he's so tall and pale and adorable and i love him

Okay, so I feel people whose intro to the Quentin/Eliot dynamic is the show and who loved their meeting scene should totally be exposed to its adorable version in the book.

Fifty feet away a tall, skinny teenager was leaning against a tree, smoking a cigarette, and watching him.

He looked about Quentin’s age.  He wore a button-down shirt with a sharp collar and very thing, very pale pink stripes.  He didn’t look at Quentin, just dragged on his cigarette and exhaled into the summer air.  The heat didn’t seem to bother him.  

“Hey,” Quentin called.

Now he looked over.  He raised his chin at Quentin, once, but didn’t answer.

Quentin walked over, as nonchalantly as he could.  He really didn’t want to look like somebody who had no idea what was going on.  Even without his coat on he was sweating like a bastard.  He felt like an over-dressed English explorer trying to impress a skeptical tropical native.  But there was something he had to ask.

“Is this–?” Quentin cleared his throat.  “So is this Fillory?”  He squinted against the bright sun.

The young man looked at Quentin very seriously.  He took another long drag on his cigarette, then he shook his head slowly, blowing out the smoke.

“Nope,” he said.  “Upstate New York.”

He didn’t laugh.  Quentin would appreciate that later.

(Grossman pgs. 16-18)

Because it’s the same vibe, but I think I’m so in love with the fact that Eliot literally doesn’t even think its odd that some dude shows up, asking if it’s Fillory.