he's such a great singer too


2017.01.22 Kenny Rogers, The Gambler’s Last Deal.

The concert was good. You forget how many songs Kenny has done over the years, back to the First Edition – and SO MANY duets with so many different people. He told lots of funny stories, made fun of himself, and made it an entertaining show, despite him having to sit through most of it. He had a knee replacement which apparently didn’t go so well. That’s scary when you consider that money would not be a hindrance in finding a good doctor/hospital for him.  What does that mean for normal people? :( 

The singer he had fill in for so many of his duet partners was Linda Smith, who is the mom of Hillary from Lady Antebellum. She did a great job too. She’s a grandmother now, and Kenny noted that his grandmother NEVER looked like that! :) 

The venue was very strict about not taking pictures, and someone actually told the lady next to me to stop. Like, WTF? What’s wrong with taking pictures?  Anyway, I snuck a few in, although just with the phone camera, so not awesome ones.

This attitude that the media (and some fans) have adopted towards Harry is like so toxic and dangerous ?? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Harry, and I’m sure he will totally kill it at anything he decides to do and I’m extremely excited to see what it’ll be (like acting for example, he’s also a great model and ofc he’s an amazing singer) but, they’re hyping him way too much, putting him on a pedestal even before he does anything just for the sake of it, putting way too much pressure on him, talking about him as if they have any idea about what he wants to do, acting as if he’s the second coming when in reality he’s just a young boy, who’s taking a break from a boyband and like the rest of his bandmates has absolutely no experience with this solo thing, or am I missing something ?? Did he already have a career before 1d?? Cause everyone talks about him like they’re so sure about what he’ll do next as if he’s a veteran or something. It’s just, it’s too much. Too fucking much and I’m gonna be mad if he pours out his heart and soul into a project he believes in and it turns out it’s not be what everyone expected from him. He’s 22 ffs, he’ll make mistakes (just like the other boys), he’ll learn, let him breathe, let him figure out who he wants to be, let him speak his mind (if that’s what he wants to), please don’t expect him to be perfect and the most important thing, don’t erase his roots, don’t erase the people whom he shared so many experiences with, the people who have accompanied him throughout his career, cause he said it himself, that band changed his life and made him who he is today, please don’t put his boys down to praise him. Just, let him be Harry, not Harry Styles™ all the damn time.

Comments from a Straight Man
  • Me: *shows him a picture of Aoi*
  • Straight Man: She's hot.
  • Me: That's a man. He's a guitarist in my favorite band.
  • Straight Man: Oh... well, he's still objectively hot.
  • Me: *shows him a picture of Ruki* That's the lead singer.
  • Straight Man: He's hot too, Jesus.
  • Me: *shows him picture of the entire band*
  • Straight Man: Now, I consider myself a straight man, but if they could all just stay standing in a line like that and let me bone them one right after the other that would be great.
  • Me: *smiling ridiculously at him*
  • Straight Man: I think these men are making me question my sexuality.
  • Me: Yep, that's the GazettE.

I love this video so much. Its literally them flirting the whole time. Like, I cant even express how happy this video makes me. Like Jongin is so sweet, and not letting the fact that he thinks Kyung is the best actor and singer. And then Kyung emphasizes him being handsome and being such a great dancer that no one will ever be better than him and then they go back and forth of say each other is the best likE AHHH!! And then they make fucking dinner plans and then they PINKY PROMISE TO DO IT!!! And then Nini saying he wants Kyung to stop taking rolls that get him beat up😂😂 THEY ARE SO CUTE I LOVE THEM TOO MUCH

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I have what I think is an unpopular opinion. I know many people want Isak to sing to Even or sometime show his skill in singing but I don't think he should because I don't think Isak can sing. Now Tarjei CAN sing, in fact he's an incredible singer but he's not Isak and from the couple clips we've seen in the show of Isak singing ('Mr Nobody' and 'I'm Yours') he isn't that great of a singer (although I think he did Mr Nobody quite well tho). I hope I'm not the only one with this opinion 😫😫

the only singing i want isak to do is wasted karaoke ft only 10% of the lyrics bc he’s too drunk to read the monitor properly. also ft even laughing and recording the whole thing on his phone to tease isak about later but also making the most obvious “this boy. i Love.” face imaginable while everyone else contemplates death bc they’re both literally so embarrassing

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Jimin is ALWAYS working hard to improve his singing, even though he is a BOSS at hitting those high notes, Suga worked day & night without sleep to release his mixtape for the fans, FOR FREE Jin & Rap mon worked so hard to improve their dance & they're doing SO WELL! Tae not only working hard in performing but acting too! Jhope , Jimin & jungkook pouring their heart & souls into every dance they do, Jhope always working hard to improve his rapping & JK working hard to be a great singer!! I💖BTS

PREACH!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🔥🔥

~~Admin Abbie

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ooooo headcanons! what about the rfa+V and Saeran getting a dog or cat with MC?

•since he’s allergic to cats he settled on a dog
•you guys went to a shelter together and browsed around
•and then you saw the most adorable blue heeler aussie mix
•you both knew from the moment you laid eyes on him you wanted to adopt him
•he was the biggest sweetheart and howls whenever zen sings
•"you’re a great singer i should get you in theater"
•"zen all he did was howl"
•"i know mc but it’ll boost his confidence!“

•you guys were looking for a cat for your new apartment
•at the shelter there was one cat who would not leave yoosung’s side
•she was white with black spots and different colored eyes (odd eye meow [get it omg])
•as soon as you started to pet her she was all over you
•when you guys got home all she wanted was to be pet by you two
•she always sleeps with you guys and will squeeze herself between the two of you

•she was really skeptical when you suggested getting a dog
•she just didn’t want to deal with shedding so she read about low shedding dogs
•when you guys went to the shelter you found an adorable poodle
•she basically fell in love with him
•he’s like your guard dog, he sleeps at the edge of the bed every night
•he loves laying with you guys though so right before you go to bed you have a good cuddling session with him

•if you want a dog elizabeth 3rd has to go choose it
•he literally calls the shelter and asks if you guys can go before hours so elizabeth can wander around freely
•she doesn’t like all the barking and just sniffs around for a bit
•but then there’s the cutest golden retriever who isn’t barking and seems curious about elizabeth
•when they meet they just sniff around each other
•but when you get home the two are already sound asleep, elizabeth snuggled on the dog
•they probably love each other more than they love you and jumin

•he asks if you guys can get a cat and you gladly agree
•"wait mc please say no so i can put this 15 slide powerpoint to use”
•when you go to the shelter he asks if they have any ‘problem cats’
•you guys meet the sweetest most playful fluffy gray cat
•her and seven get along immediately
•you guys spoil her with toys (which she uses about once and then goes back to playing with baggies)
•playing with her and seven is the cutest thing ever
•she sleeps on sevens head every night. every. single. night.

•you ask if you can get a dog
•he gets so excited and says yes in like .5 seconds
•he’s looking at every dog at the shelter, and his eyes land on an adorable corgi
•"mc this one! i want him! he’s the one!“ (remember when penny adopted bolt? that describes v right now)
•cuddles all day with the cutest boys
•this dog is basically your spoiled son who gets to snuggle with you all night
•v lowkey gets jealous if you give the dog more attention

•you guys had moved out of sevens apartment and both wanted a dog
•you agreed on a bigger dog for security
•at the shelter you guys saw the sweetest husky ever
•immediately you guys agreed that she was the one
•this dog thinks she’s a lap dog and will just sit on you guys all the time
•she will nOt sleep unless she’s between you and saeran while you both hold her
•you guys would definitely teach her how to talk
•"woah seven i think she just told you to shut up”

If you’re a fan of The Neighbourhood then you’re gonna want to get into the lead singer, Jesse James Rutherford’s, new project called The Factoury. Today they dropped their new track called U R Wut U Eat and I’m fairly certain you can guess what he’s talking about eating by the album art work and if you can’t then you’re too pure and shouldn’t listen to this track. The track is incredibly smooth, sexy and is filled with these slick synth beats that are just a treat for the ears and create this sensual and hot vibe that is pretty perfect for what the song is about. The Factoury already show signs of greatness but that’s hardly surprising since the singer did sweater weather - Jakk

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Introducing….Sunny Alliton! Volt’s best friend, she’s the only one who knows his real identity besides his family. Her personality is jumpy, out going and like to party (cause’ she’s a DJ) So she loves music, listens and make remix. She’s a great a singer as well and has her own music channel on YouTube. Volt is also an artist…but express it in drawing, and like any teenage fanboy of many fandom…he draws fanart. He’s a pretty good singer too but never reveals it because…he’s shy after that incident from 1st grade😑. He doesn’t want to talk about…Sunny still try to convince him though.

Hey thanks I'm pretty proud of you

I’m pretty open with you guys about my eating disorder and past. I can honestly say that Singer Songwriter Edward Sheeran helped me to recovery. I just know I wouldn’t be here without him. So listening to Castle on the Hill just makes me so emotional. He has accomplished so much. I’m just so proud of him. I can’t wait to see what he does this era. I know it’s going to be great. I just know I’ll be able to tell him all this some day. But until then I get to say it to you guys which is pretty cool too. Hey I’m proud of you Ed and I love you a lot

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Ask Meme

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Gender: Female

Star Sign: Cancer

Height: 5′8

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual…?? I’m not really sure, but I’ve been figuring that I’m probably pan for a while now?

Hogwarts House: Huffelpuff 

Favourite Colour:  Blues, red, and green. Purple as an honorary favourite 

Favourite Animal: Dogs…and then birds, deer, crocodilians and snakes

Average hours of sleep: Lately I guess 3-7 

Cat or dog person: Dog person but cats are great too 

Favourite fictional characters: Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker, Finn, Rey, Pearl (Steven Universe), Jasper (Steven Universe), the Animorphs kids but especially Tobias and Ax- Elfangor is great too. I don’t know if he counts because he’s technically Kylo Ren BUT I love him so, Matt the Radar Technician

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1

Favourite singer/band:  Madeon, Mystery Skulls, Sia, and Vance Joy. Been listening to Ariana Grande, Mat Zo, and Wolf Alice too lately, so I suppose them too?

Dream trip: Jamaica or Australia 

Dream job: Storyboarder 

When was this blog made: October 2014

Number of followers: 462

What made you decide to create this blog?: Well originally I had another account way back in 2014, but then I decided that one was stupid so I abandoned it and made this blog (which was called something else at the time). I joined Tumblr and made this blog because The Outsiders actually. There was this one girl’s fanart of it that was really good and she was on here, so I decided to join myself.

I tag: @thelovelynowheregirl @neeharlow (I am so sorry this is the second time) @satans-codpiece

I never thought I would ever be so sad about the death of an artist. Last Christmas was the first time I consciously experience the death of such a big artist as George Michael. 

I wasn’t born when Freddie Mercury passed away in 1991,  and too young to remember the moment then the death of George Harrison became the headlines of the news in 2001. 

Now heaven took the best singer in the world from us. He was the man who introduced English music to me, a 14 year old girl who always lisened to Dutch music. Form the moment I met George’s music, I started to listen to other music than the stuff on the Dutch hit-parade. Now I’m 20 years and I have discovered so much great music. I’ve seen Paul McCartney twice. And my wishlist of seeing artist which I want to see perform has grown with artist like The Rolling Stones and U2. 

It’s almost two weeks ago, and I still can’t believe that George is gone. Thank you for everyting dear George, you’ll be always on my mind

professorofeljay replied to your post “I blame Bryan for watering down XMA. He doesn’t do the characters…”

My big problem with Vaughn is that he treats female characters very poorly. Not that Singer is *great*, but he does better than Vaughn.

That’s an excellent point, Prof. I would shudder to have the Dark Phoenix storyline in Vaughn’s hands. Or Jean or Storm’s storylines at all. 

I wonder if it’s too much to hope that they would give a new (female?!?!) director a shot, who could bring something fresh while offering a nuanced, interesting view of the characters and the world. I mean, what have they got to lose at this point? The X-Men brand is so well known they’re bound to make SOME money, but coming off XMA’s poor reviews they don’t have a preceding film to protect, which seems like it would push them into taking some chances.

Alright followers. I need you.

All 182 of you lovelies. (Even the robot spam blogs that follow me).

My 15 year-old brother is kinda going through a rough time because he’s, you know…in high school…and he’s not feelin too great about himself. He is a bass singer in choir at school and in two professional, nationally recognized jazz bands. He’s really mad that he’s not a tenor, though. He thinks people (girls are who he’s most concerned about) are only attracted to high singing voices. Can you all please give this a like or reblog if you love it when someone has a super deep voice? Doesn’t matter what gender or sexuality you are. I keep trying to tell him deep voices are awesome and attractive. He won’t listen. Do me a solid?

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Naah.. Liam's gonna struggle.. him and Harry hogged the limelight for a long time.. Niall and Louis are the ones who got least vocals in the band viz why you find their stans fierce.. Liam better have an ace album to top the charts by himself

I’d have to kindly disagree, I can’t see Liam struggling. Between the support he has of fans backing behind his music already, the producers he’s worked with thus far, his natural talent (there’s reasons why he “hogs the spotlight”; he’s a great singer who knows what he’s doing), and the exciting little bits of promo he’s done so far, like his #AskLiams and Omaze contest, he’s not doing too bad. At all. And this is just the foreplay, so to say.

Just as you said in regards to Louis and Niall, there are fans who passionately support Liam in his endeavors too. That can be said with literally all the boys; people will support their faves, little to no questions about it. Anything any of those boys do will have support from the fandom, united or not. I thought we wouldn’t underestimate the power of this fandom by now, but…

I can’t say for certain how it will pan out, but I always prefer to stay positive. I hope Liam does well, as much as I did with Zayn, or Niall and Louis, as I’m sure will happen with Harry. They’re all still valued and appreciated by someone, so they’ll all do well. What even is the “measure of success” anyway, right?

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haha sorry it took so long to reply, I'm the anon w the kpop crush ㅠㅠ thanks for validating my ridiculous feelings :0 I saw his picture once and I just thought he was the DEFINITION of perfection and thought his name was cute, >>a few months and damn Call Me Baby is a GREAT song let's see the memb--WHAT HE'S A SINGER TOO???? Anyway Baekhyun ruined my life but also saved it and now I blog about him all day like a loser

g o s h call me baby was the first exo song i heard and i legit fell so hard like after that i was like yup!!!!!!!!! here we go!!!!!!!! a new obsession has formed and i have zero problems with it lmao also YESSSSS baekhyun is so!!! cute!!! i love his personality so much he’s such a cute mischievous lil fluff + don’t worry bub!! your feelings are valid, so don’t beat yourself up too much over them 💕

*✧·゚:* IT’S SLEEPOVER TIME! *:·゚✧* send me an ask about anything - lets get to know each other better!

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7, 12, and 21 for the ask thing! I hope you are having a great day/night 😊

awww you’re so nice sweetie, i hope you have an amazing day/nigh too *hugs you* ~ alright but i’m going to follow you bc you multifandom af and that’s what i need in my life :’’)

  • 7: Favorite solo singer? - Hyolyn (her voice is my everything)
  • 12: Favorite picture(s) of your bias(es) - I’ve done this one in the previous ask but let me spam Yongguk a bit more, it’s never enough ~ the thing he does when he laughs it’s just :’’)
  • 21: How did you discover your favorite group? BAP // Block B - google search about kpop groups, it was very simple :’’)

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Fuck you, Tyler

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Requested by anonymous: can you please do a dylan (o'brien) imagine where y/n is a singer and dylan is a huge fan and she recently transitioned into acting and she plays stiles love interest on the show and during a wolf watch or something tyler and him are asked about it and dylan blushes or something and tyler embarrasses him bc he likes her ??



WARNING: short

A/N: I hope you like it.

Dylan’s P.O.V.

“So, tell me about the new girl, Y/N, right? She’s playing Stiles new love interest!”

“Yeah, she’s doing a great work, and she’s an amazing actress! It’s really cool film with her, she’s really funny.” I said.

“Dylan loves her!” Tyler said and I laugh.


“Yeah, she’s a singer too and Dylan has all the albums, when he heard that she’s an actress too he got really excited!”

“Shut up!” I tried to make him stop.

“Y/N if you are watching this: Dylan loves you!”

“Fuck you, Tyler!”