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I got a P.O. box! I’ve had a few messages about sending art or little trinkets and all that good stuff so I finally got one! Feel free to send notes, pictures of crabs, a drawing based off of one of mine, or what ever you’d like! I just ask you please do not send food! I don’t want the other items in the box to be ruined. I do look forward to the letters and packages! <3

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Its just Yellow tonight, watching over Shneeplestein. There should be more than one on watch at a time but Olivers forced all the other Googles to go and charge, worried that theyre overworking themselves, while he ignores the exhaustion dragging down his body, the feeling of too many peoples emotions weighing on his shoulders. He thinks Henriks finally passed out in the corner so he lets his mind drift, resting for just a moment until he hears a loud bang against the door. (1/2)

Shneeples body is pressed against the door, his own hands wrapped tightly around his neck. His eyes (blue eyes, Henrik’s eyes, not Anti’s) are wide and terrified, and he’s shaking as his body moves around on its own ramming him into the door again, he’s staring straight into Olivers eyes and gasping for air and Oliver doesn’t know what to do, theres no one awake, his brothers are on charge he panics and-  He opens the door.  (2/2)hi gosh you kinda inspired me id be honoured if you continued this 

Monster Inside part 3 is sort of a continuation of these asks! Thanks for sending them to me, cutie pie! You wrote this so well, and I hated not to answer. But I had to sort of adapt it to fit the story a bit, so I thought I’d post this after I post the third part. Thanks again!


“Ohhh! (Y/N)? Ha! Sammy here never shuts up about yo-…Sam tells me a lot about how things are going with you two..”

Imagine Tom Hiddleston likes you back!

First imagine; 

Y/U/N- Your username

Y/F/N- Your first name

*Meet and greet with Tom


You’d felt as if you had been queuing for decades. You couldn’t believe you were about to meet thee Tom Hiddleston. You looked over to your best friend, she just stood texting her boyfriend. How could she not be excited about this right now. You rolled your eyes before glancing in front of you counting how many people were left in front of you. 5 was that it? You squealed to yourself. 

You were next, was this really happening. How lucky you were to meet your celebrity crush. Your heart beat began to increase rapidly. You closed your eyes, attempting to breath regularly. Nothing calmed you down. “ Next group, please? a voice echoed in your ears. You stumbled through the doors. You glanced down at your phone checking your camera was open. Your eyes led upwards to make pure contact with Toms. 

He stared at you wondrously for many seconds. You furrowed your eyebrows curiously while your cheeks reddened. “Hi…”, Tom blurted out. “Hello”, your voice rattled. “Shall we have a photo?”, he asked politely. “Yes please” you responded. Something wasn’t normal, you could feel the difference in the atmosphere when you had walked into the room. The camera flashed. Tom glanced at you again. “Are you Y/U/N?” he exclaimed. “Oh my god, erm yeah that’s me.” You chuckled. “You have posted many lovely things about me, haven’t you?” His words fluttered into your ears. “You’ve seen them?”, you asked while biting your lip. “Of course, has anyone every told you how beautiful you are?” Your hands hit your face, covering your mouth with shock. A tear descended happily from your now puffy eyes. Your eyes closed as this information sunk in. Tom gently wrapped his arms around you; resting his chin on your head after laying a kiss on your forehead. You needed pinching, this couldn’t be happening to you. He released you. You looked up at him. My name’s Y/F/N. you told him. “That’s stunning also”. he replied. “Stop, you’re getting my hopes up haha”. “Pass me your phone, Y/F/N”, he requested. He inserted his personal number into your contacts and put yours into his iPhone. You could not believe what was happening. “Right, I’m gonna have to say goodbye for now. See you again.” He turned and walked to his crew. You began walking away, wanting to take one last look at him. You glanced longingly over your shoulder; he did the same. A huge smile grew on your face. You walked through the doors leaving the building where your dreams came true.

You were about to fall asleep. It had been 9 hours since meeting Tom. Your ringtone began playing from your mobile. Who the hell is calling at this time? You thought to yourself, maybe its your mum asking how your day had been. You picked up the phone, caller ID said Cutie Pie. Curiously, you answered the phone. “Hello?”. “Y/F/N, it’s Tom. I haven’t stop thinking about you. I need to see you again asap. Please meet me tomorrow, we can go wherever you want! I don’t care, I just want to see you”. You sat up in your bed. His voice made your heart hurt. “Wow, of course. There’s just one thing I need to ask you though”. “What is it darlin’.” he responded anxiously. “Why the heck have you called yourself Cutie Pie on my phone?” you laughed.

New ID- Sam Winchester


A super fluffy one where Sam Winchester proposes to you please (:

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You walk through the bunker door back from a supply run after your boyfriend of over 2 years, Sam, decided he just could not do without a beer. Immediately you get slammed in the face with the smell of something sweet and toasty.

As you walk down the stairs, you take a look around the huge room and notice that most of the lights are off. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, you step on something slightly crunchy and you look down to see rose petals.

Then it hits you; all of the lights are off and it’s the candles which are burning on almost every bookcase and surface in sight that are giving off that illuminating glow.

“What the hell is going on guys?” You say to the empty room. Looking down again, you notice that the rose petals where forming a path towards the kitchen, where soft classical rock is playing quietly.

“Dean are you trying to surprise Castiel because I’ not being jumped out on!” you say louder than before.

“Hey, Y/N, you’re home!” says Sam, whose whole face beams the moment he lays eyes on you. “Wow, you look beautiful,” he mutters to himself and walks over to kiss you.

“What’s all this?” you ask as you spot the steaks in the oven and the apple pie cooling off on top of the stove.

He smiled and pulled out a chair for you. “Well you always cook for me and Dean so I thought I’d make you something. I told him to go out so we could have some time together.”

“You cutie.” You giggle and kiss his nose softly

At one point you get suspicious, and suspect that he has broken something valuable while you were out, but that proves not to be the case.

He reaches out across the table to take your hand in his, and gently rubs his thumb over the top of yours. “The new Ids came.”

He fumbled around in his pocket and slid it across the table to you. As you opened the leather holder you read the words on the paper.

With closer inspection you see it is a picture of you, with the FBI stamp on it. To the right of the picture are two words. Y/n Winchester. Your heart is pounding faster than you’ve ever felt it pound. “S-sam…It says Winchester as the last name?”

“Yeah…we’ll erm…I was hoping you’d become Y/n Winchester.” He lifted the paper up to show a ring underneath it.

“Ohmygod, Yes!” you exclaim. “Yes, Sammy, Yes!” As you yell these words you see the biggest smile plant itself onto his face. Getting up from the table and picked you up in one quick, swift motion. He spins you around the room, all the while whispering, ‘I love you,’ in your ear where only you can hear it. And you know it is only meant for you.

He slowly pushed the ring on your ring finger and kissed the back of your hand as he placed you down.