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I Saw Spiderman: Homecoming!!! *Spoilers*

Okay so first of all the beginning was super cute! I could not stop laughing at his little video diary! And the rest of the movie was super cute and I loved Peter’s dorky moments and those shirtless scenes….unf you guys know what I’m talking about ;) and at the end when Aunt May walked in I was about to lose it! So does she know he’s Spider-Man now? Idk maybe he could just say it’s a Halloween costume or something. Also I low-key did a little cheer when I saw Liz leave. I felt bad for her and everything but honestly I didn’t ship her with Peter at all so yeah…plus I lowkey want him to stay single a bit longer for us lovers of reader-insert fics about him.

But anyway I have a super great idea for a peter parker x hero!female!reader fic and I’ll be working on that this weekend and getting it up hopefully soon! If anyone wants to fangirl over Spiderman or Tom Holland and general feel free to chat or hit me up!

BTS Reaction to finding that their girlfriend can sing really well

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Namjoon: You would be practicing a few songs when suddenly, Namjoon covered his eyes and refused to look at you, constantly turning his head away when you attempted to get near and question his strange antics. When you had begun to get slightly upset, he would smile really big and then cheekily tell you that he couldn’t look at you because you were too pretty and blinding him. You would slowly burst into a fit of giggles and hit him softly as he uncovered his face and brought you close, gently pecking your forehead as he complimented you on your talent and told you that the two of you should do a duet soon.

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Suga: Suga would get so excited, it would be adorable to see him clapping his hands and encouraging you to continue singing despite the fact it was getting late and you were sleepy. He would want to record music with you immediately and he would begin writing lyrics as soon as possible. You would have to calm him down like a child on Christmas morning, laughing softly as he refused to stop smiling and pull you close. Once he finally was able to record your voice, Suga would listen to it over and over again while you slept, squeezing his eyes shut and wondering why you were so good at singing.

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Jin: It would be the first time that Jin would be attending a concert where you performed and sang a very slow and romantic ballad. It was an event that resulted in him having to dress up in a tuxcedo and look very fancy as you sang your heart out. Once you were done and free to enjoy the party, he would be very serious as you shyly approached him and asked about his opinion on your voice, feeling quite nervous due to the fact this was the first time he had ever heard you perform. He would be very serious and not smile at first, but Jin would easily crack and scoop you up happily, telling you how proud he was of you and how beautiful you were.

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JHope: Jhope would have been walking past the bathroom when he heard your singing and stopped to listen, slowly slipping in through the crack in the door and ignoring the amounts of steam. Your voice would have completely awaken something deep within him, and he would yearn for the chance to hear your soft voice even clearer. He would be dancing along and humming with you, really getting into the melody when you poked your head out and yelled for him to leave. He wouldn’t have realized that you had noticed his presence, and he would then jump and little before smiling and requesting a song for your to sing. 

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Jimin: Jimin would be so proud of you and he would record literally every tune you sang on his phone, whether it be you cleaning the house or actually practicing a song. He would also probably be sending it to all of the BTS members without your knowledge. He would be like, “Look at her!! She’s so talented!!” And he would be spamming them constantly as he would giggle to himself and continually watch the video, especially when he was having a bad day and he needed a little boost. This cutie might just ask you to sing him a lullaby before bed because he wants to have sweet dreams with you beside him, and it would be really difficult to say no with his smiley and adorable face. (uNF - admin mocha)

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V: V would be really supportive of your singing career when he encouraged you to sing karaoke with him and he stumbled across how lovely your voice was. He would be really shocked and would probably not sing half of his lines because he would be too busy gawking at you and demanding to know why you hadn’t told him that you were so talented. Afterwards, he would want to sign you up for lessons and attend your concerts because he would want to share your gift with the world. You would feel amazing as you sang, but also because you would aways  see the same face and your biggest fan grinning and waving at you with a heart.  

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Jungkook: Jungkook would be really amazed and curious as he asked you a lot of questions about how long you had been singing for and what type of singer you were. He would probably fall in love with the fact he was slowly unravleing you like a ribbon and learning new things every day, he would find you to be very fascinating. I think the two of you would spend long nights searching up on YouTube different songs for you to sing and for him to hum along to you with. He definitely wouldn’t be as outgoing and demanding as V, Jungkook would be more of a silent supporter and fan and he would want to keep your talent all for him and his ears to hear. He would be tired of being watched by fans all the time, so sharing your talented voice between the two of you like a secret would make him really happy.

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Companions react to sole losing it against Kellogg and having a breakdown of sorts

In a heated fury, Sole shot the one man that knew anything about where Shaun’s whereabouts. The only link, now gone. Killing wasn’t a part of their world but it certainly was a part of this one. As his lifeless body lay before their feet, they felt an overwhelming panic wash over them. (For X6 I’m going to be tweaking the prompt a bit)

Ada: “I… regretably have not been programmed with an adequate compassion component and thus will be unable to provide the emotional support you need at the moment but if you were to find any solace, know that I am here for you.”

Cait: She looked away as Sole collapsed to their knees and tried to fight back tears. “Y’know it’s okay once in a while. Just let that shite out. You’re not doing yerself a favor by trying to play tough for me.” Then she walked out of the room to let Sole be alone. She knew that crowding someone when they’re emotionally unstable could make everything worse. Something could be said, or done, that couldn’t be taken back so she was going to eliminate that possibility. It was her way of protecting Sole.

Codsworth: “Oh- oh dear! Oh dear…. My dear mum/sir… Don’t fret, I’m sure master Shaun will turn up eventually. Look how far we’ve come already, don’t lose hope.” He pulled out numerous tissues out of nowhere and tried to dry Sole’s tears with all of his arms.

Curie: *hugs Sole* “I am sorry for you. I understand how hard zis must be for you. Shh.” As Sole ramped up to hyperventilation, she just sat by them calmly, stroking their hair and cradling their crying head against her shoulder. She was there until it passed. Sole scared her a little bit when she saw them violently attacking that man. Even if it was for their son, there were many ways to solve things other than violence! But that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to be there for them.

Danse: When Sole dropped to their knees muttering “oh god” over and over, Danse had to strongly fight the urge to run to their side and console them as they cried. As much as he wanted to, they were not safe here. As a soldier sometimes you had to repress. Gently he knelt down beside Sole and placed his armored hand on their back. “Initiate… I know this is difficult but right now I need you do be strong. Synths litter the place and I can’t have you vulnerable now. Come on.” He was fully prepared to throw them over his shoulder if they were unable but Sole just wiped away their tears and stood up with their gun at the ready and a shaky breath. He was beaming inside at their strength.

Deacon: “Hey hey hey…” He voice soothed softly. Instinctively his hand raised to grab their trembling head but something held him back. His years of not touching, not being touched, building that wall, was hard to break. So he grabbed Sole’s shaking head and pulled it to his chest. He was never good at this part of the job, opening up to people

Dogmeat: *lick Sole’s face* *cuddles into their lap for a hug*

Hancock: He took off his hat and plopped it right down on Sole’s head. He pulled out a decrepit swivel chair from nearby and plopped down with his hands folded behind his back. “Y’know, I know you’re not used to this whole killing people thing vaultie, but let me tell ya that you did the right thing. Sometimes the bad guys need to pay.”

Longfellow: “Damn… I knew you were too yellow bellied for this sort of thing.” His first reaction was disdain. He didn’t have patience for green backs or fresh meat in the killing game. It slowed everything down. He charged out of the room, leaving Sole there at first. Sole was strong however and after a few hours, pulled themselves together, a little pissed at Longfellow, who was nowhere to be found. Then, as Sole was just getting back to Diamond City, a handful of flowers popped in front of their face. “Yeah… I know I can be a little harsh at times… but uh, I didn’t really mean it. You’re the best cap’n I got and I was a pretty lame first mate running out on you like that.”

MacCready: Without hesitation he gently laid his sniper down and took Sole’s trembling body in his arms. He let them hyperventilate and sob on his jacket (it was dirty anyway). “Boss hey it’s all right. You hired ME to kill the bad guys so I guess it was supposed to be my job to kill that guy. You did it for your family though so that’s something right?”

Nick Valentine: “Damn. Another link lost. Hey kid…” He trailed off as soon as he noticed Sole dropping to their knees and rocking back and forth with their head in their hands. He knelt down to their level and gently grabbed their hands in his synthetic and metal ones. “Look, taking lives isn’t easy and your reaction just means that you have a heart which is more than I can say about half the Commonwealth put together. We will find your son if my name isn’t Nick Valentine.”

Piper: She’d backed away when Sole had gone all out on Kellogg. I mean, it was weird… She’d seen him around Diamond City before, not often, but once in a while. Now to see Blue just totally tearing him apart. It was… weird. But she could instantly tell Sole regretted it when they looked down horrified at their own hands and started whimpering. “Blue… hey, it’s over now. You did what you had to. We can still find your boy, come on.” She rubbed her hand in small circles on their back to help them feel better

Preston: He had seen enough death to learn how to remain calm in this situation. He bent down in front of Sole who was backing away from the sight of carnage they’d created, and grabbed their hands. “Listen. Look at me General. Look at me.” He said strongly, snapping Sole out of their panicking state. “Good. Now listen, I want you to count to 10 slowly. Very slowly. Don’t look away. Then, once we’re done, we’re going to walk out of here and never come back okay? That’s the plan.” He said it so calmly that he captured Sole’s attention who did what he said.


X6-88: A stray holotape. Video cameras from Fort Hagen that send streams to the Institute on old servers. It was X6 who popped in into the projecter, noting that the date written down was just around before he had met Sole. When the screen flickered on he saw Sole, more violent than he had ever seen before, in a fit of rage repeatedly beating on an already dead Kellogg’s face. You could see the wild rage in their eyes. Something he’d never seen before. “Please.. Stop…” He heard a small voice say. When he turned around, Sole had a hand over their eyes, covering up tears threatening to fall over a quivering lip. X6 shut off the projector instantly. “Apologies ma’am/sir.”


Maxson: Kellogg was his key to finding the Institute as well. He knew the second when that man provoked Sole about their child that he was going to die. Although outraged that the man they could have used for questioning was dead, he understood why Sole did it.  These two conflicting feelings caught him in a catch-22. He wanted to help them at the same time he was furious. So he simply draped his warm battlecoat over their shoulders and took off back towards the Prydwen to devise a new strategy to get in.

Glory: “YEAH! Die motherfucker!” She unleashed the wrath of her minigun on Kellogg to compliment the rage filled killing. How dare he take one of their family members then have the gall to hold it over their head? She was pissed for Sole. When Sole started to breakdown, she felt kind of guilty for inciting them into the violence. She knew sometimes she could be aggressive but she didn’t really stop to think about how it might impact Sole. She felt so bad she was profusely apologizing the whole day.

Top 10 hottest men (in my opinion)

10.Andy Biersack. Still wish he had his long hair but the dude still looks like a motherfucking sexy angel

9.Marilyn Manson. Yes,I know what you’re thinking. Marilyn Manson?! The fuck! Well,truth is, I would do some very obscene things with him

8.Bret Michaels He can talk dirty to me any day

7.Archie Cruz. Caught my attention in the video for ‘Aiming high’. He’s pretty damn fine

6. Max Green. Back in the day I was fucking obsessed with this dude and even though my taste in music has changed a little,still would fuck

5.Sebastian Bach. Uhhh does he really need an explanation? Look at him unf

4. Chris Motionless. He seems like a sweet guy but is he so sweet in the bedroom? I don’t think so

3.Olli Herman. No joke,the first thing I said when I first saw him was “I’m going to marry him

2.Swan Hellion. It’s the eyes…yeah definitely the eyes

1.Simon Cruz. Surprise! We all knew this :’) My babe and the top hottest man ever

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What is ur favorite Larry moment?

My favorite moment ever ever ever for anything ever is Kisspers and a boner. Video here and here

Louis is just sitting there and Harry suddenly gets an idea

He leans down and starts whispering, LOOK HOW FLUSTERED LOUIS LOOKS! 

another angle because—-Yes!

Louis turns around and harry Looks like “Yeah, I just said that to you, yep.” So. Intense.

Look how he nuzzles into him?????

Look how he kicks his little leg out??? He can hardly handle it!


This defiinitely looks like some pants thickening going on…

Watch in the video how he gets up with his leg at an odd and angle and keeps facing towards the back.

In conclusion This moment here is my favorite. The way he leans into him, the closeness, Harry looks like he’s damn near kissing his face. Louis looks so ruffled and debauched afterwards. Unf.

PS this moment is really good too

it was nice he kind of recreated the Hollywood Blvd Strut from the CITY OF ANGELS music video on stage.

MYGOD. His ponystomp is like bonkers in real-life.
The cost of the night was worth watching that walk in real-life alone.


Day 7: Favourite interview

All I have to say is, who doesn’t’ love this video? Not only is it in Canada and on George Strombo, but he’s just loveable and I could watch this over and over! 

Favourite Moments:

The play he did back in Janurary/Feburary (can’t remember when)


When he get’s all shy! He’s just adorable and look at that smile

I love this, I just….LOVE this! He is so cute and adorable at the fact that he burped in an interview! I just want to snuggle in his arms and kiss those cheeks ;)