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BTS: S/O Has To Do A Sex Scene For A Film

(I wasn’t exactly sure whether you wanted their reaction to their s/o telling them about it, or actually doing it in front of them, but I just made it to where she’s telling them. I hope you like it anon! (((: Very slight angst, slight smut, a lot of fluff. Enjoy c:)


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imagine changkyun as your secretary.

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  • why did you even hire this mess
  • so, you’re an important person, right ??? you’re busy you’ve got shit to do and you need help staying on top of all of it so
  • why not make some lucky intern your secretary?
  • what could possibly go wrong ???? hM M ?????
  • ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, oh boy.
  • lowkey this is also your perfect opportunity to rescue the newest addition to the team of interns.
  • said team have been working their butts off for months so changkyun, the latest and youngest addition, hasn’t been very well received.
  • they feel he’s undeserving of the position and don’t like how he, younger and less experienced, simply swooped in and took over after their friend, intern song, got kicked out of the program.
  • changkyun understands their reservations, but it’s been hard on him.
  • you decide to put in an official request with your suggestion to the administration after you hear he’s been crying in the bathroom lately.
  • because lowkey you had a similarly difficult transition when you got transferred here from another branch and spent half your first year doing the same thing, so you can sympathise.
  • when he gets the news he realises immediately that you’ve taken pity on him and pretty much saved his ass, and all but throws himself at your feet to pledge his allegiance.
  • “it’s just,,,,,,, a secretary position,,,,,,,,, chill.”
  • honestly though it’s kinda charming how he can be so serious and so silly at the same time.
  • despite his stoicism and that big manly voice he’s got an undeniable boyish charm about him, and it’s obvious by the way he does everything anyone says that he just really wants to fit in and be liked.
  • idk he’s just one contradiction after another this boy
  • like he’s super serious around you and does his best to seem professional but keeps referring to you as an older friend by mistake, instead of as his superior.
  • which is equally embarrassing for the both of you, but everyone else finds it hilarious.
  • and that’s when the rest of the interns start warming up to him and he learns to laugh with them, starts clowning around with minhyuk and jooheon, pulling pranks on hyunwoo and kihyun, etc.
  • he always ends up embarrassing himself but it doesn’t seem to matter to him as long as he’s part of the team.
  • he gets bolder and more comfortable around the office after that.
  • and you’re happy to see him get along with his peers but you still need him to help you out at work so eventually you call him in for a meeting.
  • you tell him it’s nice that he’s comfortable but he can’t let his work suffer like this and he agrees with you that it’s not right but
  • his solution ???? is to clown around with you as well.
  • y’know, he just wants to be silly and make people laugh because, unlike filing and answering emails and phone calls and scheduling your meetings, it’s something he knows he’s good at.
  • that and,,,,, you’re kinda,,,, cute,,,, when you laugh,,,,, or whatever.
  • he doesn’t tell you that much of course.
  • but, because he feels he owes you for everything good that’s happened to him, he keeps an eye out for when you’re having a hard time or a bad day, and all the others know not to prank you.
  • he’ll look serious and hand you “important phone messages” on increasingly colourful post-it notes. which are usually just bad drawings or scribbled jokes and cringe-y puns.
  • he’ll pull silly faces at you in meetings when no one else is looking.
  • or he’ll hide encouraging messages on notes in your paperwork.
  • he’ll even share snacks from his secret stash with you, hiding them where he knows you’ll find them whenever you’re working late or you’ve been too busy to get lunch.
  • speaking of, you’re working late one evening when he goes out to buy you coffee but when he comes back you’ve fallen asleep on your paperwork.
  • he doesn’t have the heart to wake you up immediately so he lets you sleep a lil while.
  • and he knows it’s kinda creepy but he watches you because you look so nice and peaceful and he just likes you a lot ok
  • meanwhile he tries to write you a few silly post-its he can confess with but in the end he just doesn’t have the nerve and shakes you awake to tell you “you were drooling on the paperwork” instead.
  • you know he likes you tho
  • it’s kinda obvious and everyone keeps telling you how he watches you like a lost puppy when you’re not looking.
  • so you drop a few hints, but you try not to be inappropriate since you’re his boss and everything.
  • eventually, with the support and constant pestering of his hyungs, he musters up the courage to drop off a report with a post-it wondering whether he can “take you to lunch some time (like a date or just so you don’t starve to death)? yes or no” complete with boxes you can tick and everything.
  • if i were you i’d track him down that instant and pull him into the nearest supply closet by his tie and make out for the rest of the day but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ that’s just my opinion.
  • honestly this sweet boy he’s kinda awkward but his intentions are the best and the purest and he does his best to be a good worker and boyfriend.
  • lie when he hides chocolates all over your office for valentines day.
  • it’s kinda messy, but still a sweet gesture.
  • honestly not a great secretary but a great boyfriend.
  • he knows exactly how to make you laugh and when to brighten your day.
  • you two always have each other’s backs, at work and in life, and he’ll always be there to pick you up on a bad day or a late night and carry your sleepy ass home if he has to.
  • and the rest of the boys think it’s hilarious that he’s sleeping with his boss but are lowkey v proud of the maknae :’)
Re: American Gods episode one





(I loved it)


Hoseok Scenario: Make You Believe.

Request: Can I have Jhope scenario where he is ur boss n u guys like each other for a long time but u turned him down coz he’s just out of ur league n thought he just playing with u. One day an intern kept on insisting to get together w/u n made u feel uncomfortable. Jhope noticed that n got jealous n protective, so he helped u out by pretending to b ur BF but later found out ur true feeling toward him n he let u know his true intentions. happy ending plz ❤️❤️❤️  thank you

Genre: Romance. CEO AU.

Scrolling down your phone you tried to keep your eyes to yourself and just focus on the instagram updates the screen showed you, but that was proving to be hard after your boss entered the room.

You were taking a coffee and munching on a cupcake in the break room completely alone when you heard someone coming, you only lifted your gaze due to curiosity as you didn’t really want to talk to anyone in your break, you wanted to be calm and relax a little before getting back to work, but as you saw it was him coming in your mind and heart decided calm wasn’t exactly something possible. 

Hoseok was a handsome man, oh yes he was, tall and lean, with the exact mix of soft and sharp features in him, sometimes his eyes smiled even though his mouth didn’t, sometimes he was so serious and focused he seemed to transform. You had been watching him closely for a bit too long, even though you knew a man like that was out of your reach.

-Hello Y/N- he greeted first making you bow a bit ashamed of not reacting earlier. 

-Hello Mr Jung-

You deviated your eyes from him to your coffee feeling a bit self conscious, it was mid afternoon and you had been working all day so odds were you looked a bit crazy. You took a sip and fought yourself to keep it together and not run away like a scaredy cat, if you ignored him then it’d be alright. But you felt his eyes on you, he was looking your way and it was nerve wrecking.

You wondered why he kept looking at you, if it was because you indeed looked crazy or because of other reason. You couldn’t help to think about it, even less now after what happened just two months ago. 

Two months ago he had actually invited you out, at the end of the day when you were going out of the building he had approached you and actually asked you on a date. You had been stunned, first because your secret crush, your boss of all people, was asking you out, and second because he actually seemed interested.
It seemed too good to be true, what were the odds of a guy like him liking you? So you had done the only thing that could salvage yourself from later embarrassment, you had rejected him.

Now you were staring at each other from the corner of your eyes whenever you thought the other wasn’t looking. Before he asked you out you used to talk, not too much, but little small talks in the break room or when you met in the hallways or in the elevator. Now you didn’t do so as much, as every time he was present you felt the foolish need to leave, your heart beating way too fast for it to not betray how his presence made you feel.

-Is everything alright?- he asked startling you a little. 

You nodded. -Yes, and you? I mean is everything alright for you?- you bit your lip and looked down at you already running cold coffee. You had to get out of there before you made a fool of yourself.

-Good, good, I’ve seen you around but we… I haven’t had the chance to talk to you-

You stared at him, Hoseok and his part in the middle but sort of tousled brown hair, his dress down but still classy clothes, women would kill for a man like that. 

-Talk to me about what?-

Hoseok stepped to your direction and you held your breath, but as he was opening his mouth the door opened and a group of people from accountant department busted in.

-It was nice seeing you Mr Jung- you replied bowing and practically running away from him.

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this doesnt have to be turned into a headcanon, just smth i thought of, but it can be if you're inspired :) i was rewatching the series and i was on ep 5 w the winter formal, and alex was sitting alone on the bleachers. and i think it would be so cute if justin came up to him and asked to dance during a slow song and alex is all blushy and justin is so heart eyes

Oh my gosh how cute would it be though?!?!

Justin sees Alex just sitting on his own, and rather than just going over there he needs a reason first, cause he’s shy, so he goes and gets them both drinks. It’s got alcohol in it, and Alex almost cares, because he has to go home to his Dad afterwards, but takes it anyway. And Justin sits down beside him and they just stay in that silence for a little while, comfortable, or as comfortable as you can be doing nothing at a school dance. Alex is fidgeting a little, and Justin really wants to take his hand to calm him, or ask him to dance, but he’s awkward and has no idea how.

A few more moments pass, and Alex stands as he mumbles some excuse about needing to get home to do homework. This snaps Justin into action and he grabs the boys wrist, standing so their faces are just inches apart.
“Don’t go,” Justin almost begged, “dance with me,”
“Dance with you?”
“Dance with me,” Justin nodded, “Come on, it’ll be fun,”
“Fun? Justin look around, we’re at a school dance. What will-”
“I don’t care what they think,” Justin said, his usual confidence back,
“And your friends?” Alex shot back,
Justin shrugged, “fuck ‘em.”

Alex sighed, his eyes closed. Justin thinks he looks beautiful with the way the disco lightest are dancing off his pale face and bleach blonde hair. Eventually Alex opens his eyes again, and Justin almost stumbles back when he’s met with the bright blue.
“Okay,” Alex shrugged,
“Okay I’ll dance with you, you idiot.”

Justin smiles like an idiot as he takes Alex’s hand and leads him to the dance floor, discarding their drinks in the bleachers. Justin’s friends all welcome him back to the circle, and Alex gets hello’s too. Surprisingly that’s where it ended. Alex expected something more, where was all the teasing? The only remark they got was when Bryce Walker walked past, but whoever Zach was dancing with threw her drink at him, and that sent everyone into hysterics.

Alex even found himself smiling over that, and when he focuses again the boy in front of him is just staring at him,
“What?” Alex demanded curiously,
Justin smiled slightly, “nothing,”
“Foley,” Alex growled,
“Why are you doing this?” Alex gave in and asked the question,
“Because,” Justin hesitated, “maybe I just wanted to dance with you,”
“And you wanted to dance with me why?”
“Because maybe I was hoping that you’d take the hint that I’ve been dropping for months that I like you.”

Alex blushes a deep shade of crimson and almost steps backwards. He wants to say something smart back, but Justin looks so serious. He couldn’t be though, could he? Why would he like Alex like that? How-
“Stop worrying that pretty little head of yours and just dance with me,” Justin calmed him,
“And after we dance?” Alex wondered,
“I guess we’ll have to make it through the dance and find out.”

i hung out with my best friend today and i just wanted to say that i love her so much. 

Is it just me, or is Russell T. Davies slowly turning into George Lucas?

Dozy Defeat ~ Chanyeol Scenario

Dozy Defeat ~ Chanyeol Scenario

Word Count: 862

Type: Angst / Fluff

Brief: Studying for exams is the only thing you’re concentrating on, even neglecting and sacrificing you health for good grades. As a result, your boyfriend, Chanyeol, beings to grow increasingly worried about you and your wellbeing.

Originally posted by aurorawboys

“Y/N? Y/N, you’ve been studying all week non-stop. Please take a break.” Chanyeol’s voice was deep and serious, which is most unlike him, “It’s getting late.”

It was only some mock exams coming up yet you still wanted to do well. An exam is an exam, right? Your boyfriend was stood in front of you and your study material which took up about half of the sofa, with a plate of spaghetti and a glass of water in his hands.

Your eyes were growing increasingly heavier by the second as you pushed yourself to write more notes and read more texts. Mugs of coffee and tea multiplied around you by the hour. “Babe? You need to eat.” He was deadly serious. Who could blame him though? Seeing you so stressed, fatigued and overwhelmed hurt him, especially when he felt responsible for not taking good enough care over you. He blamed himself for being a bad boyfriend. He’d somehow managed to convince himself that your stress and overall emotionless being during the past week was because of him. Because he did something wrong or perhaps because you didn’t love him anymore. But being so deeply engrossed in your studies, you failed to hear him calling you as you tuned out of reality and into hardcore study mode. Obviously you didn’t mean to ignore him and that was the last impression you wanted to make on him. You knew how he worried and how he would begin to over-thinking things and jumping to conclusions left, right and centre but you couldn’t help it. You wanted to do well. You needed to do well.

Having a reputation as the girlfriend of the Park Chanyeol put pressure on everything you do. Being seen as stupid or dumb was one of the things you did not want to be associated with, knowing that will only provide haters and antis with more ammunition to shoot you down with.

Chanyeol stood there for a while longer, looking over you before giving up. He gave a sharp sigh and returned back to the kitchen. No food was going to be eaten again. Setting the plate of spaghetti on the table, he transferred it over to a plastic container, just in case you got hungry later.

Chanyeol had completely run out of ideas. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to force you to do anything and drive you away from your studies but his concern for you and your health was increasing rapidly each and everyday. Every time he would over-work himself, you always found a way to help him. To help him with his work or help him relieve some stress. Yet he was left completely lost, feeling useless that he couldn’t return any of the effort and love you had so sincerely given to him on a number of occasions. Feeling dejected and defeated, he shook his head, giving out yet another sigh. This wasn’t like him. He was usually so bubbly and energetic, hyper and loud – almost to the point of being annoying. Almost. You admit, you found his tendency to get over-excited insanely cute, though you would never admit that to him. After a few more seconds of aimless pondering, Chanyeol made his way back to the living room, still unsure of what to do next.

And that’s when he found you softly asleep; your hand was still lightly gripped to your pen and your breathing was slow but steady. Sleep had defeated you. Immediately, a smile sprouted on Chanyeol’s face. He was elated and overjoyed. You will finally get some decent, well-deserved rest. He tip-toed his way closer to your sleeping form, knowing that if he woke you now, you would never go to sleep and ever so slowly removed the pen from your weak grip. He cleared up the rest of the papers around you and from your lap, taking extra care each time as to not crinkle the paper and wake you up as a result.

“W..Wait… No.. Stop… Don’t go…Please…” You mumbled unconsciously, causing Chanyeol to almost jump out of his skin. Your active mind made your inactive arm grab onto Chanyeol’s, not letting him go. He smiled yet again and gently set down your sheets of notes into a neat pile on the coffee table.

“You’re absolutely adorable…” Chanyeol whispered instinctively under his breath as he lightly set himself on the sofa next to you, bringing your arm to his chest. He snuggled further into you, letting your head fall onto his shoulder. The last thing he wanted was for you to have a sore neck when you awoke. He smiled down at you, taking pictures in his mind of your face. You looked so peaceful, relaxed and comfortable. He wants you to always feel like that. Needless to say, it wasn’t long until fatigue defeated him too, his hands wrapped firmly around your arm, never wanting to let go again. You finally got a break that Chanyeol had so desperately urged you to take. What’s more, you’re taking a break with your boyfriend right by your side. What else can beat that?

Twelve: Last man standing in the universe, always thought that would be me.
Clara: It’s not a competition!
Twelve: I know it’s not a competition. Of course it isn’t. Still time though!

Okay so I figured out the proper way to get me to work–have someone insinuate to a friend of mine that their scenario of their character with mine is wrong even though we heavily discussed the thing on Skype.

The argument in question: Will Mono automatically Lockjaw someone upon being touched?


The ONLY version of him that does that is the one in the comic–better known as Broken!Mono. No other version knows they can even do that.

To get a better sense of his Mentalities, here are some important factors to their attitudes:

Pre!CORE - Gaster’s Assistant and Successful Experiment

- Automatically responds to orders with the starting phrase “New Assignment.”

- Prone to self-destructive thinking if something goes wrong.

- Avoids interactions with anyone who isn’t Gaster–as they tend to stress him out.

“Regular” - Post-Comic Scientist

- Prone to frequent narcoleptic episodes.

- Has absolutely zero funny bones in his body and can’t make a joke to save his life–relies heavily on word puns and carries around a dictionary instead of a joke book.

- Is hyper-aware of his stance in the universe and is obsessed with string theory.

Broken - Official Comic Persona

- Hyper-aggressive toward new individuals and alternate beings.

- Has a dark sense of humor if interacted with.

- Extremely self-destructive and prone to violent outbursts if prompted–will not hesitate to do something even if it means he’s injured in an extreme way.

Metanoia (Pt. 3)

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Metanoia (n.) the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
◊ Summary: You knew Seokjin was the love of your life, and yet his wasn’t the name that appeared on your wrist.
◊ Genre: angst, soulmate AU
◊ Word Count: 2,125

|Chapter 3

“He what?” Jin asked incredulously. Currently, you were seated on the couch in his living room, chatting over a mug of hot cocoa. Earlier, he’d called and asked if you wanted to come over and hang out, and of course, you couldn’t refuse.

You decided to tell him about Taehyung. Unfortunately, that hadn’t exactly gone over well. Honestly, you weren’t sure what you were expecting Jin’s reaction to be, but you’d felt compelled to tell him anyway.

Shrugging, you answered, “Well, it was only for a couple days. He’s a weird guy, you know. Didn’t bother me too much, I guess.”

Jin huffed, rolling his eyes as he took a sip from his mug. The ceramic was painted a light, happy pink: his favourite colour. You’d long since memorized these small details about him.

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