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if you like punk!cas and harry potter we are automatically bffs sorry I don’t make the rules :-)

alskaichou replied to your post “If Fai was a vampire then when would he drink blood does he just have…”

I love anything Fai-vamp related

It works so well, right? Fai is just shady enough to pull it off.

And by that I mean he’s shady enough to pull of pretty much anything, but still.

pokethetriforce replied to your post “If Fai was a vampire then when would he drink blood does he just have…”

the idea of Sakura’s feathers tasting like garlic is disproportionately hilarious to me. not even heavily of garlic, just faint enough that the vamp is like “there’s something wrong but idk what”

I love this. Just a hint of garlic, so they have no idea what’s going on. When they eat it too fast they start feeling really ill but they can’t figure out why, they’re just freaking out going what did I do I didn’t even eat anything bad Is there sunlight coming from somewhere Did I eat something religious by mistake What is it I don’t understand Wha t did I d o 

fieldofclover replied to your post “If Fai was a vampire then when would he drink blood does he just have…”

Headcanon: feathers taste like whatever meal Sakura last ate as associated with the memory. So in the memory with Chair-san, it probably tasted like birthday cake.

Memories that taste like birthday cake are the best memories. 

Chair-san would be so touched. 

kurosamaofsuwa replied to your post “If Fai was a vampire then when would he drink blood does he just have…”

There are more than one kind of vampire in the worlds. Blood sucking vampires is just the standard trope of them but there are so so many more. I did research on them for a fic so …

Oh for sure! The more you look into legends and myths the more incredibly varied they get. Even the legends in just a single place can change hugely over time (and that can be so much fun to investigate) and vampires are spread across so many different cultures and traditions that there will be so many variations that I will never even be aware of. 

It’s so amazing. 

flowersandbeans asked:

Ooh, Bleck, I have been unable to have relations with anyone in my current state. Please tell me what it was like. How good is my sweet Abel? Did he treat you the way my Daddy deserves to be treated?

“Bleh heh heh-” his laugh was a little dry and lack luster than usual. “The Count… The Count has no idea my little bean sprout. I have no idea how this even happened, bleck. But… If things are how it seems and Count Bleck is in fact…… Married…” The word felt foreign on his tongue. “… I perhaps just missed out or forgotten some rather spectacular relations. That is indeed a first for The Count, bleh heh heh!” In his confused and frazzled state he gave another laugh, as though in a daze of the whole situation he was in.

I absolutely 100% agree. If it wasn’t for women I wouldn’t be here. I’m a mamma’s boy at heart. I love my mum. I have the deepest, utmost respect for women. I say we have three hours of Raw - I can’t see why the Divas can’t get more time. We have so many different ways to broadcast, so many different platforms, social media. We have multiple shows that we’re broadcasting, we have a full Network. We have a Divas show and it’s a very successful Divas show. We have some of the most beautiful, strongest women in the world within our company so I say if we can showcase that, let’s do it.
—  Roman Reigns on #GiveDivasAChance (x) ❤❤❤
A Syco spokesperson confirmed to Digital Spy that there is no truth to reports in The Sun that Malik would be moved to another label under the Sony banner as he launches his solo career.

“Zayn is still with Syco,” a company representative told us on Friday (July 17).

Many articles about The Godfather call it my “comeback”. I never understood what they meant except that it was a picture in which I played the title role and it made a lot of money, while several of my last pictures hadn’t. Everything in Hollywood is measured in terms of money. If I had been in a stupid picture and it made millions of dollars, I would have been congratulated everywhere I went on my success. But because a good picture like Burn! didn’t make money it was considered unsuccessful. In Hollywood they congratulate you on your ability to transfer currency from the pockets of the audience to theirs because that’s their only measure of success. Any picture that makes money, no matter how stupid, vulgar, childish or inane, is embraced as a triumph. - Marlon Brando


150718 sehun, you’ve been studying mandarin too hard (ꐦ ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )