he's stroking

Harry Hook is a lowkey homie hopper

I’m 96.43% sure he’s been involved (sexually) with the following:

Mal- He strokes homegirl’s hair whenever he’s within arm’s reach.

Jay- Their rocky relationship is the definition of sexual tension.

Uma- He’s been lusting after Queen Uma like it’s his day job.

Gil- It ain’t nothing serious, but he’s let homeboy smash at least once or twice.

A little unsteady

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Fandom: The Hobbit
Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x (wife)reader
Genres: mild angst, fluff
Words: 1.590
Summary: Reader receives an unexpected and rather disturbing message. When he realizes that it bothers her greatly, Thorin shows how protective he can be of his loved one - requested by @deepestfirefun

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the telling moments - klaroline

he strokes her head, he realised he nearly killed the person who truly understands him die

when he escapes capitvity, shes pretty calm, when he approaches she stand 

he says we both know i would never hurt you (interesting seeing as he did stab her in earlier episode to try and get freedom, but he would never let her die- proven in the scene before)

when they are fighting and shes pissed

look at his face, upset, angry and in pain

when hes talking to stefan about how the purest hearts can be drawn to the allure of darkness, caroline looks at him 


Remake of this gifset because bless the new gif size limit.

I like to imagine Neil giggles a lot when he gets tipsy. Imagine: Andrew and Neil sitting on the roof, sharing a bottle of whiskey, Andrew’s bitching about Kevin and Exy and Neil is just lying with his head on his lap, staring up at his stupid face and losing his shit. Andrew alternates between glaring at him and shutting him up with a kiss. 


“It is always difficult with Poirot to know when he is serious and when he is merely amusing himself at one’s expense. I judged it safest to say no more.”
- Agatha Christie, Double Sin

Inktober 025: I’m sorry, Kaiba, this is an unworthy birthday gift…

Tools: Copic Multiliner (0.05, 0.25), Copic Opaque White, Copic Markers (N2, N4), Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, Pentel Aquash Water Brush Pen (light black), Sakura Gelly Roll (white)