he's such a little ray of sunshine

You ask them why they look at you like you’re a ray of sunshine

akfjehegbjnsle such a cute request omg <3 I hope this was ok - it’s my first reaction request *squeals* what

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Rap Monster

*becomes deep af* He’d be honest and tell you how he feels about you. whoop! confession time

Him: That’s because I genuinely think you’re like a ray of sunshine. You make me smile and you make me happy. You mean so much to me, _____.

You: *blushes madly because who tf wouldn’t*

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He’d be a little surprised that you asked him, but would be glad for the opportunity to confess.

Him: It’s just… I really like you, _____. Will you give me a chance to be the guy of your dreams?

You: *melts*

Him: shi*t what did I do

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This guy would just stare at you like was it that obvious?

You: Yoongi?



Him: let’s go to the library!

You: why? i thought you hated-

Him: shhh the librarian won’t like it if we talk~

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*breaks into a huge smile*

Him: because you’re so happy and sweet all the time, _____!

You: so if I’m a ray of sunshine what does that make you?

Him: I’m your hope, your sun, your-

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This lil cutie would be so happy~ he’s been dropping hints since forever!

Him: because I like you, _____

You: awww Jimin…

Him: will you go out with me

You: okay

Him: *under his breath* wait actually

You: hmm? did you say something

Him: No   happiest lil marshmallow ever

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*caught off guard* He did NOT expect this.

Him: [thinking] maybe if i stay quiet, she’ll forget about it…

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He’d honestly be so shook like where tf did this even come from? He will NOT be ready.

Him: what

You: what

Him: [thinking] sh*t she knows

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So I was talking to my dad just a little bit ago, and I described Luke Skywalker as a human ray of sunshine.  My dad thought I was talking nonsense.

I don’t think he realized.  When I say that Luke is a gentle soul who probably wore a flower crown on at least one occasion, that isn’t saying he’s weak or soft.  No.  He is gentle, warm, kind, loving, yes.  But these are his strengths.

Luke is made of sunshine.  But suns are made of fire and nuclear explosions.

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14 / of Kim Jongdae || 161118 N-Pop Cherish


I know Bitty is the Beyonce fan and “Halo” is his song and I know he’s the one singing it all the time, but look. Look. “Halo” isn’t about how Bitty feels about Jack. It’s about how Jack feels about Bitty.

Think about it. Who had massive walls built up? Who loved a lot before, and lost a lot, and was really reluctant to let love like that in again? (Not just personal relationships, but hockey? Who loved hockey like a mofo and lost it? Who needed a reminder that losing at hockey could feel awful but didn’t have to be the end of the world?) Who needed a little ray of sunshine to come into his life and light things up, make him smile and feel soft again?

It’s morning and I still haven’t had coffee yet, but look, as much as Bitty sings Halo and probably thinks about Jack, it’s definitely Jack who feels like Bitty is his angel.


imagine morning with jimin

his small fingers into your hair. he admires your face. his hand comes into contact with your belly under your sweater. a ray of sunshine strikes your eyes. when he notices that you have opened an eye, a little smile appears on his lips. ‘good morning princess, come play with me’

His Throne

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His Throne

“Y/N! Just the little ray of sunshine that I wanted to see” Lucifer called out in a low, flirtatious tone as you entered the throne room, locking his eyes onto you as a smile spread across his face. He lounged comfortably with his elbow resting on one arm of the throne and his leg draped over the other, a position which only he make look both lackadaisical and threatening.

“Lucifer” you regarded, approaching him with a stack of papers in your hands.

Swinging his leg back over the arm of the chair, he rested both feet on the floor and drank in your figure, a thousand thoughts dancing quietly behind his eyes. A quick flick of his fingers sent the papers you were holding sailing to the other side of the room, scattering them to the ground with no regard for their importance.

“Come here” he propositioned, patting his leg as he beckoned you closer with a gesture of his head.

Your eyes drew wide for a moment as you pulled your lower lip between your teeth, trying to vain to suppress the smile that threatened to bloom across your face. Feet gliding towards him on their own accord, you approached the throne as he held out his hands, finding yourself within his grasp faster that you would have guessed.

He patted his thigh again, eyes half-lidded as he slid his fingers around your forearm and pulled you gently closer. You turned to sit yourself down on his leg, feeling like one of those children nervous over a mall Santa Clause. It wasn’t until he halted your turn, snatching your other arm to keep you facing him that you realized what he wanted.

Not one to disappoint, you brought your one knee up to rest beside his thigh, hoisting yourself up to straddle him on his throne. You dragged your lower half over his lap as you settled yourself atop him, sliding your fingers up his chest to lace them behind his neck.

“You have a meeting in twenty minutes, my lord” you purred at him, chest heaving from excitement as you felt his length beginning to stiffen under you.

His expression darkened, eyes flashing red as his fingers ghosted up your sides.

“Then I guess we better get started…”

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We all spend a lot of time talking about Kai’s which is honestly great because just look at this pure little ray of smiling sunshine~

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but honestly the whole band has great smiles like take Ruki for example

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or the smile Uruha gets when he interacts with other members

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or Aoi when he’s being a goofy little shit

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or the one that sneaks onto Reita’s face when he’s not trying to act cool

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The GazettE has beautiful smiles and it’s one of the best things about this band~


When you look up in a dictionary the phrase “HEAD OVER HEALS IN LOVE”, there should be an audiovisual record of Min Hyuk waltzing into his office like a ray of sunshine with a goofy, megawatt smile plastered on his face; so eager and excited to see BS the first thing in the morning, so loathe to step away from her and unable to even look away. HE EVEN BACKWALKS so he wouldn’t have to take his eyes off her! And all that because how happy he was to meet her last night.

It’s been mentioned many times before that it’s those little things and gestures that matter the most and reveal a lot about a person and their feelings and one of those things are Min Hyuk gifts to Bong Soon which don’t even feel like gifts at first because he always gives them to her so matter-of-factly and subtly. They are so thoughtful and considered as he always manages to give her the things that she needs and wants the most. 

  • When BS feels insecure about her English, MH buys her English textbooks and lets her study during her work time, 
  • when she is hungry or worried he buys her food,
  • when she wants to create a game, he gives her a computer with all the programs she will need 
  • and when she wants to fight the villains, HE CREATES A TRAINING REGIME ONLY FOR HER SO SHE CAN FACE THEM AND WIN. 

That’s only one of the many ways he keeps helping her and supporting her. He doesn’t asks for anything in return, his only selfishnes is that he wants for BS to do all those things with him. It’s enough to make him happy because her happiness is the source of his own.


A comprehensive list of how Adrien, an actual ray of sunshine, is the real Spirit of Christmas

1. Even though his Christmas sucks, he just can’t bring himself to ruin Christmas for anyone else- Natalie, Gorilla, or all of Paris

2. He tries his hardest to help others

…even when it puts himself in danger…

3. He takes time to notice the kindness in others

4. He loves giving gifts

5. He goes against the people he loves to pursue what’s right

6. He knows what it means to be lonely and doesn’t want anyone to experience it

7. He appreciates the little he has

So here’s to Adrien- Actual Ray of Sunshine and Real Spirit of Xmas

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I was just thinking about the first time Jack mentions Bitty in one of his acceptance speeches. It’s been a short while after they’ve came out to the world about their relationship as well as Jack’s sexuality and it’s been a slippery road. There have been many supportive fans as well as people who aren’t all the supportive at all. But they have the help of their friends and families so it makes the journey a whole lot easier when there are people that they can now talk besides each other. 

Jack has done quite a few acceptance speeches but he’s never been able to mention Bitty in them by name. He’s always managed to place Bitty there through the words such as ‘my lover’ or ‘my sweetheart’ but has never been able to say, ‘my wonderful boyfriend, Eric Bittle’ and it has been aching him for such a long time. That people don’t know that Bitty, his little ray of sunshine and everything that is good, has been the one to help, support and love him unconditionally throughout everything that they have been through together. 

So that he can, he isn’t going to hold back and he doesn’t show Bitty his speech like he usually does. He wants it to be a surprise because that is how much it matters. It matters so much, it means everything. 

The moment his name is called, he walks onto the stage and waits for the applause to die down until he begins to speak. He thanks  the wonderful support of his family and his friends, the strong bond that he’s formed with his team and how they’ve been with him, never letting him down and always willing to help him when he falls, how they’re a family of their own. He thanks his manager and everyone who has helped him made this far. 

His eyes then focus on Bitty whose seated next to his empty seat, smiling widely as he watches him on the stage. 

Jack then goes:

“I also want to thank Eric Bittle.”

Bitty’s smile slips from his face as his eyes widen ever so slightly. 

“My incredible and beautiful boyfriend who has been with me every step of the way. Who has always been by my side and has never given up on me. Who has always held my hand when times were so rough. Who makes me happy everyday and makes life so worthwhile and so worth living.”

Bitty’s shoulders begin to shake as he glances down so no one can see that he’s trying not to cry. Alicia, who is seated next to him, comfortingly takes hold of his hand as Bitty continues to tremble because he never expected this at all, sniffling as he finds himself clutching at Alicia’s hand. 

Once they get home that evening, Bitty is immediately in Jack’s arms and softly crying into his shirt. Jack holds him close as he closes his eyes, savoring the familiar feel of Bitty in his arms and finds himself trying to hold back his own tears. 

It may not have been seen as a huge thing to many people but them, it meant so much. This was a way of confirming that their relationship was out there and that they didn’t have to hide anymore. Bitty was no longer hidden and is known as being such an important part of Jack’s life. 

It was a freedom that was sweet and that felt incredible. 

It was freedom.