he's so talented and adorable t t

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Kageyama for the character ask !!

My boy Kags!!!!!!

First impression

GREAT, HERE’S THE “ENEMY” TYPE CHARACTER WHO DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANYONE BUT HIMSELF. Obviously doesn’t play well with others. STOP YELLING. Volleyball prodigy! I didn’t hate Kageyama at first but I didn’t think he would become one of my favourite characters or anything.

Impression now

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE CHARACTERS. THIS BOY HAS CHAAAANGED. Plays so well with his team, although some can argue he needs to work on his people skills a bit more lol. He’s an awkward, adorable bean who works so hard, is insanely talented, competitive, loves volleyball, loves milk. LOOK AT HIM RIGHT BEFORE THE SHIRATORIZAWA MATCH HE’S JUST SO HAPPY TO BE THERE, IM SO PROUD OF HIM.

Favorite moment

I could say so many “epic” Kageyama moments for this but honestly when Hinata hits him in the back of the head with that serve I cry laughing everytime 

Idea for a story

Kageyama…. at the olympics. Give me that good shit ♡‿♡

Unpopular opinion

I call him Kags 24/7. In the HQ subreddit someone was saying “I hate when ppl call Kageyama and Yamaguchi ‘Kags’ and ‘Yams’” and like 100 people agreed and I was like ……yea i’m still gonna do it. It’s cute and I don’t care lmao.

Favorite relationship


Favorite headcanon

Someone offered him almond milk once, he almost hit them.



tfw you try to be like suga

i love these volleyball idiots ⌒‿⌒

Thanks for asking!!

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I don't understand people that hate Karamel. Like where is the "abuse" they speak of? I honestly don't see it. And I'm not saying that just cause I adore Chris, I just legitimately don't see anything wrong with the ship. I mean even the hate towards Chris himself is confusing. Like what has he ever done wrong???

i mean mon-el breathes so there’s that

and chris wood dares do his job so he’s 1000% the worst person to exist and deserves his talent and looks mocked 24/7

and that’s the summary of that

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Jeff is the type to be great at everything. Alex would be modest about all of his gifts specially ones related to arts. monty thinks he is great at everything but isn't. This boy is infamous for 1) his temper 2) detention record 3) bad dancing ( the school knows it & seen his "moves") lol but he makes up for it in beer pong skills, ability to rap & he is a great drummer. His hand eye coordination is great its the rest of his body that ungracefully fails around unless he is in a bedroom lol

Oh yeah, Monty’s conveniently great in the bedroom, but sucks at everything else. And Jeff is literally the type of guy you just wish you could hate, because damn he can do that too???? But he’s so nice that you just can’t help but adore him. And Alex really doesn’t see how talented he is, and he goes all shy when people try to point it out

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do you still stan Grizi?

I can’t believe this omg listen, I adore Grizi!! I love his talent, passion and overall personality, however, that doesn’t mean I can’t criticize what he says or does. Am I happy about the election? No. About changing his posture and playing with our feelings? No. 

He means a lot to me and has done so many remarkable things for my club that I can’t suddenly dislike him, not just for this. I am hurt but only time will tell how seriously we should take all this.

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hey here's your friendly reminder to support lee woojin, MMO, and kwon hyunbin on produce 101 thank u

oh man i love everyone so much pls support everyone!! mmo, lil woojin, and kwon hyunbin deserve more love :”) i just have a little contradiction though,, like i love little woojin so much but i don’t know how i would feel about him making the group..it’s not that he isn’t talented because he definitely is and i adore him w my heart but he’s still so young.. like i don’t think such young kids should be in groups :( i personally think with all the..techniques used in the industry to bait minors and maknaes to appeal to older audiences can be too much and i don’t want them to do that to woojin seeing the controversy that happened with last season of produce 101 and how i.o.i was managed..like somi and yeonjung as maknaes were put in uncomfy situations and i don’t want him to go through that..i want the east light to get popular but with the way the industry is shaped i’m scared what it will do to woojin mentally, physically, and what if his voice suffers a lot due to pressure and being so young? idk :( i worry so much about him and in general minors (because i am one) and i don’t want him to go through anything ugly aHH this is such a rant but idk if he does make it i will def support him bc i do love him but im soo worried about what fans would be like if he does :(

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Male Amai headcanons?

Amao ! That’s his name :’ ) Amao Odayaka 

- His family isn’t the most supportive of his interest in things that are seen as “ Female hobbies “ but that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his interest in cooking and baking.

- He is seen as kinda girly and odd in school because of his but his club members love him and adore spending time with him

- Despite some people thinking he is odd he is probably pretty popular in school for being so kind and sweet, as well as having good food.

- He isn’t that tall, probably about 5′4 so not that tall for a boy but he doesn’t mind at all

- Considers himself an artist too since there is a certain artist talent that goes into cooking !!! 

- He honestly not that interested in dating though, he wants to focus on his future more, and he is a firm believer in the whole “ Love at first sight “ thing and he hasn’t ever fallen in love so !!!!

- Gets distracted easily and has probably walked into walls or poles a lot, probably even fell into the fountain before because he wasn’t paying attention. He’s an airhead

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😘oops,, 🌟🍓☕🌸🎵🐬🎨🌷🐧🎀

ru b s h an ds t o ge th er

😘 talk about your crush or partner

okai nerd get ready

honestly the most precious noodle known to man, so understanding, nice, th e bes t, such an adorable/handsome boi, n eeds to be he ld and loved, vvv talented with wr iting and cutee ar t, ama zing, great, fa ntastic,,,,, you get the general idea

uou <3

🌟 what do you like about yourself? (must choose at least 3 things!)

sobb ig my art,,, and maybe my writing??,, a nd ig how i try to be as open and understanding as much as i can,,

🍓 send me 4 names: kiss, befriend, kill or marry?

(names were given to me outside the ask bc noodle is FORGETFUL)


blue, dades, lust, skele-dork #2

forgive me lust but you must be slain

☕️ talk about your ideal day

tbh meeting all(or at least just carlos) my internet friendos and fuckin just ch ill ing

cuddling and having hot chocolate cause fuck i love hot chocolate and prolly also nerding out about this or that,,,

🌸 are you an introvert, ambivert or extrovert?


🎵 name 5 songs you love at the moment

hecc um,,, fum bl es,,,

i mean,,, all ive been listening to lately is,,,,

the entire Marvin’s Marvelous Museum album from Tally Hall

the entire It’s The Big Joyous Celebration, Let’s Stir the Honeypot album by Teen Suicide

Fifteen minutes by Mike krol and R U Mine by Arctic Monkeys so,,,

🐬 if you could transform into any animal/magical creature, what would you be and why?

a goddamn c a t cause they dont gotta worry about shit and are sassy as hell and Cat Features™

🎨 what do you always doodle when you’re bored?

my persona or the skelechildren tbh,,, mostly dade in stupid positions

🌷 what’s your mbti personality and why do you think it suits you?

ISTP - The Mechanic

i mean,,, ig im quiet and reserved but everything else isnt exactly very accurate to me tbh

🐧 describe yourself in 3 words 

artistic, awkward, anxious

the three a’s tbh

🎀 what’s your fashion sense like?

whatever the hell is most comfortable in my closet

sometimes ill try to make some certain clothings match but i usually dont care

i went to the mall once in my boxers so

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It's true, sometimes passions are better left as something you do for pleasure, not a job. I don't know. I guess I never thought that my so-called talents are particular enough to be marketable. But anyway... Adorable is not a word I connect with you (or what I know of you), but I also haven't seen you interact with dogs, so I'm going to take John's word for it. Sorry :)

John is very pleased you’ve said that.  You should see him.  Exceedingly smug. 🙄  

Now he says he’s not smug, he’s just fond, and that I am adorable, no arguments.  It’s won me a kiss to the forehead though, so I suppose I’ll allow it.

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im youngmin is an actual angel im crying

yes!!!!!!! im youngmin is an actual angel he is the most beautiful person i have ever seen both inside and out i’m crying too, trust me 😭💕 how can someone be so selfless, caring, compassionate, talented in all areas, and adorable without even doing anything i don’t understand,, is he even real ??? he’s so wonderful it can’t be possible i’m love hi m

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Hi may i have a male ship please :) I'm a 5'3 chinese/canadian mixed feisty Gryffindor with really long dark brown hair and brown eyes. I'm a dancer, artist, ukulele player, foodie, and a nerd in every way (books, movies, comics, comp sci student, etc). Awkward and anxious so it takes a while to open up but once i do it's all out at once. I'm told i always care too much and don't know when to give up. My favorite color is green and i love adventures of any kind. Thanks love xox

I ship you with… Dick Grayson!

  • Dick doesn’t understand how you can be so talented
  • Though he loves watching you do you thing, whether it’s playing the ukulele, dancing or creating art
  • He loves to see the passion and happiness on your face
  • He really loves seeing how act around new people, he finds your awkwardness cute and absolutely adorable
  • He loves the fact that you opened up to him, he feels special
  • Though you may not see it, he thinks your compassion is one of your best strengths
  • Your determination is inspiration, just like your kindness towards others
  • Be prepared for spontaneous adventures
  • He buys you a lot of mech from your favorite books and movies and stuff

I hope you like it!

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Chanyeol for 39, please. It seems to fit reality pretty well, so... I guess I'll just specify the romance genre? Thank you for your time 😊

» chanyeol + 39 + romance

You were lying to yourself when you say you weren’t feeling slightly annoyed at the females that followed your boyfriend around the school halls. It wasn’t your fault he went viral on the internet just by being videotaped singing and playing his guitar by some random kid in your music class. You were proud of him to say, he was getting noticed by a lot of people because of his talent, even catching some hearts from several people. They basically adored your boyfriend.

Your boyfriend of two years, Chanyeol who you loved with your whole being. He was baffled when he was asked to take a picture with one of his ‘fans’ at your school, but nonetheless he had a goofy grin on his face. He knew you were aware of the female students trying to catch his attention, even going as far as trying to score a date with him even though they knew you were together. But even though you slightly got insecure, he reassured you no matter what, that he loves you and will never leave you for some rubbish reason.

But one of things that slightly irked you is that he also loves teasing you. “If I were famous…oh wait…I am!” You knew he wouldn’t take advantage of his popularity, he was a guy with great morals. And with the teasing grin on his face, there was no hiding that he was trying to get on your nerves.

“If you don’t shut up on the next 3 minutes I will upload the picture of you in a dress.” His eyes widened, quickly tugging you close to him and kissing your cheeks, cooing sweetly.

“I love you!”

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I think sometimes you're in my brain because you always manage to say what I'm thinking. That's my order too and I feel the same way about his music, like it's so distinctly harry even while being all different sounds. And I love the way he writes lyrics and uses repetition, like there's a feeling so strongly conveyed even if the meaning might be subjective and they're simple and yet really layered? Idk it's another thing that screams harry to me and I just really love what he's doing

hahaha yes! like with esny especially - there is a lot of repetition but it doesn’t really age? like it doesn’t make the song feel dragged out or empty or lacking or any of that. he packs so much into each line that even though he’s literally just saying the same thing there’s something new (pun NOT intended but adored) each time you listen. he’s an incredibly talented artist for a 23 year old and he’s been like this for a few years already.. we got a biiiig storm coming the next few decades 😍

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How would the 2ps react if the caught the reader looking at yaoi online? Ps I love Gilens reactions on EVERYTHING hes so adorable :3

((Thanks. More people need to write him this way eh?))

You: *is nonchalantly scrolling through NSFW yaoi on your dash*

2P!America: *walks by* what is that, more of your ‘anime’ shit or somethin’? You know, I don’t kno– hOLY SHIT OK WHAT IS THAT FAM WHAT THE FUCK

2P!China: *twitches* uhhhhhhhh okay, guess I can’t really say much ‘cause I look at yuri all the time tbh………,,,

2P!England: *wrinkles nose in disgust* s-such artistic talent… Why is it being used for a fetish such as that… T ^ T excuse me while I go cleanse my eyes out okok–

2P!France: *unfazed* so I guess that’s the kinda thing you’re into?

2P!Russia: *grumbles* u need jesus

2P!Italy: *stares fixedly on the position, more in an artistic way than an aroused way* that anatomy looks off

2P!Germany: *drops whatever’s in his hands and runs away* hOPPIN’ ABOARD THE NOPE TRAIN TO FUCKTHATVILLE–

2P!Japan: oh, you follow that blog too?

2P!Canada: yeah I’m gonna go jump out that window right now don’t try to stop me.

2P!Romano: *whips off sunglasses* ooooooooh, that looks hot~

2P!Austria: *sighs and grins* care to tell me about any of your other kinks, my darling?

2P!Prussia: *faints*


This boy never fails to amaze me every single time. From pulling of amazing performance to giving speeches that touch the hearts of all of us, he has managed to do it all. 

When he just debuted, he was seen as the least popular member in EXO, look at him now! with just a turn of his head, he can make millions of girls fall head over heels for him keke~

So to start off, I am eternally grateful to be able to live in the same generation and era as this puppy. He has given me so much motivation, laughter, knowledge and change me so much from the past.

I have become a happier person now, and it’s all thanks to this adorable, talented man.

In the past, I couldn’t see a goal or motivation in my life. I just went on with life, just like the others. I couldn’t think of anything I wanna do with my life. And though it all, I ask myself “what is the point of living?” But ever since he has entered my life, I became inspirited to do more. To want more than just surviving. Now I am achieving so much in my life and helping many people because he has given me a reason to want to help people in my life.

Now, I am majoring in arts business management, and am working towards making an art festival that will inspire many people to follow their dreams/ create a dream for themselves!

This is because I always remember what this puppy has said: 

“making people happy is what gives me joy in my life, I want to be the light to other’s lives”

because he became the light in my life, I want to be the light in other’s lives too! Just like him!

Baekhyun, thank you for giving me so much happiness and I hope you have the best day of your life today!




  • MARKS LAUGH ( ok, but like how can someone not love his laugh, HE’S LITERALLY SPREADING LOVE.)

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*yes he is, good eye bach ;))*


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*let me remind you, HE’S 17 OKK*

  • mark is thankful for his fans, and he shows it. *iM CRYING*

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  • he’s just an adorable person overall.

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honestly i can add so many more gifs, but its gonna be too long. 


mark, we will love you and support you always!! <33 - nct fandom 

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not the same anon but i agree so badly, i adore guanlin but i know he shouldn't debut in top 11 as he's not ready yet. same with the other high ranking visuals. i want ponyo, woodam and jaehwan to rank higher. kenta is also amazing too <3

woodam, ponyo and jaehwan are so talented. I forgot to mention but that other brand new music boys are also super well rounded. the individual trainees and kenta also. b rank boys are certainly strong contenders but its a shame they don’t have popularity and are overlooked by kfans.