he's such a babe i'm fine

  • Betty: this is a good milkshake.
  • Jughead: what-
  • Kevin: I'm dating someone but I can't tell you who
  • Archie: sounds reasonable-
  • Veronica: we didn't-
  • Kevin: he's a Southside Serpent with slightly wavy black hair that stops an inch and a half above his shoulders and
  • Betty: Kevin
  • Kevin: really pretty blue eyes and we met at the drive in and his name is Joaquin and
  • Betty: Kevin
  • Kevin: he's about 5'9" and he's a cat person and he has 3 freckles and
  • Betty: *sigh*
  • Kevin: sometimes we make out in the darndest places.
  • *later, with Joaquin*
  • Kevin: babe I'm sorry it just slipped out

Request for Vampire!Zen~

He’s basically a vampire tbh.

Hearts don't break around here :)

for @son-of-rome 😘

Sometimes, most times, she isn’t sure she deserves this happiness.

Like right now, sitting in the speckled morning sunlight of their tiny kitchen, legs swinging from the countertop, hot mug of coffee warming her fingers, as she watches the love of her life make pancakes. He’s telling a story and poking fun at himself to make her laugh. She doesn’t miss the pleased smile he tucks away when it works.

Percy gets batter splattered on his cheek and she loops a foot around his leg to pull him closer. He moves into her space effortlessly, fitting there without taking up any extra room. A small smile pressing his lips together and crinkling the skin around his eyes and he looks at her with those eyes of his and it’s one of those times when she can’t believe.

She can’t believe she deserves this, him.

(But then again, she can. She can believe that they are two souls who have been aching and aching with hurt and right now they deserve to be healing together.)

Annabeth puts down her coffee and swipes the batter off his cheek, watching him follow her movements. She dusts a kiss over the freckles on his nose and smiles when he laughs. Her cheeks ache so much with smiling and she only smiles more when he presses them between her palms, scrunching his nose right up to hers.

And this happiness. This bubbling, settling, silly happiness just fills her up and up and up. She loves this boy. From the top of his sleep-mussed hair to his finger-toes. In the corner of their own kitchen, with a cheesy song serenading them from the radio, and her boyfriend kissing smiles to her mouth, Annabeth feels so happy she can feel it spilling over and over.

(When she sees his happiness shining back at her, she knows they deserve this.)

She leans back just enough to see his face and tilts her head.

“What should we do today?” he asks her.

“This,” she says, chasing his lips, “and this and this and this.”

jjonghugs  asked:

Heyyy I know you may have blocked requests but when they're open again, can you do one with Shinee as drunks?! Thank you!! No I'm not drunk, you are!

hohohoho you got it babe ;)


  • casually pounding shots
  • keeps pouring his members shots and if they refuse, pulls out the hyung card 
  • taemin dared him (with a shit-eating grin) to one-shot the soju bottle
  • stares dead at the members as he downs it allllllllll
  • shakes the bottle over his head for effect (onew: ONE SHOT / shinee: omg we need to carry him home) 
  • tbh he’s fine and will probably be carrying someone else home (taemin hundo p) 
  • goes on eating the dried squid on the table 
  • and also all of the crackers 
  • finding it very difficult to peel this clementine 


  • suggests drinking games even though he’s so bad at them 
  • tbh he just wants to sing the drinking song in the beginning 
  • “마셔라, 마셔라, 마셔라, 술이 들어간다 쭉~ 쭉~ 쭉~” (drink, drink, drink, alcohol goes down well, well, well) 
  • also a terrible drinker and avoid shots 
  • once he didn’t want to a shot and just dumped it while everyone else drank (minho saw and they never stopped giving him shit for it) 
  • keeps talking about space (”it’s just so BIG and like the moon is just *there* in the sky isn’t that so amazing” / ot4: mhmmm) 
  • when they are in the vicinity of their dorm, he immediately struggles out of his clothes (”i hate clothes” / key: omg jonghyun pls you are an idol and we are in the elevator you canNOT be doing this rn there is a cctv in here YOU’RE GOING TO CAUSE A SCANDAL) 
  • pantless jonghyun running down the hall!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • his daegu satoori (accent) is OUT
  • if people are talking over him: “yah. yah. YAH LISTEN TO ME”
  • pressing his glass of ice water to his face bc he is heating up and needs to cool tf down 
  • keeps making i’m so hot jokes tho 
  • what’s in his shot glass is not actually soju  
  • surreptitiously poured water in it beforehand 
  • made eye contact with jonghyun when he did it (*mouths* i will murder you / jong: *nods* wait but me too) 
  • aigoo he wasn’t even going to drink today and now he’s mildly wasted 
  • at the dorm: is still able to brush his teeth, do his entire skincare routine, take out his contacts, put in his retainer 
  • @ himself when he wakes up: incredible 


  • not drunk
  • key: yes you are / minho: i will fight you and your WHOLE family / key: and my point is made for me
  • want to see how many shots he can do in a minute (ot3: absolutely not / taemin: yeah) 
  • giggling a lot 
  • asked the bar owner v cutely to turn on dream girl for them (shinee: you have no shame / minho: SHINEE’S BACK) 
  • two seconds later, standing on their chairs: drEEEAAM GIRL~~~~~~
  • refusing to drink water bc he will win. he will win against alcohol (onew: minho, i’m talking to sober you rn. sober you wants you to drink water. / minho: sober me is a wet blanket) 
  • in the morning: fUCK / onew: *chucks a water bottle at him* i fking told you


  • concentrating really hard on the table to make it stop moving
  • needs to close one eye to see his texts (taemin: im ginbe / kai: what) 
  • things are fine
  • he just needs to drink a lil bit of water
  • spills it all over his shirt while he tries to drink out of the water bottle
  • looks like he’s a participant in a wet t-shirt contest tbh
  • 2 mins later: why is he wet 
  • looks down like aw man 
  • it sobers him up a bit tho 
  • wakes to to multiple messages from his squad group chat like “did you live” 
  • brightens up considerably when he realizes that he has his phone!!!!
  • drunk tae is arguably more responsible than sober tae (key: you mean you have good friends you lil shit you threw your phone across the room last night and i picked it up) 

what she says: I’m fine
what she means: suga came into the fifth set with so much pressure on his shoulders: his own anxieties, especially about doing jobs outside of his skill set and comfort zone, people’s lack of confidence in his capabilities, the nature of his role as a setter and the fact that the set only lasts up to fifteen points. and yet, he powers through all of that because he believes that his teammates are strong, that he must take risks in order to change. he takes action — he stands up to tendou, he sets, he spikes. suga saying, “my weapon is reliability, but I can do new things, too!” is perfect because I believe it encompasses his strength and his character, and I have no doubt that he will only continue to grow in leaps and bounds!

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I've wait for this for so long!! 😃🙌 Okay, I'm fine. Talk me down or fools or both (please) by Troye sivan - Nessian, please. 😍

Ugh, Talk me Down is PERFECT for Nessian!!! <3 Enjoy, babe. ~

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Nesta had dismissed herself.

She felt bad about it, which was unusual for her….and yet, she left, anyway. 

He was telling her that she was good. He was telling her that she was beautiful, that she had so much to offer this world.

But she hadn’t believed a word of it.

She hadn’t believed that he believed it, either.

They had been growing closer. She had been opening up more and more, had been allowing him in. But then there were days like today. When she wanted to run and hide. When she wanted to dwell in her misery.

So, she left. She went to the balcony, to catch her breathe, to catch some air.


She jumped, spinning around as her hands left the balcony’s railing.

He was standing there, wings tucked in tight, dressed in his evening wear as he had been when she left a half hour earlier.

“Hey,” he smiled, when she didn’t say anything. “I wanted to give you space….but, I just had to make sure you were okay.”


There were a thousand things Nesta wanted to say. No! I’m not okay! You’re mocking me. There’s no way you can feel the way about me that you say you do. You could find someone else. Stop getting your hopes up. I’m not worth it. You’re wasting your time.

Instead, Nesta simply turned her back to him, guiding her vision back to the skyline of Velaris. 

“So?” he asked, coming up behind her. “Are you okay?”

Dammit. Why can’t you just give up?

“I’m fine,” she said, although her heart was not in it. 

“Nes,” he said, as he reached for her hand.

But she quickly pulled it away. “Please go.”

She had the nerve to meet his eyes, and what she saw when she did broke her: hazel eyes swimming with hurt.

She’d caused him pain.

She opened her mouth to apologize, but quickly snapped it shut. Don’t. Let him think you’re-

“You’re not a monster, Nesta, no matter how badly you want people to believe you are.” It’s like he was reading her thoughts. 

Her lip fell open, and she hectically shook her head, because she didn’t know what else to say.

“Let me in, Nesta.”

His voice was hardly more than a whisper, but it caused her walls to come crumbling down. A tear slid down her pale cheek, which he quickly wiped away with his thumb. “I want to hold hands with you. And I want to feel your lips against mine, again. I want to come home to you. I want to sleep next to you. I want to love you, unconditionally, if you’ll let me.”

In answer, she reached out, and took his hand, intertwining her fingers with his. 

He didn’t say anymore. But he stood with her, in the silence, under the stars of the City of Starlight, and gently rubbed his thumb over the back of her hand.

I'm fine

Request: an anonymous:A Derek Hale imagine with him and pregnant reader? Him being super over protective

Paring: Derek • Reader

Summary: Y/N is 6 months pregnant and Derek has Liam and Mason watch her while she’s at school. When she’s home Derek is right by her side not leaving it.

A/N: I hope you enjoy the imagine and I changed the set up of my imagines. ENJOY!

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Me before the Netflix special preview: why is everyone losing their shit over Lotor? We don’t even KNOW anything about him?? Chill out, honestly there are no details whatsoever. He isn’t a character yet. We don’t know his personality, motivation, or alignment. Take a deep breath.

Me after the Netflix special preview showing Lotor for .3 seconds: Shit. I’m in love with him. Shiro and Keith who??? This Is What Love Feels Like. Mother of God. I’m gonna marry that fine piece of ass. What a babe. One of the finest written characters on the show we’ve seen yet. Animation excellence.

anonymous asked:

Could you do a headcanon of what the dads would call the dadsona as like a cute nickname and such ? And then how they would react to someone else calling him ((the dadsona)) by their pet name ? (I'm fine if things suddenly turn NSFW :) )

(( This didn’t get NSFW lol sorry. Also I’m assuming the people that call dadsona petnames aren’t friends/family bc ur partner should never be upset when your friends use affectionate nicknames for you!! That’s silly ))

-Babe, baby, doll, kid, etc
-idk why I headcanon him calling MC “kid” affectionately but I DO every damn time
-if someone else were to call you doll
-he would wrap his arm TIGHT around your waist
-and fuckin say it back
-Bartender: What’ll it be, doll?
-Rob, sneering: Jack and Coke, DOLL.

-honeypot, sweetiepie, babycakes, etc
-when someone calls you one of these Joseph just kind of…stares at them
-he smiles real wide and just. Stares. Like a doll from hell
-the person usually gets it and backs off

-My love, my darling, dearest, lovely, the occasional “mon Cheri/e”, etc
-he. He hates it when people call you these
-even if it’s friends he doesn’t like it much bc these are pretty love-y nicknames and he uses them only for you (with the exception of a Lucien)
-he’ll openly frown when people use them around him
-and insist you stand a little closer, hold his arm a little tighter

-Dear, Mi amor, mi corazon, a handful of Spanish nicknames that idk bc I don’t speak Spanish
-uhhhhh nobody better me calling you this around Hugo
-he will OPENLY ask them not to refer to you that way
-and if anyone gets a little more possessive later on, it’s Hugo

-he calls you things like sweetiepop?? Really random combinations of words. Honeypie, sugarbear, honeybee, etc
-he doesn’t care if other people use these to refer to you, too
-except for Sweetiepop. That’s HIS thing
-and all he does is get the tiniest bit more affectionate lol

-he…calls you….bro….
-Craig doesn’t really use couple-y nicknames?? He might call you “babe” but that’s it
-when he hears other people use those terms to refer to you by he gets a little uppity
-probably starts calling you petnames more when you’re around them and kissing you a little more often

-keeps it classic. Baby, Sweetheart, etc
-when other people use those terms to refer to you he gets extra clingy
-emphasizes them when he says them
-his go-to is just to talk about all the cute shit you two do together so the other person fucks off

I Feel Like Monty
  • Author: @tidalg
  • Character: Montgomery De La Cruz
  • Word Count: 1003
  • Warnings: Slapping
  • Notes: This is my first ever imagine I don't know if I will write another depends on how well this goes and if I have inspiration, but if you like let me know!
  • “What do I tell him?” I said to Sheri asked as we walked down the corridor of Liberty High’s student filled hallways. “The only thing you can tell him is the truth girl don't sweat it he won't even be upset” Sheri replied. “You know what you're right I just have to tell him the truth” “Good luck girl, I have to go to tutoring in the library I'll see you later,” and with that, she left. I took a deep breath as I walked into my third period knowing I would see Monty. “Hey, babe” Monty greeted me with a hug and a quick peck. “Hi Mon, how was practice?” I asked him as we walked over to our seats. “Good, there’s no way we won't beat the Tigers at Friday night's game” I cringed at the name of the school we were versing this upcoming weekend. “You okay?” he asked me after he saw the face I made at his statement “Yeah baby I'm fine, hey do you want to hang out after practice today?” “Yeah sure, but only if you help me with my homework I have to get my grades up before this game” “Of course baby” I gave him a quick kiss on the lips before turning around in my chair as the bell rang signaling that class was starting. Throughout the rest of the period and the day, I could not stop replaying the scene in my head of that day Sheri asked me to go to the mall with her so she could get an outfit for the party after the game on Friday that was going to be most likely at Bryce's house whether our team wins or not there’s always a party so I agreed. I decided to buy a new dress that fit my body perfectly to wear to the party knowing it would drive Monty crazy hoping it would lead to something more we haven't had sex in a couple weeks since he's been practicing and studying so much to keep his grades up. As me and Sheri walked through the mall a couple of girls walked up to us confused I asked: “Can I help you?” “Yeah, actually you can tell De La Cruz that I'll be at the game Friday and he knows where to find me” the one in the front replied flirtatiously. “Excuse me do you know Montgomery?” “Do I know him?” she laughed back, I furrowed my eyebrows still confused “I still don't know what you're trying to say” “I know him pretty well actually we hooked up after the game last year” finally realizing she was a Tiger cheerleader. By now I was angry of course I knew that Monty had hooked up with a lot of girls, but never thought I would have a run-in with one of them. “Y/N let's go she's just another one of his hookups she doesn't mean anything" Sheri said while trying to pull me away, but I didn't move instead I decided to fire back at the girl "You might have hooked up with Montgomery last year, but not this year he will be leaving with his girlfriend" putting emphasis on girlfriend getting ready to walk away, but the girl kept going "We'll see about that once he sees me and remembers our night with my hands running all over his abs and leaving wet sloppy kisses down his chest-" before she could say anything else I slapped her. I was surprised at my actions I never got mad that fast or would even think about hitting someone, but I was tired of her talking about MY boyfriend like that Monty was a different person now and everyone could see that. “Okay let's go NOW” Sheri said as she pulled me away from the now red faced girl “What happened back there?” “I don’t know I guess I got jealous” “You guess? I've never seen you like that you're always so nice to people” “Oh god, I feel like Monty I don’t go around hitting people or fighting at all he does. What am I gonna tell him, Sheri?” “Don’t worry about it just tell him after school tomorrow”. For the rest of the night and that day I tried to come up with a thousand ways on how to tell my boyfriend I slapped one of the girls, he had previously hooked up before. Would he want to leave me? Think I was some crazy jealous girlfriend? I was pulled out of my thoughts by a knock on my bedroom door. I opened it revealing a tired and sweaty Monty “Hey” he said as he entered my room with a signature hug and kiss. He walked over to my bed pulling out his homework he looked up when he realized I hadn't moved from the doorway “What's wrong? Are you okay?” he quickly got up walking over to me “Can we talk about something?” “Of course” he started to become nervous. After, telling him what happened I tried to read his face for an answer, but nothing “Can you say something?” I demanded more than questioned “I’m just surprised usually you're the one stopping me from hitting a kid if he looks at you the wrong way” “I know I was surprised too so you're not mad?” “No why would I be mad? You stood up for yourself and for me, plus it’s kinda hot” he said laughing “Shut up” I said lightly hitting him “Hey! don't go hitting me now” he joked “I’m never going to hear the end of this” “No you won't, but thank you for sticking up for me I love you” Monty said while pulling me in for a kiss “I love you too” “As much as I love you and would love to make out I have a ton of homework” he sighed as I just giggled walking over to the bed to help him with his schoolwork.

Player: Morgan Rielly - Maple Leafs 

Prompt: You and Morgan recall how you first met. 

Mentions: Mitch Marner, Jake Gardner, James Van Riemsdyk

 Warnings: None.

Preview: One of your girls walked up to you and Morgan with the biggest grin. “Mr. Rielly you should really date Ms. Y/L/N and be in love! You can get married and everything!” she smiled batting her eyelashes. 

Characters: 1200 Words. 

Originally posted by nugent-hopkinks

 You looked at the camera being set up in your face as Morgan gave you a tight squeeze. He could tell you were nervous and was hoping to calm you a bit. 

“I don’t know how good I will be at this, I'm just a school teacher from Toronto.” you said with a bit of a shake in your voice. 

The Leafs were doing a Valentine’s video for their official website and thought it would be cute if some of the couples told the story of how they first met. Morgan being the hopeless romantic that he is, was the first to sign up. 

“You’ll be fine babe! All we have to do is tell the story of how you met the love of your life.” He wiggled his eyebrows and gave a quick smirk. 

You rolled your eyes. “I am not so sure anymore.” You giggled as he gave you a fake look of utter shock. You were then interrupted by one of the Leafs media guys.

“Y/N, Morgan, We are ready to start when you are.” You looked at Morgan. “Ready?” “I’m always ready babe!“ 

“Hi I’m Morgan Rielly and this is my girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N. We met in her kindergarten classroom a few years ago and I have been in love with her from that moment on.” He smiled at you. 

“I don’t know why I was elbow deep in glitter and fingerpaint” you laughed as you recalled the first time you met Morgan. 

You had always been a hockey fan, so when you were told the Maple Leafs were to be visiting your elementary school, you were ecstatic. You attended the “Pep Rally” with your class and quickly caught a glance at the messy haired blonde. You would be lying if you didn't dress up a little knowing that Leafs players would be among staff at the school. You even had gotten up a bit earlier opting for a cute dress and cardigan instead of your usual t-shirt and jeans. You watched along with your students as the players talked about being good sports and staying in school. You even swore that same blonde boy was smiling at you, but you were in an auditorium filled with kids, he could have been smiling at anyone. The pep rally ended and you tried to round up your now quite hyper class of five-year-olds. That was the last you thought you would see of the cute blonde hockey player and let your mind get back to work. 

It was spring and you thought it was a good idea to have the kids make flowers to take home to their parents. While the children were at specials you changed into a maple leafs t-shirt and a pair of jeans. You put your hair into a messy bun and started to set out all the supplies. Glitter, Fingerpaint, Construction Paper, the Works.

 An hour in, you were covered in paint, glitter, and glue. Your kids were finishing up their projects when there was a knock at the door. 

“Ryan can you do me a favor and get the door, please. Look Before you open it!” you called out. You were in the middle of standing on a chair on your tiptoes trying to put away the supplies. You heard the door open and a string of gasps and cheers. 

 “What in the…” you looked over your shoulder to see four hockey players making their way into the room. You could not believe that Morgan Rielly, James Van Riemsdyk, Jake Gardner, and Mitch Marner were standing in your classroom. 

“Hope we aren’t interrupting?” Mitch answered. “No, not at all! I just wasn’t expecting guests I guess?” You smiled trying to get the supplies on the shelf hurriedly. Morgan smiled at you. “Let me help you with that! He exclaimed jogging over and easily setting the supplies in their place. He then grabbed you by the waist and helped you from the chair. This was followed by oohs from your students and you noticed his team even joined in. You looked at him a little surprised but smiled. "Why thank you." 

"How is everyone today!” James asked. He was answered with a cheer of goods and greats. 

“We were just about to go outside for recess if you boys would like to join us” the kids all looked at the boys smiling waiting for an answer. “We do have hockey equipment.” you tried hoping the boys would say yes.“ 

You thought Mitch had died and gone to heaven. "Of course we will! We would never say no to hockey!” The others nodded in agreement. You helped your students gather up the equipment the four leafs boys helping as well. 

You stood to the side watching the boys play hockey with your class. You couldn’t help but swoon. Seeing your love for hockey and the loves you spent every day with couldn’t be better. You were so focused watching that you didn’t notice the same blonde haired boy walk up next to you. 

 “You have some great kids in your class you know,” Morgan said, bringing you from your thoughts.

 “Awe thank you, they really are a great group of kids, I love them a lot.”

 You smiled at your students and then turned to him. 

Was Morgan Rielly really looking at you like that, you shook it over thinking you must be going mad. 

 One of your girls walked up to you and Morgan with the biggest grin. “Mr. Rielly you should really date Ms. Y/L/N and be in love! You can get married and everything!” she smiled batting her eyelashes. 

 You were dumbfounded, turning quite the shade of pink but before you could speak to your student, Morgan answered for you. 

 He got down on one knee looking at the little girl. “You know sweetheart, I would be lucky if a girl as pretty as you or Ms. Y/L/N would ever go on a date with me.” She giggled and hugged his neck running off to play hockey again. 

 Once more you went to open your mouth but Morgan found words for you.

“How about that date?

 You smiled as Morgan finished telling the story, not noticing Jake and Mitch sneaking up behind you. 

 “What he didn’t tell you is, Morgan asked to tour the school to talk to the kids when in reality he was looking for the cute teacher he saw at the assembly that he was obsessing over!” Jake chuckled as Morgan elbowed him. 

 “You never told me that!” you giggled as Morgan was turning a shade of red. 

 “Oh and we gave your student five bucks to walk over and say you two should date, so basically us guys are responsible for getting you two lovebirds together,” Mitch stated as he squeezed you both in a tight hug. 

 “I would have asked her out!” Morgan exclaimed as the boys started to argue. You giggled and threw your arms up, looking at the camera shaking your head. 

I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 81 - On Negan’s request

Originally posted by lj-ubitcute

Originally posted by jdmfanfiction

When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…


Chapter 81 - On Negan’s request

[With tensions running high between the pair, Negan makes a request which breaks Blake's heart…]

Blake appeared out in the garden again, eyes staring forward, as pale as a sheet.

What had happened up there in Negan’s office. It had felt so good, so right, so needed…

But Blake’s heart seemed to ache now. For this just couldn’t be. It couldn’t be that easy to just fall back into his arms. She was still angry, hurting…

She felt like she was drowning now, scrabbling for air….

How the hell could one stupid argument turn into, well, this. With so many hurtful things banded about, that now, could not be un-said.

Blake stepped out into the early afternoon air, placing a hand to a nearby wall to steady herself, swaying slightly as she stopped in her tracks.

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I get horny a lot but I'm really shy and don't really talk to anyone where I live but back in the place I used to live I have a friend who's really great and I don't like him but I know if I tell him I want him to fuck me he would.. I'm planning on doing it next time I visit just so he could fuck me cause it's been over year since and masturbation is fine but sometimes you just need some dick you know..

Yasss get that orgasm babe


Christmas Surprise (Sam Drake x Reader) SFW

Originally posted by iwasborntobereal

A/N-I was wanting this to be uploaded yesterday but I was away all day at a Christmas dinner/party and didnt get back till 1am…but here you go!

Description: Sam is away on another job, you don’t know how long for, so you spend some of the christmas period with the rest of your new family. You get a call from Sam and he says he will still be away over Christmas, maybe even the new year, but little did you know that he has a surprise for you on Christmas day!

Stepping out of the car, you open the trunk and grab a bunch of bags; Christmas presents for Nate, Elena and Cassie, mainly Cassie.

You have traveled to Nate and Elena’s for Christmas, alone. Sam is away on a job, which he has needed up being away longer than expected, but you are expecting to have a Skype call with him later tonight, which you are excited for; having not heard his voice in nearly a month.

You reach the front door and knock.

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You should do an imagine about Shawn and his wife (y/n) going into labor with their son, him helping her through the birth, and the first moments after the birth. (Guaranteed there are people out there wanting this but I'm the one to ask) Thanks!!

Here it is!!! 

‘Babe just one more push!’ Shawn said while holding your hand.

‘UGHHH we will never going to have another child!’ Y/N said.

‘Just one more push baby.’ He said.

‘You’ve told me that for a million times now and I’m still pushing.’

It was 15 hours until their son, Kevin was born. He looked just like his father, but his eyes are from Y/N.

‘Hey, how do you feel?’ Shawn asked when he felt that Y/N moved.

‘I’m fine.’ Y/N smiled and she looked at the little guy who’s at Shawn’s arms.

‘Hey bud, look it’s mommy.’ Shawn said and he gave you Kevin while he sat beside you.

‘He looks just like you, Shawn.’ Y/N said.

‘But looks at his eyes, his eyes are from you. My favorite.’ He said.

Y/N just smiled and stared at the little guy at her arms. He’s finally here, They’re finally a family of three.

‘Thank you for giving me the most precious gift.’ Shawn said.

‘We’re his creators.’ Y/N smiled and kissed Shawn’s lips.

‘I hope you’re not serious when you told me that you don’t want another one. I mean the process is pretty amazing.’ He said jokingly.

Y/N just laughed and Shawn kissed Y/N sweetly while the little guy is still at her arms looking so peaceful.

anonymous asked:

"Y-yeah I'm f-fine. Bye." Shawn says, putting the phone down quickly, stuttering over his words as I suck him off on the sofa. "B-babe he's on his way. We need to b-be f-fast." He says quickly, unable to comprehend how to talk properly. "Well, that's possible." I say, getting up and straddling him - lowering myself down on him. "F-Fuck." He says lowly, growling. "Shawn, fuck me hard. So hard that the neighbours know what you do to me." I whisper, before nibbling his earlobe. Carry on?

He’d be looking up at you with amusement, making direct eye contact with you as you slide onto his length.

“I don’t know… I fucked you pretty well last night, didn’t I?” he’d tease, eyes bright. “Kinda thinkin’ it’s your turn now…”

“You sure that’s what you want, baby? You know how you are…” You’d chuckle and run your hands into the curls at the base of his neck, letting them wrap around your fingers before giving a tug. “You’d be done for in ten seconds flat.”

He’d knead your bare ass and maybe even land the softest little smack against it, the clench of your warmth around him making him lick his lips.

“Finishing fast is the point isn’t it? So come on and start before Geoff gets here. Let’s see what you got.”