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Creeps at the Club | Kraglin/Reader

“there’s a real creep at the club trying to hit me up right now and you look pretty fit so pls pretend to be my date so he can leave" w/ kraglin and it ends with kraglin taking the reader home?

(this got kind of long so if you guys want kraglin smut in a part 2 let me know and i will absolutely do it)

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If you’re struggling like I am - Ch. 14 (M)

Summary: You are hired as a makeup artist for BigHit working with BTS. You are older than all of them, yet, despite your best efforts, you find yourself slowing falling in love with the youngest member.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader, Jungkook X Noona

Genre: Angst, Fluff and Smut

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27(final)

Chapter 14 - Firsts

You and Jungkook have a hotel room all to yourselves.

Word Count: 3k (of 73k)

Warnings: a lot of smut 

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why not both? pt 2.
  • pairing: eisuke ichinomiya x MC x soryu oh.
  • rating: mature, ofc.
  • word count: ~2800.
  • content notice: somehow spanking made its way into this, idk how that happened ://
  • author’s notes: this threesome relationship is just really important to me?? so here’s part two. might make it into a series of sorts, i’m not sure yet. enjoy! 
  • part one.

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Such a Good Girl for Me (Priest! Gerard Way x Reader) SMUT!!

Requested: No (I am taking requests for MCR now as well so bring it on and yes I do smut.)

Warnings: smut, masturbation, oral( female receiving), punishment (spanking), wrong depiction of church, swearing. ( That’s all I can think of)


The bright Sunday light shown through the clear church windows. My parents had woke me up early and forced me into the car for our usual Sunday service. I could do without church in my life right now. All I really wanted was to go home and finish reading that great fanfiction.

“Thank you for coming. I hope to see you all next weekend.” The priest said from up at the podium. Father Way. Our priest was gorgeous. He had short white hair, which I thought was very odd considering he was a priest, but at least it wasn’t red. He always wore black except for the little white collar he wore on his neck.

The peaceful silence in the room was ended abruptly as people began to stand up from their seats and make their way to the doors that lead out of the church. People after church usually made conversation with Father Way about the service or special prayer requests.

“I am ready to go back to bed.” I said to my dad as I followed them to the doors.

“Y/N today you’ll be staying a little longer.” My mother said turning around to face me. She stopped suddenly, causing me to stop too or I would have run into her.

“What? Why?” I asked anger and confusion bubbled in my stomach causing my good mood to turn sour. My dad walked away after looking at my mom briefly.

“I found your journal. I wasn’t very pleased with the thoughts in it Y/N. They were highly inappropriate so I called the Father and he has agreed to talk with you for a while.

“Mom! You had no right to look in that! That’s private information!” I hissed under my breath, not wanting to cause a scene.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I stumbled upon it and I know it’s wrong but I’m glad I read it. That behavior is absolutely sinful. Hopefully Father Way can explain this to you.” My mom said looking back to Father Way as she spoke.

“Hello Mrs. Y/L/N. What time will you be back to pick up Miss. Y/N?” He asked turning my mother’s attention away from me and onto him.

“I should be back around 4. Hopefully that gives you enough time.” My mother said looking at the watch on her wrist.

“Mom you’re leaving me here for 4 hours?!” I said looking at the clock on my phone. It was 12:10.

“Don’t be rude!” She gently scolded before turning back to Father Way.

“That should give us plenty of time. Do you have anything you want to give me before you go?” Father Way asked gently.

“Yes, would you please follow me?” My mother asked pointing to the door that led out.

“Of course.” Father Way said offering me a kind smile before following my mother. They talked discreetly while I scrolled through my online journal looking through all the thoughts I had written on the go.

“This is bullshit.” I said speaking out loud as I texted my friend from school.

“Please, if you would refrain from using that language in the church it would be much appreciated.” An old man said as he passed.

“Sorry.” I said gently before deciding I wasn’t going to text out loud again.

‘What’s wrong?’ Y/BF/N texted back after a few minutes.

‘My parents literally signed me up to have a session with the priest!’ I texted back immediately, hoping she would feel the urgency in my words. I really want to get out of here.

‘Didn’t you say that you wanted to fuck him that one time?’ She asked back almost as quickly as I did.

‘That’s beside the point!! Literally I have to stay here for 4 fucking hours!! Please help!’ I said hoping she would come pick me up before I had to deal with Father Way.

‘Can’t. Out shopping with my mom. She said she wanted some quality time with me. I know she’s just lonely cause dad’s gone.’ She texted back a minute later.

‘How is he by the way?’ I said taking the subject off of Father Way. I wanted to forget him for the time being until I couldn’t. I was very glad that him and my mom were taking forever.

‘He’s good! He should be home next Sunday! We’re planning a huge party. You’ll be there right?’

I never got to answer her question because Father Way was standing right in front of me. I was face to face with his pure white collar. I tilted my head up to see him looking down at me with a smile on his face.

“Well, shall we?” He asked gesturing towards the door straight behind the podium. I hadn’t noticed but everyone except for Father Way and I had left the church. I nodded and turned my phone off, slipping it into my bag. I walked to the door and I stopped waiting for him to unlock the door. “It’s open.” He said gesturing for me to open it.

The mahogany door creaked as I pushed it open to reveal his office. His desk sat in the back corner while a black couch sat on the wall to my left. He had bookshelves filled with different books and papers. His desk was nearly empty except for an empty coffee mug, a small black Bible, and a notebook with small words neatly written on the page.

“Make yourself comfortable,” he said as I entered the room slowly. “I understand that your mother had wanted me to speak with you about some certain things?” He questioned as he shut the heavy door. He had something in his hands but I didn’t get a good look at it due to him clutching it closely to his side.

“I don’t know.” I said shrugging. I didn’t want to talk about my sexual fantasies with a damn priest. Especially a hot one at that.

“Y/N what you say stays in this room. Your mother will not know what was said at all unless you wish me to speak to her about it.” Father said closing the notebook on his dresser before setting a new one on his desk. As he flipped it open to a marked page that already had sloppy writing in it, way different from the other notebook that was on his desk. His eyes began to scan the page so I just kept quiet, twiddling my thumbs to avoid the awkwardness in the air.

“So, your mother seemed very concerned about your behavior lately. She says that’s you’ve been having thoughts that are mildly inappropriate. Care to tell me why?” He asked, not taking his eyes away from the page.

“I don’t know. A friend told me about stuff.” I said shrugging.

“And you decided to investigate further?” He said flipping the page.

“I was just curious. I didn’t do anything wrong.” I said trying to defend myself.

“Oh, but you have.” He said getting up out of his chair before dragging it the the center if the room, right in front of me he brought the notebook with him as he straddled the wooden chair.

“What?” I asked my eyebrows furrowing to the middle of my forehead in a confused expression.

“It says here that you have lusted, and for an older man. It says that you have touched yourself not too long ago.” He said maintaining and stern expression.

“That’s a lie. Did my mother tell you that?” I said lying straight to his face. It was the night after my friend and I watched porn on a dare and it got me a little excited. I waited till I was home and just did what felt right.

“No, you did.” He said pointing to the page.

“Is that my journal?” I asked in shock.

“Your mother thought it would be useful to have. The things in here are absolutely sinful.” He said with a small smirk on his face.

“You can’t just-” I stood up and started but he cut me off.

“Sit.” He said in a stern voice. I didn’t want to but I sat down. The tone in his voice was so assertive that it kind of turned me on. When I got home I would definitely be writing about it, along with the other fantasies I have stored on my phone.

Father Way closed the notebook and set it on the floor lightly.

“May I see your phone?” He asked holding out his hand.

“There’s nothing to see on there.” I said clutching my bag close to me.

“Your mother noticed that you type quite often on that thing and she asked me to take a look at that as well.” He said with his hand still held out.

“I’m just texting friends.” I said, making up another quick lie.

“Lying is a sin, Y/N. Give me the phone.” He demanded. He wasn’t asking anymore and I had no choice but to hand over one of the two things that kept all my secrets. One had been looked through already.

He looked through all my files. I had many sinful things saved and written on there. It was enough to make anyone want to wash their eyes out with holy water. He stayed completely calm as he looked through the notes section of my phone.

“Wait-” I started but he put a hand up to stop me from speaking any further. He kept scrolling, his eyes scanning the pages still looking perfectly calm. He sighed and set the phone down.

“You’ve been lusting for me,” He stated setting the phone on top of the journal. I looked down at my lap, ashamed of myself for feeling this way for a priest. I was lusting after a person of the Lord.

“Show me how you did it.” He said after a long moment of silence.

“What?” I asked tilting my head to the side.

“You obviously aim to please me, so show me how you touched yourself. You were thinking of me so why don’t you show me?” He asked with an innocent voice. His eyes were dark and his pink lips were formed into a smirk.

“Father Way… I-”

“You will call me sir.” He interrupted coldly. His voice was low and commanding making shivers run down my spine.


“You’ve already sinned so much Y/N. Do you really want to disobey me?” He asked in a teasing voice. “Show me how you did it.” He demanded again. There was a tone behind his voice that told me he didn’t want to tell me again. I swallowed all my fears and regrets while dropping my bag. My hand forced itself done my black leggings and slowly rubbed my clit through my underwear.

“I want your pants and underwear off. I wanna nice view if you while you touch yourself for me.” It should have been revolting and wrong but I couldn’t seem to feel disgusted at his dirty words.

I kicked my black Converse off and my black leggings followed in their path, thrown to the floor without care. The only thing left on my lower half were black underwear and socks.

“Underwear too.” He said looking at my face as I put my hand back down to continue. I pulled off my black underwear before setting my hand on my naked clit, closing my legs around my hand to keep my most private parts hidden from Father Way’s piercing gaze. “Spread your legs for me darling. I wanna see that pretty pussy of yours.” He said leaning forward on his chair.

The position my legs put my hand in was very uncomfortable and only allowed.mynhand to move in little circles around.my clit which denied me the pleasure I’ve wanted to feel again for so long. I shook my head anyways, not wanting him to see.

“Nothing to be scared of. It’s just me.” He said persuading me with a soft voice. I squeezed my eyes shut and opened my legs, bending them at the knee so Father Way would have a better view and my hand would have better access. “That’s a good girl.” He said sweetly. The words had caused a strike of pleasure shoot up my spine.


“What did I say you could call me?” He asked firmly.

“S-sir.” I said rubbing my clit at a faster pace, my urge to cum stronger than it was before.

“That’s right,” He confirmed and I cod here a small smile in his voice. “ Slow down. We still have 3 hours to go.” He said chuckling. As much as I wanted to.go even faster I slowed down and I groaned in frustration as my orgasm fizzled away in the pit of my stomach.

“Good girl,” he praised taking in a sharp breath. “I want you to look at me.” He said taking shirt labored breaths. I opened my eyes to see Father Way with his hand around his thick cock pumping up and down with my rhythm. The sight sent a strong feeling of pleasure all over my body and I had to stop moving my fingers on my clit so I could take it.

“You didn’t cum did you?” He asked teasingly.

“N-no sir.” I confirmed before looking at him again.

“And did it say you could stop?” He asked pumping his cock much faster now.

“No sir.” I answered looking down at my hand that disappeared under the hem of my red shirt.

“Then keep going.” He said before moaning loudly. His moan nearly sent me over the edge as I started my hand again. I opened my eyes again just in time to see his jaw go slack and his eyebrows furrowing as streaks of white cum striped the dark wooden chair and his pale knuckles.

“Fuck.” I said as I felt my orgasm approaching again.

“You gonna cum?” He asked breathless.

“Y-yes sir.” I said letting my fingers move a little faster against myself so I could finally cum.

“No your not. Stop.” He said his breath returning to normal again. I groaned and stopped the movement of my fingers once again, denying my much wanted orgasm.

“Sir please.” I said taking my hand away so I wouldn’t be tempted to start again.

“Shirt off, bra off, hands above your head.” Father Way said tucking himself back in his black jeans. I quickly followed his demands as he searched in his desk for something. His search ended up successful as he pulled out a black and white striped tie. My arms were above.mynhead exposing my chest and stomach to his mercy.

“Such a good girl for me.” He said straddling my hips when he finally made his way over to me. His black button up rubbed against my hardened nipples causing some much wanted attention. The soft tie was tight around my wrists as he finished I wanted to move to test out my limits but I found that I could only move an inch toward Father Way before being stopped by something.

“Thought that handle might be good for something.” He said he he kissed my neck. He kissed around my neck on both sides until he hit a certain pot that made me let out an uncontrollable moan. He smiled into my skin and took the spot in his mouth creating a vacuum seal with his soft lips.

My legs were stuck underneath his hips as he continued to suck and nibble at my neck. The weight of his legs around my legs and the fact that he could do what ever he wanted to me turned me in to no limit. The wetness in between my legs wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon and the strong urge to cum was still there as well. I decided that giving myself wasn’t that bad and began to rub my thighs together to create friction.

“Impatient are we?” Gerard said moving away from my neck.

“Sir please-”

“I will take care if you. Don’t you worry. First you must be punished.” Gerard said getting off of me, working on his belt.

“What, why?” I asked in shock. I haven’t been spanked since I was a kid and it was just with a spoon. Seeing him take off his belt was a huge turn one, but it was also kind of scary.

“You know why. I want you to say them.” He said stretching his belt tight in his hands.

“I-I lusted over you. I lied, and I touched myself.” I said looking down at my chest.

“Good girl. You’re going to get 10.” He said looking down at his belt fondly. I nodded and began to turn over. “No, I didn’t tell you to turn over now did I?” He said tilting his head teasingly.

“No sir.” I said sitting back down on the couch.

“That adds 5. You do nothing unless I tell you to. Got it?” He asked squinting his eyes in my direction.

“Y-yes sir.” I said letting my feet capture all my interest.

“Spread 'em.” He said grazing the belt over my knees.

“You’re gonna-”

“Ah ah ah. Would you like to add more?” He asked putting his hands on my knees. “You don’t speak unless addressed or given permission. Understand?” He asked raising an eyebrow as he waited for an answer.

“Yes sir.” I said nodding.

“You have permission.” He said rubbing the front of my thighs. He had to lean down to reach them but it didn’t look like it bothered him.

“You’re no going to hit my-”

“Of course not,” He assured patting my knee. “Now spread.” He said lifting my feet onto the edge of the couch before prying my legs open with his strong hands.

I moaned as he looked at my womanhood. He grazed the belt over it once and I bucked my hips into it. A low chuckle left his throat as I moaned at the sudden contact.

“Well, by the way you’re acting you wouldn’t mind if I hit it,” He said grazing the belt over it again before moving up the rest of my thighs. “I want you to thank me for each one. You don’t have to count.” He said before bringing the belt down onto the inside of my thigh.

“T-thank you sir.” I said shocked at the stinging pain that shit through my leg. It slowly turned to pleasure as he rubbed the spot with the belt. He brought the belt down on the same thing closer to where I didn’t want him to hit and I whined closing my legs slightly as instinct.

“Keep them open,” He said pushing my legs open again. I nodded and went along with his movements. “Are you forgetting something?” He asked running the belt down my other thigh.

“Thank you sir!” I rushed out.

“There we go.” He said bringing the belt down again. This hit was harder and it caused tears to well in my eyes. But I definitely didn’t want him to stop.

“Thank you sir.” I squeaked out a few seconds after the slap.

He continued to slap each thigh a multitude of times until he hit 15. My eyes were full of tears and my thighs were full of red marks that were beginning to turned a dark red. I knew there was going to be bruising but I didn’t mind.

“Such a good girl. You took it so well.” He said putting the belt on the table before dropping to his knees. He caressed the reddened skin with his large pale hands. His fingers drew circles into my skin as he let me settled down.

As soon as he thought I was okay he pressed the tip of his index finger to my clit. My mouth flew open and I bucked my hips into him, hoping to get more friction out of his finger. He chuckled and swirled his finger lightly, testing my reaction which was almost instant. I threw my head back and groaned as he took it away, not letting me indulge in the pleasure.

His finger was replaced with something warm and slightly bumpy. It felt amazing but my curiosity got the better of me and I looked down to find Father Way with his  head in between my legs. His white hair stood out against the tan flesh of my thighs.

I released a loud moan as he drew circles and figure eights on my sensitive clit. His fingers toyed with the rim of my entrance causing a moan of pleasure to be released from my lips. He sucked my clit into his mouth as he pushed a finger into me.

The intrusion wasn’t painful but it wasn’t what everybody said it was going to be. Everybody said that it was so pleasurable, but this was just uncomfortable.

“Sir, wait.” I said through a moan of discomfort.

“Shh. I got you. It’ll feel better soon.” He said swirling his warm tongue around my clit to distract me from the discomfort I was feeling in my lower regions. Let me just say he did a good job. I let out a loud moan and he began to move his one digit in and out of me slowly.

At this point most of the discomfort was gone and it was replaced with a new feeling. It was much stronger and more raw than what I was feeling with his tongue. My breath stopped short in my lungs and I opened my mouth to let out a moan. My eyebrows were scrunched into the middle of my forehead as my breath became labored.

“Feels good doesn’t it?” He said taking his mouth away from my clit before adding what felt like another finger.

“Yes s-si- ahh!” I didn’t get to finish my sentence as he hit something inside of me. It was the pleasure I was feeling already tenfold.b

“Right there huh?” He asked finding the spot again, pressing into it harder. I let out another scream as he made a 'come here’ motion with his fingers.

“I’m so close.” I announced as I felt my orgasm teetering in the edge.

“Not until I say. Hold it.” He said torturing my spot for a bit longer. His tongue found it’s way back to my clit and it didn’t help my case.

“Please sir, may I cum?” I asked clenching my walls around his fingers as he moved them faster.

“You may cum.” He said after taking his mouth away once more. I let go, relaxing around his fingers as he helped me reach my high.

I came with a scream leaving my throat as Father Way kept moving inside me. The pleasure was so much I didn’t notice that Father Way had pulled his fingers out of me and untied my bonds.

“You’re mother should be here soon.” He said gathering my clothes for me setting them on the couch next to me.

“Okay.” I said hazily. I searched through my pile of clothes and the ground but I couldn’t find my underwear.

“I’ll be keeping them,” He said noticing my searching. “If you don’t mind that is.” He said teasingly.

“No sir.” I said pulling on my pants immediately.

“Sweetheart. Next time you come to church I expect you in more decent clothing. Understand?” He said gathering your journal and phone before dragging the chair back to it’s place behind his desk.

“Yes sir.” I said pulling on my red shirt.

“I will be keeping the journal but here, if you need anything at all just call me._ he said handing you a tiny slip of paper. I nodded and we made our way to where my mother was waiting outside.

“I hope you changed her mind at least a little.” My mother said hopefully.

“She was very loud in her opinions but so was I. She listened very well and understands it much better now. But, I think just for your sake that she should come back next weekend so we can discuss things further. She had a lot of questions and concerns.” Gerard said looking at my mother with a concerned face.

“Of course Father Way. Whatever she needs to be saved.” My mother said grabbing his hand to shake it.

“See you next week Y/N.” Father Way said with a smirk on his face. I’m very glad my mother was turned around for that.

“Unfortunately.” I said trying to act like I wasn’t excited.

“You’ll have to fix that attitude too Mrs. Y/L/N.” Father Way said, addressing my mother.

“Please.” Was all she said before we shut the doors and drive away from him, his number still wrinkled in my sweaty palm.

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A Proper Kiss

Dear soudam tag, thank you for doing what you’re doing.  I wanted to contribute to the tag, so I did it the only way I knew how.  With terrifying AU pornfic.

Gundam holds an infinite void within him, and Souda floats in a tiny tank isolated from the rest of the world.  That’s why they understand each other so well.  Merman!Souda/Eldritch!Tanaka, Hell’s Peak Academy AU.

~4750 words, warnings for lengthy smut, xeno, DP (Souda has fairly accurate…shark bits), slight Eldritch body horror (Gundam’s mouth - or lack of one), underwater sex, top Souda, telepathy, and accidental extreme dorkiness and fluff amid all that nonsense.  I am so, so sorry.

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anonymous asked:

Hello m'love! Could you maybe write an Isaac one shot based on the song 'Mardy Bum' by The Arctic Monkeys? ('Mardy Bum' basically means someone who is acting moody/confrontational/uncooperative/grumpy etc.) <3 xo

Pairing: Isaac x reader

Musical Inspiration: Mardy Bum by the Artic Monkeys

Warnings: bad mood reader,  clichés, cheesiness (but hopefully you like that), PDA (but just for a second), Sterek if you squint

Isaac waits outside your house, his scarf pulled tight around his mouth to keep the morning chill at bay, hands wrapped around two warm cups of tea. He texted you five minutes ago to let you know he was there, waiting for you. Your reply of Give me a minute might seem innocuous to anyone else, an innocent reply that you need a little more time but Isaac can feel a sense of dread already because he knows you better than most people. He knows that when everything’s fine and you actually just need a minute, you send just a sec or maybe I’ll be right out. But ‘give me a minute’, that means “Stop rushing me, asshole!” And that, of course, means that your day is not going well already, which means Isaac’s day isn’t going well. He knows better than most that when you’re not happy, nobody is happy.

You come slamming out your front door and accept the tea he offers with a terse “Thanks”, not bothering to look his way.

Isaac tugs at his scarf nervously as he tries to keep up with your swift, angry steps. “Um, you look nice,” he says.

You turn to him and glare until he shrinks back a little.

“Okay, keeping my mouth shut,” he mutters, raising his tea to his lips to keep them occupied so they can’t possibly offend you anymore than they somehow already have.

You face forward as you keep stalking your way to school. You feel a little bad about shutting him down but the guilt just makes you angrier. You walk faster as your mood blackens with each step. The day’s just started and already you want it over with.



“Don’t,” Isaac stops Stiles from addressing you with a hand on his shoulder as you stomp by on the way to your locker. “Just… don’t.”

“O-kaaay,” Stiles says, voice trailing off and Isaac knows he curious what the problem is. He’s your best friend, of course he’s going to wonder. But Isaac is your boyfriend so this is his territory, figuring out what’s wrong and finding some way to fix it. Or at the very least, make you feel better about it.

He trails behind you, leaving Stiles staring after the both of you. Hopefully, Stiles’ sense of self-preservation will actually kick in this time and he’ll stay far away for the moment. Taking a deep breath, Isaac steps up behind you where you’re tossing things around angrily in your locker. He wraps his arms around you, holding firmly in the hopes that you’ll be receptive.

You relax into the feel of his arms for a few seconds. You hadn’t realized just how much you’d needed that. But then you remember that you want to be angry. You have every right to be angry, and you break his hold, pulling yourself from his arms.

He lets you but doesn’t move away, doesn’t give you space.

“Are you going to tell me what this is about?” He asks, still just standing there, looking perfectly calm and patient. It drives you insane that he can be so utterly cool right now, when you’re this big jumble of horrid emotions. You want to throw something, or maybe scream.

“No,” you say, slamming your locker shut and turning to him, arms folded around the book you needed. “It doesn’t have anything to do with you,” you tell him. He deserves at least that much, the knowledge that it’s not his fault you’re in this awful mood.

You try to turn away, to head to class, but Isaac catches your wrist, making you spin on him again. “What?!” You snap.

Normally, he’d shrink back at that, making you feel even worse, but he doesn’t this time. He stands his ground, running his thumb over the delicate skin of your wrist.

“It has to do with you. And you’re the person I care about more than anything else, so it does have something to do with me.”

Fuck. He’s really something else, isn’t he? You sigh, some of the wind going out of your sails.  “Look,” you sigh again. “I’m sorry for taking my bad mood out on you, okay? But I don’t want to talk about it right now. I just- I’m angry and I want to just be angry for a while. Alright?”

“Okay,” He answers, grateful that he at least knows what to do now. And as much as he’d rather not leave you alone in your current mood, it’s what you’ve asked for. So, it’s what he’s going to give you. “I’ll just… see you at lunch, I guess?” He lets your hand drop from his hold.

“Yeah,” you answer immediately, turning to go to your class so that you can build up your anger again, revel in it for a while. But then you stop, turn back to him and take a step closer and press your lips against his. It’s not much of a kiss. It’s brief, chaste. But you hope it says the ‘thank you’ you can’t currently put into words.

When lunch comes, you’ve got a headache and you’re definitely ready to lose the cloud that’s been hanging over you all day. It was sort of freeing at first, being able to rage at everything wrong with the world for a bit, but now it’s just dragging you down with it.

Isaac sits next you at your table and just the touch of his thigh against yours makes you feel a little lighter.

“Feeling better?” He asks gently, hand resting on the small of your back.

“Less angry, still upset,” You answer, gazing flicking up to his for just a second.

“Am I allowed to try and cheer you up yet?” He asks. Something about his tone suggests he’s only asking as a formality. He’s already got something up his sleeve and that knowledge pulls at the tangle of discomfort in your gut, cutting a few of the strings. He’s already making you feel better and all he’s done is exist. But that’s sort of the way it goes with Isaac. He’s just lovely in general.

You nod, not allowing yourself to speak because your throat is already tight with emotion.

He grins at you, pulling a small piece of paper from his pocket. It’s folded in half and when you open it there’s a title at the top: The Top 10 Things I Love About You.

You snort a little laugh. “Had it all planned out, didn’t you?”

“Of course I did,” He says, wrapping his arm fully around you and holding you close. “I knew you’d need something to make you smile before long, and I especially like being the one to make you smile, so,” he finishes with a little shrug. “Read it.”

You do as you’re told, turning your gaze on the piece of paper in your hands.

10) Because I know that days like today will end in cuddles. Which I need just as much as you do. 

9) Because you’re the most incredible person I’ve ever met, inside and out. 

8) Because you don’t make dog jokes. (unlike somebody we both know.)

You laugh at that one. Stiles’ dog jokes are the bane of Derek’s existence and Isaac isn’t too fond of them either.

7) Because you’ve always been on my side, even when you didn’t know if you should be. 

6) Because on your best days, you’re patient and kind and I am so thankful that I have you in my life.

5) Because on your worst days, you’re moody and insufferable and I am so thankful that I have you in my life.

You sniff as your eyes tear up a bit. 

4) Because you’re always there when I need you, even when I don’t know I do.

3) Because you’re funny and smart and we have the same sense of humor.

2) Because you love me better than anyone else ever could.

1) Because you’re you.

You can’t believe such an amazing person exists, and you get to keep him. You carefully fold up the list Isaac’s written, tuck it away safely in your pocket and turn to capture his cheeks in both of your hands. “I love you, too,” you tell him earnestly. “So much.”

“I love you more,” he grins just before you kiss him. A real, impassioned kiss. One that you probably shouldn’t be performing in public but, fuck it. Isaac makes you all kinds of weak, surely no one can blame you.

You don’t contest his last statement even though you don’t think it’s possible for anyone to feel more strongly about someone than you feel about him right now. He deserves the win, just this once.

Your bad mood doesn’t entirely dissipate but you do your best to keep yourself from directing any lingering ire at Isaac, or anyone else who doesn’t deserve it. The rest, well, Isaac makes it his mission to cuddle it away later, as promised.

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she really means: why did they stand next to each other in that meet and greet pic? did they talk to each other during the meet and greets? why is Louis so smol and adorable? harry is so tol and can pick Louis up so easily. they fit so perfectly together. why??? Louis is so still and he seems so calm and comfortable. it's like they've done this before. Louis is grabbing Harry's shoulder with just enough pressure and Harry must be so full of bliss... why am I such larrie trash over a meet and greet pic.
His Only Desire

Based on The Civil War’s song “Devil’s Backbone”

Castiel stared down at his clasped hands. For once in his very long existence, he felt perfectly still. The storms inside him had calmed their thrashing, the fire in his heart had dulled to a vague glow. The rapid currents that always flowed under his skin stopped and came to a mirror-smooth halt. He just sat, unmoving, unwavering, undone.

Then, finally, movement. Cas’ throat bobbed as he swallowed hard, eyes suddenly casting up towards the ceiling, half accusation, half pleading.

“Oh, Lord…” he began before stuttering to a halt. Never had speaking to Him come with such difficulty. The words used to drift like dandelion seeds off his lips, light and free and easy. Now…

“Father,” he rumbled, the word sitting low in his chest. “Father, what have I done?” He closed his eyes and shook his head minutely. “No, I know what I’ve done. I have spent enough time amongst humans to know exactly what I’ve done.” Castiel glanced around the motel room that he’d checked into. The Winchesters were on their way to work a case. The room would soon be filled with them. The scent of gun cleaner and gunpowder. The taste of cheap beer on the air. The rumble of oh so familiar voices. And Dean…

“What do I do? I seem to have… Fallen. Again. Differently this time.” Castiel almost smiled at the joke, but he couldn’t make his lips curve upwards. “An angel of the lord, heaven’s soldier, righteous and unending, just and good… And I’ve fallen for someone who is nothing like you.” Again he swallowed hard, this time past a lump in his throat. He had never said it out loud before.

“He does what he has to do. His life is perpetually held aloft by a hangman’s noose.” A shudder ran down Castiel’s spine, and he found the words suddenly spilling from his mouth. His Grace trembled under the weight of ten thousand unsaid things. Thoughts that he had squirreled away to the back of his mind, never to see the light again.

“Dean is sustained by beer, burgers, sin, and family. He was raised on the edge of the devil’s backbone, destined to fight for You, and now he’s stuck in between. I have seen Dean Winchester enraptured by joy, taken by rage, shattered by sorrow, and gutted and left empty. I raised him up from Hell, I have watched him die, I have killed him a thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand times. We have walked and fought side-by-side. He tore through Purgatory to find me, and embraced me when I was little more than a toxin.”

Castiel fell silent again, still staring up at the ceiling. Dust motes swirled in a blade of light peaking through the curtains. He watched them drift with the expression of a confused child, vulnerable and unsure. He didn’t say that his Grace hummed the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard when Dean Winchester was near. Nor did Castiel count the number of times that he had gone stargazing, staring at the constellations of freckles on Dean’s face. There was no way to voice the hidden imaginings of an angel who was more human than holy. Secret thoughts that lived in his heart of hearts. Whispers in his ear that he could never, would never repeat.

Slowly, slowly, Castiel lowered his gaze down to his clasped hands again. His knuckles were white and strained.

“There have been a thousand times that I have wished…” he murmured towards the floor, “That I could take Dean Winchester home. I wish I could send him back, to his unbroken family, to his untainted home. There have been a thousand more times that I have wished I could bring Dean Winchester home with me. To hide away in the most beautiful corner of Heaven we could find, where nothing can touch him.” His voice broke on the last few words, cracking and crumbling slightly. “Where nothing can touch us. Where… Where there is an us.”

Outside the motel room, Cas heard Baby roar into the parking lot. He closed his eyes and imagined Dean directing the Impala into a parking spot. The engine cut off. He would only have a few minutes before they found the room he had rented for them.

“I have one last request for you. Just one. Not from an angel to his Lord, not a man to his God, but from a son to his father. If I have ever asked for or wanted anything else, I was wrong.”

There was silence in the room again, as Castiel directed every thought, every emotion, every ounce of his ephemeral, ancient being into one idea. His one request, his only desire.

“Please. Don’t take this sinner from me.”

Nahoa exhaled a deep breath through his nose, buried under a gigantic mound of coffee beans inside his vault. He was in his more human-like form now, though he still kept most of his dragon features. 

He was perfectly calm and ready for a nice nap until on of his servant’s entered the room, informing him of an arriving guest. It wasn’t hard to guess who would just waltz up uninvited and unannounced, the very thought boiled his blood enough to shift into his natural form and jet out of the room, locking it securely and fly out to the entrance.

“See ya later,” was the sentence that his friend probably didn’t catch, because the music in the car was loud (which was an understatement, in the best case scenario). He threw the cigarette butt carelessly behind his back when he slammed the door of the car shut, and a second after he got a feeling of immense guilt for not thinking about the environment. Eden really did try, that was the thing: he tried not to throw his garbage everywhere, but his mind was rarely a perfectly still and calm sea so he could really do all the things he wants, the way he wants. Hoping nobody saw him, he looked left and right, so he could run across the street.