he's sooo much happier

6 months ago I was chosen to save a life. We gave him a new name to match his new life, Anaximander. At first you could tell that he was relieved and he slept for almost 3 days straight. Today he’s a different dog completely. He’s happier, more alive, and constantly teased by his cat brother, Cicero. I don’t believe that we chose him, he chose us, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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He looks SOOO MUCH HAPPIER than his normal post-club pap walk. This reminds me of the smiley clubbing we got 2 weeks b4 they announced the Eleanor break. Makes me wonder just what news he's celebrating this time (and when we'll hear about it).

can u fucking not i’m about to blow up i’m alreayd on edge because of that metro piece wtf is going on