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aahh i saw that edit earlier with the quotes about how jordie should've been a better older brother/been there more for kaz and then your thing with kaz and wylan and now i'm stuck thinking about kaz trying his damnedest to (subtly, he's got a reputation) be that good brother for wylan since jordie couldn't for him ;_;

ahh don’t make me cry. i’m always stuck thinking about kaz/wylan/jordie and any sort of parallels. i really think kaz would do whatever he can to protect wylan. and speaking of jordie…i found a jordie/wylan parallel

jordie’s plan was to become a proper merch, which is pretty much what wylan ended up right?? now that he runs his dad’s business? i scream about how kaz found parts of jordie’s personality in jesper’s, but WHAT ABOUT THIS GUYS. KAZ FOUND THE PERSON JORDIE WAS STRIVING TO BE IN WYLAN I DIE


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Fond!Mitch (sometimes known as Deep Gaze Grassi)

Doing A Sexual Dance Collaboration With Their Crush: GOT7

Anonymous said: doing a sexual dance collaboration with their crush seventeen got7 bts monsta x gfriend blackpink and twice version

I hope you all like this! The other ones will be posted soon.

Mark: Once he was informed of the arrangement, he was ecstatic, as he didn’t expect to be picked. He was nervous to say the least, but he still couldn’t wait to see you, happy to spend time with you, trying to forget his worry of doing something stupid. Once he arrived to the studio, he greeted you, being sweet to you in general. When you were able to see the choreography, he would immediately realize that this was going to be an awkward time, but he knew that he would try his best to not make it weird for you at all.

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JB: He was immensely happy that he was picked to dance with you, wanting to impress you and spend more time with you. But, he would start to worry, not wanting to do something that could upset you. When he arrived to the dance practice room, he would joke with you, flirting subtly. As he laughed with you, e would forget how anxious he was at first. But, it would come back once you were able to see the choreography. Watching the moves that he would have to do with you made him nervous, but he would still do his best to have a fun time with you.

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Jackson: This boy would be extremely excited and happy that he was chosen for the collaboration, impatiently waiting for the day he can see you. He wanted to spend even more time with you, feeling lucky to have the chance to become closer to you. As he arrived to the studio, he would openly flirt with you, joking with you and being a sweet guy to you. You two were able to watch the choreography ad he knew this as going to be interesting. Seeing the moves made him wonder how this was going to end, as he was going to try his best to not make you feel awkward.

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Jinyoung: When he found out about the collaboration, he was shocked, but he was happy nonetheless. But, he would think over many possibilities, just wanting to not do something that would make you upset. You two arrived o the studio, greeting one another before talking about a random topic. Finally, you both were guided to the dance practice room to watch the choreography. As he watched, he would think to himself of how this was going to be weird at times. He would ignore that to try to finish the dance without any bad mess-ups.

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Youngjae: He didn’t expect to be picked, but he was delighted, as he loved spending time with you. But, he would be anxious, worried he’ll say something wrong or embarrass himself. Even though he was reassured by the members, this boy would still have thoughts about the arrangement. Once you arrived, he would greet you shyly, soon getting comfortable with you and joking with you. When you two watched the choreography, however, e would become nervous and quiet again. Because of the moves, he started to doubt everything he ever knew; he was going to have a difficult time. 

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Bambam: Once he was told about the arrangement, the members would hear his joy from the other room. He was extremely happy that he was going to be able to spend more time with you, not even thinking about how nervous he should be; he was just overjoyed. You arrived to the studio, being greeted excitingly by him and you two acting like fools with one another almost immediately. When you both were guided to the practice room and watched the choreography, he knew that this was going to be interesting, but with only a little of nerves, he’d do his best to enjoy the time with you.

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Yugyeom: This boy would be teased the minute the collaboration was arranged, the members screaming of the maknae who’s growing up. Even though he was a very good dancer and was confident of his skills, he would still be nervous, scared to do something idiotic. But, as you arrived, he would try to hide his nerves, greeting you shyly before getting comfortable, openly flirting with you after a bit. As you both were able to watch the choreography, he realized that this was going to be awkward, but he was going to try his best to ignore it. He wanted to show you his skills and enjoy the time with you, so he wasn’t going to let his awkwardness ruin it.

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I miss greaser Teamiplier

Same, although I am working on a Super Secret Project™ revolving around greaser teamiplier, it’s just taking a lot of planning…but in the mean time

Generic Teamiplier Greaser AU HCs
- New to school! Ethan getting taken under Mark and Tyler’s wings and the transform him into a cool bad boi
- (Also au where colored hair is a thing so you have mark and ethan with these elvis-esque hair styles in blue and red)
- Amy and Kath in their Girl Gang looking cool af
- Matching jackets and sunglasses
- Mark chasing Amy around and he’s all covered in oil and car grease and they’re running around the car and there’s lots of playful banter
- Ethan’s an underclassman so he’s too young to drive but all his senior friends teach him anyway in their own unique ways (Unsurprisingly Kath is the most clear and concise but Mark is the most “enthusiastic”)
- Ethan doesn’t understand why everyone so afraid of all of them and then he see’s Mark and Ty get into a fight with a rival gang (They were asking for it)
- Ethans’ parents make him invite his “new friends” over for dinner and it’s v stressful
- “This is a very nice casserole” Tyler says to Ethan’s mom because he’s a well mannered boi but mark just snorts and makes fun of Tyler for it later
- Kathryn kicks Mark under the table while Amy elbows him subtly so he stops laughing
- At first Ethan’s parents are concerned that he’s hanging out with delinquents but the gang is able to charm them by doing their own dishes and being polite and Amy and Kath brought cake as a surprise
- “What a lovely group of young people” 
- “Moomm”
- “Do you know how many times I have to ask Ethan before he clears the dishes?”
- “MOmm”
- “Oh and you girls made cake, how marvelous. Ethan maybe you should take one of these beautiful girls to the dance?”

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Seventeen Getting Jealous of a Member Flirting with their Best Friend (OT13)

@clairestokes252: Can I have a seventeen reaction when they get jealous cause another member starts flirting with their best friend

Reaction: SVT getting jealous of a fellow member flirting with their best friend


He would watch carefully as Hoshi flicked his hair elegantly and made you laugh but would remain quiet and calm, ignoring his hands curling into fists. When Hoshi began to trail his fingers up your arm, he quickly rushed over to you both and began to initiate conversation over a random topic.

“So what do you guys think of the Pledis rooftop?”
“I’ve never been.”
“I can take you perhaps?”
“No, I think Y/N is capable of taking her/himself, thank you very much Hoshi.”


Whilst having dinner with you and Dino, he would cringe as Dino began to flirt shamelessly. He would not be able to hide his face of disgust which represented the jealousy and irritation he was feeling inside but would wait till you had gone to the bathroom before telling Dino to stop it.

“Do you know how awkward this is? Y/N’s my best friend!”


Mingyu would not be able to hide his jealousy and would outright tell The8 to stop it as soon as he began to flirt. He would whine and whinge till finally The8 shuts up, not without a nasty glare before Mingyu would be satisfied.


He would sit silently and watch Woozi flirt away with you, his best friend despite today supposed to be yours and his day out. Angry thoughts would run through his head but he would let them slide.


A raging glare would contort Woozi’s face and he would give Mingyu a deathly glare as the tall rapper flirted away with you in the middle of a movie. When he got really annoyed, Woozi would send him away with a little hiss or off to a job and would not relax till Mingyu had finally gone and left you alone.


This diva would not hesitate to straight out call Jeonghan on his flirting when you visited the Pledis dorms to see Seungkwan, your best friend.

“What are you doing?! S/he’s here to see me, not you. S/he doesn’t want you to flirt with her/him! Go!”


DK, as irritated and jealous as he would get, would try to relax and remind himself that he trusts Joshua. He may even joke along or engage himself into the conversation, steering it away from the flirting and more to a more open, casual topic which would include all three of you.


Despite being jealous, I feel like Joshua wouldn’t be entirely rude when Vernon began to flirt with you. He might subtly laugh at some attempts but would wait till Vernon had finished to steer you away but would not get bitter or very angry over it. He might even joke about it.


Would watch with silent disgust and jealousy eating away at his soul as Jun shamelessly flirted with you, Jeonghan’s best friend in the midst of a movie. Finally he’d throw a pillow at Jun and tell him to shut up and watch the movie or else leave.


Hoshi would be quite easy-going despite his jealousy and would allow Seungkwan to flirt away with you, his best friend despite it disrupting your day. When Seungkwan finally lets you go, Hoshi might even tease you about it, earning himself a hard jab in the ribs.


Raise an eyebrow and smugly smirk as he observes S.Coups’ attempts at flirting with you in the middle of your day-out with your best friend, Jun. In order to channel his jealousy and get the leader to leave you alone, he might even insert himself into the conversation and flirt with you till you end up getting tired of both guys.


The8 would watch with glaring angry eyes and passive-aggressively eat away as he watched Woozi flirt away with you. When you’re too busy laughing he wouldn’t be afraid to question the older singer on his actions.

“S/he’s my best friend! Leave her/him alone!”


This childish maknae would throw a pure look of irritation and anger and shade DK, not hesitating to call him out on his embarrassing pick-up lines.

“Hyung, stop trying to make me throw up with those cringey pick-up lines and leave me and Y/N alone!”
“Chan, it’s fine-”
“No it’s not, Y/N! Tell Hyung you don’t like being harassed!”

Blurb Request: Liam, a bad boy, is the new kid at your school.

(I know blurbs aren’t suppose to be this big, but I just couldn’t help my fingers)

It was just a normal day, the same routine, the same boring people, the same unmotivated teachers. I didn’t expect anything to change anytime soon until I was done with school. However, there was something different that day. The whispering was constant and unusual as I walked through the hallway, and all eyes were attracted to the same direction. I wasn’t very curious, since nothing in that school could possibly interest me, but when my best friend came out of nowhere, jumping on my back and barley breathing, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit excited about all the fuss.

“What is this all about?” I asked with a contained tone, trying not to show the curiosity burning me inside out. It was inevitable, something new was always exciting when you’re surrounded by the monotony.

“See for yourself” as soon as she said that, I then realized what was going on. It could easily seem like a cheap scene from a movie, with the boy walking in slow motion and people opening the space so he could pass through them. In my eyes, that was exactly how it was happening. His hair pushed back, a beard that made him seem a little bit older, the leather jacket and the combat boots. I probably looked ridiculous, but I couldn’t help it; he was hypnotic. Maybe it was that dark vibe he was emanating, or maybe it was just by the fact I haven’t seen someone knew for so long on those corridors. Either way, it was impossible to look away.

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headcanon where steve and natasha could be a romantic thing but they’re just work bros (definitely just work bros) but they’ve decided that if by the time nat reaches a certain age (because let’s be real steve’s basically a dinosaur at this point so age doesn’t matter) and neither of them have significant others then they’ll just marry each other

Friends on the Other Side: Part 4

“Friends on the Other Side: Part 4”

Author: imaginemethisplease

Warnings: Bit of violence and torture

Word Count: 1791

Summary: Dean encounters someone that he met in Hell. A girl that he became friends with even through the torture. 

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Note: This is getting really long winded… but i’s something I’ve wanted to write for a long time! I didn’t expect it to ge this long! I hope you all like it though. It’s given me something to distract me when things get a little rough. Let me know what ya’ll think!


Dean led me into what looked like it would be a bomb shelter but when he opened the door it revealed a beautiful room that looked like a research hub. Dean explained this bunker had become sort of their home. It has belonged to a group of intellectuals called the Men of Letters. Dean seemed incredibly proud of their home and gave me a quick tour. The sheer magnitude of this underground lair was mind boggling to me.

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