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This is Angsty Kitten anon, I just wanted to say that you're my soulmate and my kink daddy so please metaphorically marry me. And also how do you feel about an AU where Otabek has like 5 little sisters who are his biggest fans and argue with Yuri but secretly call Yuri hella pretty??

Hello cutiepie! omfg kink daddy is such a good title, thank you, i accept this proposal

……..that is so cute??? oh my gosh

  • Beka being able to easily handle Yura’s temper tantrums because he grew up with five little sisters, and they do not always get along.
  • Can you even imagine how good Beka’s hair braiding skills would be?? If he had more arms he could fishtail braid all of his sister’s hair at once.
  • Otabek LOVES his baby sisters more than anything in the world (until Yuri comes along but). He’s such a loving older brother who always helps them out with their homework, and Skype calls them when he’s away training or at competitions.
  • Yuri is a jealous baby who wants more of Otabek’s attention, but it’s hard for the poor guy to divide his time up between six people.
  • Staying in Almaty with the Altin family is always an ordeal, because Otabek is constantly surrounded by the siblings who have missed him so much as well as Yuri who wants to hog his best friend all for himself.
  • When Otabek goes to stay with Yuri in Russia, Yuri thinks he’s going to finally get some alone time - nope. Beka’s phone is blowing up most of the time with texts and calls from each sister individually. They do this partially because they miss their bro, but they also think it’s hilarious when Yuri snatches the phone and curses at them in Russian.
  • Yuri does stoop to their level of immaturity sometimes (a lot), taking their bait and arguing with them over who loves/supports Beka more. Poor Otabek usually has to take a painkiller, a huge headache arising from Yuri’s yelling and his sister’s laughing.
  • Though they torture Yuri (so he says), they actually really like him. They see the way Otabek smiles to his phone when he gets a message from the blonde, and they love to hear Otabek’s warm laughter whenever Yuri says or does something funny.
  • Plus they all think Yuri is really pretty. They’ve all wanted to play with his long blonde hair at least once.
Just wanted to write this out

And get it out of my head.

To which Sans has a panther or (snow) tiger tail and ears, becomes bigger than Red who he becomes attached to and becomes his current owner.

Hmmm … phrased it wrong?

Ok, to which Red took Sans who is a snow tiger cub as his pet. The tiger grows to be bigger than him in a couple of years (roughly 4 where Sans stops growing) and Sans becomes very attached and overprotective of his owner.

Part 1 - New Owner

He had been sold and brought back to the pet store time and time again.

Complaints of him being a destructive force or how he refused to obey orders. The tiger scoffed and didn’t care to hear the scolding he got after each return.

He didn’t like his owner. Simple as that. But of course, freedom wasn’t a choice. He was trapped here.

“Hey, you freak,” the skeleton tiger cub glared at him as he opened his cage. “Someone is interested in buying you again. And don’t look at me like that brat. I already warned him what a pain you’d be.”

The tiger growled lowly but followed the caretaker regardless. ‘Great. Another one.’

Just because he was rare, doesn’t make him a plaything for entertainment.

They reached the room where transactions occurred and the cub’s eye sockets widened. It was a skeleton monster like him, minus the ears and tail of course. And red eye lights met his blank ones.

“This is him.” The tiger growled and glared at the caretaker when he was nudged forward. Stars what he’d do to scratch the monster’s face. “Are you still sure you want him? He has quite the record for being troublesome.”

“Nah. He’s perfect.” The cub looked to the skeleton monster.

“Perfect? Pffft. Whatever you say. That’ll be 500 gold.”

The tiger gritted his teeth and was practically baring his fangs. That wasn’t his normal price. He was usually sold for 100; especially with having such a problematic record. Of course no one would pay that much for hi—

“All right.”

The skeleton cub whipped his head up to his buyer. ‘What?! Is he insane?’

“Woah, really?” Even the caretaker couldn’t believe it.

“There a problem?”

“O-Oh, uh, no. Not at all. Well, I mean, you’re willing to pay that much? For him?”

For once, even the skeleton tiger had to agree. He really wasn’t worth it.

“Again, you have a fucking problem with it?” The caretaker got to work, not wanting to irritate his customer further. And the transaction went without a cinch.

The cub was still processing what just happened. He was taken out of his stupor when his new owner crouched down to his level and waved a hand in front of him.

“Hey, you okay?” The same hand was moving forward to touch his head. The tiger flinched at the movement; however, and his owner stopped and pulled his hand away. “Right. Sorry ‘bout that.”

The tiger felt confused when the latter stood up and shot him a grin. “Wanna go and leave this dump already? My place ain’t that big, but it’s better than this.”

The cub found himself kind of liking this one. He was … different. Still, it was too early to judge. The little one followed his new owner with caution.

Who knows what he’s up against.

Part 2 - New Name

The house he was going to be living in was … pretty nice. Kind of cozy … and homey.

“Oh right, I need to name you?”

The cub grimaced. 'If it’s precious, or cutiepie, or snowy, or something dumb, I’m going to become your worst nightmare.’

“I’m not really fucking good with names … Hmm …” His owner seemed to be thinking pretty hard on one. And red eye lights looked right at him. “What about Sans?”

’… Without?’

“Pretty cool, right? Sans. Without. Without what? Who the fuck knows.” His owner smirked. “Adds a little bit of mystery right?”

It was certainly better than the previous names he’d gotten. So he supposed it wasn’t bad.

“D-Do you like it? Do you want a different one?” His owner now looked unsure, but the cub was more than surprised to be given a choice in the matter.

Still, he nodded that it was fine. He liked the name enough.

The uncertainty was still evident on his owner’s face. This certainly felt like he was seeing a new side to the monster from what he’d shown at the store. “Shit. I should’ve just asked this. Did you wanted to be called by something? You can name yourself if you want.”

’… I … can?’

His owner grabbed a piece of paper and pencil and went towards him. “You can read and write, right?”

The tiger nodded and was handed said materials.

“Feel free to write whatever name you want down, and I’ll start calling you that.”

His owner was really … different.

“Oh, right. I’m Red by the way. I know, lame, right? Who names their kid a colour?”

The phone rang at that precise moment, and Red went to answer it. Leaving the cub to think about a name for himself.

Several minutes passed before Red came back into the room he left the tiger in. “Thought of one yet?”

The latter nodded and walked to give him the paper.

When the skeleton took it, eye sockets widened in surprise. In big bold letters, it spelled: 'SANS’.

The bright smile he got from Red made Sans feel weird … and happy. He kind of liked seeing that smile.

“It’s a bit late but, welcome to your new home, Sans.”

And for the first time in a long while, Sans smiled.

'Home, huh.’

There’s going to be part 3 and 4 but i got tired. Orz

Will post them when i get the energy. _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):

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Ooohhhhh how about varsity athlete!jaehyun (nct) idek thinkin abt the letter jackets and those dimples <3

  • the cutest linebacker to ever have lived honestly 
  • wears the letterman jacket all cool and suave but then when it’s cold he pulls the sleeves over his fingers and it looks like he has lil cute paws awww jaehyun
  • looks kinda skinny but can probably benchpress 200 pounds
  • once lifted his friend taeyong with one hand and everyone was like ???? are you hiding muscles ??? where are they ???
  • jaehyun: they were taking a nap, but now they’re AWAKE 
  • before games he like smiles and shoots hearts at the fans and literally everyone in the bleachers DIES 
  • seems like mr. heartbreaker but in reality he just wants to sing and play the piano for the person he has a crush on 
  • and lucky you because one day (valentine’s day cough cough) you get a note to come to the school music room and you see the entire football team outside of the room and they all hand you roses and you’re like ??? but when you go inside there’s jaehyun and he’s at the piano and he’s like 
  • “we have physics together.” and you’re like “i know,,,,,,what’s all this??” and he’s like “you’re really…..cute,,,,,and,,,,ive wanted to confess for a while and so i wrote this about you,,,,”
  • and he plays the most beautiful piece you’ve ever heard and even sings ever so softly and to top it all of he gets down on his knee and presents to you his letterman jacket like “will you…..go out with me???” and you’re like oh my god oF COURSE
  • and you put the jacket on and it’s cute jaehyun wraps you up in his arms
  • and the entire football team bursts in with cheers and jaehyun’s just like thank you so much for accepting and you’re like how could i not. this jaket’s so warm
  • but it’s all in good fun ofc you love you athletic boyfriend for being a cutiepie  

Joe Weller

“Hello fellow people of the Internet it is I (Y/n)” you did the intro to your video “today I have a very special person with me” Joe Weller came into the shot “It’s Joe Weller!”

“Sup guys” he said in his strong accent

“So basically what we’re doing today is the seven second challenge which was originally created by Amazing Phil, we’re going to do three on my channel and the Lyric Challenge or what ever it’s called, we’re getting our challenge from Twitter, and the punishment is who ever looses as to let the winner post a tweet from the others phone, ready?”

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I see so much similarity between these 2 situations...

Here you have a shy Nino that can’t handle Marinette’s cuteness

and then a Nino waving way too gladly at Marinette, looking at her like “oh my goodness, there she is my cutiepie”

You could easily say that guy has a crush on that girl, right? Well, this is the interesting part…

A shy Adrien that can’t handle Marinette’s awesomeness.

And here he stands, looking and greeting Marinette so cheerfully.

So…do you see the similarity? So it means that…

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Who is your favourite sim ever? ilysm, cutiepie! PD: I love Andie so much, hahaha.

your so sweet! ily too!!! be my best friend please and thank you im really bad @ messaging but i promise ima good bean… wat was i talking about? oh right my sims. that’s spots going to my bb boy jason valdez. im terrified to go in game because he’s going to die any minute when he dies im quitting this godforsaken blog (jk…. probably)

for as a gift here’s andie not on drugs bcuz i am good sim mom

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Some blogs are Rhett-centric and some are Link-centric. I'm always curious when I see a blog like yours, do you have a favorite of the two, or are you totally split down the middle? I don't want to make you choose, I'd just like to know your thoughts on this! Love your blog btw, your tags and your general excitement always make me smile.

Hi anon! Sorry it took a while for me to respond to this – I have no excuse, I’m just flighty.

I think about this question a lot. Like it kind of haunted me for the first few months I watched GMM, because I’m usually very decisive/obnoxiously opinionated about having a favourite in each of my fandoms. But with Rhett and Link, I honestly can’t choose!

Like Rhett is this giant fluffy ostrich man who loves wood and wants to eat everything??? He ate a cat food cookie and kind of liked it and his favourite food is ALL BEANS IN THE WORLD

Originally posted by graveyard-whistler

And sometimes I cry at night thinking about how he cried watching Moana????? And he’s like seven feet tall but afraid of heights and he is obsessed with the future and genuinely concerned about overpopulation and the environment and he has the tiniest little fluffy dog that he treats like one of his own children and my heart cannOT TAKE IT

Originally posted by graveyard-whistler

But then there’s Link, who’s like this hyperactive little boy who can’t control his southern accent when he gets excited and has no brain to mouth filter but instead of being rude he just manages to be unbelievably charming like I just

Originally posted by graveyard-whistler

WHAT A WONDERFUL IDIOT but like he’s incredibly smart and clever and sassy and just confident enough to say silly things without caring what anyone thinks of him, which I’m pretty sure should be like a hashtag lifegoal for all of us!!! And he’s really accident prone like oh man I worry about him every time he holds a knife like I just want him to be safe and protected and maybe bubble-wrapped???

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and he wears all his emotions on his sleeve and he fucking proposed to his wife before he had a ring for her because he he was so in love with her and so excited to be engaged to her that he couldn’t wait like oh my GOSH what a sweet boy, what an absolute freaking cutiepie like what in the world

SO TO SUM UP, anon, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to decide between Rhett and Link. I think all I can say with certainty is that my true love is their friendship, their self-proclaimed ‘old married couple’ dynamic. That’s why I’m a mythical beast, it’s what got me hooked, it’s what convinced me to binge watch all of GMM in about two and a half months, and it’s what keeps me coming back to them.

Originally posted by graveyard-whistler