he's such a princess omfg

but like imagine sleepy/grumpy cal, it’ll be like 8am and you’d be up and bored so you try to wake calum up for breakfast or something but he’s too tired too. so you keep bugging him and he finally gets up but he’s super grumpy and rubs at eyes constantly and groans randomly omfg and his curly hair is a mess and tangly and you just laugh at him and run your hands through his hair and give him little kisses and he’s still annoyed but he can’t resist his princess and omfg.

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Are there any voltage routes where it's like childhood friends or just friends to lovers?

OKAY. I don’t know if you’re aware, but I am literally THE QUEEN of childhood friends/friends-to-lovers routes, So sit back lovely Nonnie-chan- *cracks knuckles* Let me get out my list for ya boo.

Okay First off, the King, My boo, my sweet bodyguard (see what I did there?! XD) Kaiji. He’s seriously, omg, words can’t describe. Loved MC since they were kids, meets her again in their early 20′s, then literally pouts in every route that you don’t pick him XD. but when you pick him, omg, It’s precious. He’s teasy, loves making fun of you but damn is he protective (obviously, the job XD) but omg, his wedding. I cried. So perfect. Omg I could talk about Kaiji all day, seriously, ask Amy, Cia, or the Sirens. ALL DAY. okay I’ll stop.

Okay, on to some others.

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