he's such a little qt pie

who to fight: ACOTAR guide
  • Feyre: i'm just sayin' that she killed a bunch of scary immortal faeries, beat Amarantha's tests, supported her family single-handedly for a near decade, and is a perfect shot. and that was when she was human.
  • Tamlin: he is literally strength. good luck.
  • Rhysand: if he's feeling generous, he'll physically kill you. if he isn't, he will make you kill yourself. he can ßçr3ẃ with your mind. you better fucking hope you amuse him.
  • Amarantha: umm... is your name Feyre? she will obliterate every single part of you except your eye, and then carry that eye everywhere and talk to it. 'you see that hot bod? i'm gonna tap that.' for all of eternity. avoid at all costs.
  • Alis: why would you want to??? she has to take care of two little boys. you are a monster.
  • Nesta: she will burn you to death with her laser gaze.
  • Elain: that is literally impossible because she is a qt pie. have tea with her and help her garden instead.
  • Lucien: everyone who has read this book will kill you.

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Hiya! Can you do for genji, mccree, tracer, and junkrat being told to protect the reader who's a royal? (Like queen king etc) and they find out that the reader is an adorable qt pie who just wants to have fun? Thanks! ♡

Okay, these might be a little short.  Also I kind of thought the relationship between the reader and each character was more platonic instead of romantic.


-When Genji gets this mission he assumes that the monarch he’s meeting will be in fancy robes and a thousand body guards surrounding them, but when when he meets them they’re in jeans and a t-shirt with the only body guard insight being him

-The reason for this is because they need to lay low and big fancy robes or dresses aren’t help

-As they are “laying low” they ask Genji hundred of questions some about him and his cyborgy-ness and some about completely random stuff

-They stop at random times and admire what it’s like to be outside of a castle and without an army of people protecting them

-They eat a ton of fast food and they buy a ton of plushes and toys


-He automatically doesn’t like the idea of guarding royalty, but he’s forced into it

-As somebody is briefing McCree on the mission to protect them they’re just mocking whatever the person is saying while their back is turned and trying to get him to laugh, and it almost works

-It isn’t as bad as he thought especially when they are so adorably adorable like a little brother or sister

-He protects them at whatever costs because of the bond he’s built with them


-She assumes that she knew what royalty was like snooty, arrogant, etc. But when she meets this monarch she’s surprised that they just love to goof around and talk to literally everyone

-When they both get tired of “protecting” and “being protected” they end up playing tag.  Lena always wins because she blinks everywhere, and they always accuse her of cheating, but all she says is that it’s her nature since she can control her own time

-Telling each other jokes at random times and totally dying of laughter on the ground no matter how bad, rude, or corny the joke is


-He didn’t realize guarding someone royal could be this fun

-They let him blow random things up just for entertainment and he ends up almost blowing up and entire building before someone has to stop both of them

-He makes tons of explosion puns and stuff and they just snort and laugh ‘til they’re crying

-They become best friends that can get covered in soot together

fan account in which i hit on high4 and got hit on back

i went to see high4 last weekend and *^* best experience ever! i saw them once in tokyo and myunghan has always been my little baby boo and omg this weekend has been magical.

first i was chosen as youngjun’s partner for a charades game because i was absolutely shameless. he held my hand and led me to the stage WAILS and i took the chance to tell him i saw them in shibuya. he was so pleased he told sunggu straight away.

when we were about to start, the host asked if i was ready and i squeaked, “yes!” and myunghan that qt pie mimicked me ;~;

anyway, WE WON THE GAME and he was so touchy with me, kept touching my back and shoulders. i guess they were impressed that i answered in korean or something but they seemed really excited during our game.

during the fansign, i gave my gift to youngjun and steeled myself:

  • me: did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
  • youngjun: sorry?
  • me: heaven, did it hurt when you fell?
  • *myunghan had been watching us and he starts laughing* 
  • youngjun: /embarrassed laugh/ thank you thank you
  • me: it hurt for me too!

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Hi sorry to bother you but i dont know if you like seventeen but i dont speak korean and i was wondering if you could translate Vernon's rap from show me the money 4? If not i understand! Youre blog is super cool btw! Following you either way! Haha

hiiii here is the trans:

I write ‘hip-hop’, but I read it ‘pride’ 
A definition of justice, I know how to educate myself.
Man, I’m so over with under-over shit
Who’s to tell me that I’m disgracing the culture of hip-hop? That’s just false pride (I guess talking about people hating him bc he’s an idol???) 
You guys are all like little rabbits chasing after carrots and other baits, my ambition only makes me wanna go higher
 To carrot to karat, you get me??? (this part was nice ^^!!!)
I’m only 17, but my future is already determined man

and thank you!! <33 I’ve never seen him but he’s a qt pie I hope he goes far~~