he's such a sweetie tho


this video of harry is very cute ok it’s a girl who went to the same school as him and when she met him at the signing he said he recognized her & for her to wait for him after the signing

they talk about an art teacher and harry is like “didn’t she lock someone in a cupboard once?” lol. you can’t see his face ‘cause her phone was in her pocket or something but you can see his body and him holding his notebook and IDK I THOUGHT IT WAS CUTE and ppl should see it <333

Pick a member - EXO

Rules: Answer the question (do not leave any out or replace it with a member that’s not listed) by choosing one of three members given. Of course you are able to provide a reason for your answer.

Actually, both xo-exooooo and silverlyy tagged me in this, muahuahua, tyy, c: ~ I was so bored I was gunna go crazy @,@~

1. Marry? Xiumin/Luhan/Suho

I would marry Suho so I can get them stacks, ayy, partially jk. He seems like a sweetie even tho I know he’s two-faced because he’s a gemini ^^ ^^ ^^ 

2. Would not bail out of jail? Baekhyun/Kyungsoo/Chanyeol

I wouldn’t bail none of them ‘cause I ain’t got the money to, lol. But I’mma say Baekhyun ‘cause he talk too much, lol.

3. Lose your innocence to? Kai/Sehun/Yixing

What does this mean tho? But the things I think about Sehun… wooo~~ I guess that’s yo answer, lmfao. Tell Sehun to hmu when he free, lmfao

4. Workout buddy? Kyungsoo/Chen/Tao

Hmmm… Def between Chen and Tao… I would say Tao because he knows know to work that body c: c: c: Tao-baby, UNF. Chen poppin’ too tho, I’m not frontin’. And Kyungsoo too, actually, but idk, I think it’d be weird working out with him. So, yup, Tao ^^

5. Accompany you on an island that has no inhabitants? Kris/Baekhyun/Sehun

Kris because he’s a man of many secrets and everyday with him would be interesting, x3! I think we’d have a lot to talk about, and we could be dorks together c:

6. Partner in crime? Kai/Chen/Luhan

Kai ‘cause he got them ballet moves and he could en pointe a hoe real good if need be.

7. Introduce to your best friend? Kris/Chanyeol/Suho

Well I don’t have a best friend so uhhh… But why does this matter, lol, what, who does this. Do people with best friends introduce their friends to them?? Is this the life of people with friends??? Uhh… I guess Kris :O? Even though Kris would be my best friend, lol. I’d just put him in front of a mirror and tell him to say hi.

8. Everything at the mall is on sale. Who would you go shopping with? Xiumin/Yixing/Chen

Whoever got bank. Who’s the richest outta these three? Hmmm… Nah, jk (partially), I guess… Chen :O? Maybe we could have fun, x3! 

9. Clubbing with? Kyungsoo/Tao/Kris

I was gunna say Tao but he’d probably be getting mad inappropriate (not to me; to like the other clubbers) and I would disown him lmfao, so I guess, Kris, so we could make fun of each other’s dance skills. And “clubbing” is not my style; how do you even “club” lol? What does “clubbing” entail? 

10. Remake 50 Shades of Grey with?  Kai/Xiumin/Suho

I’mma pass. Not my style.

11. Parents most likely approve of? Chen/Kris/Sehun

Kris because he’s smart, intelligent, probably wise, he’s cute, handsome, adorable, would make beautiful babies (that’s disgusting; why did i type that lol), and would bring in the money, ayyy. 

Omfg; I’m really partially joking about the money. I feel like Mr. Krabs but I’m really not D: 

12. Ditch on a first date? Chanyeol/Luhan/Tao

Ditch on a first date… who even does that? That’s so rude oh my g- Chanyeol.

13. See yourself having kids with? Kyungsoo/Yixing/Baekhyun

Hmmm… THIS IS SUCH A HARD ONE, LOL. Maybe… IDK DX! Maybe… Kyungsoo :3? He’s more my style.

14. Watch a Disney animation with in theatres? Chen/Sehun/Suho

I don’t watch no gosh darn Disney movies, wtf. I’d watch it with Sehun tho so we could both make fun of the movie c: c: c: 

15. Who would you picture your thirteen year old self dating? Kyungsoo/Kai/Tao

Hmmm… what was I like when I was 13… Ummm… first off, let me try to imagine THEM at 13, lol. Ain’t tryna get my babies arrested, lol. I think maybe… Kyunggie again :3? We’d be really weird together, muahuahua~!

16. Pull the best wedding proposal? Baekhyun/Kris/Luhan

Baekhyun is going to have the most RIDICULOUS wedding proposal, okay.

17. Most suitable to be a McDonald’s employee? Baekhyun/Suho/Sehun

SEHUN!! And he’d be all sassy and he’d be all like, “Ugh, are you sure you want fries with that? *flips hair*” And then he’d bend down all unnecessarily to make an Icee.

18. Spoil you the most? Chen/Yixing/Chanyeol

You literally picked like the Top 3 spoilers, you quiz-maker, you!! I think… Lay? He would always try to make sure you’re okay and happy, and if you’re sad he might like buy you a ferrari (i don’t even know how they look; all i know is it’s an expensive car, lol), and be like, “Are you still mad at me T_T??”

19. Best kisser? Tao/Kyungsoo/Xiumin

TAO! TAO WOULD GO INNNNNNNN!!! TAO WOULD– YASSSSSSSS!!!! He’d get them lips more swollen than cayenne pepper, oh my gosh. And he’d make sure to have you by the sides of your face, omfg. Kissing is nasty but I can tell you Tao would– YASSSSSSSS.

20. Who would you say your most compatible with? (Choose any of the 12 members but remember, favoritism and compatibility are two different things).

I think I’m most compatible with… I think Kris, still. I identify with a lot of the feelings that he’s expressed he’s had. I think he’s… the more maturer version of me. Idk, i feel like we’re really similar. We both come off as cold at first, but we’re actually really big dorks who tell bad jokes ^^ Yeahh; he just reminds me of myself a lot~

I’m tagging~~~

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violet-kat-grove asked:

My bug sons rate all the bug sons

“how hot is that character” ask meme

god bless


Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

i love chocho but hes not rly crush material 4 me rip hes a sweetie tho id probably date him


Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

again i love kamakiri but hes not exAAAACTLY my type, i leave him as son material


Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY


Arachy’s descendant, everyone.

He would be… Very loud, smug and “slightly” out of the control. He would be be a dragon nerd too AND he would also work on his skills to become a hunter of dragon hunters. So I guess his favourite line would be “Hunter becomes hunted.” before he kills them off.

He would be actually a sweetie to other trolls and his friends tho. He would also be a tattoo artist.

mon-petite-cherie asked:

[ ur Yaku is perfect like?? He's so caring towards Kenma and he's so nice and he's a total dad let's be honest and he's such a sweetie even tho he's salty af and i adore your writing you're great ily

what is your opinion on my portrayal?

Awww gosh thank you !!  And yes omg Yaku takes care of all of the kids on Nekoma he’s basically adopted all of them I’m so glad you like my portrayal ;A;

ladyduomaxwell asked:

What happened to Markipler? I noticed about your posts of him. Did something happen?

Watch his 8 mil subscriber vid uploaded on sunday.
He just has a big heart is all. He’s fine tho, the sweety.

Work Accent

This baby face cute Australian born and raised young man started working at my job. The girls are fawning over him because of his accent. It’s cute but don’t go throwing off your skirts just yet, ladies. He may have a different preference than what you expect. Haha
He is constantly asking me if it is common for American women to love foreign accents and I had to say yes. Then he wondered why I didn’t jump at him to talk to him.
Well my good man, because I respect boundaries and I do not want you to feel overwhelmed. -Tips my hat.-