he's still peter pan

To Neverland

I was sprayed with some pixie dust,
To escape from these realities.
So I flied to neverland,
And searched for my Peter Pan.
Though he’s nowhere to be found,
Still I took my chance.
If I ever wake up now,
No, that I never want.
Just please, let me dream for awhile,
For the moment I open my eyes,
I might start to cry.

nessa-mcfly  asked:

Alright I think I have a headcannon. Ok so Evan, as a kid, his favorite character ever was Peter Pan just because of the fact that he never grew up, thus he didn't have to go through any of the problems which comes with age. It's still low-key his favorite character and he watches Peter Pan (along with documentaries about trees) whenever he's in a really glum mood.

Heidi and Evan are able to see Finding Neverland one year and both of them love it (Evan especially)

People That Could Possibly Be The Real Peter Pan

I made a list, here it is:

Robbie Kay- Alright so we’ll just start off with him because he actually plays Peter Pan in Once Upon A Time, a dark one that is, but still Peter Pan none the less. Anywho, he is so cute and he has the floppy hair and the little button nose, gOSH HE SO CU TE

Rupert Grint- Alrighty then, I know it’s kinda hard to see him as anything other than Ron Weasley, but you see it too right? I mean look at this cutie, he’s got the classic red Peter Pan hair, and a darling smile and I could go on forever like seriously give this boy a feather hat and some tights and he’s good to go

Ashton Irwin- I don’t f*cking care if you have something against him or his band I will literally fight you I mean C'mon he’s a cute little ball of fuzzy kitties and sunshine and he has the hair and a cute smile and this adorable little giggle that he does, and who knows maybe modern Peter Pan wears a bandana instead of a green hat you never know

Thomas Sangster- Don’t even argue with me on this he is probably living on an island with a bunch of little kids he calls Lost Boys in his spare time because he DOESN’T AGE and he had been lookin fourteen for how long now??? And plus he has the hair and nose and sparkly eyes and I NEED TO STOP BEFORE I FAINT

Niall Horan- Yes I know I’m not their biggest fan for sure but LOOK at this dude and tell me you can’t see him knocking on your window in the middle of the night {{ha wow that sounded a LOT less creepy in my head oh well}} but look his face is a sure match of the cartoon kinda and the little facial expression just sells the whole Peter Pan thing, I’M CONVINCED SHUTUP AND PLEASE KEEP READING CUZ I AIN’T DONE WITH Y'ALL

Andrew Garfield- OH GEEZ wow okay Spiderman has reached a whole new level and I think that I can see him being the cute dude from Neverland I mean wow what gorgeous eyes and cute smile and nose and hey HAS ANYONE SEEN SOME RED HAIR DYE AND A PAIR OF TIGHTS???

Jacob Loftland- I’m screaming because this is the boy who PLAYS ARIS in The Scorch Trials  and OH BOY don’t even get me started on how pretty he is but can you even tell me no? NO YOU CANNOT BECAUSE I DO WHAT I WANT and I see him as Peter Pan and just why is it fair to any of us that he is this cute because I dont get it when is he gonna get the role of Peter Pan???

Logan Lerman- Do I even have to explain this one just LOOK AT THIS SHY LITTLE SH*T WHO THINKS HE’S ALLOWED TO BE THIS CUTE but he’s got the little bit of shyness about him and he has that kinda super cute look on his face and he is freaking PERCY JACKSON and how could he be a better Peter Pan tho

Alright so if you don’t agree with my list you can shut your wh**e mouth because this is my opinion and I’m feeling super confident and I don’t know maybe they all live in Neverland with each other and they’re all a type of Peter Pan and they bring girls to their island, and I don’t know bout you but I really need some celebrity Peter Pan AUs now so Imma go try and find some

Forces To Be Reckoned With {Writing Contest Prize for Maya}

Originally posted by thequeenruelas

Written by: @alloftheimaginesblog

Fandom: Once Upon A Time

Character: Peter Pan 

Note: This is for @butterflyxscales / @with3rs. Maya’s entry to my Writing Contest won one of the prizes and this is one of her prizes. ((sorry that the w.c stuff is coming out soooo late, life has been particularly busy the past year and well, i procrastinate))

Word Count: 964

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@ the writers of OUAT all that “Peter Pan never fails” talk made me believe so much you have no idea. For example “Peter Pan never fail. he can’t be stopped. even when they think he’s defeated, when they think they’ve won, he finds a way” or “don’t you know? Peter Pan never fails” yes prove us that please. I’m still waiting for you to bring him back, I don’t believe he’s actually dead. After all…
Peter Pan never fails


Request: Can I please have an imagine where the reader is kidnapped by Pan so she tries to make him fall in love with her so he’ll let her go? ☺️

Warnings: none

Notes: Wow, I made myself awkward while writing this, lol I’m so fucking lame, my goodness!

“Let me go! Please!” You had begged the night it happened.

“Quit whining. I’m doing you a favor,” the boy hissed at you.

“But I’m not lost anymore! I know I’m loved now! I know I am!” You cried hysterically as he flew higher to the stars.

“Lies! No one can become un-lost. No one!” He scoffed, voice sharp.

That was that. You had been kidnapped by Peter Pan because he believed you were still lost. But you were no longer lost. You had a wonderful boyfriend back home who loved you for you. You were no longer in the foster system and found a family. You were loved, and you knew it. But now you were scared of them all forgetting about you. What if they thought you ran away? No, they couldn’t think that. You struggled with Peter. Your window was left open. Your room turned into a mess. And little did you know that your foster parents had come to your room, hearing all the struggling. Thing was, they were too late. Now they were looking for you.

But that was months ago. Surely they gave up. You weren’t really theirs. You were someone they picked… Well, they did pick you out of everyone. Still, you were having your doubts.

You had a plan, nonetheless. You were escaping Neverland. You didn’t like it. And Peter would never let you leave without his permission. But you had a plan. You were going to seduce Peer. Make him fall in love with you. Get his mind so distracted that he would give you permission. It was your only idea.

“Peter,” you purred one night as you and him were cleaning up camp. The other boys had gone to bed already.

“Well that was… new,” Peter noted. His body stiffened, chills running up his spine. Your voice sounded so seductive. “What is it you want?”

“I want you.”

Peter furrowed his brow, puzzled. What were you playing? You’d never shown any interest in him. Why the sudden change? Though at the same time, his boyish hormones got the best of him. He craved affection from a female. Craved lips on his, hands exploring and touching parts that were sacred.

“You want me? Maybe I want you.”

You gulped, ready to do whatever it took to get yourself out of Neverland. You walked over to Peter, him setting down the junk in his hands. Your fingers immediately tangled in his hair, gently tugging at his locks. His hands rested on your hips. His lips brushed against yours.

“After being here for a while, I’ve learned to like it. And you.”

A smirked reached his lips. “I knew you’d come around.”

You hummed, about to kiss him, but you back away with a smug smile. You started walking to your tent, making sure to sway your hips and walk tall; coquettish. You hated being seductive, never being a seductive person. But you wanted out of Neverland. You were sure this would be your ticket out.

“Night, Peter Pan. See you in the morning.” Your tone stayed provocative. You left Peter standing there flustered. 

But it didn’t take long. The second you sat on your bed, Peter came rushing in. He went right to you, planting his lips on you. You kissed back, your hands tracing his arms. But that was all you gave him. You only let him have one good kiss. This was going to be a process, and you were willing to go through with it.

That next morning, you lingered around Peter. You called him Peter more than usual, used that same alluring voice, and batted your lashes. You were making Peter lick his lips, bite the inside of his mouth, and groan ever so lightly. You also had the Lost Boys’ attention. With how you were strutting your stuff and talking, and overall acting; you definitely got their attention.

“Peter,” you dragged his name. “Come with me.” You curled your finger repeatedly, telling him to follow you into the forest. You were playing dirty, and couldn’t help but enjoy having Peter right under your spell. He may be a heartless demon, but he still had those teenage boy urges.

Peter desperately followed you deeper into the forest. He glared at the boys, silently telling them to stay behind. He didn’t want any wandering eyes following. You took Peter away, and once far away enough, you pushed him against a tree. You kissed his lips hard, cupping his cheeks. His hands once again rested on your hips.

“I like this dominant side of you. Who would’ve known,” Peter chuckled, his tone full of lust.

“Just shut up,” you grumbled, kissing him again. Though your lips left his, making a trail. You kissed down his jawline, getting to his neck, and finally his collarbone. You were going to try to stay in control him, have him melting under you so he would grant you anything you desired.

It didn’t last long. In an instant, Peter turned you around so you were against the tree. He pressed his body to yours, returning the favor. He did exactly what you did, kissing your jawline and neck. Getting to your collarbone, he sucked and licked, leaving a love bite. You couldn’t help but let a single moan escape your lips, earning a victorious smile from Peter.

A few more weeks had passed. You were still going at it. Peter was head over heels for you. He had been since he saw you, hence why he took you when he did. You seemed to be full of love and lust like him. You were perfect for him.

“Peter, stop,” you breathed hard. You were in his bedroom, clothes off. You were only left in your undergarments, him left in his boxers. He was kissing down your chest when he began to slowly drag down your panties.

“What? What’s wrong?” He asked, stopping.

“Uh… I-I have a request. Um, before we take things… further.” You were getting awkward, never meaning to go this far with him. You never planned on going all the way with him, never planning to have sex with him. You were already cheating on your boyfriend by doing all this with Peter, but it was so you could go home.

“And what is that?” He asked, resting his chin on your bare stomach. He occasionally left light kisses, waiting for your response.

You didn’t know how to word it. You didn’t want to be too obvious, but you still had to make sure you were clear. You bit your lip, looking at his lustful green eyes. You propped yourself up on your elbows, looking at him.

“You’ll do anything for me to make me happy, right?” You asked, slight nervousness in your tone, but you still kept it sounding seductive.


“Then how about…” you tangled one of your hands in his already disheveled hair. “You let me go back to the Mainland?”

Peter was so far in a trance. He was under his spell; like putty in your hands. He lazily grinned, eyes seeming droopy, but he wasn’t tired. A light hum vibrated out of his throat. His fingers delicately caressed your exposed thigh.

“Whatever you want.” A smirk formed on your lips now. You were free.

“Okay… can we just cuddle for the rest of the night? I’m tired.” You faked a yawn. One thing about Peter was if you told him to stop, he would stop. He never pressured you.

“Sure, of course. You’ve been busy today,” Peter softly smiled. He got up from his comfortable position, laying by your side. He cradled you in his arms, waving his hand so the light would turn off. He pulled the blankets over, your skin toughing his. He shut his eyes, but yours stayed open. A part of you felt terrible for playing Peter like this. Yes, he had kidnapped you, but you’d never been a girl who played with people’s hearts. Even a demon’s heart.

It took you a while to finally fall asleep.

When you awoke, you were alone. Peter had already woken up for the day. You quickly changed into day clothes, taking one last look at Peter’s bedroom. This was your last day. You knew exactly how to get off, too…

When you finally escaped back to home, Peter was furious. Not at you, more so himself. You played him and he fell for your games. Peter Pan never failed. No one ever beat him. But then you came along and made him feel different. Ever since he laid eyes on you in the Mainland, he knew you were something special.

“Gah! How could I fall for it all?” Peter raged as he threw something at a tree. “Pathetic! Nobody plays Peter Pan! Nobody!”

He regretted it all. He should’ve never said what he said. Should’ve never given you permission. He was angry. Unhappy. He lost you.

“That brat! Throwing herself at me, being lustful and seductive…” he breathed out. He kicked a pebble with his boot as he walked alone in the jungle. “That… clever girl.” He reluctantly admitted. What you pulled was entirely clever. Anyone that fooled Peter Pan was considered clever. And you were the most clever of them all.

RTE Guide’s Sept 1 issue included an interview with Cillian (Murphy’s Law of course!) and this fabulous description of what it was like to sit across from him:

We find ourselves in a grand banquet hall in the Merrion Hotel in Dublin. The room dwarfs an already tiny Cillian, elfin-like in features, his cheek bones are those that models would kill for and his piercing blue eyes lead you into a stare-off whether you’re willing to participate or not. There’s a Peter Pan-ness about him, at 40 he still looks like a boy, a dream situation for any actor. At one point he nimbly jumps up from his seated position on the chair into a cross-legged pose, a move that would leave most in agony at the attempt.