he's such a gifted person yet he's humble about all of his accomplishments

things i love about cullen, based upon personal headcanons:

  • He is dependable. Cullen will anticipate a need, and casually address it–a corner of a desk jutting out too far, a pile of laundry that needs doing. Often you will go to do some chore or another and find that he’s already taken care of it, without fanfare or difficulty. He knows your needs, and he knows your preferences, and he does his best to make sure they are satisfied.
  • He is nurturing. You discover that as a child, he was given the responsibility of tending to the family garden, plots of elfroot and embrium and other curative herbs that the Rutherfords kept to address the inevitable wounds of farm life. He takes up gardening once again when his time with the Inquisition is done, and plants flourish under his gentle care. So do animals, and children, should the two of you have any.
  • He is loving. He expresses his love in so many ways: affectionate honorifics (he calls you “sweetheart” or “darling,” always with warmth and reverence), small, frequent gifts (fresh flowers for the kitchen table; an etched leather belt he found at the market; notes signed with love on the bedside table on mornings he must wake before you do), and always, the reassurance of his touch (massages after long days, held hands on evening walks, the warmth of his arms in bed during the winter).
  • He is humble. Cullen never desired glory or accolades; he always saw a job well done as its own reward. So when he is complimented, he is always terribly, adorably bashful. In the beginning of your relationship, he blushes fiercely when you applaud him–all across his face, up to the tips of his ears and down his neck, and he stammers out his thanks while rubbing the back of his neck. After many years together, he will still blush, but he will only wrinkle his nose at you and accuse you of embarrassing him on purpose. More often than not, he is right.
  • He is supportive. His pride in your accomplishments is never hidden–he gladly talks you up to whoever he meets, joyfully extolling your virtues and talents to whichever poor soul too polite to interrupt him. When you attend events together, he is happy to give you the spotlight, a hand at your back to offer support or reassurance should you need it. When you are overwhelmed, he is the one to draw you away into a quiet spot; when you are ready to dive into chaos, he follows you with his sword and shield, guarding your back so you can keep looking forward.
  • He is himself. He loves butter cookies and hates the heat. He’s a busybody, discontent to sit and relax when a sock could be darned, a floor could be swept, a sword could be sharpened or the ingredients for tomorrow’s breakfast could be set out. He is nauseatingly sweet sometimes, braiding wildflowers together into a crown, setting it upon your head, and bowing and “your majesty”-ing to you for the rest of the day, jumping playfully away when you try to swat him for his teasing. He swings you around in the air when he’s overjoyed, holds you close when he is upset. He tried to hide his compassion and kindness, tried to beat it down and crush it, yet in the end he accepted it and let it grow within himself. And he gives it to you, asking for nothing in return and cherishing all that you give him unasked for.

Let’s appreciate a real angel.

Let’s appreciate a precious gift sent from heaven.

Let’s appreciate Jung Hoseok ask J-Hope.

Who is J-Hope one mights ask?

Well only one of the cutest…

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…yet sexy…

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…and talented….

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…young men to exist in this world.

Yesterday, i was with a friend, having some tea when suddenly i saw it… I saw the magical notification that caused to interrupt everything i was doing and to force my friend @eggplantjoy to watch this brilliant notification with me.

That notification was the concept trailer for BTS new album. I switch it on and what do I see?

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I see my own light. I see one of my favourite people in the world: Jung Hoseok, having his own opening song, something he always wished to have. 

And what a brilliant video it was. After all, J-Hope not only reminded us of his amazing rap skills, but also of his phenomenal dancing, proving that he not only dances with his body, but also with his soul, his emotions.

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And it deeply pains my heart to see how some people decide to go after him and hurt him. It pains me to know that there are people that wish to bring him down and take his amazing smile with them.

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You don’t find him attractive? okay, fair enough but beauty is subjective. Its something which is based on the individual’s taste and should not give anyone a reason to want to crush them. In fact, if your reason for wanting to crush J-Hope is because of his looks, then you are clearly trying to project yourself on him, trying to make him feel worse and more insecure than you do.

You don’t find him bare and tired attractive?

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Well, there are many (including me) who find him extremely attractive no matter what. 

Then there are those that try to bring him down due to the jealousy towards his success.  There are those who make it their lives mission to troll and hurt him as

a)they have nothing better to do

b)they want to get people to react to them

c)they want to express their jealousy towards him.

After all, he is so young, yet has accomplished so much and is clearly always setting the bar higher each time and is trying to accomplish even more, all for the sake of his group and us ARMY.

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For my Jung Hoseok is a true inspiration.

There are days when i feel like nothing, i feel like the world is dark and when i feel lonely. Yet somehow seeing him always put a smile on his face even when he feels like nothing, even when he feels like the world is dark, even if he feels lonely, inspires me to also smile and keep going forward and fighting.

Watching him, always makes me feel better (in fact so much better, that as i am writing, i am about to cry-thats how much he means to me).

However, i do not under any circumstances want him to always pressure himself into always having to have a smile. I do not want him to feel like unless he keeps his image, none will love him, because its not true.

This gif, i have used before and when i saw it, i immediately thought of J-Hope.

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 Do i believe his smile is just an image? No

Do i believe that it is a hyperbole? Yes.

After all, it is known that Jung Hoseok always pressures himself to stay strong and happy for the sake of his members. 

After all, he does sometimes have to pressure himself to remain as J-Hope.

Yet all i want, is to know that he is healthy.

All I want is to know, is that he has someone , to whom he can go and say “You know what***** I am having a bad day today and i need to get it out of my chest”. And all i want, is to know that that person listens to him and gives him a shoulder to cry on.

After all, he is still, such a young man, who had joint the industry still a boy, who was suddenly separated from the life he knew before. He, just like any loyal Kpop idol, has sold his soul, has ‘sold his youth’ as Agust D had said, in order to hopefully one day achieve his dream.

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I truly, genuinely love Jung Hoseok.

Will he ever know of how much he means to me? Probably not. But its ok. Because it shouldn’t really matter for him to know that this particular blogger loves him, no matter how much i want him to know.

What matters is that we as ARMY show him our love, our appreciation and our understanding.

All that matters is that we do not pressure him to the point where he breaks down due to his image’s pressure.

All that matters is that he understand that the real ARMY would never hate a member of the group, or would want that member to suffer.

All  that matters is that he understand that the real ARMY will never abandon him if he decides to date or experiment with anyone, be it a girl or a boy, if he decides to be celibate, if he decides to not smile for some time, if he takes some time off due to sickness, be it physical or mental, or due to him missing his family.

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After all, these are all needed for a young man. Otherwise, how else is he meant to discover himself? 

How is he meant to develop?

 How is he meant to get inspiration?

And of course, I do understand Korean culture to a certain extent and thus some of those things i mentioned above might not be acceptable for an idol.

However, in my humble opinion, a true ARMY must first and foremost learn to love and support Jung Hoseok, the person, and then J-Hope, the idol.

So yep. This is is.

Thank you Jung Hoseok for existing. 

Thank you for putting a smile on my face.

Thank you, for being my inspiration to always work hard and try my best.

Thank you for giving this 18 year old Russian Cypriot ARMY hope.

Keep working, keep fighting, but most importantly- stay healthy.

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Thank you for reading! Let’s all share our love for this magnificent human being!

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PS.  For any new fans or future fans or interested people: This is the comeback trailer(which shows J-Hope’s amazing skills) for BTS new full album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJJSh-eEdRk.

Also you can check out his solo rap song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6G2tmefsyTw

Or you can check out the live of him and his two other group mates rap song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VP18x3Cydf4

If this isn’t your style though, its ok. His group has many different styles, full of intense choreography and vocals mixed with some rap. Just search BTS dance practice for dance or check to their live or music videos

(End of slight J-Hope and BTS promotion)

(Also credit to original gif makers)

I found this nice meta/essay on Reddit. Quoted in its entirety for your perusal. With boldface added here and there to highlight some interesting tidbits.

I just started catching this series, and I have to say, Kanan is actually pretty damn good. Considering how much time he had off and how young he was when Order 66 was implemented, he has a surprisingly sharp mastery over Force Telekinesis, Force Leaps, the Mind Trick… amazing considering he hasn’t had a Master himself in a long time.

Yep, Ahsoka was a badass. She was strong with the Force, had the Chosen One as her teacher, and studied under the best Jedi of the age. She was constantly in battle with Clone Troopers, and got to work with teachers like Yoda, Mace Windu, etc. She’s going to have a lot more finesse.

However, by the end of the first season, Kanan’s self-practice gave him equal footing to the Grand Inquisitor, a former Jedi Master with years of experience and training. Not only that, but Kanan conquered his fear of loss, something Anakin was never able to accomplish. And that dual-wielding he did against the Inquisitor cinched it for me… that is REALLY tough to be good at just by training on your own! That shows exceptional talent and growth!

Yep, I agree. In the grand scheme of things, Ahsoka has done more, and done it better. But considering who her teachers were and her natural talent in comparison to Kanan’s lack of training and years of being solo, his exponential growth in just one season shows that even though he may be less powerful in comparison now, he may grow to be a fine Jedi and possibly a great Master. I think he might not even have hit his peak yet, while Ahsoka may have hit hers a while back. Despite the lesser overall mastery of Jedi Techniques, I think he’s exceptionally talented in areas Ahsoka isn’t. He’s humble, willing to learn, admits his mistakes, practices hard, and has shown a talent for hard work and perseverance.

There’s one other thing I’d mention here: he’s an exceptional teacher. Ezra comes so far, so fast in even just the first season that I was in awe. Kanan may not think he’s ready to teach, but he’s actually got quite a gift for making a student feel like they are on a journey together. He’s just wise enough to know he can guide, but humble enough to admit that he doesn’t have all the answers. Already the dynamic between Ezra and Kanan is one of mutual respect and friendship, which I like way better than the sometimes condescending/competitive way that Obi-Wan and Anakin treated each other.

It’s actually one of the aspects about the show I’m coming to appreciate. Kanan is really the model of a new type of Jedi… one that feels compassion and attachments, but can still thrive without the strict Jedi code.

I’ve done martial arts for years, and I’ve seen it a million times. Not everyone who is immediately talented at fighting is also gifted for teaching. Sometimes people have both skill sets, but they are two separate skills. It’s one of the reasons I love the Star Wars Mythos. Some of the best Jedi Knights who show exceptional strength are not always the best teachers. And some of the best teachers are not always the most powerful person themselves, but enable their students to aspire to incredible heights.

As for Asohka, well, she’s pretty gifted and fought under two genius level Jedi. But people peak at different times. She may have already hit her best moments, while Kanan may hit his in his adulthood. Ahsoka hasn’t seemed motivated to teach, learn, or do much more Jedi training than what she’s already seen. Kanan on the other hand, wants to learn and get better so he can become a better teacher and force user himself. That makes a huge difference!

Last I can say about the difference between these two and their abilities comes down to this: it always comes down to the writers. If the writers of the show want Ahsoka to be stronger in the Force than Kanan, she will be. If they want the reverse, then they’ll do that. Heck, their power levels aren’t even consistent episode to episode, so it’s hard to draw definitive conclusions when those conclusions can always change. I accept this because like all fiction, characters have to be molded to the stories the writers want to tell. So far, I think it’s safe to say that Ahsoka is more powerful a Jedi than Kanan is, but I think it’s also safe to say that Kanan is no slouch in his own right, and is definitely getting better each season.

In general, the writers have wanted Ahsoka to be stronger thus far, but now that Season 2 is over, they may take Kanan in a new direction due to the events of his fight with Darth Maul and the character developments in his padawan.

trolleyseat  asked:

hi, lately i've been confused about "working on our salvation" that's generally our job after receiving Jesus. How do we do that exactly? How do we know we're doing it right? And I've just listened to a local sermon and it says that after we received Jesus, we have to seek perfection through our struggles and efforts to meet His standard level of perfection. We have to strive for a perfect life, no flaws in His eyes. That's what Christian life is about. Is that how we do it?

Hey dear friend, thank you for your honesty and candor. Before I say anything, I hope you’ll consider watching this sermon. I watch it about once a month and it continually feeds my soul, especially in moments of confusion about my faith. (There are a couple glitches in the video but they pass quickly.)

Essentially, one of the biggest points of the Christian Gospel is that it takes burdens off and will never add them on. Everything else in the world is squeezing you by demands, deadlines, dichotomies, and impossible standards that will destroy you the second you infringe on them. Every community will kick you out or kill you if you disobey their directives, and that includes Tumblr, Facebook, a high school football team, and political tribes. Every other religion and philosophy and system of thinking is prodding you to close the gap between who-you-are and who-you-want-to-be by striving for an arbitrary goal-line, only to move it further away when you get there.

Only Christianity says that the gap has been closed for you by grace, that every demand has been met in God’s very own provision, and that it’s from this gift of grace that you strive, and not for. In other words, the Christian Gospel is the news of what God has done through His Son, and not advice or formulas for a better life. It can certainly advise you, and there are certainly divine laws that are for our good, but the motive to follow His way is because of the grace He has given us. It’s inside His preemptive approval that we can find both rest and resolve. Since we’re no longer “working off” our existence to justify who we are, we can move outward from God’s fixed love without worrying about getting better or getting results. Perhaps ironically, when you have such a supernatural confidence, you actually get better and get results.

Christianity is such a counter-intuitive inside-out truth that it will never feel natural. We’re so used to measuring ourselves on progress and accomplishments and numbers that the second you get grace, it ruins our entire death-grip on control. It ruins everything so perfectly.

If you’re given grace, your worldly trophies and bank account and social media don’t mean very much. Fame isn’t even a real thing.

If you’re given grace, then God also loves the people you hate, and your grudge is about you and not them, and other peoples’ virtue is no longer a measurement of their inherent dignity.

If you’re given grace, you can’t bear to go back to the sin that had you imprisoned and consumed.

If you’re given grace, your kindness for other people is no longer self-motivated for image or ego-boosting, but merely an abundant overflow of the love you’ve been given, and maybe for the first time, it’s truly about loving the other person instead of a way to validate yourself.

It’s the difference between a boss and a mentor. A boss sees your qualifications, tracks your work, has a checklist, can fire you or give you a raise. A mentor takes in the unqualified, empowers your work, and roots for you to succeed.

It’s the difference between dating and a marriage. A certain kind of dating entails that you need to puff yourself up, lie your way in, and show off your merchandise. Marriage says that you’re already accepted in a promise of vows, that you don’t need to “try” to be a spouse, and that your efforts of romance are to be enjoyed instead of used as an advertisement.

Of course, we’re going to hate the idea of grace. I know that even when Christians say “grace,” we still minimize it to mean a general fuzzy warmth from some abstract being. It feels like enabling or pampering. But if my version of grace enables or pampers, it hasn’t gone far enough. Grace is not merely a sentimental love, but a love that cost everything. It cost the life of God’s Son, for our sin was very real, and sin always has a cost. Jesus closed the distance of our debt on a cross and in an empty tomb; his entire life was a cross of persecution, abandonment, betrayal, and still keeping a perfect law. He met the demands that we couldn’t. It’s only this kind of grace that would tenderize your heart into love-driven action, and electrify you into a life of clarity, purpose, and the bigger picture.

I understand why most preachers are legalistic, rule-driven, religious fundamentalists. I understand the popularity of blogs that say “10 Things To Do Before You’re 20″ or that tell you how to be offended and how to do online justice.  It’s because on some deep level, we all know we’re meant to be perfect. On any deathbed, in every blog post, in every community, we have a sense of condemnation that we put on ourselves and put on others. We’re profoundly aware that nothing is as it’s meant to be, most especially ourselves. We swim in the word “potential” but feel lost in falling short. We feel threatened by success or slightly more talented people. We each have a wounded sense of our own shortcomings, because inside, we have an immeasurable understanding of a perfectly divine holiness that we’re not reaching. Whether or not we call that God, we still manifest our “fear of unrealized potential” by jealousy, competition, drowning our woes in thrills and pills, or fantasizing over the next door neighbor’s wife and other people’s lives.

The thing is, you will never, ever meet perfection in this life. The discontent remains. You’ll never be good enough, because the world asks too much. That’s good news. You cannot be good on your own. You must look to the Only One who is good, who will call you good, too. You must recognize your utter incapability to meet divinity, yet at the same time be in awe of the infinite value that God has bestowed upon you.

As the great theologian Lecrae once said, “If Heaven ain’t a gift, then I ain’t gettin’ in.” We live between the tension of a hostile, fallen, fractured world and a perfectly loving God. We’re humbled because Jesus had to die for our sin, but we’re confident because Jesus gladly died so we may know Him.

So what do we do? Nothing. There’s nothing to be achieved. Only received. Sing the truths of the Gospel into your heart. Bask in His glory. Look to the cross and the empty tomb in everything you do. Move from grace as your base, as a home that will always be there. Faith is not a one-time decision or a one-shot moment, but the slow awakening to the reality of what God has done for you. If you pursue this truth, you will find that it’s been pursuing you all along. In such pursuit, His glory will flex through you, to do the work that must be done: not to earn Him, but because you already have Him.

– J.S.