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I wanted to give @fangmich‘s character sheet thing a try and I actually finished it TvT, so here’s my watcher Glædwin

I’ve just started watching Once Upon a Time...

and though I like a lot of it, Robert Carlyle’s character really bothers me.

It just seems really lazy to make Rumpelstiltskin’s real-world counterpart a thinly-veiled anti-semitic stereotype. I mean, Mr. Gold the miserly pawnbroker? Yeesh. I’m just waiting for him to demand a pound of flesh.

Like, there are so many other ways they could have played him. Like, it would have been more fitting to the feel to make him a sickly-swish businessman, someone waspish and corporate. And more interesting, too - the exacting Jew has been done to death.

It’s such a shame, too, because Carlyle is such a fantastic actor. And otherwise, Once Upon a Time is proving to be so much more than the 10th Kingdom 2.0 I expected it to be…

Me, with a hundred unfinished projects: I have another idea

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“Can I touch your boob?” with jungkook GOWIRJWO I feel it's something that jungkook would say AND WELCOME BACK BABE

“Can I touch your boob?”

You stared long and hard at your childhood friend, arms crossed and expression so wildly confused, Jungkook’s face turned red at the spot.

“My boob,” You repeated, scrunching your nose at his wandering eyes. “You want to touch… my boob.”

He shrugged, rubbing his forearms and fiddling with his fringe. “I-I don’t know, maybe?”

There was a prolonged silence before you sighed, fingers reaching to massage your temples, trying to prevent the onslaught of questions and predictions of the nearby future. “Don’t I,” You breathed, expression entirely sour. “Don’t I deserve an explanation as to why you would want to?”

He looked at you, scratching his cheek and shaking his head in thought. “Well, you’ve always had nice boobs.”

You groaned exasperatedly, red dusting your apples. Eight years of knowing each other or not, you still couldn’t believe what you were hearing. You huffed before reaching the hem of your shirt, briskly pulling it over your head, unable to see the younger’s sudden flinch.

You threw it across the room, setting yourself against the edge of his bed with thin lips and straight legs. You stared at his worried brows and parted lips, fingers lining the lace of your bra with a smirk. “Like what you see, punk?”

Jungkook ignored the sobriquet, chuckling softly, but eyes never leaving the intricate, red design. You rolled your eyes, reaching to unclip the garment when he surged forward and grabbed your hand with a gratifying wait! You were wide-eyed at the proximity of him and your face, practically breathing against his cheeks.

“C-Can I do it? I wanna do it,” He said sheepishly, looking at you as seriously as he could. You mindlessly nodded, returning your arms back in place as he breathed carefully, reaching over to unhook the clip with a soft click. His fingers left wildfires in his wake as he retracted back his hand, skimming over your skin before slipping off the straps, your heart wildly beating by now.

But before the cloth could scamper away, you held it in place, holding his arm whilst you shook in uncertainty. He tried searching your eyes for what was wrong, blinking furiously at the delay.

“J-Jungkook, are you sure you want to do this?”

He narrowed his eyes, slapping his cheeks before nodding, determined. “You bet I do.”

And with an approving nod, your fingers left the bra alone to fall onto the carpet, revealing your perked breasts, you were too embarrassed to even look at him. But Jungkook wasted no time in ogling your boobs, hands firmly covering the whole circumference with a fascinated sound. “Y-Y/N! They’re like little pillows!”

You groaned in annoyance, trying to stifle a moan when he tweaked your nipples between his fingers. “J-Jungkook-“

“Why’re you arching your chest to me? Does it feel good?”

He asked you so innocently, so purely, you snapped out of your lust driven daze to twitch back with a flushed face. “N-No! It doesn’t! Anyway, you touched it, that’s that!”

You grumbled as you stood up, searching for your clothing whilst he alarmingly tried getting you to sit back down. “I-I didn’t savor the moment! One more time!” He begged, distress masking his pure curiosity.

You looked at him in disgust before flicking his forehead, shoving your bra into his hands before slipping on your shirt. “Why don’t you keep that as a souvenir then, you weirdo?”

He appeared as if he had lost his words. “Can I really?”

Your figure was entirely frozen, heat flooding to your cheeks and pink painting every limb. You trembled in embarrassment, gritting your teeth at his tiny smirk. “Pervert! Jeon Jungkook, you pervert!”

“W-What!? Y-You said I-“

“I can’t believe the indecency! Wait till I call the cops, you pervert!”