he's such a great and underrated character

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST WAS AWESOME (some spoilers ahead)

Best live action remake so far!

Awesome new songs! And oh so nostalgic score!

I loved seeing how really underrated and disliked Belle is in the town

I loved Belle and the Beast’s backstories

Le fou is a great gay character and people who are bitter about him being “a villain” should give him a second chance because (SPOILERS) he actually changes his way of thinking, sees Gaston for the worthless fucker he is and gets to dance with the crossdressing man (the crossdressing scene happens went the wardrobe dresses 3 men, 2 run shouting but 1 leaves smiling cause he likes his dress and that scene was really cute!)

I loved the credits scene with each character appearing one at the time

I prefer the animated movie and the animated characters but this movie adds important and awesome details and you should all see it

Look The Mara Dyer trilogy is so underrated. A WOC (Indian descent) who deals with PTSD, anxiety, and fights back against her abuser. Noah Shaw, a character that deals with depression, self hate, and suicide attempts. Also, great side characters like, Jamie Roth who is a Black Jewish bisexual man who will literally have you in stitches at every single line he has. Mara’s Indian background is a huge part of the plot. She is one of the most morally grey female protagonists I’ve encountered in YA) and such interesting story with gorgeous writing and psychological thriller twists. The books honestly have one of the best characterizations of PTSD I’ve seen in a YA series.

the characters in their houses

sophie: 140% sure she’s a slytherin her ambition to get what she wants is amaze and scary and she’s extremely cunning (like that scene in book three when she convinced agatha to let go of tedros so sophie herself would get a chance with him yikes!) whoo what a queen
agatha: def hufflepuff (although i can imagine her in ravenclaw too) she’s excellent at finding things (remember in the last ever after when she was tasked to find excalibur ?? yea ;•)) and her loyalty to her friends is heartwarming and like a hufflepuff, she will always do the right thing :•)
tedros: i can’t see tedros being anything but a gryffindor like he’s brave to the point of being reckless and his chivalry is admirable and his self-arrogance is a plus lolol
hort: after a great deal of thought, i’ve placed him in hufflepuff which honestly surprised me but i’m nodding at my own thoughts bc at the end of the day, hort does what’s right even if it’s not the easy thing and he’s loyal to what he believes and he’s good at finding things too (wish fish in the moors ;•)) that probably explains why he and agatha naturally go along so well!
hester: definitely a gryffindor she’s brave and loud and has a heart of gold i remember in the second book when aric was going to attack the girls under the bridge during the trial of tale and she let her demon out - she’s basically risking one of her lifelines - to get beatrix and the other girls out of the blue forest and then she continued to fight aric and his boys until she was literally unable to fight anymore :•)
anadil: i don’t really know anadil that much (i felt that she didn’t get much screen time like she was just there helping but i’m trying to reread anadil parts to get a firmer grasp on her character) but ultimately i’ve placed her in ravenclaw because even though i don’t truly understand her she has a presence that’s hard to ignore, she has originality and i know she’s vv intelligent
dot: in my mind, she’s a split between hufflepuff for her loyalty and easygoing nature and ravenclaw for her originality and her ability to easily accept quirks, but i think that she would ask to be placed in hufflepuff because she believes that the common rooms sound “plenty comfortable” and she didn’t want to climb all those “insufferable” stairs to the ravenclaw common room and then be asked to solve a riddle bc not only would that be physically exhausting but mentally xD
rafal: snake snakey snake snake u know how woody from toy story says “there’s a snake in my boot!” ?? rafal is the snake in woody’s boot
lady lesso: definitely a slytherin she displays the best and worst traits of that house and i’m so proud of her why u think my username is the queen ?? she’s clever and cunning (remember when she was going behind sophie’s back in the third book to teach the students to fight on good’s side?? yEA QUEEN) and not to mention that she has a great deal of self-preservation that evelyn sader points out in the second book when agatha looks into evelyn’s memories and evelyn talks to lesso about her son and rhetorically asks lesso which person she would pick if it came down to it which evelyn knows that lesso would pick herself ;•)
professor dovey: the mcgonagall! of the sge universe! def gryffindor vv brave and stands for what’s morally right and speaks her mind like in book two when evelyn hurls her out of the room when dovey ranted about how boys don’t deserve to be treated as lesser human beings and that boys are flawed and human such a queen ahh yes
august sader: ravenclaw at heart tbh he’s vv informative and knows the way to the best ending of the tale of sophie and agatha and he’s super brave and accepting that he’s willing to give up his life to help ensure that the students live at the end of book one (fAV)
evelyn sader: s l y t h e r i n what a snake what a snake what a cunning ambitious snake that had tunnel vision only for her goals like honestly she is the Extreme Slytherin™ every evil slytherin should look up to her she’s terrible and awe and striking
tristan: (my heart hurts my red-headed bby hold on give me a moment) ahh okay okay so my bby is definitely a hufflepuff like my bby omg all he wanted was to feel accepted and he switched schools and genders (;•)) to do so just because the boys at the other school were bullying him except for cinnamon roll tedros and aHHHHHH HHHH
kiko: hufflepuff h u f f l e p u f f hufflepuff need i say more ?? ??????
beatrix: this strong-willed girl def a gryffindor vv outspoken and knows how to defend herself and others (found black magic spells to protect herself and her classmates in book three ;•)) and fights and heals to the end beatrix is so underrated she’s such a proud moral queen that went through such a successful character development so proud of my bby
merlin: [SCREAMING AT THE BACK] ravenclaw!!!!! has a lot of funny character quirks (like his preference to sleeping in trees) and is a really well-rounded character and a really Great Magical Grandpa™
aric: he doesn’t deserve a house (though tbh he’d be placed in slytherin of course) but he’s so unworthy of a house that he’s labeled as a muggle
callis: this goddess is a mixture between all the four houses but i feel like she’d definitely pick ravenclaw bc she’d want to learn more about potions and hexes (in book two she asked agatha so much about what she learned during her school days haha what a cute mother haha so dedicated and so kind haha so brave and self-preserved haha no im not crying what)
castor: what a gryffindor pup
pollux: def a slytherin no doubt about it he only looks out for himself from what i’ve read in the series and he’d probably only risk his own skin for his brother but even then i think that he’d do that if it were in the most dire of situations
vanessa: slytherin what else so ambitious and has no regard for other people’s needs and wants like mother like daughter amiright
stefan: gryffindor at heart he committed so many moral acts (despite slipping into honora’s house yikes!) but he does the right thing and cares for people that he’s protective about
honora: one of those sweet hufflepuffs who don’t want to bother anybody and want to live a peaceful live and vv friendly
arthur: he definitely has qualities of a slytherin (aHEM PRESSURING GUINEVERE INTO MARRYING HIM FOR THE ‘GOOD OF CAMELOT’ AHEM EXCUSE U U NASTY MANBEAR NEVER PRESSURE A NOBLE HONORABLE WOMAN TO DO ANYTHING ESPECIALLY IF YOU WANNA WOO HER) but he would 100% pick gryffindor u feel? like people would ask and he would just reason it by pointing at his side at excalibur and then he’d be sauntering off to the groom room
guinevere: hufflepuff material over here she’s extremely loyal and knows to trust those around her like merlin and she does what’s right for herself and the future
lancelot: this swashbuckling top-notch swordsman would be in gryffindor vv valiant and chivalrous there’s a reason why he and arthur were best friends

reaper: [lets u pet him] u know what this is?
you: what me: ravenclaw material [winks] bUT LIKE HONESTLY this brilliant cat knows how to read and how to pass on the message he has his own presence and aura of being a vv smart cat that u need to be at least 10 feet away from unless you’re callis or agatha or else you’ll get your eyes clawed out and a finger sliced off!!


I feels like Greg Universe is a really underrated character that never really gets the credit he deserves. I mean not only is Greg a great dad and overall a stand up guy, he got Rose Quartz, the immortal, all-powerful savior of the world, to fall in love with him. I just wish more people recognized Greg for the great character that he is…

Heroes Of Olympus

I think Frank is such an underrated character. I mean, we all love Percy (how couldn’t we?) or Leo etc. I mean, I even love Luke and he’s a fucking asshole. What I wanna say is that Frank is just a little cute demigod (little meaning adorable, cause he’s not that small) and he should be protected at all cost. We must appreciate the character development, which is incredible. I can’t even recognize him in the last book. He is a strong hero, plus he is super sweet and weird hahah isN’T THAT CUTE? Please, let’s just appreciate the great hero, Frank Zhang.

“Despite his strategic brilliance, Starscream is his own worst enemy.”

I appreciate that Agent Fowler is shown to have some respect for Starscream as a strategist, being military himself. He doesn’t think Starscream is stupid in any way, instead he calls him insecure, which is a great understanding of his character.

Agent Fowler is woefully underrated.

I feel like Shaiapouf is underrated as a character.

He was a great foil character that contrasted the seriousness of Mereum’s plan’s of totalinarianism whilst still also being serious and psychotic in his own moments. So consumed by his obssesion he doesn’t realize how ridiculous he’s acting. But he is also a very useful guard to the king, seeing as he could split himself up and keep security tip top. Plus, who the hell could hate a dude with ginormous butterfly wings? Pouf is a cool guy and I wish I realized it sooner.


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yo i just saw your liveblog of Hero Worship and 1) nice, thats a great episode! 2) i feel like data being good with children (and animals) is such an underrated part of his character? like he is honestly GREAT with kids and Kids Love Data. we see it in Hero Worship, Pen Pals, The Offspring, and arguably with wesley. maybe it's just me but i wish we got to see more of it?

IT’S NOT JUST YOU ohmyohgmd i nEED more parent!data like oh myogd. he’s so good with kids. he tries so hard to be there for them despite the limitations he believes he has (lol @ data saying he couldn’t love lal; beverly didn’t buy it and nEITHER DO I).

*pounds fists on table* GIVE. DATA. A CHILD.

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I keep tellin' ya Fin, you've got a great sense of humor, without making him completely at the mercy of other people's muses. He's got a brain and you're developing meaningful relationships that make sense and are being managed in a totally realistic way. I'm glad to see you on my dash.

THANK YOU!!!! theres only so much slapstick humor a guy can take amirite?? Hes honestly such an underrated character imo, hes actually proven himself to be really smart, hes just. Awful at socialization and is really actually just?? A gross teenage boy?? I could totally see him being someone id know irl. DEVELOPING RELATIONSHIPS W HIM IS SO FUN THO!! I always end up wondering why nobody just ditches his dumb smelly perverse ass tho. Bc i probably would, lmao

A post wherein film writer Kimberly Luperi spotlights the career of beloved, although often overshadowed, acting great Claude Rains.

In my mind, Claude Rains was sort of an “Invisible Man”: a marvelous performer who I’ve felt was rather underrated and overshadowed by bigger stars, as character actors often are. Rains even likened himself to one during a 1933 New York Times interview discussing THE INVISIBLE MAN (’33): “I daresay it was the best thing they could do with this face,” he quipped. “Now if they could keep it invisible, I might get by in the cinema.”

Tinseltown didn’t keep Rains concealed for long, but I’d say he got by pretty well in the movies nonetheless. See: his string of compelling performances in classics like THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD (‘38), CASABLANCA ('42), NOTORIOUS ('46) and LAWRENCE OF ARABIA ('62), to name but a few.

Trained extensively on the stage in England and America, the London-born Rains made the leap to film late in his career. Technology of the time kept his expressive voice hushed in his first screen outing, BUILD THY HOUSE (’20), but Rains’ brogue played a crucial role in landing his next picture 13 years later across the pond, THE INVISIBLE MAN (’33).

James Whale, famous for contributing FRANKENSTEIN ('31) and BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN ('35) to Universal’s classic horror canon, took the reins on THE INVISIBLE MAN (’33). Though one legend has it that Whale overheard Rains’ RKO screen test and exclaimed, “I don’t care who that actor is, but I want that voice!” the fact is that Whale was familiar with Rains’ tenure teaching at London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (where Laurence Olivier and Charles Laughton were among his students) and lobbied for Rains from the beginning. Luckily for the director, Universal’s first choice Boris Karloff dropped out after producer Carl Laemmle Jr. repeatedly pushed Karloff to take a salary cut, and Whale slyly dissuaded second choice Colin Clive so Rains could step in. Though Laemmle objected to the casting of an unknown, Whale prevailed.

THE INVISIBLE MAN (’33) may seem an odd Hollywood debut for a well-known stage star because the lead receives mere seconds of screen time, but the picture made Rains incredibly visible. The New York Times praised Rains and noted that “no actor has ever made his first appearance on the screen under quite as peculiar circumstance,” while other notices hailed the movie as “one of the best yet produced” and a “remarkable achievement.” Indeed, Rains’ menacing performance, Whale’s masterful direction, R.C. Sherriff’s meticulous adaptation of H. G. Wells’ novel and John P. Fulton’s cunning special effects unanimously earned rave reviews and helped the film smash a three-year attendance record at New York City’s Roxy Theatre. Though visual wizardry has progressed leaps and bounds in the 83 years since its original release, THE INVISIBLE MAN (’33) still retains the ability to awe and delight viewers today, in part owing to the scrupulous balance between its visual trickery, drama and a “generous quota” of comedy.

Following THE INVISIBLE MAN (’33) success, Variety reported that Universal "figures the curiosity aroused by the first pic…will act as an effective buildup” for Rains’ next outing for the studio, which would provide audiences their first full view of the actor. But Paramount actually beat them to the punch by releasing Rains’ CRIME WITHOUT PASSION ('34) in between those two Universal pictures. Had Paramount held off, the aforementioned Universal film, THE MAN WHO RECLAIMED HIS HEAD ('34), would have been an ironic, apropos follow-up for the formerly invisible man.

Batman v Superman Costume Analysis: Lex Luthor

Lex just keeps getting better with each viewing, I’m kind of obsessed with him at the moment. Anyway, here’s a costume analysis:

Lex’s look in the film is very casual and modern, which is perfect for a millennial CEO of Synder’s real world setting. His look is also partly inspired by young Lex in Superman Birthright (the stringy hair and trench coats) and overall his costumes serve to distract from his true motives, emphasize his feelings of powerlessness, and differentiate him from the other male characters. Let us begin:

Mad Scientist, Evil Genius…Satan?

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The Curry Arc is underrated

Not only does it introduce precious characters like Soma and Agni, it also has a bunch of other great things too. Like tons of random Sebastian/Bard moments:

Bard was one inch away from touching the demon booty.

Also LAU. Lau is seriously perfect in this arc. Like how he randomly spoke in Chinese to Soma and didn’t translate:

Also when Ciel was explaining West’s logic to him…

Lau proved to be the most cutthroat businessman who ever lived. He’s basically telling Ciel he’s going to murder someone lol (which he does later):

Damn Lau. And Ciel thinks Funtom’s tough lol.

Also Lau called out Ciel on his phony Edward Cullen sparkles:


Also that time everyone needed a trading company’s help and Lau did nothing to offer- just sat there and ate through their piercing stares. Perfection:

And never forget Lau playing cards with Ciel:

I bet he’s hiding cards in his sleeves. That or he’s just pretending he knows how to play. 

Can we take a moment to talk about how underrated men are on The 100? 

Let’s be honest, this show is mainly about women. And it’s great, truly awesome and really something I rarely see on TV. But I just don’t like how some viewers or critics or even writers tend to underrate men in this show.

 On The 100, pretty much all leaders are women: Lexa, Clarke, Anya, Abby, Indra, ALIE, Luna. And even when men are leaders, many viewers just invalidate their authority and always putt a women behind all their decisions: Kane, Bellamy, Roan. This show has one of the strongest female representation I’ve ever seen on TV, but I still think men should be appreciated equally. Gender equality works on both sides. Bellamy Blake can make decisions on his own, he’s equal to Clarke, he’s not a knight, he’s a king. Kane doesn’t make all his decisions out of his love for Abby, in s2, he was a real politician who made great things on his own. Roan didn’t let his mother get killed by Lexa because he was weak but because he wanted it. 

I have many other examples but I want to focus on one who seems highly problematic for some people: Bellamy. A lot of people completely invalidate Bellamy’s role and always say he’s a follower. Too many people don’t recognize Bellamy as a leader and that’s wrong. Having so many women as leaders is truly amazing, but that doesn’t mean men have to be erased from any form of power. The writers want to show women in power, I get that, but making men look like followers isn’t feminism or gender equality, it’s just wrong. Bellamy has been a leader since season 1 and he still is. Him and Clarke work together and he can make great decisions on his own, just like she can.

 Besides, I’d like to mention how many people invalidate men emotions by calling it “man pain”. For some people, Jasper and Bellamy’s suffering is just “man pain”, it’s “man weakness”. But I don’t agree, a lot of women cry on this show and I actually love the fact that on The 100, men can cry too. A man crying isn’t emasculating, it’s not picturing “man pain”, it’s suffering. I love the fact that The 100 show men with emotions, men who can cry and be in pain and I don’t think people should completely invalidate that by calling it “man pain”. Depression and pain are for both genders. 

Finally, I would like to talk about a subject that truly bothers me. A lot of people call Bellarke abusive. First, I’d like to say that abuse is a real social issue and using it to invalidate a fictional ship is not okay, at all. But also, I think a lot of people call Bellarke abusive mainly because Bellamy is a boy. Let me explain. Clarke killed Finn, she spat in Lexa’s face, she held a knife to her throat, yet no one calls Clarke abusive. Octavia beat Bellamy up and I still see a lot of people saying she was right and he deserved it, just like when Niylah hit him. Bellamy has had excessive behaviors too, I agree. But if it was Clarke who had handcuffed him, I am pretty sure none of you would call her “abusive”. Sometimes I feel like some viewers don’t mind girls being violent towards men but the other way around make them use such inappropriate words as “abusive”. The 100 is a violent show, it shows excessive behaviors on both sides and one gender cannot be considered as more violent than the other, there shouldn’t be any difference between violence towards women and violence towards men, that’s just wrong. 

Finally, I’d like to remind everyone that even though this show has incredible female characters, male characters are important too and need to be appreciated as much as female ones. Monty is probably as smart as Raven, Jasper can lead too and he did in season 2, Bellamy is equal with Clarke, Miller is as strong as Harper, Titus wasn’t just a follower, he was brave and loyal, Kane is a great leader and so was Jaha in s1, Miller and Bryan are as good a representation of LGBT+ community as Clexa, Pike isn’t just a bad person, he cares about his people and the delinquents and finally, men crying or being depressed is NOT “man pain”. 

Stop underrating and demonizing male characters on The 100.