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do you think your family trusts you? should they?

              The question is hard and not unconscionableAfter all, it was the simple things that Gaster strove for in his day to day life. Trust was a delicate gift that was EASILY broken–It was a gift he was far too careless with. He regards the stranger quietly, and the soft violet twilight set in about him like a gloom.

* “No.” He answered simply enough. That was fine, of course.

* 👌🕆❄ ✋ ✌💣 ❄☼✡✋☠☝ 📬 📬
✞☜☼✡ ☟✌☼👎📬

               * [BUT I AM TRYING . .

                                      VERY HARD.]

highwarlok replied to your post “it’s funny how everybody complains about alec’s eyes not being blue…”

he’s gotta be a carbon copy of will for magnus to love him that’s why

lmao now i hope we see will in some flashback or something and he doesn’t have the whole blue eyes/black hair combo just to piss everyone off. sure, i guess he could look like alec, but i’m totally cool with him having blonde hair and green eyes. just take this whole thing a step further. 


and you call yourself a spy Natasha


Night Blogger Steven awakens

I absolutely 100% agree. If it wasn’t for women I wouldn’t be here. I’m a mamma’s boy at heart. I love my mum. I have the deepest, utmost respect for women. I say we have three hours of Raw - I can’t see why the Divas can’t get more time. We have so many different ways to broadcast, so many different platforms, social media. We have multiple shows that we’re broadcasting, we have a full Network. We have a Divas show and it’s a very successful Divas show. We have some of the most beautiful, strongest women in the world within our company so I say if we can showcase that, let’s do it.
—  Roman Reigns on #GiveDivasAChance (x) ❤❤❤

→ Be it a new comeback, broadcast or fan account, we’d be surprised with a different colour and side of you that we’ve never seen before; every single time. For always smiling despite difficulties and hard times; for chasing your dreams and passions; for being the biggest sweetheart and mom in EXO; for always loving us - your fans.
Thank you, Kim Jongdae. We love you and Happy 25th Birthday ♡

So many people are concerned with what’s happening now, that they forget to enjoy the journey.. You blink your eyes and you are 30 before you know it, take it from me.
Don’t be so concerned with the present as it’s inevitably going to change.. Instead constantly be looking toward a future goal and achieve it. Life won’t seem so small then.

Kellin Quinn

Second part

When bae texts you and you just stand there smiling at the notification