he's such a special snowflake

Don’t read the comments on this article. The kid did it because he was learning about how teenage girls suffer from depression more than any other age group, and didn’t want any girls going home feeling sad on Valentine’s Day.
Ofc half the comments are like “what an EPIC playa, bet he got some action after that hahaha” or “why do these special snowflakes need a handout like this” or “what kind of Richie Rich kid” (chocolate company donated the boxes after learning why he wanted so much)
Like… why is humanity like this

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Okay, so I realize that we've only seen snippets, characters are complex, developer intent changes, etc, etc. Buuuut....Canon pre-Reaper Reyes seems like a relatively chill dude? Like,THIS is the guy that was supposed to be the hardass "ends justify the means" and "stick to the mission at all costs" type? o_O Would love to know your take on this.

This is like 99.99% speculation and personal projecting, but I’m fond of the idea that Young Gabe was extremely hard working, gruff, bad with people, edgy on purpose, and young Jack was more chill, friendly, charismatic, motivational. So through the amount of time they spend together Jack helps pull Gabe out of his shell, muscles him into working on his social skills so he’s got less of a wall up. He’s got his own friends and life and he’s fun at parties, but he’s still a gruff, intimidating guy with super high standards so he can be tough to work with because he’s a hardass who’s better than everyone at everything.

Jack and Gabe have like a good cop bad cop dynamic for the Omnic Crisis, Gabe is calling the shots but Jack is the approachable go-between that people aren’t afraid is going to bark at them for messing up. When the Omnic Crisis ends the powers that be are like “hey, Jack a good upstanding ‘’’’’’’All American’’’’’’’ guy, he photographs well, he looks good on posters, he’s good at making all our weird special snowflake superheroes get along and work together, he knows how to tactfully navigate conversations with important people without offending them, let’s put him in charge of Overwatch!”

Gabe is pissed because he did the heavy lifting and now he’s not getting the glory, Jack is pissed because he ALSO wants Gabe to get the glory. He doesn’t want to be in charge, he wants to be the Fun Uncle who helps the kids get along with Rules Dad. But now he IS Rules Dad. He can’t be The Fun One anymore because now everything he does matters and everyone in the world is waiting to pick apart every descision he makes and backseat drive all his mistakes. So Jack starts turning into the stressed hardass because he’s juggling so many plates and playing politics with everyone. 

Meanwhile Gabe is realizing a lifetime of Trying The Hardest didn’t really matter, because it still didn’t get him the job he wanted. He’s kind of salty, but also realizing from what it’s doing to Jack that he probably dodged a bullet because he would not have the tact to deal with all the political niceties. So in his own sardonic way, he kind of turns into “the fun one” because he doesn’t have the spotlight on him and can be as sarcastic and back-sassy as he wants without worrying about what it could “do to his career”. He throws a lot of jabs about Jack getting all the glory, but at the same time he enjoys getting to chill for the first time in his life. He doesn’t want Jack’s job or resent Jack for having it now that he’s seen how all the chips fell, but there’s always going to be that little part of him that can’t stop picking that scab and bringing it up when Jack is stressed out or fucking up. Gabe probably thinks of it as pushing Jack to do better and live up to the standards he expected for Overwatch when he was in charge, but for Jack it’s more like rubbing salt in the wound.

Then when he gets Reaper’d he’s just a pissed off man-on-a-mission who doesn’t need to worry about playing nice with others and social nuance at all anymore, so it’s all Reyes dry humour plus his skill and ambition plus his lifelong dream of wearing The Most Over-The-Top Goth Kid Sleeveless Black Trenchcoat ensemble and throwing shotguns at people. Reaper is Gabriel Reyes coming back from the dead with no fucks to give and ALL OF THE fucks to give simultaneously.

Now I’m not gonna say “this is how I think Blizzard is going to make it happen when they actually drop the lore” because that would make me a goddamn clairvoyant to predict that much backstory. I’m just sayin’ that if I was on the writing staff that’s probably how I’d pitch their relationship dynamic because it meshes with a lot of the established lore bits they’ve already dropped like  “Gabe was in charge of Overwatch for the Omnic Crisis”, “Jack got promoted ahead of Gabe because he ‘brought out the best in people”, “Jack and Gabe continued to work together reasonably well despite this for another 20 years until [mystery event] happened”, “Gabe is an edgelord who condescendingly slow claps at people and talks like a smarmy tryhard theatre kid”, and “Gabe is also fun at parties and says quippy things when everyone else is stressed out about serious political problems”

Actually I really appreciate all the mp100 antagonists. They’re so varied in scale and character, the only common denominator is that most of them try very hard to better themselves after coming into contact with Mob. That’s so Nice compared to the vast majority of super hero fiction where the villains are just beaten into submission and that’s that.

I can’t think of any other story in the same kind of genre where a couple of former terrorists ending up as super market clerks and another going back to school after having been isolated from normal society for half his life is unironically celebrated as a great and admirable thing? And it’s never in a way where tragic backstories or difficult circumstances excuse their actions, but more of a general philosophy that it’s never too late to realize that you can be a better person. Maybe not a great person, but a better one.

That aside the antagonist lineup in this series sounds like an insane mess. I mean, look at this:

  • Dimple: An evil spirit wants to become a god and decides the best place to start is to form a cult and brainwash people into joining it. After Mob nearly exorcises him he tags onto the kid with an ulterior motive of manipulating or possessing him, but instead ends up becoming his friend (whoops)

  • Teruki: An egomaniacal 14 year old gang leader is so enraged when Mob dares suggest that he’s not as much of a special snowflake as he thinks he is that he nearly strangles him to death. After being obliterated by Mob’s autopilot death mode and general strength of character, he is so astonished by the boy that he IMMEDIATELY reforms himself like he found Jesus and the meaning of life.

  • Claw’s 7th branch: A branch of an esper terrorist group, led by a screechy little man who throws a temper tantrum when someone dares point out that he is a ridiculous, screechy little man. After a serious verbal smackdown from Reigen, most of the other espers come to terms with the fact that beating up children and terrorizing people weaker than themselves is pretty pathetic and cruel, and so they do their best to reintegrate into society.

  • Mogami and Minori: A relentless school bully is possessed by the world’s most bitter man and together they are the duo from hell. Well. There really is nothing funny or nice about this one. The world’s most bitter man learns nothing and Minori probably cries a lot.

  • Touichirou and the rest of Claw: The terrorists are back with their big boss who wants to take over the world in true super villain fashion. Everyone realizes he’s a huge jerk and band together to take him down. More ex-terrorists resolve to reintegrate into society as more wholesome people. One of them is a severely anxious mess who doesn’t have anywhere to go, so Mob and Reigen just kind of take him in. Just like that.

  • Broccoli/Psycho Helmet: Dimple reverts to his shady ways and manages to establish a pseudo-religion with the help of a giant, sentient broccoli (yep). The entire city ends up brainwashed and the broccoli goes rogue to protect itself from anyone trying to harm it. Dimple realizes he cares more about Mob than becoming a god and fucking dies saving the kid from death by large vegetable. Not cool.

  • Mob/???%: Mob’s autopilot death mode goes haywire after he is run down by a car. Everyone’s crying, nothing is fun. Why do you have to be like this, ONE :(
It’s Over

Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6

A/N: There are a few things I would like to say before I start. Yes, this is the last part and I’m sorry. I would also like to thank everyone who stuck with me, waited for the updates and read this series. It’s crazy how it started from a request, such a short scenario, that you could almost call it a drabble yet it came to be one my most treasured works. I might shed a tear or two but all good things come to an end, right? I love Jongdae and that eye smile of his~~

Talk to you all later!

Kim Jongdae (Chen) x Reader feat. BTS

Summary: Your parents gave you up so you had no choice but to become his wife.

Genre: Mafia AU, angst

Word count: 2,523

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You tapped your finger on the table impatiently. You still thought this wasn’t the best idea you came up with but what other choice did you have. At least the meeting place was in a relatively public area, a coffee shop in the city centre, even though you were the only customer here. You also hadn’t seen any employees ever since you got your coffee. Strange… A ray of sunshine peeked through the window and it’s light reflected on the ring you were wearing. You stopped your tapping and looked at it. You took it between your fingers but after holding it for a while, you just sighed. It’s been more than two weeks since you found out the truth about him but you still couldn’t bring yourself to take it off. You wanted nothing to do with him, yet the ring was invisibly stuck to your finger, bonding you two together.

“Gold huh?”

Startled by the voice you quickly stood up from your seat. You didn’t even hear him come in. You weren’t even expecting him to actually show up.

“Please Y/N, no need to get scared. Sit down,” he said, taking a seat opposite yours. “I don’t know if you have heard this but I issued a reward for someone who would bring you to me. You should have seen my face when you contacted me yourself,” he laughed. “How did you even do that?”

“Don’t play dumb Jimin. Your men spotted me in the city. I’m pretty sure, they reported to you right away.”

“Clever girl,” he smirked as his eyes narrowed and he stared at you like you were his pray. You could feel the tension in the air, it really was a bad decision to meet him, he’s unpredictable… But just like that after a few minutes of silence he chuckled and clapped his hands.

“Coffee!” he shouted and an employee showed up out of nowhere carrying it for him. He set the cup down, his hands trembling. You met his gaze and he was so frightened, you started wondering what was going on here once again. Jimin noticed your look.

“I ‘rented’ the whole place out. That’s why there are no people here,” he started. “But let’s just say that I had some convincing to do.”

You understood completely what he meant but you weren’t here for that. You had business to take care of.

“Why did you want to find me?” you asked.

“You intrigue me. I wanted to get to know you better,” he smirked, sipping his coffee. “That would have never been possible with Chen around.”

He stopped and picked up your hand with the ring on, inspecting it closely.

“You didn’t have this one on when we first met… What happened between you two?” he questioned.

“I don’t have to tell you,” you said, pulling away.

“You don’t. But the fact that you’re here means you’re not with him anymore,” he spoke, rising his hands in defeat and leaning back against his chair. “Not that I care. It makes things easier for me.”

He looked at his wrist watch and then back at you.

“I don’t have that much time left, so let’s get straight to the point. Why are you really here?”

You clenched your fists under the table. It’s now or never. You have to ask him.

“I need you to do me a favour…”


Jongdae’s POV

I was wasting time, being forced to attend these meetings when there was still no news about her. I kept thinking how it even came to this. I looked at my knuckles, they were still red from all the punching. I had to release my anger somewhere, if not in the gym then on other people. I was beyond irritated these past few weeks. What’s even worse, is that it’s all my fault and nobody else. I can only blame myself.

“Yah, snap out of it!” Baekhyun waved his hand in front of my face. I looked up and noticed everyone staring at me.

“What?” I mumbled. “I see no point being here. Every second I spend sitting here, she could be getting farther and farther away.”

“It has been like what, three weeks since she left now and despite having all these contacts in the city you hadn’t found her. Do you seriously expect her to show up now, after all this time? You’re an idiot,” Minseok glared at me.

“She’s smart, okay? Do you have a problem with that?” I asked standing up.

“They saw her,” Yixing interrupted. “My men saw her in the city centre just a few hours ago.”

“What?” I quickly came up to him. “Are they following her? You need to tell me where she is.”

“Don’t,” Minseok spoke before Yixing could tell me anything else. “Are you not forgetting something?”

I looked back at him.

“Yixing you need to tell me what it is.”

“She’s with Jimin,” he replied. “My men believe he took her to their headquarters.”

“Do you understand now?” Minseok began again. “You told me yourself, you weren’t hiding anything from her except the past, so she went to our biggest enemy knowing all our secrets. She’s a nuisance.”

I flipped the table I was standing near in his direction.

“You want to say that again?” I shouted.

“We have to get rid of her.”

I jumped over the table and shoved him into the wall, grabbing his collar I put my gun to his head.

“Minseok, do you really hate her that much because I swear to god, if any one of you would even try something like this, I will kill you all and then myself,” I growled but Minseok’s calm expression angered me even more. Soon Baekhyun and Chanyeol were at my side, dragging me away from him. He just brushed of the dust and fixed his tie.

“I told you many times over this was going to happen, yet look were this got you. Jongdae you’re delusional if you think she will ever come back to you after what you did. She’s been nothing but burden on you your whole life and you haven’t been able to concentrate and dedicate yourself to the gang, like the rest of us have been doing,” he said all in one go.

I stared at him. He was telling the truth, I myself felt sick thinking what I did to her but hearing this from somebody else. Especially him… I brushed Chanyeol and Baekhyun off and went to the door.

“If neither of you are going to help me, I will get her back myself,” I said, exiting and slamming the door shut. After all, if I don’t see her at least one more time, I might actually die. I can’t live without her. Not when I was so close.

“Good job,” Junmyeon told Minseok. “You sent him out to his death.”

“He needs to learn a lesson or two. He’s not some special snowflake. Being in the mafia for so long and he still doesn’t understand that in our line of work personal life is always at a second place.”

“But we’re still going, right?” Sehun asked, glancing at everyone.

Minseok sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. He then looked at Junmyeon.

“Your call, leader,” he said.


You felt kind of unsettling going through all of these halls with him. He led you to big wooden doors and pushed them open. He ushered everyone that was inside the room out of it, except for 6 other men. They stared at you as Jimin offered you a seat, he leaned down on the table next to you.

“This is where we usually do business,” he explained. “Now can you repeat to me again what you requested? Because man! Hearing it from you is exciting.”

You looked around and then focused back on Jimin.

“I want you to get rid of Jongdae,” you finally said.

“There!” he laughed. “She said it! It’s hilarious,” he told the others. “Can you believe his wife actually comes to me out of all people to ask that?”

“Will you do it?” you asked eagerly. Why did he even bring you here?

“I would love to. After all, we were planning to kill them all anyway. They have been bothering us for a long time now,” he said. “But! But I can’t do it for free,” he smirked.

Of course. What did you expect? It’s never this easy.

“What do you want?” you asked. He took a strand of your hair and lifted it, letting it fall gently.

“I want you,” he grinned, putting his hands on the side of the armchair you were sitting in, practically trapping you, so you would look at him. You opened your mouth to reply but some kind of commotion started right outside the door. Soon after Jongdae was bursting in through them, another man in his arms, a gun to his head.

“What do you know, you actually led me to the correct place,” he said before shooting him and throwing him aside. He then pointed his gun at Jimin but the other six men that were in the room took theirs out as well.

“Where is she?” he just asked. He still couldn’t see you, the armchair blocking his view.

“You have no fucking manners, do you? Ruining the fun every time,” Jimin spoke clearly annoyed, he stood up straight and you quickly followed him. Jongdae’s eyes widened.

“Y/N…” he stuttered. “I…”

“What are you doing here? How dare you show your face to me?” you shouted but he ignored you and took a few steps in your direction.

“Y/N please, hear me out. I need…”

“I don’t need your excuses. Do you seriously think that I will listen to you after what happened? Please, just get out of here…”

“I can’t,” he said, staring at you when he noticed the ring on your finger. “You… You still have it on.”

You quickly realized what he was talking about. You looked down at your hand. You wondered if you can actually do it. If you take it off, what will that mean for you? You got a good grip and after waiting for a few seconds, practically ripped it off your finger once and for all, throwing it at him.

“You can take it, I don’t need it anymore,” you could see his heart breaking into a million pieces. “Get out of my sight,” you said and turned around.

“You heard the girl,” Jimin finally spoke. “It’s the perfect chance, get rid of him-“ he started when a loud shot interrupted him.

“I hope you go to hell you piece of shit,” Jongdae said and you watched Jimin’s lifeless body fall to the ground. You gasped at the sight, a large pool of blood already forming underneath him and a small hole burning in the middle of his forehead. Just like your sister. You felt like puking, you took a step back and tripped over the armchair, falling to the ground when somebody caught you. It was him. You felt disgusted being held by him right now.

“Why you!” one of the six men shouted, he was about fire when shots began flying from all directions. A bunch of other men entered the room.  A shootout has started.

“You found her, now get her out of here,” Suho shouted, but you quickly got on your feet and ran out of the room but Jongdae tackled you and dragged you under one of the nearby tables to avoid you getting hit. You could feel the panic creeping up on you. You wanted to be anywhere but near him.

“Don’t touch me!” you shouted, pushing him off. You looked at yourself. The only thing you could see was blood. How did it even get on you? You started wiping your hands when he stopped you.

“Y/N calm down,” he begged you but at this point it made you sick looking at his face. You had to get out of here, fast. The hallway you came from was close by. You stood up again and rushed down it.  You saw the door at the end of it and pushing them open you finally got outside. The night wind welcomed you. You started breathing deeply, taking in the air. You turned around to look back at the building. Shots and screams could be still heard. You noticed a figure coming your way. He had his hands up.

“Y/N…” he slowly approached you. “Baby…”

Your legs gave in and you slumped down on the floor.  It seemed like all of your strength has left your body. The only thing you felt now was guilt. You never meant for this to happen. You never wanted to get rid of him in the first place. No matter how badly you lived, you always knew that violence is never the option. You could never hurt somebody.

He got on his knees in front of you and cupped your face, wiping the tears that were threatening to spill out.

“Jongdae… I… I…”

“Shhh… It’s okay, it’s okay.”

You wanted to believe that, you truly did but how can anything be okay after this? After you found the truth. A loud sound from a distance, pierced your ears.

“Shit,” Jongdae hissed as he fell on top of you. You quickly rolled him over, still not sure what happened. He was bleeding, badly. You laid him down on the ground and opened his shirt, a hideous wound could be seen on his chest.

“No no no no,” you said, placing your hands on it, frantically trying to stop the bleeding. You looked at him. He was barely conscious, the light starting to fade from his eyes. He gripped your arm.

“Y/N… Love…” he tried speaking.

“Jongdae, don’t move, it’s going to be worse,” you cried out when a strong force, shoved you off him. You clenched your shoulder and shouted in pain. Somebody shot you. You saw Jongdae staring at you from the corner of his eyes. His mouth slightly open. He was so pale. You started crawling to him. You need to reach him. He can’t go just like that. He needs to hold on. Come back. To you. Because you still hadn’t told him.

You were about to touch his hand, your fingertips brushing over it when somebody stomped on yours, breaking at least a few fingers.

“Persistent,” the young man said. “Still clinging on to life.”

You wanted to push his feet off of you but you couldn’t even lift your arm up. He just sighed and started loading a new set of shells into the gun. Sniper. A shot from such proximity will be more than deadly.

“Jongdae,” you sobbed with all the strength you still had.

“He’s dead,” the man told you. “You will be joining him soon.”

You stared him in the eyes as he aligned his gun to your head.

This is it. 

“For our boss. There could never be peace between us after all,” he said as he pulled the trigger.

It’s over.

Why Namjoon isnt accepted in the krap scene (and why thats a good thing)

  unpopular opinion and confession 

*****im not saying all krappers are like this btw chill ur dick

***also butthurt ppl dont come at me saying YEAH YOONGI TOO bc i shall make a post about him too i didnt forget about yall, always coming into namjoon rap posts and making it about yoongi

****My intention of this post is not to diss your faves or rappers in general. This isn’t a post that has the intention of throwing shade I am simply expressing my respect for an artist. 

I never really respected a lot of k-rappers. I do like some songs because they have a good beat but respect is something that an artist should earn. I respect rappers and groups like epik high, verbal jint, and tiger jk for influencing the krap scene for the good.

I wont touch on american rap but the krap scene is so generalized. Like hey have fake gold chains and a bunch of girls while I rap about shit that doesnt make people feel better about themselves with lyrics that i didnt even write. Many generalize culture, rap about degrading others, and you know all that shit. But let me tell you: RAP stands for RHYTHM AND POETRY.


Listen anyone can have their different perspective on poetry and maybe to someone “squad shit it g ma” is the most well thought out poetic verse that they have heard. 

But rapping all started when people were in pain, when people were in dark time period in life and spilling out their feelings through rhyme made them feel better and got them out of trouble. I`m not saying you need a depressing life story to be a rapper (you dont need a chicken to recognize an egg) but rapping is way more than some beats and a snapback, its a coping mechanism, maybe not always for the artist but definitely the audience.

I sound so old when I`m saying this but rapping isnt just talking fast, its a lengthy process of finding strong and meaningful word play, to beats and rhythms which compliment eachother which is then it put together in one song almost like a prayer.

and don`t come at me with the WELL I LIKE HOW IT SOUNDS, because these days i swear to god ANYONE CAN BE A RAPPER, and thats how it shouldnt be. 

They get others to write songs for them, songs usually have no smart wordplay or meaning and just talk in slightly faster pace. (i definitely find rap flow and speed a plus point in rapping). 

Rappers who arents even all that shit get praised and recieve so much attention and go on judging others just bc their not AS famous.

(random thought i really dislike smtm) Rapping isnt a childsplay. Common korean rap communities like smtm etc are extremely trashy to me.

 In 2015 during bangtan`s vacation Namjoon released his first mixtape (legendary) which proved his ability to write lyrics in both english and korean, write lyrics about depression happiness life hope etc, he made a damn song DISSING rappers who only have flow and lyrics that don`t make sense AND SPAT BARS SO FAST IM LIKE BOI BREATH, he teamed up with a western artist and recieVED EXTREME APPRECIATION IN THE AMERICAN RAP SCENE. 

If you don`t know he started rapping at 13 because he was going through a really low point in his life. He then started writing HIS OWN lyrics about his feelings and educated himself in hip hop and rap culture (he listened to a lot of nas and tupac what a man). He then joined an underground rap team which he gained skills like free-styling and flow (BOY CAN RAP SO FAST BRUH). But definitely his raps are extremely smart. He uses so much worldplay their almost like a riddle you need to figure out. Not only that he can rhyme and compose and has the qualities of a true rapper who IS PASSIONATE ABOUT MUSIC HE LET DOWN  HIS FAMILY TO BE A RAPPER DESPITE HAVING SO MUCH GRADES


Like when someone would think of k-rapper they would think Zico, Gd maybe, Jay Park, Dok2 (and if you are fans of common krappers thats okay) but I honestly feel as if rappers like them are so common. To me they don`t show anything exceptional. Its like comparing Eminem with Lil yatchy (you can like either and thats okay) but Eminem did his own thing with no influence from the stereotypical culture. In shows like SMTM or unpretty rapstar you definitely see the rap community come together and Im like boi why isnt joon there he can own yall asses.

Namjoon however is on a whole different level. He does in own thing without the influence of popular culture (which refers to his message in his song DO YOU). He raps about things that are special TO HIMSELF and doesnt care about others opinions. He never thinks about what others might think of his song or what he should do to catch the attention of the audience. He does what he likes to do and goes with HIS gut.

Namjoon is a special snowflake and I dont want him to be thrown in the *oh look another korean rapper lets put him in smtm and not let them grow as an artist* pile bc I feel as if thatll take away his authenticity.

I`m kinda happy that Namjoon doesnt associate himself with common rappers because he is way better than that. He strives to collab with artists of his choice, his taste, and doesnt go for popular or common people. 

Like you know what I`m trying to say. Imagine an exceptional student who isnt really popular among the folks. and all the students who get like c`s or b`s are extremely praised and popular.

Don`t get me wrong despite getting SO MANY opportunities like 4 features in official songs from other groups (one being korean hip hop legends MFBTY), being in the 4 things show , performing at multiple festivals individually,etc. I really don`t feel as if he reached the legendary rap title yet. He definitely was close to being “part” of the community as in 2014-2015 his rap career was highly active but is on the low now as a individual. 

  I appreciate Bangtan as a group and all the contributions of all 7 members  but since BTS is a group who produces their own music, one member can`t just go off making MVs while their writers do the job for their (cough cough, bts dont got writers they got mean namjoon) I know he is busy writing for bangtan, producing beats, and a whole lot of shit for the group and he is happy with doing that but that also takes away time from doing his solo rap career AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT.

He doesnt care of not being able to produce music all the time to the likings of krappers. He cares about Bangtan. He knows his potential and doesnt need to highly promote in order to prove his worthiness. He can promote small mixtapes or covers for his armys and he is content with that. His intention isnt to get famous, as he always says: i do this for the  music not the fame.

He does his own thing and doesnt worry about the drama. He is too good for them. Someone who is beyond expectations doesn’t mingle with people who are popular. They dont worry about irrelevants. They just keep on focusing on themselves and how to grow.

I can`t wait to see him become so well known as a rapper (he already is so high up in his journey) that everyone who looked down on him now want to be him.

Namjoon is a person who expressed that their isnt a right wrong with hip hop just passion

I like to think Jack learns some hockey things from Bitty, not just the other way around.

For instance, fighting:

So Jack’s big and strong and plays hockey and you’d expect him to be the type of guy to come off the ice with a bleeding face and bruised knuckles. And maybe he would have been, but for Bitty

Instead when the big angry opposition player starts going after Bad Bob’s “special snowflake” son he channels one of his boyfriend’s talents and just ducks

And the player’s like ??? and tries again but Jack is fast and apparently gifted at dodging punches and the guy’s getting more and more frustrated bc he really wants to punch Jack but it’s just. not. working.

The Falconers have stopped fighting due to being doubled over with laughter and the other team is too busy being confused because ?? he’s dodging??? that’s not how hockey works????

In the end the guy gives up because every time he throws a punch Jack takes to just skating backwards slightly so he’s out of reach again. It makes all the sports highlights for a fortnight. People set it to music

Jack finishes the game without a scratch

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heres a nurseydex prompt if you want: au where dex is an art major and nursey is a model for one of his classes

Lardo was hands down the coolest, secretly-sweetest, most intimidating person Dex has ever met. She had taken him under her wing as soon as she had spotted his paint stained flannel and freckle constellation tattoos, arched achingly alone with his notepad. She even dragged him to Haus to meet all of her weird hockey friends after he confessed that it was hard getting to genuinely like some of the other art students. He was taken aback by how much he liked the small Georgian boy who was obsessed with baking and he honestly looked up to one of the team co- captains like he was an older brother. The only member of the team he didn’t immediately love was Derek Nurse. Nursey was an English major minoring in poetry and he reeked of the same “special snowflake” attitude most of the other art students possessed. He wore expensive clothes, bought expensive, frilly coffee drinks and flashed the whitest teeth that Dex had ever seen on a living person. He was spoiled and entitled and pompous and Dex hated him, which is why he was so furious when his Studio in Art professor assigned the students corresponding models for their living portraits project and his folder read Derek Nurse. The menace himself was thrilled, even offered to let Dex go through his closet to pick his photo shoot outfits but Dex begrudgingly that he was being painted and the portrait was nude. He seemed even more excited after that and Dex considered dropping out. Nursey was a douche but he was also extremely attractive and Dex was going to have to see his rippling muscles and washboard abs and hockey ass and Dex was going pass out. Nursey leaned in way too close to ask if Wednesday nights were okay and Dex choked on his coffee a little when he relied fine.
Nursey shows up to Lardo’s studio ten minutes late with a tray of coffees from the small coffee shop near campus. He huffs as he drops his jacket to the ground and toes off his shoes, taking in the pile of blankets and pillows in the center of the room. There are several large lights pointing at the apparatus and a stool and aisle poised just outside the lit area where Dex is mixing a sample of colors for the pillows. Dex takes a moment to set the palette down before he turns to address his model, yet when he sets eyes on Nursey the man is mostly naked and striding towards him
“I’ve modeled before, William, no need to be shy.” He’s peeling off his boxers as Dex simply points to floor and directs his position.
“Lean back against the pillows, tilt your head back and bend your left leg at the knee, foot flat on the ground.” Nursey complies easily, smiling gently and closing his eyes.
“I got you a coffee, black with no cream or sugar like you like it.” Dex feels a tug in his chest as he realizes Nursey memorized his coffee order. He takes in every detail of Nursey’s chiseled body before starting his soft strokes, moving the brush slowly.
Before he knows it three hours have passed, and the sun is setting a warm pink glow on Nursey’s dark, gorgeous skin. Dex finished the small detailing on Nursey’s lips before dimming the lights and tossing a robe at the model. Nursey’s eyes open lazily and he smirks at Dex as he pushes the robe off his lap and strides naked across the room to collect his clothes. Dex doesn’t have the strength to look away as Nursey walks away, his perfect ass bouncing and stretching as bends to pick up his boxers. It happens again and again, week after week until the project is finished and Dex doesn’t want to stop seeing Nursey and his beautiful body so he asks Nursey to model for other “projects” that are purely recreational. But Nursey doesn’t have to know that.
Nursey sat shirtless covered in gold glitter surrounded by peonies, he laid nude on the hard wood with a pink silk sheath placed artfully over his body, he let Dex streak white paint over in limbs in a Kim Kardashian esque fashion. Every session allowed the artist and the model to reveal more about themselves, Nursey’s mothers are loving but distant and he spent most of his childhood alone or with uppity rich white kids and Dex’s parents were ‘crunchy granola’ hippies who encouraged Dex to be an artist after their first two children grew to be a biologist and a lawyer. They learn each other’s favorite pizza toppings, favorite movies and where in the world they wan to travel the most. They spend every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon together until Dex’s gallery showing and Nursey swells with pride when most of Dex’s portfolio is Nursey, as if he were more of a muse than a model. Lardo takes several pictures of Nursey in front the copious portraits and Dex’s face burns the entire time. The majority of the hockey team is there to support Lardo but they provide wolf whistles and hollers when they see Nursey’s naked body. There are several cheeky comments and innuendos pointed at Dex but he brushes them off in favor of watching Nursey’s flushed face.
“You should come by the Haus after the gallery, Bitty made pecan pie.” Nursey nudged him slightly before sauntering away as Dex stutters a “yeah”.
When he arrives at the Haus, Ransom and Holster make the same chirps about his septum piercing and his all encompassing freckles and he laughs with them because he knows it’s all in good fun. The goalie (Chowder??) asks Dex a million questions about art and Maine and lobsters and traces his constellation tattoos with his eyes. Bitty distracts everyone long enough (with pies of course) for Nursey to pull Dex up to the reading room unnoticed.
They sit side by side and stare at the stars in silence, letting the warm spring night wash over them. Nursey trails his finger tips over the constellation on Dex’s right arm. “Orion’s belt?”
Dex nods slowly, then unbuttons the crisp blue button up to reveal a night sky on his skin. Hercules sat on his shoulder, Taurus and Cancer were on his back and Ursa Major on his chest. Dex brushes a hand over Nursey’s arm, tracing the intricate band. “What does it mean?”
Nursey laughs and whispers, “Does it have to mean something?” But Dex looks incredibly serious.
“It’s forever. It should hold some value. Isn’t that your expertise as a poet? Finding a deeper meaning in everything?” There was not a single hint of teasing in Dex’s voice, his face is open and and honestly confused, and Nursey’s heart swells.
“It was an act of pure vanity, I guess. I got it because the design was intricate and beautiful and I wanted to be more beautiful.” Dex is perplexed next to him and Nursey let’s out a nervous laugh.
“Derek there’s something I really need to show you.” His head snaps up but Dex is holding up his blank phone screen. “A mirror.” He takes the phone out of Dex’s hands and places it on the rooftop before moving into Dex’s space.
“Let me show you something.” When their mouths press together Dex tries to paint every emotion Nursey pressed under his skin into Nursey’s lips.

My first thoughts on bnha characters
  • Izuku Midoriya:
Before: He looks way younger then everyone else. He looks like he wouldn’t hurt a fly
  • After: Look at my strong cinnamon roll being a hero! I’m so proud.
  • Katsuki Bakugou:
Before: Woah, looks like we got a badass over here. Narcissistic little jerk. Probably going to be a villain.
  • After: He looks so cool! He actually cares about others, even though it’s in a weird way to do it
  • Ochako Uraraka:
Before: So.. is she like going to be with the main guy in the end because that’s all I got.
  • After: Aww.. she is so sweet and cool at the same time it’s amazing!! She is best girl!
  • Tenya Iida:
Before: Oh wow look here, it’s the smartass. Is he just going to be cynical and just be a prick all the time?
  • After: Cool! He’s so funny with all the hand gestures and just trying to encourage his friends and tries to protect them
  • Shouto Todoroki:
Before: Wow special snowflake much? He looks like someone’s oc from DeviantArt. Does he come with a edgy backstory too?
  • After: Dang, you are amazing! Why must you have a bad childhood, I'll comfort you!
  • Eijirou Kirishima:
  • Before: He looks like the type of guy you see at the gym that's always working out in front of the mirror and trying to give you protein shakes.
  • After: He's still that guy but better. Plus he has shark teeth, he's always nice to people, and I want him to be my son.

I saw this on the facebook and quite liked it. Also, this is MY blog and if you don’t like that I post political things you can just fuck right off. Do I come on your blog and tell you what you should or should not post? Do I insult you for voting for Trump? I do not. Voting for him was your right just as speaking out against what he is doing is my right. Respect it or be blocked. Period.

Jason Todd/Red Hood X Reader- A Godfather

Warning: Alcohol, Swearing, etc 

Jason entered a rundown bar, the stench of cigarettes and booze filled his nose as soon as the door closed behind him.  It was dimly lit, many of the lights were either turned off or broken.  Neon signs adorned the walls, casting colorful gleams on the tables and patrons occupying them.  There were less than thirty people scattered around the room, but most of them were sitting together at tables.  Walking over to the actual bar, he took a seat a couple of seats down from another patron.  Jason didn’t bother to look over, calling the bartender over to order a drink.

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She’s so Immature Pt.4

Part 1/Part 2/ Part 3/ Part 4

Jumin was not one to fall in love. He wasn’t one to recognize “love” at all.

Then, MC joins RFA and…
He still couldn’t careless about love.
He could careless about her.

She was stubborn, rude, and extremely immature.
But, love comes in unexpected ways.

Jumin was surely on one hell of a ride.

The group of friends were at the time of dispersing that night. It was weird, considering that MC hadn’t hung out with friends for the longest time. MC liked to be alone, not lonely. Someone would drive themselves crazy if they were alone for too long. Asylums were pretty counterproductive. “MC, call me!” Zen said while waving goodbye. She was still ashamed of what happened prior to this event. MC wasn’t someone that people could read. And she couldn’t read other people. It explained why she always felt so isolated from others. How could Jumin tell how uncomfortable she was? She felt vulnerable, and she didn’t like it. MC waved back with a forced grin. That’s the best she can do.

   Yoosung and Seven were going to one of his baby’s while Zen was going to an after-show party (it’s just a bunch of celebrities sitting at a restaurant getting drunk). It was just Jaehee, Jumin and I. “Call me later and we can discuss the show together,” said Jaehee before walking away. That’s one thing to look forward too. MC liked to talk about shows and books. It poured out her mouth like a waterfall.

   “Be safe.” said MC, glancing up at Jumin to realize that he was looking her way, “why are you staring at me?” she asked indignantly, holding her glare. Jumin turned red before snapping back.

   “Why are you staring at me?”( not the most clever response).

   “I waiting for you to leave” MC looked at him as if she’d bit his neck off. Being the oblivious person, Jumin was unaffected. MC hadn’t had time to fully look at him. His hair was black, like a raven. Ravens are quite yet known to be intimidating. MC thought that was stupid. Jumin also had pale skin. It was very contradictory to his dark features, it made him look more mysterious. Jumin was very mysterious.

   “I’ll be taking you home it’s late,” he said idly. The lights flickered above our heads and the only sound perceivable was the wind.

   “What a gentleman, what gesture are you going to do next? Give me your jacket?” MC said teasingly while playfully elbowing him.

   “Why would I do that? It’s cold” MC let out a snort before letting Jumin follow her home.

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Steve/Tony Fic Recs - Personal Favorites

(because the relationship between captain america and iron man stretches across the multiverse, because the fandom has some of the absolute most talented writers out there, and because i’m so proud to be part of the superhusbands community, here are a list of my personal favorite stony fics. ^u^)

**updated 5.16.2016

The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation by scifigrl47 [M, 85k]

When Tony Stark was seventeen years old, he built his first AI. On that day, he ceased to be his father’s creation, and became a creating force in his own right.

That one act likely saved his life, and not always in the most obvious ways.

All the Time in the World (Will Never Be Enough) by Crematosis [M, 26k]

The first time Steve is sent into the timestream to save Tony, the mission is a complete disaster. Tony isn’t an easy person to protect. But Steve is up for the challenge.

Because sometimes, even time-traveling, badass supersoldiers need saving.

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