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Sick love

Word count: 1.722

Request: Yes

Warnings: Too much loving

“My head is pounding”, you whined and you swore it was like ten axes were inside your skull and wanted you dead in a matter of seconds. It was the worst headache you’ve ever had and you didn’t have the slightest idea why it was like that. You weren’t hangover. On the contrary, you had a blissful night in with your boyfriend, and nothing peculiar had happened for you to feel that way. So, this situation only left you with unanswered questions.

“Still bad?”, your sister asked you and you flinched at the volume of her voice. She was speaking naturally, but your headache made it feel like she was shouting at the top of her lungs.

“Please keep your voice down, you are killing me”, you said and your sister got up to touch your forehead. With that simple gesture she had her answers.

“Well, it looks like you are coming down with a cold Y/N”, she said seriously and you shivered. You hated being sick and that was the last thing you wanted. It was still summer and you would spend your days drinking that prescribed syrup along with eating those disgusting soups. Apart from that, you didn’t want to force Harry to stay in with you. He would like to go out or have a nice time at the park but he would have to take care of nauseas and fevers. It was just unfair for him.

“No this can’t be happening”, you complained and your sister placed her hands on her hips. She was trying not to laugh at your state but she didn’t do a good job at hiding it. She burst out giggling and you threw a cushion at her, hitting her directly at the head.

“I guarantee you it hurt”, your sister ironically said and she went to the kitchen. She had to leave in some minutes but she couldn’t leave you behind like that all alone. So she phoned Harry.

“Harry speakin’, who’s this?”, he said through the speaker and your sister whispered.

“Hi Harry, it’s me, Y/S/N. Just wanted to let you know that Y/N might be coming down with a cold. She already has a fever and-“, she was interrupted by you screaming that you wanted to vomit and she corrected her previous sentence.

“Scratch that. She has a fever and she has started vomiting already. I have to go in some minutes so I thought I needed to fill you in”, your sister finished and she heard shuffling at the other end of the line.

“Be right there in five. Try to calm her a bit yeah? Thank yeh Y/S/N”, he said and hung up. Your sister came into the bathroom, where you were brushing your teeth, to get rid of the ugly taste.

“Thank God mom is not here”, your sister joked and your eyes widened at her statement. Your mom overreacted over the simplest of things. When you or your sister were ill, she would just call the doctor every single hour to inform him of your condition and she made sure you had all the medicine you needed. You appreciated her caring, but it would be too much sometimes.

“Don’t even joke about it. It is unhealthy”, you wiped your mouth with the towel and followed your sister in the living room where you both sat down on the couch.

“Y/N, I really need to go. Jason wants to go pick up a gift for his mother’s birthday and I can’t miss it. Promise me you won’t go around spilling soup”, she pleaded and you flipped her off.

“I will be dead in a matter of hours so no soup is going to be all over the place”, you answered and your sister sighed. You had the tendency to overreact when you were sick and no one could handle that. Your sister included.

“Okay I am going to start preparing your funeral then”, and that had always been her answer since day one. You and your sister had a weird kind of relationship. You would go on and compliment each other but you would flip each other off whereas when you would offend each other you would hug and bro fist one another. People were always confused.

“Say hi to Jason”, you tried to say before rushing to the bathroom to empty your stomach for the second time that day.

“Be sure I will”, your sister said more to herself than to you and got into her car, ready to go meet her boyfriend. Speaking of a boyfriend, Harry was on his way and he had tried to contact you but you hadn’t used your phone that day meaning it was still turned off. When he stepped foot in the house, he stopped himself from calling your name when he saw you curled up on the sofa, tissues all over you and your restless face giving away your exhaustion and pain.

“Meh poor girl”, he said and kicked off his shoes before making his way to you. You had grabbed a blanket from your room and had it wrapped around you. You were practically like a sneezing ball. Your head perked up at the sound of the door opening and closing and when you saw Harry, you snuggled closer to the blanket.

“Don’t get closer Harry, you will be sick too”, you cried out, but your voice came out muffled because of the blanket. Harry kept coming towards you nonetheless and he kneeled in front of you.

“This isn’t gonna stop meh love. How many times have yeh run to the bathroom?”, he softly asked you and you melted at his voice. He was trying to soothe you and it worked pretty well.

“Twice so far. But there’s more coming I tell you”, you said and leaned your head backwards. You wanted to sleep and Harry quite caught that.

“Okay tell yeh what. I will go upstairs and ran yeh a bath. Yeh will relax and I will call the doctor to tell meh what to do with meh sick girl. Sounds okay?”, he said and he picked you up bridal style. You found the opportunity to lean against his warm chest and breathe in his scent. You could stay there, in his arms, for an eternity and there was no lie in this statement.

When you entered your bedroom, he gently placed you on the bed, and he disappeared in the bathroom to set the right temperature for your bath. You placed your head on your pillow and sleep started taking over when Harry reappeared from inside the bathroom and scooped you up.

“No sleep yet baby. Your bath is waitin’ fo’ yeh”, he said and placed you in front of the bathroom door.

“Yeh go in there and treat yourself whereas I talk to the doctor alright?”, he turned to leave but you stopped him. You knew it would be better if he was there to take care of you. He always did. And he was so good at it.

“Mind if I change the plans a bit?”, you innocently asked and Harry grinned.

“Tell meh babygirl”, he indicated for you to go on.

“Why don’t you take a shower with me? If there’s someone who can calm me, that’s you Harry”, you spoke and you were truthful. There was no dirty intention in your proposal. You just wanted to relax with your boyfriend.

“Thought yeh never ask”, he said and slowly took your clothes off, caressing the exposed skin he could find ever so softly, careful not make you feel any more pain. He took his clothes off as well, and got into the bathtub after you. You sat between his legs and he stated kissing your back and neck, in a soothing manner, knowing you would feel slightly better. And he was right. The water was perfect and Harry tried his best to take your mind of off your sickness. He grabbed the shampoo and started massaging your scalp in an attempt to calm you.

“Just what I needed. Thank you so much love”, you said and closed your eyes, cherishing the feeling of Harry’s massaging skills. You started scrubbing your body and Harry snatched the sponge from your hands.

“Nah ah. I will take care of yeh baby. Don’t yeh worry”, he said, kissing your shoulder before he replaced some gel on the sponge. The water was running by now, and you were lost in the purity of the moment. Harry always wanted to make you feel good and he always said it was like a repayment for what you had done for him all along. After some time, he water had run cold so he took hold of your towel before wrapping it lovingly around your tired frame before he did the same with his towel on him.

“Time fo’ pyjamas babe”, he smiled lazily and he moved towards the closet, grabbing an old T-shirt of his and your favourite bottoms with little bears imprinted on them. You had worn your undergarments already and you were waiting for your pyjamas to be passed to you but Harry had other plans.

“Let meh”, he stroked your arms, while he placed your arms in front of you and put the shirt on you. He then, stroked your thighs and legs gently, like you were going to disappear or like you were the most fragile thing in the entire world. He made you feel loved. There was no denying in that. When he was done, he kissed you passionately but you distanced yourself.

“Harry, I am sick!”, you said and he smiled.

“Did that stop meh back in the shower? Don’t mind meh love. I am not that sensitive like yeh are”, he said and you tugged at his shirt.

“If that’s the case, cuddle me then”, you said and yawned. Harry placed himself on the bed and you hugged him tightly, while he played with your hair; just like you preferred it.

“I love you Harry”, you suddenly said and Harry smiled in your hair.

“I love meh sick girl too”.

And just like that, you fell asleep, feeling secure in his embrace and wishing that you could freeze time and stay like that for what seemed like forever; in each others’ loving arms.

Ugh guys, this is so sweet. Where has Harry been all the times I was ill? Before I drag my whining ass away, let me thank that person for requesting this and making me die in the most gentle way possible. Requests are still open and I am waiting for your crazy ideas people! (P.S. Harry is treating us so well lately I can’t bear it!)

BSM 19: You’re in a treatment center for Anorexia (Request; Harry – Age 16)

Can you do a preference where you are Harrys little sister and you are in a treatment center for anorexia? Thanks

Please, if this subject affect you negatively! Don’t read it!

Everyday morning started with a full breakfast, two slices bread ; milk; glass water and bowl with cereals. Everyone has a half hour to eat everything on her/his tray, if someone didn’t. Everyone in the group lost fifteen minutes of her/his family time. Today you don’t feel well because you knew Harry was back from tour and he didn’t visited you once. You thought he probably forgot you and your insecure side showed himself again. ‘Good morning Y/n’ a nurse opened your door ‘Breakfast time’ you didn’t said a word and turned yourself away from her so you were watching the wall. ‘C’mon the other girls are waiting on you’ sighed you stood up knowing that if you didn’t eat, everyone lost family time. It was almost a week ago that you saw your parents and Gemma. When you walked in the dining room everyone was silent, like every day. ‘Okay, now that everyone’s here we can start.’ Sighed you started with your cereals, it took more time than it usually need and when you started with your last slice of bread it was already time. ‘Sorry girls but we know the rules’ a few older girls glared but you don’t care, you threw the last slice on your platter and walked back towards your room. You were lying a whole day on bed, alone for dinner you leaved the room. It was lonely here most of the time, you never were good in making friends.** Days flew by and before you knew it was Friday, you walked towards the room where probably your parents and Gemma were sitting. You were right, your mom took you in a hug and squeezed you dead ‘I missed you’ before she let you go she placed a kiss on your forehead ‘missed you too’ you sighed and greeted Gemma and Robin. ‘So tell me what’s up for this week’ Gemma sat close next to you ‘not much’ you turned your head in the other direction. ‘Baby are you crying?’ your mom walked over and took you in her arms ‘what’s wrong?’ she stroked your arm ‘I miss Harry, he promised to be here’ you wiped your tears away ‘but sweetie he’s on his way, he couldn’t make it earlier so we didn’t waited on him’ you turned your head towards your mom but someone else catches your sight. ‘HARRY?’ before your brains worked you stood up and ran towards him, falling in his arms ‘Y/N!’ you both hold each other tightly. ‘I thought you forgot me!’ you whispered in the hug what made him pull back ‘What do you mean forgot? How can I forget my little sister?’ he wiped your fresh tears away and kissed your cheek. ‘You didn’t show up a whole week, while you promised that you would stand here the first day when you were back from tour.’ He sighed ‘You know better than me that we only can visit you once a week’ he pouted and took you again in a hug. ‘Man, I missed this!’ he whispered ‘I want a hug too.. groups hug?’ Harry and you looked to Gemma and smiled. ‘No!’ she pouted first but a second later she looked confused bc there was a smirk playing on your face. ‘Wha-‘ before she could say more you jumped in her arms, Harry placed his arms around both of you  ‘No because not want but need this hug! I missing you both too much. I can’t wait to leave here’ they chuckled and ruffled your hair. ‘No, the rule “don’t touch my hair” still exists, even when I’m not home’ they laughed and teased you more. But you know that when they teased you they actually loved you and that was enough to fight for. Everything for your family…

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One Word: Mine.

Niall’s being possessive.

Niall woke up, seeing Harry laying next to him. He smiled wrapping an arm over Harry’s torso, pulling him closer. He mumbled a little bit, then burried his nose into Niall’s chest. Niall smiled down at him, even after six months of being out, Niall still can’t believe he gets to do this every single day. Niall let his eyes flutter close, and he soon fell back to sleep. Soon he was woke up with someone jumping on his chest, he gasped, and his eyes flew open. He screamed, and pushed Zayn off of him. Zayn groaned when he hit the floor.

“What the hell Niall?” He grumbled picking himself off the floor.

“You can’t just fucking jump on me man,” Niall yelled.

Zayn simply rolled his eyes, and pointed at him, and Harry.
“C'mon you twats, we have practice,”

Niall glowered at Zayn till he left, keeping an arm around his Harry. He stroked Harry’s back and peppered his face with light kisses.

“Hey hey c'mon Bee, wake up.” He wasn’t sure why he called Harry Bee, he just did. Harry grumbled, pushing against Niall tighter. Niall chuckled, and pushed his hair out of his face.

“C'mon Bee, want to see those pretty eyes yeah?” Niall said softly.

Harry blushed, and peeked open one eye.

Niall smiled down at him.
“Hey Bee,”

Harry shyly leaned up, giving Niall a soft kiss. Niall melted into it, and Harry tucked himself back under Niall’s arms.
“Wanna stay here with you,” His voice thick with morning sleep.

“As much I want to, we have practice Bee,” Niall kissed the top of his hair, and moved from the bed. Harry whined, making grabby hands at him. Niall chuckled, and picked him up, front piggy back style carrying them to the bathroom. Harry giggled, rolling his eyes at Niall. Niall gently put him down, and turned on the water. Harry started to graab his soap, but Niall quickly stopped him grabbing his wrist.

“Want you to smell like me today Bee,” Niall said, plucking the soap from him and replacing it with his wn. Harry didn’t ask, just simply did what Niall said, after a shower and a blowjob, they stumbled into the room.

Niall pulled a few things out and tossed them at Harry.
“Wear my clothes today Bee?”

Harry nodded, and pulled them on. Niall didn’t know what it was today, but he wanted people to kow Harry was his, and his only. The day started out okay, the boys practicing for their up and coming show, Niall narrowed his eyes when he saw Liam whisper something into his ear, other days Niall could’ve igorned it, but not today. Instead he stormed over to where they were, and pushed Liam back.

“No,” Niall said forcefully. Liam looked bewildered,
“No?” He asked with his eyebrows scrunched up.

“No, mine.” Was all Niall said, before dragging Harry away.

The next time something like that happened, it was Louis, him and Harry were getting to friendly, in the touching department. Niall slammed down his water bottle, and stalked over to where they were.

“Fuck off Lou,” Niall growled, standing in front of Harry. Louis looked shocked.

“Um, Niall?” He squeaked out. His eyes wide.

“Don’t fucking touch my boyfriend!” Niall roared, he’d feel bad if he wasn’t seeing red. Louis quickly nodded, before reteating to where Zayn was.

“Hey, hey Niall. I’m here focus on me okay?” Harry rubbed at his chest, and Niall slowly calmed down. He hooked his arms around Harry bringing him close enough, so he could suck a lovebite on Harry’s skin. Harry gasped, and rock against him softly. Niall was murmuring Mine the whole time.

The boys finally noticed how Niall was acting and left Harry alone, even Louis who would cause mischief kept his distance, because once in a while Niall got like this, and they knew better then to provoke him. Niall kept Harry tucked into his side all during the day after that, glowering at anyoone would even come six feet near his boy. Harry didn’t mind, he pranced around Niall all day, keeping him laughing. the boys shook their heads at them, seeing Harry and Niall just beam at each other like no other people were in the room.

Sadly the poor waiter didn’t know that, it was after the practice Harry and Niall wnet out to dinner, the waiter came back and licked his lips looking at Harry. Niall growled, clenching his fist tightly. Harry slotted his fingers through Niall’s trying to calm him down. Niall silently counted to ten, and looked up again. He caught the man’s smirk, and growled again. The bastard was doing this on purpose.

“I’ll have a coke with rum,” Niall said stiffly. The man nodded before turning his eyes on Harry.

“How about you princess?” He smiled at Harry who shifted uncomfortably. That was it. Niall shot up from his seat,

He grabbed him by the collar.
“Don’t you ever call my boyfriend that you shit. If I ever see your face again, I’ll make sure you can only see out of one fucking eye, got that princess?” He hissed out. The man quickly nodded, and hurried back to the kitchen, Niall sighed deeply watching him go and sat back down. Harry grinned at him shyly, tracing one of Niall’s tatoos.

“You probably made him cry.” Harry said amused.

Niall twisted one of his studs earrings.
“He shouldn’t be looking at what’s not his,” Was all he said.

Harry grinned snuggling into his side loving when Niall got like this. He felt secure and loved, evryone thought that after Niall Horan the sweet blonde of One Direction, got his ears pierced and got hundreds of tats, and dyed his hair lilac again, only this time permentally, he was a bad boy. No, he was still the same sweet guy from Mullingar, he simply changed a bit that’s it. And when he was feeling like this he didn’t want anyone looking or touching his Harry.

“I’m yours.” Harry said locking their fingers.

“And I know you are mine.” Niall whispered, brushing his lip ring arcoss Harry’s forehead.

Harry grinned, knowing he was where he belong. He connected his lips wiht Niall, confirming he knew this a well. Niall pulled back, still kepping his hands cupped around Harry’s face.

“I love you Bee,” Niall said. Harry blushed,

“Love you forever Irish.”

You pass out backstage - Harry

A/N: Hello lovelies, another prompt written for you. I hope you don’t mind that I combined the two but they were just very similar and I didn’t want it to get boring with two very close prompts :)

It had been quite some time since you had actually been available to see one of the boys shows and you were perhaps too excited when he told you their last show of the tour was going to be back in London and asked, more like begged, you to come, though you obviously didn’t need too much convincing. However the day before the concert, you felt yourself starting to get ill. It started out as just a light headache and flushed cheeks, but by the morning of the concert you could feel that you had quite a bad fever and the pressure in your temples was getting worse with each step you took.  You knew that a concert was the last place you should be when feeling like this, but when Harry called, excited about when you were arriving you couldn’t find it in yourself to say no and instead you found yourself pushing through the headache and getting ready for the concert.

Once you arrived at the venue, and managed to shake off Harry’s concerns and questions of why you looked so pale, you found yourself curling up in the dressing room for what you planned to be a short nap while the boys were busy with their meet and greet and sound check. It was a couple of hours later that you were woken up by the loud arrival of the boys back in the dressing room, which had you rushing to push yourself up and act like you hadn’t just been asleep. “Hey love you ready for the show?” Harry asked, flashing his signature smile your way, “Of course” you agreed giving him your own smile in return. You followed the boys out to backstage area and tried to look fine as you waved to Harry when he ran up onto the stage, before you leaned heavily on the railing of the stairs. You sank slowly onto the steps and watched the show from that spot, slowly feeling your fever worsen, blurred edges starting in your vision.

When it neared the last song of the show, you knew you had to stand up to hug Harry when he came off stage. But when you stood, you were overtaken with dizziness, your vision nearly completely blurring. “Are you alright Miss Y/L/N” You heard Harry’s bodyguard ask from beside you, as you saw Harry’s concerned face swim into your vision, coming off the stage just before you felt yourself start to fall, your vision going black.


Harry’s bodyguard caught your limp figure as you crumpled towards the ground, looking up to see Harry rushing towards the two of you as the last bars of the last song rang out behind him. “Someone call an ambulance” the security said as he transferred you over to Harry’s arms. Harry began stroking your hair gently and talking to you in a soft tone until your eyelids fluttered open to look around the room with hazy eyes only a few moments before the ambulance arrived. Harry didn’t get the chance to say much before you were loaded into the ambulance, him beside you on the way to the hospital, the rest of the boys following behind you in one of their cars.

“Harry” the boys called out when they rushed into the waiting room making the youngest member turn around to look at them, worry etched into his face. “She alright mate?” Niall asked, ‘not sure yet, they haven’t really told me anything yet” Harry replied. “She’ll be fine, people pass out all the time, you said she wasn’t looking well earlier so it’s probably just because of that” Louis tried to comfort. Harry nodded but was still relieved when a nurse called out his name, “she will be fine’ the nurse told him when he stood, “she had quite a high fever and was dehydrated because of this, which is why she passed out, but we have given her some fluids and her fever is reduced now.” Harry let out a sigh of relief, “can I see her now?” he asked. “Of course, she’s been asking for you, she’s fine to go home now, so she’ll be out in a moment,” the nurse told him with a reassuring smile.

You walked back out into the waiting room only to be engulfed in a hug by your boyfriend, quickly followed by the rest of the boys of the band. “Sorry Harry” you mumbled tiredly, “don’t be ridiculous love, lets get you home” Harry told you, wrapping an arm around your waist and leading you to the car, the rest of the boys filing in after you.


Only a few moments into the car ride you were fast asleep, your body slipping to the side, ending up curled into Louis’ lap who was sitting on the opposite side of you to Harry. The car came to a stop outside Harry’s house and he turned to Louis “sorry, let me take her from you” Harry said reaching out for you. Louis shook his head, “don’t worry I’ve got her” he said, curling his arms around you, “go open the door I’ll be right behind you.” Louis followed Harry through the house, laying you down on the bed and leaving with a quiet goodbye to Harry. Once alone Harry lay down beside you pulling you close to his chest, “baby, don’t do that all again, you scared me Harry said in a soft voice. However he wasn’t expecting the mumbled apology that came from you making him pull you closer, kissing the side of your temple and lulling you back into a deep sleep again

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Imagine text  - Harry -

You had just come home after having a pretty hard day at work. Eager and happy to finally be going to sleep.You open the front door, but you haven’t the time to close the door behind you that you can already feel a pleasant, but crushing hug falling on you.

“You’re finally home, Kitten!” Exclaims Harry in your ear. Holding you tight against his body. You try to walk a bit but, he won’t let you go and keeps you in his arms, sighing in your hair.

“Please, Harry, I’m happy to see you too, but I’m really tired and all I want right now is going to bed.” He let you go gently without asking for more explanations.

“Go upstairs, I’ll join you quick!” Giving your forehead a last soft kiss before leaving to the kitchen.

You go up the stairs slowly and go directly to the bathroom, debating in your head if you have the strength to make a bath or just go for a shower. Without having the time to realize, Harry’s coming in the bathroom with you and starts to fill the bath with hot water and some girly bath product. Turning around, he comes closer with a soft smile on his lips. Not saying a word, he starts to undress you gently. Caressing your skin time to time. You look at all his gestures, feeling a bit relaxed by the quietness of his face.

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“I’m pregnant.” 

You honestly weren’t that shocked at the outcome–whenever something has to go wrong it has to go wrong for you so when your period didn’t come you figured this was happening. Now that you’ve actually confirmed the news, you can almost feel the small human moving around inside of you, although of course they’re not bigger than a quarter yet. They’re not even a thing yet! You think to yourself. They’re a mishmash of chromosomes right now. You don’t even notice that your hand holding the stick with the double lines on it is shaking until his hand gently covers yours, interlocking some of your fingers together. You look up into his deep green eyes and for the first time in a very long time, feel like sobbing. Harry senses this and pulls you into his embrace, kneeling down off of his chair so he can fully wrap himself around you. “What am I going to do Harry?” You ask, limp in his arms. He starts stroking your hair. “I don’t know baby….whatever you want to do.” The weight of this decision sinks in your abdomen like an anchor. “What are we going to do Harry?” You whisper again. Harry stops stroking your hair and gently unattaches himself to look you in the eyes. “W-We?” He asks, and you can’t tell what he’s feeling. Harry has always been a mystery to you that way–you couldn’t read him. “Yeah….we.” You swallow hard. “You remember…that night after the concert?” About a month ago, you and Harry had gone to a small indie band concert in London at a whisky bar. Of course, your fun didn’t stop when you went back to your hotel room and you had a little reminder of your night in your belly. “Oh…” He sighs finally. He starts nodding to himself, sort of staring off into space, and you bite your lip so hard it bleeds waiting for him to say something else. “What are we going to do Harry?” You finally ask, interrupting his thoughts. When he looks at you again he has big, glassy tears in his eyes. “I don’t know [Y/N]….I just don’t know.” You lie back on the floor and Harry waits a beat before lying next to you, your face tucked in the crook of his neck, his hand tenderly on your abdomen.

Undeniable (Part 3)

 Part 1 , Part 2

Your P.O.V.

As Harry was walking towards me, I could see that desperation in his eyes. It made me stopped feeling all kinds of emotions that I was feeling earlier, and only led to a single emotion of need. I needed him.

As both of us embraced, I could slowly feel as if our surroundings were beginning to disappear. It felt like nothing else mattered in this place. Our eyes were shut and in this moment, we only felt each other’s presence. All I wanted was Harry to be with me and I know he felt the same way. With his grasp around me so tight, I felt protected and secure. I could tell that he longed for me and I know that I want to be in his arms forever.

I could feel slight touches of strangers’ hands on my skin and clothes during that moment. We broke off when Harry’s security took Harry’s hands off of me. And as I opened my eyes, I saw Harry’s green eyes glancing towards me before he pulled my hand with him, leading me to the place that he wanted us to go. I felt as though millions of eyes were staring at me and as I looked around, I was afraid. The girls surrounding us were annoyed and enraged. The only thing I knew to do was to let my head down while following Harry’s direction.

His team brought both of us over to room filled with nothing else but tables, chairs and sofas. It seemed like a place where only professors and staffs were allowed to enter. After one of the security told Harry that he would just be outside if we needed them, he headed out to join the rest.

Harry turned his body from facing the door to mine. He placed his body closer after taking two steps forward, towards me. He spoke to me in his most sincere voice that I had ever heard throughout all these years, as he was stroking my arms. There were only a couple of times Harry was so serious and sincere whenever we are together, we would always joke around.

“Y/N, I really missed you. It’s not that kind of miss anymore, you know? I need you.” He said as his voice was almost cracking up. “I really need you with me, Y/N. All I can think about is you, all the time. Not Kendall, not Taylor, not any of my past girlfriends. It was always you. I never knew why my past relationships never worked out. It just felt as though something was missing in these relationship. But recently after you were gone, I realised that it was you that is missing Y/N. It’s you that I need with me. I love you.”

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised by what Harry had just said. I always knew we were best friends, but never as a couple. He did mention about us being a couple before, but I would brush it aside since it was just impossible to imagine.

Now, after hearing what Harry had said, he does make sense. I missed him a lot too. It wasn’t like before anymore. I needed him with me. In the days where I was alone in my room, the person that I thought of the most was Harry. How if he was here, I would be able to share with him my day, my worries or basically just everything under the sun. Everything just felt right whenever he was with me.

But I can’t be selfish. I can’t take Harry Styles away from the world. He has a career ahead of him, I can’t be the one who pulls him down from that. I can’t be selfish to myself too. I needed to do what was right for myself. I can’t be giving into my own desires just because I’m feeling needy and playful right now. I needed to do what is right first before I had time to think about all of that. What I needed right now was to go through Yales. Everything else can wait.

“I miss you too Harry. I understand how you are feeling right now. I feel that way sometimes about you too. Especially when I’m here all alone, all I wanted was to speak to you. But I can’t be with you Harry. We are both going in different directions. You have your band, your music career, your fans from all around the world and your world tour. And I have here, I have Yales that I need to complete. I’m so sorry.”

He looked at me with tears welling up in his eyes. And as I saw him like this, I could help but have tears in my eyes too. Him looking like this broke my heart. But our timings were just never right.