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Got7 Reaction: You Being Scared of Losing Your Virginity

I haven’t wrote about Got7 yet im hype

Mark Tuan

He would be the type to freak out once it’s apparent, but that won’t drive him away. He will let you take your time and he will try to get you to open up to him.

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Lim Jaebum (JB)

I honestly think he would get the wrong idea at first until you explained. He would think you weren’t attracted to him anymore until you explained that you’re a virgin. Once you did explain he would try to show you that everything will be okay and eventually let you experience your first. He would be sooooo fucking sweet about it. “It’s okay you can trust me. Everything will be fine.”

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Jackson Wang

“WHAT?!?!? BUT YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL!” He would be shooketh omfg. Jackson is such a sweetie tho he doesn’t care he will wait for you to be ready. He knows a relationship isn’t only about sex.

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Park Jinyoung

My boy wouldn’t worry in the slightest. He probably didn’t expect it but he wouldn’t be weird about it. It was just something else he knew about you. Plus I feel he has lots of self-control. He can wait if you need to.

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Choi Youngjae

Youngjae is an innocent cute lil bean himself so he would be all types of chill. I feel like he is the least sexual of the members so it wouldn’t be an issue.

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He would be the most shook like omfg ya boi is dying. “So you’re telling me that..you..you never…oh wow..” He would wait but he would really want to change your status lowkey.

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Kim Yugyeom

Another innocent bean (somewhat.) He doesn’t give a fuck and will wait until you are ready but he will slightly get urges as the youngest. So he’s a mix between Youngjae and BamBam on this one.

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that anon is so SO wrong. May i make a case for Phil being into mpreg? exhibit a) in the "dill has a baby" video Phil suggests putting pillows under their shirts so they empathize with pregnant Tabitha. exhibit b) during the pastel easter baking Phil puts his hand in Dan's dungarees, says "mpreg fic" and then roleplays as a crying baby. (he also tagged the video as "mpreg" on his tumblr). exhibit c) THE HAND, fiction written by him in which he gives birth to Harry Styles.

you’re doing amazing sweetie 

(jokes aside tho, there have genuinely been these multiple references to it from him which is why it felt so significant to me today, bc it is categorically quite a non-hetero thing to mention/reference/joke about and for phil to allude to it repeatedly, and this time even make a joke about reading and enjoying fic in this genre,,, it’s just a big deal and i’m honestly surprised that anyone is having trouble seeing how far he’s come in the type of humor and subtext he’s willing to put forward in front of the camera)  

Let me introduce:

Haru Tsukishima

  • 31 years old.
  • Around 5′8″ and 132 lbs. Very slim and lean.
  • A very ordinary and average office worker. He tends to be rather quiet at work and mostly stay in the background since he’d rather not draw any unnecessary attention to himself. He doesn’t hesitate to be stern with his colleagues when he needs to be, though.
  • In the evenings and during weekends, Haru enjoys to crossdress and go out for a good time, whether that be drinking, finding a one night-stand, or both. When crossdressing, he feels like he can finally lower his guard, and he is often much more outgoing and flirty.
  • While Haru does crossdress, he does not identify as female. To put it simply, he just enjoys the way women’s clothes look on him and the way they feel. He’s always had a soft spot for cute things, and he’s very weak to anything lacy.
  • He does try his best to keep his hobby hidden from his colleagues, though, thus the reason for his behavior at work. However, if he’s in a particularly frisky and adventurous mood, and if he’s met a partner that draws that kinky side out of him, he might just decide to wear a pair of his favorite panties to the office. It wouldn’t be the first time, though~


he probably also thought it sounded humble but teru, no, sweetie, kdslfdk he means well tho hes TRYING hes just an ass also i love him so much

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Tweek being a sassy bitch to Craig whenever he does anything is the fucking best like yes baby tell that hoe about how little effort is in his costume and how Childish he is, you're doing amazing sweetie yes but really tho? Tweeks confidence has sky rocketed, I love it???

tweek is just “ily babe but u ugly”

but srs its the best