he's so rare to find

if he walks out on you because he’s not happy, then sweetheart that’s entirely his own problem. it was never about what you did or didn’t do, it wasn’t about the arguments or the struggles you have with letting somebody new in. it was about him not being able to love the best parts of you, he couldn’t find the courage to love someone so rare and genuine. but he also didn’t deserve to. he wasn’t happy because of himself, and that’s not something to ever blame yourself for.
—  advice from me to you. - a.l.m
the blue notebooks

time travel au

pairing: jimin | reader
genre: fluff, angst
word count: 8.575
warnings: none
author’s note: this story will have a sequel since there is much, much more I want to tell, but I wanted to keep it under 10k and I figured this part worked well as a standalone. please enjoy :)

You meet Park Jimin after a particularly rough landing.

You wish time traveling was as easy as the books like to describe, or as beautifully romantic as the movies depict. It is a concept that’s been overly embroidered with advantages that do not exist — and even if normal humans see it as a fortuitous skill, one they long to have, they rarely realize that having a normal life is out of the question for your kind. Even so, there is no point in wishing for something that won’t happen in this lifetime, not with the time traveling genes burning strong within your veins.

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see the paparazzi, feel the paparazzi, <i>be</i> the paparazzi.


I tried to draw one (1) pearl!Chuck to nail the outfit down in color, and then I got REALLY distracted.  

Very Related: It turns out the weirdest part about fic from the POV of a currently/recently Homeworld gem is that s/he’s going to assume other gems are she/her and think of them by the names of their gems, and it’s super weird to write.

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Supernatural Preference #5 | Thoughts On You Being a Hunter

Thoughts On You Being a Hunter


HOT. He so rarely find hunters that can manage to look bad-ass and graceful at the same time and you fit that forte. He could watch for hours, though he’d never admit it, when you slayed the monsters you hunted together. He loved seeing the stance you settle into when you raised your gun, he loved the way your delicate fingers wrapped around a knife because he knew as soon as your dainty hands met those weapons, they had turned deadly.


Sam tries (and mostly fails) at convincing you to just stay and be their research buddy. You, being an experienced hunter, not only disagreed but plain out ignored is pleas most hunts. There were the occasional ones where you were just too tired to have the same fight over again. When you’re on hunts together Sam practically looms over you, trying to protect you with his one large frame. He ever let the two of you split up, followed you like a lost puppy just to make sure you were safe.


Cas hates it. He hates the fact that he’s constantly called to Heaven for some errand or another. Cas liked to see you fight because he knew his grace was protecting you. He’d never admit it, knowing that the tingling feeling of power the grace provided could easily be brushed off as adrenaline. When Cas can’t be with you during a fight, he constantly checks in on Earth, checking to make sure your soul still inhabits it.


A nuisance. Crowley never understood why you insisted on hunting after you had moved in with him. You were royalty now, pampered to the nines with no need to pester yourself with trivial work. He tried time and time again to tell you to stop, that you’re wasting precious time you could have with him running around with some lumberjacks. He always mentions all the elegant dinners and parties you missed whilst you were away in some backroad town, yet, he failed to tell you of all the worrying he did, of the demons he sent to keep an eye on you, of the way his face paled when one of his demons had reported that you had been scratched by a monster. Those little details were never shared, because of course, no one wants an emotional king.


Gabe was fine with you hunting because he loved being the hero. He adored being the knight in shining armor that got to flutter into the fight just as it looked like you’ve been beaten and save you and the boys. He’d begun doing it when he started falling for you, a way to impress you. Of course it never really worked but you always giggled and gave him a kiss on the cheek for trying to be selfless. Now, years later, well into your relationship, Gabe still does it, still grasping for your attention.


Listening to this song on a loop really motivated me to draw this guyyy

I love the mystery and theories about W.D Gaster so much, so i gave it a shot drawing my version. I made a Past!Gaster look as a dorky scientist with his hands in his pockets and always in his lab working on The Core (with Sans or a father figure to him idk but i just like the relation some how ahkbnfkmd)
Then i tried the transformed former self: he looked like he was melting to me, disfigured, so yeah i like the gooey lookkk

wow i rambled a lot ahahaha *flies*

Merfolk were Humans who had died at sea. While their souls may go to Heaven or Hell, their bodies transform. Scales protrude over their bodies, legs fuse along the middle to create a tail, webbed fins stretch between the fingers, slits cut into the neck, and the body awakens. Led by by wild instincts, a former shell of who it used to be. Merfolk patrol the waters, bodies without a soul. Zombies of the sea, but they feast on fish and are the catch for a shark or a lone predator that wanders so willingly into their territory.

Some of Viktor’s earliest memories as a merman were of him swimming away. In fear? In distress? He couldn’t remember. But the whiplash of his tail and the bubbles spilling from his lips spoke of an evil that Viktor had blocked from his memories. One of his earliest memories was of him swimming past chains and wooden legs from rickety piers. Overhead, the sun slipped through the cracks and illuminated his skin. He occasionally glanced up and saw shadows of figures. Bigger than seagulls, more colorful than even the reefs, and so familiar yet foreign at the same time. When Viktor poked his head above the water, words and different languages slipped into his ear and Viktor treaded quietly.

He understood, but they would never understand him.

So when Viktor first met Yuuri, his head perked up when Yuuri spoke back to him. Slowly at first, wondering if Viktor understood the words coming out of his mouth. Viktor did. He wouldn’t be the first merman to leap out of the water, but he kept his distance because Yuuri kept his distance too. It was a mutual understanding between them.

The smiles, the soft exchanges along their side of the shoreline, the laughs, and how land and sea bridged the gaps in between them. For the first time, Viktor didn’t feel so alone.


hello can you tell that i died a little inside trying to act cute

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“Of course, I’m simplifying the whole thing. But that’s pretty much what happened! Obviously after this, Flux decided to strike it out on his own, in terms of hives. His old one was pretty abusive. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few other members followed him out.”
Sorry if it’s a little hard to read, let me know and I’ll type out her whole dialog in an edit. And sorry it’s not digital, no tablet. But you deserved what I had of the second half of her story.

Part 1

anonymous asked:

Could you maybe write some sick Keith? If not that's totally fine! You are a wonderful human being, by the way :)

(I love sick Keith my dude you don’t even have to ask?? Here’s a short little thing I wrote, I wanted to try the idea of Keith being really clingy when he gets sick. I did college AU Klance forgive me)

Sunlight filtered through the window of the apartment, shining on Lances eyes and waking him from his previously peaceful sleep.

The weekend finally arrived, and between work and school he had finally managed some proper free time to take his boyfriend on a date.

Sitting up and running a hand through his dark hair, Lance glanced down at the sleeping bundle next to him. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to see besides Keith’s raven colored hair sticking out in all directions, but regardless it looked adorable.

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Jimin Imagine/Scenario


Blurb: What happens when a sweet and shy boy suddenly appears and seems to take over your world? What secrets does he hold inside and will you ever be able to uncover them? In this tale of love, the supernatural, and cute as hell moments, you can find out whether or not you and Jimin are destined to be together.

Word Count: 10,435

Reader x Jimin

Theliel: angel prince of love.

BTW, this imagine is dedicated to @joah-rangie because I LOVE YOU SO MUCH  💜🖤 Have fun reading this fluff filled post!

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My favorite joke.

This is a story that takes place in a world very much like our own, with one key difference.

There is a lever that, when flipped, will end the world.

No fanfare. No build-up. No warning. 

Just, no more world.

The lever is located just off the side of the road in a perfectly ordinary small town in the middle of Ohio. No guards, no gate, nothing standing between it and the rest of the world.

But everyone knows that if that lever ever gets flipped, the world will end.

Needless to say, no one flips the lever.

This is also the story about a very naughty lizard named Nate.

Nate likes to cause trouble. He’s also curious. Very curious.

And he wonders, if he flips the lever, will the world really end?

Now, instead of simply wondering about it, he decides to fulfill his scientific (annoying) curiosity.

Nate decides he’s going to find out for sure.

So, Nate, who currently resides in Indiana, decides to walk to Ohio, find the lever, flip it, and see if the world really ends.

The journey is a long one. It’s the middle of winter, on top of the distance, and Nate endures harsh conditions. He makes his way through the wind and ice and snow, he survives thirty days and thirty nights in the freezing conditions. He meets many people and animals.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t learn that the real lever is the friends he’s made along the way, and continues on his quest.

Finally, after over a month of travelling, Nate sees it.

All that stands between him and the lever is a simple dirt road.

Nate begins to cross the road.

This is also the story of a man named Dave.

Dave is currently driving home after a long, hard day at work. Dave is unhappy at his job. He wants to quit and go back to graduate school, but his girlfriend Jennifer is pregnant. He knows he has a responsibility to his unborn child, so he stays at his mindless, soulless accounting job so he can provide for them.

Dave is finding a rare moment of joy in a song that just came on the radio, singing along, when he realizes that he’s about to run over a small lizard that’s crossing the road.

The only way to avoid running over the lizard is to swerve off the road. Dave considers doing this, until he sees the lever that, if flipped, will end the world.

Although Dave is a kind man, a non-violent man, as well as a noted reptile-lover, he runs over the lizard, squashing Nate flat like a pancake, and continues the drive home without another thought.

Nate is dead.

The moral of the story?

Better Nate than lever.

Roommates, part 2

Words: 1120

Summary: Logan and Patton are gone for the weekend, and Roman doesn’t understand algebra. One-sided Prinxiety. Pining. This is part 2 of And They Were Roommates.

Warnings: Platonic sharing of a bed, major misinterpretation of an event, minor mentions of fighting, I think that’s it but lmk.

Tags: @yep-another-fander, @softlogic, @virgilsanders, @tssanderssidestrash, @diplomatic-arsonist, @saltequeen, @fallingineternity, @satisfied-sanders-sides, @vixenneko, @the-strange-universe-of-cake, @fangirlfiles1, @winds-and-stardust, @the-laarmy, @pfftwhatnoimhuman, @gaysaxaphone, @mira-jadeamethyst, @frustratedwaffle, @romananalogicality, @the-prince-and-the-emo, @pippa-frost

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Neville Longbottom - Expect the Unexpected

Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

Request: Continuation of the Neville Longbottom part of your nineteen years later preference? Thanks!

Summary: You and Neville are on the Hogwarts Express nineteen years later, returning to your jobs as professors at Hogwarts, when you tell him you’re expecting…

Warnings: fluff fluff FLUFF,

Word Count: 1009 (a bit short, ik)

A/N:  So this is a continuation of my Nineteen Years Later Preference. I know it took a long time, but it’s finally here!! Yayyy!! Also, Rose is actually me though.


“Wow.” You mumbled. “They grow up so fast.” He nodded his head in agreement. After a moment you looked at him. “Speaking of which. Hey, Neville.”

“Mhmm,” he hummed, showing that he was listening. “What’s up?”

“I’m pregnant.” You said calmly. You heard him whip his head around to look at you.

“Wait… WHAT?!”

“I knew this was a bad idea!” You growled at yourself as you put your head in your hands, feeling like crying. You knew he would react in a bad way.

“No, no! Don’t cry love, it’s okay.” He said as he grabbed your face in his big hands, wiping a stray tear that had fallen down your cheek with the pad of his thumb. “I’m happy! This, this is… amazing!”

“You hesitated,” you stated. Neville rolled his eyes, something he rarely did.

“I only ‘hesitated’ because I’m so happy that I can’t find the words.” He said as he pecked your lips gently. “This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, next to meeting you of course,” he chuckled, and you let out a little laugh too.

“Are you sure?” You said, feeling relieved. You always wanted to have a family with Neville. Ever since you two first started dating. And your dream was finally coming true. He moved his hands from your cheeks to grab your much smaller hands.

“Positive,” he smiled at you, as he leaned forward and kissed you gently, until being interrupted by the door opening.

“Woah! No PDA allowed here!” James Potter, your friend’s Harry and Ginny’s oldest son. He covered his eyes and turned the other way. You and Neville laughed, along with the other kids, Albus Potter, Harry and Ginny’s middle child, and Rose Weasley, Ron and Hermione’s oldest.

“Oh shush James, it’s not like you haven’t kissed almost all the girls in your year-” Rose started sassing but was quickly cut off.

“That’s quite enough of that,” James said as he re-entered the compartment to cover her mouth. “Don’t listen to her, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, she’s still a clueless child – EW ROSE DON’T LICK ME YOU’RE NOT A DOG OH MY GOD I NEED TO GO WASH MY HANDS BEFORE I GET INFECTED I HATE YOU!!!” James yelled as he immediately took his hand away from Rose’s mouth, showing a small smirk on her pink lips.

“His fault for calling me a ‘child’. Might I remind him that we are only two years apart, and I’ve always been more mature than him. So really, it’s him whose the ‘child’.” Rose said as she wiped the imaginary dust off her shoulders, laughing at James who was still freaking out. Albus just shook his head and face-palmed himself.

“How am I even related to you guys?” He asked with a small laugh. Rose lifted an eyebrow in his direction.

“Well I would tell you, but I’m quite sure that that talk is supposed to be given to you by your parents,” Rose said as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“Okay then!” You said as you clapped your hands together, stopping the bickering before it got any worse, ‘cause when it did, there’s no stopping it. “So what’s up? Is there any reason why you came, or did you just want to say hi to your favorite aunt and uncle?”

“Well, you’re not biologically our aunt and uncle,” Rose said, looking back at you.

“Yes I understand that, but we’re still your favorites, right?” You laughed, she was too smart, just like her mom, except she had the sass of her father.

“…Sure,” she decided after hesitation. “But we do have a reason for our coming here. Our parents wanted to congratulate the both of you on your coming new addition to the family.”

You looked at Neville, who looked at you. You haven’t told anyone yet, you wanted Nev to be the first to know, thinking it was only right seeing as he was the father.

“You told the others?” he asked you in a whisper. You shook your head.

“No, I thought you maybe did,” you replied, looking back at Al and Rose, them both smiling brightly at you as if nothing was wrong.

“How could I have told them, I found out, like, two minutes ago.” He replied looking at the kids also.

“Mom and aunt ‘Mione had their suspicions, which were obviously right, and told us to say congrats.” Albus cut in. You looked at Neville again, hi already looking at you, before looking back at him. “I’m not deaf, I could hear you two whispering clearly. I have young and healthy ears.”

You all laughed at the last statement. You nodded and put your hands on one of each of their shoulders.

“Well, they really are two of the brightest witches I know,” you chuckled. “Tell them that we say thank you for the warm welcome to our ‘newcoming addition’,” you quoted Rose’s earlier words and smiled at her, earning a small burst of giggles to pass her lips.

Suddenly the train lurched forward, signaling that the train had taken off on its journey back to Hogwarts. The children said there goodbyes and gave you a hug and kiss before heading back to their compartment to say goodbye to their own parents. You sighed as you sat back down, Neville sitting beside you, pulling you closer to him for a cuddle. You huddled into him as you looked out the windows at the waving parents.

“You ready for this year?” Nev asked into your ear, pressing a kiss to it. You smiled up at him.

“Yeah, gonna be pretty hectic though,” you said as you rubbed your stomach. He laughed.

“I’m sure it will be, but still will be a piece of cake compared to the seventh year, huh?” Neville said as he raised an eyebrow.

“I sure damn hope so,” You sighed as you huddled into him again, falling asleep for the train ride back to your home, your real home.

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Default Required ~ A Markiplier Ego Fanfic

Kay so I have a girlfriend and Bingiplier is her fave and I also feel like this precious skater boi doesn’t have enough content EVEN THOUGH HE DESERVES IT sooooo prep for a hint of angst buuut it’s all gonna be lovely and nice and COOOOL DUDE!!!

Bing held an amazing position. He was a browser for mankind, he could access any kind of information required for any situation; if you typed it, he’d find it. However…..he was a browser….not THE browser. Phones and tablets and products with the aspect of portability didn’t even resort to him anymore, only PC’s would suggest him to a user. Even then…..he’d be shunned. Pushed aside, replaced. By Google. Now don’t get him wrong, despite what you might have seen Bing actually gets on with Google. They are practically the same, even though Google could perhaps be a tad arrogant, they were by definition…..friends. They each had quirks, with Google’s slightly unnerving secondary objective and Bing’s incessant determination for skateboard stunts they contrasted quite well. But sometimes…..Bing couldn’t help but let his mind wander. Like now for instance.

Behind his heavily tinted sunglasses Bing’s burnt, orange eyes were closed as he rested them…..he was slightly drained as a result of his gentle melancholy. What was the point of being the default if people only used you to literally search for Google? Bing sighed. It was light, but it reflected his exhaustion. He was lounging on a comfy couch, it was so comfy in fact that he was trying to resist the urge to slip into snooze for a few hours…..he actually was about to, until someone entered the room. Google himself. He bore a light, thin smile as he observed Bing’s position and stepped forward with his hands at his sides.

‘Ah Bing, unproductive as usual.’

Bing felt himself sigh, he seriously couldn’t be bothered with Google’s comments on his functionality; however in-sincere they may be, Bing just didn’t want to hear him.


Google’s sensors were active and buzzing, he analysed Bing intently; why was he so uncommunicative? Google may find it slightly bothersome on rare occasions, but Bing’s vivacious talkativeness defined him…..why had it diminished? Google stepped forward, his form wavering a little as his eyes shone with a gentle turquoise glow as he looked over Bing’s form. Bing was always relaxed, it was true, but to be slouched so unceremoniously and…..dejectedly. There was something not right here.

'Your diversion from standard vocabulary suggests that your demeanour is not as it should be, have you developed a fault?’

He may have been abrupt, but do not mistake that for lack of emotion; Google was sincerely concerned. Bing however just leant his head onto his hand, tilting it away from Google a little as he let out a derisive huff of air.

'Let’s face it, I’m a walking “fault” dude…..’

Google was truly concerned now, Bing’s tone of voice was significantly lower than usual…..and his choice of words clearly reflected that Bing was not feeling himself. Google paced forward a little more, before deciding to descend and sit on the couch with a ramrod posture; Bing flicked his eyes to him momentarily as he spoke.

’…..why do you think this? In my opinion, you are perfect for your function. You do not have any real faults to speak of.’

Bing felt a few little warm shivers pass through his system, Google’s words were having a positive effect as Bing felt himself un-tense fractionally. Google picked up on this change and examined Bing as said man turned his head a little.

'Don’t I?…..then why am I always disregarded?’

Ah. Google understood fully now. He had wondered about whether Bing had ever felt this way…..Google felt a slight twinge of guilt, but he couldn’t help it if he was the primary choice. Google didn’t really understand why though, they both performed the same task and in a way….Bing had certain better attributes. It seemed that others didn’t see them like Google did though.

'Because humanity doesn’t understand you. They don’t understand what you’re capable of and why you’re important because they’re too busy trying to use you, they use but do not appreciate. Your safe search offers safety for the well fare of their children, your desktop sounds and images calm and relax those who need it. You are more.’

……well **** man. Bing blinked a little, Google’s words processing slowly…..but that’s because Bing wanted to understand them. To hear them to the full. Bing straightened up a little, but maintained his classic relaxed state as he looked to Google fully.

'Google man…..you…..you really see me like that?’

Google tilted his head, the corners of his lips twitching as he perceived Bing’s growing happiness and joy…..he was glad that he’d brought that about.

'Of course, there is no other way to see you…..apart from when you are consistently bothersome with no regard for personal space.’

Bing felt himself grin widely, his loose and happy demeanour taking centre stage as he let out a light laugh.

'Ahhhhhh ya know ya love it!’

Google narrowed his eyes minimally as he spoke confidently.

'I most certainly do not.’

Bing grinned wider as he leant back, his expression was the epitome of satisfaction.

'Yeaaaaah ya do ya soft old fart!’

Google raised his eyebrows at the….'nickname’ whilst Bing’s grin accommodated a slightly cheeky undertone, the former leant towards him fractionally as his eyes seemed to shine a little brighter.

'I am no such thing, and it would be smart of you to recognise that…..’

Bing felt a small chill pass through his nervous system, since Google’s tone had deepened fractionally….and Bing swore he could detect a small threat in his words. And yet….well, if Google saw him as bothersome then who was he to act against that? Bing maintained his grin as his words became laced with boyish cheekiness….cheekiness that he was going to regret.

'But Google…..there is no other way to see you!’

Not only….had he copied Google’s words, but he had also imitated Google’s exact tone of voice. The man himself had gone rigid….Google was aghast…..and angered. Now let me highlight here, that he wasn’t genuinely angry, he was more annoyed and surprised that Bing seemed to be getting amusement from teasing him. Google narrowed his eyes…..he wanted nothing more than to wipe that satisfaction from his face.

’…..then I must enlighten you.’

Bing’s eyes widened as Google suddenly sat up straight and shifted at speed, Google’s eyes were locked onto Bing in an almost predatory fashion as he launched himself at him; unfortunately for Bing, Google was determined and strong. Bing let out a light yelp when Google sat on his legs and grasped his wrists firmly, his smile was thin and yet the ferality was unmistakeable. Within seconds Bing’s hands were pinned beneath Google’s knees…..you had to admire his efficiency; Bing didn’t though.

'G-Google wh-what the hell man?! L-let me up!!’

Bing grunted and tugged as his nerves built up within him, Google meanwhile cocked his head at him as he fiddled and stretched his fingers in preparation….oh poor Bing.

'I think not Bing. If I am to be honest, I think a change of attitude has been long overdue for you…..’

Bing gulped and shivered as he eyed Google’s metatarsals worriedly, the owner of which had decided to descend them and rest them lightly over Bing’s vest; specifically over his ribcage area. They began to gently curl and uncurl…..and thus Bing knew what was in store. Oh boy.

'Nonononono w-wahait wait G-Gohoogle not this man p-plehease!!’

Bing squirmed nervously as a small smile blossomed on his lips, his eyes were wide behind his shades and he could feel giggles beginning to build in his chest; he knew he was f***** because of how he was too damn ticklish for sanity. Everyone knew this, but more pressingly, Google knew this.

'Not what? Bing you really must work on your specificity…..’

Google’s tone was playfully teasing, and his eyes glimmered as his curling turned to in-depth, precise scratching over Bing’s ribcage. He left no bone untouched, no space un-tickled….and boy did Bing feel it.

'Ahahahaha yohohou knohohow whahahahat!! Plehehehehease!!’

Bing’s giggles were haphazard in tone and volume as he scrunched up his face, lips grinning widely as he squirmed and tossed his head about. Google’s precision was so damn evil…..and he had no way to escape the deviousness that Google planned to unleash. Said man snickered, still working on top of the vest since it offered Bing literally no protection. Google’s fingers suddenly started massaging the ribcage before them as Google continued his cheeky nonchalance.

'I’m sorry but I have no results coming up, perhaps you could give me a clue?’

Bing was squealing and cackling at Google’s increased intensity, he thrashed side to side as he rejuvenated his attempts to free himself…..it didn’t work though.


Google let out a light chuckle at the plethora of buzzes that echoed from Bing’s lips…..ahhh the beauties of his safety features. Google cocked his head as he examined Bing’s demeanour, his flush was a light orange and his smile was wide….a lot different to what it was before. Google felt that it was his duty to maintain this….even though his primary objective had been to put Bing in his place. Google smirked widely as he moved his hands down so he could squeeze at Bing’s sides harshly.

'Was that an attempt at an insult? Dear oh dear, this is going to be harder than I thought…..’

Bing’s eyes widened before he laughed loudly and bucked a little, he was conscious of the flush on his cheeks and was also in embarrassed awe at the fact that Google…..was damn effective at teasing. Bolts of ticklishness seemed to surge through his whole body as Google’s fingers deftly scribbled and dug into the synthetic flesh with methodical maliciousness.


Google hummed disbelievingly as he lightened his touch, smiling with taunting amusement as he decided to lift up Bing’s vest so he could caress and trace over his sides and belly; he relished in the little whimpers an giggles he drew out.

'Oh I don’t doubt it, but I’m not quite finished with you yet…..I want to draw out every embarrassing little noise and giggle and laugh that I possibly can…..and even then…..’

Google grinned widely as he whispered.

'I still might not relent.’

Bing’s giggles were squeaky and incredibly gentle as the feeling of Google’s fingertips made him shiver and squirm….in a rather adorable fashion actually.

'Th-thihihis ihisn’t fahahaaaair…..plehehehease nohoho mohohoooore…..’

Bing whined slightly childishly which made Google chuckle airily, he had to admit that seeing Bing in this giggly ad happy state made him happy too. However, eve through that wave of emotional inlet, Google still noticed a few things…..and came to a realisation. Things don’t always have to end in hysteria. Google continued his tracing as he leant over Bing fractionally.

'Mmmm, I could stop…..’

Bing looked to Google hopefully….but internally, he felt…..something strange. Okay so yes, he was at Google’s complete and utter mercy which was immensely terrifying and embarrassing ESPECIALLY with what Google was actually doing to him….but amongst all that…..he was so happy. Bing hadn’t been this giggly….ever, and internally he actually felt overjoyed that this situation had happened. Bing may have been thinking all of this internally…..but you must remember, Google and Bing are essentially the same. So Google could see it plain as day on the outside….so he figured he’d make sure Bing was aware of that. Just for the sake of courtesy.

’…..but that would be extremely illogical due to how we are both currently enjoying ourselves.’

Bing felt his breath catch in his throat…..DID HE SAY BOTH?! WAIT WAIT WAIT WHAT?!

'Wh-whahat do yohou mehean bohoth? I-Ihi’m nahat h-havihing fuhun!!’

A multitude of clicks and jitters plagued Bing’s voice, which only made Google smile wider at the fact that no matter how much he denied it…..the truth would always be obvious. 

'Oh aren’t you? Allow me to evaluate why that statement of yours is a gargantuan lie….’

Bing’s cheeks got hotter at how matter-of-fact Google was being, as well as due to how he’d realised….no matter how much he denied what Google said, they’d both know the truth. Bing wondered whether their inert connection was a good thing or not…..perhaps he’d never know. Those profound thoughts were to be thrust aside however, in favour of giddy nerves as Google’s fingertips remained animated on his belly…..they were gentle, and yet so evil and teasing.

'Ohoho gohohod nohohoho d-dohohon’t dohoho thihihis!!’

Google grinned lightly, chuckling as Bing’s words welcomed forth the first point of his argument.

'Ah yes, my first point. On thing I perceived was that at the beginning of this little situation, you said the exact same thing. When I prompted you to elaborate…..you didn’t…..’

Bing gulped amidst his giggles as Google fixed him with a curious and amused stare…..was it the room or were Bing’s cheeks getting even warmer? Bing could only giggle as Google’s fingertip swept over his waistline, making him buck fractionally.

'It was almost as if you couldn’t bring yourself to say that I was tickling you.’

Google spoke plainly as Bing’s face now started to resemble an actual tangerine….HE SAID THE WORD. DAMMIT. Bing’s entire form just seemed to tingle as little shocks and jitters passed through his system, which meant he was becoming more and more incoherent as a result.

'I-Ihi….th-thahat’s n-nahahat t-truhuhue…..’

Google smiled simply. One point to him. He splayed his fingertips over Bing’s sides as he continued with his point-making, he had quite a few but there were two rather specific ones that Google knew would get a reaction from his vic-friend. Friend. Google smiled wider as his words came forth.

'Yes it is. Furthermore, the fact that you’ve been stammering rather a lot is interesting….it indicates that you are nervous for some reason? But why on earth could that be?’

Google gasped and hummed with exaggerated thought which only made Bing giggle more as he squirmed and grinned, Google’s eyes lit up as he pretended to have an idea.

'Aha! Of course….it must be because of your intense embarrassment at this situation, and how they very thought of tickling and how you enjoy it, flusters you to no end.’

Google’s fingers had begun to slow down, but even a that occurred Bing kept squeaking and giggling residually…..wow, Google made a mental note of that. For no particular reason…..Bing meanwhile was still trying to process what on earth was happening, as well as trying to figure out where this might be possibly leading to. His blush was deep and his form was shivery as a permanent smile remained etched on his face, Bing tried to stammer a little as a bid to regain a glimmer of control.


Bing sighed lightly, and Google noticed this. So he hurried to finish what he’d started, and as he did so he made sure that his smile was relaxed and kindly; which was what Bing deserved. 

'And last but not least….the fact that aside from the beginning, you’ve barely struggled. So I must concur…..that this makes you happy. And I must also inform you that this is an amazing trait to have, and I have very much enjoyed being able to administer something that has given you so much joy.’

……Bing was frozen, and no that wasn’t a mental pun for once. Bing could feel a warmth rising in his core as he processed Google’s words….once, twice, thrice….whatever the word for “four times” is. Did….did Google just say that he liked tickling him? He….he didn’t find it annoying or bothersome? Bing cleared his throat, looking up at Google with apprehension who was in fact looking at him with the same expression.

’D-do you mean that? Like….do you really really mean it?’

Google smiled, nodding his head gently as his chest started to hum and buzz at a more consistent and settled rate; and there was no glitching to his voice either.

'Yes, I do.’

There was a small pause in the air, Google himself was feeling a little awkward but not in an uncomfortable sense; he just had no idea how to progress from here. There wasn’t actually an available social protocol for what to do after you’d got your friend to admit they liked being tickled just before which you admitted you enjoyed tickling them, thus resulting in a calm state of mental comfort for both participants…..but where exactly did you go from there? Amidst Google’s thought process Bing had started to recover, thus meaning his streak of cheekiness was getting ready to rear its head at the first opportunity….which ended up being when Google leant over him completely so he could release Bing’s hands from under his knees.

'Woah bro, if you’re gonna go for a kiss ya need to forewarn me!’

Google froze as an indignant sound came from his throat, but when he looked down at Bing to see him snickered he couldn’t help but smile through his glare as he leant back up.

'Oh ha ha, you must think you’re so amusing…..’

There was a light pause as Bing grinned happily and Google sighed….until he had to put forward his query.

'What exactly is it that we do now?’

Bing blinked a few times. That was a good question. He thought for a moment….before an idea came to mind. Could he ask though? Would his nerves permit him? Bing took a deep breath….f*** pride.

'We uh…..wecouldkeepgoing….’

Google’s eyes widened….and after a few seconds so did his smile. He chuckled gently as Bing looked away from him, and at his words Google……for some reason, felt his fingertips begin to twitch.

'Bing…..that’s the best idea you’ve ever had.’

Oh how he laughed. Oh how they both laughed and blushed and smiled, relishing in each other’s happiness and how they knew….they KNEW that they were both…..happy.


A book

When James wakes up the first thing he sees is the bright sunshine – that and Thomas’ face hovering just inside his view.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.” There is laughter rippling through Thomas’ voice – he has always found it terribly amusing that James tends to sleep a lot whenever he is back from his journeys. James yawns.

“How late is it?” he mumbles, sleep still clouding his voice.

“Not as late as you might think,” Thomas grins. “But definitely too late for you to do anything productive this morning.”

“You’re only saying that because you want to keep me tied to the bed,” James protests. Despite his words, however, he doesn’t move, just enjoys the feeling of clean linen on his skin and Thomas’ presence so close, with their legs still touching.

“Maybe I am.” A twinkle of mischief lights up in Thomas’ eyes now. He turns around and grabs something from the table next to him before dropping it on James’ stomach. “But for now, this should be enough to keep you here.”

“Another book?” James laughs, but his movements are careful and gentle as he fingers the little book bound in red leather that Thomas has given him. It’s beautiful; everything that comes from Thomas’ hands is, to him.

“Of course. What did you expect? Actual affection?” Thomas evades James’ elbow with a grin and bends down to plant a kiss on his forehead. “I’m sure you’re going to love this one.”

“Herodotus’ Histories?”

“A friend of mine translated it into English for me a few years ago and I had it bound. You could say it’s the rarest item I own.”

“And you are giving it to me?” James can feel awe entering this voice.

“Of course. Who else would I rather like to have my most precious possession?” Thomas kisses him again and this time his lips linger. James smiles into the kiss and for a while, the Histories lies forgotten on the sheets.  


Flint finds the book when he looks through the ruins of Miranda’s house. The Meditations he has kept safe somewhere else, the words on its first page far too valuable for him to ever let it out of his sight for long, especially now that Miranda and, with her, the last safe haven he had on Nassau are gone.

Most of the place has been ransacked and demolished, but a little chest with books has survived and Flint’s fingers travel over the worn red leather that encase the pages of the Histories. If he closes his eyes he thinks he can still smell Thomas when he brings it up to his face – that scent, once so common and surrounding him from every angle, has now become something so rare that he treasures every moment he finds it. Maybe it isn’t even Thomas’ scent at all, but a phantom that his mind cooked up.

Maybe he has already forgotten the real one.

Flint shudders when his brain shouts his greatest fears so casually. He wants to forget but also wants to remember - wants to forget the bad and remember the good, but they are so hopelessly intertwined that sometimes he wonders if it weren’t better if he could wipe his memory completely.

Pressing the little book to his chest and then carefully tucking it into his pockets he decides, however, that sometimes the pain from those memories can be a good thing – after all, it tells him that he is still alive.


He cannot remember when the last time was that he’s had a time so peaceful and silent to himself.  Of course, his current lodgings are far from comfortable – hostage or prisoner, the cell he is in remains the same although they haven’t bound him – but it all pales besides the quiet that is finally his.

Some might have used this time to think, others to sleep, but he uses it to let his mind wander, back to other times and further beyond. He knows he can trust Silver to carry out their plan, so now, for the first time, everyone’s fate is in hands other than his own. The sudden freedom leaves a strange taste on his tongue. He is so tired.

Patting his pockets, he finds the Histories hidden away in one of them and the echo of a smile dashes across his lips. He has to remember how to smile - it has been so long. He can still cite some of those sentences in his sleep, but their meaning is not important. What is important is the memory of Thomas’ voice they carry, of his fingers travelling up and down his back as he reads his favourite passages from it to James, of the faint tickling of his hair on Flint’s skin and softness in his gaze as he looks at him.

For the first time in a long while Flint allows himself to be carried away by them. Silver’s voice echoes in his head, about a place that unruly family members were spirited away to, but he doesn’t hope. He has gone too far for hope. But there is peace inside him now, a peace soft and brittle but gentle too, and it soothes his soul until he loses himself in the book in his lap.

ᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ ʏᴏᴜ • ᴍʀʏᴅᴇʀ × ᴊᴀᴀʟ.
word count: 1254  • AO3 link.

The flight between Voeld and the Nexus took the better part of a day, and Oberon spent those hours in the tech lab, still shaking off the chill. There was warmth to be found deep within his hoodie, but the comfort he craved rested more heavily upon the shoulders of his company than what he was wrapped up in.

“I apologize for not coming with you,” Jaal murmured just loud enough for Oberon to hear over the steady hum of the ship. His back was turned, facing the station where he did the lion’s share of his tinkering. “I was… close to finishing.”

Jaal chuckled.

Oberon burrowed deeper into his hoodie and smiled.

“If I had gone with you…” His broad shoulders lifted, and the orange glow of his omni-tool flickered before burning brighter. “I might have thought of another change I’d like to make.”

“Because you do your best thinking in the Nomad…?”

Again, Jaal let out a breathy chuckle and glanced over his shoulder at the Pathfinder who sat perched on the edge of his bed. Their eyes met for a moment before Oberon looked away, turning his attention back to the tablet in his lap.

“Exactly so.”

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a headcanon for Aizawa slowly developing feelings for a friend and fellow Pro Hero that he works really well with and how he would confess? Thank you in advance! Your writing is very cute. nvn

ahhh, tysm!!! I’m glad you like my writing!!!!!

  • Aizawa was pleasantly surprised at how well they worked together when they first met, but it was far from love at first sight! They had a strictly professional relationship for a long while before s/o finally invited Aizawa out for dinner after a long night of fighting crime.
  • after that, though there were still no romantic feelings, they both got used to hanging out around each other more! It was rare for Aizawa to find someone he so easily clicked with and enjoyed spending time with, and it wasn’t long before they considered each other good friends!
  • the first time Aizawa realized he might have feelings for s/o though was about a year since they’d met. Knowing his love for cats, s/o invited him out to a cat cafe one day, and between their excited joy on the way there, grabbing his hand to gently pull him along faster, and the look of pure happiness and bliss when the first cat came up to them and gave them a small mew, he swore that was the day he fell in love with them.
  • after that, he took some time to TRULY decide whether or not he really liked them, but once he’d decided officially he didn’t waste much time in confessing to them! The idea of holding onto his crush like a nervous teenager was hardly appealing to him, and besides, even if he was rejected it’d be better to get over it early than continuing to nurture a crush that would never come to fruition.
  • he’s not very good at being romantic though, and that’s made especially clear when he confesses. It’d be pretty simple— after a patrol, before they split up for the night, he’d quietly and casually explain his feelings, assuring s/o that there’s no pressure to reciprocate his feelings as he just wanted to communicate his. When they tell him that they like him too though, there’s no denying the uncharacteristic smile that spread across his face.