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For Rent - Part 11

Mr. Gold/Belle,  G

Summary: A nice little epilogue to wrap things up.

NotesTHANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Loads of thanks to everyone who support this little fic that could, from a random one-shot prompt, to its stupidly long hiatus, all the way to 11 chapters of dorks in love, so many of you stuck with it. I still can’t believe this is one of my most popular fics. A special thank you to the wonderful @leni-ba who gave me the initial prompt that started the whole thing, and to @the1ultimatefan for your incredible comments that kept spurring me on.


The ground was squishy under Gold’s shoes, soaked with the heavy spring rains that had fallen for the last two nights. He looked up at the little house and sighed.

“You’re sure this is what you want?” he asked, casting a glance over his shoulder to Belle.

She gave him a sympathetic look. “Yes, I’m sure,” she said softly. “We talked about this, and it’s for the best. For both of us.”

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shesthemuscle  asked:

Have you done a first time someone appreciated/made Snart feel good about his squishyness? If not, you should.

I actually have done this a few times in a few Coldatom fics, recently: For the Mission and Heart-Over-Heels (e2-Leonard). and there are a few in my tumblr prompt fics. but, i’m always down for doing more of it!

partially under a cut because it got…long….whoops

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Ray is snuggled up with Leonard, his head on Leonard’s shoulder and his hand running up and down the other man’s torso. They’re lying down in Leonard’s bed, watching Star Trek projected on the wall at the end of the bed. 

Leonard twitches, suddenly, as Ray’s hand shifts down across his soft stomach. 

“You okay?” Ray asks softly, twisting to look up at Leonard’s expression. 

Leonard’s face is twisted up in something that Ray thinks might be discomfort, and Ray instantly starts to worry. He and Leonard have only just started this–whatever this thing is that involves lots of kissing, a good amount of sex, and a growing amount of cuddles. Ray definitely doesn’t want to screw it up. 

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Exo’s Reaction - You Watching Their Dance Practices

I hope you love this! 


Xiumin - *Doesn’t mind you being there, focuses on what he’s doing but raising an eyebrow at you everytime he hip thrusts* 

Lay - *He’s really comfortable dancing in front on anyone so it doesn’t faze him that you’re there and being the adorable little cute unicorn he is, starts dancing like a dork between songs*

Kai - *Shows off his best moves and tries to get you involved but you didn’t have any of it*

Suho - *Starts being really shy that you’re watching but finds it adorable that you joined in from behind the camera when filming the practice*

Kyungsoo - *Because you’re there, he gets really squishy which makes him get off track*

Tao - *Starts an argument with Sehun because he thought he was impressing you more than Tao*

Chen - *Like Lay, he wouldn’t be fazed and would show you his shuffling skills when having a five minute break*

Kris - *Tries to show off but ends up kissing the floor*

Chanyeol - *Ties to maintain a straight face but ends up cracking up because you’re there and finds it cute and funny when your mocking the other members when they’re not looking*

Baekhyun - *Makes a fool of himself to in and after realizing that he was being filmed, he laughs it off and doesn’t care*

Sehun - *Purposely be really sexy to make you smirk and when he could see the other members were trying to get your attention, he’d sass them and makes sure your eyes were only on him*

Luhan - *Randomly starts doing the gwiyomi dance but adds weird shit into it*

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uzuryu for the ship thingy


who’s the cuddler: Uzu is usually the one to instigate it, but they’re both huge cuddlers (as tough as they seem they’re actually squishy sappy dorks around each other). They fall asleep in each other’s arms all the time.

who makes the bed: Ryuko. She gets up a little later than Uzu.

who wakes up first: ^Uzu. He gets up early to train and usually can’t stand to wake Ryuko up…usually. Sometimes he’ll drag her out of bed with him so they can go for a run or something.

who has the weird taste in music: Ryuko. She likes anything no matter the genre or language. Of course it’s rubbing off on Uzu.

who is more protective: Both but in different ways. They both know the other can hold their own physically, but Ryuko knows she can take a bit lot more damage. However, emotionally she’s more fragile so Uzu does everything he can to make her feel safe and loved.

who sings in the shower: Ryuko, she is a surprisingly good singer.

who cries during movies: Both. From laughter usually. Sappy romances and RomComs crack them up. Ryuko only gets misty eyed if something bad happens to an animal ;_;

who spends the most while out shopping: Though neither of them are big shopaholics, Uzu likes buying Ryuko little gifts if he sees them. A stuffed animal, a CD, candy. Little things.

who kisses more roughly: Uzu. He gets into it real quick. 

who is more dominate: Uzu. He’s pretty upfront about his feelings whereas Ryuko’s a super Tsundere

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10 THE OTP FEELS ARE REAL

send me moar ships!

brb running away to tortall

Reading Wild Magic at 26 instead of 10 (Oy, I feel old) I’m struck by how much more interesting the adults are to me now. This coterie of people around the Riders is obviously like this little ad-hoc family of adults who are kind of misfits elsewhere–Onua, Numair, Buri, Sarge, Thayet, Alanna, George, Kuri, and eventually Daine. The adults spend so much time lovingly shit-talking each other. (Numair opened his eyes. “You’re talking about me. I can tell.” “He’s vain, too,” Onua said loudly. [And shit-talks him some more] “But that’s my good side,” protested Numair. “You really should tell her some of my faults.” He paused, then added, “Then again–please don’t. I forgot you actually know my faults.”)

It’s like they’re this secret little coterie of people who are necessary to the Crown and therefore vested with a lot of power, but aggressively working to keep each other sane and humble. The Riders are called the Irregulars, but people like Daine and Numair are Irregulars too, in their own way.

Society of misfits, population n+1. *squishy heartmarks*

Also, this time, Numair seems so young. He’s my age. Now I’m like, “Omg bb, you are such a dork and you don’t know how to help it and you really want to be friends with people but you’re not super good at it, are you?” I’d always pictured his student-days hookup with Varice as this totally suave adult affair, but omg, they were probably like highschoolers or something. Onua tells Daine that he took pity and made friends with her when she was new to Tortall, but what probably happened was Numair ambushing her with HI ARE YOU NEW IM NEW HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT WILD MAGIC? I THINK IT IS VERY AWESOME AND YOU HAVE SOME. LET’S BE FRIENDS AND I WILL FOLLOW YOU AROUND THE STABLES.

BTS reaction when you kiss them first

Thank you so much for the request my lovely girlie I hope you like it saranghae <3

J-hope: *He’d get so excited over the kiss that he’d be almost bouncing around the place, he wouldn’t be able to wipe the smile off his face for the rest of the day*

Rap Monster: *He’d turn into a squishy dork and would start blushing a little bit, being as confident as he usually is all that would go out of the window as he’s left standing there speechless*

Suga: *He’d try to act cool about it and he’d try to hide the fact they he’s really happy and excited that you had the courage to kiss him first, he’d return the kiss not long after to show he felt the same way*

Jimin: *He’d smile so much that it hurt and he’d be so happy that you kissed him however he would feel a little disappointed in himself since he wanted to be the one to surprise you with a kiss, but he’s not complaining that it happened the other way around*

Jin: *He’d be so surprised at the kiss that all he could do was stand there and stare at you with wide eyes, once he got over the shock he’d be like an excited child and wouldn’t be able to stop smiling*

Taehyung: *He’d freeze as your lips met his, he’d be so nervous at first and wouldn’t know how to respond but once he’s okay with it he’d kiss you back and would deepen the kiss*

Jungkook: *He’d be a blushing mess at first and wouldn’t know how to react but when you pull away he wouldn’t be able to help but smile, he’d be so happy that you liked him as much as he liked you and he’d love that you had the courage to kiss him first*


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The nordics reactions to a really scary movie

Haha I really like this one ;)

Sweden: Sve is they kind of guy that if he sees a scary flick, he’ll tend to scoot closer and closer to the person he’s next to until it gets to the point that he might as well just be in the person’s lap. Usually Finland. Claiming he was ok, yet not liking being left alone in an empty room. He as to be close to someone.  

Finland: Finny is surprisingly hard to freak out. BUT on the occasion that a movie is too scary or intense he makes constant excuses to get up. Excuses include  putting on water for tea, or going to the bathroom 20 times even deciding to make dessert…from scratch. Anything to assure he doesn’t have to see all of it. Adorable, and none of the other Nordics have the heart to tell him they know what he’s doing.

Iceland: Icey will instantly put the screen on his phone’s screen to low light and start scrolling. Figuring if he only hears the movie it won’t be as scary, but he wouldn’t be called a chicken by the others because he stayed. After everything was said and done, even though he’d only heard it,   he’d still wind up staying up all night due to nightmares. Too proud to tell Norge or Den about it.

Norway: Norge is adorable because he acts like the movie in question doesn’t bother him, when it really does. So he’ll sit though it and block it out as best he can, grasping tightly onto a pillow out of anxiousness. After though Norge just ends up having to watch something happy before he can go to bed. Also that is one of the times he really reaches for the pink stuffed bunny he has.

Denmark: Den is soooo bad. If the movie is an obvious one that is pretty lame, he’s ok. Now if this dork gets scared he dens the whole jumping and jolting thing. Freaking out and even making little whimpering noises in anticipation of what will happen next. Afterwards he won’t go into a dark room alone and he usually crawls into bed with Norge.

Bonus: If Norge and Den get freaked out by the same movie they all saw together, chances are Den and Norge pile into Icey’s bed. At that point, though a squishy fit,  Ice doesn’t mind one bit having his big brothers there with him.  

Exo reaction when you tell them you love them for the first time

Xiumin: *Stay quiet for a bit to try and find the right words but when he knows what he wants to say he says the most cheesiest yet sweetest thing ever* 

Lay: *Gets shy and starts to blush*

Kai: *Smiles like an idiot*

Suho: *Tried to prove he loves you more but the two of you just end up fighting over it*

Kyungsoo: *Goes all squishy and can’t stop smiling*

Tao: *Smirks because he knew you’d say it sooner or later*

Chen: *He’ll be sarcastic about it but will be very touched by the fact that you said it first* 

Kris: *Treats it like an everyday thing but on the inside he’s beaming like a child at christmas*

Chanyeol: *Takes him a while to register what you said since it was so out of the blue* 

Baekhyun: *Turns into a little dork and can’t stop smiling*

Luhan: *So happy you said it even though he already knew you loved him*

Sehun: *He’s a little sarcastic at first but soon goes cute since it was the first time you told him*


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Exo Reactions To Finding Out That You’re Going To Have Triplets

My nightmare. Here you go xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *stares at the monitor for a long time* “Why are there… THREE OF THEM?!” *he’d be so shocked that you wouldn’t know whether he was happy or not until you get home & he starts singing to your belly*

Chanyeol: “Three… Three?” *doesn’t know what to think but he ends up smiling like a dork & hugging the doctor because he’s so excited to have three little babies instead of just one*

Chen: “Shut up. You’re lying. Stop lying. DON’T LIE TO ME, I SWEAR TO GOD.” *gets all happy & smiley, when he looks at you, you can see that he’s really surprised but in a good way* 

D.O.: “Triplets?! Really?! Wow!” *gets all squishy & hugs you, trying to stop smiling like crazy but he can’t help himself *

Kai: *as the doctor is showing him each of the babies, he’s staring at the screen with a huge smile like a little kid looking at puppies* 

Kris: *listens carefully to the doctor, unable to totally prepare himself for the news, but he stays calm & smiles at you reassuringly to show that he’s happy no matter how many there are*

Lay: “How… did… we… make three?” *embarrassed & cute because he apparently doesn’t understand how sex works*

Luhan: “See?! I told you I’m a man. Look how many babies I’ve given you!” *you & the doctor laugh at his attempt to be tough & manly* “Shut up… I’m a man.”

Sehun: *makes eye contact with you & you can feel him beaming with cockiness at what he’s achieved* “I knew all that sex was doing something.”

Suho: “You said there was one… now there are three… Where did they come from?” *confused & surprised but he gets over it later because he wants to have a million kids*

Tao: *starts screaming & running around all happy, chokes, calms down, returns to your side to be all supportive & cute again*

Xiumin: *looks at the doctor* “I made those. With my dick.” *winks at you & smiles, rubbing your belly, then looking at it with pride*

GOT7 reaction to you confessing to them drunk then forgetting the next day.

Anonymous said:

okay ^^ so it was (If I remember well.. lol) : yesterday you drank way too much and end up confessing and saying how much you can’t endure not being in a relationship with GOT7/N and in the morning you don’t remember anything at all so you ask them what happened ^^

So sorry for your extra long wait :( didn’t even realise there was a glitch T_T please forgive me
Hope you like what i did 
Keep requesting guys. requests will be closed from the 23rd till i empty my drafts box


confessing:-whether it caught him by surprise of not, he would be over the moon, he would probably over react, in moments like this he can’t keep his cool.

the next morning:-this is when cool JB comes out, he knows he’s yours now, and sweet and charming greeting when he sees you.

Telling you what happened:-the most ‘i know all you secrets’ kind of smirk, you’d feel uneasy but also not at the same time


confessing:- smiling so much he can’t talk, which is different to normal because he wasn’t to tell you everything, but just can't because he’s so happy

the next morning:- like your hangover, last nights emotions still linger and his high hadn’t come down at all. just look at him bite his lip as he sees you.

Telling you what happened:- he’d tell you everything that happened, but leave your confession to the end, but throughout the whole story he wouldn’t be able to look at you, because of his shyness


confessing:-just look at that smile! how could he react another way then melt on the spot.

the next morning:- Mr. confidence is out, and sauntering all over the dorm, he's practically on cloud 9.

Telling you what happened:- at first he thinks your messing with him, not to get out of confessing, but to get him to say it, and of course he doesn’t want to fall for your trip.


confessing:- he probably already knew something was going on, but as soon as you say it he still can’t help but smile at you cute flustered drunkenness 

the next morning:- he becomes even more sweeter than normal, wanting to share food and lots of skinship

Telling you what happened:- oh man where does he even start…


confessing:- he’s be smiling ear-to-ear, and when it came to him replying he suddenly felt shy and unable to look you in the eye.

the next morning:- its all super squishy youngjae,he’s still smiling like a dork every time he sees you.

Telling you what happened:- smug and cocky youngjae comes out to play, he has a second chance to get this right, and manly youngjae is what he decides 


confessing:- sweet and fluster bambam is speechless, just speechless not scream-less

the next morning:- smooth ad sexy bambam has appeared and he’s here to charm the pants off of you.

Telling you what happened:- wow he really didn’t see this coming, he reverts to his flailing self, with no idea how or what to tell you


confessing:- bless his little soul, he wouldn’t be able to stop ailing and giggling all night long

the next morning:- he becomes really forward in the way he approaches you, maybe even a hug of a kiss.

Telling you what happened:- he’d get super shy, its like he’s having to confess to you. he doesn’t know where to start, and just stutters all over the place

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Sleepy Barry. Dorky Barry. I want 10.

Requested By Anonymous!    And also this Anonymous! 

I just combined the two since I was writing the first request when the second was sent in. \(._.)/  It’s still short as Hell though. Holy crap. 

It had finally be done, you did it. 

You exhausted the fastest man alive. 

Well, it wasn’t really you. Not all of it anyways. A day full of crazy metas, Cisco, you, training while Caitlin and Cisco monitored him, Cisco.. The poor guy had a long day! 

But now that he could finally just collapse on your guys’ bed, this is his happiness. 

So there you two were at only 7 p.m at night. You sorta were propped up against the pillows and Barry’s head resting against your chest, while your fingers running through his soft brown hair. Barry himself was drifting in and out of sleep though, not wanting to pass out yet since he was still rambling about his day and how exhausted he was, and of course he had to finish that. 

You were totally okay with this. 

You got to listen to your dorky little boyfriend ramble off facts about how exhausting science is, that “stupid modified treadmill from hell”, and then you got free cuddles. Where’s the issue.

“You wanna know something.” Barry slurred out, tracing random shapes on your tummy.


Boobs, are like squishy pillows. Did you know that?” He said bluntly, and you raised your eyebrows. 

You’re so cute when you’re this tired,” You chuckled, before kissing the top of his head. “Now go to sleep, you dork.” You smirked. 

“Mmh.” Barry muttered and you just rolled your eyes fondly.

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Exo Reactions To Going On A Beach Date With You

These ended up being like dating profiles more than beach dates but they were fun to write so hopefully they’re interesting. xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/



He’ll act stupid through the date to make you laugh, trying to use his charms to seduce you into the water, then turning it into a joke & acting more like a dork. He’ll make a lot of jokes but turn more serious as he realizes the day is ending & he’ll have to say goodbye soon. He’ll take a slower approach to kissing you by just holding your hand first, looking you in the eye so you’ll see that he truly cares about you & that he isn’t just in it for the intimacy.


He’ll be cocky at first because you finally agreed to go out with him. But he’ll eventually soften up & turn into a big kid who giggles constantly whenever you show more interest in him. He’ll use the beach as an excuse to show off & try to impress you but end up doing something stupid instead that you’ll laugh at. It won’t discourage him & he’ll try harder, taking your face in his hands to kiss you so that you see how much he means it when he says he likes you.


He’ll spend the date asking you things about yourself & talking to you like it’s not a date, feeling slightly too nervous to do anything at first. But he’d be slowly scooting closer to you as the day goes on. While the two of you are sitting in your spot, he’ll put an arm around your waist, pulling you closer so you’re aware of his feelings. He’ll stay quiet for the most part but he’ll turn your head towards his with his fingertips & strategically kiss you as the sun is going down.

D.O.: *

He’ll make it obvious to you that he’s interested right away, smiling & talking to you with his eyes dead set on you as you sit closely together for hours. He’d make sure you were feeling comfortable with the date, reassuring you if you expressed any reservations about how you look in your swimsuit. He’ll take it slow & won’t push anything further than it needs to be, asking if he can kiss you towards the end but waiting for the right moment before doing so. 


He’ll spend almost the whole time trying to coax you into the water with him, not in a pushy way but just as something fun to do. Eventually he’d pull you along & splash around while you stand in the shallow waters watching. He’d kiss you when you least expect it but then get scared that he did it too soon & feel embarrassed until you reassure him that you liked it, doing it again more slowly. He’d make sure you enjoyed yourself, asking for another chance if not.


He’ll try to be cool & romantic about it, pretending to get sand stuck in his eye so you have to help him get it out as an excuse to kiss you, but never forces anything. He’d just want you to know that he’s making an upfront effort to show you that he likes you, even if he’s more direct about it than most people are. He’ll give you little touches as a further sign of his attention being on you. He’d initiate another date, using it as a way to gauge your feelings for him. 


He’ll spend a lot of your time together making sandcastles & giggling when you tell him stories or give him compliments on his build. It would be a totally carefree day for the most part. But as the day gets later he’d take you for a walk down the beach, holding your hand & waiting for you to make the first move but eventually get a burst of courage & kiss you suddenly. He’d be so giddy that it would cancel out his nerves & he’d just smile at you cutely.


It would start off with him being smug & arrogant about managing to get you to agree with dating him. But as you spend more time together he becomes more of a squishy dork who makes cheesy jokes or acts cute as a way to make you smile. He’d act confident on the outside but he’d be a nervous wreck a lot of the time. Towards the end of the day, you’d stand at the edge of the water during sunset & he’d hug you from behind, waiting for the moment to kiss you.


He’d actually really try his best not to fuck up so he’d be quiet & kind of shy, getting nervous when you look at him or acting flustered when you touch his hand. He’ll irritate you a little out of habit, like randomly putting rocks on your legs. He’ll sit close & touch you in small ways, to show his affection without saying it. It would take him a while to relax but once he does, he would gain more confidence & sneak a cute kiss when you’re in the middle of a sentence.


He would make it obvious how much he likes you, having told you when he asked you out so that you knew what to expect. He’ll have planned the whole thing in his head already but will be okay if things don’t go exactly his way, just wanting to spend time with you in the sun. He’d ask for permission to kiss you when he felt like it was the right time but he’d only go halfway, making you fill the gap. It would be a slow & cute date but he’d make it worth your time.


He’d be a giant dork the whole time without realizing how much of one he’s being. He’d do stupid things that make you laugh & act like he’s the coolest person ever when in reality you’re laughing at how cute he is for trying to impress you. He’d wait a while to try & kiss you because under the confidence is a shy child who needs guidance to know when it’s okay. Once the two of you are alone on the beach he’d become more comfortable & use it as an excuse to kiss you more, then drag you into the water so he can act like a child.


He’d openly make it known that he likes you, immediately telling you how he feels, but not bluntly. He’d play with your swimsuit a lot but never in a creepy or threatening way, just absently as you’re talking. As the sun sets, he’d become more assertive about his feelings. He’d give you small smirks as he starts leaning in closer throughout your conversation, making it clear that he plans on kissing you but waiting until he’s sure that you want him to before doing so.

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myendlessloveforsehun  asked:

Hi! so i really wanna get to know and stan seventeen cuz they look really fun! so could you describe each one of them in one sentence? (:

S.Coups: The hot yet cute and charismatic little bear cub who loves Attack on Titan and puppies.
Jeonghan: The angelic looking yet second strongest and next to Cheol, manliest member with a weird passion for the pikachu song.
Joshua: The guitare-playing angel, obessed with twix, pizza and milk and awkward adorable cute turtle.
Jun: The weird chinese kid that could kill you with his glare but skinship is his second name.
Hoshi: The hyperactive SHINee fanboy who’s really hardworking but one of the biggest dorks at the same time.
Wonwoo: The quiet-looking charismatic member who seems really cool and quiet but actually danced with a chair and attacked members with it during a jam session to Bigbang’s fantastic baby.
Woozi: The cutest-looking member, real squishy, so smol, so son, but actually deadly, rules seventeen, true world conquerer, will kill you with his smile.
DK: The loudest member with his iconic hyena laugh, super dork, super ghei, cry baby, loves Naruto, sometimes looks like 18, sometimes looks like 89.
Mingyu: The giant who seems really handsome and cool but is actually very dumb and cute and loves his two plushies tosun and minguri and always does skinship whenever he sees the chance to.
The8: The adorable little baby that dances like a god with his cool flips and such a cute voice very cute korean skills just precious baby.
Seungkwan: The sassy baby so sassy best girl group dancer loves his mother so much likes to annoy the heck out of Hansol really loud, sometimes randomly starts to sing trot.
Vernon: The charismatic little rapper baby that seems very cool on-stage but is really shy off-stage and such a loving brother so loveable, love/hate relationship with seungkwan, once wore a skirt in an old kids show, recently got annoyed because seungkwan called him little dicaprio (AAHAHAHAH)
Dino: The one who lives for Michael Jackson, loves to hug hansol, potential girl group dancer hidden inside him, loves soonyoung and would date jeonghan, used to be scared of 17’s dog (they had a dog in season 1, Teenie).

Welcome to the fandom my dear