he's still cool with short hair

about nico's man bun and how it came to be

because let’s face it, it’s going to happen. i don’t really know if it’s going to be a permanent thing or not, but

  • it’s piper who first manhandles nico to sit on the floor in front of her chair and twists his still kinda short but shaggy hair into a tiny ponytail
  • there might be a little charm speak involved, but nico isn’t like, super mad about it, bc piper’s cool
  • nico thinks it looks absolutely ridiculous, mostly because his hair is still short, okay, not really any reason to put it in a ponytail yet
  • but he gets distracted with his mythomagic game with jason and forgets he has the hairdo still, and when he walks out to meet will for dinner will just
  • stops
  • and stares for, like, forever
  • (and maybe swoons just a little)
  • and nico doesn’t get what’s the big deal, then remembers the ponytail and yanks the hair tie out and messes his hair extra badly on purpose
  • “idk it looked really cute?”
  • “yeah well i don’t do cute so shove it solace”
  • flash forward nico kind of forgets mundane things like haircuts when he’s too busy helping out with sword fighting lessons and researching funeral rites and finding time to make out with will (all of these are equally important mind you)
  • and so his hair grows
  • and one day he’s sparring with jason and his hair just keeps getting in the way, no matter how many times he pushes it away
  • and he sees some young campers on the stands, doing each other’s hair and being all happy and gossiping and whatnot
  • so naturally nico stomps over and demands for a hair tie, and without saying another word he ties his hair back and goes back and continues sparring with jason like nothing happened
  • and he swears he was going to take the tie off as soon as they finished but will walked by on his way to his archery class
  • and damn that look on will’s face
  • it’s totally unfair how just one look can make nico feel things
  • so the updo stays for the night, at least until after dinner
  • it’s still less than half of nico’s hair, so when will’s kissing him behind a tree before camp fire he can still run his fingers through nico’s hair in that way that makes nico’s knees weak
  • so nico thinks that maybe, just maybe, he can give the hairdo another try, if it makes will look at him like that
  • nico keeps the hair tie and spends a ridiculous amount of time in front of the mirror next morning, trying to figure out if he should tie his hair up or not
  • he declares the whole thing stupid and marches to where piper is having breakfast with the rest of the aphrodite cabin, shoves the hair tie to her hands and demands that she do something
  • (the please is barely an afterthought)
  • (he doesn’t notice jason exchange money with some hermes campers with a smug smile on his face)
  • piper twirls nico’s hair into something she calls a man bun (and nico kind of hates it already) and even gives him a few tips on how to do it himself
  • nico is determined to never have to ask piper’s help again
  • he gets up and mutters a tiny little thank you before making his way to the apollo table
  • and oh
  • it’s all so worth it, because will can’t take his eyes off of nico
  • and even months later, when nico has mastered the man bun and even learned to add some little plaits to it, he still insists that this is all so that his hair doesn’t get in the way when he’s training
  • but basically the whole camp knows it’s mostly because will thinks it’s hot

To all the transboys in the fandom having a rough time or feeling insecure, I just want to remind you of a few things:

  • Pretty boys are everywhere in kpop! It’s great to be pretty and a guy, just like you! 
  • Seeing boys in makeup (aka feminine things) is welcomed and you’re still being a dude if you wear it! You’re allowed to be as feminine or as masculine as you want!
  • Being short is ok! Your bias is probably small too and that is a-ok! 
  • Have hips? So does Jackson Wang and look how cool he is!
  • Have small hands? So does Park Jimin! They’re perfect just like his!
  • Long hair? Jeonghan has long hair too and he’s a rad dude just like you!
  • Feeling sad? Yoongi and Wonho still probably love you since their ideal bias has no specific gender! They’d think you’re super cute!
  • Look at your girl bias! I bet you anything she’d think you’re handsome too!
  • You’re amazing and you’re valid and all of your biases would love you, so don’t be sad or insecure. You’re the best boy around!

     The early morning chill settled into your bones as you shuffled around the bunker’s cool kitchen, pulling your boyfriend’s well-loved robe tightly around your body. It dragged behind you as you walked - because if it almost touched the ground when Dean wore it, on you it might as well have been a formal gown, complete with train. You grabbed eggs and bacon with partial awareness, made toast and coffee without a second thought. Then you heard footsteps coming down the hall, shaking you from your sleepy daze.

     “Hey Y/N, have you seen my -” Dean halted at the kitchen door, flashing you a knowing smile. “nevermind.”

     “Sorry!” You looked down at the baggy robe hanging loosely off your shoulders, fabric soft and worn, and spun away from you half-cooked eggs. You gave him an innocent grin. “I stole it this morning, I was-”


     Your mouth snapped shut. “Am I really that predictable?”

     Dean let out a soft chuckle, making his way towards you and sliding his hands around your waist. “Sweetheart, you’re always cold. You’d shiver wearing a damn parka.”

     You stuck out your bottom lip. “I’d like to think I have a stronger constitution than that…”

     “I wouldn’t,” Dean said, grabbing a handful of his robe to punctuate his words. The fabric tightened around your waist. “Because then I wouldn’t get to see you wearing my clothes.” He skillfully undid the belt, revealing your crop top and tights and sliding his calloused fingers along the exposed section of your skin. “And I wouldn’t get to find new ways of warming you up.”

     You couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh, I can imagine that would be very hard for you.”


     “How would you ever manage?”

     You got nothing but a muffled “Mmm,” in response. Dean wasn’t listening anymore.

     All his attention had become focused on your neck, where he was peppering kissed from your ear to your collarbone, gently pushing the robe off your shoulder to continue his quest down your arm. His hands slid up under your loose shirt, searching for the bra clasp that wasn’t there, and he let out an approving groan upon making his discovery. He had you pushed up against the wall in an instant.

     You lifted your leg up to wrap around his, fingers pushing into his short hair and eagerly pulling his mouth to yours. But then, damn your body and damn that robe which was now hanging limply off your shoulders, the cool brick of the wall sent a shiver down your spine. Dean pulled away to look at you.

     “Still cold?” he asked, mischievous look dancing in his eyes. You nodded. “Well then,” he lifted you up with one swift motion, pulling your legs around his waist and turning towards your shared bedroom. “I guess I’m just going to have to work harder.”

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(P.S. I know Dean never actually wears the robe in this fic, but it’s just for reference!)

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Bucky Imagine #2 | Human Again

Originally posted by bucha-nan

“What do you feel like, Bucky? Want just a trim?”

He was quick to shake his head, the hair in question falling into his eyes.

“I want it gone. Can you,” he paused, “can you do something like you do for Steve?”

“Still fond of the 40’s cut, huh?” (y/n) hummed in thought, running her fingers gently through the long brown tresses. “Sure, I can do that. Tilt your head back a little, Sugar, so I can wash it for you.”

Bucky gently let himself lean back into the kitchen sink, his body stiff and rigid. As soon as he felt her fingers on his scalp, however, he was putty in her hands. She laughed under her breath, using her fingernails to massage a little firmer when he pushed into her touch.

“That water temperature okay?”

He grunted in an answer, not trusting his own voice right now. He almost whined when he felt her hands leave him but in an instant they were back, and the smell of fruit and flowers filled his nose. She lathered up the shampoo, continuing her wonderous attention on his head.

“Sorry, I ran out of the stuff I usually use for the guys.”

He shrugged as much as he could in the position he was in, not wanting to admit he actually preferred the more feminine smelling soap. She scrubbed for a few more minutes than necessary, enjoying the small sighs of contentment that he couldn’t hold in. Too soon for his liking, she rinsed out the suds and wrapped a towel around his shoulders.

“Okay, go ahead and sit up.” He followed orders, droplets of water falling down his cheeks and chin. “Whoops, sorry honey.” (y/n) dabbed the water off him with a second towel, ruffling up his hair to remove as much moisture as she could. He looked like a poodle when she pulled away, and if she would have known him a little better, she would have laughed out loud at the Winter Soldier’s current appearance.

She led him to the second chair in the middle of the kitchen, combing out the tangles as gently as she could. Bucky hadn’t been here for long, so she was careful to avoid anything that could possibly trigger him. She picked up the shiny hair shears slowly, making sure to tell him exactly what she was doing with every step.

“I’m just gonna start trimming okay?” He nodded. “Alright, here we go.”

It took the better part of an hour to work out all the knots, cutting off bits here and there to make it all easier to clip. She ran the clippers slowly across the sides, shortening them to the perfect length, but paused when she reached the top section of hair.

“How about we keep the top a little long?”

He had to force himself to answer her, too blissed out with the attention he was receiving. It had been years since he felt another human’s hand in a loving way and he couldn’t really muster a response, just hummed low in his chest.


She giggled, trimming the top section so it fell forward in a quiff. When he no longer felt her presence behind him, he opened his eyes, startled to see her now standing in between his legs. (y/n) was unphased by his reaction, leaning down just inches from him and tugging his hair forward in her fingers. He swallowed thickly, trying to avert his eyes but she tugged a bit harder in retaliation.

“Nu-uh, look ahead at me so I can check the length.”

This woman is killing me.

“Good, nice and even,” she patted his cheek in praise, much like he had seen her do to Tony. She grabbed a little bottle off the counter, squirting some of its contents out and rubbing it between her palms. Bucky fidgeted when she brought her hands back to his hair, returning to her previous scratch/massage motions.

“What’s that?” He asked, curious as he felt her begin to comb and shape the locks into place.

“Just a little pomade, er, I guess to you and Steve it would have just been called ‘gel’.” He could remember hair gel but never really used it, it made his hair uncomfortably crunchy. He sniffed the air, catching a whiff of the sweet fragrance when she scrunched up the sides.

“Smells good.” (y/n) agreed, grabbing a straight razor to trim the stray hairs on the back of his neck.

“It’s green apple, one of my favorites. Hold still.” The cool metal of the razor felt good against his skin and he had to admit he was a little sad when she announced that she was finished. She unwrapped the towel from his shoulders, handing him a small pink mirror. “There ya go, whad’ya think?”

Bucky was shocked to think that the man in the reflection was really him. His hair was perfectly styled, short and neat but with a new little flair. It took him back to the 40′s, before everything went wrong, and it flooded him with warmth. The feeling was overwhelming and before he could talk himself out of it, he had pulled (y/n) in for an almost bruising bear-hug.

“Thank you. Thank you for making me feel human again.” She smiled against his hard chest, returning his hug with no hesitation.

“You’re so welcome, Bucky.”

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I know you said the characters needs to be ready to come out, so I hope asking this is cool? As a trans boy I'm really interested in how Dallas Deals with being trans? And how his environment reacted?

Since this probably won’t be elaborated in comic.. He comes out at an early age. His dad was still alive. He was probably 7 when he started pulling at his pigtails. His mom bought him a pair of really pretty dolphin-pendant hair ties and he felt so bad for telling her he didn’t want it. He probably felt really mean so he’d wear it around his wrists. when he was 8 he asks his mom if he could cut his hair short and she and his dad agreed. Dallas wasn’t a very spoiled kid, and his dad let him do and wear whatever he pleased with his body (so long as it wasn’t harmful, or anything.)
So yeah. When Dallas was 9, him and his dad were going dress shopping for a family seder, but Dallas had failed an exam and he already had a really crappy day so he just. Sat down on a bench near the stores and Started Crying.

 His dad says, “Abby, what’s wrong?”
and he says, he doesn’t know why he’s crying, but he says, wearing dresses makes him uncomfortable. He shows his dad the hair tie and he says he feels bad saying no to all the stuff his parents buy him, but he’s just. He appreciates it but he doesn’t know what to do with it.
While yes, in later years he will understand that it’s 100% okay for a boy to wear dresses and makeup, and other things typically considered “feminine”, when he was a kid, he had an intense need to “pass.”
His parents are confused, but only at first.
Dallas is very lowkey. After his dad dies, him and his mom and baby sister move to Oregon. At his school. He’s always introduced himself as Dallas Ezra Margolin. His deadname would be Shulamite Abigail Margolin.
When he was 9, his mom cried a lot, and Dallas was scared she was disappointed, but she tells him, she was scared of how many times she’d unintentionally hurt him. Dallas flushed and asked his mom if she could pick him a new name (he loves his mom a Lot). His dad was jealous, and Dallas told him he could pick a name for Dallas too (Abe Margolin Is A Nerd)
Dallas’ mom picked the name of her favorite character from her favorite book, and his dad chose Ezra, which is Dallas’s grandpa’s name.
When Dallas starts T at 14 or 15, it’s the same year he joins the baseball team. Everyone just assumes that Dallas is a shy boy when he refuses to change into gear in front of anyone.
Poppy had sort of suspected. She’d always cuddle Dallas when they sleep together, (she’s very cuddly) and she felt the little clasps that some of Dallas’ binders have. She doesn’t say anything. Doesn’t feel the need to say anything.
There’s a silent understanding between her and Dallas.
Dallas does plan on telling Malek and Poppy, he’s just. Not sure how.
Until, of course. His mom let him have surgery. He set Malek and Poppy aside. Sits their asses down. “Please listen to me. I need you. This is really important to me. I don’t want you to think that I’m anyone other than Dallas-” his voice cracks, and Malek is about to make a joke, but Poppy is like, quit it.
Because she can see how nervous Dallas is. And Dallas just. Says his mom is gonna let him have top surgery. And Malek is Confused, and Dallas elaborates, Poppy Is Swelling Because She Loves Dally So much. Malek is horrified (keep reading on this pls don’t judge Malek yet) And Dallas can see that. And his mind is all “he doesn’t see you as a real boy.” But Malek is horrified because of all the times he called Dallas a “drama queen.” A “prissy princess” as jokes. He feels awful and sick and he owes Dallas a ton of apologies.
But Malek doesn’t want to make this all about himself. So he shakes his head and he hugs Dallas, like. Really obnoxiously tight. Like the combined force of his binder and Malek’s hug made it really hard to breathe. Malek doesn’t let go for a good, long, while. He mumbles
he supports Dallas All the Way, and he’ll always listen to what Dallas has to say. Later when Malek has Dallas all to himself, he apologizes for all the dumb names he’s called Dallas before.
One time Blake calls Dallas a bitch and Malek is all, freaked, and he’s all pissy at Blake, and everyone is all, whoah Malek what’s gotten into you man? And Malek apologizes. And Dallas decides he should come out to rest of the team. They’re his best friends. Blake feels terrible and says sorry. It’s the only time Blake has genuinely said sorry to anyone and it’s really a miracle to behold. Next practice, Dallas finally feels comfortable changing in front of everyone. Nobody bats an eyelash, and Dallas is so relieved.
There’s really.. A lot more but I wanna include the other stuff in comic so this is all I can give you! But a lot of stuff. In the comic. Soon.
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ficlet: all the glory that i bare (even/isak)

Summary: Isak buzzes his hair off on a dare. Even suffers through the five stages of grief. (a.k.a., yes, I wrote a ficlet in response to Tarjei’s new haircut. Sorry not sor—you know what, yes, actually I am very sorry.) Can also be found on AO3 here.


When Isak walks through the door, Even does a double take.

Okay, maybe it’s more like a quintuple take. Who’s counting?

“What did you do to your hair?” he blurts, and it maybe comes out a little sharper than intended, because Isak winces pretty hard at his tone.

But…he just walked through the door…like that. Like it was no big deal. Like the Earth hadn’t just shifted on its fucking axis. Like Even’s entire reality wasn’t suddenly crumbling around him.

So, yeah. Faced with this…this travesty…Even can hardly be blamed for his reaction.

“Is it bad?” Isak asks, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. “We got so drunk last night, and I can remember Magnus daring me to buzz it off but I honestly don’t remember actually doing it.”

Even’s going to find Magnus. He’s going to find Magnus, and he’s going to have words with him. Man to man. Dude to dude. Fist to face.

Okay, maybe not that last one. Even’s not a violent guy.

But still.

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I'm a Freak (Connor Murphy x Reader)

Connor Murphy x Reader

TW: swearing, yelling, Connor saying he doesn’t deserve to live, unedited and short. :(

(a/n; first published fic ever!! I hope y'all like it! Its unedited and horrible, but let me know if you would like more in the future!)

656 words (I think)

Connor tossed in his bed, grumbling and angrily yanking the sheets off of himself. He sat up and sighed, running his hands through his hair. The only thing he could hear was the giggling and whispers coming from his sisters room late at night. Connor shot up from his bed and stormed into the hallway, slamming his door open. He pounded on Zoe’s door angrily.

“Shut the fuck up, you guys! Seriously! I’m trying to sleep!” Connor shouted, twisting the door handle and trying to come in.

“Go away, Connor! We’re having fun!” Zoe shouted and giggled. Connor furrowed his eyebrows as he heard more than just y/n’s voice in Zoe’s room.

Connor slammed himself against the door until it burst open. Connor was panting slightly and red in the face with anger. His anger got worse as he noticed Evan Hansen sitting next to Zoe.

“What the fuck, Zoe!?! Mom and dad said y/n Hansen could come over, not her fucking brother!” Connor fumed, not noticing the scared look on Evan’s face. You weren’t startled since you had helped with Connors bipolar disorder before.

“You, you are SO lucky mom and dad went out for the night.” Connor turned around and slammed the door before anybody could say anything.

“I-I’m sorry, Zoe, I should-should go..” Evan turned red and started to shuffle until Zoe took hold of his hands and looked him in the eye. She was whispering comforting words until you got uncomfortable.

You shuffled out of the room while the lovers were making eye contact and sweet talk. You sighed, shuffling slowly downstairs into the kitchen in only a tank top and short shorts.

Connor was pacing the kitchen when you got down there, still frustrated and trying to cool down.

“Connor?” You called out, a sad smile on your face. You stepped forward and placed an arm on his bicep.

“I’m sorry.” Connors voice broke as he dove into your arms, tears welling up in his already red eyes.
“I can’t control my anger, I’m just a freak who doesnt deserve to live.”

You held Connor and ran your fingers through his slightly messy hair.

“Connor, please, come with me to get help.” You begged, trying to convince him to talk to someone with you for the hundredth time that year.

Nobody could convince Connor to do things like you could, he was head over heels for you. He never told you, but he had ways of showing it.

“Okay,” Connor broke, trembling in your arms. “Okay.”

Nobody had known you two were together for a fact, but many people guessed you were. People made fun of you for hanging around Connor Murphy, so Connor made you promise not to tell anyone you were dating. He didn’t want anyone to pick more fun at you.

Little did you both know, Evan and Zoe were standing at the top of the stairs, watching you two.

You rocked Connor back and forth as he sniffled into your neck. He was leaning on you with his arms wrapped tight around your waist. He was shirtless and in black shorts, what he normally slept in.

“I love you,” Connor began, using the L-word for the first time ever. “I love you so much, y/n.”

Your eyes widened as you pulled him closer. “I love you too, Connor. You mean the world to me.”

Connor looked up and pressed his forehead against yours, connecting your lips for a few seconds and still swaying back and forth.

“Wow..” Evan whispered to Zoe. “So, y/n and Connor, huh?

Zoe nodded with a small smile. “She’s good for him.”

“So what are we doing tomorrow?”

Alec ducks under the branch that Magnus is holding aside to clear the way as they walk through the forest.

They spent all day wandering, exploring their surroundings and enjoying the total freedom that comes with being far far away from any civilisation.

“I take you on vacation to some remote cabin in the woods and you still ask me what our plans are?” Magnus cocks an eyebrow at him, an amused smile playing on his lips. “Try and relax a little, Alexander.”

“I’m sorry,” Alec lets out a chuckle, sounding genuinely apologetic as if he knows Magnus is right.

They’re almost back at the cabin, walking on one of the main paths of the forest with a clear view of the sky above them. It’s been a hot day, almost unbearably so, with the sun shining down from a cloudless sky. Now, everything is grey, the air humid and charged, filled with promise of the rain that’ll come down sooner rather than later.

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Spirit in the House - Chap 7/10

Modern!AU Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader is in a coma after a car accident. Bucky moves into your apartment and find your spirit still hanging around. (Based on Just like Heaven)

Word Count: 1,937

Warnings: Mention of Cheating, Mention of Death, Language

A/N: Hope you’ll like this one :) Anyway, enter Maria…

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]

Originally posted by marshthemallows

You sat cross-legged on the sofa while Bucky was fixing himself up. He told your best friend he could see your spirit and ended up with a split lip.

“You’re not doing it right.”

“Really?” Bucky replied with a sigh and turned to you, a painful smirk on his face. “Wanna do it for me?”

“I would if I could… you know, hold things.”

He laughed silently and continued dabbing at the skin around his wound with a disinfectant-soaked cotton. You leaned closer to him and looked into the mirror.

“It won’t heal well if you don’t put it on your lip.”

He whined, still avoiding the wound. “But it hurts.”

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anonymous asked:

tododeku prompt (since you said you were taking them): todoroki has a fever from using his left side too long or something? and deku is to the rescue (gotta love them sickfics)

my first attempt at tododeku pls be gentle


There’s a hand in Shouto’s hair. The rest of him is too hot, but the fingertips brushing across his forehead and through sweat-sticky fringe are cool.

“Mom?” he asks, forcing sluggish eyes open. It’s impossible, but it’s the only thing that makes sense, until someone who isn’t his mother hushes him gently.

“It’s still me, Todoroki. You asked me not to leave.”

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There are soooooo many people out there who ask “Why do you like Loki so much? He’s a villain.” And while I don’t have the time to list everything, (because let’s be honest who does?) I am now writing down the points of why people need to love this dude. Also known as,

Why You Should Love The Psychotic But Still Hot Space Prince.
By Debbie.

Point Number One: His Eyes.

Now, I think we can all agree that girls are suckers for a guy with pretty eyes. I mean who doesn’t like looking at a guy with beautiful eyes? 

Its just in our nature. 

I mean, I could probably like Loki just because of his eyes.  Have you seen them?! Its like you’re just sitting there the whole time having a debate with yourself on what color they are. I’m pretty sure I’ve this conversation with myself like twice.

“Blue or green? Green our blue? Okay I think they’re blue.  No wait, they’re green. Yup. One hundred percent sure they’re green. Actually they’re blue. Okay I’m defs for sure that they are blue. Well…….maybe they’re grey? ”

Yeah. Its like the sweetest torture known to man. But also kind of a weird thing to do, but if you’re a fan girl, there’s weirder things you’ve done.

So, my conclusion for his eye color, (for now) is that they are a mixture of blue, green and sliver/grey. And honestly that is a very attractive color for eyes. At least to me. 

I know there are some people out there who prefer dark eyes, and that’s totally cool. But if you don’t think that Loki has beautiful, stunning, amazing, etc. eyes, then I will question whether you’re human or not.

Point Number Two: His Hair.

I love guys with dark hair. I don’t what it is, but there’s just something about dark haired guys that I love. And let me tell you, Loki has amazing dark hair.

Now, while its kind of long, and I prefer short haired guys, I still love his hair. (Especially in the first Thor movie. I mean whew! *fans self*)

The thing that I really want to do with his hair is run my hands through it. Oh my goodness I can only imagine how soft it would be. *shivers* And he has shiny hair too, so yeah, there’s that too.

And really, I just don’t know what else to say about it. I like the dude’s hair, its a really cool shade (?) of black and I really wanna run my hands through it.

Point Number Three: His Clothing Style.


Needless to say, I like his clothing choice. 

We all know (I hope) that his signature colors are green, gold and black. And I love those colors together. So those colors on Loki does something to me. 

We’ve all seen in the Avengers and in Thor, though briefly, his ‘mortal’ style. 

A suit. 



Seriously, its almost my religion.

Guys in suits are waaaaaaay more attractive than this stupid 'dope style’ or whatever its called. What even is that? 

Okay, so you have a hat on backwards, your pants are falling off and your shoes are horrifyingly red. 

That’s not appealing to me AT ALL.

Now, it would get annoying after a while to have your guy always wearing a suit, so I really would like to know how Loki would dress casually. 

Would he? Or would he just always be wearing a suit? 

Who knows?

But his clothing style definitely fits my criteria.

Point Number Four: He Is Literally Prince Charming.

I’m sure every girl when she was little, dreamed of having a Prince Charming come and marry her or something.

Well, Loki could charm the pants off anyone (they don’t call him 'Silver Tongue’ for nothing I’m sure *wink wink wiggle wiggle*), and he’s a Prince. Of a cool space kingdom.

Thus, I give you Prince Charming.

Now, as much as I hate to say it, Loki is a fictional character.

Yes I just committed the number one fangirl sin. But hear me out.

Even though he’s not real, I’m sure if he was and you were lucky enough to be his significant other, he would treat with the utmost respect.

There are SO many fanfictions out there where he treats his girlfriend or whatever like crap. 

I’m sorry but no.

Loki would be the most respectful partner in the world. Even surpassing Captain America. (Forgive me Steve for I have sinned.)

He would treat you like a freaking queen. Am I right? (Yes, yes I am)

Point Number Five: The Tragic Back Story.

 Lots of girls like a guy with a tragic back story or something like that. 

Well let me tell you that Loki is like the Prince of all tragicness.

I mean, his father is like the worst, he was always second to Thor and he found out that he is not in fact Asgardian, but an Andorian with Elsa’s powers.  (If you didn’t get the reference I will be upset with you.)

How sad is that? 

(Which I don’t know about you, but I would totally cry if I found out that I wasn’t Asgardian.*sniff sniff*)

Point Number Six: His Height.

As a member of the short girl club, I can tell that most of us love it when someone really tall hugs us. It feels super comforting and you always feel really safe.

Well, Loki is tall. And while I’ve never hugged him, I’ve hugged my brother, who is the same height as him,(Or rather the same height as Tom Hiddleston who plays Loki so…..) and let me tell you, he gives like the best hugs ever. (When he’s not squeezing the life out of you)

If you’re a tall girl and want a guy that isn’t shorter than you, then I give you Loki. I highly doubt that you’re gonna be taller than him. (Unless you’re 6" 3 which if you are, I’m so sorry.)

So that concludes my points on why people should love Loki as much as I do.

TF High School AU

Cause I’m trash


Short kid who suddenly grew a heap over Summer holidays

Used to be a small weeny who couldn’t play sport

Now is a tall, lanky weeny who still can’t play sport

Most people think he’s annoying and obnoxious

Talks a lot in class

Has one friend (Drift)

Dies his hair outrageous colours

It’s against school rules but he somehow gets away with it

Skips class a lot because he thinks it makes him cool

Drift would too but he’s on the road to a better start and he must keep his record ‘clean’


Studies way too much

Has strict, asshole parent *cough* Tyrest *cough* who expects straight A’s and nothing less.

Probably part of a math club

And a chess club

Keeps the school rule guideline pamphlet thingy in his pocket

Follows school rules way too closely

Short af

Hasn’t grown since like fourth grade

Locker is actually neat

Name tags all of his things

Including underwear


Gets in trouble /so/ much

Lives in detention

Most teachers don’t like him

He’s a little shit

But he and Sunny have shitty parents who are in jail

They are currently living with foster parents

*cough* shitty foster parents

Always wears a red cap

Literally never seen without his red cap

No one has ever seen him without the thing on

Except maybe Sunstreaker

Red converse™


Trying to hide how actually fucking smart he is

Usually just hangs out with Sunny

Injures himself a lot cause he does reckless shit all the time

*how the twins meet ratchet and future adoptive Dad*


Gets in trouble like his brother but for different reasons

Has hella anger issues and will snap pretty easily

Not too well liked

Art is his coping mechanism

Only lets Sideswipe view his art

Hates the cafeteria

Pretty quiet

Hella antisocial

So is Sideswipe kinda but in like a destructive Louise Bob burgers kinda way

Will shove you really fuckin hard if you’re in his way in the halls

He and Sideswipe are little shits if they’re in the same class together

But they have the best time together


Recently adopted by your friendly neighbourhood spiritual Wing

Grew up on the streets and didn’t have much of an education

(Wing homeschooled him for awhile)

He used to be a feral kid who was vicious and getting into trouble with the law a lot

Wouldn’t listen to anyone

Now he’s trying to do better at this shitty public school

Has one friend (Rodimus)

Is terrible at math but he likes art and history

Tries to get Rodimus to jog with him early in the morning before school


Carries one of those Nike water bottles everywhere with him

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Uh, okay. So i can i request a headcanon for drunk phone calls to their s/o for Kacchan, Todoroki, and Kirishima? Thank you. Have a good day!

awwe thank you i hope you have a good day too! 


- yo so like ik this sounds weird but he’s defiantly a sweet, soft drunk 

- so he’ll call once and be like ‘hey babe,,, i love you,,, bye babe’

- it’s the first time he says i love you btw

- and you’ll think that’s it for the night but oh boy baby that’s only the start

- you’ll never see this side of him ever again (until he gets drunk again)

- ‘babe,,, you know i love you right?’

- ‘babe,,, i like your butt,’

- he just keeps calling, will say what he’s thinking and then hang up

- ‘you looked rly hot today’

- *hangs up and calls back 30 seconds later*

- ‘not that you don’t look hot everyday’

- also a lot of random texts, and he’s surprising good speller even when drunk

- his voice is also really soft 

- if you bring it up to him in public he’ll get really defensive cause he’s got a reputation to maintain but if it’s in public he’ll admit it with a shrug 


- he’s less soft but not aggressive 

- it’s just since he’s always bottling up his emotions they just all start to flow out

- its a very long call but full of silent breaks cause he just has to catch his breath and try to focus on what he was talking about since he forgot for a second

- a lot of ranting about his dad

- also how you find out about his mother 

- he’ll wait for your responses patiently, but if you take too long he’ll start getting worried 

- also talks about really random things 

- ‘ i saw a dog today, it reminded me of,,,,, the angry one’

- ‘bakugou?’

- ‘yeah, it wouldn’t stop barking.’

- he can’t remember anyone’s names 

- lol calls you like three different names but it’s okay cause he’s drunk

- falls asleep with the call still going, you can tell cause he hasn’t talked in half an hour and you can just barely hear his steady breathing


- confident drunk 

- like bakugou it’s a lot of short calls,, but he just keeps calling back

- tells you about the origin of his quirk but the way he puts it makes no sense at all so you dismiss it

- ‘hey baby, you wanna know how i got my quirk,,, *doesn’t wait for a response* ok so like i ate all mights hair on a beach!’

- ‘that’s very cool babe.’

- nods like you’re with him but you can’t see him and he’ll remember that and just tell you he’s nodding

- also just a lot of rambling conversations 

- he’ll tell you about a certain hero and just do his rambling thing and hang up

- then two minutes later he’ll call back and be like ‘i just thought of this omg!’ 

- ok so i said confident drunk but i haven’t really touched on that so here we go

- ‘i’m gonna touch your butt trmw.’

- ‘ok babe.’

- ‘in front of that guy who’’s always looking at it so i can be like ha this butt,,,,this butt is mine.’

- ‘you do that baby.’

- Admin D 

"I have body hair!"

“Michael…?” Jeremy let out a huff, then tapped his friend on his shoulder,“Michael!”

Jeremy and Michael were in their last class of the day and one of the two were currently zoning out, that person was Michael. He felt his friend tap him and turned around, his look of wonder did not leave his face. He was still in awe.

“Just! Answer me! What does it mean?” He was pouting- his face was tinged pink from frustration. He just wanted to know what this phrase meant. Did he have to pry it out of him?

“Oh my god Rich is right dude….”

“Okay cool but that doesn’t answer my question.”

“Jeremy. You’re a twink. How did I not realize this before? Oh my god this is. This is mind blowing.”

Jeremy groans.

“Oh- right you still don’t know what that is. Okay well. A twink, in short, is a gay guy who looks young…”

“Okay…? Then all gay guys who are my age would classify.”

“Okay but they also have no body hair.”

“I have body hair!” Jeremy’s voice cracks, the classes usual banter stops for a second, listening in on whatever the hell that noise was that came from Jeremy’s mouth.

“You put mascara on your peach fuzz on picture day so it looks like you have facial hair. I’m not sure if that qualifies as real body hair.”

Jeremy’s face goes pinker,“Is being a twink a bad thing? Am I like, less attractive to other-”

Michael rolled his eyes and cut him off,“Ohhhh my god Jeremy. Ever since you came out every guy has been going through me to get to you don’t give me that shit.”

Jeremy smiles,“Really?” He fixes his hair,“So uh,,”

Michael hums in response.

“Do you think I am, though?”

“I- uh what?”

“Y-you don’t have to answer sorry I just thought that maybe I-”

“Jeremy. You’re the cutest guy I know. I’d be stupid not to like you.”

Jeremy’s eyebrows raise and his jaw drops a little.

Michael furrows his brows in question but realizes what he said and groaned,“Oh my god that just happened.”

Jeremy tries to regain his composure,“Wait I, so, like you said uhm…I think you are, too.”

“Jere don’t joke about this or I will actually fight you.”

“No! I’m serious! Andalsoilikeyoutoo” Jeremy muttered the last part under his breath.

“Uh…? Did you say what I think you said?” Michael fixes his glasses.

“I erm- yes I did. I like you.”

The teacher turned off the lights and got ready to play a movie. Michael smiled and laughed a little,“Ok, cool.”


They spent the rest of the class with Michael’s head laying on Jeremy’s desk, Jeremy playing with his hair and Michael rambling about some new game he found. Michael internally thanks Rich for leading them to this.

@irl-michaelmell made a post asking for a lil fic involving Jeremy being called out on bein a twink so! Here u go take this sub par fiction

Revalink Drabble

(I’m not exactly Shakespeare but here you go, it’s also really short)

The tumbling sands of the desert shimmered blue with the glow of the moon overhead. The air sounded of tinkling laughter, light shining from a fortress in the rocks. Spiced rum flavoured the air with a warm aroma, the alcohol a rare find anywhere outside of these sands.

 The winds dusted along the wooden legs of the tall platform that loomed high above the jagged rocks and soft sand below, the aged wood creaking with the weight of its occupants. Undignified  laughter echoed off into the empty miles, filling the air with sweet sounds.

Originally it had been Urbosa’s idea to gather all the champions up for a get-together, claiming she was bored and they might as well bond with eachother. Revali had, of course, disagreed harshly when he realized Link would be coming, but when a princess shows up to your doorstep and demands it, the offer somehow becomes  hard to turn down.

Maybe it was Daruk talking up a volcano like he was selling it, or maybe it was the rum in his system, but when Link saw Revali slither out to the balconies, he had to follow. For such a hot head, Revali could appreciate a cool evening.

Revali shuddered with short bursts of giggles, placing one wing on his heart and wheezing hysterically. Link thumped him on the back with concern in his eyes, rubbing small circles in the rito’s back.

“That is easily the stupidest thing I have ever heard.” Revali chuckled, his shoulders still vibrating with contained giggles. Link flushed red with embarrassment, his ears the colour of Urbosa’s hair.

“It was just one time…” Link mumbled under his breath, blue eyes trailing away from the rito beside him. He bit his lip, fingernails biting into the wood. “You think they’d be more forgiving.”

“Nobody forgives anything, not really.” Revali stated, taking the waterskin between them and pouring some of the rum into his beak. Link’s slight movement caught his eye and Revali inhaled sharply as Link curled into himself, bringing his knees to his chest.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” Revali breathed softly. “Everybody kisses somebody like that once. But then it’s over and you’re all good.” Link dipped his head.

“I don’t want it to be ‘all good’, Revali.” Link mumbled, his hand sliding until it touched Revali’s wing. “I like kissing people like you… It feels… Right.”

Revali felt his heart go into his throat. “I’m sure you don’t mean that, you’ve drank a lot, I’m attractive-”

Link slammed into Revali’s chest, wrapping his arms tight around his torso. There was a pause in the air, before Revali wrapped his wings around Link as well.

They fell asleep like that, under a blanket of stars.


(I got the prompt from here! http://otp-imagines-cult.tumblr.com/post/133309701572/30daychallenge1 , I came up with how Reddy met )

It was an early fall day in Derry, the leftover warmth of the summer heat still settled on the town, but mixed with a subtle coolness one couldn’t mistake for autumn coming up. It was after the first day of school, and Richie was still excited, so he stopped by the arcade after school to let off steam, inviting his loser friends with him.

Bill had turned up half an hour after Richie had started playing a game, but he brought a new kid with him. The boy had rich brown eyes and hair to match. He wore a white polo shirt with black shorts, and a funny looking fanny pack on his hips.

Richie couldn’t help but fake an accent in front of the new boy. May as well act like himself. He leaned up against the arcade machine, cocking a hip and batting his eyelashes while he talked. “And what made you handsome fellas come see a lil’ southern lass like me?”

Bill rolled his eyes as per usual to Richie’s antics and the new kid scoffed, but his lips were tilted up in amusement.

“I’m Richie, you kid?” Richie offered his hand out, turning into a more casual tone. The boy looked anxious for a moment, but cautiously took Richie’s hand and shook it quickly for just a fleeting moment, and immediately got hand sanitizer from his pack, using it as quickly and effectively as he could.

“My hands aren’t that dirty kid”, Richie consoled awkwardly, turning slowly back to his game.

“I’m new to the school, sorry, I’m just aware of germs okay? I tend to be careful!” The kid exclaimed and Bill chuckled at the interaction with his new friend and best friends

“I-I’ll be r-right b-back, gonna g-go g-get coins,” he stuttered, and headed deeper into the arcade to get the artificial money for the games. The kid didn’t look at all bothered by Bill’s stutter, which Richie liked. Most kids make fun of Bills stutter, but the kid didn’t even acknowledge it.

Richie smiled a bit at him and went on ahead with the game, but fully concentrating on it though. Despite the boys obvious obsession with bring clean, Richie kind of liked the idea of the new kid bring his friend,

“Aren’t you supposed to like, jump over that thing?” The boy questioned, looking over Richies shoulder. Richie shook his head in refusal to the question. After a few minutes of long silence, Richie won the game. He was ecstatic and suddenly high fived the brown haired boy.

The boys cheeked grew a slight shade of red in response to him, but Richie thought that would be because of the heat in the arcade.

“Eddie,” the boy said a moment later, shuffling closer to Richie, who was pushing more coins in the slot to start up another game.

“Huh?”, Richie asked, looking over briefly to see a sweet smile on the boys face.

“My name is Eddie. Eddie Kaspbrak.”

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I really really like the headcanons about MC and RFA's first fight!! Can you do RFA + v + saeran reacting to a MC who has short hair and gets self conscious when people tell her she looks like a boy. Only if you have time 💖💖💖

(υ´Д`) This used to happen to me when I was younger. I hope this doesn’t happen to you much, anon! (Also, thanks for the kind words!!)


-Boy howdy he’d be so quick to spill out words of praise and how beautiful you were

-But once he learned how self conscious you were about it, he’d try giving you compliments every now and then, making sure they pertained to how well your hair complimented your style and attitude, how it made you so beautiful to him

-I mean, hey, if he let his hair down and was just wearing his coat, he’d get mistaken for a girl from the back. (*coughs* Definitely. Has happened.)

-If he was ever with you when it happened, he’d shut that person up so fast.

-”Maybe you should go get your eyes checked, buddy.”

-Very protective Zen mode. The rest of that day, however, he’d be calling you his Princess constantly, especially within earshot of others. No one is going to say that again when he’s around!


-Does she know this feeling well. During the winter when she wears the bigger/poofier jackets, she’s been mistaken for a guy a few times (due to her bust being well hidden).

-When she hears that this happens to you at times, that people teasingly tell you so, she remembers how she felt and tries her best to come up with counters to help that sour mood go away

-Baking sweets together? Yep. Watching Zen’s DVDs? Yep. Quietly telling the RFA members to never ever say anything of the sort to you? Definitely

-If you two were out and about and some stranger teased you about it, she would glare at them and pull you away.

-”Don’t pay attention to them. Some people just don’t know manners.”

-Would offer to help you search up cute ways to wear your hair in different styles


-”What? People do that?” 

-Cue cute adorable ‘angry’ Yoosung

-”That doesn’t even make sense!” He’d go on and on about how your hair makes you so cute, and how he never even thought once about it making you look like a boy. Even now, he just can’t see it.

-He loves your hair, though. He loves running his fingers through it and burying his nose in it during cuddle sessions. The idea of someone making you feel bad over your hair would make him upset.

-Though, he would show you some cool video game girls with short hair. “Look! She has short hair, but she’s still awesome! Saving the galaxy and everything. Don’t feel down, okay? Lots of cool girls have short hair!”

-(omg bby you tried)

-If someone in public tried teasing you, he’d get so red and upset.  Stutter out some sort of “Mind your own business!!” And huff away with you.

- That night he’d give you plenty of kisses to your hair, reminding you he loves how you look, no matter what


-It never occurred to him that you may be teased for it. He didn’t even think you could be mistaken for a boy. You were so cute and sweet- Not like most men he knew

-So when a fellow business associate said something about it over dinner with the two of you, he was stunned. Just for a moment, though.

-”I suppose you don’t care about C&R working with you too much, do you? I think this contract is over.”

-Straight-faced as ever, he just paid the check and left with you in tow. He didn’t say anything until you both were in the car, you looking a little down.

-”Don’t ever pay attention to comments like that. They’re useless to dwell on when they’re so blatantly wrong.”

-Would kiss your head and hold you hand. The rest of the night, he made mental notes on ways to show how much he loved you and your short hair.


-Honestly, he’d offer to pull off some great pranks with you due to his arsenal of girl outfits and wigs he had.  When you weren’t into that, he’d be sure not to joke around like that as a way to cheer you up.

-He’d pull you in his lap while he was working and just. Ruffle your hair so much.

- “Don’t worry about what they say! You’re so cute, and I love how soft your hair is.”

-He’d rest his chin on your head as he worked, trying to cheer you up with jokes and tickles.

-If none of that worked, he’d give you so many kisses and tell you how stupid those who teased you were. He’d even offer to hack into their facebook accounts and post silly things on there for you. Anything that could help.


- The first time it happened he’d just be shocked. The two of you were out on a walk, holding hands, when he heard someone say something negative about you.

- “Even with my poor eyesight I can tell she’s clearly a woman. What kind of excuse do you have?”

-Back home he’d cuddle with you on the couch, murmuring about how beautiful you were no matter your hair length. 

-If you’d let him, he’d want to take photos of you in a nice field with his photography friends to help. He knew you’d make such a great subject.

-He’d probably go through some old photos of women he’d taken with short hair, and explain how you were more radiant than they were.


-Angry bean would want to knock out anyone who teased you.

- “Hey, listen to me. Don’t you ever, ever, think what they say about you is true. You’re so beautiful to me, and you’ll see that yourself one day.”

-He’d be holding your hand so tightly telling you this, and he’d look so firm, but he’d be lowkey blushing a little

- He’s not so good at saying sappy stuff

-If anyone did say something in public, you bet your ass he’d fuss at them and maaybe need to be reminded he didn’t have to punch them.

(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و Don’t let anyone be mean to you about your appearance, anon!