he's so teeny tiny!

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Do people use photoshop or something to make Brendon look tall in photos or something because he's so teeny tiny in person! I'm literally only slightly shorter than him (or he was bending over so I could lean on him in the photo) and once I was in the car with my mum (she was there too at the meet and greet) and she was all like, he's so much shorter and skinnier in person and I literally died! Why does he appear to be so tall? I think his forehead adds extra height.

he looks tall in things and rly short in others like this where he looks 2 feet tall

but i get u hes very bitesized in person

I don’t understand...

…why more people don’t hug Lucifer? Like…he’s so lean that hugging him must be very easy. And he wears good suits so it’s not like you’d get scratched by crappy wool or anything. And have you seen his puppy eyes? He can literally compete for hugs with actual puppies. And he really likes Cool Ranch Puffs and Teeny Tiny Donuts, so I don’t get why anyone would find him thereatening.


Elemental Spirit AU a.k.a  Bringing A Whole New Meaning To Pool Noodle Legs AU

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au I made for the sake of Seaweed

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Tim gets picked up ALL. THE. TIME. It's not a hard thing to do, not even for Bart who's "fast not strong" because the kid is literally 125 lbs. It's usually Jason or Damian who do it to tease him, but sometimes when he's being really stubborn and won't walk away from work to get some rest, either Dick or Conner will just sigh and throw him over their shoulder. He used to try to escape by hitting their backs, flailing and yelling but he's come to accept his defeat by now.

It’s not Tim’s fault he’s so small, but it does get annoying when he’s trying to claim a seat on the couch and one of his siblings simply picks him up and drops him somewhere else. He’s powerless against them because he’s so teeny tiny, and at this point he’s cursing the world for making him so small and vulnerable. 

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Patrick is he top or bottom

BOTTOM i’ve talked about this before i could just never see patrick topping there’s no way he’s so lil and soft and teeny what a teeny tiny boy
( still doesn’t matter tho bc he and pete aren’t dating )