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Imagine...Overhearing Dean

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Pairing: Dean x reader

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I'm Not Your Toy: Part Two

A/N: Welp this is seven thousand words of pretty much pure smut. Like literally. Enjoy.

Word Count: 7k+

Warnings: NSFW. Ooey Gooey smut. Vaginal fingering, tit worship, rough/loving sex.

Summary: You’d supported Steve and his decision to not kill Bucky. Fuck, you even supported Steve when he’d literally started a war over Bucky. Done jail time for him. But you what you couldn’t manage to do for the life of you, for the love of Steve, was get along with Bucky. Especially when he managed to make you blush every time you were in the same room as the man


Everythings a little bit of a…blur.

The strong dose Percocet had kicked in and turned your mind into slow moving mush. You clearly remember inviting Bucky to bed with you, and him crawling in next to you, but leaving enough space between the two of you so that your bodies didn’t touch. He was being so careful, so aware of you. So good to you. Even though you knew he was just as exhausted- mentally and physically, as you were from the mission.

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Operation Henderson and Harrington Pt. 2 ~ Mini-Series

Summary: The kids take it upon themselves to test their matchmaking skills. With a little help, they form a plot to get you and Steve together by Halloween.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x (Henderson!You) Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: Language! Mostly from Dustin.

A/N: I am so happy that part 1 received so much positive feedback and I am so happy that you all love it so much! Here is part 2 for you. I’ll try to post a part each night until the series is complete. Please let me know if you want to be added to the tag list!!! Much love to you all. xx

Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part Three (Coming Soon)

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Phase One of Operation Henderson and Harrington: Get Steve to agree to the group costume.

Hopper swung by to pick up El and Max after school, leaving the four boys alone to wait for Steve. He took on the responsibility of dropping them off at home after each school day ended, unless they had AV Club and in that case Joyce would pick them up.

“Alright, guys,” Dustin clapped his hands to get their attention, gathering them up into a circle. “Remember the plan. We changed our costume idea, and now we’re going to be the T-Birds, and we want Steve to dress up as one too so the group is complete. I am Kenickie. Mike, you are Sonny. Will, you are Doody. And Lucas, you are Putzie.”

“Why do you get to be the cool one?” Will asked.

“Because Danny and Kenickie are best friends, like Steve and I are, so it works,” Dustin explained to them.

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artificial wedding bells

title: artificial wedding bells

ship: peter parker (17 yo) x stark!reader

wc: 1.5k

a/n: hey! you invite him to an event because your dad, is setting you up with someone you don’t want to be with. peter agrees, but he is not crushing. nope. not at all.

tell me what u think!!!! (requests are open!)

my previous imagine

“You want me to do what?”

“I promise, it’s just for a night and if you do this- I will do anything for you. I will get your favorite sandwiches, do all your English assignments for a month, I really just need you to do this favor for me, Peter.” her eyes are blown wide as she looks at him, petal lip bit and her hand brushing his lightly in hopes of conveying how badly she wanted his help.

“Being your pretend boyfriend for a wedding? No one would buy it-”

“Peter, I’m not hideous. People would believe your lapse in judgment for 2 months in dating me.” she laughed, self deprecating, and he pouted at her. Because even if he doesn’t have a crush on her, if he did, it wouldn’t be a “lapse in judgment”. Whoever she ends up with will be lucky to have her. WHoever gets to be the person who holds her hand and takes care of her, makes her laugh and finds home in her embrace- they will certainly regret it. She’s not the kind of thing that you regret.

He doesn’t have a crush on her. He doesn’t. But he knows that whoever does, whoever ends up getting to be with her- it’s not going to be something that they don’t cherish. He can’t imagine that when someone holds her hand, they’re not going to cherish every moment of it.

“That’s not what I meant,” he says firmly, dark brown eyes boring into hers seriously, as she jokingly rolled her eyes, and squeezed his hand in recognition, and he notes how their hands just seem to mesh, and he’s never really noticed that before. Not that she’s held his hand too much anyway, but holding it doesn’t seem to be something he minds.

“I just meant that you’re you, daughter of the Tony Stark and also like, really pretty-” is that a blush? Probably not, she doesn’t do things like blush, “And I’m just you know, a kid with an internship, and I’m awkward and I’ll mess it up-”

“Please, Parker, it’ll be fine. I promise. I just need this one favor, and you won’t mess it up. I know you. You won’t let me down.”


It turns out she wanted him to go to a wedding and dinner with her, because her dad wanted to set her up with someone and if she was with someone, then…

Peter understood. Telling May that he was her date, well, it went over very well, actually. Aunt May did his tie and hair, rehearsed things to say, said she always knew that they’d end up together.

Which is weird, because Peter’s never really thought that before.

She gushed about how lovely Peter’s “girlfriend” is, and he can’t really disagree because she is gorgeous, it’s just a fact. Peter isn’t blind- he knows that his best friend is just about the prettiest girl he’d ever met, ever seen.

He’s dressed formally for a formal event, as she’d called it, and she’s picking him up, at 6 o’clock on the dot.

He opens the door, and his breath is stolen from his lungs like someone’s sucked it from his chest.

She is beautiful. She’s absolutely stunning, and it’s ridiculous, he can’t tear his eyes from her, and she’s wearing a grey dress with shimmer and lipstick on her mouth, big eyes looking up at him and hair curled, and for a second, Peter forgets that he isn’t really her date, he isn’t really going to be the person that she wants to show off to her friends and family.

“Is there something on my face?” she asks, concerned.

“No! You look-look good. Good. Really pretty.” he sounds stupid, and since when did she make him this kind of nervous? He sounds stupid. Stupid. She beams at him, and it feels fine, like she’s rubbed out of all of his insecurity.

“Good.” she teases, “You look good too.”

He doesn’t mind when she grabs his hand and pulls him into the car, where Happy is waiting to drive them to Stark Tower.


It’s a party, actually. It is a really big party. Huge, in fact, and he finds himself holding her hand, more out of wanting to not get lost, rather than keeping up the facade. People ask about the two of them, and Peter is surprised about a lot of things.

Peter is surprised how easy it is for his arm to snake around her waist, or how her face fits in the crook of his neck when she feigns embarrassment at people asking about “them”. He’s surprised how much pride he has when people call her his girlfriend. Because she is lovely, she’s so gorgeous and funny an light, and the way she makes him feel in place in a setting when he’s definitely not.

“Aunt Emma, this is my boyfriend, Peter.” Boyfriend. Boyfriend. Her aunt smiles at her and winks. She looks him up and down.

“Well, your uncle is going to find this very funny.” Emma is pulled away, by a man in a leather jacket who Peter assumes to be her husband.

“What was that about?” he asked, joy in his tone.

“My uncle thought I’d end up with like, a tough guy or something” she laughed taking a sip of her mocktail in a champagne glass.

“Well, it’s good that you ended up here with me.” for some reason, the idea of her with some leather-clad tall guy made his stomach stir.

Not in a crush way, though.

She just smiles and pulls him towards where everyone’s dancing.

He’s watching her dance with her little cousin, twirling around like she’s being charmed, and it’s so endearing, Peter’s heart could pop out of his chest at any moment. She is so lovely, so kind and so good, laughing at the deep bow her cousin takes and it strikes Peter how much he loves the sound.

So, the thing is, Peter realizes, is that she isn’t just beautiful in concept. He doesn’t just think that she’s lovely in the abstract. All this time, Peter’s been thinking that whoever gets to be the one to kiss her, gets to be the one who holds and loves her-they’ll be lucky.

He’s never really let himself think about how that might look.

Because her with anyone else- the phrase sounds wrong on his tongue, it’s not right. She shouldn’t be anyone else’s daydream, at least not one that they get to keep. Yes, she is the kind of wonderful that leaves you breathless and the stuff of dreams, but he knew that.

What he realizes, looking at her, so light and airy, her dress catching the air and ringlets falling loose from bobby pins, is that he wants to be the daydream wrapped around her mind.

“May I cut in?” he asks formally, bowing deeper than needed. She curtsies to him, and giggles, as he wraps his arms around her waist, hers going around his shoulders. She’s close and he can smell her perfume and also her, and he’s never really realized how much he liked being around her.

“You know,” she said, whispering in his ear, “you’re pretty good at this.”

“Hmm?” he hummed, trying not to revel in how she fits against him, warm and delicate.

“Pretending to like me.”

She shakes him out of his haze, actually, when she says this. They’re supposed to be pretending, but he’s not. He’s not pretending to like the way her hands fits in his. He’s not pretending to like the way she smiles up at him like he’s her boyfriend. He didn’t ask her to dance because of the whole fake-date thing.

“Well, it’s easy to pretend to do something you wish you could do.”



“I didn’t-”

“Did you?” They spoke at the same time, with wide eyes, because Peter just admitted something so true and more than that, he knows she doesn’t feel that way. Knows that she doesn’t look at him like he set the sun, makes her happy like there’s nothing else in the world like him.

“I’m sorry, shit I didn’t mean to overstep, it’s just you looked pretty and I just thought about how much I loved tonight, how I liked when you called me baby and-”

“Peter,” she laughed. “I didn’t invite you because of Beckett.”

Beckett. Stupid name. Stupid name for a stupid guy who shouldn’t get to go out with her.

“I asked you because if I had to have anyone be my fake boyfriend,” she says, smiling knowingly at him finger pressing into his chest pointedly, “Then I would pick you, Mr. Parker.”

“Does that mean-”

Yes, Peter.”

He kisses her and he’s grateful that he’s on the corner of the room where no one can really see them, his hand on her cheek and his eyes closed, her smile pressed against his and butterflies hammering in his stomach and he’s never, never been this happy in an instant before.

He hears a throat clear.

He even sees Mr. Stark handing Cap 20 dollars.

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reddie seven minutes of heaven- love ur work and ur writing style !!! you characterize them so well

there might be some spelling mistakes, but I quickly banged this out in between doing work. thank you my love, and enjoy!

forever taglist: @pearltheartist@mikoalabearwrites @arielgirly @trashmouth-smashmouth@mzcescapie@somenates27@reddiesballoons@cawcawhawkeye@richietoaster@sassy-molassy@fuckin-richie @zerealromaniangurl @notagoodplace4gods @itsway-past-mybedtime @homohayls @reddiefic @trashmouth-tozier69

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hoodie; shawn mendes

a/n: from october blurb night again, here’s why! [masterlist]
synopsis: drowning in shawn’s hoodie, i believe the request was for her to look like a ‘hoodie blob’

“Babe come on, I’m hungry” Shawn whines from the bedroom door, hands in his grey hoodie pocket as he bounces from one foot to the other. 

It’s 9:30pm, and Shawn’s been at the studio all day – only came home half an hour ago – and when he’d slouched into the living room to find you sitting with your laptop, work sprawled out across the sofa, he’d declared that the two of you were going to get McDonalds. 

“I don’t have a bra on” you say, turning as you rifle through the drawer he’d cleared out specifically for you. You catch Shawn raising a timid brow, and you shake your head – knowing what he’s thinking. “Haven’t done the washing have you?” 


You sigh and shut the drawer, throwing your hands up from your tank top wearing state. 

“I don’t understand why you don’t just get somebody to do it for you” You mutter, scorning yourself for not taking your washing home and doing it yourself. You sit on the edge of his bed while you slip your trainers on. 

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SnK Chapter 99 Poll Results

The chapter 98 poll closed with 1,751 responses.
Thank you to everyone who participated.

1,722 Responses

On the “awful” to “awesome” scale of 1-5, nearly 70% of respondents rated “Guilty Shadow” with a “5″, making it the highest rated chapter since we started polling. Well done, Isayama!

On that day, Marley received a grim reminder… this chapter woke up the obsessed snk fan in me, finally JESUS CHRIST

SNK has always been a wild ride, but I don’t believe I’ve ever been this excited and frustrated that I don’t have the next chapter in my hands RIGHT NOW- if only to satisfy the itch of knowing which half-hidden face is who from Paradis. And also to figure out what they’ve done to Porco, Pieck and Zeke to neutralize them while Eren gives Reiner the most uncomfortable tableside chat.

My heart was pounding throughout the entire chapter. The last time that happened was chapter 84 and I gotta say, I finally feel like this whole Marley arc has been worth it. What an adrenaline rush it’s become! Now that’s now Attack On Titan is supposed to be. I can’t wait to see everybody else again and proceed to reach the climax of the story.

The hype for SNK 100 is too real. Everything will explode

I need Ch100 right now immediately. Waiting another month is going to be torture. In the meantime I hope Porco and Pieck enjoy their time in the pit. If it turns out that Helos is Levi I will eat my own platform boots

It was amazing. Really great story.

I’m so glad this chapter is fake and SnK ended last month with everyone having a huge pizza party!

….is it December yet?

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something that he can’t quite place

NOTES: All right y’all. The first paragraph of that EW article sounded like it was the beginning of an enemies to lovers fanfiction. So I wrote the drabble that could have followed it! You’ll also spot a little of what Adam Driver had to say about Kylo’s fascination with Rey. ;)

He hates her. This girl. This garbage picker. This amateur who somehow drew his family lightsaber to her hand, overpowering his own bond with the Force.

She defeated him in the Starkiller interrogation room, and then he lost the battle against her in that frozen forest. She left him more dead than not, bleeding out red life on the white snow. Now Kylo has scars to remember the worst night of his life by, every mistake he made branded on his skin, all thanks to that girl.

He has to hate her. Scavenger and would-be rebel and Jedi acolyte: Rey.

Still, Kylo dreams of her. He sees her on the island, such a pretty, stubborn creature who bullies Luke into taking up the mantle of teacher again. He witnesses her tenacity while training, her beauty as she meditates, her power at all times. And as much as he despises it, he can’t help but admire her.

He’s never had a peer before. No one anywhere near his age, either ally or enemy, who could match him. It strikes familiarity and fear in him, and something else. Something that he can’t quite place.

Until one night, in the throes of his never-peaceful sleep, Rey sees him too.

It’s raining, her hair has fallen down, and her clothes are soaked. She looks lovely and strong, breathing hard when she asks, “Kylo?”

It’s a shock, hearing his name from her. The sound of it in Rey’s accent is foreign, her familiarity unexpected. No one calls him Kylo. It’s Ren or Lord Ren, always, and it startles him to hear Rey address him like she’s an equal.

She is, he supposes, despite her lack of training. Starkiller proved that.

“Rey,” he says–the first time he’s allowed himself to speak her name aloud.

She stumbles backward, scowling. Still afraid of him then. Good. He wants her to fear him, to see the man who stole her on Takodana, the creature who sifted through her mind while she was trapped. Not a weakling she left for dead in the snow.

“What are you doing here?” she asks.

Kylo has no lightsaber to draw, not in the midst of a dream, and it wouldn’t matter anyway. This isn’t real, not in the way of flesh and blood.

“I could ask you the same thing,” he said. “Why bother staying when my uncle refuses to teach you?”

“You–you’ve been watching me?” Rey asks.

She backs away again, reaching for a lightsaber that isn’t there (that isn’t hers anyway).

Kylo catches up to her easily. He’s larger, stronger, faster. If he hadn’t gone into their battle already wounded he’d have overpowered her, won her like a prize and carried her back to his master. But when he takes Rey by her shoulders, he finds her solid under his hands, as if they were truly standing on the same ground. That sense of something else, something more, overwhelms him, and for the first time Kylo faces it for what it is.

He wants her. As an ally, a student, a friend, maybe even a lover. He wants this scavenger girl who shamed him. He wants Rey.

Rowan Lance (Part 2)

I know a lot of people loved the first part of this. I’m really hoping that everyone likes this part just as much as the first one. I really love wingfics so I hope I’m doing the concept justice. I hope you guys enjoy ❤️

“Are you sure about this?” Lance asked sweating heavily. He looked over the tall cliff, down at the barely visible ground beneath them. They had dragged Lance out of the Castle and found the highest point on the planet. He looked distrustfully back at his friends and hunched his shoulders slightly. He imagined they were just going to toss him off the cliff and decide that was that.

“First, let’s see your wingspan,” Shiro said stepping closer behind Lance. With a sigh, he obeyed and spread his wings out as far as he could. There were some gasps from the others when they saw the newly groomed feathers in the sunlight. At this everyone spread out their wings. Hunk had the largest wings, followed by Shiro, and now Lance, Keith, than Pidge. Keith sent a pout Lance’s way, making him laugh and give him a wide grin.

“Are you sore anywhere?” Shiro asked smoothing his hands down the tops of his first set of wings. He blushed and looked over the tops of them to watch the leader. Shiro glanced up and raised a brow waiting for an answer. He cleared his throat and looked over the horizon.

“No, they feel pretty good just being out again,” he admitted flexing them slightly. Shiro hummed and kept grooming the wings absentmindedly.

“How was your flying before you stopped?” He asked this time. Lance’s feathers immediately puffed up in pride and he put his hands on his hips.

“Best flyer out of everyone in my family,” he said proudly with a grin, “and some of them went on to become aerial performers,” he bragged. Shiro looked back at Hunk, Keith, and Pidge with a little smile and gestured to his back and then the cliff. He got nods and thumbs up in response and he turned back to Lance. He clapped a hand down on his shoulder grabbing Lance’s attention.

“Well, it seems like you’ll be fine,” he said with a smile. Lance raised an eyebrow in confusion and looked behind himself to see the other three standing trying to look innocent.

“What do you me-ACK!” he started only to be cut off by Shiro grabbing him by the waist in the crook of his arm and jumping off the side of the cliff. With a cheer Hunk, Keith, and Pidge dove off the side of the cliff after them. Lance clawed at Shiro’s arm with a scream and felt tears falling from his eyes as the wind rushed passed them.

“I’m going to let you go now,” Shiro yelled calmly over the sound of air. Lance shook his head frantically and dug his fingernails into Shiro’s arm.

“SHIRO I SWEAR TO GOD!” He screamed. “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU IF YOU LET GO, I WASN’T READY!” With a deadpanned face, Shiro took his arm away from the blue paladin.

“Oops, she wasn’t ready,” he muttered snapping his wings open and leaving Lance to flail through the air.

“SHIRO YOU PIECE OF SHIT!” He shrieked. He looked down at the ground ignoring the tears that were flowing up his cheeks into his ears. He closed his eyes and tried to remember before he left home and was immediately greeted with memories of his family and flying with them. He peeked his eyes open and looked to the side, seeing his friends diving alongside him. It was time that he flew with his new family. He didn’t have anything to fear anymore, they were his family and he could trust them. He opened his wings open wide, the air immediately caught on them and his fall came to a stop leaving the other paladins to shoot past him. He laughed and flapped his wings to climb higher up.

“Lance you did it!” Pidge said happily as she flew up to meet him.  Lance gave her a little pout and crossed his arms.

“You doubted me?” He asked. Pidge rolled her eyes and punched him in the arm. He yelped and pretended to fall again, gaining a startled yelp from her. She fell after him with her arms open as if to catch him. He grinned and shot up again, grabbing her in his arms and falling to Hunk, Keith, and Shiro. When they got there, she batted his arms away from him and clawed her way out of his arms.

“Don’t do that, I thought you were going to die,” she mumbled crossly. Lance chuckled and circled around her.

“Sorry Pidge, I used to do that with my little sister back on Earth,” he explained twisting around in the sky. Her eyes widened and she cooed slightly.

“I guess it wasn’t that bad then,” she admitted with a small grin. Lance gave her a blinding smile back. He grunted when suddenly he pushed from behind, he righted himself quickly and looked behind his back to see Keith smirking slightly. Before he could realize what was happening, Keith dropped away and dove down to the ground. With a start, he realized that Keith wanted to play. He quickly dove after him and quickly caught up with him.

“Good try Keith,” he said and grabbed his leg stopping him in his motion. Keith yelped as he was knocked off course and Lance shot up into the sky. He let out a loud laugh and chased after him. Lance looked back at Keith and the happy, determined expression on his face. He led him around for a few minutes and laughed when he shot past him without a problem.

“ACK!” He grunted when smacked into a solid chest. He clung to it when his wings stopped moving and he looked up to look into Shiro’s face. He blushed and quickly righted himself so he could jump off of his chest.

“Sorry Shiro, I didn’t see you there,” he admitted rubbing the back of his neck.

“That’s fine Lance, it was kind of the point,” he laughed. Lance squinted his eyes in confusion but they widened when he felt a hand land a stinging slap between his wings.

“Traitor,” Lance whispered at Shiro. He stared into Shiro’s eyes with wide eyes as he slapped Shiro right on the pec and flew away.

“I’ll accept that,” he said to himself before he took off towards where Pidge and Hunk were leisurely flying around. At the focused frown on his face, they paused before Pidge screamed.

“ABORT!” She shouted and she and Hunk fell away from the paladin. He laughed and chased after them, after a few minutes he flew away hoping that Lance and Keith let their guards down. Luckily it seemed like that’s just what happened to Keith and he was able to slap him on his lower back. He groaned but smirked when he noticed Hunk and Pidge still flying away from them. He quickly took chase away from him after the two. Shiro took the opportunity to fly over to Lance who seemed to be doing simple manoeuvres through the air.

“I’ve come to apologize for my betrayal,” he said overlapping his right wing over Lance’s left ones slightly. Lance’s regarded him slightly before nodding with mock approval.

“I guess you’re forgiven,” he said with a small smile. Shiro smiled back and whiffled to fly underneath Lance.

“Thank goodness, I don’t know what I would have done,” he said. He twisted and came up on Lance’s right side. Lance blushed and looked away at the horizon again. Without a second thought, Lance dove again and Shiro didn’t hesitate in following him. They folded in their wings and suddenly they were grasping each other’s arms and corkscrewing to the ground. They laughed and flew away from each other back into the sky and met up again. They flew around each other, ignoring the smirks they were getting from the others, enraptured instead with each other. The sun was setting before Keith interrupted them.

“I know you guys are in love but we should really head back,” he said with a playful smirk. Immediately they started sputtering out embarrassed excuses and denials.  

“Keep telling yourselves that guys,” he chuckled before turning serious and pointing a sharp finger at Shiro threateningly, “I better be your best man,” he growled and flew to meet back up with Hunk and Pidge. Shiro and Lance glanced at each other with hot faces and quickly turned away again to fly back to the hangers.

“Anyone else hungry?” Keith asked sitting back in the nest. There were various sounds of approval and agreement. Lance yawned and bundled his wings around him to cover him in warmth.

“I’m good, I’m just going to go to sleep now,” he responded closing his eyes. At the complete silence that greeted him, he peeked his eye open. Shiro, Hunk, Keith, and Pidge all stood with wide eyes and limp wings.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong?” He asked worriedly.

“You’re going to sleep here with us?” Pidge asked softly.

“Oh um yes I was going to. I don’t have to though, I can go back to my room!” He said waving his hands around nervously and struggled to stand, trying to untangle himself from his wings to stand.

“No!” Shiro cried making the others flinch. He walked forward with a nervous chirp and tried to get Lance to sit back down.

“We’re just happy that you want to spend the night here,” he explained frantically smoothing down Lance’s hair and feathers. Lance trilled and closed his eyes again, shortly slipping into a comfortable slumber.

At first, Lance didn’t know where he was. He was flying through dense fog and he wasn’t able to see anything at all. Slowly though, he began to see sparkling blue waters beneath him, familiar blue waters. With a start, he realized that he was flying over the private stretch of beach his family owned. He landed on one of the cliffs that overlooked the white sand beach with wide eyes.

“You looked spooked,” A voice said on his right. He flinched back and looked over to see his mamá looking back at him.

“Mamá,” he whispered tears coming to his eyes. She gave him a heartwarming smile and pulled him into a hug. He clutched to her shoulders and cried into her chest. “I miss you Mamá,” he sniffled. She pet his hair and pulled back his head to kiss him on the forehead.

“I know baby but I know that you are doing something incredible out there,” she said comforting him. She gestured back down to the beach where he could now see his family splashing around in the water and playing on the beach. He watched them soar out of the water into the air and dive back in without hesitation. He laughed when one of his cousins came splashing out with a large fish in his hands and he brought it to his uncle to skin and cook for them. With a hand on his jaw, she brought his attention back to her.

“Lance, honey, you don’t need to worry about us,” she said with a concerned expression, “and yes we miss you. We miss you so so much but we are okay,” she said, her voice breaking slightly in the middle.

Lance bit his lip and looked back down at them with a heavy heart. Space certainly wasn’t as horrible as he initially thought it would be. He found the freedom he wanted on Earth here. He found another group of people to call family. He might have even found love.

“I’m so proud of you, and I’m happy you could find people who love you as much as we do,” his mamá said suddenly drawing his attention back to her. She was looking down at the beach now and he followed her gaze. The paladins were landing on the beach and mingling with his family. Pidge and Hunk were playing with his younger cousins, providing a sort of entertainment for them. Keith stood with his uncle as he showed him how to skin the fish that was just caught. Shiro though, he looked lost. He twisted around as if looking for someone.

‘As if he was looking for me,’ Lance thought with a happy grin. Little did he know that’s exactly what he was doing. Shiro looked up at the cliff and his face brightened exponentially when he caught sight of the Rowan.

“Lance!” He called happily with a wave. Lance gulped and looked over at his mamá. She grinned broadly and gestured for his to go. Lance glanced back at him uncertainly and wrung his hands in front of him. His mamá huffed gaining his attention again.

“Lance, I know how long you’ve had a crush on that boy, go after him,” she said bluntly like always. Lance blushed and pouted at his mamá but obediently glided down to meet the black paladin.

“Um, hey Shiro,” he said with a smile.

“Lance?” He asked with a smile. Lance looked at him in confusion and looked around him.

“Uh, yes? What do you mean?” He asked looking at Shiro warily now. Shiro came forward and brushed his hand down Lance’s cheek softly. Lance gave him a shy smile and leaned slightly into the hand.

“Lance?” Shiro asked again quieter than before. Lance sighed and looked into Shiro’s eyes.

“Why do you keep asking me that?” he said. Shiro leaned forward and gently kissed his forehead. When he backed up, Lance’s face was once again covered in a blush and he was looking at Shiro with fond eyes.

“Lance, can you wake up?”

Lance blinked his eyes open coming face to face with Shiro. He shrieked and whipped his head forward connecting their heads with a loud crack. Shiro yelled and pressed a hand to his eye.

“OH FU-IDDLESTICKS!” He yelled in pain.

“Just say fuck Shiro,” Pidge muttered looking at him blankly.

“Fuck,” he grumbled rubbing his eye. Lance jumped forward with a cry.

“Oh Shiro, I am so sorry,” he said with tears in his eyes. Part of it from the pain of the hit, the other from the despair that he already lost his chance with Shiro.

“No, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have startled you like that!” He said, he gasped when he looked at Lance.

“Lance, your head, it’s bruised already,” he said gently touching the skin around it.

“Talk for yourself, you have a black eye,” he said with concern. After a moment the two of them burst out laughing and clutched on to each other’s arms to keep from falling over. Hunk leaned over to both Keith and Pidge.

“Do you think they have concussions or something?” He asked with a raised brow directed at the giggling paladins.

“Probably,” Keith replied.

“They’re probably fine,” Pidge said sitting down and covering herself in preparation to go to sleep. Keith did the same, leaving Hunk standing alone to look at them.

“What about Lance’s food?” He asked the two of them.

“Do you want to go over there and try to give it to him?” Pidge asked gesturing at the marks on both Shiro and Lance’s heads. Hunk quickly shook his head and sat down, abandoning the bowl of food goo just outside of the nest. Soon enough the only sounds that were heard were the quiet conversation between Lance and Shiro. Lance fell forward cuddled in Shiro’s wings and looked carefully over the bruise on his face. Shiro suddenly swiped his finger over it and then his own.

“Weird, black and blue, just like us,” Shiro said.

“A bruise, really?” He asked blandly. Shiro shrugged his shoulders.

“It could be nice,” He pouted. Lance raised his eyebrows and put on a disbelieving face.

“Yeah? How so?” He asked leaning back down on Shiro’s arm. Shiro thought for a moment with a hum.

“No matter how bad we’re beaten, we’ll always be together?” He suggested. Lance sighed and cuddled closer.

“Okay, that was pretty good,”

Part 1/2

romeo and juliet, or something like that

steve harrington x reader

(spoilers for season 2.)


“theatre class,” steve repeated. “are you kiddin’ me?”

“i can’t ask mike or lucas,” dustin replied, crossing his arms defensively over his chest. “but my mom… you know, she wants me to bring someone, and i thought…”

“hey, we ain’t friends,” steve hurriedly said, stepping out onto his front step and closing the front door behind him. “not a chance.”

“okay, steve, it’s time for both of us to stop pretending that you don’t love playing video games with me on friday nights and that babysitting me isn’t the best thing that’s ever happened to you. we both know it.”

this fucking kid.

“if i see one person from school -” steve began, but dustin interrupted.

“you won’t, steve.” dustin’s gaze was more serious than steve had ever seen it, and if this was about anything other than theatre classes, he’d probably be worried for his little pal. “come on. it’s bring-a-friend week. you wouldn’t let me go by myself, would you?”

steve stared down at dustin for a brief second before moving his hand up sharply to hit off his baseball hat - which landed on the front lawn - and ruffle his curly mop of hair.

“might wanna pick that up, kiddo!” steve chirped as he sprinted inside and shut the door before dustin could flip him off.

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Safe - Thanksgiving Special - Jaehyun x Reader - Vampire!AU

to all jaehyun stans: you are not prepared for this

Requested by: an anon, i haven’t had a request in ages so thank you and i hope this doesn’t disappoint

Word Count: 6268

Trigger Warnings: Graphic Descriptions and Language, Mentions of Blood and Death, Vampires

Genre: Fluff, Thriller, Angst, Vampire!AU

You knew that going camping with your friends in the woods for a weekend during Thanksgiving break wasn’t a smart decision, but they had somehow managed to coerce you into agreeing to the abysmal idea.

The reason that your friends had given to get you to agree was that you never liked trying new things when they asked you to because you were a total wuss, and so to save whatever was left of your ego, you decided to prove them wrong and go along with their suggestion, agreeing to the plan of camping out at a lake house in the woods with your group.

You got up on that Friday morning and dragged yourself over to the bathroom, staring unhappily at your reflection. The dark circles around your eyes did not appeal to you in the least, and you turned the faucet’s knob around, letting the gush of water fill the dead silence of the room as you cupped the cool liquid in your palms and splashed it on your still groggily sleepy face.

You dried your washed skin and then began to attend to your hair, lazily combing it as you moved it around, trying to make it look decent as you settled for the same style you combed it every other day. You heard your phone ring from your bedroom.

Walking over to the table where it lay charging, you unplugged the device and tapped the answer button as you raised it and situated it at your ear.

“Chickened out yet?” came your best friend’s mocking voice from the other end of the line, and you could feel yourself smirking a little.

“Not quite,” you replied smoothly, your voice sounding as bored as you’d intended it to. Perfect at bluffing, as always.

“I thought you’d have been running for the hills by now,” came the surprised answer.

“And my parents thought I’d have been a doctor by now, but I live to disappoint,” you continued, now smiling as you went through your packed bag and made sure you had all the items on your overnight checklist.

Laughter resonated along the line at the delivery of your joke.

“We’re all taking my mom’s minivan, and since you live the farthest, you get picked up last.”

“Wow, the discrimination. I can’t believe you even have the audacity to say this right to my - “

“Oh, do shut up,” your best friend interjected as he continued laughing. “You get the most time out of all of us to just chill and get your shit together. See you in an hour.”

“If you say so,” you finished, smiling as you hung up the phone and shook your head.

He was right, though, you were the only person who could afford to have a proper breakfast.

You took everything you needed from your room and headed to the kitchen, opening the blinds a little only so that a frown could grace your features.

It was as though every single grey cloud in the sky had decided to show up for a convention.

The weather made it seem like it was going to rain, and you immediately closed your eyes as you face-palmed and felt yourself groan.

You reached for your phone again and opened the forecast app only to find out that this weather was supposed to persist for the next four days, even after you were done with the camping session.

How was anybody supposed to enjoy their vacation if they couldn’t go outside?

At least you’d be staying indoors and not actually camping in a tent in the wild; you were not having it if they thought that you’d be okay at all with sleeping in the presence of bears or, even worse, bugs.

You decided to make yourself something light, not wanting to eat too much just in case someone wanted to stop for breakfast on the road to your destination.

You were looking through the items in your fridge, debating on what you were willing enough to make, when a knock came at the door.

How could they be here already? It hadn’t even been an hour since you hung up the phone.

You walked over to the door, almost pissed to find out that you had been pranked, and opened it to be greeted by the most handsome face to have ever graced this planet.

Your weakness. The one man whom you could not get out of your head.

Your drop dead gorgeous neighbor, Jung Jaehyun.

You immediately smiled at his presence, folding your arms at your chest at this unexpected visit.

You always loved hanging out with this big softie, now very used to being around him and spending time together whenever the both of you were free, which seemed to be conveniently often.

“To what do I owe this honor of a visit from the Jung Jaehyun?” you started sarcastically.

He gave you a breathtaking smile that showcased his dimples as he chuckled and looked at you with hooded eyes through his dark fringe.

“And a good morning to you, too, Y/N,” he murmured just a bit too close, his breath fanning your face and his sultry voice sending tremors of shock down your spine.

“How may I help you?” you asked, your voice faltering a little as you took a small step back for your own good.

His smirk remained. “I was hoping for a little bonding session over breakfast, and by that I mean that my toaster broke and I was going to ask if I’m allowed to use yours.”

Your melodic laughter filled his ears and made him grin as you nodded your head and mouthed a ‘sure’ at him.

“Come on in,” you spoke over your shoulder, inviting him in as he slowly stepped through your front door and shut it behind him.

What a sight it was, to see Jaehyun standing in your kitchen is his grey sweats and oversized black hoodie, complementing his hair perfectly.

A smile tugged at his lips as he waited for his toast, turning around to face you. “You should take a picture, you know. It lasts longer.”

“I’m well aware of that,” you replied sarcastically, “but I can’t seem to find anything worth photographing.”

“What a shame,” he purred, the sly smile now turning into a grin.

He looked around, eyebrows furrowing a little as his sights landed on your bag. “Going somewhere for the day?” he asked innocently.

You found yourself replying before you could have managed to stop yourself, forgetting that you’d promised him to marathon your favorite movies together over Thanksgiving break.

“Yeah, I’m staying with my friends over the weekend.”

“You don’t strike me as a person who would prefer the outdoors,” he said sincerely, keeping a friendly smile as the thought of being away from you for so long sunk into his mind.

“I’m not. If it makes any difference, we’re staying in a house for the next two nights. I am not sleeping with the bugs,” you snorted, making him chuckle.

“Is the spot you’re going to famous? I might know it,” he prodded carefully, hoping to make you spill more information about your mini-adventure. You didn’t seem to notice his intrusive efforts, casually beginning to reply.

The toaster dinged and he put his bread on a plate you’d offered him, shallowly taking a bite before chewing.

“I wouldn’t know, honestly, it’s just this one house by the lake that’s not too far away from a small town on the outskirts of the woods.”

Jaehyun swallowed hard, immediately trying to think up an excuse so he could stop you from going.

“I heard it’s a dangerous spot,” he started, his expression worried, “are you sure you want to be there for the entire weekend?”

You looked at him uneasily, wondering if your friends had deliberately done this to mess with you or if perhaps Jaehyun had gotten the place mixed up with somewhere else.

“No, I’m pretty sure the area’s okay. My friends go there all the time, they were even there two weeks ago.”

“Oh,” he continued, getting more desperate now, “I almost thought you were describing the same spot where a few people regularly got kidnapped. Even the detectives couldn’t trace a pattern or bring back the missing victims. How unfortunate.”

“Don’t joke about that,” you said, laughing uneasily.

“I would never do that, Y/N, I’m just genuinely concerned,” came his sincere reply, a look of anger - or was that pain - flashing through his eyes.

You felt odd and decided to change the subject. “I’ll be with my friends, so it’s all good, Jae. Besides, I don’t think the weather would allow us to move about much.”

He smiled at his nickname and even more at the mention of the weather. “They say it’s going to rain for the coming few days. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“Not particularly?” you mused, still finding it weird that he liked the rain more than a warm day.

“Ah, right, you’ll be all alone and without your cuddle buddy Jae to protect you from the treacherous storm. As if I needed another adorable reason to not be very fond of the sun,” he smiled at you, tilting his head to the side as you shifted your gaze and waited for your blush to subside.

“What’s the primary reason you don’t like the sun?” you pushed.

“Allergies,” he said, putting an end to that discussion quickly as your eyebrows knotted together.

Allergic to the sun?

You shook your head, trying to find something else to talk about. “Um, what about you? What will you be doing this weekend?”

“Nothing much, I’ll probably just get some chores done and catch up on a series or two.”

“Seems eventful,” you teased, making him smirk.

“Well I’m sorry, Y/N, but not all of us have amazing social lives with friends that own lake houses and invite us over on vacation.”

“It’s only one house, and its his parents’, not his,” you laughed.

“Oh,” came Jaehyun’s chipped reply. “I didn’t know you were spending the weekend with your boyfriend?” he asked, frowning as he scratched at the back of his head uneasily.

“No way,” came your instant response, interested at his reaction. “We’re best friends and all, but he and I are never going to be a thing.”

“That’s more than slightly comforting,” he answered, smiling a little. “What’s the matter? Way out of his league?”

“Not particularly, I just seem to have my attention focused on somebody else.”

He pursed his lips at the sound of that, clenching his jaw as he slowly nodded, whatever left of his heart constricting far too tightly in his chest.

You laughed at his expression, pulling his gaze back to you as you slowly made your way to the counter just a few steps away from where he stood.

He caught on pretty quickly, giving you a cute pout as leaned back on the fridge. “It’s not nice to tease the people who care about you, Y/N. Don’t you think so?”

“Is that what I was doing?” you feigned innocence, giving him a bewildered expression.

“Don’t give me those eyes,” he whined playfully, smiling as he stared at your laughing form.

“You’re right, I should save them for my one and only best friend whom I’ll be spending the entire weekend with. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get to share a room together,” you commented as you wiggled your eyebrows at him, thrilled at the discovery of his mutual affections and enjoying the situation at hand just a little too much.

He walked closer, slightly towering over you as his cologne invaded your senses and his index finger tilted your chin up to make you look into his hooded dark eyes.

“Are you trying to make me jealous?” he asked lowly, his enchantingly husky voice making you squirm. “Because if you are, then I can assure you that it’s most definitely working.”

“Why? Don’t you think he and I would make a great couple?” you teased breathlessly, your heart hammering as his lips got significantly closer to yours.

“Not particularly, I don’t - “

“Hey, loser, let’s get your stuff and go - “ your rowdy best friend kicked your front door open and stilled at the entrance as his eyes landed on your figure entrapped in that of the gorgeously pissed off man.

“Am I interrupting something?” he produced a shit-eating a grin, to which you immediately responded ‘no’ while Jaehyun quickly answered with ‘obviously’.

You pulled away instantly, your face and neck suddenly ten times warmer as you heard Jaehyun groan in protest while you grabbed for your stuff and pulled both men out the doorway.

“Are you Jaehyun? Because if so then I definitely see why Y/N talks about you all the time. I’d totally swing your way, too, bro, but like - “

“We’re leaving now!” you exclaimed, taking your best friend’s hand and dragging him towards the car with your waiting friends that catcalled and hollered when they saw you leave the house with the attractive man.

You shoved your bag into the trunk and went back to say goodbye. Jaehyun had a most amused smirk on his face as your best friend headed for the driver’s seat, smiling back at you two and yelling, “You have my blessings!”

“I cannot believe your best friend just ruined what could have potentially been the best day of my life,” Jaehyun commented as he hugged you goodbye, making sure to whisper it in your ear and leave a trail of goosebumps down your arms.

“You’re such a tease, just let me leave without embarrassing myself any further,” you whined, stepping away from him and briskly making it bak to the car.

“Don’t miss me too much,” he replied cheekily, sending you a greasy wink that had your friends in uproar as you entered the car.

“I won’t,” you yelled through the window as your best friend sped away, making everybody laugh as Jaehyun stared at the retreating vehicle with worry.

You couldn’t go there. Not without him.

“Have you eaten anything?” piped up one of your girl friends from the front, offering you a paper bag with McDonald’s breakfast in it. 

Starting the vacation off unhealthy, gotta love it.

“No, Y/N was too busy taking care of other stuff,” came your best friend’s comment, making everybody laugh as you hit him over the head with a hash-brown.

“Shut up you cockblock, you’re the very reason I didn’t,” you said, making everybody laugh even harder as your friend in the front seat turned on the radio and tuned it to your favorite station.

Sitting in a car with your friends without driving everybody on the road insane by the time you reached the lake house was a miracle in and of itself, considering the fact that you’d swerved in and out of lanes on a minutely basis.

It was honestly an incredible feat that you had all made it there alive without crashing, or at least that was what you had been thinking while gazing out the window as you were stopped at a traffic light when you saw Jaehyun standing at the curb.

Your eyes widened, making you do a double take, but all you did was blink and he was gone.

The friend closest to you nudged you with a worried expression on her face. “You okay, Y/N? Are you feeling sick?”

You shook your head slightly, trying to make sense of what you’d just seen. “Thought I saw Jaehyun standing on the sidewalk just now.”

Everybody burst into a fit of laughter as your best friend rolled his eyes and gave a sly smile. “Oh boy, you got it good.”

“Shut up, dumbass,” you sneered, sounding the complete opposite of hostile.

“How scary,” he mocked again.

The rest of the ride was a blur and you got to the lake in no time, the cloudy weather reflecting on the still surface of the water and making it look extremely aesthetically pleasing as you pulled out your phone and snapped a few pictures.

He is right, pictures do last longer. 

You smiled at the thought of him, remembering what had happened, or almost happened if it hadn’t been for the untimely interruption, as a blush crept up your cheeks.

You certainly regretted not chickening out now.

You stopped dead in your tracks, almost wanting to slap yourself across the face.

You should have invited him to come with, how stupid could you have been? Now you had to wait another forty-eight hours at the least before you could possibly see him again.

But you now had time; you could think out what you could tell him when you got back.

You were surprised that you had managed to say anything back in his presence, but who knew what the withdrawal from him would do to you over the weekend? You could possibly lose all the nerve you’d worked up around him.

You dreaded that the very thought could happen. He liked your sarcastically playful self around him, and that was more than enough to keep you going for now. He didn’t have to know that the past few months had turned you into a complete sap for him.

That was information that your were more than just slightly willing to keep to yourself.

“Y/N! You’re burning daylight, help us move the bags inside!”

“There is no daylight!” you huffed at the clouds, turning around and making your way back to the car so you could aid your friends with the painful process of unpacking.

It was just past noon when everybody had settled, bringing out the bags of chips and chilled cans of soda and sitting down on a bunch of logs facing the lake, noticing they were put down in a circle around what now remain to be the ashes of a dead fire.

Everybody was telling stories and jokes, having fun mocking each other in good spirits, and two of your guy friends made a bet where the loser had to strip down to their underwear and dunk themselves into the ice cold lake. Needless to say, you had laughed so hard that your stomach felt like it would soon be in need of some medical attention.

Everything was fine for a few hours, the atmosphere still pretty cloudy but not as gloomy with all the laughter you and your friends had been making.

And then they came.

You didn’t think much of them at first; they were a group of three guys and two girls about your age who said that they were camping out just about three miles from your location.

The feeling they gave you, however, was quite odd. They felt wrong.

You kept staring at the girl who was talking, trying to put your finger on whatever it was that make your skin itch in their presence, but nothing came to mind. Your frown deepened and you shook your head, trying to let loose a little and distract yourself.

Two of the newcomers were now looking at you with curious gazes.

“Is everything okay with you?” asked the girl who had been talking before, everybody’s attention on you.

“Hm? Oh, yeah, I was just thinking about some stuff and the weather’s keeping me pretty down,” you answered awkwardly, almost feeling threatened at how the five were staring you down.

“Yeah, thinking about how Jaehyun should be here, am I right?” spoke up one of your friends as he nudged you, making everybody laugh.

You looked around but nobody besides yourself seemed to be uneasy about the people who had crashed your group. You turned to face them and saw them all still staring at you with contempt, as if studying your every move. Waiting. Testing.

“Didn’t know Jaehyun finally found somebody. He was always the picky one,” stated one of the girls bleakly, her voice monotonous and her expression dead. The guys snorted in response and the other girl rolled her eyes.

“You know Jae?” came out your voice, tone absolutely dripping with suspicion. Their eyes all twitched at the nickname.

“More than you do, that’s for sure,” replied a guy from the group, his voice making the insides of your skin crawl.

Your best friend seemed to notice the tension when nobody else did, diverting their attention. “So, how long will you guys be staying? We’ll probably be leaving the house soon so we don’t wanna keep you so far away from camp when it’s already getting late.”

“How kind of you,” came the sarcastic reply, but you were too distracted by a shadow in the woods. It was gone before you knew it, but you could have sworn with everything you had that it was Jaehyun’s lithe figure watching the situation from a distance.

You focused your vision back on the group and saw that one of the guys was staring in the direction you had just been looking, giving a half-assed smirk as he fumed.

Looking back at you, he took a menacing step forward, sneering. “I never knew that predators could be so protective when it came to their prey. You’d think he held affections for you.”

Your head reeled. “I’m sorry?”

Before anybody could speak, a loud clap of thunder boomed in the air, making most of you jump. Not two seconds later, the rain began to pour, and everybody grabbed at the items lying about as you all scurried back into the warmth and dryness of the house.

Everybody was inside, but the newcomers uncomfortably stood on the hooded porch, slightly drenched in water.

“What are you doing out there? It’s raining like hell and I don’t think you guys can get to camp like this. It’s warmer in here,” said a girl from your group, her hair damp and sticking to her face and neck haphazardly.

“We don’t mean to intrude,” enticed one of the visitors standing outside, fishing for an invitation.

“Intrude my ass, come on in,” said your best friend, walking over to you.

He leaned into your ear, making sure nobody else could eavesdrop as he whispered.

“Stay within my sights; they’re giving me a bad vibe and I don’t trust them around you, okay? They do anything fishy and I’ll have them kicked out immediately, just say the word.”

You hugged your best friend, reveling in the feeling of safety he managed to provide in this strange situation, however small that feeling was.

“Thank you,” you murmured, and he laughed.

“Hey, I’m no Jaehyun but I can make sure you’re safe if I have to,” he playfully shoved you, the both of you smiling as you went inside to look for towels.

You came back out to the living room to find two of the new arrivals socializing with your friends, but it only grabbed your full attention when your name came up.

You walked forward, passing towels about and tugging the most talkative of your friends into the kitchen.

“What’s going on?” you interrogated.

“Huh? Oh, you mean the new kids? Yeah, they were just interested about how you knew that guy everyone keeps teasing you about, so I told them you guys were neighbors living next door to each other and that you guys hung out a lot.”

“Why the fuck would you say that?! We don’t even know these people, and you’re here telling them my life story? Would you tell anybody if they asked nicely enough?!” you freaked, all of your senses now on high alert.

“Jesus, calm down, Y/N. It’s not like they’re axe murderers or anything, they’ve got nothing on them. Chill a little, what’s the worst that could happen?”

“Are you serious? You can’t possibly tell me that - “

“Oh, save it. Don’t ruin the night for everybody, that’s totally uncalled for,” and he stalked away, back in the direction of the room you had pulled him from.

You stayed in the kitchen, not wanting to deal with anybody for the rest of the night and glad that everyone in the house was preoccupied by anything that wasn’t you.

The storm continued outside, the thunder and lightning making you flinch a few times when they caught you by surprise. You really wished you had listened to Jae now; you two could have been cuddling on the couch as you binged on series, drowning out the frightening sounds of the storm.

“Y/N,” you heard his voice loud and clear, and if it hadn’t been for the incessant tapping at the kitchen window, you’d have thought you had imagined it altogether.

You saw his face looking at you worriedly from the outside, confusion and fear suddenly etching themselves onto your features.

You rushed towards the kitchen door that led to the backyard, forcing it open as a gust of breezy wind made you shudder.

“Jae? What on earth are you doing here?” you asked, halting when he enveloped you in a hug, murmuring to himself.

“I thought they’d already gotten to you, I was so worried, I should have tried to convince you to stay longer but I just, I shouldn’t have let you come here, this is all my fault and now you’re a target because of me and I’m so - “

None of that made sense to you.

“Jae, Jaehyun? Hey, look at me,” you said, pulling his gaze to meet yours. “Look, I’m okay. You see me? I’m okay. Why are you here, what did you mean by all of that rambling because I’m kind of confused?”

He hugged you again, his body slightly trembling. “You don’t even know how badly I want to just go in there and rip their fucking heads off.”

“Jae? Who are you talking about?”

“You know something’s wrong with them. I know you felt it. I saw you.”

You stilled. Saw you?

“I wasn’t imagining things. You were actually there,” you pulled away, eyes growing bigger in response to the fear overtaking your body as your mind already jumped to the worst case scenario.

What was he, some kind of stalker? Did he send those people after you?

“Y/N, please wait. Just give me a chance to explain this to you.”

“Did you follow me here? Did you send these creepy people after me? Did you want them to scare me when it was dark and stormy?”

You remembered what he had told you about the spot earlier during the day.

“Or worse!” you shrieked, now almost inside the house, “You want to kidnap me!”

“What? No!” he yelled, bewildered. “I would never! As soon as you’d told me where you’d be going I realized they’d be in the territory. I can’t protect you when you’re so far away from me, Y/N, I can’t ever live with myself knowing I couldn’t protect you from the likes of them.”

“What does that even mean?” you yelled back, attempting to calm down a little and make sense of the situation at hand.

“Aw, look at the quarreling couple,” came the same satirical voice of the boy that had intimidated you before the storm hit, the source dangerously close to where you stood.

You whipped around, almost losing your footing if it weren’t for Jaehyun’s muscular arms keeping you up, protectively wrapping around you as he snarled at the intruders and bared his - fangs?

Well then. You were right after all.

“Oh, look, the dumbass is starting to figure this out!” laughed one of the girls as all five stepped out onto the back porch and closer to you and Jaehyun.

“Jae, what’s going on?” you questioned, terrified beyond your wits.

“You’re safe with me,” he promised, gently kissing your forehead and smiling to himself when you didn’t flinch away.

You simply nodded, your gut compelling you to trust him in this bizarre confrontation.

“What’s the matter, can’t we all just share a meal like the good old days?” asked the sarcastic boy, baring his own fangs.

“Not happening. Not in centuries, and it’s not happening again,” Jae growled, his embrace around you pulling you to his side even more firmly.

“How cute, Jaehyun’s fallen in love with a mortal,” sneered a girl.

Your bubble of hysterical laughter shocked everybody as their eyes landed on you once more. “Just because I’m not a vampire does not mean I’m a mortal, smartass.”

Your bluff game always was too strong, especially when you needed it the most. Now, in the face of danger, your brain switched on to autopilot mode, grabbing for any ideas that could possibly save your life and end this without physical conflict between Jaehyun and the unexpected guests.

“Bullshit, we would have smelled you,” said the quietest of the group, speaking up for the first time.

“Or you could have smelled him, since he’s always hanging around me for good measure,” you retorted, tilting your head to prove your point as your remained latched to your savior’s side.

That had caught them off guard, and they all looked at each other before stepping forward again.

“What are you, then?” prodded the other girl, eyes narrowing into slits.

“None of your concern,” replied Jaehyun smoothly as he squeezed your side in reassurance, not once betraying your impromptu act.

“Leave while you still can,” you stated darkly, and for once, the nerves wracking your body dimmed down your voice into a tone so threatening that you had managed to surprise even yourself.

“This is our territory, you leave,” argued the guy who looked to be their leader. They all seemed wary now, keeping their distance in the offhand chance that you were actually telling the truth.

You, on the other hand, could not believe that your plan was actually working.

“Then we will. Jae will take me home, won’t you?” you asked, looking up at him as you were met by his intimidating profile.

“Of course, love, go get your things,” he murmured, walking you to the door and blocking the entrance for the other five.

“It’s a bluff, isn’t it?”

Don’t even think about it.”

You rushed through to the room where your best friend sat, quickly grabbing your bag as you made your way back towards the kitchen. “I’ll call you when I’m home, I’ll be fine I’m with Jae,” you said in a hurry.

“What?!” he exclaimed, not even off his feet yet by the time you made it back outside.

“Let’s go,” he told you, grabbing your hand and leading you into the woods.

“Are we headed the right way?”

“I’m trying to lose them, but they’re too acquainted with my scent.”

“You guys seem to have bad blood.”

“Please tell me this isn’t one of your puns,” he faked a groan, but you could tell that he was smiling.

“Well, now that you mention it…”

“Honestly, what am I going to do with you? To think you’d have gone into shock or something.”

“No, I suspected it,” you answered truthfully as you tried to keep up, huffing a little. He effortlessly pulled you up and slung you over his shoulder like a sack of flour, jogging away.

“Keep this up and I might get sick on your shirt,” you whined dizzily, the drizzling rain not helping your situation.

“How on earth did you suspect me being a goddamned vampire?”

“You hate the sun, you’re the palest shade of white, you’re too strong for a human being - I mean, nobody can lift up my couch like that single-handedly, who are you trying to fool - you asked me for an invitation into my house the first time you came over, and you’re too good looking to be a human anyway.”

The last part made him laugh, and you could feel it throughout his body.

“Glad I amuse you,” you groaned again, starting to feel nauseous. “Seriously, let me down, I’m getting sick.”

He set you down. “Why didn’t you say anything about it before? You know how hard I had to try to keep myself from freaking you out?”

“What was I supposed to say? ‘Hey, no offense, but are you a vampire by any chance?’ Come on, Jae,” you snorted.

He was about to reply when the sound of snapping twigs reverberated to your left.

“Get down,” he ordered, pulling you to the ground as the five emerged.

“You didn’t seriously think we would let you walk away, did you? This is a nice spot. Very convenient to make sure everybody at the house doesn’t hear what goes on.”

“I was hoping you’d be smart enough not to do this, but I guess I am mistaken.”

“You talk like an old man.”

“And you behave like an ignorant one.”

“Seriously, just share a meal with some old friends, what do you say?”

“Sorry, I’m not very fond about sharing what’s mine,” he glowered, and that was it.

He lunged forward and out of your sight, the rain doing a lot with obscuring what you could see and muting anything you would have been able to hear. You heard grunts and wails of agony and all you could do is shut your eyes and keep your hands to your ears as you just wished Jaehyun would come out unscathed.

You lost track of time as you began to silently cry, your crouching legs burning because of the cold, wet rain and your limbs shaking from the very thought of being dealt with.

You didn’t want to die.

You didn’t want Jae to get hurt, either.

And then it was dead silent, nothing sounding but your own ragged panting and the pattering of the rain.

You held in your breath, head beginning to hurt, when you finally heard it.

“Y/N? Baby where are you? Please say something, anything,” he pleaded.

“Jae? Jae!”

He followed your voice, the one voice he’d follow anywhere without hesitation.

You stood there, hair matted by the pelting rain, eyes leaking as you looked him over to see if he was hurt.

Blood,” you whimpered, reaching for his cheek.

“Not mine, darling. I’m okay,” he reassured you, pulling you into him while he inhaled your scent and listened to your lively heart as it beat.


“I promise.”

You walked some more until you reached a figure that you’d recognized as his car, sitting inside with the heating on as he finally took you home.

You had a hot shower as he made you something warm to drink and set up a few of your favorite movies to watch, hoping to take your mind off of what had happened and the ongoing storm outside.

It took him less than a minute to clean up and was already under the blankets when you came out of the bathroom, everything already set up and waiting for you.

He smiled softly when he saw you, and all the worries in your mind faded away as you made your way over and settled into his embrace, allowing him to pull you closer and nuzzle his face into your neck.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t stop you from going.”

“I’m okay now. You’re okay. That’s all that counts. My friends are safe, right?”

“Of course, love.”


You two stared at the TV screen but nothing was playing; you were lost in thought as he stared at you and kissed your forehead.

“Why me?” you asked him out of the blue, wondering why he’d chosen you of all the human beings out there. “What makes me worth saving?”

“You’re all I could have ever wished for, darling. You’re what makes me feel alive.”

Are you alive?”

“Not literally, no.”

“And when I die?”

“Y/N, let’s not - “

“No, answer me. What happens when you’re not there to keep me alive? Or when I get old? What then?”

“I don’t want to turn you, if that’s what your suggesting. You’re too good for a life like mine.”

“Don’t give me this Twilight shit,” you complained, pulling out of his hug to face him. He raised an eyebrow.

Twilight shit?”

“You know exactly what I’m talking about.”

His dimpled smile proved that he was, indeed, well aware of the idea you were trying to convey.

“Can we talk about this topic some other day and just revel in the fact that you’re alive and well?”

“All thanks to you, yes I am,” you reminded him, and he frowned.

“I’m also the reason you were going to get hunted.”

“A tactical miscalculation on your behalf, it happens,” you replied sarcastically, making him roll his eyes at you.

“This is serious, Y/N.”

“I know, Jae. But you didn’t intend for that to happen. Had it not been for you, I wouldn’t be here right now.”

“Please don’t say that again,” he breathed, voice constricting as he bent down to lean his forehead against yours. “I can’t bear the thought of losing you.”

Then don’t.”

His response was pressed onto your own lips, trying to convey to you just how much you meant to him as he finally gave in to temptation.

The air turned passionate rather quickly as he deepened the kiss, making you sigh as your arms wound around his neck.

You pulled away so you could breathe, making him chase after your lips for a second.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that,” he sighed.

“I might have a pretty good idea.”

He grinned at your reply, velvet laughter enveloping you as he kissed your cheek.

“How cute.”

I said no Twilight shit.”

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any fics where either Steve or Tony is drugged/high off their butt, so they act all silly and funny or even confess stuff that they have kept hidden?

Love is its own high, right? Some of these are alcohol confessions, so hope that’s okay, too.  Also, check out the truth serum rec list from @ishipallthings for more along these lines. 


Unforeseen Side Effects by Fickle_Obsessions:  In a quick effort to make Loki docile, the Tony Stark releases an experimental drug that only effects Asgardians. It gets Thor too, but hey, he had no choice. It works a little too well. Loki goes from trying to destroy the world to braiding Thor’s hair as well as other things. Steve helpfully sticks around and clutches his pearls while Tony waits for the drug to wear off.

I’m No Superman by kellebelle:  Tony gets hurt. While he’s in the hospital he is on morphine (aka some sort of ridiculous emotional truth serum and Tony is in no way happy about that). Sappy times ensue.

I’m Engaged to Captain America? by StarSpangledBucky:  Tony gets his wisdom teeth taken out and is given a high dose of morphine. Bucky, Steve and Clint arrive to pick him up and Bucky starts recording the whole thing because he knows what morphine does. The trip back to Avengers Tower leads to some entertainment from Tony and a concerned yet joyed Steve, who can’t wait to show Tony the shenanigans that went on.

Steve Really Can’t Handle His Alcohol by Heartithateyou:  Steve manages to get drunk with the team for the first time and he decides to confess what he really thinks of his teammates.

Steve Rogers, Nurse McSexy by @wordsplat:  Tony does not handle his morphine well, and Steve has been pining way too long for this shit.

The Star Spangled Man With a Plan by cleo4u2, xantissa:  Written for Tony’s birthday: Tony finds Steve drunk and ends up confessing his feelings. It ends surprisingly well.

This Has Happened Before by Kamaete: Tony wakes up in the hospital and his first order of business is to flirt with his cute nurse. Steve isn’t a nurse, but he’s not quite Captain America right now either. Regardless, he is there when Tony wakes up.(Tony has temporary amnesia while in the hospital, Steve is de-serumed presumably in the same event that injured Tony.)

Five Times Tony Confessed to Steve Drugged by Majinie:  …and one time he was sober.
Or: Tony shouldn’t be with Steve when he’s tired/drugged/drunk. He talks too much.

No Shirt, No Shoes, Yes Service by @ashes0909:   Club boy Tony Stark is very high, and very thirsty. Good thing Steve Rogers works at the bodega across the street.

‘Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky by jazztrousers:  During his catching-up on American culture and music in the years he’s missed, Steve has some questions for Tony about smoking pot. Tony can’t resist an opportunity to get Captain America stoned.
Side effects include dancing, snacking, stupid jokes and a little kissing when no-one’s looking.

Stuck With You (Seriously?) by Jaune_Chat: Steve and Tony are drugged, captured, and wake up in a very compromising position. There’s really only one way out. Sex.In other news, Tony thinks the Avengers need better villains. ;)

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #222 - Ghostbusters (2016)

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes, #437.

Format: Blu-ray

Disclaimer: In a perfect world I would not have to write this, but the world is not perfect so here it goes. If anyone replies or adds a comment to this post (via reblog) that is hateful or misogynistic, you are getting blocked and reported. There’s a difference between NEGATIVE opinions (ie: “This movie isn’t funny.”) and HATEFUL opinions: (ie: “Women aren’t funny.”). Also, no racist comments about Leslie Jones either. Now that we’ve established that…

1) The prologue at Aldridge Mansion.

I have mixed feeling about the prologue. It is not the BEST representation of the film’s humor so in that aspect it is not the best foot forward to start on. However, it does establish the film’s spooky tone well. There is a genuine sense of macabre-ness to when the ghost-stuff starts happening, which is where the film excels. I think this movie is very funny, but just not in this scene.

2) Kristen Wiig as Erin Gilbert

Originally posted by lovingnewghostbusters

I think Erin is the main character of this film. She’s the protagonist. Yes, the team of four Ghostbusters is great, but it is Erin who goes on a wonderful journal throughout the film. She starts out trying to keep an aspect of herself - the ghost focused aspect - down, but when her beliefs are confirmed later in the film she is just ecstatic. Erin as developed as a character as the film goes on and on, with important character details revealed throughout. Erin is also the character who strives most for recognition out of the team. Abby is more concerned about being able to do the work but it is Erin who is fighting for the recognition she and her team deserve.

Wiig is incredibly charming in the part. She makes Erin wonderfully dorky and plays the insecurity well against growing self worth. Each of the four Ghostbusters in this film are master comedians who blend acting chops with humor beautifully and Wiig is no exception.

3) I’m a guy. I benefit from male privilege. Having said that I like the number of scenes in this film which (as I interpret them) take shots at the bullshit sexism that plagues western society.

Harold Filmore: “Oh, and about your clothes?”

Erin: “Yes?”

Erin: “Too sexy for academia?”

4) Even though Harold Ramis died before filming (even getting a dedication in the end credits), he still makes a cameo. Sort of.

5) I’m Benny.

Abby: “Erin.”

Erin: “Abby.”

Benny: “Benny.”

6) Melissa McCarthy as Abby Yates.

Originally posted by explosivist

What makes Abby so interesting is that her character (and the way McCarthy performs her means she) is dripping with conflict. And I mean that as a good thing, because conflict is interesting. She’s not going to take shit from anyone. She sticks to her guns and is proud of her work, even when others seek to shame her because of it. Clearly dedicated to her science, McCarthy is great in the role. Able to give a multifaceted performance through Abby’s brashness, passion, eagerness, and relationship with Erin. The fact she calls a ghost, “beautiful,” is incredibly telling of her character. McCarthy (and I’m going to start sounding like a broken record by the time this post is over) MAKES the character. Watching her rekindle an old friendship with Erin is incredibly fun to watch because they ARE working past their differences. It even leads to the film’s climax, but more on that later.

7) Kate McKinnon as Holtzmann.

Originally posted by fuckedforlife

Kate McKinnon is the ULTIMATE scene stealer of this movie. She plays Holtzmann in an exaggerated way, with a wonderful amount of sheer bizarreness and energy. Also an element I call Kate-McKinnon-ness, which is basically a not so fancy way to say only McKinnon could play the part this way. Especially because she doesn’t make Holtzmann a joke herself. Sure, she’s funny and leads to most of the best humor in the film, BUT you understand she’s as intelligent as any of her contemporaries. She’s just able to be freaking hysterical too (much like Bill Murray in the original film).

8) This film has some early pacing problems early on. It takes a little while to get going, but once it does it REALLY gets going. It’s just…did we need TWO training sequences to show off the technology? Especially when the first one is so brief and the second one is SO funny?

9) There are few characters I have so immediately related to other than Jillian Holtzmann. This line is why:

10) The encounter with the Aldridge Ghost.

It is from this point moving forward that the film gets a handle on most of its pacing problems. This is the threshold. The rules are established to a degree: ghosts are real! The scene is incredibly interesting to watch not only because the spookiness of the ghost is handled well, but the way each Ghostbuster reacts/is fascinated by her brings in the audience’s interest. It’s a brief but powerful moment of both tension and fun.

11) In reference to the disclaimer above about misogynistic comments, this is what counts as a misogynistic comment.

Erin [reading a YouTube comment on their video]: “Ain’t no bitches gonna hunt no ghosts.”

12) Leslie Jones as Patty.

Originally posted by gonegvrl

Patty is way stronger as a character than she could have been, something I greatly appreciate. Upon our first meeting with her the audience understands she’s not the cliché “I hate my job worker” while getting a early sense of her curiosity. Because that curiosity is defining for the character of Patty. She’s the history buff, meaning that she is in many ways equally intelligent as the other three Ghostbusters. Her intelligence just isn’t in science, so she brings a unique skill set to the team.

Patty: “You guys know a lot about this science stuff, but I know New York.”

I know New York could’ve easily equalled some cliche street smarts, but Patty is more than that. She’s more than a cliche and Leslie Jones plays her as such. The actress freaking shines in the part, being able to make Patty unique of all her performances INCLUDING her work on SNL. She’s still doing what she does strong with occasional big humor, but she’s able to play Patty as a character and not a sketch. That’s not a skill all comedians are able to master, but Leslie Jones proves that there is not a weak leak in this quartet of heroes.

13) Rowan.

Originally posted by enthusiastick

Ugh, a whiny fuckboi who thinks he’s better than everyone else because he got shit as a kid. What a perfectly hatable villain. They even observe later in the film that the four heroes, “get shit on pretty much all the time.” So yeah, it’s easy to root against that guy.

14) I like that the film puts the team in a Chinese restaurant instead of the firehouse right away.

The struggle these character have in getting recognized is much more important than the first film. Yes it was there, but the guys were more easily bale to shrug it off than these women can. The first team didn’t really care about being respected or treated well, they just did their shit. With this team it is a greater struggle because they know they DESERVE the recognition and won’t just get it handed to them for doing a good job. They have to fight for it. My personal interpretation of that its almost representative of how guys just get recognized because of male privilege but women have to fight for what they deserve more (but again, privileged white dude, I could just be mansplaining here).

15) Chris Hemsworth as Kevin.

Originally posted by elizgeli

Kevin is in this film for two reasons: to be in danger and to look pretty. You know, like most women throughout the history of big blockbuster movies. But the difference is the film KNOWS that. They’re making that joke on purpose, which means they’re able to make Kevin completely freaking hysterical. They juice him for every bit of humor he has and Chris Hemsworth absolutely DESTROYS it in terms of comedy. He’s in a film with four modern comedy heavyweights and is able to hold his own. And everyone’s surprised he’s so funny in the new Thor movie? Thor ain’t got nothing on Kevin.

16) It’s funny because it’s true.

Patty [after a ghost ends up on the subway]: “He’s going to be the third scariest thing on that train.”

17) Erin’s ghost story.

This is the freaking beating heart of the movie. Right here. Its pulse can be found int his one scene. Everything that motivates Erin’s character, that speaks to her study of ghosts, can be found in this heartbreaking childhood story. It is an intense human element which helps elevate the story above cash grab reboot, especially when all of Erin’s current friends reassure her that they believe her.

17.1) Wait…could the scene where Erin tells her friends about how no one believed her when a creepy person came into her room every night but her friends do now be representative of sexual harassment stories? Maybe it’s because of all the allegations coming forward now but, I wonder…

18) I try not to compare this film to the original Ghostbusters too much, but then you have the cover of the theme song by Fallout Boy & Missy Elliott. While the cover HAS grown on me, it doesn’t touch the original.

19) The Stonehurst Theater scene.

First of all, Patty is again awesome. I cannot tell you how long I waited for a character in a scary movie to just be like, “Yeah, no,” and walk away. But I digress.

There is a nice sense of tension throughout this scene (although it could benefit to slow down from the scene), upping the spooky factor greatly. The following concert scene is also crazy fun and perhaps has the greatest concentration of awesome Patty moments in the film. But it is this victory, this triumph where the Ghostbusters actually catches a ghost, is the moment when I fall in love with this team. I was rooting for them before, but now I’m REALLY rooting for them.

20) Bill Murray’s cameo.

Originally posted by willliamgraham

Most of the cameos in this film are ones I like (except Dan Aykroyd’s, more on that later though), but Bill Murray is more than just a crammed in cameo. He is a new character. He’s a problem the team has to face. The representation of everyone who doubts them and wants to keep them “in their place”. He is INCREDIBLY different from Murray’s previous character Peter Venkmann, which in the end just makes everything better because we know this isn’t some version of Venkmann. This is a new character for a new film. Also, this fucking line.

Bill Murray (yes, I’m calling him Bill Murray): “Well I guess the graciousness has ran out.”

YOU BARGE IN ON THEIR PLACE OF WORK, CONSTANTLY CRITICIZE AND BELITTLE THEM, AND EXPECT GRATITUDE! This is the equivalent of, “People would like you more if you smiled, sweetheart.”

Originally posted by somethingafterall

21) The Mayor’s Office.

I see The Mayor in this film as basically the system looking to discredit and keep the women down in this film. He says the Ghostbusters should step aside because, “These gentlemen are on it,” when they are very clearly NOT on it, before noting that they are, “drawing a lot of attention to yourselves,” just by telling the truth (again: sexual harassment metaphor?). Then later they call the Ghostbusters just doing the right thing and being competent a, “desperate attempt at fame.” It’s handled well but very purposefully irritates the audience.

22) Once ley lines come into play the film transcends fun comedy with spooky elements into much higher fantasy elements. The stakes rise considerably, adding a whole new dimension to the movie.

23) Hey, it’s Annie Potts!

Moving on.

24) The scene where Abby gets possessed is really great. There’s a nice tension and build up to it while McCarthy is able to play evil Abby as wonderfully creepy. It’s the most REAL danger the characters have had. It’s not ghosts, it’s their friend choking them out and bashing on shit. THAT is why it works.

Originally posted by erngilbert

25) I think casting Chris Hemsworth as Kevin was so he could fulfill two roles: cute dumbass and fun villain. When Rowan posses Kevin, Hemsworth acts as the film’s final act antagonist. And he does it REALLY well. Kinda charismatic actually, while still being an excellently punchable douche bag.

26) I love this line.

The Mayor: “Never compare me to the Jaws mayor. NEVER!”

27) Ugh, Dan Aykroyd’s cameo in this film is so forced in. Bill Murray, Annie Potts, Ernie Hudson, and Sigourney Weaver all fill natural roles either the story demands or the characters have. Dan Aykroyd? No. He’s just there. Ugh.

28) Obligatory Slimer cameo.

Originally posted by launchpadmcquack84

While it is fun and appreciated, this Slimer appearance, I kinda wish he was a practical effect and not CGI. Granted, that’s a note I have for this film in general. I’d appreciate a little less CGI.

29) I like the brief Stay Puft Marshmallow Man cameo in this film because it’s not exactly what you would expect. You wouldn’t think, “Parade Balloon,” cameo but it works.

30) The big ghost fight scene.

Let me address the little things I don’t love about this scene: the CGI is a little much.

  • That’s it, now let me talk about what’s good here!
  • An incredible amount of humor
  • The action flows well between the four main Ghostbusters

Originally posted by ghost---busting

31) I really love this film, but I will say I hate this line.

Abby [insulting Rowan]: “Come and get your virginity out of the lost and found!”

Dude, you were doing so well. What’s wrong with being a virgin?

32) The giant CGI Rowan ghost is actually really interesting take on the film’s logo come to life. Not to mention the way he composed is interesting. His skin is very fabricy/baggy which is an interesting decision. I dig it.

Originally posted by lil-purplebird


Originally posted by gifs-andthings

This is why I love their friendship. It’s so deep, so defining of both the characters and the film. It’s not even a question of IF Erin will go in after Abby it’s a question of HOW Erin will go in after Abby. And then you have the music and the…the…“I wasn’t going to leave you twice.”

Originally posted by snorrierickson


Holtz [after Erin & Abby come out of the portal]: “It’s 2040, our president is a plant.”

A plant would be preferable at this point.

35) A friend of mine observed that - when Erin and Abby have their hair dyed - the hair colors of the four Ghostbusters kinda match the colors of the “Ghostbusters” cartoon from the 80s.

36) Holtz’s toast about family is surprisingly sweet and I love it.

(Quality of the video isn’t great here but still)

37) See, Ernie Hudson and Sigourney Weaver have REALLY nice cameos in this movie. I like it!

38) And the film ends in the most perfect way possible: the Ghostbusters get the recognition they deserve!

Originally posted by dinoscully

Originally posted by regiinamilfs

39) I. Want. A SEQUEL!

I freaking love the 2016 version of Ghostbusters. While the original is a classic, I am greatly appreciative of this film’s massive human heart and its story about recognition. The four women who lead this film are incredible on their own and together, with Chris Hemsworth being pretty damn funny too. It’s just wildly enjoyable and I get such a massive kick out of it. There are people who hate it, but I’m not one of them.

Strangers on a Train

by: mldrgrl
Rating: R (language)
Summary: The return of Hanella.

The Sunday evening train from Old Greenwich to Grand Central was light on passengers.  Though they weren’t alone, Stella counted four other people in their car when they boarded.  Hank shoved their suitcases up onto the overhead rack and then stretched out next to her with his feet on the backwards-facing seat in front of them.  After the conductor punched their tickets and moved to the rear of the car, Hank angled himself towards Stella and slid his hand under her dress to cup her knee.

“You ever fucked anyone on a train before?” he asked.

“No, I haven’t,” she answered.

“You wanna?”  His hand crept a little higher up to the inside of her thigh.  

“Not particularly.”

Hank grinned and rubbed her thigh with his thumb as he pressed his lips to the side of her neck.  He nuzzled her softly until they reached the next stop and then he pulled away.  

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Lab Partners

Summary: Peter is bad at keeping secrets from his new physics partner. (Gif credit goes to @peterparkrers)

Walking into the first day of second semester physics class, you sat down in an empty seat next to a boy with wavy, reddish hair. He wore a plaid button-up shirt beneath a blue sweater, dark gray khakis, and worn in New Balance sneakers. His foot tapped anxiously on the ground as he looked at you. 

“Hi, I’m Peter,” he said, offering his hand. “Peter Parker.” 

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Stanley’s Choice (Part 2)

A/N: This is my first ever imagine/fic series, so please don’t hate me if it’s really bad! Also, the Losers are aged up to about 16 years old. 

Pairing: Stan Uris x Reader (Romantic, kinda) + Richie Tozier x Reader (Platonic/Romantic-ish)

Warnings: not that i know of???

Summary: After staying friends for 3 years, the Losers’ Club all go to the Homecoming dance together. However, when you arrive, you’re surprised to find someone else with the boy you had been in love with since you were 13.

His hand wrapped around yours as he handed you that tape. How could he just pretend that everything was okay? That what he did - was doing - didn’t break your heart? That you could just pick up where you left - 

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. You wanted to look at him, but you couldn’t. The fear of him seeing you cry overcame you, and you just couldn’t. Without saying a word to him, you pulled your hand away shakily, and walked into your house. 

That night, you left your blinds open, hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of him in his room, reading, bird watching, things you used to do together through the windows. Maybe you could say what you wanted to then; pour your heart out. But all you saw was the faint glow of his lamp through those dark curtains you hated so much. 

“Y/N! Careful, you almost completely knocked me over!” Patricia said, waking you up from your thoughts. She was headed towards the table, probably going to ask Stan to slow dance with her. To your song. 

“Oh, shit, sorry, I just got a little distracted,” you murmured. Pretty much everyone was on the dance floor except Eddie and Stan. Beverly and Bill were in each other’s arms, Ben and Kay swayed awkwardly to the song, and even  Mike found someone to dance with. You looked for Richie, the one person you thought could save you from this situation, but you found him already sitting next to Eddie, deep into a conversation about something stupid, you were sure. 

Patricia followed your gaze. “You and Richie aren’t going to slow dance together? After all those songs, this is the one you aren’t going to dance to?” 

“Well, yeah,” you chuckled awkwardly. “We’re just friends. Really close friends.” 

“Oh.. Well, I’m trying to bring Stan over so we could dance. If only I could get to him! These people keep getting in the way,” she responded. Strangely, when she said it, you weren’t offended. You were certain if anyone else did, it would feel like a personal attack to you, but Patricia wasn’t that type of person. Maybe that’s why Stan asked her instead of you. “I told him to just meet me when a slow song comes along, since he didn’t want to dance to all those other songs, but you know Stan.” 

Not knowing how to respond, you just nodded. You both pushed through the tons of people standing between you and the table, and when you finally made it, the song ended. At least there was that. They weren’t going to be dancing to your song. 

“Damn it!” Patricia said in frustration. “You should’ve just met me on the dance floor.” 

“Next song, Patty,” Stan replied quietly. “I promise I’ll go for the next one.” 

The next slow song came eventually, and you looked on as Patricia whipped Stan away to the dance floor. You were watching them intently, but unconsciously, until Richie nudged you. “You need something to wipe that nasty ass drool off your chin?” 

“Shit, do you think they noticed?” you said nervously. 

He shook his head. Then made a face that almost looked like he was thinking. “Actually.. I don’t think Patricia noticed. Stan probably did. He notices every fucking thing about you. It’s annoying.” 

“Stop fucking around with me, Rich. I don’t like that shit.” He opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something but you cut him off. “No. We’re done talking about this.” 

Surprisingly, Richie didn’t argue. Throughout the rest of the dance, you and Richie just sat at your table in silence. 

When it was time to leave, you and Mike were deciding who to give rides to because you had all planned on going to your place, since your parents were gone for the weekend. 

“My car has 8 seats, so I can take 8 people,” you said. You could have technically taken everyone to your house, but Ben told you that he wanted to bring Kay along so the Losers could get to know her. 

“Well, who do you think is riding with you?” Mike asked.

While you and Mike were talking it over, you felt someone tapping your shoulder. When you turned around, you found yourself staring at Stan. “Y/N… I know I didn’t ask you guys ahead of time, but is it okay if Patty comes along too? She says her parents aren’t home and she’s too-” 

“Yeah. Sure. It’s fine,” you said, before turning back around. “Okay, so Bev, Bill, and Richie are riding with me then? Ben, Kay, Eddie, Patty, and Stan can ride with Mike.”

“Y/N, I don’t have enough seats. I only have room for four people in my car,” Mike said. You would have asked Eddie to ride with you, but you felt bad at the fact that Mike would be stuck in the car with couples. While you were trying to come up with what to do, you heard Patricia speak up.

“We’ll ride with you.” 

And so they did. The car ride to your house was filled with awkward tension. You shot Beverly the occasional nervous glance, had short, almost telepathic conversations, before focusing on driving again. When you got to your place, you parked in the driveway, but left just enough space for Mike, who arrived about a minute later. Richie knew where you kept your keys, so naturally, he was the first one in your house, and everyone followed after, leaving you and Beverly outside. 

“I know you like him, but how is this so awkward all of a sudden? I mean, it wasn’t like this yesterday, or last week, or anytime before that. Why is it so bad tonight?” she asked. 

The next morning, you decided you were going to finally tell him what was on your mind right before . You walked over to his house, you knocked, but as soon as he opened the door, you found yourself frozen. It’s as if the words drove you to this deserted island, then left you there stranded. 

“Y/N, hey-”

“Bill says he wants to hang out at the quarry today, do you wanna bike together?” you asked casually. On the way to the quarry, you talked to Stan about anything and everything - except for what you really wanted to talk about. You thought, when HE brings it up, that’s when I’ll say what I need to say, but each time he made an attempt to do so, you would shoot it down. Quickly. That’s how most of your interactions went after that day. The other times he would try to bring it up you would just ignore it. Eventually, he just stopped bringing it up, and you two just acted like nothing ever happened. 

Why were you such a coward? 


Smart (Single Father!Yoongi)

Plot: Single father!Yoongi and college student!reader’s relationship

Part: One

Word Count: 750

A/N: so here’s part two! I hope you guys will like the series, I’ve decided on a tutor!reader route bc I got some shit planned with that but the link for this is single father!Yoongi (all of the father related posts are here but single father!yoon specifically is here)

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He raised her “on his own,” for two years. He had an amazing amount of help and support from his friends, all of them being so patient with him. For the first six months, he hadn’t spent a single night alone, at least one of the boys always spending the night to help with his daughter’s midnight tantrums. She slept a lot more than Yoongi had anticipated but apparently, it was just a newborn thing. Everyday, she did something new, gave him a new reason to love her. The day she discovered she had fingers was one of his personal favorites because he was sure he would never be able to forget the shocked look on her face before said fingers were immediately shoved into her mouth.

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promises (stan uris)

anonymous asked:

could you please do a Stan x Tozier! Reader where the reader has a stutter like Bill and Stan promises to never make fun of her for it but they get in a fight and he brings it up? you can choose the ending! thanks!!

I LOVE ANGST THANKS. too aggressive? sorry, aha. but angst is my strong suit so i hope you enjoy!

pair: stan x tozier!reader

warnings: cussing, angst, lots of tears

prompts | request here

it masterlist

“these are my friends, bill and stan. bill over here has a stutter, just like you y/n. guys, this is my sister, y/n,” richie pushes you towards them and you kept looking down at your shoes. they’re dirty and a bit battered but it was fine.

“h-hi, i-i’m b-b-bill,” bill held his hand out to you and you gave it a light shake as you finally looked up at him.

“i-i’m y-y/n,” your voice was small, barely audible. stan stepped forward and shook your hand, too.

“i’m stan. i don’t have a stutter but you seem cool, so i’ll be your friend, too,” he smiled and you laughed, an angelic sound to stan’s ears.

“c-cool, i g-guess,” you say, a bit shaky.

“here, to prove my loyalty, i’ll make a promise with you,” stan held his pinky to it and nodded his head at you to his pinky and you quickly lace yours with his, “i promise to never make fun of your stutter. i even pinky promise, which i never do.”

“i a-ac-accept your promise,” you smile and let go of his pinky.

“repeat after me y/n: ‘the chocolate chip cookies smelled so good that I ate one without asking.’ come on,” richie waved his hand at you to signal you to speak. you sighed and tried to remember the phrase he just said.

“the ch-chocolate chip c-cookies sm-smelled- f-fuck! s-sorry r-richie, i j-just c-can’t d-do it!” you groan and laid back on the couch.

“it’s okay, y/n. just go a little slower this time, okay?” richie tried to coax but you were already so impatient and you had to meet stand in a little bit.

“i g-got t-to g-go r-richie. i-i’m m-meeting s-st-stan a-at th=the p-park t-today,” you go to slip on your jacket and richie puts up the flashcards.

“okay y/n. if he stands you up again, i’ll beat his ass,” richie slapped his hand against his fist but he had a smirk on his face, nothing serious, as always. being his little sister was a burden and a blessing because of his gentleness but damn, was he overprotective.

“o-okay r-richie, s-see y-you l-later,” you shake your head and go out the door, making your way to the park. once you got there, you took a seat on the bench you and stan agreed to meet by and waited for him to come.

you were shaking your leg up and down, looking around for any sign of him. the chilly october wind was nipping at your skin, your teeth chattering together. you and stan have made plans to hang out three days ago and he always stood you up and rescheduled it. you were actually growing tired of it but you always agreed. love always has compromises, right?

you slammed the door of your house and hung your jacket on the coat rack. you stormed your way into your shared room with richie and slammed its door, too. you waited for two hours at the park and you probably walked around twice around its entirety. you flopped down on your bed, burying your face into your pillow.

“again, huh?” richie asked, not looking up from his comic book.

“y-yeah,” you croaked out, your voice rising eight octaves higher. you felt the bed dip and arms pulling you upright.

“are you crying?” richie took your face in his hands, looking into your eyes. “you are!”

“n-no, i-i’m n-not!” you wrangle your face out of his hand and looked down at your lap, feeling tears burn their way into your eyes. “o-okay, i a-am.”

richie pulled you in and rubbed your back, “i’m going to beat stan into a pulp and stomp on his stupid face,” he cooed, making his voice as sing-songy as possible. “but why are you crying?”

“b-b-because i f-feel l-like h-he do-doesn’t e-even w-want m-me an-anymore,” you sniffle, pulling away from richie, “h-he w-wo-wouldn’t st-stand m-me u-up th-thrice i-if h-he st-still l-liked m-me.”

“don’t think like that, y/n. any boy would be fucking lucky to have you and if anybody disagrees, i’ll make them think otherwise,” richie put his hand on your shoulder and you simply glanced at it. 

“th-thanks ri-richie b-but i-i’m j-just g-going to g-go to sl-sleep,” you sigh and lay down, pulling the covers over your head. you could feel richie get up from your bed and he turned off the lights. you felt tears run down your cheeks again, your mind racing with thoughts that pierced your heart even deeper.

why does it hurt this bad?

the next day, you were at the grocery store, picking up stuff at the order of your mom. you place the items in your basket and walked around, looking for some things you could add. you stroll down to the chips and candy aisle, grabbing two bags of chips and a bag of chocolate. as you were walking out of the aisle, you heard your name called.

“y/n!” you turned around and saw stan speed walking over to you. “hey, sorry i couldn’t make it yesterday.”

“i-it’s f-fine,” you uttered and turned around, heading for the checkout line.

“wait!” stan ran to catch up to you and followed you. “want to hang out later?”

“no.” you simply said and placed your items on the conveyor belt, pulling out the money your mom gave you.

“no? why not?”

“b-because i d-don’t w-want t-to, i-isn’t th-that ob-obvious?” you sassed and gave the cashier your money, grabbing your bags and walked away, not even bothering to get your change. you walk quickly, trying to leave stan behind.

“y/n! stop walking so fast!” you ignored his calls and kept walking, trying to ignore the familiar prick of tears. “y/n, stop!” stan grabbed your arm and spun you around.

“w-what?” you sneer and you saw stan furrow his eyebrows.

“why are you so mad?” stan’s face scrunched up and you felt fists clench around the plastic bags.

“m-maybe be-because y-you s-stood m-me u-up n-not o-one, n-not t-two, b-but f-f-four t-times! f-four, s-s-stanley!” you barked at him.

“yeah and i apologized for each time!” stan argued back but you let out a dry laugh.

“n-no, y-you k-kn-know h-how i f-felt af-after the f-fourth t-time?” you snapped.

“enlighten me.”

“i f-fu-fucking f-felt l-like i w-wasn’t g-good e-enough!” you jabbed his chest a bit, pushing him back.

“you’re overreacting-” 

“o-over-rreacting? wh-what th-the f-fuck?” you couldn’t believe what he was saying. “i a-am n-not! i h-have a f-fucking s-stutter! i g-get ma-made f-fun o-of a-and i f-feel l-like sh-shit e-everyday! h-how w-was i s-supposed t-to f-feel? j-jolly?”

then he said it. the words that brought your walls down, the words that unleased your tears from your eyes. the words that violated a fucking promise.

“well maybe i don’t want to deal with a stuttering girl all day! maybe i want to hear normal people speak normally!”

to say it fucking hurt was an understatement. “f-fuck y-you, st-stanley u-uris.”

stan regretted his words the moment it left his mouth and he even slapped his hand over it. “y/n, no, i didn’t mean that-”

“n-no! t-too l-late! i-if you hate m-my st-stutter s-so m-much, i’ll h-help y-you! it’s over.” you snarl and ran off, heaps of tears running down your face, your breathing becoming heavy as you felt your windpipe tighten. his words repeated over and over in your head. once you got home, you threw the groceries on the table and ran to your room, not even making it to your bed. you slid down the wall and sobbed. you sobbed until your chest ached, you sobbed until it was physically impossible to let out anymore tears.

fuck stanley uris. fuck him and his stupid curls. fuck him and his wonderful smile. fuck him and his bad jokes. fuck him and fuck me for still loving him.

days passed and you haven’t gone out the house. you even skipped the last three of school. all day, you laid in bed, only getting up to get food or use the bathroom. you had dark circles under your already red, puffy eyes, your hair was a mess and tissues littered your room.

richie found you that day in the room and vowed to kill stan before you calmed him down. he was the one who actually suggested you stayed home from school. he got your schoolwork for you and made sure you were clean everyday. talk all the shit you want about richie but he was the best brother you could ask for.

when the weekend came along, you knew you had to face the outside world somehow and you told richie you were going to go to the quarry to clear your mind. you hopped on your bike and pedaled all the way there. you walked your way to the edge of the cliff and sat down, letting your legs hang off.

you sat there for awhile, gazing into the blue-grey waters below. you contemplated on what you would do if you saw stan again. punch him? hug him? beat him up? all three, maybe? you didn’t know. you were still incredibly hurt and just the thought of stan was enough to make tears stream down your face. you constantly had to drag your sleeve across your face to wipe away the tears but they still kept on coming.

“y/n?” you turned around and to where the soft, whisper of a voice came from and saw stan standing there, binoculars around his neck, and a small rose in his hand. “richie told me you would be here.”

“oh,” you said, turning back around. you had to take deep breaths and wipe away any sign that you were crying. toziers don’t cry in front of people, that’s a fact. you felt stan sit beside you and you felt his gaze pierce the side of your head.

“s-s-stop s-s-staring, y-you c-creep,” you mumble, trying to fill the awkward silence. “wh-why a-are y-you e-even h-here? i th-thought y-you w-wanted t-to b-be w-with n-normal p-people.”

“i’m here because i’m a stupid jerk who doesn’t deserve you but is truly, truly sorry,” stan handed you the rose and you reluctantly held it your hand, twirling it around. “i know you don’t like roses but it was the first flower i saw.”


“y/n, i’m sorry. what i said was out of line and before you say it, yes i did go against that ancient promise. you can punch me now,” stan rambled but you kept your silence, just picking at the rose’s red petals. “please y/n, say something.”

“i h-hate y-you, st-stan. i f-f-fucking h-hate y-you and wh-what you s-s-said,” you drop the rose beside you and came face-to-face with him and his hurt expression, which drove a stake through your heart. “i f-f-fucking h-hate th-that i l-let y-you m-make me f-feel l-like i w-wasn’t e-enough, l-like i’m n-not n-n-normal.

hot tears were quickly falling down your cheeks and your voice was becoming shakier by the second. “i f-fucking h-hate y-you b-but m-most o-of a-all, i h-hate my-myself. i h-hate m-myself b-because i c-can’t s-seem to k-keep h-hating y-you. i h-hate th-that th-through a-all th-this, i st-still l-love you.”

you broke down into sobs right after the last word left your lips. you felt tired, mentally and physically. you didn’t fight off stan’s arms wrapping around you, you didn’t push him away as he rocked you back and forth, whispering apologies and sweet nothings into your hair.

“you’re right, y/n. you’re not normal. but not because you have a stutter, you’re not normal because you let a stupid person like me love you when you deserve much better,” stan murmured, his voice cracking. you pull away and examine his face, analyzing his features. he looked much like you but worse. 

his dark circles were so pronounced like he hasn’t gotten a wink of sleep since that day, his eyes were bloodshot and puffy and his curls were looking much more untamed than usual. he’s broken just like you.

you looked into his eyes and rested your forehead against his. the silence between you was so heavy, it was suffocating. then, he kissed you. his lips melded so nicely with yours, his warm and yours cold. you pulled away and smiled.

“i really hope you don’t think everything is forgiven,” you breathed out, playing with his curls.

“i know and i’m willing to do whatever it takes to get to that point, no matter how long,” stan held your hand in his and you laced your pinky with his.



I think I liked you better wen you didn’t have a knife in your hand... Chapter 108 - There’s just somethin’ I need you to see

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When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit….


Chapter 108 - There’s just somethin’ I need you to see…

[Blake is at the Sanctuary and bumps into a person she certainly wasn’t expecting to be back so soon.]

Today felt like a good day- a rare thing in this world that was for sure!

After having what had felt like the longest lay-in Blake had had in years, feeling oh-so snuggly and sleepy under Negan’s sheets, that smelt of his deliciously heady, musky scent, Blake had dragged herself dozily into his shower.

The water had been hot and much needed and had felt so good, burning its way across her smooth skin.

She knew that, right now, life for her was good.

She was lucky to have found herself in such a good position in her life. Here, with a man she loved, and who loved her back.

She had gone for years being on the bottom rung…with David…living out there on the road…sleeping in horrible places surrounded by walking corpses and fearing for your life every time you ventured out to use the bathroom. So despite having everything she would ever want, right here with Negan, Blake knew she couldn’t take any of it for granted. Wanting to give the rest of the people here, exactly what she had. Making a better life for all of them.

That was why, after languishing in the shower for a while before heading down to her room to get a fresh change of clothes, Blake had headed out to garden, toiling here for a couple of hours….happy and content with spending time here and pulling her weight as and when she could.

But it was obvious that her love for the people here, was indeed, very much reciprocated. They cared for her, as much as she cared for them, none of them fearing her like they feared Negan, and treating her as one of their own.

And this made her happier than ever.

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little!phil is such a soft concept :( he loves putting stickers everywhere, eating sweets, playing pokemon, building pillow forts, and watching Avatar the Last Airbender with Dan. he Lives for praise. Also I think people forget how slim thicc phil is but he has an amazing ass and little!phil loves little butt massages and playful spanks but also just being held by his cg

yes holy shit yes this is everything good and everything that i love oh my god the stickers !!!!! are so !!!!! canon !!!!! and so are the sweets fuck we need more little!phil in this place :(

and yes i agree i thought before that phil’s ass was truly underrated, but now people are opening their eyes and appreciated it more and it’s great he’s great his ass is GREAT