he's such a naughty boy

  • Naruto: Sasuke makes me so mad. I just want to, like, beat him up.
  • Kakashi: Hmm.
  • Naruto: And smash his stupid smirking lips really hard with my mouth.
  • Kakashi: You've just described a kiss.
  • Naruto: *not paying attention* Maybe rip his pants off and spank him. He deserves to be spanked. Arrogant jerk.
  • Kakashi: I think you mean 'naughty boy.'
  • Naruto: And when he's moaning my name like a the weak little bastard he is, I'll- I'll, um... Like...
  • Kakashi: Flip him over and make sweet, tender love to him?
  • Naruto: Sensei, what the fuck.
  • Kakashi: Forget it. I'll just stick to my books.

Harvey’s Puppy, Snoopy.

Drabble Challenge - Prompt 84 - “Show me what’s behind your back.” Filled for @novemberhush 

Thank You, Dee, I hope you enjoy reading it. xx

Mike snooped.

They had been living together for nearly a year now, and in that time Mike had noticed one place that Harvey seemed to hold sacred in his walk-in wardrobe; a drawer that contained his ties.  Every morning as he lazed about in their bed, he would watch Harvey spend way too much time standing in front of it before he chose a tie.  Harvey was particular about and took pride in his image, but even for him, the daily selection was taking too long.

It drove him crazy, but he resisted the urge to sneak a peek for forty-nine weeks, two days, seven hours, thirty-one minutes and seven seconds.

He arrived home early that afternoon and figured he could get away with just a quick peek, in and out, no harm in that, right?

He slid the draw open, observing the neat lines of silk ties, most of them hues of grey or blue, and a few purple ones at the back. If you weren’t looking, the two subtle little pieces of ribbon on either side of the drawers could easily be missed.  Mike clasped them and gave a gentle tug, and the layer of ties pulled up and slid easily back atop the back half of the drawer.  Below are an array of neatly organised items; a picture of his niece and nephew, some very expensive looking cuff links, a journal, some other important looking papers, and a ring box.

He’s come this far; he may as well examine the contents thoroughly; he reasons picking up the navy velour box.

He expects to find some old family heirloom, maybe from Harvey’s grandmother who as Harvey tells it, always had a soft spot for him.   Instead, he finds a beautiful plain gold band with two platinum lines weaved around it, crossing over one another.   He is stunned, and his breath hiccups in his throat as he gawks at the beautiful ring.  Removing it carefully from the box, he twirls it around in his fingers, before reading the inscription.

‘My Guy’

His heart flutters, and a warm wave of emotion swept through his body as tears build in the corners of his eyes. Harvey wanted to marry him.

He slipped the ring on, it was a tight fit, but that was probably because his heart was racing. He held out his hand to examine how it looked. Of course, Harvey chose perfectly, the width and style were elegant and understated he thought gushing.  Then the guilt set in.  Harvey deserved to see his face when he saw the ring for the first time.  He glared at himself crossly in the mirror, of course, he had gotten carried away.

The front entrance door banged shut, and Mike immediately began to panic, yanking at his finger to pull the ring off but it wouldn’t budge. The more he pulled in his panic, the redder and more swollen the area became, and the less likely it was that it was coming off. Shit.

“Are you here, Mike?” Harvey called from the kitchen.

“Ahh … Ahem yep, in the bedroom,” he replied, cursing under his breath.

He slid the robe’s door closed and tried to look casual standing in the middle of the bedroom with his right hand on his hip and his left hand hanging loosely behind his leg.

When Harvey walked in, he noticed Mike looking akin to a Macy’s mannequin, except for his face which looked very guilty. In total, it took the best closer in New York ten seconds to work out that something was awry. He narrowed his eyes and stalked forward, giving Mike an inquisitive look. Mike instinctively took a step back and hid his hand up his shirt.

“Mike?” He urged, “Show me what’s behind your back.”

Mike’s head dropped in shame, and he mentally beat himself up for ruining this moment for them.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled to the floor as he revealed his hidden left hand and held it out for inspection, then waited for Harvey to speak.

Unexpectedly, Harvey chuckled, “Maybe the inscription should have read, ‘My Puppy, Snoopy’.”

Mike smiled despite wanting the ground to swallow him up.

“Are you mad?” Mike asked hesitantly and lifted his eyes from the floor.

Twelve pearly white teeth, ten laughter lines, two dimples, and eight crow’s feet made up the beautiful face of the man standing before him now, with tears shining in his eyes.

“I will be if you say no!” Harvey hinted, clearly amused.

Harvey dropped to his knee and kissed Mike’s swollen ring finger, looking hopefully up at him.

“Marry me?” Harvey asked, his voice soft and with a slight quaver to it.

“Fuck yes!” Mike cried and tackled him onto the plush carpet to kiss his amazing fiancé stupid.

Authors note:  Awww, they love each other. 😍 Thanks for reading.  This is fic number 3, out of 8.  You can find the others on AO3 here - Millie’s Mini Marvey Musings

Good Boys Like Bad Girls (Part 1)

Summary: Most teachers had a pet student but not many students had one. Except you.

Author’s Note: Just 3.5k of nerd!tae femdom smut. Listen to THIS while reading the bathroom scene.

Kinks Included in this chapter: Toy use (on tae)- sexual acts in public- tae wearing panties ;)

(gif credit)

Part 2, Part 3

The room shook with deafening vibrations. He stared in awe at his fellow students who seemed completely oblivious of what was happening right in their presence, and Mr. Thomson droned on as if the room wasn’t about to cave in. Taehyung alone sensed it, like how animals seem to know just before an earthquake is about to strike while the dumb humans went on with their lives unaware of the disaster about to befall them… Or maybe he was the only one hearing it because the source of the vibrations was stuck so far up his ass that each time he shifted in his seat his vision went star-white.

A light chuckle tickled his ear and his tormentor whispered, “Ease up, puppy, you’re gonna call attention to us.” The words were nice and soothing but the hand that ran up the inside of his thigh was anything but.

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Grammys part three: Josh Dun imagine

Y/N: Boys’ pants off, Josh turned on, Grammys night part three, let’s goooooooooooo

Part one: http://thepatricktreestump.tumblr.com/post/157222084267/grammys-josh-dun-imagine
Part two: http://thepatricktreestump.tumblr.com/post/157337756582/grammys-part-two-josh-dun-imagine

Anonymous said:
Omg, please tell me there’s gonna be a part 3 to the grammys???? You can’t leave that kinda cliff hanger!!!! Dosh Josh behave or not, do Tyler and Jenna figure out what’s going on?? Please, please, please tell us!!!???

*continued female reader, smut, last segment to this trilogy

Normally, you two would’ve just gone home and fucked each other senseless. You would’ve teased each other the entire ride home and then gotten in the bedroom and let loose. You would’ve definitely had quite a night. However, it didn’t go quite as anticipated or planned. After dinner, which to your surprise, both of you behaved fairly well, and Jenna and Tyler didn’t quite let the two of you off the hook. “I don’t want this night to end,” Tyler sighed. “I feel like I’m on the top of the world.”

“I’m so proud of you guys,” you agreed. “You could literally take on anything now.”

“You’ve already tackled so many other challenges, you’re basically unstoppable!” Jenna grinned.

“Hell, who knows. Maybe we’ll win the Olympics next,” Josh joked.

“We’ll start training tomorrow,” Tyler teased. “No but really, I don’t want this night to end. We should go see a movie or walk around town or something. I know it’s late, but I’m still super high on life.”

“That sounds like a plan,” Jenna smiled. “What do you guys think?”

Josh and you looked at each other, and you could tell in his eyes he was still yearning for what you had planned later. You were about to make up a lie about how you still didn’t feel too well when Tyler interrupted you. “Hold on, I’m getting a call,” Tyler explained, putting his phone up to his ear.

“Who is it?” Jenna wondered.

“Josh, it’s your mom!” Tyler laughed. “Hold on, Laura, I’m going to put you on speaker.”

“What?” you hissed angrily, jabbing Josh in the arm. “You have the time to sext me in the middle of dinner but you can’t even give your mom a quick phone call?”

“Hi boys!” she greeted happily. “I’m so proud of you!”

“Yeah mom,” Josh chuckled, giving you a look as to drop the subject. “Thanks.”

“We have a little surprise for you!” she explained. “I’m going to send an address to where the party is and I want you all to come. I think you already ate but there’s some snacks and stuff.”

“What are you talking about?” Josh wondered. “You’re all in Los Angeles? Right now?”

“Kelly set it up,” she explained. “I just helped. Tyler’s parents helped and Zack and Jay are here, Jordan too, everyone really. Even Ashley and Abby and Madison. They all headed over after the awards.”

“Mom,” Josh stated. “We’re at dinner right now.”

“I know, I know,” she reassured. “But after you guys are done, just come over here. We rented out a nice little place. Everyone’s waiting for you boys, and your lovely women too.”

“I think it’s a great idea,” you quickly chimed in. “It’s a perfect celebration.”

“She’s right,” Jenna agreed. “Come on, Josh. Let’s drag out the happy all night long.”

“Just a small party,” Tyler shrugged. “Right?”

“Fine,” Josh complied, glancing at you, frustrated. “We’ll head over soon mom.”

“Thank you,” she giggled. “Can’t wait to see you all. Love you.”

“Love you!” you all responded before Josh hung up and handed Tyler the phone.

“You never told me your mom set up a party for us,” Josh laughed.

“I never knew,” Tyler replied. “Evidently she did.”

“You’d think Jordan would tell me,” Josh rolled his eyes.

“I guess not,” Tyler sighed. “Well we better hurry over.”

“Yeah,” Jenna nodded. “Let’s get the bill and head out soon.”

As soon as you and Josh got in the car, he blew up. “I can’t believe my mom would do that!” he groaned aloud, forcefully sticking the keys in the ignition and pulling out of the parking lot. “You think she’d just want me to spend the night with you, but no!”

“Josh calm down,” you put a hand on his shoulder but he jerked it away.

“No! You don’t understand!” he muttered. “I’ve literally been dying all dinner long.”

“Then maybe we can do something quick,” you suggested. “Before we get to the party.”

“I just want to fuck you,” he whispered, glancing at you. “Really, really, really bad.”

“They flew all the way here from Columbus,” you insisted.

“I know but you just look so hot in that dress, baby,” Josh murmured, taking a turn on the road. “And your hair, it looks so good too. You were by far the best one there at the Grammys.”

“You were the one who took off your pants,” you reminded.

“And I’ll do it again,” he gave a sly smile. “How about that?”

“Just for me this time,” you argued, sliding a hand towards his upper thigh as he drove. “All for me, Josh.”

“Fuck baby, don’t do that when I’m driving,” he chuckled darkly, and you withdrew your hand, blushing. “You’re tempting me so bad you know.”

“To do what?” you challenged.

“To pull off the side of the road right now, lock all the doors, take you in the back seat, and fuck you right here, right now,” he explained, eyes fixed on the road, trying to concentrate.

“Naughty boy,” you clicked your tongue.

“Can’t help it when you’re around,” he shook his head. “You do things to me. You don’t even know.”

“Oh I’m sure I do know,” you smirked. “I know how bad you want it.”

“Then stop teasing me and just fake sick at the party so we can go home and just finally fucking do this,” he begged. “Please y/n, I can barely take it anymore.”

“One hour,” you promised. “One hour at the party and then maybe I’ll contemplate it.”

“Contemplate?” he raised his eyebrows, turning into the parking lot of the venue. “No, babe. You have to. Come on, Jenna’s going to vouch for you cause she knows how bad you felt at dinner. It would all work out.”

“We’ll see what happens,” you sighed, giving him a soft kiss on the cheek. “Maybe if you behave then I’ll make up my mind.”

“Goddammit I hate you,” he grumbled.

“You fucking love me,” you grinned, knowing very well you were using his own words against him. He just laughed, both of you deciding to have another kiss before getting out of the car, then heading into the venue, his arm around your waist, looking hella fine in your fancy Grammys outfits.

As soon as you entered everyone cheered loudly, both of you earning a huge applause and a million eyes on you all at once, but the two of you froze. There was no way you were anticipating this many people. You thought maybe the two families and a couple of friends, but this was like an entire wedding reception or something. There was no way you’d be leaving in just an hour. “Want to escape out the door while we still can?” Josh joked but you narrowed your eyes at him, plastering on a smile as soon as his mom Laura approached you.

“Aw look at you two!” she beamed. “You’re so fancy, oh my goodness.”

“I didn’t know so many people were going to be here mom,” Josh murmured, probably nervous.

“I didn’t either but I guess uh, Tyler’s brother Zack tweeted out the address and a couple of people saw it and decided to come,” she shrugged.

“A couple of people?” Josh widened his eyes. “This is like the Grammys itself!”

“Oh gosh,” you stared at your phone and read the tweet aloud. “Twenty One Pilots Grammys after-party!”

“Of course Zach would do something like that,” Josh grumbled. “Okay, well thanks for the party anyways. It’s very nice. I can’t wait to get down and meet some people, dance with y/n hopefully, eat some great food.”

“Absolutely,” Laura smiled, giving both of you a huge hug. “It’s for you and Tyler, so have fun. We’re all so very proud of you. I love you.”

“Love you too mom,” he gave a small smile. “Now come on y/n, let’s shake our booties on that dance floor!”

“Sure,” you rolled your eyes and laughed.

“You guys came!” Jenna squealed happily, tugging Tyler over to meet you guys. “You feeling a little better, y/n?” You looked in her eyes, seeing how genuinely happy she was, how excited and proud, how caring. You couldn’t just leave this party, all these sweet people, everything both of their families sacrificed and set up, just so you could fuck Josh for a night. Josh looked at you, almost with begging eyes, wishing you’d just say you felt miserable, but you couldn’t do that. You just couldn’t.

“I feel great,” you grinned. “This set up is amazing! I’m so glad we came.”

“Yeah,” Josh stated flatly, grip on your waist tightening. “So happy to be here.”

“Come on bro,” Tyler tapped him on the shoulder. “There’s some people I want you to meet.”

“Cool,” Josh took a deep breath. “Uh, I’ll see you around y/n. Keep your phone on you?”

“Oh no, no, no,” you shook your head immediately, knowing exactly what was going on. “My phone is almost dead and I’m not going to play anymore of your little games. You go behave and have fun with Tyler. Got it?” You gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Fine,” he mumbled, faking a smile and going off with Ty.

“So what was dinner all about?” Jenna narrowed her eyes when the boys left. “I mean come on, the gasping and moaning? What was that?”

“Josh was being a dick,” you rolled your eyes. “Nothing important.”

“And the phones too,” she added. “You guys okay?”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “It’s fine.”

“Are you guys…” she left a small pause and you tensed. “Breaking up?”

“What?” your eyes went wide. “No, not at all.”

“Oh okay,” she shrugged. “I don’t know. You just seemed like you were arguing about something and I thought maybe he was kicking your leg underneath the table or jabbing your side. Tyler kind of gets a little agitated when he’s angry with me too and does that kind of stuff. I just wanted to make sure everything was okay.”

“It’s fine,” you reassured. “I just felt a little sick and he wasn’t helping. He’s just playing around.”

“Got it,” she nodded slowly. “Well I’m going to get going. I have some people I have to talk to. Have a great night, y/n. I’ll see you later!”

“Bye Jenna!” you waved. You took a deep breath, then decided to go over to the table of food and grab a small snack. There was a gorgeous cake, topped with a skeleton and alien sugar sculpture, which you thought was probably the works of the sisters. They always had a knack for the cooking, especially around the holiday time. You scooped up a handful of jelly beans, popping one in your mouth when you felt a tap on your shoulder from behind you. You spun around to face Jordan, Josh’s brother.

“Hey y/n,” he smiled.

“Oh hey,” you greeted.

“How was dinner?” he raised an eyebrow.

“It was good,” you nodded.

“Did you like what you saw on stage tonight?” he smirked. You turned bright red.

“W-what?” you tried to hide your blushing but he just chuckled.

“Ah, I got quite an interesting text tonight,” Jordan explained. “I assume it was for you, seeing as Josh said oops and all, and then avoided my seven phone calls.”

“He was just teasing,” you shrugged, trying to dismiss the subject. “You know how he is.”

“Are you sure you guys were at dinner?” he persisted.

“We were,” you narrowed your eyes. “You can ask Tyler and Jenna.”

“Or Josh himself,” Jordan added. “I’m sure he’d tell me quite the story.”

“Shut up,” you rolled your eyes.

“So do tell me,” he insisted. “Did you like what you saw on stage tonight?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” you sighed. “Now go on and cause trouble elsewhere.”

“I’m just playing with you,” he laughed. “Hey, have a good night y/n. And make sure Josh behaves.”

“Oh I will,” you reassured. “I always do.”

“Speaking of the devil,” Jordan pointed to Josh coming over. “Hey, you guys have fun tonight. Take it easy.”

“You too,” you waved him goodbye.

“Hey babe,” Josh wrapped his arms around you, pressing a soft kiss to your lips, pulling you closer. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Josh,” you pushed him back slightly, glaring at him. “No.”

“Yes,” he insisted. “Please.”

“Where would we even go?” you narrowed your eyes. “Definitely not home.”

“Fine,” he bit his lower lip. “Car?”

“No,” you shook your head. “No way.”

“Then let’s go find a place,” he mumbled against your neck, pressing light kisses to your skin. “Baby I’m dying without you.”

“I know, I know,” you reassured.

“Come on, I’m sure there’s a place we can go,” Josh argued. “I’ve literally been waiting since before dinner, sweetheart.”

“Me too,” you admitted. “But we’ve got to be polite.”

“If I find somewhere can we go?” he pleaded. “Please? It will be quick, I don’t care, I just need this.”

“Fine,” you complied, pulling him in for an open mouthed kiss, then letting go. “You have half an hour tops. Then we wait until the end of the night.”

“Got it,” he agreed, giving you a kiss on the forehead before running off, searching for who knows what.

“Where’d he head off to?” a voice behind you wondered with a chuckle. You spun around and then almost had a heart attack when you realized who it was.

“Holy shit!” you gasped, putting a hand to your chest. “Hey.”

“Hi,” Halsey laughed. “Did I scare you?”

“A little bit,” you confessed. “Just didn’t see you coming.”

“That’s alright,” she reassured. “Is Josh okay? He looked kind of anxious running off like that. I was going to congratulate him.”

“Oh,” you blushed. “He’s just um, looking for Tyler. Something important I think, he wouldn’t tell me.”

“Got it,” she nodded slowly. “Well- oh! There he is!”

“Hey,” Josh looked nervous when he plastered on a smile, engulfing Halsey in a hug. “Long time, no see.”

“Yeah,” she rolled her eyes. “I wanted to congratulate you boys! That’s awesome!”

“You too,” he nodded. “Two nominations, that’s insane!”

“Thanks,” she nodded. “So-”

“I’m sorry but me and y/n really have to go,” he apologized. “It’s important.”

“Ah, uh, okay,” she frowned slightly. “It’s cool. I’ll talk to you later then?”

“Yeah,” Josh agreed hurriedly. “Thanks so much!”

“No problem,” she gave a hesitant smile before Josh dragged you out of the conversation, tugging you by the arm up a flight of steps and down a hallway.

“I cannot fucking believe you!” you hissed. “You just freaking dragged me away from a conversation with Halsey!”

“So what?” he replied. “I’m sure if you really wanted to talk to her so bad, you could find another time later tonight.”

“Josh you’ve been going insane,” you argued, wresting free of his grip on your arm and staring at him. “This is out of control.”

“You’re the reason,” he mumbled, dark eyes boring into yours. “God you look so good tonight. I can’t help myself.”

“Yeah?” you smirked, noticing the way he was biting his lower lip, the beads of sweat on his forehead, the rise and fall of his chest.

“Yeah,” he nodded.

“What if I told you you’re not allowed to touch me for the rest of the night, hmm?” you raised an eyebrow, slipping a finger underneath the strap of your dress, dragging it down your shoulder while remaining eye contact with him, watching as his eyes followed your hand in a trance, gaze fixed on every new exposition of skin as you pulled the fabric lower.

“Fuck baby, don’t do this in the hallway,” he ran a hand though his bright yellow curls, tugging hard in frustration, biting down harder on his lip. He glanced to the side, making sure nobody was coming. “Come on, there’s a room just a little while away, I promise.”

“Nah,” you shook your head, smirking as you realized he was getting turned on. You shrugged off the other sleeve of your dress and watched as the fabric fell to your waist, revealing your lacy bra. “I’m comfortable here.”

“Goddammit what if someone sees you?” he whispered.

“Why should I care?” you wondered. “I mean, everyone saw you just fine babe.”

“No,” Josh shook his head immediately. “It’s not like that.”

“Oh but I think it is,” you insisted. “Taking your pants off in front of everyone at the Grammys, standing there in your underwear, everyone looking at you… you didn’t seem to care.”

“That was Tyler’s idea,” he muttered. “Look, I wouldn’t have done that if I knew you didn’t want me to.”

“I don’t know,” you sighed. “Would you care if I was the one standing up there? Stripping down to my underwear like this? Everyone’s eyes fixed on me? Staring at my body? My body that belongs to you?”

“You belong to me,” he insisted.

“Exactly,” you agreed. “So what makes you think the same rules don’t apply to you?”

“I didn’t think you’d care,” he mumbled, looking shy and scared.

“You don’t think I care?” you challenged. “Every night when you take off your shirt at shows? When you’re tugging down your pants on stage? You don’t think I see that, babe?”

“Fuck, please don’t do this here,” he begged, and you glanced down, realizing he had an obvious hard on. “Let’s go to the room.” He reached for your arm but you quickly took a step back, letting the fabric of your dress fall to the floor, and he gasped, eyes transfixed on your body.

“Why should I let you touch me?” you inquired. “I mean, you said it, I don’t care. Do I?”

“Babe that’s not what I meant-” he began, but you shook your head.

“No, I think you did,” you clicked your tongue disapprovingly. There was a pause and then an idea came to mind. “Hmmm you know, maybe I should go back to the party like this. Let everyone see me, let them know how fucking sexy I am, how you’re not the only one who can put on a show.”

“Y/n-” Josh was staring at you, pants growing tighter by the second, straining his voice. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Maybe I would,” you teased. “I’d be the life of the party, wouldn’t I?”

“I can’t let anyone else see you like this baby,” he argued. “You’re all mine.”

“Am I?” you raised an eyebrow, watching his mouth hang open, speechless, as you dipped a hand underneath your underwear.

“Don’t you fucking dare,” he warned.

“Who’s going to stop me?” you chuckled. “You?”

“Y/n you’re killing me,” he argued. “Fuck just let me touch you. Please.”

“How bad do you want this?” you raised an eyebrow, slipping a finger between your folds and letting out a gasp, watching as Josh’s eyes widened and he tightened his jaw as he watched you, and a smile curled on your lips. “You want this to be you, baby?”

“Yes,” he pleaded. “I need this so bad.”

“I don’t know…” you trailed off your voice, then started to pump another finger inside you, and you let out a soft moan, opening your eyes and looking at Josh, who just about looked like he was going to melt right there.

“I’m begging you y/n,” he inhaled a ragged breath. “Just let me get my hands on you.”

“What’s the magic word?” you smirked.

“Please,” he barely was able to respond.

“Okay,” you smiled, and there wasn’t even a split second that passed before he lunged towards you, pinning your body against the wall, hands behind your head, on your back, on your ass, between your legs, down your thighs, everywhere all at once. His lips attacked yours, tongue absorbing greedy kisses, sliding down your neck, his hips grinding against your already soaking core, hands fumbling with the clasp of your bra when he pulled back, eyes staring into yours.

“You thinking what I’m thinking?” he asked.

“Let’s get out of the motherfucking hallway,” you agreed. You began to kiss him again, wrapping your legs around his waist as he bent down to pick up the fabric of your dress, carrying you towards the room. After violently jostling the doorknob, it finally gave in, and he kicked the door shut with his foot and placed you on a table, tossing your dress aside and attacking you with kisses. You moaned into his mouth, legs still wrapped around him as he pushed your back into the table, grinding against you, and when he pulled away to catch his breath, you looked around, smirking. “Conference table? Really?”

“Best I could find,” he mumbled, burying his head in your neck and sucking at your skin, leaving you a mess of gasps and moans.

“F-fuck Josh,” you stuttered, him unclasping your bra and sliding it up off of your arms, then exploring your breasts and stomach with his lips, trailing kisses across your body.

“Can you believe just moments ago you were saying no to this?” he laughed quietly, tugging down your panties and tossing them aside. “Shit baby, you’re just as much of a mess as I am.”

“Just for you,” you reminded.

“Of course,” he grinned. “You’re all mine.” He delved his tongue into you and you let out a loud moan, feeling your stomach tighten with each movement, his hands gripping on your hips, your fingers tugging on locks of his hair, his nose pressed against your clit, your legs wrapped around his head.

“Josh I’m going to cum,” you barely whispered.

“Do it baby,” he insisted. “Show me how bad you want me inside you.”

“Fuck,” you gasped, coming undone and feeling your orgasm ripple through your body as you eased into the surface of the table, leaning your head back and gasping for breath as Josh licked and sucked between your legs.

“Mmm you taste so good babygirl,” he mumbled. He stood up and tugged off his tie, unbuttoned his shirt, stripping down and sliding off his jeans, then his underwear, climbing on top of you. “And to think you were teasing me all night long, acting like you wouldn’t let me touch you, pretending like you could wait til you got home, trying to act all cool. I could see right through you y/n, I know how bad you want me.”

“Fuck Josh, please,” you begged. “Shit babe, just fuck me already.”

“I don’t know,” he smirked. “Maybe I shouldn’t let you touch me either.”

“Don’t try to pull that right now,” you shook your head, pushing your hips up in attempts to meet his. “I need you so bad.”

“How bad?” he challenged.

“Fuck,” you gasped, frustrated and exhausted, flipping him over so he was the one laying on the conference table, pushing down your hips and sinking his cock into you, pressing your lips against his in a mess of muffled moans.

“You’re so fucking sexy when you’re dominant like this babe,” Josh mumbled against your neck, both of you in sync with thrusts, your hips moving together in perfect rhythm, the two of you both desperate and harsh with each movement.

“Mm they’re going to be looking for us you know,” you sighed, still relentlessly fucking him against the table. “Wondering where we went.”

“And nobody’s going to know about it,” he gave a sly smile. “Nobody but me is going to know how fucking wonderful you are riding my cock like this, baby.”

“Just our little secret,” you promised. “Just the two of us.” You kept going harder and harder until finally the two of you were gasping for air, cumming at the same time, moaning each other’s names loudly and collapsing onto the table, clinging onto each other’s sweaty, exhausted, tired bodies.

“Three of us,” a voice corrected and both you and Josh widened your eyes, scared and surprised.

“Fuck,” you cursed.

“Hey uh, Josh, buddy?” Tyler’s voice came through the crack in the door. Shit, he must’ve found you guys. “Two things I’ve got to tell you. First off, we’re supposed to give a speech soon, so when you’re um, done with that, you should head down. And secondly, always lock the door bro.”

“Yeah,” Josh responded, embarrassed.

“Okay, cool,” Tyler laughed. “Our secret though, it’s fine.”

“Yeah, yeah,” you grumbled. “See you Ty.”

“Hurry up,” he reminded.

“Will do,” Josh reassured, watching as Tyler closed the door with a soft laugh.

“Think we were too loud?” you raised an eyebrow.

“Nah, Tyler’s just being sneaky as fuck,” he shook his head. “God you felt so good though, baby.”

“You always feel good,” you smirked, placing a quick kiss to his lips.

“You going to put your dress back on, babe?” Josh wondered.

“Hmmm, I don’t know,” you teased.

“You better,” he warned.

“Or what?” you challenged.

“Or we might have to come back here later tonight,” he suggested.

“That wouldn’t be a bad thing,” you smiled.

“Come on,” he shook his head, laughing. “Let’s get dressed and then we’ll head down and try to look as composed as possible.”

“Fine,” you decided. “But do know that you look so much better without pants.”

“Thanks,” he blushed. “Now let’s go down there and hope I don’t mess up this stupid speech.”

When you arrived, you were greeted with a loud applause, and you gave Josh a kiss on the cheek before Tyler dragged him out to the middle of the dance floor, the two of them holding a microphone and spilling out a sweet sappy story of how far they’ve come and how thankful they are for today. That’s when Jordan decides to stand beside you, and he stays mostly quiet, except for when Josh comes back and Jordan is a mess of laughter. “Great job, Josh,” you smiled.

“Yeah,” Jordan snickered. “You did amazing. But uh, you might want to lend your little girlfriend over here a sweater or something.”

“How come?” Josh wondered, turning to look at you and then blinking twice.

“What?” you wondered.

“Hickeys,” Jordan smirked. “Looks like you guys had a little fun when you went missing, hmm?”

“Shut up,” Josh narrowed his eyes.

“Just saying,” Jordan shrugged. “I mean, your shirt’s not even buttoned up all the way for Pete’s sake.”

“Goodness gracious,” Josh mumbled, face turning red.

“Whatever,” you laughed. “At least it was a memorable night.”

“Oh believe me, sweetheart,” Josh laughed, wrapping his arms around your waist. “The night’s not even over yet.”

youcantcancelquidditch  asked:

"are you sneaking out on me" for coldflash?

“Are you sneaking out on me?”

Barry glances guiltily up at his one-night-stand through a gap in the bedsheets tangled around his lanky, wayward limbs. The guy is somehow even more handsome than he was last night in the forgiving darkness of the club… and the taxi… and his bedroom. Lots and lots of in his bedroom.

One-Night-Stand shifts on his elbow, and Barry flushes as the motion draws his eyes to the other man’s groin, bared now that Barry’s gone and pulled all the blankets with him to the floor in his mortifying feat of clumsiness.

“Obviously not very well,” Barry chuckles, high and strained, as he darts his eyes to much safer ground, a ball of fuzz on the duvet cover wrapped around his shin.

The man stretches out again, more brazen this time, almost inviting (or so Barry tells himself to justify the way his eyes flicker back where they really shouldn’t be.) “You don’t have to run off, kid.”

“It’s Barry,” Barry huffs, picking himself out of the blankets to his waist but thinking twice before kicking his bottom half free, opting instead to root around the floor for his underwear with his modesty intact.

The man chuckles, sharp and smooth like ice, sending shivers up Barry’s spine just the same. “I remember,” he says. Then, his head tilts sideways and his eyes narrow as he scrutinizes Barry, like he could pick him apart with a look. The shivers that wrack Barry’s frame this time around aren’t so pleasant.

“But you don’t,” he realizes.

Barry flushes bright red. Response enough, it seems.

“Len,” One-Night-Stand supplies.

Barry clears his throat. “Nice to meet you, Len,” he says on instinct, than winces when his brain catches up with his mouth. “I mean, not meet you.”

“Certainly not after how… acquainted we got last night.”

Finally, Barry finds his underwear wrapped around the foot of the bedframe, and he yanks them on as fast as he can while still keeping the blankets around his waist.

“Where’s the fire?” Len asks. He’s still watching Barry with those sharp, calculating eyes, and it raises gooseflesh on his arms.

“I have to get home,” Barry replies. He finds his T-shirt next, on the corner of the dresser.

Len’s eyes narrow. “Barry, Barry, Barry,” he sighs. “You aren’t seeing someone, are you? Naughty boy.”

And back to the pleasant chills.

“No,” Barry snaps, hackles up at just how much the sound of Len’s voice makes him want to ignore the world and crawl back into his bed. “I live at home. Told my dad I wouldn’t be out all night.”

Len rolls his eyes. “What, are you worried he’ll ground you?” he asks. When Barry doesn’t answer right away – wrestling his pants free from where they’re caught under the closet door – Len stiffens. “Unless you got a real expert on that fake ID.”

“What?” Barry asks, brow furrowing as he tries to process Len’s question, jump into his jeans, and not puke all at the same time. “No,” he says. “That’s my real ID. I’m twenty-one. College is just expensive. So what if I want to live at home and save a little money?”

Len’s still watching hi with those eye, and Barry gets his back up even more. “Why am I even justifying my life choices to someone who seemed genuinely concerned a minute ago they’d had sex with a teenager last night.”  

Len’s body language immediately closes up, and Barry knows he’s gone and put his foot in it. But what does it matter, anyway? It’s not like he’s ever going to see Len again. Shame as that is to say about someone who looks that good.

“You’re the one going on about running home to Daddy,” Len snarks. He gets out of bed in a huff and roots around for his clothes, too. And yeah, Barry’s ticked off, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t steal a glimpse of Len’s ass every time he bends over.

“You’d be just as concerned if you grew up in a house where an APB went out every time you missed curfew,” Barry says.

Len freezes with his shirt halfway up his arms. “Your dad’s a cop?”

Barry bristles, too. “Is that a problem?” he asks.

Len unfreezes just as quick, scoffing and rolling his eyes, but it all seems a little too forced to Barry now that he’s seen the man falter.

“Why is that a problem, Len?” Barry tries again.

Len gets his shirt and his pants on faster than Barry would expect of someone nursing the kind of hangover he must have. Barry hardly has time to open his mouth to ask another question before Len has him pressed against the wall with his tongue down Barry’s throat.

Despite himself, Barry whines into Len’s mouth, high and embarrassing. He ruts against Len’s thigh as Len gropes his ass and almost starts pulling at their clothes again, rational thought dimmed by the heady fog of arousal rolling up from his gut.

Before he gets the chance, Len pulls back with one last nip at Barry’s lips as Barry keens in disappointment and tries to chase his mouth.

“Because,” Len replies with a devilish smirk of which Barry only catches the tail end as his eyelids flutter open. Len leans in for one more hard, dirty kiss, then pulls away completely, grabbing his leather jacket off the door handle and backing out of the bedroom, leaving Barry flushed panting and stupid horny in his wake.  

“This isn’t my apartment.”

Boxer Harry

You didn’t really like boxers and man buns before you met Harry. And you didn’t really like him before you got to know him. He seemed so rude and cocky but then you became friends and started hanging out for a while. Then it happend, he kissed you on your way to home and it was all blurry but one of the best nights in your life. Dating him was fun, extremely fun. But loving him and being loved by him was the best thing that ever happened in your life.

So here you are, a year after you two kissed in front of your old apartment, in the boxing hall waiting for him to finish his training. He’s wearing shorts and boxing gloves. His t-shirt is wet and his hair is in a man bun. You can pretend you’re not that affected of his hotness in front of him all you want but here’s the truth - you will never be able to deny how he takes you breath away.

“Done.” His trainer says and he sits on the floor completely exhausted.

It takes him some time to find you but when his eyes locks on you, it’s all gone. Your consciousness is empty now and you find yourself struggling to exhale your breath. It’s all getting worse when he starts walking to you. His hands are now free from the boxing gloves and your skin is hungry for their touch.

“Are yeh alright, babe?” He has this cocky smile on his face again and his lips look so kissable.

“Yeah” you murmur.

He bents down a little bit to whisper in your ear. “Good, ‘cause i can bet you’re dripping wet right now.”

Before you can ever think for an answer, you’re both in the dressing room. He locks the door and pulls you to the lockers. His lips travel from your neck to your jaw ans his cold hands are burning the skin of the back of your thigh. Your try to find something to hold onto because you can feel your knees bend so you bury your fingers in his hair which you set fee from his hair tie.

“I hate it when yeh tease me with these cute dresses” he says with a husky voice and his british accent is so evident now. “But i also love thinking ‘bout rippin’ ‘em apart.”

“Harry, please” you beg him as the pain between your legs is getting worse.

“What, babe? Tell me.”

“Kiss me, please just… Fuck me.”

Your words drive him crazy and soon you find yourself getting rid of his shirt completely naked in front of him. He lifts you and you wrap your legs aroung his waist. Kissing him is always passionat but never the same. He’s always doing something new that makes you dream of him at night. And here he is now controlling your mouth and massaging your booty in the same time. Here he is driving your crazy.

“Tell me how yeh want it.”

“Fast and rough” your words slip of your mouth before you can even think about their meaning.

“There yeh go then, baby.”

His fingers check you down there just in case. “God, yeh are so fuckin’ wet for me. Just as i thought.”

“Please…” You beg him one more time before he pulls his shorts and his boxers down and slides in you.

His trusts are fast and he’s biting the skin of your weak spot on your neck just as how you want him to. Your back is closely resting on the lockers and your mouth falls open when his fingers glide down between your bodies and start stimulating your clit.

“Harry” you moan loudly, making him lose his tempo and his trusts are uncontrolled now “I’m so close, please.”

He bury his head in your neck and moves his hand from your clit to your boobs. His other hand is tightly wrapped around your butt, holding you.

“Me too, babe, me too.”

One last trust in you and he freezes, coming with one of the loudest moan you’ve ever heard from him. Just as he starts trusting in you again your head lean on the lockers and you pull him closer not sure if you actually freeze like him or start tugging his hair.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” he moans as you keep trembling in his hands.

Cries leaves your mouth while he’s trying to mumble them with kisses because someone easily can hear you. After minutes of staying like that, not able to move, you two start remembering where you are and that you can get caught so you start dressing. When he unlocks the door and you go in front of him, you two see his trainer smiling.

“You naughty boy” he says to your boyfriend “Take care of this lady, i can see how she’s still trembling.”

Harry lifts you one more time and wink at his trainer as he pass him in the coridor and keeps walking to the exit of the building with you falling asleep in his arms.

Naughty Boy*

Steve Rogers x Reader Fic

Paring: Steve Rogers x Reader  |  Word Count: 2068
Warnings: Fluff, Embarrassed Steve, Smut NSFW (18+)

Song: Nasty Naughty Boy by Christina Aguilera (this is what happens when I spend the day trolling Spotify instead of being productive.)

Summary: Steve’s birthday takes a surprising turn.

“What in the world are we doing here?” Steve asked, cheeks already reddening.

“You only turn a hundred once, Cap,” Natasha snickered, leading Steve toward a table just slightly off center of the stage.

“Yeah, but…” he sighed when Bucky clamped the metal hand on his shoulder and shoved him in a chair.

“You’re such a wuss. It’s not a strip club, so what’s your beef?” Bucky snickered.

“Yeah, Cap. It’s burlesque. You don’t even get to see… the fun bits,” Sam snickered. “Plus, this is a nice place. Classy.”

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Pool Boy

Dan never thought he would be the type of gay to check out cute, wet boys at work while absentmindedly picking at his sparkly nail polish but here we are. To be honest, the reason he took this job was because he needed the money and he thought, being a pool boy working in the middle of October, he wouldn’t have to see many people.

He was sort of right on that account. No one went swimming in the middle of fall. Except, apparently, lanky pale boys with the kind of blue eyes which, in Dan’s humble gay opinion, should be illegal.

In fact, after a few minutes of watching him, Dan was almost positive the guy was trying to mess with him. He never looked at Dan, but the way he stripped off his thin, white shirt oh so slowly, revealing just a little sliver of pale skin at a time; his giggles with just a little bit of his tongue poking out at the end; how he flipped his dark hair to the side when he surfaced.

But he couldn’t be sure, not until the boy pulled himself onto the edge of the pool, his skin still glistening with pool water. At this point, Dan actually fell a little bit, causing the leaf skimmer he had been leaning against to clatter to the ground.

Fu–” Dan almost cursed, managing to catch himself, but as he swept his hair out of his eyes, glancing over at the boy, he saw him eyeing Dan, the most irritatingly adorable smirk curling his lips.

Well then, he thought. Two can play that game.

Which explains why it became necessary for Dan to clean the pool shirtless while adjusting his curls as much as possible.

The dark haired boy’s blue eyes fixed on Dan. The pool was completely empty other than them; it made sense considering how strange a season it was to go swimming, and the tension was rising.

Then Dan decided to try to reach some leaves on the other side of the pool, which obviously required him to lean way over stretching with the leaf skimmer, coincidentally giving the boy a very good view of how cute his ass looked in his swim trunks.

But the real last straw was when he slipped a little and ended up landing in the shallow end of the pool. The second the cold water touched his bare skin he let out a high pitched sound of surprise which he easily turned into a breathy moan, closing his eyes.

There was a loud splash and they flew open to see the boy standing right in front of him and he looked absolutely gorgeous, eyes all dark and lips flushed. 
Without hesitating at all, he pressed his lips against Dan’s, his hands gripping his waist. Dan instantly melted into the kiss, his arms going around the boy’s neck and pulling him closer.

When they finally pulled apart, the boy biting Dan’s bottom lip as he did so, he was breathless.

“Did you think that was funny?” the boy asked, his voice just a little bit northern and husky as hell. It gave Dan shivers.

“A little bit, yeah,” he replied cheekily with a smirk of his own.

“Naughty boy,” he murmured, leaning in to nip at Dan’s neck, who moaned breathily. “What’s your name?”

“D-Daniel,” he replied, leaning his head back to give the boy better access.

The boy pulled away, laughing a little at Dan’s pout.

“Daniel, my flirty little pool boy,” he teased, pulling on one of Dan’s curls before getting out of the water. Dan scrambled to follow as the boy toweled off, pulling his shirt over his head.

“Wait!” he protested, running after the boy, who stopped just before he slipped out the gate. “What’s your name?”

The boy smirked again. “My name’s Phil, angel. I’ll be back next week.” And with a single kiss to the tip of Dan’s nose he was gone.

Huh. Maybe being a pool boy wasn’t so bad after all.

Quickie. [Youngjae x reader M]

request by a swag anon :) a/n I do not think there is enough Youngjae smut. He is a fluff ball but he is also so hot (that bias wrecker) ~ JJ

summary: Youngjae introduced you to the GOT7 members a couple months ago and has been regretting ever since. All you do together now is hang out with all the members….but you haven’t had time for just Youngjae. Until tonight. 

Genre: smut - orgasm denial, begging, light bondage, Youngjae sub, reader dom etc…. you’ve been warned

words: 1490

You were planning another night out with the GOT7 members tonight and you were on the phone with Bambam sorting out details. “So are you still picking us up in 20 minutes?” you said. “We are leaving now so maybe more like 40.” “Okay see you soon.” You replied and then hung up. You noticed your boyfriend sulking slightly in the corner of the living room. You knew he has been upset ever since the two of you had been spending time with all the members instead of being alone. You watched as he played his video game and hunched his shoulders trying to focus. 

“Hey Sunshine? We still have time, they are going to be late. The boys just left now.” You said to him as you plopped down beside him on the couch. “Do you want to finish that episode of Descendants of the sun?” He paused the game and looked at you with raised eyebrows. “No, not really,” You said trailing your hands on his honey thighs. “What do you want to do?” You continue to inch your hands closer to his crotch. “I am liking your plan right now.” he whimpered as your hand hovered over his groin. “What do you mean? I’m not doing anything.” You say lustily. You both stare at each and He pulls your face into a kiss and your tongues meet fighting each other for dominance. You hadn’t done anything with each other in so long and your bodies were beginning to feel a craving for more. 

You shift yourself so that you straddle Youngjae’s lap and he starts to move his hands to your breasts. Your mouths crash back onto each other’s and in between breaths you manage to say “Shirt off.” and he immediately throws his t-shirt to the ground. You grind on his lap and can feel his erection even through his jeans. Youngjae pulls your shirt over your head and continues to caress your breasts with his delicate hands. For a moment you break from your kiss and get off his lap to take off your panties from under your skirt. You push Youngjae onto the couch and make him lie down and straddle him again. “God you’re so hot” He breathily moaned. 

“Finger me.” You whisper laying your body against his. You feel his long fingers make their way past your thighs and slip between your wet folds. The relief is bliss and you let out a moan, which is soon silenced by Youngjae’s mouth on yours. He rubs your nub with his thumb as his fingers worked in and out of you. You moaned “Oh Youngjae! Fuck.” You bit as his neck hard leaving purple marks as his finger motions caused you to bite harder, you could hear him let out satisfied groans. “I’m going to come!” Usually, it would take more than this but you could feel yourself melting under his touch and soon orgasm pierced your core and you yelped out in pleasure. You collapse your body weight onto him as he pulled his fingers from your entrance “Taste me, baby.” You say pushing his fingers into his own mouth watching him suck your wetness from them. 

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White Day; Taeyong

Request: Heyy I saw you’re taking requests~~ Can you post a smut or smutty scenario with Taeyong in which you had fought for something but then realised it wasn’t for something that important and you realise that and you make up and it’s your first time together… if you know what I mean…😏😏😏… and it’s kinda romantic with kisses on the walls and him lifting his gf and it’s kinda likd Coffee Prince…😍 (no handjob or blowjob pleaseee)

Word Count: 2719

Genre: Smut

A/N - lets pretend for fiction sake that it’s still the 14th lol

Originally posted by nct127

Today is White Day. The day similar to valentines day, where couples went out and did couple like things. But not you. You had been sat on the couch for the most of the day waiting for your boyfriend, Taeyong, to say or do something to acknowledge the momentous day, but nothing happened. He didn’t even have the excuse of being in dance practice or recording, he had the day off and so far all he’d done was wake up and play video games. Usually this type of thing wouldn’t bother you, you knew Taeyong had a busy schedule and he might have forgotten because of that, but today it did.

Taeyong sat on the floor in front of you, his legs crossed, controller in hand, as he played a violent video game with loud explosions and gun shots firing every few seconds. He’d press the buttons quickly and lean forward whenever he aimed and fired, and once he’d hit his target he’d let out victory whisper, ‘Yes’ and the occasional whine when someone else hit him, that person usually being Jaehyun as he cursed his name.

You’d watch him for a while, until you got tired and laid down on the couch, your head resting on the cushions that were scattered on it. Every time he glanced back at you for a split second and smiled at you, you thought he was going to mention it was White Day and that he loved you, but of course you were just getting ahead of yourself again. This happened for the next hour or so, he’d pay games and casually check up on you from time to time, until one time he stopped and looked at you for a bit longer. Your heart raced as you waited for him to say what you wanted to hear, but all he said was, “Y/N, could you get me a drink, please?”

“Huh?” Your heart dropped. Did he really just ask you that? You lifted your leg and nudged him with your foot making him drop his controller on the floor,

“Why don’t you get one yourself?” His mouth dropped and he stared at you trying to understand what he’d said wrong. The both of would usually drop whatever the other was doing to get something as simple as a drink for each other. “O-Okay…”

He paused the game he was playing and made his way over the kitchen, where he grabbed a drink and filled it with ice cold water. Confused he made his way back over to where you sat, this time sitting on the couch with you instead of on the floor. He sat with his posture straight, as if he was a naughty school boy and the teacher had just told him off for talking over them. Still trying to think of what he did that was so wrong he kept glancing over at you until he finally said, “I-I did say ‘please’, right?”

You rolled your eyes. Did he really not know what day it was? He got up from where he was sitting and turned the TV off before sitting a little bit closer to you on the couch. You were now sitting rather than lying down and Taeyong’s hand rested on your leg. You tried not to look at him, if you gave him the silent treatment would he realise?

“Y/N? Babe?” He rubbed his hand up and down your leg, making it difficult for you to not look at him, “Y/N, I’ve really tried to think about what I’ve done, but i really don’t know… Any chance of telling me?”

Finally you gave in and looked at him, “Taeyong, what day is it today?” You smiled at him patronizingly and he avoided you gaze and thought about it some more.

“It’s fourteenth of March? And that day is significant because…?” He glanced back at you sheepishly, which would normally make you smile, but you were upset about him not remembering.

“It’s White Day.” You stood up and went to the kitchen, filling up a glass full of water to distract yourself.

“Shit.”, Taeyong got up from his seat on the couch and made his way over to you as you drank all the water left in your cup, slamming it down on the counter, “Y/N, I totally forgot-”

You turned away from him and opened the fridge. Hidden behind a few items, you brought out a box of chocolates and laid them in front of him on the counter. He stared at it for a second and then ran his hand through his hair, sighing.

“Are trying to make me feel like a bad boyfriend? because that’s what it feels like right now.” He pushed the chocolates away from him.

“Well, shouldn’t you feel bad? These types of days are worshiped by couples. The day where they tell each other how much they love each other and want to be with each other for the rest of their lives and shit, and you forget?” You crossed your arms.

Taeyong moved so that he stood in front of you. “And you think I don’t love you?” He half shouted, his face burning red, his fists clenched at his side, “Because I forgot about some stupid day, it makes me love you any less than I do now?”

This made you stop from firing another advance in your argument. Feeling ashamed that you got so worked up about something like White Day, you looked at the floor, your cheeks burning bright red.

“Just because I didn’t buy you chocolates doesn’t mean I don’t love you, even though I do regret forgetting to buy you chocolates.” He added as a side note. He was breathing hard, but you already new he was calming down from his earlier outburst.

“I-I didn’t mean to imply that you didn’t love me, because I know you love me, and I love you too-” You were cut off when Taeyong reached out and cupped your cheeks in his large hands. He looked you in the eye for less than a second, then he stepped forward and placed his lips on yours.

It was over before you realised it, he pulled away leaving his hands on your cheeks. “I love you so much. Let’s not argue over this anymore, okay? Let me make it up to you?”

He gazed into your eyes and you gazed back. His eyes were dark, and if you were meeting him for the first time you’d probably think he was a cold person, but you knew he was far from it, you found comfort in his eyes. Thinking he was going to pull away from you and suggest that the both of you go out on a fancy date or something, you were surprised when he placed his lips back on yours, this time for a little longer than before. His lips were warm and soft against yours as he passionately kissed you, the grip on your cheeks firm.

He pressed his body against yours and walked the both of you back until your back hit the kitchen counter. You gasped from the cold on your back, and Taeyong took the opportunity to slip his tongue in your mouth. The familiar feeling of his tongue against yours made your heart race. His tongue was soft as he explored your mouth, angling his head in different positions so that he could explore new parts of your mouth every now and again.

His hands moved from cupping your cheeks to your hips where he rubbed circles into your hips, making your legs grow weaker. Quite frankly you couldn’t get enough of your boyfriend. Taeyong noticed the shaking of your legs, and suddenly gripped your waist and lifted you onto the cluttered kitchen counter. You knocked over a couple of dishes, but you couldn’t care less. Taeyong made his way so that he was standing in between your thighs, and continued to kiss you, his hand resting on the top of your thighs so that he could reach your lips.

Your hands were tangled in hair, pulling on strand every few seconds, which he responded to kissing you even deeper. His hands started to travel from your thighs to the hem of your t-shirt. He fiddled with it for a bit, and you knew what he wanted even though you’d never gone that far before. You broke away from the kiss and looked down at your boyfriend. Taeyong looked up at you with swollen lips and you wondered what you must look like to him.

“What are you doing?” You reached for your top and tried to pull it out of his grip.

“Y/N, let me make it up to you…” He gazed into your eyes and you knew what he wanted to do. You’d discussed it a lot recently after make out sessions had almost led to something more. “You said lets wait till the right time and I think this is the right time. Let me show you how much I love you, Y/N.” He reached up and brushed a strand of hair behind your ears, and then sheepishly lowered his hand, “But, only if you want it, I don’t want to pressure you into anything-” he started to ramble on and you pressed your lips against his to shut him up.

“Okay” You broke away and whispered into his ear.

“Okay?” He smiled widely, showing all of his pearly-white teeth making you giggle. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you towards him. You folded your legs around his waist and he lifted you off the counter, holding you in his arms. He started walking while kissing you passionately. You knew he was trying to get to the bedroom so instead of blocking his vision by kissing him, you broke away and left a trail kisses down his jawline to his neck. Once at his neck you started to suck at the spot behind his ear making him groan.

His walking faltered and he pushed you up against the wall near your bedroom. You continued to suck on the same spot, loving the sound he was making, but you were too busy to notice that Taeyong was working at getting your top off of you with one hand and using the other to support you. “Let’s get this off,” He whined and you broke away, lifting your arms above your head so that he could quickly take it off and chuck it somewhere on the floor.

He stared at you for few seconds, making you blush, the kissed you on your newly exposed skin. He started again for the bedroom, and once he reached it you had imagined he’d almost through you on the bed, like you often saw in movies, but Taeyong laid you down lightly making sure you were comfortable. He climbed on top of the bed, in the process taking off his baggy white top showing his flat toned stomach. You couldn’t seem to take yours eyes off him, making him laugh.

“You haven’t seen anything yet.” He whispered in your ear before reattaching his lips to yours again.

His hand traveled behind your back to where he struggled to unclasp your bra. You let him struggle for a couple more minutes before his lips left yours in a frustrated whine, “Can you undo it for me just this once, please?”

You laughed and reached behind you, Taeyong knelt over you in anticipation, his hands shaking, he wanted everything to go perfectly. Once you finally undid your bra, Taeyong helped to take it off. He stared at you before going to kiss at the exposed skin, making you lie down fully on the bed.

He sucked his way down the valley of your breasts leaving marks so that you’ll remember the next day. His tongue came into contact with your nipple and your hips instinctively bucked up, to which he held you down with his hands. His lips then traveled to waist band of your jeans, his hands playing with it. He looked up your body with hooded eyes to confirm if he could take it off and you nodded.

Swiftly, he took off your jeans along with your panties. Feeling completely bare in front of him, you felt embarrassed and tried to cover yourself up with your hands, but Taeyong managed to grab them before your could, “God, do you even know how beautiful you are?” He said in awe and you blushed.

Being the only one naked you reached for Taeyongs baggy sweats and pulled the drawstring, making them loose around his waist, a visible V line making you swallow hard. You didn’t know if you were ready to see what was underneath or not.

“Do you want me to take it off or you?” He asked, his thumbs hooked under the waist band of his sweats.

“You do it,” fear got the best of you, and you watched as he lowered both his sweats and his boxers.

You glimpsed at it for a brief second until embarrassment washed over you and you diverted your gaze. All you could recollect was that it was big, bigger than you’d expected, making you swallow in anticipation.

Taeyong noticed that you weren’t looking at him and fear washed over him, “U-uh, we don’t have to do this if you’re not ready or anything-”

“What? No, of course I want to do this. Taeyong, I want you.” You blushed and turned to face him again. He was on his knees holding himself in his left hand. His face immediately lit up and he pushed you back, lightly.

He parted you legs and placed himself in front of you, and reached out for the bedside table. He opened the draw and brought back a condom package. He carefully made a tear in the packet using his teeth, which looked really hot, you noted. 

You watched as he rolled it onto his length, you couldn’t tell if it was the nerves in your stomach or the suspense of what awaited you. Taeyong, again noticing your nervousness, leaned back over in between your legs and pressed a light kiss to your lips, contrasting with his earlier eagerness.

“Y/N, this might hurt a little bit, but I promise it’ll feel good after, okay?” You nodded after taking a deep breath composing yourself. This was what you’d been looking forward for this moment for while now, and it was finally happening. 

He lined himself up to your entrance and you jumped slightly at the unusual feeling. 

“Relax, trust me.”

He slowly made his way inside you and you held your breath. The pain seemed unbearable, but Taeyong stopped once he was buried deep inside of you, letting you adjust to his size. He watched you intently, and once he noticed your tension lessen, he slowly started to move. 

You let out the breath you were holding and began to feel the pleasure with every thrust Taeyong gave you. Taeyong noticed the way your eyes fluttered closed, and it fed his energy along with your cute moans. 

When Taeyong was close, he lowered himself so that his lips could reach your neck where he sucked on the exposed skin. 

“Taeyong…” You breather out quickly, feeling a tightness in your stomach, and Taeyong new what you meant.

“Me too,” He moaned into you neck, instantly making you release onto him. 

It wasn’t long until Taeyong followed you. Even though he was tired Taeyong removed the filled condom, tied it, then threw into the bin beside your bed. Your eyes were already closed when Taeyong joined you back on the bed. He moved carefully scared he’d wake you. He draped a blanket over the both of you and settled into the pillow; he’d worry about the mess later, for now the both of you were too tired to do anything. 

Taeyong wrapped his arms around your waist and held you close to him. Your breathing was steady against his chest and he thought you were asleep, but he jumped when you said, “Thank you. Our first time couldn’t have been any better than that. I love you, Taeyong.”

Taeyong pecked your cheek lightly as sleep started to take of you, “I love you too.”   

anonymous asked:

what are ur hedcannons for keeping up with the waynes ? i think u have made a few post about it but im curious ahah

(I don’t think I have but I am more than willing to jump on this bandwagon)

The show starts as a cover because too many people are asking questions (“How come your dead son Jason is picking up your youngest child from school on a motorbike wearing swimtrunks?”). They have to work extra hard to try and be normal… and they just end up incredibly dysfunctional and it ends up helping them because the Waynes are a goddamn mess but the Bats obviously have their shit together.

Dick Grayson is hardcore thirsted after by everyone (everyone) and is highly sexualized in all the promos and stuff. Dick is incredibly uncomfortable with this, he know he’s handsome and he doesn’t mind attention for it, but please he’s not an object to be lusted after. Bruce comes down hard on the network and they make it more tame, still doesn’t stop fangirls and boys from following Dick. Lucky for him he has a protective sibling or two who will always protect their big brother’s virtue.

Jason is in the show… but also not. Like he’s just not acknowledged. No one knows who he is, he’s just always at the Manor, people call him ‘lil brother’ and ‘Jason’ and 'Todd’, no one seems weirded out by his presence. The camera crew asks how Jason Todd, who was declared dead like 6 years ago??, is still alive. The kids pretend they don’t know who they’re talking about. One episode the crew calls in an exorcist because they’re convinced it’s Jason’s ghost haunting the mansion. Jason makes ghost noises from behind the grandfather clock. If you listen closely, you can hear Tim, Steph and Dick laughing loudly in the other room.

Tim Drake is just that beloved character who is a huge mess but, bless, he’s trying. He’s comedy relief in a way that’s really sad and makes you feel guilty. Tim really considers himself the most normal out of all the kids, he thinks this’ll be a breeze. Little does he realize that staggering around in Superboy boxers, trying to hide the coffee machine because Dick is going to take it away is actually pretty damn south of normal. Or healthy. After every episode, 3 new Tim Drake memes are created, he is an internet sensation. He takes it in stride and tries not to pretend that his former reputation as the Golden Perfect Wayne child has not been shattered.

Cass just ignores the cameras and questions at all times. She doesn’t even acknowledge them at all, just continues to go about her day. No one knows anything about her, she’s quiet, her friends are mostly within the Wayne sphere of influence, she doesn’t appear to engage in any wild crazy teen behavior. She is an enigma. Cameras try and catch her doing whatever it is she does, Cass just smiles and disappears. Her only interaction is to inform the camera crew when her brothers are being particularly ridiculous.

Stephanie just kind of, shoves her way into the show. She probably tries the hardest to engage the audience. She knows the impact the show is having and she understands what the people want to see so she acts as the unofficial 'host’ of the show and introduces people and dares the boys to do crazy stunts or starts a fight and lets the crew catch the family in all their dysfunctional glory. She honestly should be getting paid for all the great contributions she’s made to this show.

Prior to the show, Damian had the reputation of a sulky, but put together young man who is trying to live up to his great father’s name. Once the show airs they learn he’s an obnoxious little brat who swears like a sailor and is scarily accurate when throwing kitchen knives. Tim is thanking the heavens people finally see Damian for the demon that he is. Instead he’s lauded as the 'cute lil naughty boy' and still fawned over. Damian has a special segment where he talks about his animals and encourages people to adopt/donate to animal shelters. It actually really beneficial and the other kids start promoting their own charities.

Bruce is just off to the side, glaring at his paperwork as he tries to get something done. The children are more obnoxious than normal, no secret identity is worth this pain. He can’t wait for the end of the season so he can cancel the show. Damian has stolen a box of matches with plans to set Tim’s sleeve on fire while he’s asleep and see how long he notices. One cameraman coughs.

“Uh Mister Wayne? Sir? Don’t you think you should do something about that?” Bruce glares, he has barely gotten any sleep since this started and what little peace of mind he still possessed has shriveled and died an agonizing death.

“As long as those cameras are on, they’re your problem” In the background, Tim is screaming and yelling in several language. It took him 34.8 seconds to wake up.

10. Pink // Klance

« {Part 10 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

a/n: get ready for lots of bad pick up lines from both lance and keith. oh boy.

Keith was sick of how easy it was for Lance to get him to blush.

Lance’s pick up lines were objectively terrible. There was no way that anyone in the galaxy could possibly be wooed by lines that bad—or so Keith thought. Hearing Lance say those lines to random alien women was one thing, but hearing those lines directed at him, specifically, was another thing altogether. The lines were still terrible, and Lance probably only said them to tease him, but Keith couldn’t help blushing.

The blush was probably mostly just embarrassment, Keith reasoned. He knew deep down that this wasn’t really true, of course, but it was a nice thought.

“Hey, Keith!” Lance said one morning, catching up to him on his way to the kitchen and slinging an arm over Keith’s shoulder. “I just wanted to say…. If a star fell every time I thought of you, the sky would be dark at night.”

“The sky is already dark. We’re in outer space,” Keith said, but goddammit, his face was already feeling hot. Fuck. Why did this always happen?

“Well then, maybe we should get in inner space, if you know what I mean,” said Lance, waggling his eyebrows.

“That makes no sense, Lance.”

“You know what else makes no sense? A world where you and me aren’t together.”

“Well then, welcome to reality.”

“Man, you are no fun,” said Lance, pouting.

“I’m plenty fun, your pick up lines just suck.”

“Hey. I have great pick up lines,” Lance said. He squeezed Keith’s shoulder and leaned in closer. “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

And that was just about as much as Keith could handle. “No,” he said, shrugging off Lance’s arm. “What about you?”

Fuck. That sounded weirder than he’d meant it to. He kept walking.

Lance, on the other hand, stopped, freezing in place and falling behind. When Keith turned around to look, Lance was staring at him with wide-eyes, his face two shades redder than it had been only a moment before. “U-uhm,” he stuttered. “What did you say?”

Hm. Interesting.

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Joseph Fiennes on How 'The Handmaid's Tale' Is Just as Disturbing for Its Actors
"A part of me just couldn't wait to get out, and scream, and get back into my hoodie and trainers."

It’s not exactly accurate to say that Joseph Fiennes plays the villain of The Handmaid’s Tale, because no human character earns that label. The villain of this story—both Margaret Atwood’s novel and Hulu’s lauded adaptation—is misogyny, and the forces that have allowed it to metastasize uncontrollably across the nation, transforming the United States into the puritanical nightmare that is Gilead. But Fiennes’ military commander Fred Waterford is the face of the regime, and his slippery cat-and-mouse dynamic with Offred (Elisabeth Moss) is the only arena in which she has any real autonomy. Throughout the season, as she goes from being strictly Waterford’s Handmaid to his mistress, it’s increasingly unclear who is manipulating whom.

“The men are pretty thinly drawn,” Fiennes acknowledges in reference to Atwood’s book, “and they have to be, because it’s not their story.” Though Fred’s lack of depth on the page initially left him skeptical about the role, his trepidation didn’t last long. “Once I got into the book, and particularly the relationship that grows out of his clandestine meetings with Offred, I thought there was great character copy to be had.”

Early on, Waterford seems potentially sympathetic: he treats Offred more kindly than most, almost as though he sees her as a person, and an ominous invitation to his office turns into an endearingly benign game of Scrabble. But by this week’s episode, it’s become clear that his attention to Offred is selfish, putting her in danger in order to feed his needs rather than hers.

As has been exhaustively noted ever since the show premiered, parallels to Gilead are everywhere in 2017—not only to the regime’s oppression of women, but its puritanical brand of nostalgia, and fixation on a return to traditional values. Take the revelation that Vice President Mike Pence cannot dine alone with women who aren’t his wife, and then consider Gilead’s rule that a commander can only be alone with a handmaid if his wife is also present. Fiennes diplomatically calls the parallels “very, very curious, in this day and age”.

Below, Fiennes speaks to Esquire.com about Waterford’s “pathetic” brothel dalliance with Offred, his hopes for the now-confirmed second season, and getting into the mind of a rapist.

Though Waterford is inscrutable for much of the show’s early episodes, Fiennes worked a lot on unseen backstory.

The thing I wanted to explore was the relationship he had with the previous Offred. Coming to my own conclusions about what her death meant, and the reasons she took her life, and the impact that would have had on the household and Fred, was an interesting starting point. In the book, Fred is described as “a pathetic, soft, withered limb that lives inside a tough military boot.” There’s a sense of loneliness, and of his wanting to reach out and wanting to care for [Offred], and then there is this lurking monster—a man drunk on his position of power, and all of these arcane rituals he partakes in to keep control.

You should be thrown by him, as Offred is, and that uncertainty makes her knife-edge negotiation of survival that much more gripping. Because in a sense, you want her to find this sanctuary [in his office]. There’s life, there’s words, there’s Scrabble, there’s an exchange of human contact, and yet Fred is loving that power exchange, and loving the fact that her life is in his hands. He’s ultimately a dark creature, but to begin with I wanted there to be elements that would confuse.

There’s a specific reason why Waterford was unable to perform during the ceremony in Episode Four, directly after he asks Offred to join him for Scrabble later and she declines to answer.

Taking away power from a rapist ends up emasculating him to such a degree that he can’t perform. I think that’s essentially what [that scene] is. Whether it’s subliminal or not, he feels that he has lost control when she doesn’t answer him. Out of nothing, she manages to find a kind of status in her silence, just not saying, “Yes, I’ll meet you for Scrabble at 9:30.” Just delaying that response was enough to throw him into turmoil, and physically we see the repercussions of that.

Though Waterford is probably sterile, Gilead doesn’t allow for that possibility to be voiced–even to himself.

I think there’s probably a two per cent part of his brain that might go there, but he’s used to blaming his wife. So much of his disconnect with Serena is based on the barrenness, the idea that she hasn’t provided them with a child which is such a status symbol. He’s so far down that road of detachment and blame that he wouldn’t dream that [the problem] is possibly him. In the higher echelons of Gilead, as a commander, I think it wouldn’t befit him too well. The revelation would just be too crushing,and maybe we’ll get to see that in the second series. I’d also like season two to really examine how a regime like Gilead comes into effect; the minutiae of that would be fascinating.

Episode Eight reveals the deeply immature impulses that drive Waterford.

He’s pushing this relationship to the extreme, and in one sense it’s a classic setup, the married man and the mistress. He loves having Offred take on his wife’s identity and wear the cloak, and once they cross the bridge into this forbidden territory he’s able to operate as he please, transporting them both away from all the rules and regulations. But I think he also loves the power of shocking Offred. There’s this “naughty boy” side to him, and I think he gets a kick out of this completely pathetic brothel setup–it’s sad in every which way, but I think there’s an immature thrill he gets out of the shock factor. He’s exhilarated by it.

As tough as the show is to watch, it was even more grueling to shoot.

Every day before filming I had to draw a deep breath, because it’s such a creepy world, and such a creepy character to inhabit. A part of me just couldn’t wait to get out, and scream, and get back into my hoodie and trainers. The ceremony scenes were deeply disturbing [to shoot], because they’re so much about rape culture, although Fred has invented this justification for it through scripture. For me, every utterance and every move he makes is tainted with the corrosive effects of patriarchal authority.

It’s ugly, and the fact that it’s human nature makes it more ugly. I’ve met, and read about, and seen, people who just have no sense of equality or humanity. They’re privileged to the point of disconnect, and in this world of Gilead, I think Fred believes he’s untouchable. Scripture and theocracy have allowed him to disappear behind this cloak of authority, and he’s become the mask.