he's soooo cute haha

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Sakura, do you love how Kankuro does his face paint? Also what do you think of his puppets?

Kankuro’s face-painting skills are great! I love it when he gives me my own special marks! nvn

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since matt is such a Fashionable Boy he takes chris shopping and helps him pick out new outfits but he keeps making chris try on stuff that he thinks is "soooo cute!!!!" but chris hates it

omg haha. chris is content with his simple fashion of a tee shirt, sweatpants and sandals, but matt’s got too many ideas to let him dress himself like that. n chris lets him buy him “weird outfits” cause he “loves him, or something else gay like that”


Arashi ni Shiyagare [2016.02.13]
┗ Can’t stop, won’t stop…eating