he's so talented and adorable t t

  • Baekhyun: This is Yixing, my friend and life partner, and the one I trust with everything and whom I adore above all others, my dearest most precious person, who can do no wrong in my eyes because he’s so talented and dedicated and smart, and we have so much in common. I just adore this guy, look at him, isn’t he beautiful? Isn’t he swell? Yeah my man Xing, he’s the best, I love him.
  • Yixing: I guess Baekhyun likes me, yeah? But I don’t want to assume or anything, you know.

alberto is actual sunshine like can we talk about how not only is he such an incredible actor but he’s also adorable, musically talented, a huge nerd and so so happy and positive all the time like when do you ever see him without a smile on his face? you don’t because he’s an angel and we don’t deserve him



  • MARKS LAUGH ( ok, but like how can someone not love his laugh, HE’S LITERALLY SPREADING LOVE.)

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*yes he is, good eye bach ;))*


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*let me remind you, HE’S 17 OKK*

  • mark is thankful for his fans, and he shows it. *iM CRYING*

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  • he’s just an adorable person overall.

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honestly i can add so many more gifs, but its gonna be too long. 


mark, we will love you and support you always!! <33 - nct fandom 

I’m Sorry Part 2/3

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Request:  Hi oh my gosh I’m newly notified of your fics and adore them, I’m dying for a sequel to “I’m sorry” it was amazing just fantastic, you are so talented!!!!

Notes: I’m making this in to a three part story, I actually really like it. Let me know how soon you want the conclusion. And yes, silly anon people I mean with the ask box. Shocker.

It was a few days after the whole Newt incident and you hadn’t spoken to him since. You were still unsure about the situation, you didn’t know if you could trust him. He was overly protective of his creatures and you might drop one again, it was only a matter of time. It would of course be an accident but you weren’t a perfect carer like Newt was, you could only do so much. You were just afraid, and you assumed he was too. He hadn’t come to find you, he hadn’t made any effort to contact you and you were sceptical he even meant what he said. You put your coat on because you were going to go over to Queenie’s to have a girls’ night in. You were going to have some Firewhiskey and feel better. You knocked on the door and you had a surprise as Newt opened the door.

“Oh Newt, I wasn’t expecting you, is Queenie in?” You asked awkwardly, peering past Newt’s shoulder.

“Oh. Yes, she’s in the living room.” He said, defeated, opening the door wider to let you through. You nodded and smiled at Queenie who was holding up two glasses, filled to the brim. You sat with her, running a hand through your hair.

“Has he not said anything to you since?” Queenie asked, looking at you with concern.

“No, I don’t think he meant what he said.” You said, smiling sadly.

“He does sweetie, he does.” Queenie reassured. You just downed your whiskey.

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to say to him, Queenie.” You said.

“Just tell him how you feel.” She said, nodding.

“He knows how I feel. There were enough tears the other night.” You replied, eyes stinging but you commanded the tears not to fall.

“I know sweetie, but you know Newt. He just needs that extra push. He’s in his room, go knock.” She said, softly.

“But I want a night with you though!” You argued.

“No, honey. Knock.” Queenie urged. You stood up and headed over to the door and knocked timidly. The door opened immediately and Newt stood, looking at you expectantly.

“Hello, I just wanted to know where you stood with me, did you mean what you said the other night? Or was it just because you pitied me?” You asked, turning pink. Newt stood for a few moments with a shocked expression on his face.

“No, I would never, lead you on. That’s an awful thing to do! Would you, would you like to come in?” He asked, opening the door further, much the same as he had done earlier in the evening. You stepped in to his room and saw his case lying on the floor, you felt a strange feeling of dread when you looked at it, memories flooding back to you. “I do have f-feelings for you, but, something happened to me, a long time ago, and it has made me a bit cautious when it comes to these things, which it hasn’t really since Leta.” He started, nervous.

“Leta Lestrange?” You asked, if it was Leta Lestrange you knew you didn’t stand a chance, she was beautiful and Newt was in love with her whist at Hogwarts. While you were there you hadn’t met him, but you heard stories of him with her. He took the blame for her, ending in his expulsion.

“Yes, she was Leta Lestrange. I took the blame for her and it ended in my expulsion.” He continued.

“I know, I was at Hogwarts at the same time as you. I heard the stories. Leta wasn’t pleasant either.” You said, shrugging your shoulders. He nodded.

“I know she wasn’t the best of people but I was able to see past that.” Newt explained, making your heart crack further.

“Why are you telling me all this?” You whispered.

“I just want you to know, I’m not the best with things like this, and well, I want to be, for you.” He admitted shyly.

“I want to be good for you too, but the only way you’ll find out is if you take the leap. You clearly need to think about it, so come and find me when you figure it out.” You said, standing up.

“No but Y/N, stay.” Newt said, looking confused.

“Think about it Newt. It isn’t a bad thing and we both know we have feelings for one another. We can’t rush in. This isn’t a fairy tale, and that’s okay. We have to take time to figure out how we can be good for each other and how we can be there for one another. Not everyone has to do that, but I think it’s for the best. You don’t have to stay away for days, just sleep on it. Alright?” You said, leaning down to place a tender kiss on his cheek. “I would wait a lifetime for you.” You whispered, before walking out.

Why people should love and appreciate Jimin
  • Beautiful muscular body
  • Killer thighs
  • Beautiful angelic voice
  • His high notes is life
  • Hair so fluffy and is on fleek
  • Eyebrows on fleek
  • Cute cheeks
  • Killer jawline
  • Handsome af
  • Cute af
  • Adorable af
  • Funny af
  • Talented
  • Hard worker
  • Kind and warmhearted
  • He cares
  • He supports others and cheers them up
  • He is always there when you need him
  • He is an angel
  • He is beautiful..I know boys ain't supposed to be but he is beautiful you can't disagree with me on that
  • And the list goes on...

My moment with Ezra was adorable, awkward, and surreal. I went up to him shook his hand (in which he didn’t let go of right away) and all I could manage to get out was that the show was amazing and that he’s beyond talented. He told me, “I was watching you during the show and I can tell you’re an active listener and I’m so appreciative that you really got into it.” And then he pulled me in for a hug which I didn’t even process was happening so it turned into an awkward bro-hug thingy and since he was crouched on the stage I had him curled into my chest (it’s so hard to describe how it happened) and there was so much I wanted to say, obviously, but there were other people waiting to meet him so I let him go…. It was an amazing night all around.

Intresting things you learn about Nagito from 2.5
  • He ships NaiZono.
    • For some reason, he thinks Naegi would use pet names like ‘buttercup’, though this might be the translation.
  • He thinks on Souda and Fuyuhiko as friends and that’s adorable.
  • He ships Sonia/Souda. 
  • Ibuki used to be class rep? Or at least he thinks she could be one? Okay…
  • He dispeases talent (!!!!!)
  • He beleives Peko would stalk Kuzu from behind bushes. (I mean, she probably does, but still…)
  • He thinks Fuyuhiko would go drinking, even though… Fuyuhiko. So he probably soesn’t know him so well.
  • It has nothing to do with Nagito, but Izuru shoots with finger guns is worth mentioning due to awsomeness.
  • In Nagito’s perfect world, Sonia wields a goddam Bazoka.
  • Hope doesn’t exsist in Nagito’s perfect world. (!!!!)

Ok but why don’t we ever talk about the fucking absolute gold acting abilities of David Castro?? Because like yes, obviously Harry is literally the king of the kings, and Dom is just hands down a fucking gift, and Alberto my adorable lil cinnamon roll is so talented, but like ??

David Castro is fucking 20 years old? 20? Like he can’t even drink champagne to celebrate the new season airing? Like most people are still in the junior year of college at 20? Most people still live with their parents at 20?

And David fucking Castro is 20 years old and he slays my entire existence with his acting abilities, and I criticize really hard on acting, and honestly there has only been probably one time when I wasn’t completely satisfied with his acting in the entire season and this is like his first really big project, but he still just showed so much fucking potential!! I just

He’s so good and he deserves so much more credit and he also deserves so much more than just being one half of Saphael, he’s so talented and so precious and has such a deep and rich character and just.


David Castro is my adorable lil talented son and I will personally cut anyone who says otherwise.


Characters: Jared, Y/N

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Word Count: 559

Warnings: Fluff

Author’s Note: This is for @babypieandwhiskey‘s 200 writing challenge, congrats on 200+ followers! As always, feedback is much appreciated!

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You had been married to Jared for two years now, and you hated being away from him. When he was filming, you were at home in Austin a decent portion of the time. You had a job there, one that you had had since before you met Jared, and you absolutely loved it. You couldn’t give it up, so you couldn’t be in Vancouver all the time, but you did get to go occasionally.

You hadn’t been up there in a couple of months, so you really, really missed him. You loved how he was so kind, caring, talented, and adorable—and a huge dork. You had seen him on set, how he goofed around, as did Jensen, and they were always silly at conventions. You loved that side of Jared.

Waiting at home for him, you cracked open a bottle of wine and started your favorite movie, knowing he liked it too. You were stretched out on the couch, glass of wine in hand, when Jared walked in. Immediately, you jumped up and hugged him with all of your strength.

“I’m glad you’re home, I missed you so much!”

“I missed you too,” Jared said with a laugh, his face buried in your hair.

He put you down, setting his things aside and getting a wineglass before he joined you on the couch. He poured himself quite a bit of wine, drawing you closer to him. You had missed the way he did that—you were so close to him that, when looking at the two of you, the only way to tell where you ended and he began was by the color of your clothes.

After drinking a fair amount of wine, Jared started to get silly. Really silly. It was amusing—he leaned down and put his head in your lap, rolling over onto his back so he was looking up at you.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hi, babe.”

“You’re pretty.”

“Thank you.” It was as if you were talking to a child—a giant, adorable child. He reached up and touched your nose, making you lose it. You busted up laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation, although it wasn’t entirely uncommon for this to happen; any time he had a little too much to drink, he would get this way—his silliness was accentuated by alcohol.

You tried to watch the movie despite Jared’s dorkiness, but it was pretty difficult, especially when he put his feet all over you, even in your face. “I don’t appreciate your feet in my face,” you told him.

“Oops,” he said, chuckling, as he removed his feet from your face. You just shook your head and laughed at him.

Eventually he fell asleep, and since you couldn’t carry him, and you didn’t want to wake him up, you left him on the couch. You went to bed, knowing that when he woke up, he would join you. You were happy enough to have him home, you weren’t going to fuss about him not being in bed with you.

As you thought, he joined you pretty quickly. You woke up when he got into bed, feeling it move. He pulled you next to him, allowing you to curl up perfectly against his body. When Jared realized you were awake, he whispered, “I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Jare.”

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henry ian cusick defending/correcting people when they talk about marcus kane is my aesthetic. 

‘they [Kane and Abby] didn’t change.  they’ve grown.’ 
‘kane didn’t give up being a leader, he lost it to pike.’ 
‘i love kane.’

me too, babe. me too. 

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I can't believe how people can like Gale. He claims to be straight when in truth he isn't. Even Hal Sparks said that Gale and Randy were having an affair. Gale is a huge liar. He's probably disgusted by himself for being gay so he's in denial. It's sad really. Being gay is not a bad thing so he should be honest.

Wow… where do I start?

First of all, Gale is a very talented actor. It’s one reason why people like and adore him. People also like him because he’s a down to earth kinda guy, good looking, not an attention seeking celeb and simply a nice guy. There are millions of reasons why people like him and each single fan has their own.

I have to ask you how you can be so sure that Gale is lying about his sexual orientation? Do you know him personally? I think you’re only relying this on some comments from Hal Sparks and you know what? Hal has said a lot of things that were outright lies and complete bullshit. Wanna have some examples:

  1. Cowlip were telling him they would never want to work with Randy Harrison again because he was too complicated and difficult to work with.
    I don’t remember who it was exactly but one of them said in an interview that they have no clue why Hal would say something like that.
  2. He said they would be doing a reboot but without Gale.
    Peter Paige said on his Twitter that there wasn’t a reboot planed and that Gale is a sweetheart.
  3. According to Hal, Gale used to be stoned and high constantly during filming and that he couldn’t understand how Randy was able to work with Gale all the time.
    I’ve read several statements and comments from the rest of the cast saying only great things about working with Gale, saying he’s a professional but funny guy.

Just a few examples of some of the things Hal has said that were officially denied by people who know what they talk about. Hal has also said things that could be seen as homophobic. As you can see, he wasn’t talking badly about Gale only, but also about Randy. Why he said those things? I have no clue. Maybe it’s jealousy? Need for attention? Frustration? I don’t know.

The point is, Hal Sparks can hardly be credited as a reliable source when it comes to Gale, Randy or inside knowledge of QaF because he’s biased and it is a known fact that there’s hardly any love between him, Randy and Gale. But unlike Hal, neither Gale nor Randy ever said anything negative about Hal. Talk about class, which is another reason for people to like Gale (and Randy, too).

Back to your comments… Gale’s sexuality is his business. End of discussion. But I honestly don’t think he’s pretending to be straight nor is he living in denial because for fuck’s sake, he accepted the role of Brian Kinney - a gay man in a show about gay people. If he was homophobic he wouldn’t have done that show. Is it really that hard to understand that a straight man is supportive of the LGBT+ community without being in the closet? As for having an affair with Randy - why is that so hard to understand that a straight man can be friends with a gay man? It happens a lot and doesn’t mean the straight man is in the closet.

One point in your message I have to agree with tho: Being gay is not bad. You’re right about that. It’s not disgusting or anything. Love is love. It’s not about gender, age, origin or religion. It’s about connecting with another human being. Personally, I’m proud of Queer as Folk and its cast minus Hal. You’re aware that not everyone from this special group of people is gay in real life, right? So it’s a group of straight and gay people working together in support of a community that had to fight for so many years and sadly, still has to.

I can only hope that you will think about your message to me and what I wrote because you clearly don’t know Gale at all but you took the liberty to judge him based on comments from someone who’s not known to get along with him while at the same time, ignoring everything that has been said about him by his friends.

And seriously: gay, straight or bi - I couldn’t care less. Gale is an adorable dork, funny, down to earth and extremely talented but also humble. He’s an inspiration to me because I adore him and like and enjoy his work. I respect him and his privacy and enjoy what he decides to share with us. That’s it.

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Can I ask Mukami's and Tsukinami's reaction to their lover/prey becoming a wolf'puppy? So adorable and cute ~♡

mhm ! ^^


Ruki : Ah, how troublesome. As if you weren’t enough trouble to begin with … . Well, I suppose you are quite cute in this form. I’ll keep you.

Yuuma : W-what?? A puppy? Why - What - I - .. 

(( you have confused Yuuma he’s broken now ))

Azusa : Ah, ah! Oh, how . .  cute . .  Yes. Very cute. Come, I’ll snuggle with you . .

Kou : Um . . I don’t really like dogs hon! But, if it’s you…  I’ll make a slight exception.


Carla : Huh, how peculiar . . I didn’t know you were a talented human. Come, bark for me. Be cute.

Shin : Ahhh how cute!! Come here! I’ll pet you and give you lots of treats! Cutie Cutie. 


The Dragon’s Crown DM event went amazingly well tonight! This is a little look see into how we handle them and what our newer recruits can expect in the future. We have an entire stat system, complimented by custom character sheets created by the lovely @thesilentlotus​ herself. 

She’s so talented and I adore her so! We host DM events every other week, with tavern nights being held on the weeks we aren’t off slaying monsters. 

- Aelorelle Vallancourt, FC Leader

With all the affection in my heart for Liam, I really don’t get why we always hear about people being the nastiest to him. He’s talented and enjoys what he does. He’s cheeky and one of the most adorable dorks ever. He’s big-hearted and generous, like he’s proven many times. He’s gentle and sensible. He’s an incredible singer and a family person. So many things to like about him, yet people always seek a way to shit on him.

If you don’t like him, that’s okay. Just go do whatever makes you happy (besides being abusive, that is) and leave him to the people who care about him. It’s not that hard.

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I really like how skam portrayed life so realistically like its the little things but how Isak kinda found out Even liked Romeo and Juliet so he watched that movie to kinda see what Even saw in the movie. The awkward pauses, general small talk, the cast is BEYOND attractive but just the way that they are not always like FULL FACE MAKEUP and decked out in dressy clothes. It made you feel like you were apart of their friend group like the can be people you know..

gosh i love this msg so much♥ and i completely understand you.
they are so real, and so naturally beautiful , it hurts.
And their talent … HOLY SHIT. i adore this cast so so much, there’s no one that i don’t like (well, Thomas Hayes but he’s not on the picture anymore (: ).



Kevin Olusola appreciation. This man doesn’t get enough credit for the contribution that he gives to Pentatonix. First of all, he’s adorable. He has such a handsome smile. He’s so family oriented and has no hesitation to stand up for what he believes in. He has so much talent that even exceeds sings and beat boxing. He bi-lingual he has a degree and he can make anyone laugh because his laugh is so contagious. He doesn’t get enough credit for being so musically inclined or for how good of a person he is. Let’s take a moment to appreciate that adorable smile up there! Lots of love.


- oh god where do i start

- will comment on anything and everything at any time and any place istg

- “wow look at that flower, it looks so pretty–”

- and will somehow insult it

- "but obviously, it’s not as pretty as me so next to me it’s as ugly as soonyoung” /cue hoshi crying

- you and seungkwan would be bffs

- you two met when you were little munchkins aww so cute

- don’t worry, you’re still adorable af, reader ♥

- and you and seungkwan always hung out until now and as time went by, hugs and hand-holding was normal to you and seungkwan ever since he accidentally kissed you in 5th grade

- and you and him didn’t ever regret it

- as time went by, seungkwan found himself thinking of you and not just as a friend

- he would slowly find you more beautiful as days went by 

- and how funny, cute, smart, and talented you really are

- he really admires how you would do anything pERFECTLY










- but he accepts the fact because when he glanced at you after realizing, you were smiling at him

- and his heart fluttered

- but the thing is

- you think he’s gay

- and seungkwan doesn’t know that

- and you’d think the affection seungkwan gives to you is only between friends and not in a “dating” way

- but he really tries to tell you that he likes you through his actions

- except his snappy comebacks 

- so whenever seungkwan kisses your cheek, you just brush it off like it’s just seungkwan and him being him

- so story time

- seungkwans really touchy ok

- sometimes perverted okay

- oKAY

- one day you were at seungkwans house and just on bed with him

- no dirty thoughts isTG

- and he was lying down while scrolling on his phone

- and you’re just pouting at seungkwan because he wasn’t paying attention to you

- okay so you actually like seungkwan and the things he does makes you go doKI DOKID ODKODKI

- but you don’t think he likes you and only thinks of you as a sister

- but you were like, “eh he hugs me and stuff so–” 


- you take seungkwans free hand and just lie on his chest before wrapping his arm around you and hugging him


- you just laugh and hug him, staring up at him as he just sighs

- “what am i going to do with you, Y/N…?” seungkwan dramatically sighs before a smile appears on his face

- you and seungkwan are really touchy lol 

- it’s no surprise that both of you had touch each other’s butt

- just saying

- have you seen seungkwans butt btw


- during these moments, seungkwan would always pretend to still be busy with his phone but he’s usually paying attention to what you’re doing

- like how you’re just playing with his fingers or hugging him because you just wanna sleep so you tend to snuggle against something

- seungkwan would then put his phone down and just look at you, pretending to look at you in disgust

- “you’re disgusting,” he would make a face

- you just laugh and nudge his nose, “says you.” 

- seungkwan would then pretend to bite your finger

- and you’d just squeak like nOPE

- and you’d just smile and stare at him as you mumble, “seungkwan, you’re the best, did you know that?” 

- “and you’re okay I guess.”

- cue seungkwan getting slapped


- you and seungkwan would be just walking to your locker

- and you widen your eyes because you see a bunch of heart sticky notes on your locker

- and seungkwans just like

- “what the fck is this” 

- and he’d be fuMING LMAO

- you, on the other hand, would be like “aww who did this?” 

- and then you see this guy, looking like a kpop idol with the eye liner and geled up hair

- and he just hands you a flower

- and you’re like !!! oh1!! thanks?!!?!!!

- and he just grins really shyly

- but then 


- it’s in english btw

- and it’s coming from seungkwan who has his hands on his hips

- and you look at him and lightly slap him 

- and seungkwan’s just huffing and taking the flower from your hand and placing it behind his ear before crossing his arms

- “thanks for the flower but i have to say no.” 

- you stifle a laughter when the guy just looks so fcking conFUSED LMAO

- and you just smile at the guy like, “I-” 

- “she says no, so good-bye!” 

- you glare at seungkwan

- seungkwans just making this face with his lips slightly puckered lOL

- and you just sigh and roll your eyes before muttering, “yah, sorry but i’m interested in someone else.” 

- the guy aND SEUNGKWAN


- and you just laugh softly and nod before excusing yourself and taking seungkwans hand

- suddenly seungkwans all moody 

- “whO IS HE” 

- “why didn’T YOU EVER TELL ME I-” 

- and you just pull seungkwan into an empty classroom 

- and seungkwans confused asf im laughing

- and you just stay silent before just wrapping your arms around him and hugging him really tightly

- seungkwans still confused

- but he has his arms around you the next second aww

- and you just mumble, “seungkwan, you idiot. he probably hates you now.” 

- seungkwan just snorts and mumbles against your hair as he buries his face against it, inhaling your scent

- “i don’t care.” 

- and you just pull away slightly and stare at him, “but seungkwan, i know him–” 


- you roll your eyes and smack your hand against his lips 

- “he’s one of those ‘cool kids’. I doubt he actually likes me for me and you just humiliated him in front of everyone.”

- seungkwan’s cool slowly goes down as he widens his eyes, “really?” 

- you nod, “yeah. and i don’t want anything bad to happen to you or… or just someone hating you.” 

- “i don’t care if someone hates me, Y/N,” seungkwan would roll his eyes, “just let haters be–” 

- you’d pout and mumble, “i know but… how can someone hate you?” 

- you’d be so quiet but seungkwan would hear it loud and clear

- “say what now?” 

- and you’d blush and mumble, “you’re just so… lovable.” 

- seungkwan also blushes before speaking up, “um–” 

- you’d pout and look at him, “look, i know you’re not straight but i just want to–” 

- seungkwan immediately gasps, “waIT– I’M NOT STRAIGHT? WHERE’D YOU HEAR THAT????”

 - you’d blink in shock, “well… you did point out how some guys’ butts were cute and–” 

- seungkwan gives you a look, “look honey, im nOT gay.” 


- seungkwan just stares at you with an amused smile

- and your face is so red lMAO

- and he just sighs before hugging you, “stupid. unless you’re a dude, then yes, i am gay.” 

- you widen your eyes and just stay silent

- and then he just pulls back and pecks your nose, “you’re so silly. but i like that.” 

- you just stare at him and lightly punch his chest, “if only you complimented girls and not just guys, i’d confess earlier.” 

- “well, you’re the only girl i find attractive so how can i compliment other girls?” seungkwan shrugged

- you look at him and you just pull him down and kiss him straight on the lips 

- and he just smiles against your lips

- smooth AND SASSY 


1.) Admirer!Mingyu

2.) Admirer!Seungcheol

3.) Admirer!Wonwoo

4.) Admirer!Joshua

5.) Admirer!Jeonghan

6.) Admirer!Minghao

7.) Admirer!Vernon

8.) Admirer!Hoshi

9.) Admirer!Woozi

10.) Admirer!Jun

11.) Admirer!Seungkwan

12.) Admirer!Chan

13.) Admirer!DK

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Yuri finding DJ Otabek so cool he wants to plan a program to something Otabek remixed. Otabek asking Yuri where he found his tiger sweater, one of his friends wants the same one (Yuri wants to know if Otabek wants one too, Otabek says "no I can just borrow yours".)

now I guess we know who Yuri wants to be the DJ at the Viktor/Yuuri wedding. (Yuuri actually refuses, explaining that he’s grown up in an inn, and sometimes they do weddings, so he knows the DJ at a wedding has a lot of work and Otabek wouldn’t have any free time; Yuri doesn’t want that, right?)

Holyyyy I agree with all of these 10/10 (oMGG BEKA BORROWING YURI’S SWEATER) and the last one is adorable omg Yuuri wants his son to spend time with his bf at the wedding instead of being the DJ (but Yuri lowkey wants him to be the DJ just so everyone knows about his talented bf ah yes he would be so proud ;o; )

king-cartar  asked:

I honestly think Tendou is absolutely adorable when he's dancing and singing his.. kind of sadistic song. Lol I don't know why, but I just do. Don't you agree?

yes!!! yes!! he is always adorable no matter what!!! he definitely has a sadistic streak, but he would never actually hurt anybody. he obviously has some issues deeply rooted in his dark past he hasn’t gotten a chance to sort out yet, but i believe in him. he is a good, talented, wonderful boy. volleyball has been such a great outlet for him, and he has so many great teammates who love him.

his song is the cutest! his voice actor apparently got to decide on the tune himself. the talent runs deep.

thank you for the message! :>

Werewolf!Jin Part Two

So someone requested werewolf!Jin falling in love with a human and I thought it sounded really cute so without further ado, here is our lovely, ever so talented sweetheart, Kim Seokjin aka Jin aka can we take a minute to talk about his hands bc I am a huge hand girl I love hands and his are just so wow like they’re unique and adorable and they’re beautiful can I just say that like they’re w o w wow the fingers are all long and nice and they look warm and he just seems like he’d be great at hand holding I love Jin and his hands

  • Part one is here, werewolf!Jin as a father is here
  • Falling in love with humans isn’t exactly forbidden but it also isn’t encouraged
  • It can be kinda tricky tbh
  • There have been countless times where the human finds out their lover is a werewolf and then breaks up with them
  • Werewolves fall d e e p so when their partner leaves, it’s crushing it just absolutely breaks their hearts
  • That’s actually the main reason they avoid dating humans bc there’s always a huge risk of them being rejected
  • There’s not really that risk when it comes to dating fellow werewolves so a lot of them just try to find their loves within their packs or packs that are close by
  • When werewolves do love someone though, that someone becomes their everything, human or not
  • Jin is the first of the boys to find his love
  • It starts off super casual, he has no intentions of falling in love
  • You two start off as friends who happen to be in the same class and have the mutual friend of Namjoon
  • The three of you hang out together a lot, whether it’s studying or getting something to eat or just chilling out together
  • But you start developing a crush on Jin bc he’s Jin
  • He’s lovely and a total sweetheart how do you not have a crush on him when he’s being all cute 25/8
  • Like this one time, all three of you are hanging out and it starts raining
  • Namjoon has a class to get to so he can’t drive you home (he’d been your ride to the café)
  • Jin, without a single bit of hesitation, gives you his jacket and is like I’ll give you a ride no problem
  • The entire car ride he’s making sure you’re all comfy like is the heater high enough do you like this song do you want to stop for food on the way
  • And despite the both of you being a bit drenched from having to run to his car in the rain, it’s actually a shit ton of fun
  • He makes you laugh and smile the entire time and it’s never awkward like he doesn’t push for conversation but he also doesn’t allow awkward silences and he balances it really well
  • At one point, he starts singing along to the radio and his voice is all soft and he’s giggling through most of it
  • And his laughter is so infectious so you have to laugh too and eventually you start singing along with him
  • You can feel your heart doing the thing and it’s just like here we go
  • It takes a while for either of you to make a move
  • Like the both of you spend months giving each other secret love filled looks and staring at each other’s hands while really just wanting to reach over and grab it
  • One day he takes your hand without realizing it bc werewolves tend to just rely on their instincts and his told him to hold your hand so that’s what he did
  • It all kinda just goes from there it’s really natural and simple and no one worries too much about it
  • It’s just a hey I like you, you like me, why not do something with that???
  • There is one thing he’s worrying about though
  • You’re human and he’s not and he’s really !!!! over how he’s gonna tell you
  • Here’s the thing, Jin is a really honest person like I don’t see Jin as someone who would lie about things like that
  • The second he realizes he’s in love with you, he starts thinking of ways he can tell you
  • Should he be upfront and just say it, get it over with?? Should he try to ease you into it?? Should he get Namjoon to help him??
  • In the end he decides it’s best to just be honest bc that’s what the both of you have always wanted from each other
  • He explains the entire situation to you, answers all of the questions you have
  • He’s completely honest with you and tells you all the good things about being a werewolf and all of the bad things
  • He’s like holding his breath bc he’s trying to figure out what your reaction is
  • You haven’t left yet so that’s a good sign but you also haven’t given much of a reaction like he’s just really curious as to what’s on your mind
  • He loved you with all of his lil heart and the thought of you leaving him over this was just no mm mm
  • You’re kinda ??? when he asks if you’re gonna leave bc that thought never even came to mind
  • “Why would I leave?? It’s a part of who you are it’s not like you can help the way you were born I still love you”
  • He honestly almost starts crying bc he’d grown up with stories of humans rejecting werewolves after finding out the truth and now you were staying and his lil heart is so so happy
  • He gets this huge smile on his face and he just hugs you really really tight
  • “Thank you”