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Basically don’t read this if you don’t care for Jongdae spam which I mean everyone should cuz he’s beautiful but whatever you can have you own opinion just know that it’s wrong :)

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ranking on all HG in order from like to dislike

1. Natalie Negrotti:

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- queen


-such a sweet heart

2. Big Meech

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-keeps it real/queen of calling people out

-so emotional but so freakin cute

3. Victor Arroyo

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-comp beast

-hot as hell

-so calm when he fights AND SO HOT

-eVICted 3 times from bb house

4. Bridgette Dunning

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-in love with mr. jenkins

-showed her feministic side after frank left


5. Da’vonne Rogers: 

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-so not a prejury flop

-realest hg this season

-should be the new bb host 

6. Paul Abrahamian: 

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-love/hate relationship

-can be hilarious but hurtful

-so cute with pablo/vic      

7. Bronte:

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-voice is….annoying

-she “knows” math

-is so cute

-got screwed over last minute      

8. James Huling:

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-obsessed w/ AFP (i think it’s the only reason why he played again tbfh)

-is the reason why nat got evicted

-could’ve done better     

9. Tiffany Rousso: 

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 -screwed over bc who she is

-so emotional

-scared me at beginning of season

-ended up to be so fricken cute   

10. Glenn

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-almost beat corey in comp

-gone way too early

-seemed like he would’ve been such a good guy  

11. Zakiyah Everette:

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-only came on show to get in a showman


-huge disappointment      

12. Corey Brooks:

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-goat burner


- “momma didn’t raise no bitch” wrong. she did

-creepy eyes af                 

13. Jozea:

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-extremely irritating

-ruined his own game the first day

-not the messiah

-attractive though           

14. Frank Eudy: 

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-extremely inappropriate 

-looks like a crusty toe

-farts too much

-annoying and shouldn’t of been asked back

15. Ratcole Franzel

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- the most annoying voice

-shouldn’t of won bb18

-lives up to her nickname snake

-hates women

-don’t know why she was brought back

-says she didn’t come for a showmance but clearly did


16. Paulie Calafiore

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-cocky & condescending

-if ur a feminist ur basically racist according to him

-emotionally abusive to all hg

-ugly as fuck


Everybody has two biases

Bias One: I love you so much. Pure perfection. Bless you, bless your family, bless your family’s family. Look at them they’re pure gold. So cute. So adorable. Sweet n squishy I just :) they deserve the world :)

Bias Two: 0/10 would not recommend this nerd to anybody. They poisoned my water supply, burned my crops, and brought plague into my home. They used me for land development. They haunt me everyday and I bet they double dip get them off my dashboard right now


Will being adorable as all heck in And the Woman Clothed with the Sun for anon 


Sweet summer child Yugyeom’s struggles during girlfriend-related missions


troyesivan #breakingitdown


Tony Goldwyn forever being Olitz’s #1 fan on Extra [x]

Graydy’s world is upside down because he doesn’t have a person yet!

The Joplin Humane Society Animal Adoption & Resource Center in Missouri say that Graydy is sweet and loves to cuddle on laps. This adorable chap gets along with cats, dogs, and people!

Occasionally he needs some eye drops, but it’s not a problem at all.

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An Idol who has difference on his appaearance and innner side (instiz)


There are a lot of people who viewed him as scary, how he looked blunt by his strong character, but honestly he´s the most sweetest and gentle member in VIXX.

If looking at a few anecdotes.

1.       He really adores his younger sister, he wanted to protect his younger sister so his dream was to be a bodyguard and when asked about the gift he received from opposite sex that he remembered, he answered the razor his sister gave him.

He watched his group member’s musical with his sister and they held hands when going there.

In a situation where he couldn’t go home because of his trainee life, Ravi cried when his younger sister came to find him.

2.       When asked ‘What kind of boyfriend do you want to be?’ Answered: Because I’m that kind of person who wants to give everything so I hope the girl will like it. I want to be that boyfriend who will be searched for and to hug when she’s tired, so I can give her anything.

3.       He wants to have a black pug  and the name will be eongdeongi. The reason is because it’s cute.

4.       Once he shooted a video with a puppy and when he came out of the dog house, the puppy barked a lot and he was like ‘I was shocked, you know’ but then the puppy barking so he was like ‘I’m sorry’

5.       When uploading a picture of him with his younger sister he said ‘our Jiwon (his sister) nie became a lot prettier’

6.       About Ravi Mixtape ‘Lean on me’

7.       After having 1st place, he said to fans ‘As the time passes, the more I learn about being thankful, I become to hate letting go of you who are precious (to me).

8.       When getting a sign, a fan said to him ‘I got fired from work and now I lost my dream’ And he said ‘Don’t think that you lost your dream but please try to think about it as a really nightmare that you don’t want to remember’.

9.       He wants to become someone who’s like a Dad so he wants to meet a girl who’s like a mom.

10.   He once tried when doing a MV shooting, the reason was because it was his mother’s birthday and when he knew He thought as being an obedient son after being a successful singer but he forgot the celebration day of the person he loves the most and he couldn’t keep it. He said even if he went now he couldn’t make up for it so he was full of feeling.

In the picture he looks strong but honestly

He’s a really cute member with his droopy eyes.