he's so srs


Not now.
               Yes. Now. I didn’t stay in New York to sit still.


You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about

Dating Matt Miller Would Include...
  • you’ll probably have to take care of him sometimes because he has no idea how to care for himself
  • but he would treat you like royalty 
  • he would do anything for you
  • and he thinks you are literally the best thing ever
  • it would take him a long time to actually ask you out
  • he’d probably end up making a simulation or something to practice asking you out what a nerd
  • but once he does this boy is super clingy
  • he’d constantly be checking up on you to make sure that you’re ok
  • and he also really likes physical contact
  • like he’ll just be kinda hanging off of your arm when he’s talking to you
  • mostly about tech related stuff because boy does he love that
  • he’ll end up talking all about his hacking stuff to you
  • even if you don’t really understand it, he’d be really happy that you’re willing to listen to him
  • you’ll end up with lots of blue lipstick stains on you
  • and i hope you like nyte blayde
  • because he will babble about it to you for hours
  • if you like nyte blayde too you can expect tons of nyte blayde marathons
  • if you call him nyte blayde he will get super flustered
  • he’s so happy to have such a great s/o
  • he’d probably want to cosplay nyte blayde characters with you jfc this kid is such a dork
  • but you know what he loves even more than nyte blayde?
  • you!!!!!
Shakespeare has ADHD
  • Hyperfocuses on whatever he’s writing and gets intensely invested in it.
  • Spends days just sitting at his desk writing and doesn’t stop until he has an entire play like two weeks later.
  • When he’s not able to focus on writing he finds it near impossible to sit down and write. “Writing’s demanding, it’s mentally challenging, and it’s a bore. It’s such a chore to sit in a room by yourself.”
  • Loses track of what he’s trying to say mid-sentence.
  • Uses alcohol as a suppressant bc his mind is just so go go go! all day every day.
  • Zones out during conversations because his mind wanders, making him look rude for not paying attention.
  • Interrupts conversations to talk about an idea that just popped into his head. (Again, making him seem rude.)
  • Forgets things frequently and has to write everything down.
  • Talks loud, all the time.
  • Interrupts himself mid sentence to talk about something he just remembered.
  • Loses track of time when he’s hyperfocused on writing. Goes seven hours just working only to realize he hasn’t eaten all day when his stomach starts to hurt.
  • Cannot work with anyone/anything in the room, because it’ll end up being a major distraction. (Which is why the leather boys lock him in his room alone.)
  • Has other people proofread the plays he powerwrote in a weeks time because he can’t muster up the will to read it over again.
  • Talks to himself when he’s alone. Has full on conversations at his desk with his quill.
  • Gets really excited and passionate about his latest play and delves really deep into it, only to not give two shits about it once performances are over.

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So does this mean no more of Yagi on YouTube and the such?

not necessarily, it just means im cooling way the fuck down on how much i read and interact with the comments i get and eventually when im strong enough to just mentally block out literally everything except the content im making for me, i might b able to use him again.

but maybe no more jokes. those confuse ppl the most and id rather just avoid the weird fuckin debates about a cartoon goat in underwear with a big dick bulge.


He’s completely fearless as an actor. There’s a real trap with some actors where they play so oddball they’re not accessible. But Sam finds a way home, every time. He’s got this vulnerability that allows the audience in. And you can’t wait for him to come on the screen again because you just don’t know what’s going to happen. There’s that unpredictability. Every time he’s on screen in Seven Psychopaths he lights it up. You can’t teach that.” - actor Jeremy Renner on friend Sam Rockwell.

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I was washing the dishes and this thought just came to my head.what if in this album, there'll be like a unit song, so like imagine, finally getting that yoonmin collab that jimin has promised yoongi ☹️ UGH YES PLEASE

oh man i had a similar shower thought and like i was just there feelin soft thinking abt how yoongi made jimin promise him that 2 years ago and is stiLL LOOKING FORWARD TO IT like just think abt it how theyre just casually like

yg: so who u wanna unit w in the future
jm: you!!! i would love to work w u hyung i love you(r producing) etc etc u so talented etc give me a lot of lines!! make me sound amazing!!
yg: you already sound amazing
jm: yes but i need to be better before i do a solo or a duet i rly have to concentrate and work myself to death
yg: :(( youRE DOING MORE THAN FINE I SEE HOW HARD YOU WORK STOP THIS NONSENSE but yes ok im down to collab in the future - you have to promise me ok?? make a unit w me and only me!
jm: okay!!
yg: jimin u think im playin’ i need it to be official we need to do the pinky seal promise me you’ll subunit w me im gonna start writing songS RN
jm: well damn ok i promise hyung but pls wait until i feel confident in my singing :(
yg: bby why dont u listen u are doinG GREAT

2 years later