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how about a HC with jumin, seven and yoosung with mc's younger sis visiting them in korea secretly from their parents who mc wanted to get away from because they were too overbearing and very bad for MC's sensitivity and anxiety? like they have a small agegap between them but get along relatively well. too? :)

nonny!! this is so sad! i tried not making it too angsty <33 i think a lot of mc’s will be able to relate to this :) i hope it helps you ^^ look! i added zen as a bonus!!… shhh i wrote his by accident xD


  • at first this boy is surprised at the sudden news mc delivers that their younger sister would be arriving the next day
  • he, of course, had no problems with any of mc’s family coming to stay with them, but it was surprising that mc hadn’t told him a bit earlier
  • he would have liked to have the guest room and everything else better prepared after all!
  • but that doesn’t matter when mc is so excited and going on about how their sister will love him so much and how all three of them could fawn over elizabeth together
  • and sweet heart is so happy to see mc’s face just light up when their sister arrives and he’s so glad he’s getting to see yet another side to mc
  • and it’s all fun and games till he gets a call from a client who is using their important place to call at annoying times and leaves mc and their guest petting elizabeth on the new leather couch they’d gotten
  • he manages to end the call quicker than he had thought the client would cling to this time and is making his way back to the lounge when the hushed whispers stop him in his tracks.
  • it’s not a habit he has, neither is he fond of essentially invading a private moment, but for some reason he is unable to move and let his presence be known
  • ‘they were upset when you left mc… quite worried too’ he hears
  • ‘stop! i don’t hate them, not completely, and you know that,’ mc responds ‘but i can’t bring myself to go back. not anytime soon, nor can i meet them anytime soon… do not breathe a word of me to them, please’
  • finally able to get his body to move again at elizabeth’s mewl, he enters the room, clearing his throat loudly
  • he observes how both siblings jump apart from each other and he’s tempted to shake his head at them for their trouble
  • since he is straightforward and doesn’t like beating around the bush, especially when it comes to mc’s safety or wellbeing, you can guess where this is headed ;P
  • ‘who don’t you want to meet yet, mc? is there trouble?’


  • the one day he got home on time from rehearsals, he hears loud chatting even before he sees the suitcase against the wall outside the living room
  • he enters the room in time to see mc cover their face and groan out a muffled ‘just promise me to keep my location a secret from them! or better, don’t even talk to mom and dad about me!’
  • what?! what was mc talking about and who was it they were requesting that to??
  • ‘look mc, i get that you’re hurt, but don’t you think you’re over reacting a little?’
  • ‘who’s side are you on traitor??’ zen has to laugh at the cuteness even through the seriousness of the matter
  • mc looks embarrassed for a moment but quickly introduces zen and their sister to each other
  • when zen asks why exactly they had been arguing, mc’s sister explains that they had left home without any contact information or and address, and had only kept in touch with her through untraceable device addresses
  • she tries to get zen to get on board with convincing mc to visit back home, and zen firmly believes that if you can go back to your family you definitely should
  • but his own experience with strict parents who didn’t try to understand him make him think twice about mc’s position and he firmly sides with mc on that
  • ‘listen, you’re dear to me just by the fact that you’re mc’s little sister, but i’m not gonna help convince them with you on this. they know the hurt they’ve felt and they’re the one’s who had to live with rejection from your parents for so long. let them take their own time.’


  • seven had been too busy dealing with some hacking business and never got to hack into mc’s phone as a prank he had been planning
  • so when mc walked in with their little sister one day, they were both surprised for different reasons
  • seven because ‘mc i didn’t know your sister was coming??’ and mc because ‘…i know i’ve told you not to hack into my private things, but i didn’t think you stopped completely
  • anyway, after the whole ‘omg mc is this your husband?? he is such a cutieeee can i pet him’ and ‘…he’s not a pet, but sure he likes having his hair pet~!’ and ‘emceeee i only like you petting meee… but please tell me how nice my curly hair is!’
  • done with observing them two excitedly interact and exchange stories, he’s now sating his curiosity by eagerly asking questions mostly about mc’s childhood and embarrassing stories while mc chose to happily sip at their juice
  • when mc’s sister got a little too excited and started delving deeper into family matters, even ignoring mc’s subtle glares, mc started to feel uneasy
  • seven noticed but was engrossed in the way mc’s sister’s eyes lit up as she talked
  • mc knew it was only fair that seven know about her family, even the ugly side, since mc knew about his, they still felt that they were not ready. they were too embarrassed by things that had happened in the past between them and their parents
  • even though mc wanted to hide their face int heir hands, seven didn’t look surprised or weirded out when mc’s sister narrated a particularly embarrassing and hurtful incident. she did look upset about the whole thing after she related it because she got all quiet and contemplative
  • i wish…i could go back and do something about that situation
  • it’s not your fault,’ mc says at length looking to seven to hopefully lighten the mood
  • queue horror movie marathon for the whole night <3


  • yoosung went to pick mc’s sister from the airport because mc had  gotten work to do at the last minute
  • sunshine boy was totally okay with this because it meant he could get some embarrassing stories out of their little sister without mc worrying or getting too upset on their way back
  • it was fun and yoosung immediately liked the young girl, just as she took a liking to him
  • they even shared a lot of common interests and he laughed when she admitted a bit sourly that mc used to pull a lot of pranks on her when they were younger because she had been really gullible
  • just like seven and himself, yoosung thought to himself
  • but i don’t disagree with mc having gone their own way… i actually support that they did
  • and what??
  • mama’s boy yoosung is so confused??
  • why would somebody want to cut all contact with their parents?? he had never understood zen’s problem either
  • he got curious and asked, and the girl looked at him with a raised eyebrow as if asking why mc hadn’t told him themself
  • well… i’m sure mc told you but they weren’t on good terms with our parents,’ she said awkwardly
  • of course mc had mentioned something like that but it was always offhandedly and they never went into detail
  • ‘yes they did, but…they always just brush off specific questions i ask,’ yoosung whined
  • ‘i don’t want to answer in too much detail, because it’s somehting for mc to answer themself whenever they are ready.. but they were really never good at dealing with authority figures and…our parents were very strict’
  • she didn’t say it in the exact words but yoosung got the hint from the look she gave him that mc was probably subject to a lot of scoldings perhaps
  • at least that’s what he understood
  • till mc was ready to open up to him, that’s what he would keep in mind always
  • that did explain mc’s sour mood everythime they had an argument or yoosung’s tone got a bit cold with them


the vamps preference #3 - how you cuddle

So I think Brad would loveee it if you would lay on his chest and listen to his heartbeat (but your body lays on his u know). It would calm him down after a stressful day and he would kiss your scheitel all the time and breath in the scent of your hair. His arms would be around your chest and he would hold you as close as possible. He just wants to make sure that his girl is save awe brad 

Connor would lay right beside you so that you are face to face. His arms would sneak around your waist and yours would be around his neck and you would play with his hair and he would love this! He admires your face and your gorgeous smile and the sparkle in your eyes when you talk about something you love and he would just smile and be all happy and you would reconise and would be like ‘are you listening’ and he would snap out of his daydreaming about you and say ‘no sorry I was busy admirering my beautiful girlfriend’ and you would blush and he would kiss your nose and nope stop my connor feels 

JAMES OMG THIS BOY! I’m sorry but have you seen his arms and his whole body? I think (and hope) he would love to be the big spoon and he would hold you really close to make you feel save and loved and happy because when you aka his favorite girl in the world is happy he is happy too. he’d  tangle your legs together and nuzzle his face in the crock of your neck and he would mumble cute little things he loves about you or funny stuff he had experienced with the boys to make you laugh bc he loves your laugh. And if you want to get up (what you won’t because he’s just aaahhrrhrgg) he won’t let you go and just hold you closer and tighter and maybe end up on the top of you and this is where I stop writing or I’ll get lost in the James feels 

And last but definitely NOT LEAST THIS TRISTAN KID/BOY/MAN/HOTTIE. He is so tall like just wow. ok, well imagine it like you lay in your big comfy bed with a lot of pillows and a big blanket and he would see you there and be like ‘aww cutieeee’ and he walks towards you and the bed and lifts the sheets up and lay beside you and you would put your phone away and he sneaks his long arms around you and lays his head either on your boobs or your stomach and his legs would be tangled with yours and your hands would run through his hair and he smiles because he loves it sorry if this sucked

- sarah x