • Jumin was softly smiling throughout lunch so then you just had to cook more often


  • He really wanted to just lay in bed all day, but you gOTTA BE PRODUCTIVE, JIHYUN
  • First step: Make breakfast
  • wait no
  • Where’s MC?
  • And now there’s sounds of oil sizzling downstairs
  • He made his way to the kitchen and could hear you flipping over pastries on the stovetop
  • kinda mad he couldn’t see you but hearing you hum a bit was really pleasant
  • You looked up to see him smiling a bit in the doorway
  • V ended up helping you mix cream even though you had already made some
  • shhh, you just wanted to eat it later
  • He was really happy when you pulled out his chair at the table and sat across from him once everything was done
  • Definitely thanked you multiple be times
  • you just gOTTA BE CUTE, JIHYUN


  • Let’s be honest, living with Seven didn’t provide the healthiest food options so you took matters into your own hands
  • You got up a bit early to start a slow cooker for dinner and began to make breakfast
  • Seven had just fallen asleep, so you only cooked for two
  • You had set some music to play quietly wile you were turning things over and getting out dishes
  • Then a groggy, bed-headed Saeran was leaning against the counter to watch you bop around the kitchen
  • If you got him to not be grumpy, you were already blessed
  • But that little smile? AMAZING maybe you’d have to figure out how to hack into the cameras to replay it
  • Sure, he smiled around you after he got comfortable
  • but this eARLY? b l e s s e d
  • You set some ingredients by the slow cooker when you wanted to make the rest of the day’s meals then fixed a plate for yourself
  • Saeran looked kind of confused when you held the other, empty plate out to him
  • “Me? You want me to eat with you?” “Yeah, of course” “Well, alright”
  • He filled his plate then ate quietly while sitting next to you
  • “Thank you? “Hmm?” “Uh, I said fuck you” “Mhmm” “…asshole”
  • He still came as soon as possible when you say it was time for lunch and dinner

I’ so sorry that this took so long! I just wanted to make sure I got it done well. If you’d like me to change anything, just let me know! I’ll gladly redo any characters if they weren’t good, especially the last few, because I was running out of some ides. Please also let me know if there’s any grammatical errors or anything that’s just too out of character. Hope you enjoyed, nerds!

Also! I tried my best to research foods that weren’t generically United States’ foods. If there’s any problem with the cultural aspect, also please let me know, so that I can fix it as soon as possible!

I just did a rewatched season 1 of the skam. Don’t get wrong, I love Jonas in  season 3 and thinks he’s an amazing friend. But what bugged me  in season 1 was that he made these little comments that made Eva Mohn feel dumb  you could tell it made her feel like shit.  But  then here comes the fuckboy Chris, who known for a couple minutes told she was smart he didn’t even question he knew she was smart. That’s that will be one of my favorite scenes because that moment, no one questioning her opinion or why she chooses to say that.