he's such a naughty boy

i like to secretly stick a Dove chocolate or two up my ass before naughty time with my boy and if he’s brave/loves me enough to still eat me out after seeing the warm drip, then he’s rewarded with it the pleasant surprise of it actually being chocolate


David Tennant and Freema Agyeman - Out and about

  • soldier76: we're glad to have you back Ana
  • Ana: thanks. Hey where's Gabriel
  • soldier 76: unfortunately, he's Evil™ now
  • Ana: Where is That Naughty Boy
  • Reaper (somewhere far away, with a Shiver running down his spine): my Time on this planet is Limited

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Harry is one of those kinda guys to grip your hips when you're riding him. And you're going so painfully slowly that he can't take the teasing anymore and starts to thrust his hips up and pull you closer and guide you. His fingers turn white and the vein in neck pops up and his jaw clenches. He also whimpers with tears down his cheeks when you slide off of him and tell him off. "Don't do that, baby. You know what happens to naughty boys? Huh?" And he just curses under his breath and nods. xx


Swazz’s Lane

Prompt: Sending naughty text to Swazz while he’s while the boys.

Pairing:  Swazz x Reader

Warning: Curse words, oral(female receiving), face riding.

Word Count: 1k

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What does he smell like, Jaehyunie? Chocolate? Honey butter chips? Or, are you trying to kiss him? 

OMG boy, keep your lips away from Tae’s tights!! I don’t know… what are you doing???

Because … I’m his mother

Kushina to Minato, chapter 664

“This boy will be naughty and say he wants to become Hokage and he won’t listen … he will oppose his teachers! And he won’t understand girl’s feelings …” (Kushina to Minato) 

“How can you already know that he’s definitely a boy and will want to become Hokage?” (Minato to Kushina)

BECAUSE … I’M HIS MOTHER.” (Kushina to Minato)

“Anyway, I’m a Hokage, I won’t die so easily. I’ll protect him, no matter what! It’s ok!” (Minato to Kushina)

“ That’s pretty bold of you to say that!” (Kushina to Minato)

WELL … THAT’S BECAUSE I’M HIS FATHER.” (Minato to Kushina)  



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5SOS (smut) preference: Teasing

A/N: if you don’t like sexual pictures or text then you can better skip this preference. Long time since I’ve actually made a preference so here go.





Luke was a real tease, he might seem innocent when you look at him but he can’t go anywhere without teasing you in some way. In public he’ll try to do it under the table, even after a concert in the showers he will tease you by placing your nipples in between his index and middle finger as he pulls them softly.

“Like this baby? I love these as much as you love the pleasure”


He loved to feel how wet you were already, Calum the naughty boy he was had to do that on a way that made you even more exited for this. His cock would rub over your pussy, you were moaning loudly whilist he was smirking because he got control over you.

“I knew it, so wet for me and I barely did anything”


Michael was lazily playing video games like always, you were trying to get his attention because you needed some pleasure time with him. So you put on your most innocent face and started to pull off his pants. Like everything that happened on the couch, you were the one on top as you rubbed your slit up and down his length

“Yeah Kitten that’s it, keep on going for me if you want to cum”


You were such a good girl according to him so he decided to treat you, he told you to get on the bed in your panties. Ashton’s hand reached inside your panties, at first teasing some more before attaching his fingers to your clit and rubbing as slowly.

“you’ve been such a good girl, let me take care of you baby”