he's straining hard

The Package.

Pairing : Sam x Reader
Word count : 2,550
Author : Mel (Now @fictionalabyss )
Warnings : Knotting, Smut, Dom/Sub, A/B/O Roleplay, pinch of praise kink, mention of breeding kink
Square filled : Knotting
Written for @spnkinkbingo


“Hey, Y/N?” Your door opened and you panicked, slamming the laptop shut. “.. What are you up to?”

“Nothing.” You were quick to answer. Maybe too quick.

His eyes moved down to your lap, his eyebrow raising, and a smirk beginning to show. “Your hand says otherwise.” His eyes went back up to meet yours as you quickly pulled your hand out of your pants.

Your cheeks went bright red. “W-what do you need?”

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anonymous asked:

A strain made Sarumi handcuffed together and made Yata coudn't stop crying in front of Saru, he just cried and cried and sobbed and sniffed for nothing. Effective time was 24hs and Saru need to work so Yata had to be with Saru in the office and spend a night in S4 dorm ヽ(´▽`)/

I’m just imagining the two of them arguing the whole time over whose fault this is and Fushimi getting annoyed that Yata won’t stop crying as Yata’s yelling at him through tears and Fushimi is trying and failing not to be affected by sobbing Misaki. So say this is pre-ROK and two Strains attack them at the same time, Fushimi and Yata were both pursuing separate Strains when they ran into each other and of course Fushimi couldn’t resist taunting Yata into a fight. They’re in the middle of fighting each other when the two Strains show up and attack, Fushimi and Yata immediately find themselves handcuffed together and unable to separate. Fushimi’s grumbling about it when Yata suddenly bursts into tears, Fushimi’s actually a little taken aback before mocking him, like what you’re going to cry like a little kid Misaki? Yata yells back at him to shut up, sniffling and sobbing as he says that he can’t seem to stop and that’s when Fushimi remembers that he was chasing a Strain whose powers made you cry uncontrollably. Of course now that he knows Misaki’s not really crying Fushimi doesn’t feel bad about teasing him, Yata like just grabs Fushimi’s sleeve and blows his nose on it as revenge.

So Fushimi drags Yata back to Scepter 4 because he figures it’s their best chance to actually get the handcuffs taken off, just imagine the looks on everyone’s faces when Fushimi comes storming into the office glaring with a sobbing Yata Misaki of Homra attached to his wrist via handcuffs. The alphabet squad proceeds to try every trick they know to get the handcuffs off, Akiyama brings Fushimi a variety of keys to see if that helps at all but nothing works. The whole time Fushimi is getting increasingly more annoyed while Yata keeps complaining about having to be taken care of by the stupid Blues and yelling at Fushimi to give his PDA back so he can call Homra, all in between crying uncontrollably. Poor Yata’s eyes are getting all gross and itchy too but he can barely rub them because Fushimi complains if Yata tugs on the wrist with the handcuffs on. Doumyouji suggests just cutting the handcuffs with a sword but Fushimi vetoes that because if it doesn’t work and the Strain power redirects the sword of something he doesn’t want to be stabbed thanks.

Eventually even Munakata can see no way to remove the handcuffs besides waiting for the power to wear off so Fushimi and Yata are now stuck together for the foreseeable future. Fushimi clicks his tongue and complains about how annoying it is while Yata loudly states he’s not staying here and of course no way is Fushimi going to Homra. Awashima contacts Kusanagi to let him know where Yata is and Kusanagi suggests Yata stay at Scepter 4 until the power wears off so Yata reluctantly huffs that fine, he’ll spend the night. For the rest of the day Fushimi and Yata keep dragging each other around the building, everyone constantly staring at them due to Yata’s tendency to burst into random sobbing fits. Finally that night they get to share Fushimi’s dorm, the handcuffs mean they also have to share a bed. Fushimi tries to climb up to the top bunk but it’s hard to navigate while handcuffed together, Yata’s like why don’t you just sleep on the bottom stupid monkey will your roommate mind or something and Fushimi mutters that he doesn’t have a roommate. Yata’s like ‘unsocial bastard like always huh’ but he still just sighs and is like whatever just sleep on the bottom bunk and I’ll take the floor if you’re gonna be like that. Of course this means Fushimi is lying there in his bed trying to sleep while Yata’s on the floor tossing and turning and still sobbing and Fushimi just grits his teeth and tells himself that it’s the Strain power, it’s not like Misaki’s really upset and even if he was who cares, it’s not Fushimi’s problem anymore (but he still barely gets any sleep all night anyway).


[arthur x reader]

author’s note: wow this took forever to write and i don’t like how it came out much tbh but i thought of this premise not long ago and really wanted to get it out. left it open so i could def continue this, if y’all wanted idk. also not proofread so please excuse the typos D:

word count: 4,418

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“Santa, Baby” (Hyungwon Fluff/Smut)

Originally posted by wonhontology

Title: Santa, Baby

Featuring: Hyungwon (Monsta X) x Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: NC-17. Romantic smut

Summary Hyungwon is playing Santa at the Christmas Party, and gives you exactly what you want.

Requested by anon!

“I have to admit, you make a lousy Santa” you said as you pat Hyungwon’s non-existent stomach. The Santa outfit draped him, hung off him in red and white velvet. He pulled the hat on his head and sighed.

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Never Leave Me - original basement scene - Spuffy <3

This is so much more in depth, and so much more like what I think Spuffy really is about.

Do you have any idea what I’m capable

She starts to understand what he’s saying, grows somber.     

BUFFY(nodding) I was in the cellar with you. I saw what you did.      

I’m not talking about the cellar.
The people in the cellar      got off
easy. I’m talking about me.
See, you don’t know me. You only met
hamstrung-Angel-Spike. You only met      
You never met the real me.

Believe me, I’m well aware what
you’re capable of.      

You got off easy, too.
Do you know how      much blood you can
drink from a girl before she’ll die?
I      do.
See, the trick is, if you drink just
enough… if      you damage them just
enough… you can keep them alive for      
You can make yourself a plaything.

Spike steps forward until the chains are taut.        

SPIKE (cont’d) I used to set up shop in their houses… I used to be so good at it – I knew how to damage them just enough so that they could still cry when      I…pause) Because it wasn’t worth it if they couldn’t cry.      

Something is playing with you, Spike.
This isn’t your fault. You’re not  doing this.      

I already did it. It’s already done.
Do you know what I used to do to
girls Dawn’s age?

He rattles her.      

SPIKE (cont’d) This is me, Buffy You have to kill me before I get out.      

We can keep you locked up. Give us

time and we      can –      

Have you ever stopped to think about
why you can’t kill me?
After everything I’ve done? To you.
To the people around you.
Have you ever wondered why you keep
me alive?
It’s not love, we both know that.      

You fought by my side. You’ve saved
lives, helped –      

Don’t. Don’t do that. Don’t
rationalize this into some noble act.
You don’t get to do that.

He paces back and forth (as much as he can in the chains.) He falls in      and out of shadow.     

SPIKE (cont’d) We both know the truth, you and I.      

He falls into full shadow.     

SPIKE (cont’d) You like bad men.      

He begins to pace again.      

 SPIKE (cont’d) I don’t mean troubled men. I don’t mean brooding men.  (pause) I mean, you like men who hurt you.      


You need the pain we cause you. You
need the violence      inside. You need
the hate.
It gives you the      strength to do what
you have to do. To be the      Slayer.
But it’s killing you.    

You don’t have any idea what you’re
talking about.      

You have to let it go.

Spike RAGES at his chains.      

SPIKE (cont’d) You have to kill me.(pause) I am destroying everything around you. I am killing off every piece of you that is good and pure. (pause) And in the end, after everything is gone and you have nothing else… I will come for you and I will –      

I don’t hate myself, Spike. Not      
You think you have insight now
because your      soul’s drenched in
blood? You don’t know me.

BUFFY (cont’d) You don’t even know you. Was that you who killed those people in the cellar? Was that you who waited for those girls? Was that you who tried to rape me?      

SPIKE There’s no one else –      

BUFFY You’re not alive because of pain. You’re not alive because of hate. You’re alive because I saw you change. I see your penance.      

SPIKE Window dressing.

Buffy gets close enough to him so that when he strains as hard as he can against his chains (as he will when he says his next lines) he’s only inches away from being able to touch her.     

BUFFY There’s a man in there underneath that monster. A man      who – even when he had no soul –      

SPIKE – It’s window dressing –      

BUFFY – struggled to find redemption. You’re alive because I know he’s in there –     

SPIKE – I’m killing you –      

BUFFY – and I believe in the man he can be.

Some Kind of Cruel

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where Spencer doesn’t find out that the reader is pregnant with his child until his first court date. @coveofmemories


Ten years together, two of them trying to have a baby, and now you were pregnant. Life really was some kind of cruel, sick joke wasn’t it? As you stared down at the stick in your hands, you wanted to cry. But you couldn’t tell what kind of tears they were.

You were without a doubt pregnant. The stick in your hand was one of four you’d taken just to be sure, and all four had plainly said that you were pregnant, between 6 and 8 weeks according to the one you were holding at the moment. “Not now,” you breathed. Your body started to shake as you sat on the kitchen counter. Spencer’s arraignment date was a month away. By the time he was arraigned, you’d probably be visibly pregnant. “Not now. Why now?” Looking toward the ceiling, you started to scream - to anyone who would listen. 

Was it God? Was it your neighbors? Was anyone listening? Did anyone care that your life was falling apart just as Spencer’s was being taken from him in every way but one? “Why now? you cried out to the heavens. Your throat became raw and scratchy from all of the screaming. Someone probably thought you were being killed. You weren’t, but you were dying inside. How could someone simultaneously be dying and carrying life? It made no sense. But here you were. You wanted this baby more than anything. All you could hope for was that Spencer would be able to see his child soon.


Four weeks later…

Three months pregnant. As you looked down at your slightly protruding stomach, you patted it, gently reassuring your baby that although they’d never heard their daddy’s voice, he loved them very much. “He’ll be home soon,” you said softly. “We have to keep thinking that.”

There was going to be no way to hide it. You were wearing black, but you were still quite visible. Given how early in your pregnancy it was, you had a feeling you might’ve been pregnant with twins. “Daddy loves you, I promise.”

As you walked into the court room with your arm linked in JJ’s, you started to tear. “This is how he’s gonna find out,” you sobbed, bringing a tissue to your eyes to dab the tears away. “This is all we’ve ever wanted and this is how he’s gonna find out. It’s not fair.”

“I know,” she whispered, combing her fingers through your hair as you cried. “I’m so sorry.”

As Spencer was brought out in cuffs and sat at the table, he caught your eye. Despite all he’d been through, he still managed to send a smile your way. “I love you,” he mouthed.

“I love you, too.”

Rossi had already promised that no matter the cost, he’d post bail for your husband. At least he had that going for him. He was a famous FBI agent; he should get out on bail right? It would be a hefty price tag, but he should be able to get out. 

But as the judge spoke, it sounded like she wasn’t going to grant him bail. “No,” you shook, turning to JJ with a wall of tears cascading down your cheeks. “No, she has to let him go. He didn’t do this.” 

“The defendant is remanded without bail pending trial,” she said, banging the gavel. 

Without thinking, you popped up out of your seat and screamed. “No! He didn’t do this! You have to let him come home!” The minute Spencer turned around, you could see that he knew. In your fear, you were clutching your stomach. “He’s a renowned FBI agent! He was framed, you bitch!” You were convinced she was in on it. Remanding him made no sense otherwise! How was this happening?

“Silence!” she screamed, banging the gavel over and over again as your friends and teammates tried to keep you back. “Quiet down or I’ll place you under arrest for contempt of court!”

Life had taken everything from you. Since you were kids, he’d been your world. And now she was taking him away from you. How could you be sure she wasn’t in on it too? You collapsed to the ground as JJ came to kneel next to you. All of a sudden, you heard someone yell. Spencer had lunged forward, probably fearing that something had happened to the baby, but you felt fine, just defeated and numb, save for the life growing inside you.

“Please!” he screamed. “Someone help her!” His voice cracked as he tried to make his way toward you. “She’s pregnant…” The words could barely leave his lips. Just as yours were, his eyes were swimming with tears. He begged to be allowed to comfort you before he was taken away.

“I know I have to go back,” he screamed toward the judge. “Please, just let me make sure my wife is okay. Please. I’m begging you!” His body lunged forward as you were helped off the ground by JJ and Rossi. But he was pulled back by two guards at the judge’s orders.

“Take him back into custody!” she screamed, walking coolly off the bench and back into her chambers. Like it meant nothing. Your misery, his misery - they meant nothing to her. 

Spencer continued to wrench against the guards’ grasp, desperate to get to you, but as he grimaced you could see he was straining so hard that the guards were hurting him. This wasn’t what you wanted. This is nothing you wanted. “Please,” you breathed. You weren’t even speaking to anyone. You weren’t sure what you were begging for. 

When you looked to the side, you said please again, pulling your arm from JJ’s grasp. “Stop, Spence! Please!” You screamed as you ran up to the barrier separating the judge’s chair and the seating area. “Stop fighting them! I’m okay! I promise! Just stop!” 

Seeing him in pain was almost worse than him finding out you were pregnant this way. The tears streamed down his face and he started to give in, nearly going limp in the guards arms as they dragged him back. “It’s gonna be okay! I promise! The baby’s okay!” You rested your hands on your stomach, softly rubbing the newly protruding bump. He had to come back to you - to you both. And in order to do that, he needed to keep fighting for himself. “Just keep your head down,” you continued as he was taken back through the door. “Keep your head down! We’re going to get you out of there! I promise!”

The last part you’d screamed as the door slammed, separating you both once again. You turned around to face your team and your knees went out from under you, leaving you in a puddle on the floor. “We’re gonna get him out there,” Rossi said. You’d told Spencer the same thing, but you weren’t so sure if you believed it anymore. You wondered if Rossi believed what he said, or if like you, he was saying it to make you feel better - it wasn’t working.

“Please…” you whispered. “We have to get him out of there. He has to meet his baby. He can’t get everything he’s ever wanted and then have it taken away from him…it’s not fair…please.”

Somewhere Else pt 7 - The Beach

Somewhere Else pt 7

[Summary: All of the what ifs of Drake & Riley meeting somewhere else, in any other way.] 

Part 7 to Somewhere Else

Part 1Part 2 , Part 3Part 4,  Part 5, Part 6

“If we’d met somewhere else…anywhere else. At a club in New York or in an airport, or at a party…If you hadn’t been our waitress that night, and I hadn’t been sitting next to Liam…Do you think all of this…do you think it could’ve been different…between us?

After seeing it from the rooftop, nothing about the city seemed so intimidating nor impossible to Drake anymore. As he sat in the back seat of the cab with Riley, he spent most of his time gazing out the window, eyes entranced by the different types of buildings and flashing lights they passed. Riley still hadn’t told him where they were going, but he could tell they were leaving the heart of New York City as the skyscrapers shrunk and yellow-orange street lamps replaced the energy efficient LEDs that lined the streets and avenues of Manhattan.

Before long, the buildings were nothing more than ordinary houses and everything blurred to gray-blue as Drake’s eyelids grew heavier and heavier. A yawn slipped out of his lips despite the small voice in the back of his mind that was urging him to stay awake, pay attention. There was an entire world outside he had a few hours to see and an incredible woman next to him he didn’t have nearly enough time with. He couldn’t sleep now.

“ Riley ,” he muttered, his mind foggy with exhaustion. What time was it? How long had he been awake? How much time did he have left?

Riley looked over at the sound of her name. She looked slightly tired, not nearly as much as Drake, but significantly so now that they had slowed down their fast-paced tour of the city. Still, even in his hazy, alcohol-buzzed, and sleepy state, Drake couldn’t help but think she was still beautiful. He reached over, his arm feeling like a ton of bricks as he mindlessly stretched out his fingers to tuck a strand of hair behind her.

“You’re tired, Drake,” Riley smiled softly, catching his hand by her face and holding it between both of hers. “Take a nap. It’ll be a while before we get there.”

Drake opened his mouth to protest, ready to tell her that he didn’t have time for rest. He wanted to make the most of his time here. But in the end, his exhaustion quickly won out and he let his eyes flutter shut before slumping over in his seat to rest across Riley’s lap.

The first thing he noticed when he came to again was that the car was no longer moving. The constant hum of the wheels rolling over the asphalt had disappeared and the world outside had stilled so that a single Gaslamp illuminated the night. He sat up, his eyes immediately going to the seat beside him for Riley , but she was gone.

Faintly, he could just hear the soft murmur of voices through the open window on the driver’s side and his eyes searched until he spotted two lone figures a few feet away from the car. A man and a woman.

Without being able to see her face, Drake knew by the way her hair fell and the way she stood, the woman was Riley . The man held a small device that illuminated his face just enough for Drake to realize he was the cab driver. He swiped something – a credit card, probably – and a light flashed green. The driver nodded and they began to walk back towards the car, speaking in hushed voices.

Drake leaned in closer to the open window to catch what they were saying.

“- I don’t know how long you plan to be out here, but most cabs don’t come out this far, especially during this time of the night. Your best bet for getting back is to catch the bus down on Castor Street to the station and take the subway back.”

“Sounds great, thank you,” Riley said to the man as they approached the car. Her hand reached for the door handle as her head turned to look through the window. Her eyebrows raised as her gaze fell on Drake and she opened the door. “You’re awake. I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“How long was I out for?” he asked, climbing out of the car at the same time the cab driver got back in. Riley closed the door and waved to the man as he started up the engine and backed away.

They were in a small, dimly lit parking lot. Sand crunched between Drake’s shoes and the asphalt as he turned around in a circle. If he strained hard enough, he could just hear the sound of waves crashing on the shore.

“Long enough for me to lose feeling in my leg,” Riley smiled softly, nudging his shoulder. “Come on, Sleeping Beauty. If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re going to the beach.”

She led him down a small path off to the side that gently sloped downwards and curved until they arrived at a beautiful white sand beach. The dark Atlantic stretched out before them for miles and miles until Drake couldn’t tell what was the ocean and what was the sky.

“Look,” Riley told him, taking his hand and pointing skywards.

Stars. Millions of them. They were scattered across the night sky, illuminating the beach. No matter where Drake looked, he couldn’t find any sign of the city lights that had made them disappear earlier.

“Cole…” Drake breathed out, amazed. “How far are we?”

She gave him a cryptic smile and shrugged. “Far enough to get away from the hubbub of the city. But close enough to get you back to the airport in time for your flight.”

Right, his flight. Drake looked down, pressing his lips together. He’d almost forgot about that. He’d almost forgot about everything. Cordonia, the nobles, the suitors… Why did he have to go back?

He knew the answer to that. Liam. It was always for Liam. He just wished that for once, doing something for Liam might intertwine with doing something for himself, something that might make him happy, too. But things were never so simple.

“What’s wrong? Riley asked, concern laced into her voice. “Is it Savannah?”

Drake shook his head. “Savannah? No. Not…not this time.”

He sounded defeated.

“Then what…?”

“It’s nothing, Cole,” Drake told her, glancing her way. “Don’t worry about it.”

He dropped her hand and shoved both of his into his pockets as he began to stroll down the beach. Riley looked after him, a frown pulling at her lips. “Okay…”

“Should we get a bonfire going?” Drake asked over his shoulder, kicking a piece of driftwood as he went.

“We could,” Riley said slowly, hugging the blanket she brought to her chest. “Or I can show you my secret spot.”

“Secret spot?” Drake glanced back at her, an amused look on his face. “Is there buried treasure there, too?”

Riley laughed lightly. “You’ll have to come with me to find out.”

“Have you ever considered that maybe I’m tired of following you around like a lost puppy dog, Cole?” Drake rolled his eyes, but he still let her lead the way.

“Well, it’s not my fault you don’t know your way around,” Riley teased, skipping on ahead. “Besides, I’m sure you can handle it one last time before you go.”

He followed her over a small outcropping of rock that led to a small hidden cove. Moonlight rippled across the water and reflected in the mist that spread out into the air as the waves pounded against the rocks.

“It’s certainly private,” Drake noted, glancing around at the wall of rock that bordered the cove. “I hope you didn’t bring me here to kill me.”

“Oh, darn. You caught me.” Riley chuckled as she lay the blanket down next to a pit lined with rocks.

“It’s no matter,” Drake shrugged, casually walking around the pit with his familiar smirk. “I can take you any day, Cole.”

“Ha, is that so?” Riley raised an eyebrow, placing her hands on her hips.

“Without a doubt.” Drake nodded, stopping on the other side of the fire pit and folding his arms.

The two stared at each other for a few moments, Riley amused and Drake teasing. It was an odd dynamic for two people with a rough introduction as such, but undeniably familiar and simple, as if it should have always been this easy between them.

Eventually Riley rolled her eyes and picked up a small piece of wood, blackened by fire and chucked it at him. “You’ve got a head full of hot air, Drake, you know that?”

“And you just left a mark on my fancy shirt,” Drake noted, raising his arm to show the new dark smudge. “Honestly, Cole. Back in Cordonia, you’d cause a riot with the nobles.”

Riley rolled her eyes. “Oh, like you’d care. I’m sure that would just be hilarious to you; it’d give you a chance to say ‘I told you so.’”

“It would be pretty funny,” he mused, watching his feet as he continued his walk around the perimeter of the pit. “But that doesn’t mean I’d enjoy it. Besides,” Drake looked up to meet her eyes. “If anyone else could handle them, well…I’d put my money on you.”

Riley stared, her mouth slightly agape. It wasn’t the first time Drake had said something kind to her, but it still caught her off guard anyway.

“They could sure use someone like you to take them down a notch. Maybe even teach them a thing or two…” he trailed off, taking notice of Riley’s silence. He rolled his eyes and shook his head. “It’s a compliment, Cole. Just accept it.”

She looked away, digging her toe into the sand as she felt her face flush. “Alright, compliment accepted,” she muttered and then jutted her chin in the direction of the pit. “We can have a fire here. Help me get some wood.”

And with that, Riley turned away and began to search for stuff to burn.

Drake looked after her, a small grin catching on his lips as he scratched the back of his neck. He’d definitely made her blush. Still smiling to himself, Drake shook his head and set off in search of wood. “Whatever you say, princess.”

Not even ten minutes later, they sat shoulder-to-shoulder on the blanket before a warm, crackling fire. Riley held hands up to it, feeling the heat seep into her skin.

“You certainly know how to build a nice fire,” she noted, earning a small smile from him.

“Yeah, well you…” Drake glanced sideways at her. “…Certainly know how to collect driftwood.”

“Hey!” Riley shoved him, offended. “I definitely did more than collect driftwood.

“Alright, alright,” he chuckled, using his arm to brace himself as she pushed him back against the blanket. “I guess you’re a lot better than some of the other guys I know when it comes to building fires. Maxwell would probably lose interest and just go into the water. Tariq, he wouldn’t even lift a finger.”

“Some friends you got there,” she laughed, tucking her knees up to her chest to lean on them.

Drake scoffed. “I’d hardly call them friends.”

“Really?” Riley raised an eyebrow. “Even Maxwell? I’ve heard you mention him before.”

A shadow passed over his face. “Maxwell Beaumont… he’s quite the character. But just another one of the nobles.”

“But he’s friends with the Prince, right?” she tilted her head in curiosity. “Liam seems like a good guy. If you’re a reflection of his choice of friends, I can’t imagine he’d have anyone too horrible by his side.”

“Well, Maxwell and I have never really been friends. He and his brother, Bertrand… well, I found them to be more of an acquired taste,” Drake frowned slightly, picking his words carefully.

“They annoyed you.”

“Beyond belief.” Drake let out a breathy laugh. “Bertrand was always so worried about upholding family tradition and what not. Stuff I didn’t care about. But Maxwell… He’s always been more interested in having fun than he’s ever been with prestige and honor. That’s one of the things I like about him, actually, even if he is a little out there sometimes.”

“He doesn’t sound so bad,” Riley  said, not understanding why Drake couldn’t consider someone like that as a friend. He hated nobles and courtly life, and this Maxwell guy, seemed to hardly care for all of it either.

“Savannah thought the Beaumont brothers, were the epitome of courtly life,” Drake said suddenly, the flames reflecting in his eyes. “She practically worshipped them.”

“And you didn’t.”

“Not at all,” he shook his head. “The Beaumonts used to throw parties all of the time. Savannah loved them, but I always got sick of their antics and ended up hiding away in their study until she tried to drag me back to the festivities.”

Riley chuckled. “So…your sister was the fun one?”

“Yes, she was…” Drake’s expression saddened. “I can’t believe I failed her like that. I’m her older brother, I’m supposed to protect her. But I didn’t. I didn’t protect her from… from whatever it was that made her leave.”

“Drake…” Riley reached out to place a comforting hand on his arm. “I’m sure you did everything you could.”

“I’ve spent hours trying to figure out if I could’ve done something different…If I could’ve done more.

“Do you have any idea what it was about?” she asked gently.

“Yes. No. Maybe.” Drake shook his head and covered his face with his hands in frustration. He shook his head and flopped on to his back, staring up at the star-filled sky. “She was so happy… and then one day, after one of these Beaumont parties, she wasn’t. She locked herself in her room, and I could hear her crying. A couple of days later, all of her things were packed, and she was just…gone.”

Riley opened her mouth to say something, her heart aching for him. She couldn’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like to go through that.

“But… that’s enough about that,” he said before she had the chance to say anything.

Riley closed her mouth and nodded. If he didn’t want to talk about it anymore, she wouldn’t push. They sat there in silence, listening to the call of the ocean and the crackle of the fire. Riley grabbed a stick nearby and poked at the fire. She nudged a piece of wood over, sending embers into the smoke and air.

“I wish we had marshmallows to roast,” she said wistfully. “Then we could have a proper beach bonfire.”

“I wish we had whiskey,” Drake sighed, his tone matching hers.

Riley whipped her head to face him. She raised an eyebrow. “You know, Drake. You might have a problem.”

He rolled his eyes and covered his face with his arm. “Don’t mother me to death, Cole. I have my limits. I just… know when a drink would make for a nice time.”

“You aren’t having a good time?” She frowned.

“No,” Drake quickly shook his head and dropped his arm, eyes widening at her expression. “No, that’s not what I meant. Cole, of course I am. This is… this whole night, well…”


“It’s probably been the most fun I’ve had in a long time,” he told her, his voice sincere. “I just wish… It’s wrong of me, but I wish it didn’t have to end so soon.”

“Then don’t,” Riley said, dropping the stick and twisting her body so she fully faced him. “Call the airline and cancel your flight.”

“Cole, I can’t just do that,” Drake shook his head, sitting up and letting out a long sigh.

“Why not?” she asked, searching his face. “You’re happy here, aren’t you?”

He opened his mouth to respond, but paused to look at her – really look at her. Her expression and the way she was looking at him… It gave him the feeling that her simple question held a lot more weight than it originally seemed.

“Of course I am, Riley,” he said softly, dropping his gaze to the fire. “Here in New York…with you… I haven’t been this happy in who knows how long.”

“Then stay,” she urged him, taking his hands into her own. Her hands were so warm and soft in his but they felt more like a lifeline, pulling him in to another world he had no business being in. “You deserve to be happy, Drake. I know you feel obligated to be there for Liam all of the time, but you deserve to have a life too. And putting someone else first like that all of the time? It’s not exactly living.”

“It’s not that simple,” he groaned, slipping his hands out of hers to push them through his hair. “Do you honestly think I want to leave now? I know we haven’t known each other for long - few hours, really. But, hell, Cole. You aren’t like the others. You aren’t like anyone I’ve ever met. And I know I’ve been a pain in the ass, but I do…care about you.”

Drake squeezed his eyes shut, wincing as his own conscience berated him for telling her that. This was stupid and impossible. To care for someone he just met, the way he did? It didn’t make sense. He could never do anything about it. He would never be able to do anything about it. He wished he’d kept his mouth shut.

“I care about you, too.”

Drake opened his eyes in surprise, turning his face away from the fire to look at her. “You… you do?”

“Yes.” Riley nodded firmly, resolute.

Drake looked at her for what felt like an eternity. He knew he should be happy, but his chest felt tighter than ever. This only made things harder. “You shouldn’t say things like that, Cole.”

Her brows drew together. “Why not?”

“We met by accident, Cole,” he said sadly, tearing his gaze from her to look at the stars. “That doesn’t change where we’re from. I still have to leave, so don’t make this any harder than it has to be.”

“What are you getting at, Drake?” she asked, frustration making her face feel warm. She didn’t understand why he always had to be so restrained when it came to talking about them. He’d pushed her away after they’d almost kissed at the theater, and she felt his rejection in every bit of space he put between them, every time he turned away, every time he told her “never mind.”

“Hell, Cole. Don’t make me say it.”

She wanted him to.

“If we’d met somewhere else… If we had more time…do you think it could have been different…between us?”

“Drake…” Riley sucked in a breath, feeling her heart practically strain against her ribcage. After a second, she nodded. “It would’ve been different. Sure, you would’ve still been gruff and I wouldn’t have let you get away with anything… But the rest? Yeah, it would have been different.” Her eyes fell to the ground. “Maybe everything would have been different.”

“ Riley …” He looked at her now, taking in her fallen expression until it was too much to just sit there in suspended silence. He reached out to brush his fingers against the back of her hand.

His touch encouraged her to look up and meet his gaze, which was evidently enough.

He was tired of waiting.

Drake reached out and pulled her close. Pressing his forehead against hers, he met Riley’s eyes under heavy lids as his fingers tangled into her hair. They were back in the fountain, back in theater… He’d pulled away then.

Drake took a deep breath, squeezing his eyes shut. Things had changed since then. He could hardly admit it to himself, but he’d fallen farther and farther as the night went on. And yet, some things were still the same, no matter how much he wanted them to.

He pulled away again.

“I need a moment,” he muttered, getting to his feet as Riley sat there, dumbfounded. Before she could react, he stalked off in the direction they came.

Riley blinked a few times, pushing her hair back with her hands as she processed what had just happened. Was Drake about to kiss her? Did it even matter? In the end, whether he intended to kiss her or not, he still pushed her away. Again. Riley’s cheeks flushed with frustration and humiliation because dammit, she wanted him to.

Riley quickly got to her feet and followed him, her hands balling into fists. His hands were undoing the top buttons of his white shirt and he tugged on the black tie that still hung around his neck to shove it into his pocket.

“Drake, what the hell?” she demanded as she came up behind him. Riley grabbed the back of his shirt and spun him to face her. “What was that all about?”

“I don’t know anymore, Cole,” he grumbled, shaking her off. “I told you I needed a moment.”

“For what?” she scowled, rolling her eyes. “To go sulk some more? I think you do that enough.”

“To stop myself from doing something we might both regret,” he said softly, leaving her angry tone unmatched. He turned to go, but Riley tightened her grip.

“What if I said I wouldn’t regret it?” she asked, her voice breaking slightly.

“Cole – “

“It’s Riley,” she snapped, biting the inside of her cheek as she struggled to shove down the emotions that were building up. “My name is Riley. And I am sick of you pushing me away and not explaining anything.”

“There’s nothing to explain,” Drake mumbled, reaching up to unfurl her fingers from his shirt.

“Oh, yeah? What about what just happened back there?” Riley questioned, jutting her thumb out over her shoulder towards their bonfire. “Or in the theater?”

“It was nothing, Co – Riley,” he said through gritted teeth, turning to leave again.

But Riley was adamant as ever. She stepped around him, bracing her hands against his chest. “Drake, please,” she pleaded, her voice dropping to a whisper. “We need to talk about us.”

“There is no ‘us,’” Drake shook his head, unable to meet her eyes. He knew that if he did, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from doing something stupid.

“You don’t mean that…” He could hear the pain in her voice. He hated it.

“I do.” Drake forced himself to talk, no matter how much he didn’t believe the words he spoke. “I shouldn’t have done that. I shouldn’t have done that at the theater, either.”

“Drake, things can still be different,” she whispered, echoing their conversation from earlier.

“No,” he said through gritted teeth. “They can’t.”

“Why not?” Riley demanded, placing her hands on her hips and leaning forward.

“Because!” he shook his head, exasperated. “Because this… I leave in a few hours. I’ll be back at the airport to get on that plane. I’ll go home to Cordonia, to Liam, and to the royals. You’ll still be here in New York, and we’ll put this night behind us and go on with our lives.”

“You don’t really want to forget all of this, do you?” Riley asked, incredulous and affronted. She couldn’t believe he was willing to do such a thing; how could he want to forget tonight? How did it all mean so little to him, he was fine with forgetting about it?

“I have to, Riley.” His voice was strained. “I’m not a part of your world here. I leave soon and I’m thousands of miles away. So it doesn’t really matter how I feel. Because that’s where it has to end. That’s what it all comes down to, Cole. Whatever I feel… It doesn’t matter.”

“What about how I feel?” Riley snapped, her patience cracking like porcelain and her frustration getting the better of her, leaving her breathless.

“How you feel… Riley…” Drake looked stricken. His brows knitted together as he looked at her, his expression pained. “ Riley, you can’t…”

She shook her head, no longer caring about hiding her feelings. Riley surged forward, balling her hands in the front of her shirt. “I already do.”

He stared down at her, mouth agape. His eyes roamed her face, absolutely torn. Riley watched him with baited breath, desperately hoping he felt as strongly as she did.

Drake’s hands covered hers, gently working his fingers to detach them from his shirt. He looked away and Riley felt her heart plunge to the depths of her stomach.

“It doesn’t matter,” he whispered, pulling away from her. “I’m sorry, Riley.”

Riley watched as he turned to go, but this time, she didn’t stop him.

As he walked, Drake thought about what he wouldn’t give to have a glass of whiskey right then and there.

The drink scorched, but it always settled him and strengthened those walls he put up against the world. It made it easier, to ignore sneers of the nobles, the word “commoner” muttered their breath, the whispers about his sister behind his back. But now… Now, he had no whiskey, fallen walls, and the image of Riley’s hurt expression as he left burnt into the back of his mind.

With every step he took away from her, his heart sunk further and further. But with every step he took away from her, the next one felt easier.

Even so, Drake wanted desperately to turn around and run back to Riley as fast as he could. He’d apologize, gather her into his arms, tangle his fingers into her dark hair, and tell her of that course - of course - what she felt mattered. It meant the world to him and she deserved to know that.

Drake swore and pressed the heels of his hands into his eyes as he came to a stop. He had no idea how long he’d been walking for or where he even was. He’d somehow wound up on the top of a cliff overlooking the Atlantic, a gentle breeze sweeping his hair out of his face.

What he did know, was that he would have given anything for a little more time with her.

He shook his head suddenly wishing that Liam was there. Liam would give Drake the advice he needed, he always did. But then again, Liam also cared about others more than he cared about himself and if he knew how happy Riley had made him, he’d tell Drake to stay, too.

Drake kicked a few rocks off of the edge of the cliff, swearing under his breath. Their hearts were too big for their own good, Liam and Riley both. They were the only two people he still knew that would put his happiness above all else, no matter what it meant for them. Drake thought bitterly that maybe they’d be better off with each other, but as soon as that idea took form, he instantly regretted it. His gut wrenched at the very thought of Riley with someone else, even his best friend.

He knew it was a stupid thing to be jealous of someone Riley would never know. Riley would find someone else, and even if he could, he’d never try to stand the way of her happiness. And Liam and Riley? Drake almost laughed at how ridiculous that was. They’d probably never even meet.

As Drake stood there, his eyes shifting between the dark sea and the sparkling sky, his thoughts drifted to his sister. Savannah.

For the first time, he stopped trying to guess where she was or why she left. Instead, he simply tried to picture her somewhere she would be happy, laughing and smiling, with someone she might be happy with. For the first time, he stopped trying to understand what he did wrong and instead chose to focus on the better parts of their lives together. Even if he couldn’t find her again, he wanted to hold on to his best memories of her.

He wished she was there, with him. He wished she could see the city as he did tonight, with Riley as his guide. He wished she could meet Riley. He had a feeling Savannah would like her.

Savannah. Liam. Riley.

One was gone, not wanting to be found. The other was thousands of miles away in Cordonia, the country he was supposed to rule in just a short matter of time. The last one was still somewhere nearby, sitting alone at a bonfire.

They all deserved better. He wished he could give them that.

He realized in that moment, there was still a chance to be better for one of them. He wouldn’t be able to give her everything she deserved, but he could at least make things right.

Before he could change his mind, Drake turned around and began to briskly walk back the way he came. He could only think of one thing.


The moment Drake saw the thin plume of smoke that rose in the air where he and Riley had a bonfire, he knew something wasn’t right. He quickly scrambled over the outcropping of rock that led to the hidden cove, skinning elbow and snagging his dress pants in his haste. It was a good thing he never cared much for fancy clothes.

His heart plummeted to the pit of his stomach. The fire had been put out.

“Cole!” he shouted, searching desperately for her. The blanket was gone too.

He walked around the perimeter and checked around every bend before abandoning the cove and returning to the beach. He rushed back towards the path that led to the parking lot, calling her name. “ Riley!

The lot was empty.

She was gone.

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Sehun + 70

❥ sehun, ‘you’ve been a bad boy’, my smut is reaching lows atm so hopefully this makes up for it, kinda a spin off of this and this, nsfw

sehun is being unusually quiet today. he would tell you why but he knows you’ll be mad so he opts to stay quiet and sit on your chair as he watches you make a phone call, sat on your desk with your legs spread just enough for him to see the black lace underwear you’ve worn for him.

he’s been quiet for the past couple of days, actually, and he won’t admit why because he knows it’s stupid. you’d probably realised the night before last when you tried to shower with him and sehun declined because he just wanted to quickly get washed and go to bed.

you hadn’t touched him in five days now, and considering that sehun was one of the horniest people going (behind park chanyeol, his friend from high school who got hard at least four times a day at anime) that was a long time. 

but you respected that he didn’t want to do anything, and surprisingly you kept your distance and left sehun to be on his own. or, moreover, to get so desperate that he needed you and gave in to his own desires and it was his fault, not yours. he thought he could have lasted a little longer that five days but right now he was hard and straining against the material of his jeans. 

he wanted you, but he also wanted to tell you something and he was torn on what he should be planning on doing first.

telling you that he loved you was pretty important, even if you had only been officially a couple (outside of work) for a few weeks.

but sehun knew that he loved you. at first he thought that he was just in love with the way that you took such good care of him, and how you’d show him what kind of treatment he really deserved. that was referring to how good you sucked him off but… it didn’t matter. he knew he loved you because of other things, too.

like how he’d get the train home with you in the evenings and you’d ask him if he wanted to come over, and his heart would start beating so quickly because he got to actually spend time with you for once without worrying that people realised you were together. or the way his cheeks would get red when you cuddled with him on the couch as you watched something together on the weekends.

that meant so much more to him than having you touch him under your desk on a monday morning so he’d stay awake for longer and do his job properly. 

‘sehun,’ you mouth, realising that he’s watching you quite intently. 

he nods, rather submissively at that and waits for your instructions. they don’t actually come because the obnoxious guy on the other end of the phone starts talking and you have to pay attention to him instead of sehun. he rolls his eyes as he lets out the quietest of whines to get your attention.

you notice, of course, and try to give him more of your attention. sehun realises that he’s caving into his desire for you quicker than he planned on and because you’re not talking, his eyes fall down to where your legs are opened and he can’t help but lick his lips. did he tell you how much he loved when you rode him? that was one of his favourite things.

especially when you’d leave his clothes on and just push yourself up and down on his cock that’s still trapped in his pants, making him cry for you to stop and actually fuck him like you promised you would. he almost touches himself to the very thought of it, but you stop him.

and you stop him for a good reason; he’s happy not to touch himself to that thought now.

no, you don’t stop him and hold his hands down do he has to grind himself against his own jeans to get himself off. you climb onto his lap and sit across his knees so that your skirt is hitched up your thighs and sehun can quite clearly see a few marks across your skin that he knows he did to you.

he got a little possessive. so what.

‘what’s wrong?’ you mouth this time, keeping your phone pressed to your ear so that the man you’re sorting out is still at reaching distance. your left hand trails down his white shirt that’s not been ironed until you reach the belt he’s got around his waist and you tug at it gently. ‘sehunie, what happened?’

he’s not sure if he should actually speak, since you’re on the phone and the last time he said something whilst you were on the phone you tied him to your bed frame and stuck a cock ring on him until he apologised. to be fair though, he did say rather loudly are we fucking or nah as he walked into your office when you were on the phone to your boss. so, an eye for an eye.

so he doesn’t answer, and he just watches your hand and your lips and your thighs as they make calculated movements all over his body in ways he loves so much. ‘sehunie, won’t you tell me anything?’

sehun shakes his head. bad move.

you pout and meet his refusal by moving closer to him and pressing one short, but sweet nonetheless, kiss to his lips. he’s basically frozen in his place so has tot be subjected to whatever you’re going to do, which turns out to be a grind of your hips across his own so you can feel that he is definitely hard for you.

and you’re wet for him, sehun realises that when you take his hand in yours and make him touch you where he’d been wanting to since you sat on that desk where you’d told him to fuck you two weeks ago. that was a good day, even if not much work was done.

your actions are followed by you bringing two of sehun’s fingers to your mouth, placing them inside so you can suck on them in such a way that makes sehun groan he knows what you’re trying to do and he wants so very badly to just say fuck it and give in to you but he wants to tell you so badly that he does love you and—

he fucking moans. he feels you on his cock and you’re making his head spin so he moans so loudly that all you can do is stare at him, completely clueless to what to do. sehun doesn’t usually moan. sehun knows to behave himself but things have been so off recently.

you give some shitty excuse on why you need to hang up and do so without an answer your phone quickly discarded to the floor beside the chair where you’d remember it later. sehun thinks you really do have no idea what to say to him. he’s convinced he can get away with what he’s just done and not tell you his true stupid feelings. not for long though.

‘sehun,’ you state. his name is said with lust but also distaste. ‘sehun, what was that?’

‘i’m sorry.’

you frown. ‘sehun, you just… i… wow.’

‘i am sorry,’ sehun repeats, seeing how clueless you are. he’s used to seeing you in control so being at a loss for words isn’t normal. ‘i really didn’t mean to. i’m sorry. i just… we haven’t… yanno.’

‘had sex? i know that.’

he’s not really sure if you[’re mad or if you’re in a bad position because you don’t want that moan of his to be in your record for life. he feels bad, but he’s not sure how to make it up to you. well, he knew one way to make it up to you but it would be a little over the top.

or maybe not, because sehun didn’t really show his emotion. ‘i love you.’

‘you what?’ you ask. it hasn’t really sunken in so sehun gives you a minute as he squeezes his thigh muscles and bites down on his bottom lip. ‘you… love me?’

sehun nods. it’s a bit half-assed but he doesn’t really care. his heart is practically pounding. ‘and i am sorry. i didn’t mean to. i’m sorry.’

his apologies are coming quick and fast, something you must greatly appreciate because it seems as though you’re still stuck on the first words he told you. but he waits. he doesn’t expect you to say them back because you probably want to take more time to know that you love him. and that’s fine. he doesn’t want you to lie to him anyway.

but you don’t. you take probably the shittest confession of love and make it about a thousand times better. ‘well i love you too. i do.’

‘you do?’ sehun repeats.

you nod at him, laughing at little at his basically clueless looking face and instead decide to kiss him again but pay extra attention to how you move closer to him. he feels like a bit of an idiot for how stupid he was thinking that this was way too big a deal. this has been making his feel sick for ages and it was this easy?

he’s caught up in his thoughts anyway, and he’s so preoccupied that he almost misses your words that are something he very much expected from you and this half-assed, badly timed confession. it’s what his love for you was built on anyway. ‘but you’ve been a bad boy, sehun. don’t think you can escape that.’

My clone OC ideas!

Okay I’m not gonna develop these OC clones a lot now, I’m just posting this so I DON’T FORGET about them. I’ll maybe draw them eventually…..

• Double-Sided Edd
When this clone was being made, it was successfully made and was on its way to exit the assembly line. However, it flipped over somehow, and the machine saw it as a ‘blank’. It was sent back to the section where details were made. The thing was, the FRONT was already made. Nonetheless, the machine made a second face and altered the back to make it like a front. When the clone became conscious it was send to a reject room. They didn’t know what was wrong until they struggled to stand up and move. That’s when the two parts of the Edd clone realized they were double sided, with two minds and thoughts. They also have two sets of arms and legs. Each set faces both sides like a coin. The clone usually struggles to move, since the ‘front’ and ‘back’ sides fight for the direction to move in. They TRY to stay positive, but it’s hopeless. They’re usually kind, something common from Edd, but they can get aggressive with each other. They tried to defuse, but it doesn’t really work with them somehow. They’re always standing up or crouching, since they squall over how to sit.

• Mattom
This clone is a fusion of Matt and Tom, and they’re kinda stable. The only bad thing is that Matt’s side is usually positive and happy, while the Tom side is more apathetic and calm. Their physical appearance is just a bad mess. Their face has Matt’s square jaw and hair, but they share Tom’s eye sockets and some of the hair’s roots are light tan. Underneath the right empty socket is Matt’s blue eye. It’s the only clear indicator of what direction the fusion is looking. Their hoodie is merged vertically, with some tints of dark purple and black in the center. They have two drawstrings too. On top of their hoodie is Matt’s overcoat. It’s a very pale turquoise, with darker tints of solid blue at the sleeves. They only tried to defuse once, and to the very least it didn’t go well. They’re okay with being together though. The overall mood of the clone is content, but they may lash out sporadically either positively or negatively to others. They don’t take very kindly to being called ugly or weird…..

• ‘Faceless’ Tord
This clone’s torso and personality is normal, other than the fact that he doesn’t have eyes. AT ALL. He’s blind and counts on the kindness of the other clones on where he’s going. The Tom clones of course pick on him, by lying to him where’s he going, or even tripping him. Only Edd and Tord clones help him out. Matt clones don’t really care at all. He doesn’t really have a developed mouth either. It seems like it isn’t there, unless he opens it. Some melted flesh keeps the upper and lower jaw stuck together, so he doesn’t really talk much since it hurts to strain it. He’s constantly pawing at his face for some reason.

• Paint Matt
This clone at first came out normally. He was fine until halfway into the film that his vision started to get blurry. After that, he felt extremely wet out of nowhere. He was picked up by the claw and placed in a reject room. There he strained his eyes to look at himself. He’s melting. REALLY BADLY. The strange thing is however, his flesh seems to be colored green and lavender, with some hints of light blue. It wasn’t until another reject was placed in the room that could see the full extent of what the Matt clone looked liked. His flesh and clothing are merged together, leaking ‘paint’ everywhere. The Matt clone barely has a lower half, since it’s always melting and regenerating. He’s just a torso at this point, and a very liquid one at least. Really the only thing that’s not that bad is his head and hair surprisingly. Even the square jaw is there. Nonetheless, the other reject was horrified, causing the Matt clone to be full of self-loathing. He spends his days staying in the corner of the room, trying to keep himself together. One day when a food ration came in, it had some jars and cans. The Matt clone took advantage of the soon empty containers, and uses them to scoop up any 'parts’ of him that fall off. He even used two of them to make makeshift shoes, so at least he can walk a little without loosing his feet. His corner of the room is stained heavily with purple and green, and he’s lost all of his original flesh tone. He can speak and see, but his mouth is halfway melted over and his pupils actually melted a little bit, making his iris a blurry black and blue mess. He strains himself to just breathe and blink.

Nobody knows why he turned out this way, so they can only guess the fresh bases piled on top of each other, causing THIS to form. This Tom clone has a normal personality, it’s just his physical form is HEAVILY augmented. His face is filled with clusters of eye holes and he has five mouths. Some of them are even on his neck and side of his head. His tongues are ridiculously long too. He has ABOUT eight FULLY FORMED arms. Some come out of his back and the lower parts of his torso. He has AROUND six legs. This clone is a constant wreak, with all the limbs tripping over each other. He is incredibly heavy, but in turn is one of the strongest clones to be made. With all the straining going on, he’s kinda buff, but still lean. He’s constantly drooling out of some of his mouths, since he doesn’t have full control over them and the same thing applies to his arms and legs. The clone has a weird mix of really GOOD and really BAD eyesight. Since his eyes are all in a massive cluster in the center of his face, some look on to different directions. If he focuses and strains hard enough, all the eyes can look in a singular direction, having hawk-like vision. All he really wants in his life is his teddy bear and some Smirnoff…..

• “Happy” Tord
This clone is perpetually smiling. His personality is abnormally happy too. He only wants to make others happy, but the others clones don’t see this. They all think he has a ulterior motive, so they usually brush him off. Since the clone is ALWAYS happy, he can’t really feel sadness or any other expression. He is aware of sadness, hatred, rage, and jealousy, but he can’t feel these. Even if he wanted to feel these emotions, he literally can’t.

• Future Tomatoredd
When Bing and Larry made the cloning machine, they screwed around and made a Time Machine with some spare parts from the cloning machine parts. To make sure if the machine was safe to use, they put in some freshly made Edd, Tom, Matt, and Tord clones. They set it for the near future and waited for the clones to come back. The machine started to sputter and break down after moments the clones were sent. When the clones came out before the machine broke, Bing and Larry were mortified. The clone is now a fusion, akin to Tomatoredd. The thing is, it’s a unholy fusion of their future selves. Their hair is a dark orange with darker brown streaks. They also have some stubble too. Their eyes are a mash up of Tom’s and Matt’s future eyes. On the right is Matt’s camera-like cyborg eye, while on the left is a broken and cracked visor that is Tom’s. Even some wires and broken glass are hanging off of the visor. They share a hoodie, and it’s similar to 'Normal’ Tomatoredd’s hoodie, except the blue is replaced with a dull blue and some blotches of gray. The bottom of the hoodie is dark blood red with some black in it too. Their overcoat is replaced with Future Edd’s black coat. On the sides of the sleeves is Tom’s circular checkered board symbol. Their pants and shoes are really the only thing that didn’t changed. The most notable thing however is that they have Tord’s red cyborg arm. After a few moments of being conscious, the fusion clone began to start pulling frantically at Tord’s arm screaming in the process. They started to yell at each other, blaming each other for ending up like this, and how treated each other in the future. It wasn’t until a few minutes later they changed their focus to Bing and Larry, the people who made them this way. They lash out at Bing, to only get subdued by Larry. They’re one of the most aggressive clones AT FIRST, until they spent time together in a empty reject room for months. All their thoughts and memories were exposed to each other, and they accepted each other now. They’re mostly content and calmer now. They’re a ace at weapons and tactical stuff too. They tend to be extremely touchy and stray away from others, scared of how the other clones may seem them as. They don’t want the others to see how they’ll 'technically’ end up as in the future. Bing and Larry constantly pester them with questions about the future and they simply said that it SUCKS.

imagine noodle goes up to 2d one day and is just like ‘D whats a condom’ and 2d’s just like ‘shit i know this just slow down give me a sec’ and he just stands there vaguely squinting as he tries to remember because it sounds important and hes pretty sure a condom is something he should know about but he cant remember and he starts sweating he straining so hard and noodles just like ‘ok sorry i asked’


Fandom: Naruto

Characters: Uzumaki Naruto, Uzumaki Boruto, Uzumaki Hinata, Baby Uzumaki

Pairings: Boruto/??, Naruhina, Borudad and baby girl

Words: 2,310

Author’s Note: Not what I was planning on posting next, but I’ll take it. Thanks in part to matchaball

“She might quiet down if you pick her up,” Uzumaki Naruto stood in the doorway of his new granddaughter’s nursery, smiling at the sight of his son leaning against her crib, his hand dangling down to just brush over his daughter’s blanket. “Babies like to be held, ‘ttebayo.”

“I know,” Uzumaki Boruto, twenty-four year old new dad and recently promoted Jounin, spared his father a glance before looking back down at his daughter, a deep frown creasing his brow. Curious, Naruto went to stand on the other side of the crib, lowering his bandaged hand over the railing to slid his finger into the little girl’s tiny, clenched fist. For the moment, her fussing stopped and her large eyes focused on Naruto.

“You know,” Naruto started, looking over at his son. “I haven’t seen you hold her since she’s been home,” he commented, raising a brow in question at Boruto, who still just frowned down at the squirming baby girl. “Something wrong?”

“No,” Boruto answered quietly, but Naruto knew he was lying. He was the young man’s father, after all! Plus, you couldn’t lie to Uzumaki Naruto. Instead of pressing him right away, Naruto just reached down to pick up his new granddaughter, much to the baby’s delight, and stepped back to sit in the rocking chair. The soft, hand stitched pillows gave under his weight and Naruto let out a sigh, watching Boruto from the corner of his eye as he settled his granddaughter comfortably against his chest, her little head in the crook of his arm. She still clung to his bandaged hand, her cries and whimpers long gone, and now just stared up at him with wide, blue eyes. After a hesitant moment, Boruto came around the crib and sat adjacent for his father on the wooden bin that held all the baby’s new blankets and sheets.

Naruto watched him, quietly assessing the deep lines on his forehead and the bags under his son’s eyes, the way he’d started chewing on the inside of his cheek again, and thought he was beginning to understand what might be bothering his son. Chalk it up to a father’s intuition, or just the fact that Naruto had a knack for understanding people, but he recognized the worry in his son’s blue eyes. The doubt and fear that he tried desperately to hide, and Naruto knew what caused the stiffness in his son’s shoulders, he knew why he hesitated to touch or hold his own daughter, and Naruto knew why he looked so ill at ease. He knew because he’d been there, he’d felt that, felt it all, and he understood. “She’s a good baby. A lot less fussy than you were, ttebayo.”

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Title: Missing You

Character(s): Altair Ibn-La’Ahad x Reader

Warnings: nsfw, female reader

Request: I really need some Altair/Reader smut, (sorry for being so vague)

A/N: This was a lot longer than I thought it would be. I haven’t written smut in a long time. Y’all better appreciate this, I’m sinning

His lips were on yours in an instant, hard and demanding, making you gasp into his mouth. This was certainly not what you were expecting at such a late hour, but here he was and here you were, kissing heatedly in the doorway of your home. 

You pulled him across the threshold by the front of his robes, sighing contentedly when he followed easily. Pent up sexual frustrations and weeks without seeing each other had now led to this, and you wanted to relearn his body all over again. 

There was a mumbled ‘I missed you’ whispered against your lips as his hands explored your body, reveling in every memorized dip and curve of your body, the familiarness comforting. His lips moved away from your lips, his breath tickling your face as he leaned back to look at you. He needed to savor this, let this moment sink in and allow himself to take his time with you. He was going to relearn your body all over again too. 

Before you both knew it, you were up the stairs, all hitched breathing and gasping moans, holding and grasping onto each other as if it would be the last time you’d ever get the opportunity. When on the landing, he lifted you into his arms with ease, his lips never leaving your skin. 

He had pushed your door open with his foot, walking inside and shutting it behind him once more with a kick. He was everywhere and nowhere all at once, lips just barely skimming over the top of your breasts where the skin was exposed. You hummed as you pushed down his hood, brushing your fingers through the soft tendrils of his hair. His eyes met yours as you did this and you could feel the grin spreading across his lips against your skin. 

His gaze never faltered as his hand worked its way up and under your dress, cupping your calf and massaging it gently. Your breath hitched in your throat, anticipating what was to come. You felt yourself begin to be laid down onto the soft mattress, but he did not follow. 

You whined at the loss of contact and looked up at him expectantly, almost pouting. The smile was off of his face and his expression was replaced with a more primal one-making your heart jump. The atmosphere changed so suddenly that you had to suppress the surprised gasp from leaving your lips. 

He was on you again, lips working their way down your body as his hands made work with your night dress. It was flimsy and you suddenly felt grateful that this was what you decided to wear tonight. Callused hands pushed the fabric of your dress upwards until it was bunched up at your hips, one hand keeping it there as the other worked it’s way down your body once more. 

Altair’s dedicated personality did not stop past his field of work. He was determined to make you feel things you had never felt before by his hand, make you mewl his name over and over again as he brought you closer to your release. 

You nearly jumped when you suddenly felt lips being pressed against your heat, the fabric of your underwear being the only thing separating you from his mouth. You must have been so distracted from the way he was making you feel that you hadn’t notice him crawl down your body and push his shoulders between your legs. 

He had perched one of your legs onto his shoulder, the other resting beside him. His fingers massaged deep circles into your thighs as he licked a bold stripe up your middle, smirking against you upon hearing your small, breathy gasp. He continued to tease you like this, nips and kisses and licks making your arousal almost painful. 

It was only until you murmured ‘please’ that he did anything. 

His thumbs were hooked on the edge of your underwear, slowly pulling them down your legs and her discarded them with a swift movement of his hand. 

“Tell me what you want…” His voice was low, rumbling and deep, making you shiver slightly. You could barely form a coherent thought let alone try to respond, so when you bucked your hips towards his face, he tutted you and pressed a hand firmly on your hip, keeping you pinned to the bed. 

“I want-ah.” You titled your head back and arched your back when he licked a long strip up you again. You almost wanted to yell, his action making you lose your train of thought. “Altair…” You hummed, the fingers in his hair only tightening. “Altair, I want you…” 

That seemed to be the approval he wanted as he pressed his mouth against you, his tongue beginning to work circles over your clit. You felt your stomach begin to somersault, your body feeling electric. The only thing that was pinning you to the bed was Altair’s hand. 

The pleasure you felt was only intensified when you felt his finger slowly enter you with ease, having worked you enough with his tongue that you were aroused enough for it not to be painful. You gasped his name, one hand moving to grip the sheets tightly. 

He added another finger slowly, pumping in and out of you in a slow almost torturous rhythm. He was working you languidly to your climax, taking his time, his eyes closed. He looked almost angelic between your legs, like he had belonged there and there was no place he would have rather been. 

Your climax washed over you like a wave, whispered of profanities and his name tumbling from your lips as he worked you through your high. He leaned away from you, leaving you breathing heavily as you watched him suck his fingers into his mouth, licking them slowly, never once breaking eye contact with you. 

You moaned quietly at the sight as he crawled back up your body, pressing his lips once more against yours. You could taste yourself on him, but you didn’t mind. Your hands were all over the place, tugging at the robes and huffing in frustration when they did not heed. 

He only chuckled against your lips before leaning away, giving you a little show as he peeled off his clothing layer by layer. You could only last watching what you were out of reach to touch when he was shirtless and only in his pants, reaching out and tugging him back on top of you. 

You pressed your hand against his bulge, palming him gently through the fabric. He was hard and straining against the cloth, bucking his hips into your hand as he assaulted your neck in kisses. You liked having this control over him, which was something almost no one had, yet he was completely at your whim. 

Making quick with taking off the rest of his clothing, you wrapped your hand around him and began to pump slowly, watching in satisfaction as his mouth went agape, a low moan leaving his lips. 

“Tell me what you want…” You quoted him, smirking when his eyes snapped to yours, narrowing them slightly at your teasing tone. He merely smirked and gave you a mischievous look before leaning down and whispering in your ear. 


He gently tugged at your wrist until you let him go, allowing him to take hold of the other and pin your hands to the side of your head, lacing his fingers with yours. 

And with one swift flick of his hips, he was inside you, stilling and letting you get used to the feeling. He stared down at you, nothing but love and affection in his gaze. No matter how many times he leaves you, he will never get used to this feeling. The feeling of coming back to you and loving you like you deserved to be. 

His thrusts started out slow, hands letting go of your to wrap around your body, holding you to his chest. You had buried your head into his neck, arms under his own and wrapped around his back tightly. It was almost like the two of you couldn’t get close enough. 

“I love you…” He reminded you, brushing his lips against your earlobe before pressing his lips to just below it. You had raised your hips to meet his thrusts, only increasing the euphoria you felt. He picked up his pace, moving in and out of you in smooth motions, hitting you in just the right spot every time. 

Clinging to each other desperately, Altair reached his climax and stilled his movements after working you through your second one. He stayed like that above you, breathing heavily, worshiping your shoulders and breasts in fleeting kisses. 

No words had to be said. All you needed was each other. 

Until the Spell Wears Off (20 Different Pairings #9- Sam x Jody x reader)

Summary: You, Sam, and Jody get hit with a lust spell. So you have sex. (How’s that for a deep plot?)

Word Count: 3200

Warning: Smut, threesome, masturbation, use of vibrator

A/N: While this is a threesome, Sam and the reader are alone for quite some time. Sam girls, you might want to read this! I am seriously having so much fun writing all these characters I have never written before. This one got me all hot and bothered while I was writing it, I hope you enjoy it too!

Twenty-four hours, and it wasn’t getting any better. The heat was still inside of you, flushing your skin and making your heart beat a little faster. The tension still pulled in your muscles, tightening and flexing until you were wound so tight you wanted to explode. The ache was still there, throbbing between your legs and soaking your underwear.

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Request: Gerard smut that’s mainly just super detailed present day Gerard blowjob and he’s moaning and enjoying it and sensory details yes tysm

“Are you nervous?” I asked Gerard, watching him pack up his last suitcase.

“Not really,” he shrugged. “I have my usual pre-travel jitters but I’m okay. I’m gonna miss you a lot though.”

“I’m gonna miss you too.” I sighed, getting up from the bed and wrapping my arms around his neck. “It’s gonna suck without you here.”

“At least it will only be a month though.” he said positively. That was true. We had to deal with even worse separation when he would tour for months on end with his band. He spaced out his solo tour a lot more now, only a month or two at a time before coming back home.

“When does your cab get here?”

“Um in like fifteen minutes. Why?”

“I want to give you something to remember before you go.” I whispered into his ear, feeling him shudder when I nipped at his earlobe. “Do you want that?”

He nodded vigorously, turning around to face me. His eyes were blown out, wide with excitement.

“Will we have enough time?” I pushed him down on the bed in response, dropping down to my knees in front of the bed. My fingers immediately went to work on the buttons of his jeans. He lifted his hips up as I tugged on his pants, helping me lower them down to his knees. He was already hard, straining against his dark gray boxers.

He grunted when I ghosted my fingers over his outline, stroking the soft fabric with my fingertips. He supported himself up on his elbows, watching me intently. I traced my finger along the hem of his boxers, making him let out an impatient whine.

“Don’t tease me baby.”

“I just want you to remember every second of this. When you’re alone late at night on the bus, I want you to trail your fingers over your cock like I do.” He let out another high pitched whimper, his eyes begging for more. I obliged, hooking the band around my index fingers and lowering them down to his knees along with his jeans.

I ran my hand over his length, smearing the pre-cum forming over his tip around with my thumb. His fingers curled into the blanket and I knew how badly he was itching to latch onto my hair and push me down. I gave his inner thigh a few peppering kisses, trailing up to his base. He groaned in relief when I licked the underside of his base, paying extra attention to the prominent vein pulsing out. I gave his tip a few kitten licks, looking up to make eye contact with him.

Beads of sweat were forming at his hairline, his jet black locks sticking to his forehead as he threw his head back. He never failed to amaze me how he could go from a shy, adorable man-child who loved comics and video games to the most sexiest man I’ve ever seen, just from the simple touch of my tongue.

I took his tip in my mouth, giving him a hard suck before lowering down until I gagged. One hand flew down to the back of my head, threading his fingers into my hair. He didn’t pull or yank on it like usual, letting me have control today. I lightly grazed my teeth along his shaft, knowing how much he loved a little friction.

He groaned eagerly at that, chanting “more, please more” under his breath. I hollowed out my cheeks, bobbing my head at a more slower speed than usual. I used a free hand to stroke and pump whatever wouldn’t fit in my mouth.

“F-Fuck…shit, your mouth feels so good baby.” he choked out, gently thrusting up into my mouth. I could tell he was getting close; his hands were starting to shake and I felt him twitch in my mouth. I massaged his balls, feeling them tighten in my hands.

“I’m so close… I’m gonna…” He didn’t bother finishing, eyes screwing shut and letting out a brutal groan that made my blood run hot. He came quickly, his hot cum running down my throat. I swallowed all of it, trying to ignore the bitter salty taste.

I pulled off him with a loud pop, giving his tip one last kiss before sitting down next to him. I watched in amusement as his chest heaved rapidly, face damp with sweat.

“How was that?” I giggled, taking his trembling hand into mine.

“I need a shower.” he managed to rasp out with a small chuckle, clearing his throat as he sat up. “That was…whoa.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment then?”

“Put it this way, I’m gonna have a very tough plane ride with that image in the back of my head.”