he's so ughhhhh just


Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes in The Hound of The Baskervilles (1959)

“This is remarkable!”
“Superficial. There’s nothing remarkable about using one’s eyes.

Do you ever sit back and realize how Rhysand has now watched Feyre be taken from him twice? How both books literally have the same ending? Rhysand fighting for Feyre. Rhysand watching someone do something awful and incredibly painful on both a physical and mental level to Feyre. Rhysand on the floor screaming for Feyre. Rhysand watching Feyre “wake up” and go to Tamlin. Rhysand having to make the choice to walk away in order to protect his court and his family. Rhysand alone again. It’s only just hit me that he has now lived one of his worst nightmares twice and somehow he still has the ability to go back to the Night Court with the squad, defend his actions, and survive it all. I just, Rhysand, you champion. My goodness.


Clara, I suppose I’m the only one who knows how I feel about you right now.

ok but cilan is fucking adorable let’s just get that straight

look at him

he’s so effin’ cute

 yes I’m here and I am awesome

he’s so happy how can you not love him lookit that face

that run omg

he sniffs his pokeballs what why because he’s a pokemon conoisseur and battles have to have FLAVOR and SPICE

and don’t even get me started on this hat



I need to rant more about puppy yoongi searching for namjoon. The fact that yoongi and Joonie are probably the least affectionate of the groups means that we don’t get necessarily a lot of moments between them (as much as we still know they’re close from other ways) but this is just so amazing. Yoongi just clearly loves him so much and was so excited to watch him and support him. And the fact that this was off camera as well. Not that I think bangtan are fake or anything, but something about the fact that this was a fancam made it even more genuine for me. The entirety of bangtan got so hyped and happy when he started rapping and I just ughhhhh my heart. No one stans bangtan like bangtan


I miss you more

Neymar via Instagram [19/12/’15]:Olhar pra trás? NUNCA, nem mesmo pra ver o quanto percorri. VOLTAR? Só se for pra pegar impulso. Baixar a cabeça? Só se for pra ORAR e AGRADECER!🙏🏽✌🏽️”

Translation: “Look back? Never, not even to see how far I’ve come. Come back? Only if it is to pick up momentum.Lower the head? Only if it is to pray and give thanks! 🙏🏽✌🏽️”