he's so... idk

DAY-2~ Dance 

I watched The Eve performance and got instantly inspired for this ^^ welp, i know what i drew is kinda different from anything you see in the choreography, but it’s for another time to rethink different ideas xD

right now let’s enjoy a startled kyungsoo suddenly getting pulled down by jongin~

Day-1 . Day-2

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I finished rewatching Tangled and now I’m tempted to write a Tangled-inspired AU with Zen. Like, Zen’s family keeps an extremely tight hold on him and his life, never letting him do what he wants and such. He has magic hair that can heal others whenever he sings, but his family finds this strange and creepy, and they don’t want others thinking of them as strange because of him.

But Zen doesn’t leave his family out of a sense of obligation that “they provide physical needs, so he should be thankful for them” but he really wants to see this one theatre troupe that even he, so closed off from the world, heard so much about. So one day, he decides to sneak out with the intention to go back but gets lost along the way. He then happens upon MC who decides to help him out in exchange for pretending to be dating to get her family off her back about an arranged marriage. Lots of shenanigans ensue and some drama and then they fall in love and yeah.

i know we’re all big fans of calling Steve Rogers a drama queen and calling out his extra ass, but I think it’s time we focus our attentions on Matthew Murdock who is the only one of the Defenders to show up in full fucking costume, Jessica, Luke and Danny are all in jeans and a jacket and then there’s Matt “I am The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, Feel My Wrath” Murdock standing there horns and all