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Tricher (Thomas/Reader/Alexander)

Ah yes, time for a little angst and cheating brought to you by an idea I got at like 2 AM that someone probably already did. Enjoy, my friends. I didn’t go through and check it much so there may be some mistakes, but I did my best.

Warnings: Cheating, angst, swearing (a lot of swearing), kind of a neighbor AU, modern AU, the beginning of a pretty rollercoaster-y series.

Words: 1402

Second part | Third part

The couch of your boyfriend’s apartment never seemed to fail to bring you some joy after a long day. Whenever your boyfriend wasn’t there, the couch was always there instead, to comfort you. Especially lately, since your boyfriend was growing extremely distant day by day. He’d spend more time with his friends, always be home late from work, always be taking the long ways to and from places- a ton of suspicious stuff.

It was currently 9 PM on a Saturday. You hadn’t seen him since 7 AM yesterday, when he left for work. You trusted him, though, even though your friends didn’t. Thomas was a good man who wouldn’t do any wrong, like your friends thought he would. He was probably just spending the night at a coworker’s place after overworking himself, which he tended to do too often.

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Characters: Scott x Reader

Fandom: Teen Wolf 

Warnings: Light Smut , angst 

Plot: It’s been a while after Allison’s death and you and Scott have come closer ;) but you realize that he is not over her yet and you are just a substitute . ( It takes place around the beggining of season 4 , also for this to make sense Scott isn’t into a relationship with Kira ) , ( I’m not really sure about this one but here we go , also let me know if you want a part 2 )

Song : Starring role by Marina and the diamonds .

You’re hard to hug, tough to talk to
And I never fall asleep, when you’re in my bed
All you give me is a heartbeat

You closed your eyes allowing a softmoan to escape your lips. You were already sweating , the sheets sticking into your naked back but you didn’t care all you could think of at the moment was his hands on your body , the thumping of your heart echoing louder and louder in your head with every second passing.

Scott had placed his hands on your thighs , his mouth assaulting the soft skin of your leg leaving small purple marks. He looked up at you abandoning his previous possision to remove his shirt. You could see the lust in his eyes but that was the only thing you could see when he looked at you and all of sudden returned to reality.

When he appeared at your doorstep all of sudden he hadn’t even give you time to procees things before carying up stairts to your bedroom. You felt like clearing this mess up for moths but never really found the courage for it , too scared to loose what you had even if it was just sex until the previous night that he passed things over the edge for you.

I’ve turned into a statue
And it makes me feel depressed
‘Cause the only time you open up is when we get undressed

“ I want you so fucking much “

Scott groaned and leaned forward , his hands cupping your breasts as he stuck his tongue in your mouth kissing you aggresively. You moaned into the kiss not wanting to stop but you couldn’t let the situation get out of control again as much as you enjoyed it.

You placed your hand on his bare chest gently pushing the Alpha way from your body, at first he didn’t notice.

“ Scott stop “

You whispered so quietly and gently like you whished he didn’t hear you, your hand was still on his chest. He hesitanly stopped , coming to his senses as you used your elbows to push your body up and covered your exposed upper half with the sheets. 

“ What is it ? “

Scott asked breathing hard , he frowned , he was confused, you had never before asked him to stop , a hint of worry on his face but not the kind of worry you whished him to have , he cared about you and you were well aware of it but he only saw you as a friend .

“ We need to talk “

You said looking at your fingers , you wanted to clear things out , on the other hand you didn’t wanna loose Scott , he was a childhood friend but the things had taken an unexcpected turn the last few months.

You don’t love me
Big fucking deal
I’ll never tell
You how I feel
You don’t love me
Not a big deal
I’ll never tell you how I feel

He settled himself next to you , realising you were serious as he noticed you avoided to look at him. You used to do that always when you were kids and something was wrong so he immediately knew something was up. He remained silent , signalling you to continue talking.

“ What are we Scott ? “

You took a deep shaky breath and asked after a long pause , it was like the words were getting stuck in your mouth . You didn’t wanna fight or cry , you just wanted to have a conversation and try to understand what he really wanted but that didn’t seem to be the ocassion as your feelings quickly caught up with you.. 

He looked at you even more confused, the expression on his face made you chuckle , he was cute when he did that. You sighted and looked up at him, his beautiful chocolate eyes meeting yours.

“ I mean .. i don’t know friends? “

He said a little hestantly , the tone of his voice showing that it should be obvious. You shook your head feeling your eyes burning from the tears that were slowly forming. You mentaly coursed for leaving him see you like that.

“ Friends don’t have sex Scott “

You said feeling the anger raising up in you and you knew you were going to explode soon , it was like a lamp got stuck in your throat making it hard for you to talk.

It almost feels like a joke to play out the part
When you are not the starring role in someone else’s heart
You know I’d rather walk alone
Than play a supporting role
If I can’t get the starring role

“ I thought that’s what you wanted.. i thought you liked it.. “

Scott said , his voice raising a little , he was right , this was your fault too , you should had never left all this happen since you had a different kind of feelings for him.

“ Yes Scott , i liked it ! Yes i wanted it ! But that’s not the point .. i’m freaking tired being a subtitute , you are crearly not over Allison and i get it , i fucking get it , she was my friend to you know , i miss her to but when all this started i really thought you felt something for me, something more like i do and i didn’t wanna push you but i was clearly wrong all you seem to want and all you do for these past months is fuck me and get your anger and pain for her death out on me , you don’t talk to me anymore all you want is to have sex with me , things have changed.. God you almost called me with her name last night .. “

You practically screamed at his face , the tears spilling from your red eyes , you could taste the salty water in your mouth , you were so fed up and finally let everything out. You were full sobbing now not even caring anymore that he was watching you. 

Scott looked at you , guilt evident on his face , he knew you were right but he didn’t want to admit it to himslef. He swallowed hard and put a strong arm around your waist gently pulling you into his arms that locked safely around your shaking body.It surpprised you as it was the last thing you thought he would do but for once you didn’t fight back . He didn’t know you felt this way about him, if he did maybe a lot of things would be different ..

Sometimes I ignore you so I feel in control
‘Cause really, I adore you, and I can’t leave you alone
Fed up with the fantasies, they cover what is wrong
Come on, baby, let’s just, get drunk, forget we don’t get on

He rested his head at the top of yours that was burried in the crook of his neck. You had finaly started calming down.

“ I’m so sorry ..i didn’t know , i didn’t realise i swear Y/N “

Scott whispered leaving a quick peck on your forehead , he didn’t really know what else to do , he had screwed up badly , after Allison’s death it seemed like everything were falling apart and he couldn’t do anything specially now that more supernatural problems had come to make your lifes difficult once again.

You took a few shaky breaths , slowly lifting your head from his naked torso , wiping the remaining tears from your face with the back of your palm. Your eyes were still red and puffy. This wasn’t supposed to happen how did things went from hot and sweaty to this , you felt embarrassed and as much you wanted to fix things you felt like forgetting about everything would be better at the moment.

You like my dad
You get on well
I send my best
Regards from hell

“ I think you should go “

You said trying as hard as you could to sound cold , making your way out of his arms as you left the sheets to fall from your body replacing them with your shirt.

“ Y/N please i-i ..”

“ I need some time alone Scott , i can’t keep doing this ..”

You walked up to your bedroom door and opened it. He looked up at you with these puppy sad eyes and it took everything you had left inside not to fall into his arms again and ask him to stay.The guilty was drowning you , you knew it wasn’t his fault.But you both were so broken.

“ Please .. if you had talked to me , only if you had told me how you felt then- “

“ But i didn’t , did i ? And now it’s too late .. we screwed up, both of us and it doesn’t matter because you love her , not me there’s no then..“

You said running a hand through your messy hair. 

It almost feels like a joke to play out the part
When you are not the starring role in someone else’s heart
You know I’d rather walk alone
Than play a supporting role
If I can’t get the starring role

“ We still have time , we can fix this i promise if you just give me second chance ..please “

He begged , he was desperate , he didn’t want to loose what you two had all these years , whenever he looked back there wasn’t a single memory of his childhood that you and Stiles weren’t there , He almost lost Stiles when the nogitsune took over him and now he was loosing you too.

I never sent for love, I never had a heart to mend
Because before the start began, I always saw the end

Yeah, I wait for you to open up, to give yourself to me
But nothing’s ever gonna give, I’ll never set you free
Yeah, I’ll never set you free

“ Scott please , i need some space , i need to breath , i was depressed all this months holding everything in , i need sometime for myself “

 You begged your voice was cracking as you felt an other lump building up in your throat because he was hurting as much you were and it was your fault , the voice kept reapiting in your head that it was your fault. He didn’t love you that way and he never would he just didn’t wanna loose you and you knew it from the start. You just were too stubborn to admitt it and now you had to face the consequences by loosing your best friend.

“ I’ll call you when i’m ready , i promise “

You continued and took a deep breath. He nodded and got up grabbing his shirt from the floor, putting it on.You could tell he was angry with both you and himself.

“ I just can’t loose another person that i love “

He whispered as he stood in front of you at the door , you just turned your head the other way without a word,he sighted and walked past you. 

When you heard the familiar noise of the central door closing behind him you allowed your body to slide down the cold wall and cuddled yourself sobs tearing through your body once again. What were you supposed to do now ?

It almost feels like a joke to play out the part
When you are not the starring role in someone else’s heart
You know I’d rather walk alone
Than play a supporting role
If I can’t get the starring role

The starring role


Remus Lupin x Reader

Request:  Remus X reader, they dated in high school but broke up after James and Lily died. They meet again when Sirius is out and fall back in love?

Originally posted by muffilato-blog

You were heading to the Grimmauld place, head full of thoughts. It’s been fifteen years when two of your best friends, Lily and James Potter got murdered. Everything that could go wrong, all went wrong at the same time.

You still smile if you think back more blissful times. When you were in Hogwarts - which was definietly the happiest period of your life -, when you made friends with the marauders, who made even the most boring days interesting and could always cheer you up, when you fell in love with one of them, when you visited Lily’s son, Harry with Remus… you wished everything were like this forever, but it didn’t. Everybody felt that darker times are coming, but nobody really liked to spoke about it, and what is more important, trust were broken.

When Lily and James died, Sirius betrayed them and killed Peter (at least back then you thought that was the truth), there were only you and Remus. Both of you were damaged, heartbroken, and betrayed, and even if you knew that you should stay together in those days, you couldn’t. You ran away from each other. You were deeply in love, but none of you could see clearly anymore.

You seriously thought you moved on. More or less you were fine by now, but then a letter came; explained everything about what and why really happened on that night at Godric’s Hollow. That was no question you’ll join to the Order of the Phoenix once again.

Molly Weasley opened the door. She said things about how happy she is to see you again and how good you look and if you’re hungry, but you really didn’t hear anything she said. You walking inside the house and while she spoke to you, your thoughts were too loud to hear anybody else. You saw them, and that was when you realized you didn’t move on. Never.

Sirius and Remus stood in front of you and you frozen, hot tears was falling down on your cheek as you tried to say something, anything, but you couldn’t. Fifteen years’ thoughts was stuck on your throat. You felt your knees getting weaker, and maybe you’d fell down, but then strong hands wrapped around you. Remus’ hug immediatly made you calm and you felt yourself safe; just like when you were in school. You pulled away and hugged Sirius too, there were laughter now too. In the corner of your eye you spotted a boy with messy black hair and green eyes, you knew he only could be Harry.

You talked a lot, but you hadn’t much time for small talk; there were so much more important things. Day to day, you had a feeling in your stomach, in your heart, in your whole body. It was growing bigger every day, especially when you saw him. The feeling was like and old friend to you. Every trembling knee, every blushed cheeks and every nervous lip bite was familiar, you felt yourself like a teenage girl. You fell in love with Lupin again, but deep down you knew you never even fall out.

At one night, you walked in front of Remus’ room, the door was ajar, so you could see him. Sat at his desk, he was reading some book and eating a chocolate, you couldn’t help yourself but let out a little giggle.

„Oh, Y/N, I didn’t see you there.” – he said.

„Sorry I didn’t mean to… it was just so nice to see you like this. You didn’t change much, y’know.” – you said with a smile.

„Yeah…” – he laughed, but continued more serious. „…Yet I am.”

“Do you wanna see what I found? Come inside.” You sat down on his bed and he came next to you with an old looking photo album.

“Oh my god. It can’t be!” - you yelled when you recongnized the thing. Remus find it in an old cupboard. The album was full of photos of you and your friends in your Hogwarts years. You scroll through it, laughing and almost crying at every single photo you saw. When you finished, both of you were in a better mood. You talked about old times and all those years when you were away.

“I bet kids loved you at Hogwarts! How was it teaching them about Werewolves?” 

“Unfortunately Snape took that experience from me.” - he said absently.

“Oh, how nice of him.” - you giggled. “You know deep down every one of us is the same sixteen year old git… expect you, you never were a git, Moony.” He laughed, but then he stopped and the next time he was closer to you until you felt his lips on yours. And you kissed eachother, passionate, with so much eager like you wanted to make up of all the lost years. You held each other so tight like you were afraid if you don’t, one of you will run away again. He only pulled away when you started to cry. 

“What is it, love, what’s wrong?” - he asked with worry in his voice.

You sobbed silently for a while when you finally could speak. 

“It’s just… I wish I’d stayed with you.” There were so much other things that you could say to him, like how much you missed him and how much you love him after all this time, and how lost were you without him, but you couldn’t say anything else. And you didn’t need, beacuse he understand you now as he understand you always. He cupped your face and gently wiped away your tears.

“Shhh, listen to me. It’s okay now. I’m here and you’re with me. We have all the time in the world now.” - he smiled and you believed him, and after fifteen years you finally felt yourself content again.



3/7 bf!monsta x

  • the most sunshine filled boyfriend!!
  • you’ll always be laughing or smiling because of something he said
  • he’d be your literal daily dosage of vitamin qt
  • probably the cheesiest one out of all the members
  • you’ll watch romcoms and dramas together and he’ll want to reenact everything
  • “what do you mean you won’t give me another kiss?? it’s part of the scene!”
  • he’d be such a whiny and pouty but cute mess
  • would talk nonstop about you to everyone he meets
  • like somehow he’ll find a way to work you into all of his conversations
  • he’s the type to feed you endless compliments
  • “has anyone ever told you that your elbows are really pretty?”
  • lots and lots of couple selfies
  • probably would force you to wear couple clothing
  • he’s the type to always be texting or calling you throughout the day
  • whiny minhyuk because he misses you
  • “i just wanted to hear your voice”
  • “minhyuk, it’s 3 am and i literally saw you a few hours ago”
  • the clingiest cuddler!
  • lots and lots of skinship
  • would probably wrap his arms and legs around you while snuggling
  • raising a dog would minhyuk would be the cutest thing
  • you would probably have the most difficult time trying to name the puppy because minhyuk will insist on naming it some dumb name
  • “what’s wrong with the name mr. fluffy?”
  • hands intertwined while walking under the cherry blossoms in the park with your dog running in front of you
  • affectionate head rubbing and eskimo kisses
  • late night rants
  • pillow fights that end in huge messes that the both of you will be too tired to clean up
  • honestly he’d love you so so much
  • you would think that he couldn’t get anymore hyper or happy but with you he would just be on a whole other level
  • but when it comes time to be serious minhyuk will always be there for you
  • he’d hug you tight and let you cry on his shoulders when you need to
  • never leaving your side when you’re sick
  • him trying to make you soup but failing epically
  • would smile and try to laugh it off anyways
  • “go away minhyuk, i don’t wanna get you sick”
  • “if i do get sick i don’t have to worry because you’re my medicine”
  • he’d just love to make you laugh and see you be happy all the time
  • kareoke with minhyuk would be your favorite past time
  • cue high pitched screaming into mics at 1 am
  • he’d get so carried away with the god damn tambourine
  • brb, gonna go drown in my tears because i really need someone like minhyuk in my life

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how about...... jansen wedding (as a prompt)

A/N: this is way too long I’m sorry

Evan’s hands are shaky as Zoe fixes his tie. He never thought he’d be with his ex-girlfriend he totally lied to about the death of her brother now, but here she was, performing in his wedding.

“Stop shaking- you look wonderful.” Zoe pleads. Evan nods, but doesn’t stop. She takes his hands in hers and squeezes them, and he’s able to let out a breath.

Zoe’s smile shines brighter than it ever did in high school, and Evan is so grateful that they ended up friends. Her freckles have become more prominent and her hair tumbles down, slightly covering the dress in the rosy color Jared had chosen that matched the flowers that would be adorning the entire wedding hall.

“You look so beautiful. Thank you for helping me.” Evan says, pulling her in for a hug. He’s in a sleek black tux, with a small pink rose tucked into the lapel, that his mom had to help him pick because he’s absolutely no good at these kinds of things and he was worried he’d pick something terrible that would make everything look worse and Jared would be angry and not angry enough to call off the wedding but just peeved enough to make Evan uncomfortable then they’d have an argument and-

“Thinking again?” Zoe asks, pulling Evan back to reality.

“Yeah.” He says bluntly.

“Don’t.” She smiles. “You’re getting married, Evan! To your high school sweetheart!”

“We didn’t start dating until after high school actually, because of-” he stops, and Zoe thinks it’s because of awkwardness or solemnity, but Evan looked up and remembered something, grabbing something very small from a bag.

“I almost forgot. I need you to do something for me.” He hands it to Zoe, and the audibly gasps.


“If Jared and I hadn’t fought, we wouldn’t have gotten together again, stronger and better. All thanks to… just. Put it behind our grandparents and great-somethings. It’ll be fine.”

Zoe looks like she’s about to tear up, but she sucks it in and heads for the door, giving Evan one last look before leaving.

Evan looks at himself in the mirror. He never thought he’d see this day. It doesn’t actually feel like it’s happening- like he’s dreaming.

God, he hopes that feeling goes away.

Jared’s probably puffing out his chest and dancing to some Beyoncé number, but not because he’s overflowing with confidence, but because that’s just how Jared shakes off his nerves.

He’s been told multiple times by his mom, and Zoe, and Alana, and even Jared, that the wedding is for the two of them and they shouldn’t worry about anyone else’s thoughts because this is for them and them alone.

Others have said otherwise.

Evan still remembers the day it happened.

It wasn’t big or fancy, just the two of them. The two had gone to an open field Evan has found and filled Jared’s old pickup with loads of blankets and pillows to stargaze.

They were chatting and giggling and playing with each other’s hair and pointing at different stars, giving them stupid names, when Jared sat up and let Evan sit up next to him.

He let out a deep breath and Evan immediately thought he was getting broken up with, which he honestly should’ve been expecting because someone like him would never get a fairytale ending with a super cute boy he’d been through heaven and hell with-

“Do you wanna marry me?”

Excuse me?

“Excuse me?”

“Evan Hansen- will. you. marry. me. I’m in love with you. And I don’t think I’m ever gonna be in love with anyone else, there’s never gonna be anyone who’s better, and I even bought a ring, so will you marry me?” Jared pulls out a little black box and opens it up and Evan looks at the sleek silver ring staring back at him, and he might cry, and Jared might cry, and this is too unreal.

“Are you for serious?”

“Absolutely. I’m getting this cliche on you.”

They laugh. And Evan is still. And then he breaks into tears and jumps on Jared, giving him a wet kiss on the cheek.

“Yes! Of course!”

Jared is probably crying now too, and they kiss and laugh and watch the stars turn to morning together.

He passes the memoriam table on his way. It makes him laugh. Relatives he’s never met sit at the front.

Some of them look like Heidi- it’s funny.

Some relatives of Jared he’s never met.

The small picture frame in the back with the tall boy in all black, with multicolored eyes and wild, shaggy hair.

His dad.

“You ready?” He hears, and doesn’t think anymore, because his mom is standing right there.

Heidi looks radiant. A light is in her eyes that Evan’s never seen. She’s dressed up and she hugs Evan tighter than she’s ever hugged him before.

“I am so proud of you.” She chokes out.

Evan laughs and wipes a tear from her eye. “Don’t cry mom, we’re not even married yet.”

“I know.” Someone comes out to beckon them. “But you’re about to be.”

Evan tries to cherish every moment as he offers his mom his arm. Walking through the curtain. Seeing Jared at the front, not crying or smiling, but making a funny face while his eyes can’t hide the awe he’s in.

They hold hands. There’s practically no one else in the room. They promise each other to stay forever and ever, even until Jared dies in freak water balloon incident (most likely).

“You may now kiss the groom.”

And they do. And Jared wraps his arm around Evan’s waist and dips him so everyone cheers, and they smile at Zoe who’s standing next to Alana in the lineup, and everyone claps as they walk out.

And they decide Mr. and Mr. Hansen-Kleinman has a nice ring to it.


Day 24: A post dedicated to Jenissi

First Impression: I fuck with you low high key. He really caught my attention because he was so funny and super good looking, just watching him warmed my heart

What I love about him: His voice/rap style is so unique it immediately draws attention to him. Honestly I could listen to his soundcloud all day. The way he thinks he’s really good at cooking. His fucking dimple. I would say if it weren’t for Xero he’d be the “coolest” one. I think what I love most is the way he can look so serious when he’s messing around with people, it makes his jokes even funnier. I wanna cry from how much I miss him 

Like Mitch Marner?

Dylan Larkin x Reader

Fandom: NHL

Warnings: Mentions of Mitch Maner lmao, it’s more bittersweet than anything

POV: Second Person

Summary: Dylan spends one last day with the reader before they leave

Originally posted by yzermanwingedwheel

“Do you have to go?”

“I won’t be long,”

“124 days is long!”

“You counted?”

“I used a calculator,” Dylan rolled over onto his stomach and looked at you. “But you can say I counted.”

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“Oppa, say Ah~” you held up the spoon to Taewoon.

He blushed and looked around before shyly accepting it. You giggled before leaning closer to him and wiping the corner of his mouth with your thumb. “Good right?”

“Mhmm” he smiled taking a sip of his coffee, to keep his composure. He always got so flustered whenever you did things like this.

The two of you were still in the very early stages of your relationship. You’ve been dating for a few weeks now, and it was working out pretty well. But even you understood he had to be careful about how open he was when he dated, so he was wary of skinship. But once in a blue moon he’d humor you and play along.

Jiho walked into the cafe, to grab a quick coffee before the studio; But someone caught his eye making him hide behind the corner.

“Jiho you alright?” Kyung’s eyes narrowed at his friend’s strange behavior.

“Psst, tell me if that’s Hyung over there” he whispered.

Kyung peaked around the corner seeing the most secluded part of the cafe to see Taewoon sitting across from you. “Yeah, that’s definitely your brother.”

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Dean and san have been fooling around for a couple years and sam is in love with dean, he doesnt say anything because he thinks its just sex for dean. One day dean finds him crying in the bathroom and sam tells him whats going on? Thanks lovely

Sam’s an idiot for letting it go this far. He knows Dean doesn’t have the same feelings as him. And when this whole thing started he didn’t ever expect him to, it was just a good way to blow off steam. But now Sam wants it, wants his brother in every way he can have him. And yeah it’s a lot to ask, it’s something that no brother should ever feel but he aches with it, wishes there were even a chance of Dean returning his feelings.

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Highschool AU where his crush(friend) is passing notes to one of their own friends but gets caught and the teacher reads it out loud, revealing his crush has a crush on him? Crush is so embarrassed they run out of school!

Aww young love, thank god we have cellphones now!

Osomatsu:  Once the words left your mouth and you ran out of the classroom he followed right behind you.  It took a while for him to catch up since you had a head start but once he caught up he gently squeezed both your wrists so you couldn’t get away.  He could see how upset you were, “So what are you gonna do laugh at me like you always do? Tease me?” Your words were sharp and he shook his head and let you go.  "No, I wanted to let you know I like you too.“
“Yeah right, you like anything a skirt.” You rolled your eyes.
“No I’m serious.  I like you, like like-like you.  You’re the only one who can put up with my shit and sticks around with me and I now I know you like me back now, sooo don’t you think we could go out?” He grinned and rubbed his finger under his nose.
“That was soo romantic.” You shoved him and snorted.  Only he could turn something serious into a failed attempted at flirting, you’d be a liar if you didn’t find it endearing.  
"So is that a yes?” He mused
“Yes.” You smiled and looked around at your surroundings felt disgusted you were still in the hallway.  "You wanna ditch school?“
"Fuck yes, see this is why I love you!” He grinned and grabbed your hand leading you out the building.

Karamatsu: While he was happy you felt the same he did, he hated that the teacher would make you do something that embarrassing.  He’d get up and coolly walk out of the classroom not even looking at the teacher, once he was out he’d run after you.  He didn’t find you until he checked outside the building and heard the faint sounds of sobs.  Once he finally saw you he sat down next to you causing you to cry harder.
“I’m sorry they made you do that.”
“No I’m s-sorry for ruining our friendship with my stupid f-feelings.”
“I don’t think you ruined it.” He spoke gently.  "In fact I think you made it better.“  He looked at you and took the silence as a cue to continue.  "I’ve had biggest crush on you but thought our love was to be forbidden, you were the Juliet to my Romeo, the Cleopatra to my Mark Anthony th-.” He stopped when he heard you laugh.  That was one of the biggest features you loved about him, how much of a dork he could be.  You briskly wiped the tears from you ears and smiled at him, “So are we going to stay forbidden lovers or we going to rewrite our narrative?” You saw his smile grow wide and his face warm up a bit, he quickly grabbed your hands.
“Yes my love, let us rewrite our narrative, no longer will we be star crossed lovers, for we will become the best lovers this school has ever seen!” Heplanted a small kiss on your hands causing your face to feel hot and you giggled.  You quickly checked the time on your phone, class wasn’t over and you weren’t going back to that asshole.  "You’re going to miss the rest of class, I’ll join you back in homeroom after it ends.’
“Non non my sweet, now that we are a couple I will stand by your side.”
“Thanks, we can go back to class once the bell rings so we don’t get in too much trouble.”
“Whatever pleases you my flower.”

Choromatsu:  He wasn’t surprised you got caught for passing notes, you should have known better, but he didn’t anticipate on you having to read it in front of the class.  He could feel his face grow hot and sweaty as you read it and was in awe as you crumpled it up and chucked it at the teacher before leaving.  He raised his hand and asked to be excused but didn’t run after you, he’d glance into each classroom practicing what he was going to say in his head.  He saw you in the computer lab and knocked on the door before entering, “Umm…” He wanted to slap himself for being so awkward.
“You don’t have to say anything, you don’t have to stay friends if you’re that uncomfortable.”  You didn’t look at him as he spoke.
“N-no that’s not it.”
“Then what is it?” You made eye contact with him, he noticed your eyes were puffy and glossy.  He sucked in a big breath.
“itsfinecauseilikeyoutoo.” You saw his face turn a bright scarlet but you couldn’t comprehend what he said.
“I l-like you too.” Now he looked like he was going to cry, at least you could tell he was being serious.
“Don’t oh!”
“Well, I didn’t expect that.” You smiled.
“Y-you didn’t?”
“No, with your love for some of the other female students and your idols I didn’t think I stood a chance.”
“No, god no! I’m sorry I made you feel like that.”
“So would you wanna go out?” He was jealous you could ask that so nonchalantly.
“Y-yes.”  The bell rang signaling the end of class.
“Thank god, I didn’t want to go back to that jerk anyway.  You ready to head back to class?” You watched him nod and gently grabbed his hand, he tried to back a yelp and walked back to class hand in hand with you.

Ichimatsu: He was in disbelief and quickly grew irritated at the sound of the other students whispering and giving him and your empty desk looks.  He got up without a word just glaring daggers at the teacher and exited the classroom.  He had very good idea where you’d be as he made his way to science lab, he peered inside and saw the room was dark.  He pressed his ear to the door and he could he the faint sound of you crying.  You two would spend a lot of time in the science room making your own experiments after he managed to snag the janitor’s key on a dare from Osomatsu.  He realized the door was locked and grumbled as he took the key out from his pocket and shut in.  He saw you sitting on the floor with your head on your knees and plopped down next to you.  You tried to quiet your sobs but your body still trembled from embarrassment.
“Did you mean what you wrote?”
“…yes.  A-are you mad?”
“No, not at you.  But that teacher is a huge dick, don’t let them get to you.”
“So you d-don’t feel the same way?”  He saw you peek at him, the tips of his ears became slightly red.  
“ilikeyoutoo.” He mumbled but it was too soft for you to hear.
“I like you do!” He yelled and quickly groaned at his own outburst earning a laugh from you.  "D-Don’t laugh at me!“
"I’m sorry, I thought it was cute, I’m glad you feel the same way.” You grinned at him.
“I-I’m not cute.” He tched and felt his body got stiff when he you leaned on him.
“I really don’t want to go back to class.”
“You don’t have to, we can skip.”
“Ah sweet I can finally take you to cat cool cafe that’s far away now that we have all the time in the world.” You beamed at him, he quickly got up and followed you out of the school.

Jyushimatsu: The second you ran out the classroom he jumped out his seat and ran after you, I didn’t take him long at all to reach you pull you into a hug.  He could feel the fabric of the uniform dampen from you tears, and cringed as he heard you spout out apologies.  
“Y/n it’s fine I’m really happy!”  He waited a second and continued when you didn’t respond.  "I really love you to!  I’m sorry the teacher was really mean, but I’m so happy that you like me back!“ He laughed and watched as you looked up at him.  He wiped the tears away with his sleeve covered hand and gave you a big grin.
"You do?”
“Yeah I like you more than the whoooole wide world!” He stretched his arms out for emphasis and immediately felt relieved when he say you start to giggle.
“That makes me very happy too.”
“We can go out right? Uh if that’s okay with you.”  He had to remember to reign back his excitement, in fear of scaring you.
“It’s more than okay with me.”  He let out a boisterous laugh and grabbed you spinning you around.  You couldn’t help but laugh as loud as he was as he spun you around.  Immediately a teacher exited her classroom and threatened to send you both to the principal’s office you didn’t return to class immediately.  He quickly grabbed your hand rushing you back to the classroom so you didn’t get in trouble because of him and asked if you were alright before going in there.

Todomatsu:  He was giddy that you felt the same way but was upset that he had to learn it that way.  He grabbed his bag and left the classroom, he had pretty good idea where you would be but constantly would peek into other classes to make sure he wasn’t guessing wrong.  He walked outside to the courtyard and found you sitting under the tree were you two would always sit during lunch.  He took a seat next to you and reached into his back pulling out pocket sized tissues and offered them to you.  You took one and dabbed away the tears from you face.
“Well that was lovely surprise.” He hummed
“Don’t tease me Todomatsu, I’ve suffered enough.”
“Sorry, but do you really feel the way?”
“I’m scared to answer.”
“Your answer isn’t going to change anything between us.”
“I…I really like you, but I don’t want you to feel pressured that you have to like me back.”
“I don’t feel pressure at all, I’ve always liked you too but didn’t want you to feel pressured. But I’m happy, now we can become a couple if you want.” He chuckled
“Really? I mean I’d love to but, I didn’t think you felt the same way.”
“You’re shocked?” He didn’t expect that.
“Well you hang  around so many other people who are way more attractive than me I assumed you would have liked one of them.” You could see from the shocked expression on his face he didn’t think that at all.
“No, I’d prefer to date someone I have a strong connection with, plus I think you’re the most beautiful student in the whole school.” You rolled your eyes and watched him grab his phone from his pocket. “Come on let’s take a picture, our first one as a couple.” He smiled and pulled you over.  "Saaaay cheese!“ He took a bunch of pictures at different angles and let you pick any filters of stickers you wanted to add to it and posted with your permission.  You two spent a good hour under the tree just talking and ditched school after he offered to you out somewhere to eat.

anonymous asked:

not to be gross but do u think they've ever gotten in a fight that's made them so angry (not specifically w each other) that they angry cried like of the two who do u think is more of an angry crier bc given the right circumstance I could see them as both and like phil doing that "NO!" he does where he points his finger when he's being serious and he just suddenly breaks down vs dans drama queen self lmao I can't believe this is something we're discussing I wanna see them cry too is that bad

i doubt they’ve gotten in very many intense fights with each other that made them angry cry but i’m sure it’s happened before in general. not to be gross but i feel like dan would be the one to turn his head away with his lip quivering and refuse to look at the other person after making a nasty remark, trying not to let any tears escape his eyes. his words would be rash and he would take out a lot of pent up anger on the person, bringing up things that happened years ago, adding to the drama. he would likely seclude himself afterwards and let the other person come to him first instead of trying to mend things

on the contrary, i feel like phil would be more aggressive with his words and actions and confront the person first hand, even if his eyes started glossing over and his voice grew wavy. his words would be sharp and loud and he would place his fingers on his forehead and let out a shaky sigh. phil would be stone cold at first but quickly lose his composure. he would be more likely to confront the other person afterwards and try to lessen the tension between them. however, he would never forget what the other person said

Not Showing: A Criminal Minds Imagine

A/N: Howdy again, this is a request for Reid having a pregnant girlfriend who works with him, and although she’s not showing, he’s extremely protective! - Fuckeree

Rating: PG13

Warning: Notta


You can still remember the look on his face when you had sat across from him on your bed, test in your hand, and stared into his wide and wary eyes. The way he crumbled when you’d looked down at the stick, up at him, back down at the stick and whispered, “We’re having a baby”. 

It was sort of the same look he was giving you now, wide eyed and wary as you pull into the parking lot and slide the truck into park, rolling up the windows. 

“But this could be too much, we all know that, Y/N your mother told me how difficult her pregnancy was, I just want you to be safe and careful. You promise me that if anything goes wrong, I get to talk to Hotch”. 

You shake your head, and reach over, grabbing one of his ever-fidgeting hands, and squeezing it, before setting it on your still unaltered stomach. 

“You can’t feel the baby, you can’t see the difference, my skin isn’t stretched, the kicks aren’t coming yet, but that doesn’t mean I still act without safety. I can feel the difference Spence, the nausea, the fatigue, I can feel it. I promise you that safety for our baby is my first priority”. 

He leans over the center console to give you a light kiss, and nods with understanding, as you watch the stress physically leave his body through a deep and heavy sigh. 

You check that everything is in your bag before slinging it over your shoulder and popping the door open. 

“Hold on, I’ll come around and take your bag for you, did you check for cars?” you can’t suppress the eye roll that he evokes from you, so you just laugh at him. 

“It’s okay, I’m not carrying double the weight yet Spence, I can do it”. He locks the truck and hurries around the front to take your hand, walking step for step with you to the front door, where he opens it for you, and patiently waits as you show your badge and do the mandatory procedures. 

“You don’t need to act like I’m sick or ailing. We’re expecting, and that’s precious, but you don’t need to wait on me hand and foot”. 

He scans in, and attaches his laminate to the front of his vest, before rejoining you on your walk down the hall. 

“I know, but I’m just so nervous that in our field, something could happen at any time. This might feel like a low blow, but think about JJ”. Your head whips around at the mention of Jennifer, and the horrible and painful ordeal that she went through.

“I am with you, we are together, and I will remove myself from the field if that’s necessary, but for now, life is life, so live it”. 

You set your mug of tea down on your desk, and drop your bag to the floor, staring at your feet for a moment as vertigo takes hold. “Whoa” you mutter, and he rushes to your side, hands on your arm as you steady yourself. 

“Too much to drink last night?” Morgan strolls in, grinning at the sight of you and Spencer, and you shake your head. 

“Not in a million lifetimes Derek, just got a little dizzy is all” you lower yourself into your seat, and are just about to lean your head back against the cool leather when you lurch forward, a wave of vomit hitting you, and you pitch yourself almost into the desk as you grab the mini trashcan you keep and throw up into it. 

“Holy shit kid, you really are feeling it” Spencer rubs your back and you laugh. “The only thing I’m feeling is nausea and oddly enough I’m also simultaneously hungry”. 

Checking that you don’t need to get rid of any more, you sit back up and take a swig out of your mug, washing out the taste of breakfast for the second time. 

“That is not a good combo” Derek shakes his head and tosses his jacket onto the chair behind him as you nod. 

“How about I go get you some water? Do you want cereal or a bagel? Maybe some toast, or crackers, those are really good when you feel sick. But water, and Tums. Can you have Tums?”. 

Spencer is frantic, and you handle it like a seasoned captain in the midst of a hurricane. 

“I have tea, that will settle my stomach the best that it can. As for Tums, I can do without for right now, and as for you, you need to calm down”. You lay a hand on your stomach, wishing that it would show only maybe a little, so that you didn’t seem so crazy. 

You recline back and swallow little sips at a time, as Spence stands over you like a towering hawk, and stares. 

“Somebody must have partied too hard, didn’t you learn your lesson?” JJ and Rossi walk in side by side, Emily behind them. 

“Believe me, I did learn my lesson, you three are not talking me into shots with you ever again. But I really didn’t drink at all, contrary to popular belief”. JJ, Emily and Garcia had talked you and Kate into rounds with them over a month ago, and sometimes you still felt the hurt. 

“Hey, we weren’t that bad” Penelope pops up on your monitor, and you groan. “No drinking, not last night, and not for a very long time with your three”. 

She smirks as you stare up at the team, as they all start to grow around you, the only one missing would be Hotch. 

“Are you gunna hurl again? Cause I wanna leave if that’s going on” Morgan points to the trash bin that Spencer has put a bag over top of, to stem the smell. 

“No, I don’t think so” you’re grateful that he’s teasing, your emotions would be enough to make you cry if he was serious. 

“If it’s not a hangover, you had to get food poisoning or something last night, you don’t look bad though”. You down another mouthful of tea and shake your head. 

“It’s none of that, I promise, and it’s nothing contagious either”. 

“Not unless you’re trying to get it” Aaron’s voice is welcoming as he actually makes a joke that you understand, and the two of you send sly smiles to one another. 

“Unless we’re trying to catch it? Well of course we wouldn’t be trying to get sick, that’s just ridiculous” sometimes Garcia doesn’t catch on as quick as one would think she would, and you shake your head. 

“What Hotch means is that unless you’re actively trying, and I mean actively, you’re not going to catch a baby”. 

The confusion is like a fog in the room for a couple of minutes, before JJ breaks the silence with a sound of excitement and understanding. 

“She’s pregnant! She’s pregnant and we can’t catch that!” she throws her arms around your neck and you graciously hold her to you. 

“Wait, you and Spencer are? There’s a baby in that stomach?” Garcia leans into her computer, and stares at you, before shaking her head. 

“I’m on my way, nobody leave” the screen goes black and you grin up at the crowd of smiling faces around you. 

“But stress isn’t good for babies, or mothers, and we shouldn’t get too excited cause she could get emotional. Gotta give her some space too, just in case she gets claustrophobic”. 

“Spencer it’s okay, we’re fine, I’m serious. You need to relax some! We’re already godparents to a BAU baby, and we babysit another. Don’t tell me that you’re going to be crazy when it comes to our own?”. 

He shakes his head and sighs, “No, just nervous is all, and really overprotective I guess”. 

You squeeze his fingers as Rossi holds up his travel mug. 

“Here’s to another BAU baby, and to the two of you, salut”. 

things i would rather see on next weeks the walking dead than daryl
  • maggie grieving
  • tara finds out abt denise abe and glenns deaths
  • morgan and young benjamin bonding while i cry over them
  • eric being alive
  • father gabriel finds a hat
  • rosita and eugene and the quest for a pasta maker
  • jesus tries out his new conditioner
  • ezekiel stages a play
  • ezekiel plays every single role in said play
  • enid wears a ponytail
  • judith. just judith
  • like sixty minutes of judith im serious i love her
  • ps gabriel looks rly good in his hat

OKAY SO OOC ANDREIL THOGUHTS by ur petty asshole bloggier sur hemmicknicky + while being drunk

i have some unpop opinions abt ooc’ness in my ask THAT I WILL ANSWER EVENTUALLY while expanding but heres the most important sutff:

  • shut the fuck up w ur 342% please just… stop you know i know we all know thats not how it works if u wanna do it as crack or joking do ur thing BUT??? WQHEN UR WRITING IT IN AN ACTUAL HC THATS SUPOSED TO BE SERIOUS hod just … sht up its not like that stop trivializing it ITS SO IMPORTANT ITS SUCH ANIMPORTANT SHOW OF ANDREWS EMOTIONS AND HOW HE SLOWLY FALLS IN LOVE W NEIL jut shut the fuck u god ffuck
  • WHEN PEOPLE LIKE…  MAKE MOODBOARDS AND EDITS AND SHIT ABT ANDRIEL AND INCLUDE SOME FUCKED UP PIC ABT BRUISIES OR ~VIOLENT LOVE AND WHATEVER like o,…………… no i crying ASDREW ISNT ABUSIVE let alone w neil stop 1) trivializing+romanticizing abusive rships + acting like just bc andrew can pull out a knife on someone hes abusiv CUZ HES NOT ES??? HES NOT ABUSIVE IM IN TARS FUCK OFF IFYOU THINK SO STOP PORTRAYING THEIRRSHIP AS AN ABUSIVE ONE
  • the yes or no………… GOD MOST poeple just. never writ it lmfao. or they write it ONCE or twice in an enitre sex scene like sry but YOU CANNOT go from kissing to sucking dick without andrew asking for consent in the midle like YOU CANNOT you cant even write neil toiching andrews arm without him asking/making sure andrew knows what hes about to do and giving him the opportinuty to clearly say no
  • THE ‘I HATE YOU’ LINE……. GOD listen theres two interpretations of this one and theyr both wrong 1) he doesnt say it when for EVERYTHING like. neil smiles? no hes not gonna say it BECAUSE ITS ALWAYS ABT ANDREW REALIZING he cannot stop himself from falling for neil like, basically every time neil does/say something that andrew goes ‘im feeling something’ thanks to neil thats it thats the moment where he says it, etc 2) as an actual ~hate like,no, shut up, he doesnt hate him ik it might seem weird for the average person or u might take it as a joke but no LIOSTEN HE MEANs IT he just doesnt mean it in the bad way this makes no sense but i do it and its not in the bad way i love andrew and he loves neil
  • ‘I LOVE YOU’/MARRIAGE LISTEN……………… LISTEN ITS CANON THAT 1) the words i love you literally DO. NOT. MEAN. ANYTHING. to them and that 2) MARRIAGE ISNT A THINGGGGGGGGG FOR THEM god they arent the conventional couple (het or not) they dont have the socieally acceptable kind of rship PLEASE RECPECT THIS ITS SO IMPORTANT like its really so important for people who have rpoblems expressing affection and a lot of other stuff i have no right to talk about so please.. please respect this and try to understand it from their pserspective
  • icant think of anything else rn but yea thats the most important stuff okay

anyways, yes im an asshoe but this entire post is the fault of an anon ask +  being drunk im not held responsibelf for shit

[TRANS] Cnetz Happy Camp reactions

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Source: 天塌下来当被子盖-11 | Requested post

OP: Yang Yang, Wu Yifan, William Chan and Zhang Han are all not the best at variety, but this episode of Happy Camp had long-awaited humorous parts and less boring parts, the whole atmosphere was fresh due to them being adorkable and working hard, perhaps due to the fact that these few people aren’t pretentious or try to steal the spotlight. The four wearing simple white shirts standing in a line, their styles are different, in my mind there were only four simple words “beautiful scene on earth”. All the pettiness and conflicts, get lost.

[+251] To tell the truth today’s Happy Camp let me see Zhang Han in a whole new light, my positive feelings rose for Yang Yang whom I wasn’t familiar with before, William is a person I’ve always admired, of course there’s the Wu Yifan whom I love more and more. Each of them are different, yet when they stand together and sit together there’s a surprising sense of coherence, maybe when you put beautiful things together they will always be nice to admire! [heart]

[+184] This episode really can’t eat any more harmonious and carefree, no one trying to steal the spotlight, no chance for hatred. During the segment of the glue running track, Dengdeng waited for Miemie many times, even returning Miemie’s sticker to him by his own choice, really showcased how much of a gentleman he is, and Miemie also accepted the kindness of others easily, not pretentious, feels like he’s a straightforward and truthful person, they’re both great. Wu Yifan standing is just a scene too beautiful to look at, Zhang Han feels like the type of person that’s cold on the outside and warm on the inside, he’s pretty considerate of others.

[+164] The four are all great, as a Wu Yifan fan, I feel like Fanfan’s interactions with the other few handsome guys are all pretty warm, really like all of them~

[+172] This episode is really a great long awaited episode, the four standing in their white shirts in a line felt like first love, the whole episode wasn’t boring or cringeworthy at all, when I watched it I felt so comfortable, this episode’s director deserves a thumbs up!

[+168] Roommate: Wu Yifan is so handsome ah ah I need to change my profile photo
Me: My goodness Yang Yang, my Bao Yu pretty much melted!
Roommate: Ah ah ah Zhang Han!
Me: Well crap William Chan is so handsome I wanna cry!
~~~unlimited rewind~~~

[+145] I’m a Yang Yan fan here! Also like William Chan! Before this I didn’t know much about Tangzhu (t/n - literally means ‘boss of the fish pond’, referring to Zhang Han), but after watching The Four I felt like he’s pretty cute, today when I watched him sink in the glue on the variety I thought he was quite cute, and then my understanding of Wu Yifan was 0, before this because of certain fans I had some misconceptions of him, but today I discovered that he’s so adorable…… he’s so serious while he’s cute, I really like his handwriting I’m being serious [doge] [miao]

[+137] 4444444 (4=shi=yes) It’s been a very long time since I didn’t watch Happy Camp without cringing, the whole process of watching I was laughing, Yang yang is really dumb and sweet, William Chan is very gentlemanly, Wu Yifan is still that black hole [laugh cry] what surprised me the most was Tangzhu!!! Warm man he is!!! To girls and to Yang Yang he took care of them so well my positive feelings for him really went zoom zoom zoom @ friend, after you watch it you’ll understand that your friend is not a delusional fan

[+125] This episode was so pleasing on the eyes! The four of them were all great okay! The only thing lacking was that there wasn’t enough to watch! Actually Happy Camp should be simple and sincere like this! [heart] These four people will do better and better in the future [heart] Fans of each of them please protect them well [heart]

[+134] Today because of Wu Yifan, my positive feelings towards the others also rose vertically [kiss] all four were great [kiss] and all handsome

[+115] The four are all celebrities that work very hard. Although the entertainment circle is complicated, but the four that concentrates on doing well in their work, believe that their future will be even better!

[+110] Just felt like it was too short, Zhang Han wearing Lao Wu’s outfit is quite okay, that outfit was alright as well, William Chan cutting so much from the shirt he must have regretted so much hahahaha. Yang Yang’s beauty was eye-catching, so pale he was emitting light, his features are so so nice

[+105] The last time I watched Happy Camp was 800 years ago, today I went to watch it and my positive feelings for all of them doubled. Especially Zhang Han, during the promotional period of The Four, his way of handling many things made me admire him a lot, including how he takes care of Yang Yang. At the same time, Yang Yang also feels a sense of respect and protection towards this big brother. When he sees a reporter being harsh towards Zhang Han, his actions made me see the innocence and kindness of a boy born after 1990

[+108] As a Fan-fan, really think that the four are all great

[+103] I’ve said a long time ago that Wu Yifan is a big boy radiating positive energy, he never tries to appeal to the masses or is too loud, really sunshine really real really brace, he’s the boy in white in my dreams.

[+96] The four were all very handsome, but a good variety needs the cooperation of every single person, so I am thankful towards them and the effort that the staff put in, giving the audience an exciting show. Also hope that the fans can fight less and instead promote them more.

[+88] OP you took the words right out of my mouth. No fighting no snatching [thumbs up] Tonight we will not pick fights. Each of them are great in their own right

Hayes fighting imagine

Warning !! I don’t believe Hayes would actually do any of this I just kinda went all out this imagine lol I down even see Hayes getting mad tbh 😂

“ Hayes please listen that wasn’t me I have taken any fucking money from you ” you yelled. Hayes paced your room back and fourth clenching his fist so right that his knuckles we white. This was the first time you were honestly scared of Hayes.“ Your lying stop lying how the fuck would you like it if I took your stuff !l he yelled grabbing your phone from the dresser ” Hayes relax I haven’t done shit have you even thought to ask the other boys ?!“ You say in the calmest voice possible to reduce the intensity of the situation. There was a momentary silence and Hayes though your phone to the wall completly shattering it. You were done ” what the is your problem moron" you yelled with that he punched the wall not breaking though but defiantly making a dent. All the boys rushed in with all the noise but nothing was gonna stop you now you were gonna kill him ! “ really wanna act all fucking tough bitch hit me I dare you ass ” you yell pushing Hayes getting right in his face. “ don’t (y/n) he is upset ” nash says along with his brother will who had come to visit. “ no you wanna be a big man and punch the wall to scare me fuck that come at me ” you yell angry as all hell. “ leave (y/n) ” Hayes said right in your face pushing you to the wall where you hit your head . You got up and punched him and weren’t about to stop either how dare! “ HAYES ARE YOU CRAZY SHE IS A GIRL ?! ” Shawn yelled. Will and nash restrain you but it wasn’t hard at all you started feeling a bit dizzy so you were done fighting.“ Hayes why the fuck do you think she stole something ” carter said pretty much yelling at him. “ Cause my 100 $ is missing and she was the only one here "he said mumbling. Then shit got real mama grier came in with sky apprently they watched everything. ” Hayes grier are you talking about the 100$ I borrowed from u for Nash’s birthday gift" she said. Hayes face went white he completly forgot he had lent it out. “ Hayes grier this girl has done nothing but love you deal with the girls chasing after you and go along with all your stupid plans I am beyond disappointed in you !” She said. “ mom sky I -” skylynn cut him off “ no Hayes you gonna hit me next ” she said walking out. That broken even your heart ! “ (y/n ) the boys will get your stuff you can sleep with me and sky darling and then well will get your head checked out and your phone replaced him so sorry darling ” she said smiling at me. “ no wait (y/n) I’m sorry I didn’t know ” he was cut off once again by nash “ you’ve done enough were taking her to mom room and the boys and I wanna talk to you ” he said being the most serious I’ve ever seen. Both Nash and Will helped you out the room you didn’t even notice you started crying “ I’m so sorry I don’t even know what possed him he is never like that ” will apologized “ yea I’m extreamly sorry were gonna go kill him now he knows not to hit girls he lucky dad’s not here !” Nash said. You smiled at there concern “ it’s ok I’m mad but he was mad also I just need time "you said
-third person -
(Y/n ) spent the day with the girls giving her the ability to take her mind off it. As for Hayes well differnt story. ” wtf who are you to hit her “ Cameron yelled. ” she literally does everything for you without her and your mom you’d lose your own head “ Matthew yelled. ” your lucky she punched you and she has a good ass arm if not they’d have to rip me off you “ taylor snapped all the boys clearly upset even Aaron wanted to kill him. Then his brother walked in … The I wasn’t good. Will walked straight up to him with no word picking him up by the shirt bringing him inches off the ground ” listen and listen really good that give under God grace doesn’t hate you or wanna press charges. But you don’t deserve her ! You hurt her maybe you didn’t punched her but you layed a hand on her ! And you disappointed mom and scared skylynn, the three most imporant women in your life are you happy?“ Will said dropping him then nash came in ” we aren’t telling dad because he would kill you literally. But I don’t even know what you were there !?“ He yelled and with that everyone left leaving a crying Hayes. Hour went by and it was time for (y/n) to get her stuff. The boys offered to go with her but she insured she was not scared of Hayes in the least. She walked into a dark room. To hear muffled sniffles. Hayes sprang up and ran to (y/n ) ” baby please listen I’m so sorry I became a monster and a complete idiot I should have never ever done that to you , I shouldn’t have accused you either you never do anything to harm me I understand if you hate me or are scared but please give me a second chance I will never hurt you or become that person again !“ He begged. ” Hayes I am not scared of you and I don’t believe you are how you acted. I still love you and I will still be without but you lost my trust and need to earn it back I won’t be sleeping with you for a bit I’ll be with your mom but little by little ok “ she said with a loving calmness to her ” yes of course anything you want anything at all “ he said smiling that she hadn’t left him. She must have had a heart of soild gold because anybody else would have left. He went to kiss her but hesitated. ” you can still kiss me Hayes just ya know little things “ she said. "Oh of course ” he said. He apologize to the boys and his mother now all left was sky “ hey I’m sorry you had to see that what I did was really wrong do you forgive me (y/n) did ?” He added. “ do you happen to have a horsey ” she asked not turning to face him. Hayes came prepared knowing very well that the way to sky heart was a horse. He pulled out a pink glittery horse. Her eyes lit up , he was now forgiven. As the days went but Hayes again your trust again and never ever let himself get so upset again

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Your song just finished playing on the radio. You’re currently lying on your bed with your messy hair and over-sized shirt.

It’s been months.

It’s been months since you last saw him. That summer rain wasn’t so good at all. You’ve had a huge row while having this amazing roadtrip.

You can even recall every little fucking venom words you spat at each other.

“You don’t even care how I felt about me needing you at all fucking times!”

“Well, guess what Y/N, I’m trying my best! I almost cut myself in half just to be beside you and give myself on the tour!”

“You don’t understand Harold! I don’t need your time! I need YOU!”

And at that moment, he stopped the car. He looked at you with those green, mesmerizing eyes. You both know this isn’t going anywhere at this point.

“I’m sorry,” he said. And you nodded. This is not what you hoped for, though you’re expecting this to happen sooner or later.

You gathered your things and he looked at you, surprised.

“I’m not leaving you here,” and you didn’t mind what he said. You opened the door and started walking. Harry started the car and spoke to you.

“Get inside! You’ll catch cold!”

You ignored him. The rain was getting to your skin which glued your dress to your wet body. Then you thought, the rain was a good thing that can excuse you from crying. At least, he can’t fully tell if you’re crying or not.

He still follows you while in the car. If he really cares, he’ll get out of the car and let himself be wet to. If he really cares, he’ll pick some flowers and put it in your left ear right at this moment since bushes are everywhere. If he really cares, he’ll kiss you under the rain now and stop you from leaving. You let the rain wash away your thoughts and turn to Harry, who is still talking but you can’t make out what he’s saying since you’re so lost within yourself. You stopped and so he does too.

“Leave me the fuck alone,” It’s the first time he heard you cuss. It’s the first time he heard you so damn, deadly serious. You don’t wanna see him anymore, especially this very moment. You wanted to be alone, in the rain, walking yourself home.

You heard him sniff and you’re a hundred percent sure he’s crying too. You heard him spoke, “I understand,” and drove away. That’s when you let yourself scream and pour your tears out.

Well, today is raining too.

Speculations and gossips went fast as lightning as soon as your first single went out. People knew who you were pertaining to.

And they’re right.

People knew how much you like David, the one you’re currently dating but they also knew how good you and Harry were. You are just so perfect as a couple but then everything comes to an end.

Your thoughts were broken by a knock on the door. David must be early to fetch you for dinner. It’s still half an hour before you meet. You rush yourself downstairs to tell him to be back in 30 minutes.

You opened the door to see a familiar body, standing in front of you: soaking tall man in a posh, dark coat. His boots are wet with raindrops. His brown, curly hair is down on his forehead and almost making it’s renowned fringe. His plump lips is shaking because of cold and his eyes are drowning in tears and alcohol. In his left hand is a bunch of fresh flower that looked like he just pick on his way here.

“I barely distinguish if you’re crying because the raindrops–” and you examined his face.

“And so did I with you… last summer..”

You both paused for a while. You suddenly felt nostalgic. About that summer. How mixed emotions played with you. How hard you cried. How hard you tried moving on. How you missed the old times. Then he spoke…

“Can we talk?”

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[reigisa week] pick-up lines

reigisa week || 6.21.freestyle || pick-up lines

I know it’s not the 21st on my timezone, but I just had to post this up, haha.

Based on an OPM song my mum likes, titled Ale, Nasa Langit Na Ba Ako (roughly: Miss, am I in heaven?) Also, really rushed. I do hope you like it, though.

This is also on AO3 with the rest of my Reigisa week collection, if you wanna see it there!

UPDATE 7/7/14: HOUSTON, WE HAVE FANART. OH MY GOD. Thanks a lot toasterization!




I wake up, and then I see…him.

Serious eyes half-hidden behind shiny cherry-red spectacles, dark blue hair artfully tousled in a way that models aim to achieve, his slightly tanned skin matching nicely with the pale-purple scrubs he’s wearing. He’s so very beautiful and I could just cry, but he might think I’m just high off painkillers. And that won’t do, because he has to know. He just has to know that I’m not high off painkillers - I’m high off the flawless perfect picture of his pretty face, so even if it would make my stitches hurt I just have to say something.

“Hey, mister, can I ask you a question?”

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