he's such a cute critter

Well I guess it’s lucky I’m not planning on drawing for a few days because Gus chewed through my wacom’s usb cable while I was in the shower 😧

BBRae Week: Day 7

Domestic vs Doom Patrol

So, I went with something a bit different here. I already sort of wrote ‘domestic’ with a previous theme, and I wanted this to sort of be a unique concept; a different part of what makes a couple also ‘domestic’. It’s light hearted, but a bit bittersweet, too. I hope I captured it adequately.

Without further ado, the final prompt. Thank you all for reading and/or contributing! It’s been a blast!

She should have known better than to have assumed it was merely a case of the sniffles.

Raven picked up her communicator and dialed the one person she knew she could rely on in times as dire as these.

“I need to speak to Nightwing,” she fretted into the compact screen of the handheld device.

It buzzed to life, crackling black and white static before something bright and explosive could be made out in the background. Whoever the comm was currently attached to had seemingly taken a heavy hit in combat, and was rolling around on the ground, because the next second, all she saw was the tumble of grass, and all she heard were the grunts from the impact.

“You okay there, Gar?!” a familiar voice echoed in the background.

The communicator shifted, as if the changeling had finally noted that it was on. In moments, Raven was greeted by the friendly, and somewhat beaten up, visage of the green shapeshifter.

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Lifelong Fear of Squirrels, Check.

I swear to God this actually happened in our store this weekend.

A customer has brought in two sugar gliders in a small pouch that she has in her jacket. She is letting my coworker and I hold the male sugar glider, who is happily climbing on my shirt and being adorable.

All of a sudden, a family that I’d been helping to pick out fish tank supplies, walks up to ask me another question about tank set-up. The dad is holding his 18 month/2 year old daughter. He sees the sugar glider, and steps closer to me. 

“Hey, look at the cute little critter!” He tells his daughter loudly and holds her closer.

The sugar glider’s ears shoot straight forward. He leaps from my shirt and glides… straight onto the little girl’s face. He’s hugging it like a face-sucker, tiny little claws digging into her cheeks. She starts screaming bloody murder, and the dad can’t stop laughing as my coworker and I try to peel the sugar glider off of this toddler’s face. Finally we manage to detach him, but the girl is still screaming and her dad is still laughing. We hand the little guy back to his owner. The girl has several tiny punctures from where the sugar glider’s claws sunk in. 

The mom runs up and asks if her daughter will get any diseases, but upon being reassured and handed some antiseptic wipes, is not upset or angry.

It was a wild ride, guys.


Behold! Cuddly Crochet Captain America! Steve Rogers has never been so huggable.

This guy is five inches tall, and I am exceptionally proud of him.

He is not currently for sale, but feel free to make me an offer!

When I’m done with the whole set I’ll probably put them up for bid.

Also Cuddly HulkCuddly Black Widow, and Cuddly Iron Man.