he's so talented and adorable t t

Trash Husband Answers
Trash Husband

We were reading asks and decided this was easier than actually replying. (Also I recorded because he was ranting like a fucking mad man)

@meanyoongis said: OMFGGG I HAD A DUMBASS SMILE ON MY FACE THE ENTIRE TIME I WAS LISTENING (all 18 mins) y'all are adorable. T.H. is hilarious as are you the banter is adorable!!!!! Stan talent stan T.H. also when are y'all starting a podcast?? I could listen to the two of you talk abt anything tbh 😍😍😍😍

Anonymous said: You guys sound so young ❤️ trash husband is so funny. You guys are the perfect match for each other.

Anonymous said:October 14th 2017, 12:23:00 am · an hour agoI love this so much. You and trash husband made my day! This is like high end comedy. Please I hope you guys do more audio things together in the future. ^-^

@mrsmin88 said: Not to make trash husband’s ego bigger but he does have a radio voice, but besides that I think personally you two would be great for a radio show like I could not stop laughing. Thanks for making my night 🤣🤣

K consider this trash husband that ask wasntfor you! It was for nicole!!!!!

@jjk-dicc said: oh my god you guys sound so cute..!

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Can we see family picture of FrozenStar and the others?

I don't have family picture of all the pairings but here is another one i had commissioned from the talented @kaweii @blesstale go check her out seriously anyway this is of FrozenStar the main pairing that started all the others i have with @missladytale  Artic was the first one Sofua saved and they have the largest family to date out of all the pairings anyway this cute adorable family is made up of GalaxyLight , Artic , Nebula and Aurora and Prisma (he doesn't appear in this picture) 

None of which are Undertale related same with Firebug so just getting that out of the way,

GalaxyLight and Nebula belong to @missladytale  

Aurora and Artic belong to @twinklephoenix (me) 

 here is a picture i made of Prisma a while ago with Artic  

Prisma is in his phoenixula form he belongs to @missladytale he wont appear for a while

also here is artic with one of the adopted kids Zareh who belongs to @twinklephoenix

anyway this is such a big family i only showed a tiny handful we really need to make family pictures but here we are this is FrozenStar Pairing.

Since I don’t know how to make gifs or any kind of art, I thought that I should just write a friendly reminder to everyone that today is Will’s birthday and he deserves all the best. Not just today, but always. Never forget that he’s an important part of the band, just like the other boys. Sometimes I feel like he doesn’t get the appreciation he deserves and that’s not fair because he’s so talented, smart, pure and adorable.

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Hi,you could write about the reader is an actress and also she is dating Tom,or you could write about the reader being hispanic and dating Tom.

por que no los dos?

okay so

- you were a relatively established actress already when you met tom

- you were well known for thought provoking films, and you were commended for your amazing acting

- he was lowkey a lil intimidated by you bc

-god damn

- not only were you gorgeous, you were ridiculusly talented

- you met at an awards ceremony after party

- he immediately tried to play it cool & act suave, but the poor dork was stumbling over his words

- he just couldn’t help it, you were so well known & respected that he was a little star-struck

- & you think it’s adorable, giggling at his awkwardness

-”relax, spider boy. i don’t bite”

- lowkey - lmao highkey - you thought he was really attractive & a great actor as well, so it floored you that he was so tongue tied

- the two of you spent the night chatting abut everything & anything & from that moment on, you were INSEPARABLE

- he loved just waking up with you in the morning, cuddlig up to you & enjoying the quiet of the morning

- he especially loved just lounging around on the couch, watching old films and telenovelas all day

- this boy loved some quality novellas okay

- even though he was constantly asking you what certain things meant

- really he was just trying to get you to speak more spanish around him, he lOVED THAT SHIT

- poor boy was so whipped

- you could literally be cursing him out in espanol and this lil baby would be looking at you like the sun shone outta your ass

- precious

- he also would be so fascinated with your culture, like specific to the country your family was from 

- overall being a supportive!! Boyfriend for anything you did, be it movies or charity events or taking middle of the day naps

- he just loves you ok ok

finally kicking off blurb night!! hope you enjoy this!! 

blurb night!! request away!!

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Honestly a lot of tk shippers use the ship to barely disguise their hatred for Jimin. I was told tk was the main ship but I get so angry at the shippers that trash Jimin and downplay his talents and pretend that both Jk and th hate him (when both of them have said multiple times that they adore him). Jimin gets so many threats and hate comments from them

it’s truly disgusting. like, the fact that they actively hate a member over a ship. as if taehyung legit hasn’t called jimin his soulamte and said he loves him a million times. as if jungkook doesn’t spout thousands of compliments at jimin every time he so much as looks his way. llike, all the members love jm. yet people continue to act like he’s the least liked and members want him to leave. like ?


I still can’t decide whether he’s my life safer or cause of death

just look at him

He is so unbelievably beautiful

He is our dancing king, our Hit the stage 

Our ray of sunshine with the most perfect smile

Master of expressions

Cute AF



There are so many reasons why I love this dork I can’t even count them. I’ve never seen someone so handsome, talented and perfect as he is. Please support him every day, every night. 

Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul, my source of happiness, I love you more than anything in this world, please stay healthy my georgeous boy

(Sorry for long post)

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How would the 2ps react if the caught the reader looking at yaoi online? Ps I love Gilens reactions on EVERYTHING hes so adorable :3

((Thanks. More people need to write him this way eh?))

You: *is nonchalantly scrolling through NSFW yaoi on your dash*

2P!America: *walks by* what is that, more of your ‘anime’ shit or somethin’? You know, I don’t kno– hOLY SHIT OK WHAT IS THAT FAM WHAT THE FUCK

2P!China: *twitches* uhhhhhhhh okay, guess I can’t really say much ‘cause I look at yuri all the time tbh………,,,

2P!England: *wrinkles nose in disgust* s-such artistic talent… Why is it being used for a fetish such as that… T ^ T excuse me while I go cleanse my eyes out okok–

2P!France: *unfazed* so I guess that’s the kinda thing you’re into?

2P!Russia: *grumbles* u need jesus

2P!Italy: *stares fixedly on the position, more in an artistic way than an aroused way* that anatomy looks off

2P!Germany: *drops whatever’s in his hands and runs away* hOPPIN’ ABOARD THE NOPE TRAIN TO FUCKTHATVILLE–

2P!Japan: oh, you follow that blog too?

2P!Canada: yeah I’m gonna go jump out that window right now don’t try to stop me.

2P!Romano: *whips off sunglasses* ooooooooh, that looks hot~

2P!Austria: *sighs and grins* care to tell me about any of your other kinks, my darling?

2P!Prussia: *faints*

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I didn't know much about Shawn but then my cousin had a spare ticket for his concert in Milan a few months ago and I went with her and I fell in love! He's so cute and talented!!!!

i literally don’t even know what i’m doing, i was watching his vma performance and he was adorable??? then i went an watched the riff off with james corden and he’s so cute?? like he can’t be mean to save his life. I DONT HAVE THE TIME TO STAN ANOTHER PERSON SDKLFJA

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Matchup? I want both genders this time, I'm curious. I'm a cisgender female with dark brown hair, chocolate eyes with a hint of green in them, and light skin. I like reading, acting, singing, writing, watching anime, listening to music, and my dream is to one day make it on Broadway.

I don’t know what it was before and I refuse to look it up, don’t want to make a bias here.

I match you with Reaper. He loves making costumes for your acting if you want, he is so talented on the sewing machine you adore it. He supports you in your dreams, doing whatever he can to help.

I match you with Pharah. She adores listening to you sing, just sitting there eagerly with an enamoured look on her face. She wants you to succeed and shows up to every performance that you do.

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For the Matt appreciation thing-y could you post or rb your favorite pictures of him if possible? And I'd like to add that Matt is talented, wonderful and geniuinely a nice person 💖

yeah, i was thinking of reblogging some stuff, maybe do a queue or something?

and yessssss, please don’t think that i don’t absolutely adore every aspect of matt and his personality!!! he’s talented and funny and smart and so so good!!!!!!

the reason i’m focusing on his clothes/looks is that the first time around that i did this, it was because there was a not so nice trend on tumblr of people talking shit about his clothes every time he showed himself anywhere (especially with harry bc apparent it’s not possible to enjoy harry’s sharp af looks without dragging matt)

so yeah, that’s why i’d love to here what your fave matt outfit is!!!

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B’s problem is that he’s a people pleaser, he doesn’t crave fame and adoration, but he wants people to like him, fans, people in the industry, colleagues, everyone. And he fears that should he announce a divorce and not his, he’ll lose respect, admiration and people will stop liking him. What he doesn’t realise is that he is so likeable, passionate and talented that he’ll bounce back. He’ll always have people who love him and not just the ones that matter like his family but lots of fans too.

I get that….but he needs to realize he ALREADY HAS lost those things. And he can’t get them back until he grows up and takes care of his business.

And I don’t know how many of the fans still sticking around will be here when it finally does end…

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Your love for Harry Styles is making me love Harry Styles purely by osmosis

awww!!! ^^^ me rn. miss you sm <3 anyway,

goal: reached

mission: accomplished

I absolutely adore him to the point that I should probably just make a sideblog at this point lol. He is such a ray of lovely talented hilarious compassionate sunshine I don’t see how anyone could not love him. Don’t even get me going tbh. ALSO girl I am *ahem* SEEING HIM IN CONCERT THIS COMING SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL PROBABLY FAINT I’M SO UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED!!!!!!!!! OMG SEEING THIS MAN IN PERSON!!!!!! I AM WRECKED!!!!! so uh yea as far as the harry spam….