he's so strong and kind


i am literally sat here bawling my eyes out i love this show so much

i love marcus, he is so fucking strong and so principled and so deeply kind even to complete strangers after being abused and abandoned over and over

i love tomas for realising that he has made mistakes and gone against his ethics but he has never stopped fighting to be a better person and never, ever gave up on the rance family

i love casey and cat for never letting each other be alone through their traumas even though they resent each other sometimes and giving up everything for their sister 

i love henry for being the best dad in the world and reassuring his daughters and telling them he loves them while literally being tortured by a demon in his wife’s skin   

i love angela motherfucking rance for being the literal embodiment of badassery and survival and taking back control over her life 

i love bennett for putting up with marcus and actually caring about him deeply even though he disagrees with him on so many things and for the fact that he can snap a bitch’s neck in like it’s nothing

just genuinely this show is so important showing the positives and negatives of faith and the struggles that come with it, showing multiple trauma survivors and their different ways of handling their lives, and having such a rich and complex family dynamic in the rances

i just really, really love the exorcist and everyone should watch it



Elemental Spirit AU a.k.a  Bringing A Whole New Meaning To Pool Noodle Legs AU

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au I made for the sake of Seaweed

Love Online - Chapter 10

This is a continuation of Love Online. You can find previous chapters linked here:  [ Chapter 1]  [Chapter 2]  [Chapter 3]  [Chapter 4]  [Chapter 5]  [Chapter 6]  [Chapter 7]  [Chapter 8]  [Chapter 9]    

Wedding Day

Claire woke early, glimpsing the faint light of sunrise falling across Jamie’s face, throwing his features into sharp relief.  He was so beautiful…ruggedly handsome, but there was still a softness to those beloved features.  He was at once strong, passionate, kind, and so very gentle.  He was, in a word, magnificent.

She got out of bed, wrapping a tartan throw around her as she looked out the window.  Outside, the sun had just barely risen above the horizon in shades of yellow, pink, and purple.  She marvelled at the majesty of it and the wonderful day it would bring, for today was her wedding day and she would finally be wed - legally - to her true love, her soul mate, her Jamie.

She heard a rustle from the bed and then heavy footsteps padding across the floor.  His arms reached around her, pulling her to him, as he kissed her cheek and rested his chin on her shoulder.  

“Good morning, love,” he said.

“Mmmm, good morning, baby.  It’s beautiful, isn’t it?  The sunrise.”

“Aye, it is.  A perfect start to our perfect day.  God, I canna wait to wed ye.”

She turned around and put her arms around his neck, leaning up on her tiptoes to kiss him.  It was then that she realized that he was still naked.

“Aren’t you cold?  You haven’t got a stitch on.”

“No, I dinna get cold much.  Particularly when I have such a hot woman in my bed.”

She smiled.  “You’re rather sizzling yourself, lad.”  She reached down and squeezed his arse appreciatively before releasing him and turning toward the bathroom.

“Where do ye think ye’re going?”

“I have to get ready for the big day.”

“The ceremony isn’t for another 12 hours, Claire.  Surely there’s time for us to…you know.”

“Yes, my love, but don’t you want to save that for our wedding night?”  She winked and smiled mischievously.

“Why should we wait?  I mean, we did it last night and we weren’t officially married then, were we?”

“Well…there’s something to be said for anticipation, don’t you think?”

Jamie wasn’t convinced, but he could see he wasn’t going to win this one.  “Aye, maybe so.  But even if I take ye now, I’ll still be burning for you after the ceremony.  It won’t make a difference.”

“I know, Jamie.  Believe me, I know.  But I think it would be even hotter if we wait until tonight.  You know, get each other revved up all day long and then tonight, BAM!”

Jamie chuckled.  “Alright love.  We will wait, but mark my words, I won’t make it easy for ye today.”

Claire shivered with excitement.  “That’s exactly what I’m hoping for.”  She grinned and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

He heard the shower start up and imagined the water streaming down her body, caressing her skin and winding its way into every crevice.  He would do the same to her later - with his tongue.  He smiled, then, already enjoying this little game they were playing.  Oh yes, she would be begging for it by the end of the day.

Once Claire was dressed, she kissed Jamie passionately, then said, “I’m going downstairs, love, to see if Jenny needs help with breakfast.

Jamie looked at her with longing.  “Aye, if ye have to.  I’ll be down once I shower and dress.”

“Don’t be long…”  She reached for his hand and kissed it languorously, looking up at him to see his expression.  Seeing his smoldering look, she gently nipped at one of his knuckles before releasing his hand and turning to leave.

He looked after her, stunned.  She was playing this game very well.  At this point, he didn’t know just who would crack first.  This was going to be fun.

After he was dressed, he went downstairs to find that Jenny had already set the table for breakfast.  There looked to be enough food to feed an army rather than just the family.  It looked and smelled delicious.

“Not bad!” said Ian, coming through the doorway.  “A man could get used to this!”

Jenny came in from the kitchen, saying, “Weel, don’t expect this every day, this is their wedding breakfast, after all.”  She smiled and winked at him.

Ian sat down just as Brian entered.  They all took their seats and began tucking into the delicious feast.  

“So, Claire, I didna think to ask before…where are ye going on yer honeymoon?” Jenny asked.

Jamie smiled and looked at Claire as she said, “Actually, I don’t really know.  Jamie is keeping it a secret.”  She looked at him and he grinned wider.

“Aye, there’s got to be some surprises, Sassenach.”

Jenny smiled at the pair.  “Oh, that’s so romantic.  I’m sure wherever it is, it will be wonderful.”

“Aye,” Ian said, “it wilna matter overmuch where they go.  It’s unlikely they’ll leave their room for several days anyway.”

Jenny smacked him on the arm.  “Ian!  Ye shouldn’t say such things in front of Da!”

Brian was laughing at this exchange, thoroughly amused.  “Och, Jenny.  Do ye not think I was young and in love once?  I ken how it is.”

“Da!” she said, scandalized.  

Now everyone started laughing in earnest.  Jenny tried to hold out, but she couldn’t help laughing right along with them.

After breakfast, Claire and Jamie took a walk around the grounds, ending up near the loch where the ceremony would take place.  

“This looks great, doesn’t it, Sassenach?”

“It sure does.”  She put her arm through his and leaned her head on his shoulder.

“I can’t wait to make you officially Claire Fraser.”

“Doctor Claire Fraser,” she corrected, playfully.

“Oh, forgive me, Doctor.  You know, Doctor, I have a certain condition that you could maybe help me with.”

“Oh really?” she said, knowingly.  “What are your symptoms?”

“Weel,” he said, then leaned to whisper in her ear.

As he spoke, her eyes widened and her face took on a shocked expression.  “Jamie!”

He smiled wickedly.  “Two can play at this game, Sassenach.”  He leaned to kiss her cheek before leading her back to the house.

After a late lunch, Jenny took Claire up to her room to start the preparations for the ceremony.  Jamie protested that he and Claire could get dressed in their own room.

“Nonsense.  Ye mustn’t see yer bride before the wedding.  It’s bad luck.”

After giving her an exasperated look, he acquiesced.  “Fine, but may I at least kiss her before you go?”

“Aye, one kiss and then we need to go get dressed.”

Jamie grabbed Claire and kissed her passionately, heedless of Jenny’s presence.  The kiss would have gone on and on for minutes, but Jenny pointedly cleared her throat - loud.  Jamie took the hint and let his beloved go, watching her ascend the stairs with Jenny, all the while thanking God for bringing her to him.  He smiled and his heart leapt with happiness.  Soon she would be his.  Forever.

In Jenny’s room, Claire was putting on her stockings as Jenny took Claire’s dress out of the closet.  It was a beautiful thing - ivory satin with lace and pearls, barely skimming the shoulder, with a sweetheart neckline accentuating her lovely decolletage.  The skirt followed her figure down to her knees before gradually flaring out, creating a very beautiful, sensual silhouette.  Claire knew that Jamie would love it.   

Jenny helped her into the dress and it fit perfectly.  After zipping her into it, Jenny stood back to admire her new sister-in-law.  “Och, Lord, Claire.  Ye are so beautiful.  Jamie is going to faint when he sees you.”  

She smiled and gave Claire a wink before walking over to the armoire.  She reached inside and pulled out a small box with a bow. As she presented it to Claire, she said, “Jamie wanted to give this to ye personally, but I didna want him to see ye before the ceremony.”

“A gift from Jamie?”  Her eyes misted at the lovely gesture.  She untied the bow and slowly opened the box.  She gasped when she saw the beautiful necklace of pearls and tiny gold rondells.  Inside the box, there was a small note.  “To Claire, my love, my life, my everything.”

A tear fell down her cheek as she was overcome with happiness.  “Oh Jenny, it’s so beautiful!”

“Aye, it is.  It’s our Mother’s, ye ken?”

“It is?  Oh, Jenny, this should be yours, then.”

Jenny took the pearls and began fastening them around Claire’s neck.  “No, Mam wanted Jamie to give this necklace to his wife.  Da has kept it safe for all these years for that very reason.  I have many things of Mam’s already.  This necklace is meant for you.”

Claire hugged Jenny fiercely, happy tears spilling down her cheeks.  “Oh Jenny, you are amazing.  I’m so glad to have you as my sister.”

They both cried together for a moment, then finally pulled back.  

“Ye have messed up yer makeup, Claire.  I’ll help you fix it.”

Claire laughed.  “I’m sure I look a right mess, don’t I?”

“No, you look beautiful, Claire.  And you are the perfect match for my brother.”

The two smiled together as they put on the finishing touches.

Meanwhile, Jamie had donned his own attire.  He was in full Scottish regalia, complete with a kilt in the Fraser tartan and a beautiful jacket and vest, accentuated with a coordinating cravat and a formal sporran.  He looked resplendent.

There was a knock at the door to his room and he said, “Come in.”

Ian and Brian walked in, both sporting their own Scottish attire.  Brian wore the Fraser tartan as well, while Ian wore the Murray tartan.  Both wore similar jackets that complimented Jamie’s.  They made a stunning trio.

Brian smiled warmly as he walked up to Jamie.  “Jamie, yer Mam would be so happy seeing ye like this, dressed as a true Scot, about to marry the love of yer life.  Yer such a braw lad.  You do honor to our family, son.”

Jamie smiled, eyes misting, and gave his Father a big hug.  “Thank ye Da.  It means a lot to me.  I know Mam will be looking down on us today.”  Brian nodded, his own eyes becoming glassy with emotion.  

Ian took his turn to congratulate Jamie.  “Jamie, I can’t believe this day has come.  We’ve known each other all our lives and I’ve never seen you look so happy as ye are with Claire.  I’m so glad for ye, brother.  I know ye will be very happy.”  

Jamie smiled and patted his friend on the back.  “Thank ye, Ian.  I’m honored that ye are part of the happiest day of my life.”

“Aye, I know it will be a great day for all of us.  Especially you, my friend.  I bet you’re looking forward to tonight when ye can *hmmmphh* with Claire.”  He grinned widely as Jamie nearly choked.  Jamie looked at his father and turned pink.

“Ian!”  Jamie said, unable to keep from laughing, despite himself.

“Och, Jamie,” Brian said, “It’s good to *hmmmphh* yer wife.  I highly recommend it.”

Jamie turned even pinker, then the three of them burst out laughing, unable to hold back their mirth.  

The time of the ceremony was upon them and the three men made their way towards the loch.  Jamie was happy to see all of the guests who had been able to attend.  Jamie and Ian stood in their assigned spots by the trellis, awaiting the start of the ceremony.  Brian had gone towards the small tent that was set up nearby, where Claire was waiting to be escorted down the aisle.  

“May I come in?” Brian asked before entering.  Hearing an answer in the affirmative, he entered the tent.  Inside, Claire stood next to a mirror, smoothing down her skirt and straightening out her veil.  Jenny and Claire’s best friend, Jillian, were fiddling with the short train on Claire’s dress.  Hearing Brian come in, they straightened up and turned to look at him.

“My God, Claire, ye look astonishingly beautiful.  Jamie will weep when he sees you, dear.”  He walked up to her and gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek, taking her hands in his.  “Ye will make Jamie a wonderful wife and I’m proud to call ye daughter.”  

Claire smiled warmly and squeezed his hands.  “Thank you so much…Da.”

Brian beamed and leaned to give her a fatherly hug.  “Well, lass, are you ready to get married?”


“Weel, let’s get this show on the road.”  He smiled as she took his arm and then he escorted her out of the tent.

The music began with a beautiful string trio, interspersed with bagpipes.  Jenny and Jillian walked down the aisle first, followed by Brian and Claire.  Jamie’s eyes got wide and his mouth gaped open when he saw her.  He forgot to breathe for a moment.  Ian nudged his arm and he came back to his senses, taking in breath once more.  

When Claire saw Jamie standing by the archway, she, too, was in awe.  He was breathtaking in his Highland garb - splendid and magnificent.  She hadn’t seen him in a kilt before, and God, he looked amazing in it.  She couldn’t wait until after the ceremony, when they could slip away and she could…

She had to stop that train of thought as they made it to the archway.  Brian placed her hand in Jamie’s and then left the couple to continue the ceremony together.

The service was beautiful and so full of love.  Jamie and Claire said their vows and exchanged rings as they became one in the eyes of God and all that had assembled there.   They had tears in their eyes and smiled joyfully as the priest said, “I pronounce you husband and wife.”

Jamie bent down to kiss her, gently at first, then deeper as the love between them grew.  He had to force himself to stop when it was becoming clear that it had probably gone on a bit too long.  There were a few giggles in the crowd before the pair finally pulled back.  

The newlyweds walked down the aisle to joyous applause, ending up back in the tent to collect themselves before the reception began.  As soon as they were inside, Jamie was on her, kissing her deeply and passionately, feeling the curves of her body through her dress.

“God, Sassenach,” he said, breathless.  “Ye look so…beautiful and…sexy.”  His hands moved over her again and he marvelled at the feel of her.  

“Jamie…we have to…go…” she said, before briefly hiking up his kilt.  “Jesus!  It’s true, then…what they say about what’s under a Scotsman’s kilt.”

Jamie smiled.  “Och, aye, love.”

There was a bit more strategic squeezing before they finally broke apart and righted themselves.  

“Soon, Jamie.  Very soon.”

They made their way outside and down the hill to the clearing behind the house where the reception was being held.  The guests all cheered as the couple took their places at the head table.  Soon, the guests were served a wonderful feast of both English and Scottish fare.  The wine and whiskey flowed freely and a Scottish folk band played jaunty tunes as the guests danced.  

As the evening came to a close, Claire and Jamie danced to a slow ballad under the light of the paper lanterns that hung overhead.  When it was over, they kissed once more and made their exit, waving at their guests as they headed towards the house.

As they were about to walk into the house, Jenny caught up with them, out of breath.

“Ye are staying elsewhere tonight,” she said, smiling.

“What?” Jamie said.

“We have a surprise for the two of ye.  Follow me.”

They followed her to the front of the house, where they met up with Ian.  

“Ian, what is this all about?” Jamie asked.

“Ah, just a wee surprise, my friend.  Dinna worry, you’ll like it very much.  Follow us.”

He took Jenny’s hand and they walked ahead of Jamie and Claire, their joined hands swinging together happily.  Jamie looked at Claire and his eyebrows raised in question.  She shrugged her shoulders and the two continued to follow the other couple.  

They made their way over the next hill until they came upon an old cottage that hadn’t been occupied in many years.

“What is this, Jenny?” Jamie asked, confused.  “Why are we going here?  It’s the old gardener’s cottage isn’t it?”

“Aye, but we’ve made some…” she looked at Ian and smiled before looking back to her brother, “improvements.”

They opened the door to the cottage and Jamie couldn’t believe his eyes.  The old building had been completely renovated.  It was now appointed with all new furniture and curtains, the fireplace had been rebuilt with beautiful stone, and in the back room there was a huge 4-poster bed, piled high with fluffy pillows.

“Amazing, truly amazing,” Jamie said, eyes wide.

“We’re glad you like it.  We fixed it up to give you a nice private place to spend your wedding night,” Jenny said.

“Aye, and here ye don’t have to worry about making too much noise,” Ian said grinning widely.

Jenny poked him in the ribs.  “You’re incorrigible, Ian.”

Ian kissed her and put his arm around her waist.  “Aye, but ye love me that way.”

Jamie and Claire thanked them profusely for the wonderful surprise, then Jenny and Ian departed, leaving them alone to enjoy all of the delights that awaited them.

Jamie held her close and kissed her deeply.  “Come with me, Mrs. Fraser,” he said, as he lead her toward the bedroom.

Reasons to Love Choi Youngjae

With Youngjae being too unwell to promote right now, I’d like to spread some love for our brave, strong, beautiful Sunshine Boy. So please reblog this and add (at least) one thing that you love and appreciate about Youngjae! 

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I’ll start this with a few important things that I think make him so amazing: 

1) He’s strong.
2) He’s hardworking.
3) He’s kind and caring.
4) He’s amazingly talented.
5) His smile and laughter could power the sun.

What do you love?

I mean, guys!

Grey’s Anatomy’s Andrew DeLuca is such a good guy. He’s so strong and brave, but kind and sensitive too. I love him. He’s the type of guy I’d need in my life right now. But everywhere I see such a… sort of hate towards him. Because of the Alex thing, of course. Everyone’s just like “Oh my, poor Alex. He doesn’t deserve to go to jail” or “It was an accident”.
I mean, really?
Karev was perfectly conscious of what he was doing, and his behaviour has no excuses. Don’t justify him just because you know him longer than Andrew. De Luca was just doing the right thing with Jo, and all he got was being beaten up so badly.
That’s really unfair, he doesn’t deserve any of this.


you know what’s great? unrequited iwakin

  • kindaichi meets iwaizumi in his first year of middle school and iwa’s yelling at oikawa so kindaichi’s pretty scared at first
  • but later at volleyball practice iwaizumi is working with with the first years and kindaichi flubs a spike and he’s super terrified that iwaizumi’s going to yell at him
  • but iwaizumi’s really nice and encouraging and gives kindaichi some great spiking tips and helps him improve his form and kindaichi’s like shit, i’m gay
  • kindaichi tells kunimi the next day and kunimi tells him they’re glad that he finally figured it out (kunimi is nb and uses they/them)
  • kindaichi’s crush on iwaizumi is put on hold when iwa graduates middle school and he thinks he’s over it by the time he enters seijou
  • oh boy is he wrong. iwaizumi was attractive in middle school, but high school iwa is both extremely hot and fucking ripped. save kindaichi.
  • kindaichi’s crush is now pretty close to love. iwaizumi is so strong and amazing and kind to him and he dies a little inside whenever iwa congratulates him on a good spike.
  • ofc oikawa picks up on this and he’s super jealous because iwa-chan is his, but he’s not a jerk so he doesn’t act hostile to kindaichi, although he does get clingy around iwaizumi more.
  • kindaichi really really hopes that iwaizumi will like him back, but part of him knows (and he’s denying this part so hard) that iwaizumi and oikawa are pretty much perfect for each other. it’s obvious they like each other, but kindaichi is still hoping.
  • and kunimi has feelings for kindaichi but kindaichi’s gay and kunimi isn’t a guy.
  • so kunimi is sad, kindaichi is sad but still hoping, then oikawa finally sucks it up and asks out iwaizumi, who accepts.
  • oikawa asks iwa-chan out in front of the whole team, and kindaichi has to leave the room because he’s so upset and runs to the bathroom to cry.
  • kunimi follows kindaichi because they know he’s upset and tries to comfort him, and cheers him up a little.
  • “you’re such a good friend, kunimi.”–kindaichi. kunimi wants to cry when he says that.
  • kunimi goes home and cries that night.
  • the first years are all very sad.
Everything she did was so human
—  The Tenth Doctor, gushing over his incredible love for Rose, and realising that he is hopelessly in love with her strength and courage and bravery.
Funny Charles Sumner Quip #9:

Charles Sumner was the Hulk. He once lifted a 500 pound box of books over the rail of some stairs. Now, mind you, a bunch of men couldn’t even do this. Sumner, once the deed was done, acted embarrassed because he didn’t mean to lift it and he had split a glove… He acted like he didn’t just lift 500 lbs over the rail. He just dismissed himself and ran upstairs to get a new pair of gloves, while the men moving the books just stood in awe of what had just happened…



I watched SKY yesterday and realized…..Norman uses that lip licking thing apparently as a device to emphasize sexual attraction/affection…..he does it when he sits at the bar with “Romy”and makes googly eyes on her while she tells him why she is in Vegas. And when Romy and Diego first meet in SKY, it is plain as day that Diego ist extremely attracted to Romy in a sexual way.

SO…..he uses this at least 2 times in scenes where he is looking at or alone with Carol……interesting……🏹❤️❤️❤️Also,in the pictures above,he really really looks like a little boy in front of a cookie jar. He is SO DAMN CUTE.

Stay strong, Carylers,and stay kind.