he's so weird i swear but part of me wants him to get with lydia

Entry #4 - Let Me Distract You - Smut - By @mf-despair-queen

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Author: @mf-despair-queen
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 9,263
Prompt:  “I admire your ambition, but question your mental state.”

You tapped your foot rapidly against the floor, glancing at your phone every few minutes. Lydia followed suit, pulling her phone out of her purse to check. You sighed angrily at the blank screen, void of messages. Your eyes glued to the wallpaper on your phone, a picture of you and Stiles, your boyfriend of the last year. He was kissing your cheek while you took a selfie, a giant grin on your face. You smiled slightly, tucking the phone in your pocket.

“Have you gotten any word from them? I haven’t heard from Stiles since they were chaining up Liam for the full moon,” you asked Lydia, seeing her groan in annoyance.

“No. I haven’t heard anything. They should be here by now.” She paused, looking at you. “You don’t think something happened to them, right?”

You sighed again, kicking off the wall you were leaning on. “I’m going to try looking for them.” You took off down the hall, ignoring Lydia’s protests. You pushed open the doors of the school, rushing out into the pouring rain. “Where the fuck are you, Stiles?”

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Overall thoughts on the finale: part 2

*Read part 1 here*

Me being dragged through the last half of this episode:

Do you ever just want to take back 41 minutes of your life?

  • Lmao why did Peter do that little half-jog to run over and push Malia towards Lydia? Like?? Why couldn’t she move on her own, it’s just her arm that’s hurt? No reason she should be immobile? And I know she pushed Lydia out of the way, but in the last shot, Lydia was still right next to her? And what was the point, even? Like Lydia can do shit to protect her? 
  • And Peter just roundhouse kicked a ghost riders and now suddenly it does have a corporeal form. What the fuck.
  • Did he just put a ghost rider into a headlock?
  • And now he’s yelling for Malia to go. Jesus fucking Christ. And only after that do Malia and Lydia think to move? K haha. 
  • Who fucking choreographed this scene? I want a name. 
  • And now Malia is hesitating. Because of fucking course she is. You’ll never get me to buy into the daddy/daughter bond, Teen Wolf, these two don’t even fucking know each other.
  • Oh, great, we get this shot again: 

Twice in one episode. That makes how many times this season? Are we supposed to be impressed with Shelley’s weird whine/grunt coupled with Facial Expression #2 of 2?

  • And Lydia kept running. Ah, so this was all a ploy to set stydia up and get Malia out of the way. Go figure.
  • And Lydia definitely just sensed something. I’m gonna need some hard rules on how this banshee thing is supposed to work because they literally just make up her abilities as they go and they change it like every other episode.
  • And now Scott is trapped between the ghost riders. So he can’t be with Stiles. Boy, they’ve had to go some lengths to separate the characters just so Stiles and Lydia can be alone. You’d think they would realize that if you have to force a moment so hard, maybe it doesn’t fit, but apparently not…
  • Posey has some real wild arm movements when he runs haha. That right arm looked like it was trying to fly off his body just to escape this scene. I don’t blame it. 
  • Man, they don’t even try to be subtle with shoving Mason into Stiles’ role haha.
  • Y’know, I’d rather be watching the forced stydia and the utter lack of romantic chemistry between Holland and Dylan than watching any of these three characters:
  • Oh my god: 

What the fuck are you even doing, Teen Wolf?

  • Why does Stiles keep ending up in the locker room? Like, I get that they’re being spit out other places, but why does he keep ending up in the same one? Unless he’s just trying to use the same door over and over again like a moron, this doesn’t make sense. And I cannot be the only one thinking of that episode of Spongebob where they keep trying to jump off the Dutchman’s ship and it doesn’t work? 
  • Always:

How do we always end up here?

  •  …did…did he just walk into the barrel of that gun?
  • And Lydia magically saves him. 

And if she has this power, why not whip it out, say, 2 minutes ago when her, Malia, and Peter were being attacked? 

  • These effects: 
  • Holland is always doing this thing with her lip: 

And it just


fucking bothers me. 

  • Here come the stydia. 
  • “LYDIA: I didn’t say it back.”
  • Well, that happened a lot quicker than I anticipated haha. There wasn’t even any build-up to that kiss? They just automatically slammed their faces together and I can’t stop laughing
  • I feel ya:
  • I cannot be the only one finding this scene uncomfortable. The lack of romantic chemistry is actually making this physically hard to watch. 
  • How am I supposed to even focus on this kiss and not the fact that Stiles just straight up tried to die like 15 seconds ago??????? Like what is up with teen wolf and terrible romantic timing???? First kiss: Lydia stops his panic attack. Second kiss: she saves him from literally WALKING INTO A GUN?????
  • This part was cute, though:
  • I am laughing so fucking hard at this Chris/Melissa scene. Chris tells her to get back, he barely touches her 

and she just


lmao where’d she go

  • Did he just shoot the ghost rider with his own gun? What.
  • I suppose it was only a matter of time before this season involved a full-on duel: 

complete with spur sounds, music, and twitchy trigger fingers and everything. Teen Wolf, you really don’t do shit by halves do you haha


I mean, I knew it was coming because it’s not like Teen Wolf was at all subtle in the way they forced these two together this season, but yo…no. This is weird, isn’t it? I’m not the only one who thinks this is weird? Like her son was in love with his daughter? His dead daughter? Has Allison even been mentioned this season?

  • CHRIS: What was the for?” “MELISSA: That was so hot.” 

I feel like I’m watching my parents make-out. 

  • “SCOTT: Step back from the diverter - or I’ll make you step back.” How did Posey say that with a straight fucking face
  • “NAZI: Now that’s a German way of doing things.” Who wrote that haha.
  • “NAZI: You would have made an excellent nazi youth.” 

How to Destroy Your Main Character in 10 Words or Less: A Lesson Brought to you by Teen Wolf

  • I had to pause the fucking episode. I can’t believe they actually said that.
  • Hahahahaha:
  • Wow, I feel like we haven’t seen Scott shift fully in a long time. When was the last time?
  • If there are so many ghost riders, why was there always only 1 to 3 when they did something important? Like every time they went up against the pack, suddenly only a couple of them existed? 
  • Oh my god, so now Stiles is hearing his mom’s voice? Teen Wolf really does love their fanfiction, huh? I swear they just went on ao3, found the most prevalent tropes, and attempted to cram them all into ten episodes. 
  • Oh, they’re actually showing Claudia. Why? Gotta show off that A+ casting haha?
  • What the fuck?

They really can’t leave well enough alone, can they?

  • … 
  • Bro, the acting level between these four…
  • So, wait, Corey is cognizant enough to tell them to save everyone, but seemed totally mindless while on the PA sytem? 
  • “NAZI: Unbelievable. Even in the face of insurmountable odds. I don’t know if it’s suicide or stupidity.” “SCOTT: Maybe both.” Is this episode going to end with a sciles suicide pact? What is happening
  • “NAZI: You of all people, Scott, should know what happens to a lone wolf.” And a wild Theo appears
  • I have so many questions: 
    • Is this really the time for Theo’s redemption arc? Really? 
    • How did Theo find him? Did he see him at the school and follow him? Like, was he just hanging out on that balcony this whole time, waiting for Scott to stroll on by lmao? 
    • How long was Theo there before he piped up? Was he just hiding behind a tree whispering to himself like, ‘not yet, Theo, not yet. You need to wait for the appropriate dramatic moment to jump in here. Wait for it…wait for it…lone wolf?…THUNDERCATS GO!” 
    • Lone wolf? That term has never meant a wolf that happens to be alone, it meant a wolf without a pack and that’s not Scott. 
    • How would Scott know what happens to lone wolves? I mean, he saw one get bisected early on in the series, but he was never an omega? He was never really close with omegas? Unless they’re taking about his semi-packless state in part of 5a? 
    • Even if we consider that brief time in 5a as some huge less in being a lone wolf, how would lion nazi fuck know anything about this?
    • Nazi knows the rest of the pack, doesn’t he? Like, he knows Corey, Hayden, Mason, and Liam at the very least? He presumably knows they are Scott’s pack? 
  • “MALIA: And Theo’s not in it. But I am.” 

She is forever showing up just when I don’t think a scene can possibly get any dumber. 

And, again, I have so many problems with this:

  1.  If I didn’t understand how Theo found Scott, I really don’t understand how Malia did? 
  2. Is this implying she defeated the ghost riders in the library? How? Why is she alone stronger than like an entire pack? 
  3. Shelley really doesn’t understand inflection, does she? I have never heard a line delivered in such a deadpanned manner when it….wasn’t supposed to be…And why does she literally have 1 facial expression? Looks like we’re playing ‘Guess That Emotion’ round #374894 with her. 
  4. Can Scott never get a moment to shine that isn’t handed over to fucking ?alia? He’s the goddamn alpha, why do they always make him useless just to boost her up? Like it is the last season, let the titular character have a fucking moment to himself and stop forcing her mary sue ass in everywhere? Why are they still trying so hard to make her special? Unless they’re angling for a spin-off or they’re writing him off the show and keeping her around. 
  5. Most importantly, where the fuck did she get this hideous coat and how the fuck did she have the time?

The only way this scene could get worse is if Peter shows up.

  • Yep: 
  • “PETER: I’m not in the pack, but no one likes a nazi.” How in the everloving fuck is that a line that made it onto the screen
  • “NAZI: There are too many of us and too few of you.” Please, do not bring the rest of the pack into this fight scene. I cannot handle it.
  • What is this show doing: 

Having Stiles have to pry Lydia from his undead not-mother’s chokehold? What the fuck? And I love that this show is so hellbent of forcing stydia that even a moment with such potential for drama and Stilinski family angst gets reduced to utter ridiculousness.

  • Every fucking time I convince myself that this show cannot possibly make Malia any fucking worse than she already is, they go and pull this shit:
  • Oh and way to halt this scene for a glamour shot of Shelley
  • How is this episode still fucking going? I feel like I’ve been watching it hours. 
  • Oh my good fucking god: 

this little shift in the tracks might be the most anticlimactic thing this show has ever done.

  • And…like…where is the train going? 40 miles east? Did they just fuck the next town over? Are they even gonna touch on this?
  • “MALIA: You missed your train.” 
  • How long has Claudia been choking him haha? How is he still alive?
  • Ah sheriff did show up! Maybe we will actually be getting a touching family moment.
  • …nope. Lydia saves the day instead. Because god fucking forbid this one moment is not about stydia.
  • Also, Lydia’s “fire again” comment?

What the fuck was up with Holland’s delivery?

  • And the whole building starts shaking and sheriff just puts his arm around Lydia. Never mind his kid that’s four feet away. 
  • Bruh, I don’t even speak german and I know this dude’s fucking it up haha.
  • All right: 

That was even dumber than I thought it was going to be.

  • Literally me as I watch watch each passing scene:
  • Yep, me too lmao:
  • And time for another segment of ‘Mason is suddenly a genius because we could no longer afford Dylan O’Brien’ 
  • I think what drives me so crazy about this is that Stiles was always treated like an idiot or like he was crazy or paranoid, but Mason is the exact same way (except how he acquired any of the knowledge is never explained and completely illogical, but whatever) and he’s actually getting recognized as smart? Like he’s actually getting the credit and respect that you would have thought Stiles would have received by this point but never did?
  • I was wandering when the Toyota ad would happen:

And it’s a 3-in-1 this time. Oh boy. 

  •  …

Sometimes little things just make me really hate this show. 

  • Uh-oh we just hit the 5-minute countdown mark.
  • “Have a great summer, everyone.” How the fuck is it summer? Did a time-jump just happen without being acknowledged? Did they fuck up their timeline again? Have the writers been out of high school for so many years that they don’t realize a semester isn’t only 3 months long?
  • Oh my good motherfucking god: 

This outfit is a fucking mess:

  1. She already wore that damn shirt this season. Only 6 episodes ago. You really can’t afford another shirt, Teen Wolf?
  2. I really want the name of the person over there in the wardrobe department who is singlehandedly trying to bring back denim jackets and vests. Let it die.
  3. If I ever see those ugly-ass camouflage distressed American flag shorts again, it will be much too soon. Why does she live in these? How many times have we seen them just this season? If you’re going to insist on putting her in these ridiculous shorts, maybe invest in a few more pairs? 
  4. If it’s cold enough to be layering two jackets, why the fuck is she in those tiny shorts?
  5. Why is that denim jacket sleeve rolled up to reveal that striped hoodie sleeve? What kind of look is that? 
  6. And these colors? Pinkish shirt under red striped hoodie under denim vest over green camouflage shorts with black boots? @whoever made this choice:

I mean, this is quite possibly her worst look yet and that is really saying something considering there has been no end of terrible looks for her.

  • And Teen Wolf, don’t you dare for one second fucking think that you got away with giving Malia another one of Stiles’ jackets:
  • One more question: who in the fuck thought Shelley sitting like this:

was okay? I mean, if the goal of this scene was to get a vulgar crotch-shot that made her thighs like huge and gave her a cameltoe, then mission success. 

  • “STILES: It feels so anticlimactic.” – Could not have phrased it better myself, Teen Wolf.
  • “MALIA: I’ve gotta go to summer school or I can’t do the whole graduation thing.” 

They couldn’t just leave her ass out of this one fucking scene? 

  • And good luck to those fuckers watching 6b because y’all know that’s how they’re keeping her ass around lmao
  • Those shorts are so not dresscode:

And she so has a wedgie in this scene lmao. 

  • Yeah, buddy, me too:

Me. Fucking. Too.

  • “SCOTT: It kinda feels like nothing really changed.” Except now:
  • Haha

Way to stay completely noncommittal right to the bitter end, Teen Wolf. 

  • I almost feel bad for the shippers who legitimately thought they were going to get some magical stydia ending, but:
  • And time for the official passing of the torch scene (take number like 5 because I swear to fucking god they’ve been doing a version of this every goddamn finale since season 4). 
  • “STILES: The most important thing you can remember is that Mason is always gonna be the one who’s there to save your ass all the time.”
  • I will never understand why Teen Wolf seems to think it’s a good thing that Liam and Mason are literally ripoffs of Scott and Stiles? Like? Why are they proud of the fact that they are incapable of creating unique characters so they have to settle for shitty carbon copies of the original characters?
  • And he gave Mason his bat.
  • Did…did Stiles just fucking give Roscoe to Scott? 
  • DC? What the fuck is in DC?
  • And Lydia is starting MIT as a junior…Teen Wolf, that might have made sense before you repeatedly SHOVED HER ASS INTO THE SAME MATH CLASS AS MALIA STOPPED-GOING-TOO-SCHOOL-IN-THE-FOURTH-FUCKING-GRADE TATE
  • And Scott’s going to UC Davis. How close is that to Beacon Hills? 
  • Is 6b going to take place over the summer? So, Scott, Malia, Lydia, and the 2.0s are around? Because why would Stiles be the only one who had to leave right when the school year ends? Or is it going to be during the school year and Lydia and Scott are still inexplicably there but Stiles isn’t?
  • FBI? Stiles is going fed? And I like how McCall wasn’t mentioned for like 3 seasons just to randomly be brought up now as if this makes any sort of sense.
  •  I get that this is supposed to be some emotional moment where Stiles gives the jeep to Scott, but I am just confused:
    • Isn’t he still gonna need a car in college?
    • Lydia’s the one driving him? How about his fucking father? Or his best friend? Nope, gotta keep the vague and noncommittal stydia bullshit up to the last second.
    • It doesn’t seem in character for him to give this away and it’s obvious they’re only doing it as an excuse to have the damn thing in 6b so it’s kinda just pissing me off.
    • I feel like Stiles has already given so much to Scott. We’ve already seen Stiles sacrifice a lot and this moment would have been more powerful if Scott was the one doing the giving this time around.
    • And if Stiles drives off in a Toyota, I swear to fucking god…
  • I know this key bit is supposed to be funny, but again I’m too distracted to laugh:
    • A key to Scott’s house? Yeah, that one is a nice call back. I’ll give them that one.
    • The key to Scott’s room? Why does Scott have a lock that take a key on his door? Also, no he doesn’t. He does, though, inexplicably have a slidelock as of season 5.
    • The master key to the school? As if this school isn’t perpetually unlocked haha? And we’ve really only seen them have to unlock anything in the school like once and it was when Stiles unlocked them chem room during 3b and realized he put the hit out on Kira. And it was this whole big plot about him not knowing where the key came from? Remember that, Teen Wolf?
    • And key to sheriff station? They used cards, not physical keys. Again, that was a pretty important part of an episode in 3b.
    • Lastly, if Scott is leaving too, why is he the one being given the keys?
  • “STILES: I need you. You know that.” “SCOTT: I need you too.” 

My sciles heart is a sucker for this shit, but there have been a lot of times now where Stiles has expressed this sort of sentiment to Scott. We got that whole speech in 3x06 about Stiles needing Scott. It might have been nice to see the roles reversed this time? Why can’t Scott ever be the emotional instigator?

  • “RADIO: You’re telling me there’s a body in the woods?” Okay, fine, that’s actually funny. It’s entirely too coincidental, but I’ll let it slide because I like it haha
  • …that’s it? No send off with the sheriff? We got a fucking scene of Stiles weirdly telling the new fucks he loves them, but NOTHING WITH HIS OWN GODDAMN FATHER?
  • I just…is that seriously how they’re ending this? 
  • wait..wait a second..

…is that…



Did Jeff Davis need a cameo that badly?

Y’know, in a tragic sense, I am kind of impressed: they managed to fuck up in the actual last second

Hands Off My Sister!


Paring:Liam x Reader, Stiles x Family!Reader

Fandom:Teen Wolf


(Y/N)’s POV

This was it. This is my fresh start. At my last school, I was a total outcast and had no friends. But I’m totally determined to have countless friends and have a normal high school experience. It was just my mom and I. At least, that’s how it’s always been. Whenever I asked my mom who my dad was, she would simply say that he was cop who she had a one night stand with and that she never caught his name.  I didn’t dwell on it much because he didn’t abandon me, he didn’t even know I existed. Maybe one day, I’d do a DNA test but right now, that really didn’t bother me.

I was the halls of your new high school. Beacon Hills High. I glance at my schedule. Econ Room 403. Where is that? Shit! First day and I’m gonna be late because I don’t even know where my class is.

“Hey,there. You want help? You look a little lost.”, said a blue-eyed boy. He was so beautiful.

“Hot.”,I immediately said,“in here. It’s hot…in here. I wore the wrong outfit. I’m gonna be….yes,I’m lost”, you tried to recover.

“What do you have?”,said the hot boy blushing.

“Econ.”,I answered.

“You’re just in luck, I have that too.”,he confirmed as he guided to Room 403.

“Are you new here?”

“Yeah.”, I said, “I’m (Y/N)”.

“Liam.”, he said sweetly.

“Hey, Scott. There’s something weird about that new girl.”, Stiles said approaching his best friend.

“The one that Liam’s been showing around?”, Scott asked.

“Yeah. I mean, Liam said she answered every question in History.”

“What was the subject in History?”

“Al Capone.”

“You’re telling me that a 16 year old girl answered every question about Al Capone”


“To be honest with you, this sounds like something you would do.”,said Scott nudging his friends shoulder.

“Shut up, I wouldn’t do that…okay..maybe I would.”

Just as the boys were talking, (Y/N) walked by with Liam. Liam was laughing at something she had just said.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard Liam laugh.”, Stiles said confused.


“What? What is it?”

“Dude, are you sure you haven’t meet her before?”


“Because she smells like you.”

“And have I mentioned her eyes? They’re a brilliant shade of (Y/E/C). And I swear, in the light, they’re shimmering. Especially when she laughs because she squints her eyes and…”, said Liam nonsensically but then he was interrupted.

“Oh my god, Liam! If you say one more thing about (Y/N)’s shimmering eyes, I’m gonna kill you.”, said Stiles.

“Keep your voice down!”, said Liam scared that Stiles said it too loudly.

“Stiles is right, Liam. If you like (Y/N) that much, just ask her out.”, advised Malia.

“I’m not saying you should ask her out, just stop blabbing about her.”, muttered Stiles.

“Why?”, said Liam getting overly protective.

“Look, Liam, something’s off about (Y/N).”, Stiles stated.

“You mean the fact that she’s perfect in every way possible.”, contorted Liam.

Scott, exhausted by the two squabbling, decided to butt in.

“Stiles, have you yet to realize that (Y/N) is basically your carbon copy.”, Scott asked.

“You’re delusional, I’m nothing like (Y/N).”, Stiles said to which Liam also stated, “You’re delusional, he’s nothing like (Y/N).”

The rest of the pack rolled their eyes at the two annoying boys.

Since talking to Liam and Scott at lunch, Stiles gathered all the information on (Y/N) (L/N). Was it legal? Of course not. Was it sane? Nothing he does never is. Stiles’ information included past report cards, photos, legal documents concerning (Y/N)’s birth. Stiles had also found that (Y/N) had filed many complaints concerning bullies at her past school but no one did anything about, they even put that she has a tenacity to tell atrocious lies about her fellow classmates. This saddened Stiles but didn’t make him any less determined to find out what her deal was. His father entered the room, asking him what he was doing.

“Just working on figuring some…stuff.”, Stiles stated bluntly, hoping not to raise suspicion.

“Well stuff looks like a case file to me.”, said Sheriff Stilinski as he picked up a picture that Stiles had laid out on the table. The picture was of (Y/N) and her mother. The look on his face bewildered Stiles. He had never seen it before.

“You..you know her, dad?”, Stiles asked.

“She…she..um..I think I knew her..a long time ago.”, he stated fragments on his sentence little by little, piece by piece, as though he was in shock.

“Okay..then.”, Stiles said, confused by his father’s actions.

“Lydia,why are you dragging all of us to this party when clearly could be doing other things?”, Malia asked annoyed. Lydia was forcing Scott, Kira, Stiles, and Malia to a party that was being held by a sophomore.

“Well, Malia, if you must know, I have recently found out that both Liam and (Y/N) will be attending this party and I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to get them together.”, Lydia stated.

“Uhhhhh! Again with this crap!”, exclaimed Stiles.

“Stiles, shut it! Liam and (Y/N) belong together. Do you not see the tension between them or are you totally blind?”, Lydia sassed.

Stiles rolled his eyes, “Whatever”.

As soon as the seniors made it to the party, Lydia managed to weasel in the idea of a game of 7 Minutes in Heaven. The game was apparently a smash hit to most people at the party. They were horny teenagers after all. Lydia then ushered Liam and (Y/N) to take part in the game. Lydia’s plan was going accordingly while Stiles’ mind twisted and turned and he was still boggled to the fact that he couldn’t figure out what was with (Y/N). Finally, it was Liam’s turn and Lydia had rigged the game so that he would pick (Y/N).

(Y/N) sucked in a breath and spoke quietly, “He doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to.”

“I want to.”, Liam said instantly after (Y/N) spoke, “Do you?”

“Absolutely.”, she stated. They spoke like no one was in the room and it was just them speaking amongst themselves. Within a few minutes, the teens were forced in a closet and the timer started.

Stiles looked around the room only to find a boy and girl fighting across the room.

“Hey, why are those two fighting?”, Stiles asked Scott, hoping that his friend would use his powers to identify the situation. As Scott zoned in on the two people bickering, he narrated it for Stiles.

“The girl is pissed at that that boy.”, Scott stated.

“Why?”, asked Stiles.

“I don’t know..”, assumed Scott continuing to listen. Then he finally figured it out.

“They’re brother and sister and….”, Scott said and he continued but that’s all Stiles seemed to hear because after that, his mind seemed to grab Scott’s words and associate them with (Y/N). Then Stiles figured it out.

Oh my god, (Y/N) is my sister! And right now, she’s making out with Liam Dunbar.

“Dunbar, get your hands off my sister!”

Pee in a cup - Theo Raken

can you do another one like this I loved it? I liked the kinda protective part though so maybe if you could do something like y/n is pregnant and Scott or Derek or Theo or Stiles is protective like really protective

warnings; swearing?? im not sure, NOT EDITED!!! NOT EDITED!!



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What is going (Teen wolf, Riverdale Part 1)

Archie Andrews x Reader, Stiles Stilinski x Reader
Word Count: 2,067
Summary: Y/N lives in Riverdale but moves to Beacon Hills, and something supernatural happens to her, she doesn’t know what the hell is going on, she is friends with the pack, she goes back to Riverdale secretly and something happens.
Warning: Swearing
Note: I’m sorry if the grammar isn’t the best, I tried my best, english isn’t my first language,, I hope you enjoy this. Also I don’t own any of the gifs here, credits to the people who posted them and I obviously do not own the characters of Teen wolf and Riverdale.

“For how long are you gonna be gone? oh my god, i’m gonna miss you a lot, friday nights at Pop’s aren’t going to be same without you.” Archie said, his sad eyes looking at me.

 I had just gave him the bad news, I was moving to Beacon Hills because of my dad’s job, I didn’t want to leave, I grew up here, I didn’t want to leave Riverdale. I had decided to tell Archie first since he was my best friend, I’ve always been there for him and he has for me, in fact I’ve been in love with Archie for quite a long time now, but I had never been brave enough to tell him, besides I didn’t want to ruin my friendship with him.

 “I really don’t know, i’m gonna miss you a lot too, i feel like i’m having this nightmare and i just want to wake up, i’m not sure if im going to able to survive without you singing to me” Archie laughs a little, giving me a sad smile. 

 “So when are you leaving?” He asked me. I sighed wishing this wasn’t happening, wishing there was something i could do, but really there wasn’t. 

“This Saturday by the morning” I told him. It was Tuesday which meant I only had four days left with my best friends. 

 “Lets make this days unforgettable” He said as he hugged me. 

 The days have passed, the day I was waiting for it not to come had come, I had spend this days with my friends and made some crazy shit before I left, it was Saturday, 9am and I was about to leave. Ronnie, Betty, Jughead, Archie, Reggie and Fred were outside of my house helping me and my family get all the boxes in the car, god I was going miss them a lot. When everything was finally on the car, my parents talking to Fred, I was having some last time alone with my friends. 

 “You need to text me every day, don’t you dare not giving me a call, cause Y/N Y/L/N i will kill you if i know you changed us for some other people at Beacon Hills. Also i need to know if there are cute guys, maybe talk to them about me” Ronnie laughed as she hugged me.

 “Please tell me you are gonna take care of yourself and like Veronica said, DON’T CHANGE US FOR ANYONE” Betty said hugging me also.

“I won’t i promise, i’m going to met probably a lot of people there but you guys are unique, and i will never change you” I said almost crying, I hated being this sensitive .

 “So what are u going to miss more about me? My extremely unique beauty or my amazing jokes?” Jughead said playfully as I gave him a small punch in the shoulder. 

 “I don’t think i’m gonna miss neither of them…. i’m joking of course i’m gonna miss your stupid jokes, Jug” I said, giving him a hug, gosh I was really going to miss him, every time I was upset about something he always had a dumb joke to say and made me laugh. 

Reggie was there too, none of the “gang” were really friends with him, but somehow I managed to make a strong connection with him, he is not an asshole all the time, he can be nice if he wants to.

“Hell, who am i going to bother now? You better come back when the new season of friends comes out, or else i will kill you. Take care of yourself, i hate to say this but i love you, thanks for everything y/n.” I couldn’t help to laugh at the last part.

“Reggie i’m just moving out 5 hours away from here, its not like i’m dying, besides we can always FaceTime, right?” I asked him, as I hugged him one last time. “Tell Lucy i’m gonna miss her” I said as I broke the hug. (lets imagine Reggie has a sister and her name is Lucy)

Finally Archie speak. 

 “Y/N i don’t even know what to say, i’m gonna miss you a lot, you better come back soon, if you don’t im going for you, please take care of yourself and i hope you don’t like it a lot there, cause Riverdale will always be the better place” he said as he hugged me and I didn’t know if it was just me or the hug was a lot longer than the others. 

“I’m coming back i promise, and take care of yourself too, and please if you are gonna date someone make sure she is your age” I joked, his cheeks turning a bright red while Jughead chuckled.

 “Bye guys, i will miss you all a lot, don’t miss me much, i’ll be back before you know it, and don’t get in trouble, yes Jughead i’m talking to you.” They laughed as you make your way to the car and open the door. “I love you guys” my voice cracked at that last sentence, making my way to the car, i stopped and said goodbye to Fred and i got into the backseats of the car.

 “I love you too” Archie mumbled hoping you would hear him and stay with him but that didn’t happened, he had whispered that to himself.

Originally posted by thekjsmut

 2 months have passed since I moved to Beacon Hills, everything was going fine, I texted my friends whenever I could, they seemed to be doing pretty well, I liked Beacon Hills, I really did but I still missed my old house. When I got here the first person I met was Lydia she introduced herself very nicely seeing that I were the new girl, she invited me to have lunch with her and her friends, that’s when I met all of them, Scott, Stiles, Allison, Lydia, Isaac, Liam, Malia ( ik ik Allison’s dead but she is alive here, bc i luv her) they were all nice and I became best friends with them but I always though they were little bit weird, like i had this feeling that they were hiding something from me but I didn’t want invade their privacy, i kept telling myself that it’s was probably nothing.

 On a friday night, Allison had invited us to her house to hang out, nothing weird, I don’t know how but I had managed myself to get lost in the woods, I had decided to go walking since her house was pretty close to mine but while I was walking I heard some noises I got scared and like I normally do, I ran into the woods, and I was there lost with no service in the woods, my luck was truly the worst.

 I kept hearing this strange noise like somebody talking and groundling but every time I turned around I saw nothing but trees, so I decided to ignore it, but then I turned around and saw this wolf?, what there were not wolves in california, yeah thats what I thought, I started running and I heard the wolf chasing me.

Originally posted by the13thraven

 At this point I was scared as fuck, I had never been the fastest at running so obviously this wolf or whatever it was got its way to me and all I could think of is how I was going to die without telling Archie about my feelings and how I was never going to be able to watch that new Friends season with Reggie that was coming out soon, but those thoughts stopped when the wolf just bitted you and left, it was big and hurt like a son of a bitch, I started to feel unconscious and really sweaty, I didn’t know what was happening, I could barely walk and felt my breathing getting faster every moment, then everything turned black.

 I woke up the next morning, just where I was last night, in the woods, “So it wasn’t a nightmare” I told myself as I got up but everything hurt especially my abdomen, so I decided to look up and I saw this huge injury with blood everywhere, I was glad I wasn’t wearing a white shirt, since it was morning now there was no way i was getting lost, as i start to walk to the hospital thinking about how I was going to explain why was I so dirty with a bloody injury, by the time I got to the hospital, I saw this lady, she seem nice so I told her I needed help, once in the room, I lifted my shirt so she could cure my injury but what i saw had me on shook, THERE WAS NO INJURY, NO INJURY.

“It was here I swear”- I mumbled, but it was loud enough for her to heard, she gave me a confused look.

“What? What was there?”- she asked me, but I decided to not to mention anything she would probably think I was insane, so I decided to left.

“Nevermind, thank you anyways”- I didnt wait for her to answer and I left making my way home.

 I made my way back home, I didn’t have to worry about my parents since they left for a few days, as I got to my room, I checked the time on the clock, I still got time for school. When I was finally ready for school, I got into my car and drove to school, as I stopped at the red lights, I heard a phone ringing, I checked your phone. “Well that’s weird my phone is not the one ringing, and i don’t remember having another phone” I told myself, I decided to ignore it till I heard people talking and I looked everywhere. 

 “Bob i’m telling you, if you don’t get the eggs, i’m gonna b..” I saw this lady talking on the phone, a few meters away from me, it couldn’t be real, I was going crazy, I was so crazy. 

 When I finally got to school, I got to my locker and got my books for my first period, I heard Lydia and Allison talking as they came to me. 

 “Hey what happened to you last night?, we were waiting for you, you missed all the fun, Scott threw up all over the place” Allison said to me as she started  laughing with Lydia probably because the Scott thing. 

 “I.. um.. I needed to get some stuff done, I’m really sorry I couldn’t make it, but it sounds like it was a lot of fun” I said trying to sound calm, as my hands started to sweat a lot, this always happened when I got nervous, and I was, I was praying for Allison and Lydia not to notice my lie, I’ve always been a terrible liar. 

 The school bell ringed, saving me, as I left, I could heard others people heart, including mine beat and it was driving me crazy. As the class started, I walked to my seat and said a quick hi to Scott, Stiles and Malia, who happened to be in the same class as me, Mr. Harris was writing something on the board, I could heard the people whispering, people writing, people erasing, all the things I wasn’t supposed to heard, what the hell was going on with me. 

Originally posted by fornootherreasondave

 “Miss Y/L/N, is everything okay I see you a little bit distracted, are you not interested in my class?, if that’s the problem, then you are free to go” Mr. Harris  said, and I couldn’t focus on anything other than his heart beating, I started to feel paranoid, I could barely keep my eyes open, and my hands started to shake.

 “What?” I asked, I knew something was wrong with me, I felt like I was going to throw up so I decided to leave, that’s the best thing I could do. 

“I’m sorry, I..I have to go” I didn’t wait for him to answer and I grabbed my stuff and left almost running. I got out of the school, and started walking I don’t realize where, until I stopped and I saw myself in the woods, I started to feel the same way as yesterday, my breath going faster and faster, and once again I fell into the ground, whispering a “not a again” till I fainted in the woods.

Part 2?

Cherchez La Femme: Prologue & Part One (A)

A/N: Shit, shit, shit. This is a shitty idea. That said. Here is the prologue and Part A of the first section. Rules for tagging are as follows: You can be tagged in every part as it comes out (the next part will come on Tuesday), tagged in each section as it is completed, or in the final Masterlist. Please let me know. I will not tag unless I am asked. As of now, I am tagging everyone in every section because no one has specified that they want otherwise.

A/N: I have tried to keep all the scenarios in the movies as close to the way they are as possible; some dialogue and some dates have changed, due to how the story works. This has all been planned, I promise, and I tried to never deviate too far. 

Word Count: 2941 (totaled)

WARNINGS: Swearing, distress (character cornered), dizziness mentioned, some fluff. My brain is so scrambled. I’m not even sure if I got it all. This is a ridiculous idea. That said…. here it is. I’ll be off Tumblr for a while. 

PROLOGUE TRACK: Outlander Theme

UN PEU BEAUCOUP PART A TRACK: You’ll Never Know–Vera Lynn

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frostedfleur  asked:

Stydia + art school AU?

This is going to be an all arts school, not just only visual art.

  • Lydia is an art major and Stiles is a music major. He has a band formed by Stiles (drummer), Kira (lead singer), Scott (guitar), Isaac (bass/ sometimes guitar) and Danny (key board and bass player as well). Lydia, Malia and Allison are an art, dance and photography major, respectively.
  • They meet because Malia is dating the lead singer of Wolf Pack, Kira, a smol cute who is so different from Malia so the girls are dying to meet her. Malia takes them to a gig the band is having to see Kira.
  • They are only able to meet her after the show, so the girls get a good spot in to watch them, and they’re drinking and dancing and having a good time and the cute drummer and Lydia are totally eye-fucking. So hard. Getting to a point where she’s drinking her fruity drink and sucking the straw that actually makes Stiles miss a beat or five.
  • After the show, Malia takes them backstage to meet her girlfriend. They all love her and she’s so smol, Lydia and Allison can’t get enough of her. And then she introduces them to the band and the drummer (oh, the drummer) is there. He chokes on his beer when he sees her (and Isaac obviously is like “Wow, calm down Stiles, they won’t bite you) and Lydia answers “Only if he wants to” and like, Stiles basically dies
  • The bad and the girls hang out the rest of the night (Malira making out 80% of the time, Allison and Scott talking and playing darts and Lydia, Stiles, Isaac and Danny are in a very heated pool game)
  • Lydia is destroying all of them. Danny is not surprised at all, Isaac is regretting for betting so much money and Stiles loves it because he knows he sucks on the game but it’s so hot
  • When she finishes them (taking a lot of money with her), she and Stiles start to talk and get along so well, even though they’re drunk af and prob won’t remember the next day
  • It takes them a few weeks to get back in touch. Lydia and Stiles hadn’t had a chance to talk more because of classes and life, but things change when Lydia needs a model for her next project. The problem is that it’s a naked project and most people she asked said no
    • obviously i was going to the ‘naked pose au’ bc how couldn’t I?
  • But Kira, who’s in their place a lot, tells that Stiles would prob do it bc he needs the cash since his job pays poorly. Lydia gives him a call and he agrees, setting up to meet her that weekend.
  • For some reason he thinks the naked thing is a joke????? so when he meets her to help her do the project and she asks to take off his clothes, his mind goes in a total different direction???????
  • “Don’t you think we should go a little slower?” he asks, but Lydia shrugs and says “Hm… No, I have something tonight, so this needs to be quick”
  • I mean… Stiles is just… so clueless.
  • He takes his clothes off and looks at her, waiting for her to do the same, but she doesn’t. She just… looks at him. He feels a little weird about it because he thinks none of his hook ups ever examined him like that. After a while (Lydia surely took her time looking at the end of his happy trail) she nods and Stiles just.. walks towards her and tries to kiss her.
  • “What the hell do you think you’re doing??????????”
    “Um… kissing you?”
    “…. I don’t know, isn’t what people do before having sex?”
  • Lydia blinks twice just looking at him. He’s so confused. Then she says “… We’re not having sex. I’m here to pain you. Naked.”
  • STILES IS SO EMBARRASSED. He doesn’t know what the fuck to do. He wishes that Scott is there to rescue him. Or that the earth could pull him into it’s center and let him die of embarrassment. And Lydia sees how he wants to die but she sighs and look at his face “Look, do you want to do this? Because I really need that grade and you’re getting paid, so..”
  • And Stiles is mortified, but he does need the money so he lets her paint him but refuses to look at her for his life. Not that she minds, because she’s also not looking at his face at all. And for some time they think it’s fine like that, but the atmosphere is so tense, so awkward and Stiles hates it so much. So he opens his mouth.
    • Like, comic relief is really his thing.
  • “Are you painting me like one of your French girls?”
    • i swear if you do not get this reference, unfollow me, please
  • Lydia stops. She looks at him. He’s with his brows raised, looking at her waiting for her response. And she notices he’s trying to make the mood lighter, so she cracks a smile, making him relax.
  • They spend the rest of the afternoon chatting and flirting when she finishes, he gets dressed and checks out her work. It’s amazing. She draw him perfectly, every single part of his body looks authentic, she even got his moles in his face and the res of the body. It’s kinda weird seeing him exposed like that but she did an amazing job.
  • “I’m sorry I assumed we’d have sex… I just… I thought that there was something going on when we met at the club, so…”
    “Oh, there was.”
    “Oh… oh” He truly doesn’t know what to say or do, so Lydia smiles at him.
    “But like I said, I have something tonight, so feel free to call me any time soon.”
  • Do I need to say that they end up fucking? Because I think it’s pretty self-explanatory.
We don’t believe what’s on TV - Chapter 10

<<…Chapter 9 / Chapter 11 / Chapter 12 / Chapter 13 / Chapter 14 / Chapter 15 / Chapter 16 / Chapter 17 / Chapter 18 /  Chapter 19 /  Chapter 20…>>

Resume: I had an ordinary life, or that’s what I wanted to believe. I lost myself in the TV series that I listened to forget the normal boring life. What I didn’t know, however, was that my life would change completely overnight.

Finding myself in 2013 at Beacon Hills County.

This will be a Stiles x Reader but only further in the story

Tags: @kwien-cee @saoirsewhittle @standalls @anonimereader06 @shantayok @thiscuriouslymiss @dashofsunshineblog @negative-love @sarasmismyonlydefence @sharenaloveyoux @hoedorshegort @teenwolfobsessed321 @tomlinsonlovers @brianaisasongbird @xcastawayherosx

In this chapter: Nightmares. Again. The party.

Word count: 2585

Blood, everywhere, on the ground, the walls everything is covered and no matter where I look, my eyes only catch the red dripping and sticking all around me. I want to throw up but at the same time I feel nothing except the cold and the smell of blood that makes my head spin. I see badly, so much red, so much blood. I don’t want to look, I close my eyes. But when I try to stop seeing, I hear. I hear the cries, the pain and the suffering.

“It will be your fault.”

And I wake up shouting.

“It’s okay, Y / N! Everything is okay… ”

When I opened my eyes, I was in Scott’s arms. The room was dark, a sign that it was night. The cries immediately ceased when I recognized him, and I huddled up against him to sob.

“What’s happening?” A sleepy but restless voice came near the door.

“Y / N had a nightmare again. I take care of her mom. You can go back to bed. ”

I didn’t look up, but I knew Melissa had nodded and went back to her room. Scott continued to comfort me and he did so until my sobs calmed down and I finally closed my eyes. It was the second time that night that I woke up screaming in the middle of the night and Scott had to come to take me in his arms. He reassured me, comforted me and when I was calm enought, he went back to his room.

The next morning I opened my eyes without shouting. I hadn’t slept much, but I felt I had arrived somehow. I glanced into the room, rubbing my eyes as I noticed something close to me that caught my attention.

Scott, asleep on a sofa near my bed. He had stayed and watched over me?

“Did you manage to sleep?” He asked me, opening his eyes and yawning as he stood up on the chair.

“Not really …” I answered and he smiled softly before getting up. “Thank you, Scott …” I mumbled very low, but I knew he had heard me. As an only answer he patted my hand saying that I had to get ready to go to class.

The day was relatively normal. I had a new splinter for my wrist thanks to Melissa, but I had refused the crutches. I was able to walk, hardly but it was fine with me. The classes were long and stressful, especially those in which Stiles was. I stiffened and my heart started beating as soon as he was close. So, in summary, I had learned nothing in school that day either, unable to concentrate.

The last class of the day ended when, unfortunately, my satchel filled with all the class’ paper notes slipped from my hand on the floor. After swearing in a low voice I told Scott I was going to catch him and hurried to pick up my mess.

Once I picked everything up, I squeezed the sheets quickly into my bag and pulled out as fast as I could from the class to catch up with Scott. Let’s say I didn’t want to be alone in school, especially not today, exhausted by the lack of sleep. At the corner of the corridor I recognized Scott’s voice so I stopped to listen.

“I don’t know, Stiles … I only got few hours of sleep last night and I have to …”

“Scott. You promised me. So, we go, we forget Allison and Lydia and we have fun. ”

“But and Y / N? ”

“Damn uh, is it a mania for you to want to protect her so much? It’s not like she had a target on her back saying "I’m weird so attack me” “

"We still don’t know where she comes from and …”

“You will do me the pleasure to leave your "sister” aside for tonight. Tonight we go to Heather’s party and that’s it. “

Heather? Heather, Stiles’ childhood friend? Heather, the darach first victim? My heart accelerated and I decided to get out of the shadows before Scott heard my heart and caught me spying on them.

"Can I come?” I asked behind Stiles, which made him jump.

"Where the hell are you coming from?!”

“Scott, can I come?” I asked Scott and hold his gaze as hard as I could, feeling my heart beat very hard in my chest. He seemed to think for a moment but finally accepted.

I was going to save Heather tonight.

And so I found myself at a typical party with people I didn’t know and some that I shouldn’t know, the nervousness twisting my stomach more each minutes. Scott and Stiles were speaking of Allison and Lydia in front of me, but I didn’t listen to them. I hadn’t anticipated that Heather’s party would arrive so fast. I had just recovered from the confrontation with Derek and already I had to face something else. I hadn’t had time to think about what I was going to do, or what I was going to say. Or don’t say in this case. I had only a few minutes to recall everything that was going to happen during the party, and although I was a fan of the series, I had some parts missing.

I was very concentrated on the party because I didn’t notice that we had arrived, nor the famous handshake that Scott and Stiles did just before going in. However, a very specific event made me out of my mind.

“Stiles! ”

My head gets up just in time to see a beautiful blonde melt on Stiles and lay her mouth on his. My whole body froze and my mouth was wide open as Heather asked Stiles to come and help her find a wine bottle in the cellar, which he immediately accepted with joy. An internal jealousy rose inside me as I looked at the ground, having completely forgotten Scott’s presence beside me.

“Everything is fine?” He asked me, surely worried about me seeing suddenly down. I didn’t understand why I had this feeling of jealousy, that emotion that wasn’t leaving me. Perhaps because I liked Stiles, and even if he was a fictional character, he was very real in this world and I knew very well that my last chances with him had gone away a long time ago. In any case, Stiles had to finish with Lydia. After going out with Malia. I couldn’t change this important fact of the story.

Then I surprised Scott sniffing at me.

"Scott?” I asked, very intrigued by his gesture. The only moments he sniffed people were to find out if they were werewolves, or to detect their emotions-

Oh shit. He knew I was jealous.

“I’ll be there,” I hastened to say on my way to a calm place where I took one of those blue glasses that contained alcohol. I was going to taste it when something caught my attention.

Stiles was running back from the cellar.

To get the condoms.

My glass slipped from my hands and fell to the ground splashing everyone as I limped toward the cellar room, my heart beating faster than ever. That was the moment.

A crash of bottles, cries of distress and fear. An intense smell of wine. That’s what I felt when I rushed downstairs as quickly as I could. I had no plan, so my plan was to go without thinking. To do everything and save her.

“ Help! ”

Then the bottles stopped falling, and I quickly found Heather in the back, back against the wall near the basement window, frightened and barefoot full of blood. When she saw me, she shouted to me to help her and I had to do everything to keep my cool when I saw the window near her slowly open. The darach was going to take her, I had to do something!

A surge of adrenaline ran through me and I forgot my wound in the ankle and ran to Heather, shouting at her to run away, but paralyzed by fear, she wasn’t moving. I wasn’t going to get there in time, I felt like running in slow motion, the pieces of glasses on the ground cracking under my shoes at every step. I didn’t want to see her get caught and fail again. So I took the closest thing, a bottle of wine, and threw it close to her as hard as I could. The bottle burst and Heather screamed, crouching down, to protect herself out of fear. The hand passed a few centimeters away from her and I could get to her. I crouched beside Heather and forced her to get up and then noticed that all the bottles had disappeared, except the one I had thrown.

The darach was gone? I didn’t want to know so I ran with Heather out of the basement, down to civilization on the surface. Heather was covered in wine and had pieces of glass in her hair and she was more than panicky. Once out of the basement, she pushed me abruptly and I fell painfully on the ground.

“You’re crazy!” She shouted at me, and everyone turned to us. I saw in a corner Scott pushing the crowd to approach, with Allison and Lydia by his side and they stared at me without understanding. I looked at Scott with tears in my eyes before looking back at Heather.

"She attacked me! It was just a joke for you, wasn’t it? Scare me and then throw a wine bottle at my head! ”

“What?” I defended myself, still on the floor, my heart beating fast. "I saved your life!” I added before feeling the world turn around me. Then I saw Stiles among the witnesses. My vision becoming blurred and I placed my hand on my chest as I felt the pain coming. Stiles glanced at me without understanding, then the pain attacked me and I began to cough while searching for my breath.

The last thing I remembered was Scott, who was rushing towards me and the look of Stiles.

And at that moment I realized that his look was more painful than the pain that made me lose consciousness.

When I woke up, I was in my bed at home. In my room, my real room. The one of my world, with my furniture, my personal belongings. I hadn’t noticed until now how much I missed my room.

Until the walls began to melt into blood and the decomposed faces of my family members came out of the now liquid walls to try and catch me with their hands outstretched.

And I woke up again shouting.

The door of my room opened and I saw briefly Scott coming to take me in his arms.

“Shhh … everything is okay …” He mumbled and I huddled up against him crying.

“That’s why you don’t sleep anymore,” another voice said. “She has terrible nightmares, nightmares so horrible that she cries out to wake up.”

Scott didn’t answer.

“And that’s why you feel the need to protect her.”

“Stiles, if you’re here to add …”

“Heather said Y / N attacked her, Scott.”

He was wrong. I wanted to save her, simply save her!

“This isn’t the time, Stiles.” Scott added.

"It’s precisely the time to talk about it. Y / N arrives from nowhere, she doesn’t remember anything but knows things and now she attacks people? And you watch over her? ”

“Wanted to help …” I tried to mumble between two sobs. I only wanted to help, but with my nightmares and my lack of sleep, I was so exhausted that now the pain made me lose consciousness.

“You’re not helping anyone,” Stiles began, his voice trembling with rage. “Don’t you see? You make people crazy. I had never seen Derek like that before. Before he met you, he would’ve never attack an innocent person. You’re probably not that innocent after all! ”

“Stiles!” Scott raised his voice.

"And you managed to bend Scott, make him believe your lies, but not me,” Stiles finished as he left the room.

“He didn’t think so …” Scott murmured to reassure me, but I could only sob.

The next day, with another night of only a few hours of sleeping, I didn’t have the strength to go to class. But I had to go, it was one of the sheriff’s conditions. I just didn’t have the strength to do anything. What was the point of saving everyone if I ended up being hated by everyone I considered my allies? Scott was going to end up hating me too.

Or I was going to become the new Theo and managed to separate the pack.

At school, during a break, Scott had to meet Derek with Allison, Lydia and Stiles to show them the marks the two girls had on their wrists. Obviously Derek told them it wasn’t a reliable track, and insinuated that Lydia had brought his psychopathic uncle back to life and that Allison had sent too much arrow on him and his pack. For my part, I was hiding behind the half-open door of the class to listen. Actually, I was waiting for Scott. I was afraid of walking without him, out of fear and security.

“Y / N, don’t stay here and enter, please,” Derek muttered to my attention. Stupid superhuman werewolves reflexes.

I entered the class timidly, with my head down. I didn’t dare to cross anyone’s eyes, especially not Stiles after what he had told me the day before. And I didn’t particularly want to hear Derek tell me the same thing.

“I’m sorry.”

I raised my head to look at Derek and noted sincerity in his eyes.

“Sorry to have attacked you for no reason the other time,” he specified. “I have a lot of worries right now. I wanted to apologize.” He finished and I felt my heart a little lighter.

"It’s okay,” I whispered weakly.

“And as for your marks,” Derek added toward the girls. “You wanna help? Find something real.” Then he walked out of the classroom and I thought for a few seconds about his excuses before I decided to go after him by calling his name. In the corridor he turned to me raising his eyebrows and I wanted to slap myself for what I was about to say. But I had nothing to lose.

“Don’t do it on the full moon evening,” I said quickly, waiting for the pain that didn’t come.

“What?” He asked me, coming closer.

"Do it before or after but not during the full moon,” I finished, hearing Scott and the others arrive behind me in the corridor. I didn’t wait for his answer and turned around.

We were on the way for the next class, near the sports grounds. Stiles, Scott and I in total silence. A painful silence. Finally Stiles opened his mouth.

“Why wait four months, why now?” He muttered to himself. Then he glanced at me before turning his gaze forward and not talking anymore. My heart grows heavier once more.

He had no confidence in me. I saved Heather, but at what cost?

Next to me, I felt Scott frozen. When I turned to him in incomprehension, I saw what had immobilized him.

The two twins passed by, and I froze as well.

My mission wasn’t over.

In the next chapter: A normal class, like in the show. But nothing is normal at Beacon Hills. Another failure.

Next Chapter->

Okay so where’s the long ass Supernatural/Teen Wolf crossover where The Pack has a run in with something they’ve never dealt with before (idk like maybe a witch and one of the pack gets cursed) and stiles searches shit upon shit until he finds a number for some crappy old mechanic and he’s like “fuck it, Derek’s spewing some nasty ass stuff out of this cut, I need to find a cure” so he calls and Bobby answers with “ you shouldn’t have this number” and stiles is all like “oh shit, this Is what I’m looking for, so my friend-ole buddy,buttbuddy-here got cursed by this thing what should I do?” And it’s quiet for a few seconds then a “God dammit, tell me everything”
And from then on, the…partnership of this adhd kid who asks a lot of questions and sounds WAY too young to be in this shit and a grumpy old mechanic progresses.
Maybe even one time stiles gets hurt and someone else has to call this “Bobby, I swear he’s an angel, he’s saved all your asses” as stiles calls him.
And then a day later the Winchester brothers end up at Bobbys after a hunt and they’re all like “what the fuck, where’s Bobby” but surprise Bobbys in beacon hills and saving everybody’s asses.
And that’s when the wolf secret gets out. And Bobbys just like “son, I could tell the first time you called me, that curse only affects Lycan’s” and stiles is all like “but dude…bro….youre a hunter and you still saved us?”
And so then stiles has this weird, grumpy mechanic buddy who he can rely on to save his packs asses every time.
And then eventually Bobby calls stiles first and is all like “Deans brother abandoned him and he needs help on this hunt” (read “Season 7, Time For A Wedding” so like stiles is Garth pretty much)
But stiles is all like “bitch did you not understand, I’m part of a pack my boyfriend is lit a werewolf and you want me to be hunter”
And Bobbys all like “son you killed three vampires in the past month, I think you’re ‘pack’ is pretty much made of supernatural hunters” and eventually stiles agrees
And Dean sees this guy and he’s like “what in the holy fuck, Bobby said he’s sending me a hunter, not a high schooler” and stiles is like “excuse me, I’m 19. I got out of high school like three months ago, buckaroo”
And Dean HATES him. Stiles talks too much, he never sits still, he won’t stop bitching about dean’s drinking, he like indie music, okay? Does Bobby want me to kill this guy?
But then they find out this thing they’re hunting is a demon. And stiles is quiet, jumpy but not in the good way, he glances at the whiskey bottle like he’s wishing to chug it, he doesn’t sing in the shower or complain about the music in the car anymore.

And Dean watches as he counts his fingers and has a crazy big book on handy at all times, randomly opening it and reading a few lines before closing it again. He screams himself awake and Dean listens as he dials a number and he can hear the other line pick up and talk but stiles never responds, he merely just listens as the other guy (Derek, the love of Stiles life) just talks and talks about the pack, about the movie he watched, about the new socks he just bought.
And it’s then that Dean realizes like this kid has been through some shit. So he’s not as harsh with him anymore, he doesn’t snap at him as much, he doesn’t call him kid anymore, he doesn’t complain about his clumsy tendencies.
And it doesn’t help that much but one night they’re staking out or maybe just at dinner or something and stiles is just like “I stabbed my best friend in the stomach with a samurai sword and almost killed his first love” but he doesn’t explain anymore. He leaves it at that
Anyway, they find the demon and stiles totally saves dean’s ass until the demon just smirks at stiles and is all like
“No fucking way, nogitsune boy! How’s that little pack of yours doing, by the way?” Which then stiles goes nuts, honing in on the darkness in his heart to not care about the blood on his hands and innocent vessel bloody beneath him.
Then stiles gets Dean back to the hotel after he uses the special knife that Dean doesn’t let anyone else touch on the demon and it fucking lights up the body
And stiles is washing the blood of his arms and hands and turns around and says
“I was possessed by a nogitsune and almost killed my entire pack. My boyfriend is a werewolf, my best friend is a banshee, my dads favorite deputy is a human hellhound, and I have this spark inside of me strong enough to make me my packs emissary”
And Dean just calls Bobby and asks what the hell he thinks he’s doing with this…supernatural magnet.
And Bobby verbally beats his ass til next Sunday.
And in the end the Winchesters and the hale pack have a treaty and only the strongest (read;dumbest) monsters would dare test them.
I just need a lot of angst and angst and angst and a little bit more angst before there a a dash of fluff, then there’s more angst. Okay, thanks-link me.

Female: Part 3

Disclaimer: Gif originally posted by @stydiafools

Author: @cynicallystiles

Prompt/Request: None.

Warning: Sad stuff, mention of mental illness, swearing, anxiety.

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Notes/Tags: Masterlist, @morganschiebel @sassysweetstories @dylan-trash-tbh. Y/D/N= Your dog’s name.

Words: 8,307

Originally posted by stydiafools

“Why the fuck do you have Stiles’ jersey in your bag?!”

All I can do is open my mouth as I try to think of an answer. I mean, I had only accepted it as a friend, and I thought she was mad at me so she wouldn’t care. But, I don’t think that’s a good excuse for accepting it. I’m definitely not mentioning the conversation about Stiles wanting to ask me out after what I just did with Lydia. She’ll freak out even more. But, we’re not a defined thing, and I don’t know what’s going on between me and Stiles. How did I get in this situation?

She took my silence as a bad thing, and I mentally curse myself for not being able to fucking explain anything well or in time. “Oh my god! He asked you to wear it! Didn’t he?!” Her voice is higher than usual, and I know that there is no good answer to this so I just nod. She scoffs at me, causing a painful ping in my chest. “And you accepted it?” I just nod again. “Wh-why would you accept this from him? I told you what it means this morning!” She lowers her voice from a yell, and now she just sounds confused and exasperated. I open my mouth to answer, but she cuts me off. “Oh my god….. are you dating him now? How could you be with me just now and be dating him?!” I can tell she’s getting worked up again because her voice went back to being high. I close my eyes and take a breath. “No, Lyds. We’re not dating. He asked me to wear it as one of his best friends. You yourself told me it didn’t have to be romantic.” I look up at her hoping that she’s understanding. She crosses her arms and waits for me to continue. “It was in the hallway after you started acting weird in class, and I was sad about it. He comforted me and asked me to wear it as a friend,” I trail off when I realize I’m rambling. Her face softens, and she uncrosses her arms. “Why didn’t you mention it before if he asked you to wear it as friends? Like, before we just did that?” She gestures to the bed, and I lower my head guiltily. She moves to sit on the bed next to me, and I pull the sheet up further to cover myself. I sigh and open my eyes, looking anywhere but at her. “Well, when I first got here I was just worried about why I thought you were mad at me. And then, all of this happened,” I say, gesturing to the bed like she did before continuing, “and honestly, the jersey was the last thing on my mind while I was being with you. Intimately.” I blush and she lifts my head to look at her. “I get it. I did have you a little distracted from the real world for a while.” We both laugh.

Thoughts run through my mind as I try to figure out how to tell her that Stiles and I might have more than friendly feelings for each other. She catches me zoned out and waves her hand in front of my face. “Helloooo?” I shake my head out of my thoughts, and she giggles. “Hmm?” I say, snapping my eyes back to focus on her. “You looked a little spaced for a second.” She tucks a piece of hair behind my ear before getting up from the bed to continue getting dressed. She tosses me my clothes, and I stand from the bed to get dressed quietly. I notice her watching me. “What? Do I have something on me? Is my hair weird?” I say smoothing down the hair on my scalp. I finish dressing, and she laughs and walks over to me to cup my face. “No! No, it’s just that you are so cute all post-sex.” I give a half smile because I don’t know how to respond. She pulls me in and pecks my lips. She notices that my lips didn’t respond as quickly as before and quirks her brows together. “What’s wrong, Y/N?” She searches my eyes as I just freeze, suddenly unable to make my mouth work in any way. I bite my lip nervously as I prepare to tell her the truth. “It’s…about the jersey…” I say slowly, trying to test how she’ll react. She moves her hands from my cheeks to rub my arms. “What about it? I understand now that it’s just a friend thing. And besides, we aren’t officially dating for real yet. So, you can wear his Friday.” I snap my eyes at her when she says the word “yet”. Oh my god, I don’t know what I’m doing. I like both of them a lot.

I take a breath and decide to just blurt it out. “Lyds, I’m gonna tell you something, and you gotta promise not to get upset.” Her curious expression turns to a serious one, and she nods. I take a quick, deep breath and just tell her the truth. “Stiles swears he asked me as just a friend, but that brought up the fact that he said he wanted to ask me out at some point. So, I know he likes me romantically, and I encouraged him because I like him like that, too. And I think that even if I hadn’t thought you were mad at me today, I would’ve still reacted the same. So, it’s not to like get back at you for shutting me out or anything. It’s-” She removes her hands from me and holds one up for me to stop talking as she sits down. A look of shock washes over her face and then a look of sadness. I walk towards her with my arms out and try to explain. “I really like you both, and I just don’t know how this happened. And I-” She throws both of her hands up in between us to stop me from approaching, and she gets up to cross the room to her closet. “Lydia? What are you doing?” I say cautiously, swallowing the lump in my throat from this situation.

She pulls a hanger from the closet and removes what looks like my jersey from it. After putting the hanger back, she crosses the room again to stand in front of me. Before I even understand what’s happening, she’s putting my jersey in my hands. “Lyds, why are you giving this back?” I ask, a small crack threatening to give away my sudden sadness. She takes a shaky breath, presumably trying to hide her own sadness. “Because I don’t think I should wear it unless you figure out what you want.” I shake my head rapidly and try to give it back to her, but she won’t take it. “No, no. I-I’ll give Stiles his jersey back. Just, p-please don’t do this..” I stutter out, my eyes beginning to sting with tears. Without a word, she moves to open her door and stands there deflated. “I think you should go home, Y/N.” And with those seven words, I fall apart. The tears flow rapidly, and I try my best to not sob loudly. Because when I do, it doesn’t stop for a long while. I wipe my eyes and gather my things as quickly as possible. I look at her one last time, hoping she would tell me to stay. But, she closes her eyes tight and sniffles, and with that, I dart out of her house and to my car. Once there, I let the loud sobs rack my body and rest my head against the wheel. Thoughts race through my head about the events of the past few hours. How could I fall for two people? How could she kick me out after we were just so close? And why did I feel so bad that she kicked me out? I’m so freaking confused about everything, and it feels like it’s all my fault. I sit there like that for a few minutes, before getting the crying under control long enough to drive home.

I pull up to my house and enter quietly, hoping not to wake anyone. As I creep up the stairs and head towards my room, I hear muffled talking. No. Muffled arguing. I stop in front of my parents’ door and quietly place my ear to it to listen. I can’t quite make out what they are arguing about, but it doesn’t sound good. They never argue like this, that I know of. I head towards my room and close the door. My dog perks his ears up, and I pat him on the head. “It’s gonna be okay, sugar,” I say, not so convincingly. So many feelings are rushing through me: confusion, anger, hurt, heartbreak, sadness, even physical pain in my chest. To keep myself from sobbing again and alerting my parents that I’m home, I decide to just be numb. Numb never really means numb. You’re aware of all of your emotions. You just don’t react to them as if they’re your own. I sometimes compare it to being a zombie. Because essentially I am. I don’t react to anything, nothing affects me. This isn’t the first time I’ve done it, but it’s definitely one of the hardest times. I empty my duffle bag of the dirty clothes from today and fill it with clean practice clothes and clean clothes to wear tomorrow. I fill my bag with necessities, such as brushes, toothpaste/toothbrush, deodorant and all that jazz. After putting those things in my bag, I change out of my clothes and into a pair of clean pajamas. I grab my bags and head to the door. I stop in my bedroom doorway and pat my leg as a signal for Y/D/N to follow. Which he does. After getting out to my car, I text my mom, saying I’m staying at Lydia’s, and that I’ll be back tomorrow after practice. I start my car and leave, not wanting my drama to make whatever they are arguing about worse. After several minutes of driving around aimlessly, I decide I better find somewhere to stay. A few more minutes of driving passes, and I pull up into the driveway and park behind the familiar blue jeep.

I sit there for a while tapping my fingers on the wheel, trying to figure out how to approach this. Should Stiles’ house really be the place that I spend the night after what just happened? And what if he doesn’t even let me stay? I look over at Y/D/N, who stares at me intently. “What should a do, sugar?” He probably senses that I’m not okay, but he doesn’t see the signs of it, like crying. So, he waits patiently for me to need him. Which I always do. After looking at each other for a while, I come to a decision. “I know. I know. You’re right.” I say as if he’s actually holding up the other end of the conversation. I breathe out a huff of hot air before pulling out of the driveway and parking around the block. I dig through my bag, searching for the stupid article of clothing that started this whole mess. “Aha!” I exclaim to myself as I pull it out of my bag, slightly startling Y/D/N. “Sorry,” I say and pet him tentatively. After cracking the windows and exiting my car, I beep it to make sure it’s locked and make my way back around the corner to the front porch of Stiles’ house. I raise my hand to knock, but I freeze. Suddenly, I’m heartbroken that I’m about to do this, and it’s extremely hard to be numb to it. Because I know how he’ll react. He’ll think he did something, and demand to know what’s wrong. I just can’t deal with that right now.  And I don’t even know why I’m doing this, I just feel like it’ll solve something. Instead of knocking and having to see his face, I decide to hang his jersey on the doorknob. After successfully making sure it stays there, I bang on the door a few times and dash towards the street and hide behind a car. I peer through the windows of it and wait to see if he opens it. A minute or so later, a groggy looking, shirtless Stiles appears with gray sweatpants hanging loosely on his hips. God damn it, why is he so fucking gorgeous and making this so hard. He looks around sleepily for a second and after seeing no one, moves to close the door. He stops when he looks down and sees the jersey there. It’s too far away to be able to tell what his face looks like. Shock or worry maybe? He grabs the jersey and takes a few steps out onto his porch and looks around, searching for me. I duck my head when his eyes scan over the car I’m behind and hope he didn’t see me. Scrunching my eyes closed, I will myself to be numb. To not react to how much this is hurting me. It’s like ending something that never had a chance to be something, and that’s agonizing. I hear the door slam closed and venture a peek to see if he went inside. He did. I get up carefully and jog back to my car. Once inside, my phone lights up with a text from Stiles.

Stiles: Y/N why did I just find my jersey on my porch?

I ignore it and start my car, making my way to where I hope I’ll be staying tonight. On the way there, my phone lights up with more messages.

Stiles: Are you giving it back??

Stiles: Why though? Did I do something wrong?? :(

Stiles: Please answer me. I’m getting worried.

Stiles: Y/N just talk to me.

With each new message, my heart pings more painfully than the last time. I gulp, trying to swallow the cries that want to escape. Y/D/N must sense that the numb is wearing off because he lets out a few tentative whines. I glance at him and muster a smile for this little ball of fur that loves me. “I know. We are almost there, and then I’ll be good. I promise.” He lays his head back down on his paws and waits for the journey to be over. But, before it is, my phone lets out and earsplitting howl. Which startles me and causes me to swerve the car a bit, before I even it out again. I realize that it’s Stiles’ ringtone. He must have given up on texts and decided to call. I carefully reach over and turn it onto silent, so that I can focus on driving. I hear the vibrations, still constantly going off, and I smile to myself a bit as I remember the day that we recorded that ringtone for him.

“Ah! Stiles stoppp!! I can’t breathe!” I scream through fits of laughter as my eyes begin to water. “No! Not until you admit that Star Wars is better than Star Trek!!” He screams wildly as he continues his tickle assault on my abdomen. “Never, ever, ever would I tell a lie to you, Stiles!!” I giggle as I try to fight off his slender fingers. Eventually, he realizes that I’m not going to budge and stops, leaving his hand on my stomach as I lay sprawled out on the floor. “Damn you and your vow to always be honest with me.” He says dramatically, shaking his fist at the ceiling. “I think you should try out for the school play with that acting,” I say sarcastically, looking up at him from my place beneath him on the ground. After the debate on SW v. ST broke out, he began to tickle me, and we somehow wrestled each other onto the floor. I’m much smaller than he is, so it was easy for him to pin my arms above my head with one hand and tickle me with the other. All while straddling me. “Oh, yeah? And what’s the play about?” He asks curiously, while still holding my hands above my head. I think hard, closing my eyes while trying to remember. My eyes shoot open as I remember what it was, not realizing Stiles had leaned over and was close to my face now. “Oh, um. Hi.” I say as my cheeks begin to blush.  He smirks with a devilish look that I had never seen before on him. “Hi. Don’t mind me. What’s the play?” I swallow, suddenly nervous about the position we were in. “It’s, uh, it’s,” I clear my throat and continue, “ it’s Little Red Riding Hood.”  I manage to stutter out. He quirks an eyebrow and chuckles. “Oh, and what part should I play.” He says moving closer to my face a bit more. “Um. Well, there’s the lumberjack, or..” I whisper, being cut off by him. “Or the Big Bad Wolf. I like it. But, only if you’ll play Little Red?” I giggle. “And why would you want me to play that part?” I ask curiously. The smirk returns to his face as he answers, “Run the main lines with me real quick, and you’ll see. You know, the ‘my what big teeth you have’ thing?”  I nod, not knowing where he’s going with this.

I clear my throat and begin with the lines I remember. “What a deep voice you have,” I whisper, feigning a higher voice. “The better to greet you with,” he growls, and I suddenly have a warm feeling between my legs. “Um, what big eyes you have.” I continue on. “The better to see you with.” He whispers leaning closer, only inches away now. “What big hands you have,” I say softly. “Mm. The better to grab you with.” He says as he slides his hand under my shirt higher and higher. “Uh! What big teeth you have!” I say, panicking about what he’s gonna do next. His hand stops just below my breast, and he lowers his head so that his breath is fanning my lips. “The better to eat you with my dear.” He says seductively, and he moves to close the gap between our lips. “Stiles! What the hell is going on here?!” I hear a voice boom as the front door slams close. My eyes widen in panic, and everything’s a blur. Stiles launches himself off of me to a standing position, while I release the breath I didn’t know I was holding. I lay there on the floor, not knowing what to do so I just panicked. And I literally played opossum, throwing my hands over my face and not moving. Stiles tries to stifle a panicked laugh at our predicament. “Oh, uh, we-we were just running lines for the school play.” He answers his dad’s question. I peek my through my fingers and see the red creeping up in between the moles on his neck. “Ahuh. And you had to do that on top of Y/N, in the middle of my living room?” The sheriff asks, and I audibly groan. I’m so embarrassed that the fricking sheriff caught me underneath his son like that. Stiles laughs this time, not being able to hold it back. “Next time it’ll be in my room?” He ventures. “Ahuh. Do we need to have the discussion about condoms?” The sheriff asks his son, and Stiles’ face freezes flashing his eyes to me for a second before back to his dad. While I recover my eyes I faintly whisper, “Oh God, please strike me with lightning right now.” The sheriff laughs. “No! Dad. Sheesh. It’s not even like that.” He says weirdly. I uncover my eyes again to see him looking at his dad weirdly as if he’s trying to talk to him through facial expressions. “Rigghhht. Y/N are you staying for dinner tonight?”  His dad directs his question at me. I move my hands and tilt my head up so that I’m looking at him upside down. “Yeah, that’d be nice Mr. Stilinski.” I give an embarrassed smile, and he leaves the room to change out of his uniform.

Stiles bursts out laughing, while I just lay there completely confused and self-conscious about that encounter. “Ohhh, come on. Enough with the pity party.” He says has he takes my hands and hoists me up to my feet. I wipe myself off and huff. “I’m not having a pity party.” I glare at him until his smile fades. “Oh, come on, Y/N. It wasn’t that bad. Besides, I think I found a new passion in life.” He grins at me. I scoff. “Is that theater or torturing me?” I say playfully shoving him. “Well, as much as I love torturing you, I love doing the opposite more.” He winks at me, and my mouth falls open. He chuckles, and steps closer. “I think I’d make a pretty good wolf. Don’t you think?” I scrunch my eyebrows skeptically, and he mocks being offended. “Don’t believe in me? Here listen to this!”  He steps back and takes a wide stance. He clears his throat before throwing his head back and letting out the most awful howl. “Ow-ow-owwoooooooo!” He drags out the last part. I burst out laughing, for the second time that day. He goes to continue, but I cover his mouth with my hand. “Wait!! Wait, I wanna record this!!” I grab my phone and step back so that I can get his whole wolf stance into view. I click a picture of it and move closer to record the sound. I hit record and give him a thumbs up. He proceeds to redo the howling. Maybe more awful than before, and I try to hold in my laughter to get a clean howl on the recording. Once I recorded a good amount, I hit stop and began laughing again. “You’re crazy Mischief Stilinksi!” I say, and he laughs with me. “Well then you must be a full moon, 'cuz I’m only crazy around you! Plus, you’re just as beautiful. Even more so.” He says the last part seriously, but I couldn’t help but giggle at how cheesy he is. At the end of my giggle fit, I let out a content sigh. “Oh my gosh,” I giggle just a bit more, “I love you, Mischief,” I say incredulously, shaking my head at him. And actually, not even realizing I said it. Then, his dad called down the hall that dinner was about done and with one last look at Stiles I skipped to the kitchen to eat. Not noticing the phone in his hand.

So, that picture is his contact one and shows up along with the howl, every time he calls. I laugh to myself, remembering that day fondly, but nothing about what I had said before dinner. Before I knew it, I was around the corner from my destination. After, parking the car around the block, I gathered the things I needed for the night and called for Y/D/N to follow. He’s so well behaved, I mostly don’t need a leash. But, once we step onto the porch in front of the door, I pick him up and raise one of my hands to knock. Before I could even knock, the door swings open, and I come face to face with, hopefully, someone who will let me stay with them. I open my mouth, surprised because I didn’t let them know I was coming. “How did you-” I say looking over my shoulder and back at them when they answered. “Your dog.” They say simply, and I remember what they told me. “Is it okay if I crash here tonight? I think everyone hates me right now, and I just-” I manage to choke out, suddenly becoming emotional again. They pull me into a hug, and my dog sniffs crazily, trying to get to know the new person. They rub my back soothing me and usher me inside. “Of course it’s okay. Why don’t you get ready for bed, then we’ll talk about it, okay?” I nod, wiping my nose on my sleeve. I get my phone out and turn it on since it’s no longer ringing. As I pass the table in the hall, I set my keys and phone on it and head up the stairs. After showering and getting ready for bed, I picked up Y/D/N and settled into the bed they were letting me sleep in. Soon, they came back in and sat on the corner of the bed next to me. “I don’t want to take your bed.” I begin to feel like I’ve already overstayed. “No, no. It’s absolutely fine. I’ll sleep in the chair. I’ve done it before.” They say and laugh. I smile sadly and hold my dog to me. They move so that they are sitting next to me against the headboard, and I lay my head on their shoulder. “Thank you. I don’t know what I would’ve done if you said no.” I feel their shoulders shake as they laugh. “I would never abandon a friend in need. So, tell me what happened.” And so I did, trying my best to keep it together so it didn’t come out like a garbled, whiny mess. After crying so much again, I finally felt sleepy. Soon, I drifted off to sleep, barely noticing when the bed shifted as they left to go do something. I was so heavily asleep, that I had no idea what was going on downstairs.

~Stiles’ POV~

I’m lying in bed, half asleep when I hear a loud banging on the door downstairs. My dad is working a night shift at the station, so it’s either someone who wants to kill me or I don’t even know who would knock this late. I make my way down the stairs with my sweats hanging around my hips and shirtless because it was rather hot earlier. I try to look out the window to see who it is, but if there’s anyone there I can’t see them. After swinging the door open, I look around and find that no one is around. God. Kids must be seriously crazy to be ding-dong-ditching the sheriff’s house. And they didn’t even ring the door bell. I roll my eyes and swing my head low as I go to shut the door. But when I do, I see my jersey carefully hung from the doorknob. I furrow my eyebrows trying to think how it got here. Maybe Y/N lost it, and someone returned it? Doubtful. Y/N is so organized, she wouldn’t lose this. Not in less than a day. Which means that something must’ve happened to make her change her mind about wearing it. I grab it off the doorknob and take a few steps out onto my porch. She must still be close, she would want to make sure I got it back. Right? After scanning the dark for a few seconds, I realize she must’ve left because she doesn’t want to face me. I step back into the house, closing the door behind me. Trying to think of what I should do, I run upstairs and grab a shirt and shoes. Before heading out to my jeep, I shoot her like a million texts, trying to figure out what I did. With the jersey in my hand, I settle into Roscoe and make my way to Lydia’s. The only place I could think of since I don’t really know where she lives.

I could go to the station and find her address, but that would take too long. While I’m on my way, I call her multiple times, hoping that that god awful ringtone would make her answer. After several calls, I realize she must’ve turned it off. I pull up at Lydia’s and rush into her house and up to her room. She never locks the friggin door, which is not safe. When I burst into her room, she’s startled and lets out an angry, “Stiles!” “Sorry, Lyds. I was wondering if you know where Y/N is? She gave this back to me, and I don’t know why.” I say confused, as I hold up my jersey to her. Her eyes widen, and she purses her lips. Only then do I realize that her eyes are puffy, and her nose is red. “She really gave that back?” She questions me sadly. “Yes, Lydia. Why have you been crying, though?” I interrogate her, never liking when she’s hurting. She gives a half smile and laughs slightly. “Of course she gave that back.” She shakes her head and rolls her eyes as she whispers to herself. “What’s that supposed to mean?” I furrow my eyebrows at her. She’s acting weirder than usual. She lets out a sigh. “Oh. Nothing. And I’m fine. I just…had an argument with my boyfriend. A big one.” I sit down beside her and put my hand on her shoulder. “You mean Y/L/N? What did he do? I swear I’ll kick his ass if he hurt you.” I say, fuming that he’s such an ass. She laughs loudly. “No! No, you won’t. Because it was both of our faults, and it was a dumb argument. But, anyway,” she changes the subject, “I don’t know where she is. I assume she’s at home. But, I don’t know where she lives either.” I watch her avert my eyes as she tells me this. I think she’s lying about knowing where she lives. They’re there all the time. I know because they always post on social media about their hangouts. I decide to let it slide, knowing that if she was going to tell me she would. “Well, okay. Thanks anyway.” I sigh, moving from the bed to the door. “Stiles?” I turn to face Lydia. “Hm?” I ask while scratching my neck. “If you find her,” she bites her lip, trying to figure out what to say, “could you-could you tell her I’m sorry? And that it was wrong of me to do that? She’ll know what I mean.” She looks sad, and it makes me wonder if she fought with Y/N and not Y/L/N. I look her up and down, then nod before leaving her house. I lock the door behind me as I exit.

Desperate to find her, I go to the only person that I know can find her quickly. I realize that I could wait until tomorrow, but I’ll never be able to sleep until I know why. The closer I get to my destination, the more my heart starts to ache. What if I don’t want to know the answer? What if that day at my house, and what she said in the hallway today didn’t mean anything? My breathing starts to get shallow a couple blocks away from where I’m going. God, don’t have a panic attack in the jeep. Don’t have a panic attack at this very moment. I’m looking at all the parked cars as I get closer to the house, and I notice one around the corner that looks familiar. I stop the jeep in the middle of the road and get out, leaving the door open. I walk up to the car, trying to look through the windows without looking creepy. Deciding that there’s no way to not look creepy at night while looking into someone’s car, I put my face close to the glass and cup my hands around my eyes to see. It’s really clean. Almost nothing personal in it. I’m about to walk away when a glint catches my eye. On a dainty chain hanging from the rear view mirror, is a charm that I know belongs to Y/N. It’s a light blue circle with a black jewel eclipsing part of it. It’s a moon. I got it for her a few days after the Red Riding Hood thing at my house. The black jewel is adjustable so that she could make the moon different phases for whenever she wants. I’ve never seen her wear it, but she told me she put it someplace she would always see it.

I stare at the necklace incredulously. Why would her car be parked around the block from where I’m going? Does she live on this block, and I didn’t know? I get back in my jeep, drive a few seconds further and pull into the driveway behind the dirt bike. I jog up to the porch with jersey in hand and knock rapidly on the front door. I would let myself in, but Melissa confiscated the key I made. He better get his little wolf ass up because this is an emergency. My knocking stops when he cracks the door open and looks through it. Upon seeing me, his face turns from confused to shocked. I tilt my head at his reaction because he’s usually happy to see me. He keeps the door cracked, though. “Hey, man! What are you doing here so late?” He smiles at me. A bit falsely if you ask me. “I need your help. Why do you have the door like that? I thought Melissa was at the hospital.” I look at him questionably. He’s hiding something. Which is weird because we don’t keep secrets.

He makes an “o” shape with his mouth and furrows his eyebrows before answering. “Uh, yeah. Yeah, she is. I just, uh,” he clears his throat, “I’m just super tired from practice. So, what do you need help with?” He closes his eyes for a moment, which to anyone else it would seem like he was just tired. But, I’m not anyone else. He’s listening to something.After opening his eyes again, he opens the door a little wider and stands up straight. Though he still doesn’t let me in. Getting slightly more agitated by the minute, I begin to ramble. I told him how I had asked Y/N to wear my jersey and how she had said yes. I told him about how afterward there was mention of asking her out and how she played coy. And how in the middle of the night she randomly leaves the jersey on my door handle. “And that is why I need your help, Scotty. I don’t know what I did or what’s wrong. And she won’t answer her phone so I can’t figure it out. But, I just want to know what’s wrong so I can fix it. So, I need you to track her because Lydia says she doesn’t know where Y/N lives, but she’s lying.” I finish with a huff and shove my jersey at him.

He shifts uncomfortably in the doorway, causing the door to open up slightly more. He doesn’t realize this as he slowly pushes the jersey away from himself and back to me. “Dude, I’m not gonna track her in the middle of the night. Or ever. That’s like a violation of her privacy or something.” I begin to argue, “But, I-” Scott cuts me off with a lighthearted tone. “Stiles, I’m sure if Y/N wanted you to know where she was, you would know. And I’m sure she also has a reason for giving the jersey back. Maybe it’s not about you. Maybe she’s going through some things that you don’t know about or understand.” He raises his eyebrows wondering if I understood and was going to leave. He knows too damn much. Why is everyone conspiring against me finding Y/N?! I swing my jersey over my shoulder and shove my hands in my pockets. “Yeah, you’re right. I guess I’ll just catch her tomorrow.” Scott lets out a relieved breath and smiles, waiting for me to go back to my jeep. As I turn around, my eyes wander just past Scott’s head and into the hall. My sight lands on the table against the wall, and I freeze in my tracks. “Scott,” I say through gritted teeth, “why are Y/N’s keys on your hall table?!” My voice rises slightly.

His eyes widen, and he whips his head around to look at where I’m looking. He turns back to me and snaps the door to his body, but it’s too late. I’ve already seen her stuff laying on the table. “Those aren’t Y/N’s keys.” He tries to lie his way out. So much for honesty. “Scott. I can see all her weird little charms on it!” I raise my voice more and throw my arm in the direction of the table which is still blocked by the door. And suddenly, I remember seeing her car around the corner. I connect the pieces in my head, and without anyone else filling in the blanks, my mind goes to the worst place. “ARE YOU SLEEPING WITH Y/N?? IS THAT WHY HER CAR IS AROUND THE CORNER, AND YOU WON’T LET ME IN??” He tries to shush me, but I feel like I have all the evidence. I lower my voice from a yell, but I am still seething. “You know what she’s going through because she’s here! She came here after giving me my jersey back because she’s gonna wear yours! And earlier, Scotty, when you thought I didn’t notice you were listening to something?? You were listening to her upstairs, weren’t you?” With each question, I get quieter and anger turns to sadness. “Stiles, I-” I throw my hand up and take a deep breath. “Why do you do this to me? First, you make out with Lydia when you knew I liked her. And now?? Now, you’re sleeping with Y/N even though you know that I love her!”

We both pause when we hear that word come out of my mouth. I’ve never said it out loud because I’ve never even thought it before. “Stiles, I’m not sleeping with her! Those aren’t even her keys!” I shake my head as I can’t believe he’s still trying to lie. I fumble in my pocket before taking my phone out. “Oh yeah? That’s not her stuff? Her keys? Her phone?” I hit Y/N’s contact in my phone and listen to it ring. After a few seconds, the phone on the table vibrates and lets out an awful-sounding howl. I bite my lip to stop it from quivering. I feel betrayed. After hanging up the phone, I stare at Scott. He’s looking at the ground, defeated. “So, just tell me, Scott. Tell me the truth. Because you can’t say that’s not her phone when you know that’s my ringtone. I told you about that day and how it was the first time I realized that I liked her as more than a friend. I mean I probably did before that, but that’s when I knew.” A single tear slides down my cheek as I remember that day. He sighs and looks up to meet my eyes. “I am not sleeping with her. But, she is asleep upstairs. I can’t tell you why she gave the jersey back because that’s her secret to tell. But, I can tell you why she’s here. She has nowhere else to sleep tonight, Stiles.” I open my mouth slightly, not understanding why she has nowhere to go.

“But, what about her house?” Scott glances up the stairs. “Her parents were fighting when she got home. She didn’t want to cause more problems.” My heart breaks a bit as he tells me this. I always thought her parents and her were happy.  "Well, Lydia would’ve-“ I begin. He turns back to me and shakes his head. "They had a fight. A big one. That’s where she was coming from when she went home.” I, too, look up the stairs as if I can see her. The thought of her fighting with her best friend broke me. I knew something was up with Lydia and Y/N when I saw her tonight. “She could’ve stayed with me?” I whisper, my voice cracking a bit. He smiles sadly at me. “That’s why she went to your house in the first place. But, ultimately, she decided to give your jersey back.” I look down because I have no idea what to say or do. “W-why wouldn’t she tell me? I would’ve let her stay with me even if she gave this back… I would’ve, I would’ve-” I search for the words of how much I care for her and how I would’ve helped her, then Scott placed his hand on my shoulder. I meet his eyes, and there’s something in them that I don’t like. “Scotty, what aren’t you telling me?” I ask quietly.

He opens and closes his mouth like he doesn’t know how to describe it to me. He finally pulls me inside, and we stand at the bottom of the stairs. “You gotta promise you’re not gonna storm up there and wake her up. She really needs to sleep. She’s so drained from today.” I look at him concernedly and then nod for him to tell me. “Stiles, when she got here..” I stare at him waiting for him to continue. “She arrived with her dog.” He says that so seriously, but I’m not getting what the big deal is so I let out a laugh. “So? She brought her dog to stay the night. We already know she loves animals. Why is that bad?” He leans against the stair railing before elaborating. “Stiles, he’s not just her pet.” He raises his eyebrows like I’m supposed to know what the hell else a friggin Y/D/B is supposed to be. “Oh my God, Scott! Stop being so dramatic and tell me!” He sighs and looks me dead in the eyes. “He’s not just her pet,” he relaxes his features into a sad expression, “he’s a support dog. Her support dog.” I look into his eyes, trying to understand what he’s telling me. “Did she tell you? Was he wearing one of those vests?” I ask confusedly. He shoves his hands in his pockets. “He wasn’t wearing a vest, but I get the sense that she doesn’t want people to know. Which also means, no, she didn’t tell me. I could tell. The way he looks at her and sticks close. He’s trained to be attentive to her.”

I grip the stair rail, reeling from this information. “So, if he’s a support dog,” I begin my conclusion slowly, “then that means that Y/N has a mental illness? But, she’s never been like this since we met!” Even as I say the words, I don’t believe them. He shakes his head like I’m missing something. “I don’t know, man. It’s not always obvious. We can only guess and assume, but we won’t know unless she wants us to.” I drop my head and rub my eyes while I think about what I can do. While I’m thinking, Scott turns his ear to upstairs again. “What are you doing? Is she awake?” Scott suddenly goes around me and up the stairs. “Stay here. I’m gonna check on something.” He tells me, but I’m already following him up the stairs. He’s not gonna keep me from making sure she’s alright. We walk quietly down the hall so we don’t wake her. As we get closer to the room, I can hear a small whining sound. Scott is in front of me so I tap him on the shoulder. “Is that her dog whining? Does that mean something bad is happening?” I whisper, but he just holds up his finger and shushes me. After peeking into the room, he stands up straight and leans against the other side of the doorway. He gestures for me to do the same. I take my place in the doorway and see what he heard. It’s Y/N. She’s the one whining. She’s on her back, and all of her limbs are slightly moving. Her head keeps twitching, and I realize she’s having a nightmare or something. Her dog is lying quietly at her feet. I don’t understand why it’s not doing its job and helping her or something. I can’t watch her like this anymore, I have to help her. But before I can move out of the doorway and over to her, Scott puts his hand on my chest to stop me. “Just watch.” He nods toward the scene unfolding with a small smile.

I look back towards the bed and see what he’s talking about. Slowly but surely, her dog lifts his head up and looks at her. After staring for a few seconds, the dog rises to his feet and walks towards her head. He stops around her middle and lays himself so that he’s right up against her stomach. Her arm brushes the dog, apparently making her aware that he’s there. Then, she just rolls over and wraps her arm around the dog gently. She’s no longer making noise, and she’s laying peacefully with her dog. I let some air out of my nose as a corner of my lip turns upwards. “Wow. That’s like… magic or something.” I whisper. “She knows how to take care of herself, Stiles,” I hear Scott say to me as I watch her sleeping soundly. I pull my eyes away from her and look at him. “I know, I know,” I sigh, rubbing the back of my neck, “but what if it gets so bad she can’t do it by herself. What if something happens that’s so bad, her dog won’t be able to help. Am I supposed to just stand by and watch her hurt? I want to be there for her. I wanna be able to help her and hold her like her friggin dog does. I love her, Scotty. And I don’t care about her illnesses, I care that she didn’t tell me so that I could tell her I love her with all of it.” I grit my teeth, and he just nods, knowing I’m not done ranting. “I don’t think this has to do with why she gave the jersey back. Which means she’s lying about something else. And I don’t know why she feels the need to, but you’re right. When she’s ready she’ll tell me, and I’ll be waiting so I can tell her that it’s okay. Whatever it is.” He claps me on the back lightly. “That’s very cool of you, dude.” I look at him and pull him into a quick but meaningful hug. “Thanks, man. This, uh, this helped a lot.” He nods and moves to walk back down the stairs.

I wait in the doorway, and Scott turns back towards me. “You coming dude? We have an early practice.” Without turning back towards him, I answer, “Yeah, man. Just give me a second.” I walk quietly into the room and kneel down next to the bed in front of her. Gently brushing the hair away from her face, I tuck it behind her ear and lean in to whisper to her. It doesn’t matter if she’s asleep, I want to say this to her out loud. “Y/N,” I whisper softly, “I’d wait forever for you to let me in. I’d wait as long as it takes for you to realize that I love you. I know you’ve got your issues. But, trust me. I have my own too. I know you don’t need me to take care of you or help you out with yours. But I want you to know that I want to take care of you. So, when you’re ready to give me your problems, I’ll take them all and tell you I am in love with you still..” After making sure that my little speech didn’t wake her, I move to get up off the floor and leave. But, in a moment of insane courage, I move to kiss her on her cheek. I place my lips sweetly on her soft skin and let the kiss linger for a few seconds. She sighs in her sleep and stirs a bit, but stays asleep. I hope she doesn’t take to long to let me in because I’m dying to kiss her for real. I leave and return to my house, unable to sleep well after all that I’ve learned tonight.

~Y/N’s POV~

I hear voices that wake me from my deep sleep. But, I remain in a light daze as I continue to lie in bed. I’m not sure if I’m dreaming or not, but I swear Stiles is talking to me. It’s like he’s right next to me. He sounds muffled at first, but with some footsteps, his voice becomes clearer. My eyes stay closed as it’s hard to open them due to exhaustion. I feel a hand on my face and in my hair. Then he says those things to me, and I’m sure that I’m dreaming. Stiles would never say those things to me. So, I’m sure that I’m dreaming. But then, he kisses me and now I’m sure that it’s real. I’m awake, but I don’t dare open my eyes. I don’t know what I’d do or say. And so I listen to him leave, and my eyes open. I lay awake holding my dog, unable to sleep well after all that I’ve heard tonight.

Overall thoughts on the finale

I believe my feelings can be summed up in one gif:

  • Just watching the ‘previously on’ segment has me nervous.
  • Oh, god, we’re starting in the hospital with flickering lights. That’s probably not a good sign.
  • And we’re staring with Liam. Definitely not a good sign. And did his hair actually get worse? I think it got worse.
  • …what: 

Okay, so, they’re actually in nowheresville/alternate dimension? But why does nowheresville now have a replica hospital instead of just being a train station? 

  • Still not over the fact that they named a town Boneville:
  • …so…wait…Liam is still actually in Beacon Hills? Why are the signs there? I’m less than 2 minutes in and already confused as fuck haha.
  • “LYDIA” Stiles!”
  • “SHERIFF: Give the boy some room!” So the ghost riders just let people come with their weapons lmao? And sheriff is dumb enough to shoot up into a crowd? And can people actually get hurt here in nowheresville? Like, if sheriff just straight up started shooting right now, what would even happen? The people were already erased from reality, can they even get hurt? 
  • Also, how long was sheriff in there? Because, like, back in 6x05 when new people got dropped off, the ghost riders legitimately dropped them off right in front of everyone else, they didn’t just inconspicuously materialize. So, given that logic, sheriff’s been there at least a hot minute and, yet, he didn’t automatically go to Stiles? It’s not like Stiles was hard to find, he was standing off to the side all by himself? Or why didn’t Stiles notice him arrive? Maybe this was explained in another episode, but I kinda doubt it, so:
  • As  much as I love Stilinski family moments, I’m still bitter as fuck over the fact that Stiles wasn’t worrying about his father this whole damn time. 
  • Well, that nice moment lasted all of 2 seconds before getting shot down by stydia baiting.
  • “SHERIFF: We’ll find each other again.” What the fuck even? Can’t let Stiles relationship with his own fucking father encroach on the stydia? 
  • “SHERIFF: I’ll hold them back.” literally how the fuck? True alpha scott and his pack couldn’t do that, but human sheriff can? How? We already know guns don’t work against them? 
  • Okay this is all ridiculous and I’m in pain, but damn Dylan looks good
  • “LYDIA: When I kissed you!” …did they kiss again? Somehow? Like through a mirror portal or some shit? Did I fucking miss it? Or are they talking about when she slammed her mouth on his back in 3a? Because I swear  to fucking god if they’re suddenly playing that her stopping his panic attack was because she has feelings for him….
  • Look how awkward her hand is:

She looks like ET

  • And seriously I’m seeing nothing but:
  • Posey is me while watching this:
  • “MALIA: We didn’t see anyone.” Okay, so, one I’m really over this whole ‘only Lydia has any connection with Stiles shit’ as if Scott wouldn’t and the credits haven’t even rolled yet.  Like, unless it’s because she’s a banshee, they can miss me with this bullshit. Two, why does Malia answer for other people? Like how could she know what Scott saw? Three, get out of here with this scalia. I can feel it coming. 
  • LMFAO: 

So Stiles canonically has a stronger bond with his jeep than he does with Lydia, Scott, or Malia? I’m here for it. #stoscoe

  • Question: how the fuck did Stiles make it through without being burned to death? 
  •  …how are the credits just now rolling? I feel like I just sat through a half hour of bullshit and it hasn’t even been 5 minutes.
  • Whoa, his hair did get worse:

He looks like a wet dog. I guess that’s fitting. 

  • Seriously? They just wrote Scott out of that scene because Liam doesn’t know how to use his words? So they could go full throttle with the stydia bullshit with a stalia love triangle that is literally seasons too late? 
  • Aw, but Stiles still goes to Scott’s house first. That’s how it should always be. Why they gotta play at this dumbass ship baiting when they could focus on their friendship instead?      
  • Still not over the fact that they change what the McCall house looks like in every season haha. 
  • Why would Stiles even go to the station? He knows his dad is missing? Who is he looking for? It’s  not like Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department has ever been any help to him lmao
  • And a radio? Why is he not just, y’know, getting a fucking phone and calling people? 
  • And if the whole town is gone, why didn’t we see any of those people in the station when we saw sheriff?
  • Okay, how do they know Stiles actually made it out into the real world? Like, I get that Lydia says she saw him, but when he didn’t just walk through that tunnel thingy, why would they assume that this means he made it into their world? Wouldn’t the logical conclusion be that it didn’t work and he’s still stuck in nowheresville?
  • “MALIA: Stiles isn’t coming here. If he was, he would have. And he hasn’t, so he’s not.” First of all, what the fuck kind of logic? How long has it even been? 20 minutes? Chill the fuck out. Second, if they all think Stiles is out running around, why the fuck wouldn’t they automatically all split up and go to the places they think he would go? Like, y’know, his home, or Scott’s home, or the sheriff’s station? Third, I hate when this show makes it to where Lydia has-an-IQ-of-170 Martin is dumb as a fucking rock while Malia spent-the-better-part-of-a-decade-licking-her-own-ass-in-the-woods Tate is somehow the only with a goddamn brain.
  • Okay, so the two worlds are converging…what’s the point of this?
  • Oh god, not this fuck again:
  • Oh sweet baby jesus:

I got a whole list for this one:

  1. Stop trying to put these two together, Teen Wolf. They ain’t friends and Lydia doesn’t deserve this. 
  2. Why are they staring at the tread marks when obviously the JEEP IS FUCKING GONE. LIKE, IS THAT NOT A BIG ENOUGH CLUE? 
  3. And wouldn’t they have been keeping tabs on the jeep during this whole ordeal? So they should know it had to have been moved recently?
  4. Is Lydia fucking Scooby Doo? She gonna sniff that tire mark? The fuck she doing on the ground like that?
  5. I am not fucking here for a Malia and Lydia scene to be paralleling Stiles and Derek:  
  • And how can Malia suddenly not smell him?
  • And what in the absolute fuck is Malia wearing: 

Why is that shirt so fucking long? And look at those boots. Why does wardrobe hate her    

  • “MALIA: Well, half the time he got it started with a screwdriver.”

I get so mad when they act like Malia would be the only one to know this and not Lydia. Lydia’s been around Stiles and that damn jeep way before Malia was even a thing. 

  • Hahahaha:
  • A+ cinematography:
  • Parrish is evil now? Or just controlled? Boy, they’ll literally do anything to force stydia in this episode, won’t they lmao?
  • “NAZI: And I’ll have a true alpha by my side.” Lmao as if that’s a selling point by now. Scott never does shit because they’re too busy trying to make Malia and Liam special. 
  • All I’m getting from this scene is that even after spending fuck knows how long in nowheresville, Stiles is still the only competent one and he accomplishes more in the short time he’s been back than all of them have in months lmao. Like, did he essentially save himself? And then he found them? And then he’s probably gonna be the one to save the town
  • Watching that sciles hug, man, I started out like:

…then came the weird back patting…

…and then they completely destroyed it with Liam and a cheap attempt at getting a laugh


  • Oh my good god: 
  • I cannot: 
  • “MALIA: Why is there a train station in the middle of the library?” Is this line supposed to be funny? Teen Wolf, making the character you just tried to play off as intelligent suddenly mentally challenged is just confusing, not amusing. ·
  • “MALIA: Any chance they’re connected?” What the fuck. No one is that goddamn stupid
  • “MALIA: ITS’ BAD WE HAVE TO GO!” Literally what I am saying to myself as I watch Shelley’s attempt at acting in this scene. 
  • “LYDIA: Maybe there’s someone who can.” It  better not be…
  • Aw fuck I managed to get forget about Mason and Hayden until this point.
  • Look at Mason in that shirt:

The transformation into Stiles 2.0 is complete, I see.

  • Now there are 57 rooms in the train station? What the fuck
  • Is that Randall on the train’s pa system? Why?
  • And how does Mason always know where Randall is? Is Mason supernatural or is this show just stupid? I’m guessing stupid.
  • “STILES: Okay, if they don’t let me graduate, I swear to god!” Oh, I’m sure they will. Makes as much sense as anything else in this damn show. I foresee a painful scene with Natalie in this episode’s future. And I guess we know how they’re writing Stiles/Dylan off. Love how the dropped this just 11 minutes into the finale. Do I even need to keep watching now? He’s clearly gonna graduate and go off to college or maybe the academy· 
  • And, wait, he was gone for 3 months? Like, I know they’re doing that so graduation can happen, but there was a 3 month time jump since season 5 which put us at January. Now it’s been another three months so they’re at March, maybe April if the show wants to push it. But they’re acting like graduation is happening right away? So either Teen Wolf fucked up their timeline again which would not be a surprise or there’s going to be a time jump of at least a month in this episode? I don’t know which option is worse…
  • How can they just grab Parrish when he’s on fire? Werewolves aren’t fire proof? At all? Like the show is pretty heavily based in werewolves not being fire resistant *cough * the Hales *cough* I mean, how many fucking time have they burned Peter now?
  • And Liam screaming? Is this supposed to be funny because I’m too distracted by the fact that they are completely unharmed and their clothes aren’t even singed to remember to laugh. 
  • I’m still not over Parrish’s magical modesty shorts lmao
  • “STILES: Buddy, I love you, but we’re way past that.” 
  • He wants the supernatural army in their world? Okay, but, like, wasn’t it already?
  • You can divert it? They’re just gonna be like, ‘well, fuck the town to the left of us’ lmao?
  • So now there’s a complete other world? Fuck this plot, man haha. 
  • “LIAM: We can’t move between worlds, but Corey can!” 

Deus ex Randall strikes again. And I swear to fucking god they straight up yanked his plot right out of monster’s inc. I’m predicting that someone is gonna end up banished in the Himalayas at the end of this episode.

  • Why can’t anyone run like a normal fucking person on this show?
  • “STILES: Were we like that?” “SCOTT: Worse.” I love when this show tries to play that angle and make it seem like the newbies are how the originals were. No. Nobody in the first three seasons was ever that terribly written and illogical. 
  • “SCOTT: You wanna split up?” “STILES: Never again.” All right, you know I’m a sucker for some sciles, but does Scott never learn? 
  • If they’re going to insist on all having all of these shots of Liam running I am going to have to insist that someone teaches Sprayberry how to run without looking like he just shit himself and is trying to hobble to a bathroom. 
  • “LIAM: I hate horses.” 

Next season they’re bringing in a chick that’s part horse and Liam’s gonna fuck it, calling it now. 

  • Aw fuck what happened to Theo’s hair: 

Why is Liam’s bad hair contagious?

  • He just jumped off a balcony onto a horse. His poor dick. 
  • “MALIA: Dad.” 

Seriously, Lydia has a stronger connection to Peter in canon than Malia does or ever realistically can at this point. 

  • “MASON: I know his smile, I know his touch, and I know that that’s his voice.” Lmao I know they’re trying to do some progressive ‘look at our adorable gay romance’ moment here, but a voice is way more distinguishable than anything he just said. 
  • Oh and now Mason is having the same wires/PA system moment that Stiles had in 6x05. You’re so fucking sly, Teen Wolf.
  • And now a slow motion kiss. 
  • “HAYDEN: When’d you learn how to ride a horse?” “LIAM: Just now.” These lines aren’t funny, Teen Wolf. And is that really the first fucking question Hayden is gonna ask? Not ‘what the fuck are you doing here?’ Or ‘are you fucking crazy?’ Or ‘Did you stop the ghost riders?’ 
  • As if Stiles is the one who would ever think something could be that easy. That’s Scott’s M.O. 
  • “PETER: Where do you get this implausible optimism?” “MALIA: Definitely not from my father.” “LYDIA: We don’t have time for this!” No, we really fucking don’t and yet you continue to waste it on this bullshit daddy/daughter relationship that is apropos of nothing. Knock it the fuck off. 
  • “STILES: I finally saw the girl’s locker room. It’s not that different. It’s kind of disappointing.” All right, I’ll give you that one, Teen Wolf. That line was actually pretty funny….except you really telling me all those nights spent in the school and he never went in the girls locker room?
  • Ugh:

How many times have they done this shot this season? 

  • How are Peter’s claws going through the ghost riders now? Like now they suddenly don’t have a corporeal form? 
  • Seriously, Teen Wolf: 
  • *Malia gets hurt* ..me:
  • And now Peter is screaming for Malia because he’s oh so concerned about what should realistically be a minor injury. This seems like a good place to stop. 

I’ll get to the second half soon. 

Handcuffs & Hospital Elevators

Theo Raeken imagine

Originally posted by doriaelin

Summary: With the return of Theo, you want nothing more than to send his ass back to hell. But along the way, something does not feel right, as if you’re forgetting something. But what?

A/N: Because, let’s face it, we all love Theo.

Prompts: “I don’t sugarcoat things, I’m not Willy Wonka.” - “You’re tolerable.” - “How’s that a good thing?”


“You did what?” You yelled at Scott.

“Okay, in my defense, it was Liam who brought him back.” He pleaded with you.

“Oh yeah, I already feel much better about that asshole being back.” You fumed. You started pacing your room. This could not be happening.

“He thought he was helping.” He reasoned.

“I swear, that boy is an idiot. He should leave all the thinking to Mason.” You stopped pacing and let out a sigh, looking up at Scott. “Okay, so we send him back, right?” You crossed your arms.

“Well, it’s not that simple.”

“Sure it is.” You furrowed your brows. Why wouldn’t he want to send that bastard back? “Just send him straight back to hell, where he belongs.”

“Y/N,” he started slowly, “he remembers Stiles.” He looked at you with hope in his eyes.

“How’s that a good thing?” You let one arm fall back beside you, while you put the other over your forehead. You couldn’t believe he was actually willing to keep him.

“He knows about the Wild Hunt too. It could help us. “

“Scott, it’s Theo. The words ‘good’ and ‘help’ don’t apply to that guy.”

“You think I don’t know that?” he sounded desperate. “But it’s our only option right now.”

You sighed again. “Fine, I’ll come along. Where did you leave that asshole?” You went to grab your sweater off your desk chair to go outside.

“Just to be safe, we thought it would be best to lock him up in jail.”

“Good.” You walked passed him, pulling your sweater over your head. “That’s where he belongs.”

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Stiles Stilinski x reader. Insecure.

A/N : Hi guyyyyyys ! How are you doing ? I really hope you’re doing well ! So this one is an iagine with Stiles and I put a lot of myself in it, it’s actually the first time I write something this long so I hope you’ll like it ! I love you all, and please remember that you are all beautiful. PS: There’s surely many errors, I’m sorry I did my best.

Words count : 7k

DISCLAIMER : The reader is really, really insecure in this and I talk about panic attack, please don’t read if these subject disturb you.

/the pic is not mine, I found it on pinterest./


You knew Stiles since you were five. When you arrived to Beacon Hill it was him with his mother who welcomed you to the neighborhood.

You were a naive little girl and Beacon Hills scared you because it was new and big and maybe a bit creepy.

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CEO: Part Two.

A/N; So from the title you can probably already guess this is the second part to CEO. It will be a small series, maybe consisting of four parts. I really hope you enjoy it! xoxo

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: NSFW.

Word count: 5,634

Listen to this. 

Part One  

Originally posted by dylanobrienthingss

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Metamorphosis- Chapter 1

Requested: no

Summary: You’re Melissa’s “adopted” daughter after her best friend died and left you to her. Scott pretty much ignores you until one day he randomly starts hovering over you. Then this new kid Isaac comes along and Scott takes him in so quickly. You resent them both until…

(I love ambiguous summaries, can you tell?)

Word Count: 949

A/N: So this begins before Scott is turned and it’ll escalate quickly to (my version of) the present. I like to follow the story for the most part and just go on little tangents. So it’s a bit of a canon divergence I guess. Anyway, I’m super excited; this is my first multi-chapter fic EEEEP!!!

Also disclaimer: I know I tagged this as an Isaac fic. I swear it is, he’s just not in this chapter. If I made it long enough to put him in there, it’d be twice as long. I promise he’ll be in the next chapter. Bc this really is an Isaac Lahey fic. Have patience my children. We’re developing a story here. Sorry if it seems a bit rushed or sloppy. Im just so excited to get to the Isaac chapters. I already have the fourth chapter written. I was procrastinating the first one. Anyway, I hope you guys like it! Tell me what you think and what you want to see in the next chapters! 

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CLF: Un Peu, Beaucoup (E)

A/N: Tired. I’ll be making a masterlist soon.

A/N: Tag list is open. Please ask to be tagged, I feel weird just randomly tagging people.

Warnings: Swearing, mention of vomiting, mention of Steve’s issues, kind of angsty, major awkward as usual, kissing

Word Count: 2674

Un Peu, Beacoup D

TRACK: Dream A Little Dream–Doris Day

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Pride and Prejudice

Student!Charles Xavier x Reader

A little fire crackled in the fireplace. You snuggled into your blankets, a copy of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in your hands.

   It was one of your favorite books- you’d been reading and re-reading it ever since you got it at the age of thirteen. It was also the subject of one of your final exams the day after tomorrow. Needless to say, you were perfectly cool about it. You knew Austen’s work like the back of your hand. And, well, quite a lot of other classics too.

You riffled through the book, glancing at some of your favorite scene’s and smiling.

  (Y/N), a voice whispered in your head.

You perked up immediately. Charles? you thought.

  Who else? the voice replied. How many telepaths have you been seeing behind my back? he teased.

 Anyway, love, he continued. I’m outside your window. Could you open it and let me climb up? I come through the door but then your dorm matron would follow me. She seems to think that you and I are dating.

  You blushed, trying to keep your head clear of thoughts about Charles. You made your way to the window and opened it- sure enough, there he stood, two storeys down, blinking up at you in the most adorable way ever.

  Oh, you think I’m adorable, do you? his voice broke into your thoughts, and you could swear you saw him smirking cockily.

   You stuck out your tongue.

Charles began to climb up the huge, spreading banyan tree by your building. You grinned, looking at him scale the enormous tree.

  Hey, Charles. What if you fall? you asked.

I hope I don’t! he replied, sounding slightly stricken. But this is an emergency.

 Finally, he crawled over the branch that lead to your window sill.

 "Move over, will you?“ he asked as you scooted away from the window. He stretched out, gripped the sill and pulled himself over the window and into your room, sprawling out on the carpet.

  You prodded him with your toe.

"What’s the emergency?” you asked.

   He sat up.

 "My grades,“ he said grimly.

You raised an eyebrow. So far in your acquaintanceship, you had never seen Charles bothered about his grades. He was pretty much the university’s star student.

   "The literature test,” he explained, looking up at you pleadingly. “I forgot all about it, and now I don’t have enough time to read and analyze Pride and Prejudice- at least not all  by myself. And I need two literature and language credits.”

  You stared.

And then you giggled.

 "What’s so funny?“ asked Charles, his brows furrowed.

"Nothing,” you said, smiling all over your face.

  “You’ll help me, right?” he said.

“Yes,” you said, making your way back to your bed as Charles followed you.

  “The first thing to do would be to read at least some of the book,” you said as you and Charles cuddled into your blanket (and each other).

 "Mhm,“ nodded Charles, resting his head on your shoulder and inhaling your scent. "Just tell me about the characters real quick.”

 You went off like a shot, eagerly delving into the personalities of all the major characters, saving Mr. Darcy for the last. When you got to him, you let out a fangirly giggle, talking about him with renewed zeal…like a lot of Austen fans, you had a huge crush on him.

 Charles was scowling.

“This Darcy guy is really annoying in the beginning, isn’t he?” he asked.

 "Oh, yes,“ you gushed. "But he’s the nicest person ever after Elizabeth gives him a piece of his mind, and the last few chapters are so cute! And when Lydia-”

 "Alright, alright!’ Charles growled in annoyance. “He’s an okay character, I suppose. Although a prat will always be a prat.”

 You gave a him a curious look. His face was slightly flushed.

You laced your fingers through his and started to read.

 Only Charles wasn’t paying all that attention. He was focused on your face, the way your eyes lit up as you talked about the literature you loved and understood so well….

 You were reading the part where Darcy confesses- one of the best written parts in the book. In vain I have struggled. “It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

  He sighed, burrowing his face in the crook of your neck, moaning softly.

 You stopped your reading, your spine feeling tingly.

 "Ch-charles?“ you asked, face reddening.

 He didn’t reply- he was still, breathing steadily; he seemed to be asleep.

 But you knew he wasn’t sleeping. You nudged him gently.

 "Lemme be,” he murmured, his lips soft against your skin. “You smell heavenly.”

 You pushed him off your shoulder, cocking your head to a side. “You’re here to study. Not to sniff me. Oh, geez, that sounds weird,” you said with a nervous laugh.

 Charles grinned at you.

    “(Y/N/N)?” he asked.

“Yeah?” you replied.

 He took the book from your hands.

  “I have to tell you something,” he said.

You shrugged.

  “I didn’t actually come here to study,” said Charles, his cheeks tinged with pink. You looked at him curiously.

“I wanted to tell you something,” he said, biting his lip.

 "Tell me what?“ you asked, rather densely so.

  Charles glanced the book. He smiled, the perfect way of telling you coming to his mind.

"In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you,” he whispered.

  You should’ve done something. You should’ve kissed him. or hugged him. Even smiled. But you just stared.

Charles was getting uncomfortable. “Er, (Y/N)?” he said, red in the face and standing up. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

 You snapped out of it.

“Wait, what?!” you said, standing up. “You can’t just be dorky like that and leave!”

 You hugged him around his waist. “That has got to be the best confession ever!” you half cried, half laughed. Your fangirl side creeping up. “I love you too, Xavier.”

This was a request from one of my IRL friends, who requested Charles Xavier fluff with some Jane Austen somehow involved. AND I DID IT! Hope you like it XD

Believe It or Not. Part 3.

Summary: Y/n is starting to catch on to the fact that Scott hasn’t been acting like himself lately and neither has Stiles. She decides she should just ask, when that falls through and she gets angry she storms out of class. Only to get an unexpected visitor.

Content: no warnings, more time with y/n & Stiles alone but no fluff, sorry guys I know it’s moving slow but I want to build them up strong(:

(Based off 1x03 “Pack Mentality”)

I was sleeping soundly, I didn’t even hear Scott come home. But I heard his screams. And once I did I ran straight into his room and on his bed, lightly trying to wake him.

“Scott! Scott please wake up!”

He was tossing and turning wildly, but after a few more times of me saying his name he shot up searching for his breath.

“Hey shh, you’re okay.” I tried to comfort him as I hugged him into my chest.

“What were you dreaming about?” I asked hesitantly.

“I-I don’t want to talk about it.” He managed to squeeze in the words between tight breaths.

“You don’t have to.” I whispered in his ear, I held him until he fell back to sleep.
- - -
All that morning Scott seemed really freaked out, he barely said a word to me and I wish I knew how to help. I wish he would talk to me.

I was walking through the halls when both Scott and Stiles ran up to me panicked,

“Have you seen Allison?” Scott asked quickly searching my eyes for an answer.

“No Scotty I haven’t, sorr-”

And again, they just kind of ran away from me. You know im getting really sick of the two people I care about most acting like im not here. I never go a day without talking to them, and now I’ve gone two.
- - -
Im sitting in science class next to Stiles, we’re working on an experiment at the moment but I’m doing most the work.

“Stiles, can you hand me the instructions please.” Nothing, he just kept chewing at his pen.

“Stiles!” I tried again. And this time he heard me.

“Jesus y/n, what?” He snapped at me, rather rudely. I think he realized after it happened that his tone wasn’t necessary because we just stared at each other, that is until Scott turned around and whispered something to Stiles. Stiles leaned closer and so did I, I wanted to know what they were trying to keep so secret.

Maybe I should just ask?
I leaned around Stiles to look at Scott who saw me and looked at me.

“What are you guys talking about” I asked him.

Stiles looked back at me too and then they both looked back at each other, and then again back to me.

“What?” I repeated. “Don’t think that I don’t notice how weird you both have been acting. What’s so bad that you can’t even tell me?” I whisper yelled at both of them. And they looked shocked.

“Y/n-” Scott started, the he just faded off and looked at Stiles for help.
Stiles turned and looked at me, “We can’t tell you, okay? Please stop asking.”

“Fine. No problem, I’ll just stop worrying about my brother and my best friend, no problem.” I was almost crying. Im seriously just worried about Scott, he seems so scared. I can feel how scared he is. Maybe it’s twin telepathy but I want to help.

I got up from my seat and just left class, Mr.Harris tried to stop me but honestly I just wanted to go home I was so frustrated with them.
- - -
I decided I would just go to my room and get some homework done while I had the time. I grabbed a bowl of popcorn and made my way up stairs. When I got there I check the screen of my phone and had 4 missed calls from Scott, and 6 from Stiles. Maybe im overreacting? I don’t know, of course they’re allowed to keep secrets from me, but I don’t think this is about a girl. I think it’s about a lot more. I should probably calm down a little bit though, im still mad about them blowing me off.

It’s literally 7 and Scott hadn’t come home yet, I mean unless he’s all the sudden one of the most popular guys at the school, he’s always home.

I pick up my phone to call him, and then decide other wise. I just really miss him if im being honest. I miss both of them.

Another hour passed and he still hadn’t come home, but I heard a knock on my door. I went downstairs to answer it only to open the door and find Stiles standing there.

“Hi.” I said.

“Can I come in please?” I stepped aside so he could walk in.

“Where’s Scott?”

“Out on his date with Allison,” he sighed, “and Lydia and Jackson.”
I laughed slightly.

“Oh my god no! Poor Scott!” I laughed even more now picturing him getting himself stuck in the situation.

“I know Jackson can be a real dick.” Stiles added, whilst laughing with me now. We were now both sitting on the couch in the front room.

“Jackson?” I said, “What about his spoiled girlfriend?”

Stiles stopped laughing and I realized why.

“Shit Stiles sorry.”

He look at me and placed his hand on my lower thigh. I looked at his hand, and it’s like his touch set that part of my skin on fire and it was spreading through the rest of my body.

“Don’t apologize, that’s what I’m here to do.” He looked at me and I swear I could forgive him just getting lost in his Beautiful golden eyes.

“Im really sorry about Scott and I. There is something else going on, and you have to know we both trust you it’s just- he’s not ready to tell anyone else yet.” He removed his hand from my leg, I wish he hadn’t. We never broke eye contact though.

“I just want to help him.” I whispered.

“In know, ” he said. “And you are, by being the one person in his life right now that has remained normal.”

I engulfed Stiles in a hug right there on the couch. He didn’t return it right away because he was a little shocked. But then he did and he just held me there for few seconds.

“Believe it or not, I’ve actually gotta go meet Scott somewhere soon.” He added while pulling away from me. I moved a piece of hair behind my ear.

I watched him walk out the door, but not before he turned around to give me one quick smile before shutting it.
- - -
I was already in bed when I heard mom come through the front door. She opened my door slightly letting the dim light in.

“Sweetie, you awake?” She asked quietly.

“Mhmm, good night momma.” I whispered back drowsily. And she shut my door. I heard walk down the hallway towards Scott before I heard here scream.

I jumped out of bed and ran to his room only to see Stiles in Scott’s bed and not Scott.

“Seriously Stiles what the hell are you doing here?” My mom yelled while holding a baseball bat.

“What am I doing? Do either of you even play baseball?” He shouted back and then Scott walked through his bedroom

“Can you please tell your friend to use the front door?” She said as she turned to Face Scott.

“But we lock the front door,” he replied, “he wouldn’t be able to get in.”

“Exactly!” My mom and said in unison.

“Well have fun with this mom, im going back to bed.”
Scott’ll be lucky if he’s not in deep shit right now.

Strike One (Part 8 of Curve Ball)

Originally posted by blacksimmerr

Author’s Note: It’s finally here! This is more filler than anything, but this series is a slow burn ;) I hope you enjoy this next installment! The next will hopefully be out soon. Enjoy! :)

As always, thank you to my darling friend @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales for betaing, generating ideas, and listening to me rant and rave over this series. It wouldn’t be possible without you c:

Warnings: Language


“I seriously needed that,” I sighed contentedly, setting down the colorful array of shopping bags. “But my bank account did not.” Lydia chuckled happily behind me as she began setting her things down as well.

“Just bask in the feeling of your new clothes and you won’t even give a second thought to your wounded bank account,” she joked, shrugging playfully. I smiled widely, flopping down on my bed. I was exhausted. Shopping with Lydia was a tiring experience, especially when it was a celebratory occasion. Today’s spree was a pat on the back to ourselves for doing well on our midterms and a way to let out all the left-over tension.

A girls day with my best friend was exactly what I had needed. Now I was ready for a nap.

Several hours later, I finally roused from sleep, feeling much better and very hungry. Pleased to find that it wasn’t too late, I quickly brushed my teeth and changed out of my now wrinkled clothes, asking Lydia if she wanted to get something to eat.

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Restart -Liam Dunbar Imagine

Originally posted by teenwolf

A/N: Since this was requested by a few of you, I decided to make a part 2! Enjoy :)

Warnings: Rude comments, mention of abuse/violence

Based on “Restart” by Sam Smith! I don’t own the lyrics to the song!

Part 1

It was a Monday night when you told me it was over, babe
And by the Friday night, I knew that I would be okay
Don’t say it was a good thing
Don’t say it was the right thing to do
Don’t say it was the best thing for the both of us
When I’m the one playing the fool

”Look at her neck” “I heard she and Liam broke up” “I bet he did that to her”

Y/N tried to ignore their whispers, but it was hard, pretending they didn’t hurt. She hadn’t wanted to come to school, she just felt weak and useless. Scott was the one who convinced her to go, saying that she needed to show Liam that she was stronger than that. 

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