he's such a special snowflake

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hc #2: bc of matt's super special snowflake abilities he has active control over his reflexes including ofc that pesky gag reflex, and also he can hold his breath super long. and also he has an oral fixation (unrelated to the superpowers) so sometimes when he's sucking foggy off instead of going for the finish, matt will edge him w his mouth until they both can't take it anymore.

oh my god yes 

i love how pkane stans are trying to make him out to be a good person just because he apparently handled the boos from the fans last night with class.  like, what the hell did you think he was gonna do??  tell the fans that they sucked???  of course not.  if any other player was getting booed, they would have said the same damn thing.  he isn’t a special snowflake and is in fact, a literal piece of shit

I love The Magicians so much I hope they don’t cancel it. I mean, I completely understand why so many people don’t enjoy it because literally almost every character is unlikable. Quentin especially. Like, I love me a good antihero but Quentin is just a shit. Not even a *talented special snowflake* shit. Like he’s just an average shit. Alice deserves better. Penny, who we’re not even supposed to like, is a better magician than Quentin. I love the fantasy genre and I’m a slut for the Fantasy Genre Discourse.

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Why Duli has blond hair when everybody else has dark?

Most Gha’alian’s have dark hair, Duli’s a special snowflake and he knows it.

As someone who is ace and grew up reading Archie comics having Jughead as ace is the biggest thing. Listen this isn’t new, Jughead never liked girls ever. He never liked boys either (but that is due more to the era the books came out of I would say). He had no interest in anyone in between. Jughead isn’t a special snowflake he is a character with a long history of being uninterested in anything but the burger joint. And fuck those who say Archie is a love triangle because we all know he is going to end up with Betty anyway so come on.

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oh yeah sorry, didn't look that far haha. but what an ass though ! 😒 and that tag was more than unnecessary and rude of him

ikr extra as fuck jade probs curved him and he thinks he’s a special snowflake

Shit candy does: a callout post

•proclaims themself the “main artist” aka “ruler” of every fandom they join
•doesnt understand anyone with pronouns other than he, she or they
•thinks these people are special snowflakes
•tbh laughs at anyone here that gets offended
over everything
•literally begs for fanart
•tries to use tactics of manipulation and networking to get themselves famous to make them feel better about themselves without taking into account that fandoms will do everything except what the owner of the content says
•kind of masochistic
•says they are masochistic but will keep the slightest hate they get brewing in their minds all day and is hateful about it
•is an idiot that practically begs for anon hate anyways just so they can laugh at them and later be spiteful
•thinks anyone who sends anon hate is too much of a pussy to reveal themselves and bravely deal with whatever hate people send them back for it
•doesnt mind their own goddamn business because they told someone to “stop shipping egobang” even though they have no evidence to prove that the grumps said they dont like it
•thinks they are literally the best and that more people should like them despite everything listed here
•has run accounts before making fun of beginner artists’ bad ocs
•ignored a depressed friend and tried to break ties with him because he was being a bitch about something they like
•hates name-calling because “it doesn’t prove a point” but meanwhile is calling people lil bitches n shit
•is a hypocrite because despite them being against certain things, when people hate on them they’re like :) :) :) oh well :) :) :) i guess i’m the asshole :) :) :) i guess i’m the one sending hate to all of you obviously innocent people :) :) :)
•can hardly run the ask account they voluntarily made without taking into account that they could leave that fandom but obviously doesn’t care about the fans of their blog if they abandon it
•has severed ties with actually good friends of theirs before because they stopped talking
•says they are gay but is actually probably pan
•that one probably doesnt count
•they are the one that made this post themself
•also doesn’t tag trigger warnings on their blog
•misgenders themself sometimes

•talks to themself

•thinks nobody cares what they think in original posts so they think they can rant about whatever the hell they want with no consequence
•is currently helping someone run a trolling blog making fun of feminism, religion etc. but it’s just trolling they’re not so much of an asshole that they actually support these opinions

If you’re going to stand there and defend Cam Newton’s walk-off during the post game conference, you’d better have a solid reason. I don’t care that he’s a special snowflake; he handles losing awful.

Look at any of the post game conferences with Drew Brees from this past season. To my knowledge, the Saints won only two games, so he was standing up there representing the team a lot. Did he walk off and sulk? No, he stood there like a man and owned up to the fact that they’ve sucked this season. To be frank, he was up there so often this season that he probably got on a first-name basis with the reporters. “Yeah, up here again.” or “How’s your mama and them?” XD

It’s not anyone’s fault but his if he wasn’t up to par. Maybe he got cocky, I don’t know cause I didn’t watch. But you can’t crow about the wins without accepting the losses, and that’s something he needs to learn real quick.

But besides it being oddly quiet here from all the Panthers fans, I’m now wondering about that woman who had her front yard painted with the logo and how she’s going to get that off.