he's still a hot daddy

ShanceFluffWeek Day 5: Cuddles/Hugs

Shiro had the covers wrapped tight around his broad form. They wrapped around all the way up to his mouth so that just his runny nose and upwards could be seen. His hair was a giant rats nest on top of his head, his eyes were red and glassy, and his nose ran like a fountain. And despite the fact that it wasn’t the most ideal picture, Lance still found his sick husband cute.

He sat the hot bowl of homemade chili on the stand next to the bed and placed the back side of his hand against Shiro’s forehead.

“How you feelin’, Babe?”

A heavy sneeze.

“Like shit, Shiro sniffled out. Burying down deeper in his layered cocoon.

Hmm, cussing. Shiro never cussed so Lance is gonna go off a limb and say the cold medicine is probably not working.

“I made you chili. Mamas recipe too. Hot and spicy”

This garnered a peeking eye from the covers and another chattering sneeze.

“If I eat it will you cuddle me until I fall asleep?” Came his puppy dog reply and Lance cooed. Shiro was so cute and child-like when he was sick just ugh, bless~ it was so cute he could squeal.

He smacked a wet kiss to Shiro’s scruffy cheeks and nodded.

“Of course. I’ll have you know my Daddy said I had to most magical cuddles” he mocked bragged, hoping to get a smile from Shiro. And he did. Albeit a watery one, but one nonetheless.

“Well I’ll be the judge of that” he smiled, sitting up. “Your Daddy might have told a lie”

Lance grinned as he picked up the bowl of Chili. It was still hot thank gods.

“Fib” he corrected his husband. “My Daddy said lying is bad so he’d neverrrrr lie to me”

“Oh yeah?” He mused between bites of soup.

“Yeah. Or he’d have one angry baby boy ‘and’ wife on his hands and everyone knows you’d never want an angry wife”

“Right, Hubby” he challenged confidently, cocking and hip and Shiro gave a sheepish grin in answer.

“Right, now eat up cause I promised my daddy and sick husband some cuddles”

Shiro ate it all, between whines, sneezes, sniffles, and trying to give Lance kisses. Which he rejected unless on the cheek or forehead because they didn’t need two sick babies on their hands.

The clinking of the bowl being put down was what snapped him out his thoughts. Shiro wrapped still strong arms around his waist and dragged him under the cover cocoon, blowing a breathless raspberry onto the side of his neck which he squealed too with a giggle.

Shiro snuck a kiss on his lips.

“Mhm, these really are the most magical cuddles. I feel better already”

It wasn’t true, big Lance knew that but the compliment still tickled little Lance the right way and made him giggle deliriously as he cuddled Shiro back fiercely.

“You sick sap” he murmured as Shiro held him tight and burrowed his face into his neck. His breath wasn’t as ragged as it was before, just little wet pants and he squirmed, shuffling around when Shiro practically squeezed the air out his lungs.

“Too tight” he whined.

“Something, something, grumble, grumble” was all he got in return and he sighed exasperatedly fond.

“Fine you big baby, go to sleep while I die from cuddles no biggie”

He laid there contently. Shiro’s wet breaths ghosting his neck gently. It was hot and sweaty but still comfortable and soon it made him yawn sleepily.

Lance smacked a kiss to Shiro’s warm forehead before he drifted off to sleep.


MakoHaru Fic Rec #1

There’s never enough MakoHaru fics, but here’s some of my favourites that I’ve read so far!

let’s ignore the fact this list is dominated by e/m rated fics, ok?

Baby It’s Cold Outside - RyuDanna

Rated E :: Incomplete

When the heater in Haruka’s house suddenly stops working, he heads to Makoto’s to cohabitate for a few days. It seems like a good idea. Then Haruka remembers he hasn’t said everything that needs to be said between them.

((jesus fucking christ just go read this fic ok? ok. lots of cuteness and goodness yes.))

Big Love - thoughtless_dreamer

Rated M :: Complete

It’s not that Makoto doesn’t feel absolutely loved. No, Haru has always made sure that Makoto feels completely adored, from his hair to his toes. It’s just a thought, a feeling, something niggling at the back of his mind whenever they change for practice or shop for new swimsuits at the mall.

So he’s self-conscious about his body. Who ever has to know?

((give me all the body-issues being shattered by boyfriend fics in the world please))

Color Me in Love - AleishaDreams

Rated T :: Incomplete

The world is full of beautiful colors.

There is the happy yellow, the romantic red, the hopeful green, and the calming blue.

Colors are really appreciated in this world and society…

Because colors appear in front of you once you see, for the first time, to your one and true love at their eyes.

((I cut the summary short for the sake of the post, but this is the cutest fic in existence. I’ve read a few of these colour=soul mate fics, but this one is by far my favourite!))

Hello? Is it me you’re looking for? - AndthereIwas

Rated E :: Complete

Makoto volunteers at his university’s Student Help Hotline, set up as a safe space for students to call when stressed. While working the graveyard shift one night, he gets a call from a student that sets the ball of fate rolling. Cute, slightly angsty, and the perfect recipe for some good old Free!style drama.


How I Handle Business - sparklecringe

Rated E :: Incomplete

23-year-old Nanase Haruka stumbles into a job as the PA for the marketing director of Future Fish Swimwear, and is less than thrilled about the prospect of being stuck in a boring office job.

His boss is a different story.

((Ok, imagine hot, sexy, daddy-type Makoto, whilst he still regains his utter adorable kindess, getting it on with the fucking gift that is Haru. Yeah… this is a fic and a half))

Lucky Just To Linger - loquaciousEscapist

Rated M :: Incomplete

They’ve moved to Tokyo and are renting separate flats, which seems ridiculous to Haru. Logistically.

((Give me all the Tokyo MakoHaru fics… and this one is just so cute and IC and agh))

Tadaima - uchiuchi

Rated G :: Complete

Five times Makoto welcomes Haru home, and five times “home” is redefined for Haru.

((Short and so fucking sweet I need fillings, ok?))

The Ordinary Life - Ad_Astra

Rated E :: Complete

At the end of their first year of living together, Haruka thinks that cohabitation isn’t exactly what he thought it would be.

It’s better.

((Everyone needs MakoHaru domestic AUs… and this is a perfect one))

Your Blue Eyes like the Ocean - ectoBisexual

Rated E :: Incomplete

Makoto is kind of in love with his best friend, and he also kind of doesn’t realise it until they move in together.

((This is adorable and stressful and heartbreaking and cute and ugh))